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Countess Kalani Seliki

Spontaneity has its time and place, insanity is just a state of mind, and courage is something you shouldn't be afraid to have.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Combat Healer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Seliki
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 05/25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Combat-medic
Height: average height
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: medium

Titles: Countess of Pearlspire

Description: Kalani's defining physical features include her extremely curly shoulder-length hair and golden-brown colored eyes. Her hair, when unfettered by pins or ribbons, is wildly large and curly, and frequently breaks free of its bonds despite a clear attempt to keep the wealth of hair contained. Those golden-brown eyes gaze from beneath delicately arched eyebrows, and she has high cheekbones along with a pert, almost cute, nose. The force of her personality animates her face as she speaks, her emotions, thoughts and ideas playing across her face in the quirk of a brow, the curve of her lips.

Personality: Plucky, stubborn, creative, caring, realistic and quietly a romantic at heart. Those are just some of the ways Kalani would be described, if anyone were to ask at least. Others might describe her as studious, attentive, quiet, shy at times or not particularly socially adept. She isn't anti-social, in fact, she's just shy. Unless she's in the thick of things, then - when and as the need arises - she can be downright bossy, assertive, and commanding. As a healer, there have been times when she's needed to use nothing less than a bellow to make herself heard. As a fighter, she's had to be quiet and swift, or shockingly loud to cause a distraction. Like anyone else, she's a complex mix of emotions, instincts, training and education, cultural and social quirks mixed with political and idealistic leanings.

Background: Kalani is the second born child in the her branch of the Seliki family, Kalani and her siblings are a close knit family unit with all the push and shove, noise and drama, love and chaos that comes with a normal family life. Her mother, one of Orrin Seliki's younger sisters, passed along her love of medicine and healing, from father she gained a love of knowledge. Her focus, her passion, allowed her to focus on her studies and learn as much as she could through the long stream of apprenticeships over the course of her education. In many ways, learning how to fight, in some respects, came as naturally as anything else. But then, being one of four children she knew how to rough and tumble, squabble and fight as a child. Actually learning how to fight, to swim and dive, to climb and balance, to trust herself and above all to respect and love her family, her people, their way of life is part and parcel of the young woman that she is. Some of her earliest memories are set in wind swept beaches, the light and sparkle of the sun reflecting off of the waves, of diving deep and climbing along the cliffs with nothing more than a handhold and sheer plucky gumption to keep her from falling, then bouncing - while screaming - onto the rocks below.

After the recent conflict that resulted in almost all our the fleet being destroyed, and after seeing so many of their people wounded, she has traveled to Arx to seek more training with the healers that are based here. There may come a day when the decks of their ships may run with blood again, and when, if, that day comes, she intends to be prepared to fight - and heal - as the need arises. Plus, if she just so happens to be on hand to keep Peri from bleeding to death, all the better!

