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Baron Silas Whitehawk

The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But its still on the list.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Iron Guard Commander
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whitehawk
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Fair

Titles: the Lord Commander of the Iron Guard, Baron of Hawkhold

Description: A tall, lean man with a subtle hint of handsomeness edging his angular face. His alert, cerulean blue eyes look out from beneath a mass of wavy brown hair which spills over his forehead and tumbles down the nape of his neck. His cheekbones are high and pronounced and drop to a pointed chin. His smiles are wry, as though he's caught onto a secret he knows he is not supposed to catch.

Personality: Silas is a man who rarely changes, and one liable to keep a cool head under tense situations. He is more diplomatic than aggressive, and seems to have a good sense of when his sarcasm may cut too sharp. That is, unless he WANTS it to be sharp; then there are few around more capable of verbally tearing someone apart.

He likes a good drink and the company of those who share his interests, and occasionally those who do not. He gets a rush out of any sort of competition, whether it be a simple card game or an intense sparring match.

Occasionally, when a brooding mood strikes him, he will withdraw from his loved ones and seek the solitude of the woods or the empty streets of the city so he may recharge.

Background: Silas is the middle child and second son of a well-to-do wine merchant. He grew up in a lofty manor with servants who were more attentive towards him than his parents. He was close to his brother and sister, but both were more suited than he was for the family business. He always had a fondness for athleticism and 'hands-on' activities, and got on well with the other troublesome youths in the city.

With his brother being groomed to follow in the footsteps of his father, Silas was given the freedom to pursue the path he wanted to take, which inevitably led him into knighthood... and the Iron Guard of Arx.

Relationship Summary

  • Everard - die in a fire
  • Chanse - also die in a fire

  • Family:
  • Ephraim - Wandering cousin
  • Tabitha - Sensitive cousin
  • Raphael - Slick cousin
  • Kenna - happy cousin

  • Acquaintance:
  • Talen - A skilled if dirty fighter
  • Calista - pretty noblewoman who knows how to host a good tournament
  • Victus - Obnoxiously tall Thraxian nobleman
  • Niccolo - Dapper Duke
  • Eithne - Prodigiously skilled armorsmith
  • Ophelia - the best huntress princess
  • Calain - the best at stabbing stationary objects
  • Edain - Knightly prince
  • Harlan - Lord of Ashford and wry hunter
  • Mason - Man in a foreign land
  • Larissa - Wine-hoarding Whisper
  • Audric - The Sellsword Captain-General
  • Rook - Dawn's eloquent armcandy
  • Valencia - Lovely Princess
  • Aislin - Knows her history
  • Isabeau - Valardin princess
  • Blacktongue - Intriguing jester
  • Salazar - Looks like he can hold his drink and smells piratey
  • Iona - Duchess who can pack a wallop
  • Lou - Straight-forward Grayson princess
  • Leta - Broadbent sellsword
  • Agnarr - Northern sellsword
  • Sophie - favorite healer
  • Fergus - royal glacier
  • Gareth - grumpy Inquisitor

  • Parent:
  • Adlai - Merchant father
  • Lynda - Ladylike mother

  • Patron:
  • Bethany - younger sister who worries too much

  • Frenemy:
  • Torian - pain in the ass

  • Friend:
  • Acacia - Unusual (and nosy) penpal
  • Samantha - Marquessa and a distant childhood friend
  • Joscelin - Guildmistress
  • Rymarr - former King's Own and writer of many words
  • Reese - the knight of ribbons
  • Aurora - Favorite tailor
  • Juliet - intriguing Fidante rose
  • Serafine - Shav'arvani warrior princess
  • Clover - Still dear

  • Spouse:
  • Aiden - My prince

  • Deceased:
  • Horatio - Gone too soon
  • Lazarus - ...

