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Princess Keely Grayson

You could give me the whole world to hold in my hand but honestly I'd probably just drop it?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Innocuous Ingenue
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 20
Birthday: 09/30
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: average height
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: fair

Description: Soft chestnut hair frames a heart-shaped face, dominated by large, dark eyes and fair, clear skin. The height of Keely's brow and the high sweep of her eyebrows suggest almost an attitude of permanent surprise. The overall impression favors youth over any dramatic beauty, though she tries with a careful hand at tasteful makeup. Her best features are those eyes, framed by a sooty thickness of dark eyelashes. Her second best feature is her mouth, dynamic, mobile and expressive, with lips neither too full nor too thin. As for the rest of her, she can take or leave it.

Personality: Keely wants to think the best of everyone. Her gentle heart is sometimes undercut by awkward privilege - have you tried just not being poor? What if we just let the shav'arvani alone and asked them nicely to stop killing our trade caravans? - and a well-intentioned awkwardness that leads some of her tries at social excellence to be more dithery than not. She has high hopes and a tendency to expect a lot from herself, to which she often applies Capital Letters of Real Importance. Her worst enemy is her own embarrassment, over which she is determined to reign supreme ... somehow. Kind, hopeful, and full of fond wishes, she is excellent at finding way to like people, and it is this type of charisma that makes it easy to like her. Naturally inclined to introverted pursuits, she finds herself wishfully lurking at the corners of the ballroom, dreaming of being a woman for whom the splendor she loves comes easier.

A young princess flowering in a well-tended garden, Keely is cursed by little more dire than a preponderance of sisters. Well-educated in the palatial family estate at Bastion, Keely grew up a wistful child, dreaming of a different kind of _more_ than the kind that might populate the dreams of those without her advantages. A quiet life is not a Grayson direction, and Keely always found some of her more adventuresome siblings honestly more worrying than not.

When her older sisters removed to Arx to make their way in a world that embraced their heritage, Keely stayed home, studying with the seraph of Bastion and learning about different dances and the history of her House, all the while her elder sister, Liara, rose to the challenge that House Grayson had to offer her and accepted the mantle of High Lady from His Majesty.

When Keely set forth for Arx, it was as a sheltered, privileged girl, hoping to reach for womanhood in a capital city full of the shades of reality that she never really saw before beyond her garden walls. She wishes to grow into the kind of powerful woman who dominates a dance floor, a courtier of Renown and Poise. Up until now, she has not been great at Poise. A young girl with powerful and diverse sisters, she has always been shadowed by their accomplishments, but one day, perhaps she shall grow into something fantastic in her own right.

Relationship Summary

  • Videl - Liara introduced Keely to her protege, Lady Videl Igniseri, shortly after she arrived in the city, and Keely both admires her particular willful verve and feels a little protective of her.
  • Teodoro - When Keely first arrived in the city, she went to the Whispers to further her education and learn about the kinds of etiquette important to a young princess in the capital. She developed a friendship with Teodoro, who agreed to guide her. He is courteous and warm, though there is always a layer of distance between them - she's not sure what he is thinking behind his smile, and so she holds him at a layer away from her heart.

  • Frenemy:
  • Signe - The thing about coming from Bastion to Arx and never having met a shamanist worshipper before in your life is that you might accidentally say something, on meeting a shaman, like: "What is it like to worship rocks?" Despite this (hah) rocky beginning, Keely likes Signe and admires her free spirit.

  • Sibling:
  • Liara - High Lady, Older Sister. Keely is intimidated by the breadth and scope of Liara's success and looks up to her while wishing very much to make her Proud.
  • Macda - Keely would really prefer if her other big sister Macda would just calm down and not make a mess and maybe find some ways of entertaining herself that don't involve punching other people?

  • Family:
  • Lou - Lou's adventuresome fierceness is the antithesis of Keely's wistful edges-of-the-party femininity. She's just Something Else, around which Keely finds herself somewhat tongue-tied.
  • Reese - Reese is somehow both frilly and pink _and_ a renowned warrior. Keely is mystified and envious, would like to know her secret to Having it All.
  • Sabella - Keely finds Sabella extremely Glamorous and would like to be her when she grows up. But maybe... a version of Sabella that is slightly -- less.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Calandra - Keely is fascinated by how thoroughly Calandra has surpassed her common roots to become a Famed and Glamorous Whisper, and she follows her social career with some interest.
  • Gianna - Keely holds Gianna high in her mind's eye as a Role Model of what kind of Cool and Glamorous Courtier to be.
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