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Bethany Mercier

Never let your head hang down.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Shrewd Servant
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Mercier
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Apothecary
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Tawny Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Fair

Description: With a distant gaze softened by a well-arranged, amiable smile, Bethany is a strikingly pretty girl. A well-proportioned and willowy figure, carried with a practiced grace. A flawless complexion. She's the kind of young woman who is the product of a well-bred, well-lived life in the merchant class. Befitting that class, her clothing is of fine quality, but reserved -- she dresses older than she is -- and her tawny blonde hair is of indeterminate length, worn in a complicated coiled updo secured by a few fancy pins. Even though her demeanor is welcoming, there's always a sense that she holds something in reserve; her steel blue eyes are those of a woman whose soul is not easily touched.

Personality:     Bethany has a mind like a steel trap, capable of understanding a situation before it fully unfolds. Being curious is her first nature, so this is partly a defense mechanism she's developed to avoid getting in trouble. Her skills in planning and accounting are noteworthy, which makes her a good fit for her career path, and trusted by her merchant father when it comes to managing her finances.

    While on the surface she is affable, Bethany tends to establish emotional boundaries between herself and her friends and acquaintances. She fears being hurt and feels safe only when she has control of the relationship.

Background: Bethany is the youngest child and only daughter of Adlai Mercier, a Grayson wine merchant of increasing wealth and repute. While most in the Borough scrape by, Bethany and her siblings enjoyed a childhood within the comfort of a large mansion in the Upper Borough.

A great part of her early education came from her mother, who consulted Archscholar Aldwin Aurum for advice and hired a skilled Scholar of Vellichor to regularly tutor her children. In these studies she excelled: by the age of nine, Bethany could read and write three languages. Though he was often away from home, Master Adlai doted on his daughter and frequently boasted about her intellect to his social betters. Through her close relationship with her knightly brother, Bethany has even acquired knowledge of the basics of swordplay, though she lacks the physical strength needed to wield blades larger than a rapier.

As a teenager, Bethany attended a noble wedding and impressed Lady Alarys Grayson with a performance on the piano. Upon being informed of Bethany's many talents and her father's desire to see her in high places in society, Alarys secured a position for Bethany within the royal household, if only as a servant. She was initially lukewarm towards the idea - though serving the Graysons was an honor, it hardly seemed to make use of her talents - until she met the young king in the Palace, and his Majesty Alaric Grayson IV seemed so shockingly indifferent to matters of economic policy that he actually asked the brand new young servant's opinion out of the blue on a matter of finance for the entire court. She quickly learned that most important matters were handled by his ministers and particularly the Voice of House Grayson, Lady Dawn, and that provided all the motivation she needed to know that even as a minor servant, her voice and talent could be meaningful at court.

Relationship Summary

  • Leola - Sincere Animal Behaviorist
  • Rymarr - Somewhat Serious Knight
  • Joscelin - Talented Firebrand Jeweler
  • Aleksei - Roving Knight
  • Cordelia - Curious Explorer
  • Mydas - Golden-eyed, golden-tongued
  • Khanne - Icy-Eyed Halfshav
  • Valencia - Redrain Royal
  • Garza - Opportunistic Sellsword
  • Leta - Self-Deprecatory Sellsword
  • Costas - Malvici Armsman
  • Cicero - Merchant Prince
  • Rook - Grayward Maestro
  • Abbas - Thraxian Reaver Prince
  • Sigurd - Stony-Eyed, Silver-Tongued
  • Fortunato - Artistic Forethought
  • Percephon - Telmar Noble-Scholar
  • Larissa - Sunlit Whisper
  • Saedrus - Moonlit Courtesan
  • Eirene - Blunt Malvici Medic
  • Felix - Friendly Smithy
  • Belladonna - Duchess of Silk and Subtlety
  • Ainsley - Grayson Iron Guard
  • Bianca - Scholar-Knight-Cleric
  • Waldemai - Uncomplicated Smithy
  • Brogan - Nightgold Brawler
  • Roland - Brickhouse Knight
  • Ferrando - Affable Security
  • Ford - Not-Quite-Thrax
  • Inigo - Sly Malvici
  • Selene - Luminous
  • Calandra - Nightingale's Blush
  • Serafine - Princess-Knight-Princess
  • Mayir - Most Important Grayhope Cap'n
  • Jordan - Freelancing Good Knight