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Aine What a fascinating story of her House's origin, and quite a list of accomplishments.
Alarissa A lovely woma and a shining example of what comes from the Selki and from the grayson fealty.
Alecstazi A Seliki healer, odd but she didn't see to hold my origin against me. But then again her countess is my protege, perhaps that was it?
Alexis A dancer and a noblewoman, apparently with a taste for whiskey - as long as no hollow-legged knights of Solace are about.
Amari Lady Seliki, matchmaker and mathematician? But also needs clothing that's resistant to blood? Intriguing! I hope to see her again.
Appolonia An excellent and alternative perspective on the utility of the inevitable byproduct of a cow.
Calla The first member of House Seliki I got to meet, and if they are all like her, I'd gladly meet more. An excellent dancer.
Constantine A very friendly woman. Her forward manner is refreshing and welcoming.
Deoiridh She seems a thoughtful one, more quiet - if only this day - than most of the women here that have taken to speaking with someone like me. Unlike others, she seems to understand my home, at least in some small way. It's comforting in a way I didn't expect, if it is genuine...
Domonico Caring, to the point and skilled at her profession it seems. I approve.
Drake She spoke of a house with an interesting history. Seems to take some pride in her heritage and home.
Eddard Lovely and smart. Too smart for me. I should avoid this one.
Ember Lady Kalani and I share one crucial thing: the burden of facing down the history of the Mourning Isles. My respect is due to any who will stand alongside me in that pursuit, which is all too often a battle.
Emily Always a good spirit and lovely to be around. That still has not changed and though its been some time since last we met I am glad to once more get the chance to spend time with her.
Evaristo She did quite well crawling through a web and pinning a spider leg - impressive!
Evelynn Friendly and very easy to talk to. Perhaps we can share a bottle of mead sometime.
Faruq She is entirely more fun than I was expecting upon initially meeting her. Judging by appearances she would seem formal and perhaps, fixed on etiquette and propriety. I am pleased to know that there is humor beneath that lovely visage presented to the world. I look forwards to future meetings.
Haakon Good sort. Threw a log that were bigger than she is. Laughs a lot.
Hamish A lady of the Pearlspire who comes across as someone who knows exactly what needs to be done and is willing to do all of the glaring and shouting necessary to make it happen.
Ian It's so strange, I feel like I'm going to know her in the future...
Ilira Her vivacity is warming! Though only a chat at a bar, we got on pleasingly, and I'll hope to catch her again sometime.
Jarel Cute, seems dedicated to the well being of others, so I gather she must be some healer of sorts. Clearly someone I want as a friend due to the high risk jobs I might undertake in the forseeable future.
Jeffeth Lady.. Mistress? I'm not sure. She seems very nice. Quite lovely! I didn't get her name but she was very kind and pleasant to me.
Joscelin She has a nice life and sees frogs in ceilings and enjoys sitting on the floor as much as I do. Yes. I like her.
Jules A pretty noblewoman who seems very independent. There's benefits and disadvantages to that but as far as her person goes, she seems quite friendly and welcome company.
Juniper She seems so caring and thoughtful, and the way she focuses on sunlight even when we're surrounded by shadows gives a great deal of hope.
Jyri She worried about the dogs. I like that.
Kaia Lady Seliki is one of the brightest and most talented minds I've had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with. A dear friend from my youth. I must say I'm quite blessed to have her as my protege. She is a boon to us all.
Kaldur My cousin, as bright a light as shines in all of Arx. A lamp in the dark, a beacon for the lost. She has no idea.
Kenna When I meet her in the plaza I liked her, but upon meeting her again that first impression is ABSOLUTELY confirmed. Such a dear!
Lenne Kalani instantly impressed me with her zest for life. She's so eager and bright. I do so adore people like that!
Luca This woman thinks winter lasts 'just long enough' so I'm not sure friendship is on the horizon for us. But I know she's a healer so I probably /should/ make friends with her, as much as I get banged up. Plus she's a Seliki and they're always entertaining. She's awfully easy on the eyes too, but I don't want to say too many nice things before I find some more bad stuff. Balance in everything, after all.
Lucita We were having drinks at the Black Fox and she kept up her side of the conversation well, even when it ranged into such things as flying boats and crashes. When a True Song affected me she was kind, helping shield me from view when collapsing, her concern showing during the time afterward.
Mabelle A warrior and strategist. We won the battle and the war. Of snowballs.
Martino A fine human heart to a military mindset. I have heard that, being a medic, she would have see the suffering side and so that comes in her thoughts and comments about using Arvani Fire.
Marzio She seems like an eager sort. Eager to learn, eager to act... She seems like a smart one too. It will be interesting to see what she makes of herself.
Medeia Sweet and earnest and clumsy - take the lead when dancing with this one, but don't miss the opportunity to dance.
Michael A delightful Seliki, and by far the prettiest. I promise. I hope she is nearby the next time I get skewered.
Mikani A fellow seeker of the truth. My library is always open to her.
Miranda A physician! As a fighter, I find it absolutely necessary to know as many of these fine and skilled people as possible. They save your life and get you back out there to fight the good fight.
Morrighan Quick thinker and a skilled healer, we might have been in for a more difficult battle had it not been for her. I'm thankful she was with us.
Neilda A history lover. Always good to have around.
Nijah A healer that offered company and conversation while watching a spar in the Golden Hart. She offered good encouraging words, and I hope to see more of her. Note: Friend of Rowenova, certainly a good sign.
Nuala A dolphin in the warmer seas, such a joy to watch as she leaps from topic to topic. If her talents on the battlefield as a physician match the ease that she navigates through social affairs, I would welcome her at my side any day.
Pasquale She bit off a lot when she decided to host for the Arvani league. I will be interested to see how she grows.
Perronne Playful, adventurous. She seems nice! Possibly going to fall off something very high one day. But in a nice way!
Piccola The Voice of House Seliki is well-spoken and well-composed. Certainly, a good choice for the House. Now, to discover how we may benefit from an agreement.
Prisila She's a healer and while they're not all the same. They have the same passion for preserving life. Respectable and worthy of recognition for such compassion.
Quenia I envy how Kalani is so well informed about her family history. I wish we were that informed within House Igniseri. Most of the our research has born little result, and I think that is mostly because of the Great Fires in the library. We've only found small snippets here and there, and perhaps I can pick her brain a bit on what they did to discover all they have so far.
Raja She's a noble, but seems to be a more relaxed sort. Anyone who enjoys watching good sparring and enjoys a good drink is good by me.
Raziel Her first reaction when faced with weaponized fire is to see the danger inherent in open flame. I would call it refreshing common sense, but I've long since learnt thinking of preserving and healing rather than wanton destruction is far from common.
Reese A sailor sort of and a combat medic for sure1 She seems like a good sort.
Reigna She speaks her mind, is straight to the point, qualities I much admire in a healer.
Rinel A small candle of kindness in a darkness that will not end.
Rosalind She seems to like the water too! I bet she likes adventures also! Cant wait to see!
Sabella Lady Kalani is always a bright, shining star in a crowd! Always making sure people feel at home and seeking out those that she can to get involved--especially my children! Who might have stolen her sled. Oh dear.
Sabine One knew of the Grayons predilection for travel but to hear the Lady speak of her Crownland House's meandering history was a revelation indeed. She represents them well.
Samael Clearly a lover of animals and a bundle of energy. A quick mind also.
Samira A woman of many positive qualities - interesting, pragmatic, unafraid of a challenge. Although humble about her own talents, she too has an interest in art and also in medicine. Creativity and practicality seem to meld within her.
Scythia Intelligent, energetic, she has insight and focus on her side. I like her. She will be fun. She might be someone I can just hang out with. I hope so.
Selah Very kind. Probably a very good physician. Possibly romantically involved with Cousin Michael.
Svana Duke Kaldur's cousin. She seems perceptive, kind, and caring. Empathetic. I only met Duke Kaldur once but I hope I shall meet Lady Kalani more than that.
Valdemar Her insight and empathy are a welcome change of pace in this city, welcome company when facing the sort of threat we are.
Vicente She's related to Count Orrin and seems to have the same drive and desire to care for those who have been in any sort of bondage. It does seem to be something of the family business according to her.
Victus She won a thing. I think. There was five of her and I thought I was outnumbered, but now that seems a little strange. I'm not sure, honestly.
Zoey Capable and confident. Her pride is well deserved.