  • Family:
  • Silas - Popular Older Brother

  • Patron:
  • Aurora - Talented Family Friend
  • Samantha Sam - Ivy, Paragon of Philanthropy
  • Valery - Quiet and Wise
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Voice of the Silver Consortium, and having met her, I see why.
    Agatha That curtsey - that's the sort of thing she's practiced. You ever see someone and know they've put in hours to get everything JUST SO, who puts work into getting the things they do right? I'd guess she's someone like that.
    Alaric Composed, reliable, and well, businesslike. No wonder I end up buying all my tea from her.
    Alarissa A lovely woman and one who is going to do well in life.
    Alessandro Unfailingly polite. That's clearly not all, but I doubt she'd ever let me know the rest.
    Arcadia Her shop is warm and inviting and she didn't yell when all those cookies fall to the ground. Her hospitality is boundless.
    Barric Quiet. Informative. Probably shy as all get out. Will have to work on getting her to open up.
    Caspian She comes up with good ideas!
    Cullen Knows her business and the needs of her customers well. Quite attentive. Didn't shove me at all, mostly. Her tea and biscuits were quite excellent.
    Cullen Quite the industrious woman with clear pride in her shop - and with good reason. The tea and snacks are incredible, her manners impeccable.
    Eleanor I may not have made the best first impression, which is a shame. Because she seems lovely and I'd have liked to get to know her a bit.
    Fairen While I find Mistress Bethany to not only be a brilliant musician and an excellent conversationalist, she does make some very odd distinctions. Very curious.
    Faruq If I heard right, she is the owner of a famous tea shop in the Valardin Ward. I've only been there once, as tea is not my cup of tea... bad word choice there. She is thoughtful and quiet, I don't know if it is because she is shy, or if she is just engrossed in learning the language.
    Fecundo Tea Mistress of Arx. I would never refuse an offer of tea from this lovely lady.
    Gareth A fine animal. The dog, I mean, not the woman. A tragic thing about her past, she should not have been treated that way, and I do hope brighter days for her. She deserves them. Again, the dog, not the person, I suppose the woman is fine.
    Gianna She smiles much in the same way I do; every once in a while I wonder if it's for similar reasons.
    Gretchen A careful woman with a shrewd business sense, obviously, from her marvelous tea shop. Well spoken and to the point. I can respect that.
    Iseulet We share the same sense of humor, to which I am thankful for. (Perhaps the first person in a long while that may have come close to hearing my rather undignified snort while giggling).
    Jeffeth Mistress Mercier has a very lovely shop and a very lovely countenance, she is always willing to serve with a smile, and she is a wonderful person to keep you company while you drink tea. Or ale. Or whiskey. Or rum. She could keep lovely company with a lot of drinks, ok.
    Jordan As always, Bethany Mercier is ambitious, pretty, and businesslike. She's got a keen mind and gods willing, we'll be business partners in the very long run.
    Kenna My dearest cousin Bethany! I know I'm perhaps a little too exuberant for her, but she took my hug in such grace. Her resolve is to be admired.
    Lilith A pleasant presence at the Observers Luncheon that I arranged. She expressed some distaste for all the death in recent years, something I can definitely agree with.
    Lou An inquisitive sort, who wanted to learn a bit about investigating things. Hope I didn't scare her away too badly with the font of knowledge I have!
    Lys Lovely tea shop girl. She seems to have a passion for tea, but doesn't speak very much.
    Mabelle A kind, thoughful, and well-versed woman. An absolutely excellent tea-maker. Visiting her shop, I have an idea will become a staple and a pleasure.
    Mabelle She makes the best cookies!
    Marian She's rather a rather talented musician. I like her choices in music even if it hints that her life has not been easy. I recognize that look...the smile that doesn't reach one's eyes. I have worn that same look myself at times.
    Martino Attentive patron of her tea shop. Good host and friendly when drawn into conversation and company. Very deferential commoner as well, respectful.
    Mirari A shy looking blonde who will drink with strangers. That in itself can be a bad thing, but she looks so darling that I wonder at the kind of person who would slip poison into her drink.
    Mirk A professional businesswoman. She's a bit outside her comfort zone here, but I expect her to rise to the challenge and be the better for it.
    Norwood I have the utmost respect for a business woman who is determined to make her own way in life.
    Petal A comfortable and polite and please hostest who likes tea!
    Reese She is very warm and makes great tea and has a way about that is easy to be around.
    Reigna She has a keen mind, but there is a sense that when she smiles it is but an affectation. She does so because that is what you are supposed to do, not because she means it. I think the closest I got to genuine emotion was when I said something that actually interested her.
    Rinel A woman who gave me comfort when I deserved none. I will remember her kindness.
    Rook The Mercier family are nothing if not entrepeneurial. It's when they bring humility and class together that one sees women like Bethany Mercier, and as the new Mercier head of household, I'm going to look forward to any and all interaction or observation of said family under her careful hand.
    Sabella Bethany is just as sweet as her cousin, Tabitha! I have not gotten to know her very well, but I should like to correct that as I believe we could be kindred spirits and good friends!
    Selene Bravo for her candor how Abandoned should be described, not with disgust or dehumanizing metaphors.
    Sorrel A very polite young woman who clearly isn't used to my level of enthusiasm.
    Talen The servants tell me she plays a flute to entice rabbits to settle in her lap. Unfortunately others try to snatch and kill those bunnies. It could be a sad story for the Archives.
    Theo She moves with a sense of composed grace, and listens more than she speaks. Intriguing.
    Tynan The Keeper of the tea shop. She seems like a pleasant aquaintance to make.
    Valdemar She seems good-humored and friendly enough, though we didn't get a chance to speak much with me fighting in the melee.
    Vayne Thought-provoking, and willing to challenge the establishment. My kind of person. Someone I believe I'll be speaking with again in the near future.
    Wylla She seems polite. Very polite. So polite she tried to help me out of embarrassment. I'm not sure if it worked, and I'm not sure why she did it, but at least she did it. We'll see if she can play piano.