  • Ally:
  • Dawn - the best Regent ever
  • Calypso - Minister Of Defense
  • Orazio - Legate of Concepts
  • Gabriel - stoic Duke but sound military mind
  • Alistair - trusted Inquisitor
  • Benjamin - most helpful surgeon
  • Tobias - Mercenary Lord Captain
  • Laric - High Inquisitor and corgi spoiler
  • Aiden - My prince
  • Name Summary
    Agnarr Pays me for work and to help his men, which is a surprise. May have smashed in a face next to his, but he took it fine. Could be worse Guard captains.
    Aiden The first impression of Silas had been he was one of Ainsley's friends and it was cool to hang out with him. Steadily over the months (especially due to Silas' heroism), Aiden's impression changed and he started to willingly seek ways to spend time with Silas as often as he could. Eventually, becoming infatuated with him and then, as of recently declared between them, in love. Silas has gained Aiden's full trust and heart, by being patient, without judgement, and unquestionably supportive.
    Ainsley The Lord Commander of the Iron Guard. I'll follow his lead into any battle, into any fight.
    Arcelia I met Baron Silas at Larissa's Charity Auction. I flirted with him a touch, offering a date of my own to him if he donated 2,000 silver to the charity. Later I found out that he and Aiden are seeing one another. I am happy for them both and I hope they are able to find their happiness.
    Arianna Good man with a kind heart, soft spot for the guards. Like any good leader, he carries himself with dignity and respect. I can applaud that.
    Artorius Baron Silas Whitehawk. Iron Guard Lord Commander. He ran the pentathlon and did a damn good job with it. A nice enough fellow indeed.
    Asher The Lord-Commander, innit? And Asher used to be a thief. So the nervousness around the man is only just now starting to wear off. I'm totally legit now! Mostly! You can't prove anything I hope!
    Bedivere Whitehawk HoH, my Favorite Nephew, and Lord Commander of the Iron Guard who kindly approved my siege weaponry and often takes his olde Uncle to go on random adventures. I am so esteemed to be his War Minister!
    Brianna The Lord Commander is a man who can laugh at himself and accept a loss, and also turn an enemy into a friend, even if such enemity was only a joke. Not what I expected from a man of his position, but so much more.
    Calaudrin Sure, I wasn't incredibly impressed that our new Lord Commander was twelve. But he's shown himself to be way more than competent than I expected. Plus, he's a fine man. And yeah, I know he wasn't /twelve/. But I do like to give him shit now again. I'm glad to have him as a boss and a comrade in arms. I'm looking forward to many more years of not dying together.
    Clara During a bar fight is always the best time to meet people...
    Clover Clover and Silas met a while back! Clover finds him to be the nicest, most earnest, and bravest knight she's known, despite him not being from the outlands. She considers him a great friend, even they don't see much of each other.
    Daemon He brought the spicy chocolate. This has been a joyous day.
    Esoka Newly-made Baron Whithawk, and lord commander of the Iron Guard. Esoka is eager to help Silas establish his barony (Riven represent!), and is impressed by the consideration he shows his Iron Guardsmen.
    Evonleigh Dearest cousin -- it's clear he has worked hard for the honors bestowed on you and I am so proud of him.
    Fatima Kind and fun loving Lord Commander. Gods he is easy on the eyes too, I hope I get to see his lovely face more. The man is good company.
    Grazia This serious young man loves my husband dearly, and it's difficult not to like him for it. He's got a certain languid charm to him, when he's relaxing, though I get the impression he rarely relaxes. I look forward to getting to know him better.
    Harper Bosshawk, otherwise known as the Lord Commander. He's a good sort even if he did curse me by promoting me so he could dump more reports on me! Not really though. I respect the hell out of him. Can't say that about just everyone.
    Jeffeth He seems like a very nice Lord. A skilled combatant, with a level head. Lord of Whitehawk and Iron Guard. What a pleasant fellow.
    Joscelin Sweet and unassuming, that he's a guard and a crafter is impressive in that he can spare the time to follow both passions. But as time has gone on, he's left behind the chisel and saw and gone to the sword and the leader of the Iron Guard itself. Lord-Commander. And someone Joscelin is incredibly fond of and considers a dear, trusted friend.
    Jyri Jyri has never forgotten what Silas did for him when he arrived to town. In Jyri's mind, Silas gave him back some pride - and he was brought into another tribe; The Iron Guard. There is nobody else Jyri is that loyal to.
    Katarina Lord Commander Silas Whitehawk is a man that I have come to absolutely adore in the time that I have known him. We have sailed into the unknown, fought side by side with one another, and he has been a comforting presence that I always look forward to over the years. I cannot help but love him as much as I do his better half, Aiden. My days are always a little brighter when they are both around.
    Kenna My dearest cousin, you work way. too. much. Honestly, seeing you at home and relaxed is a delight. There must be ways we can arrange this much more often...
    Laric Silas is a good friend, wedding furniture and all. But I'm going to arrest all of his Crownsworn loved ones if he ever tells another soul that I actually like dogs.
    Maeve He seems a pretty nice fellow. I got to meet him when I spoke with Prince Aiden at the Menagerie. He said he would donate spoiled food to help make compost! That is so nice of him. He also has nice biceps.
    Marian He's a good sport for helping Prince Aiden with the event. He seems very dedicated to helping protect others as well as supporting the community. That is a trait to be admired.
    Merek %bWhen Merek first met Silas, he thought he was a bit like the usual Commanders he has heard about. But eventually, he has come to learn that he is a very considerate and caring person as well.
    Monique He's not bad... for a Lord Commander. He's got a willingness to trust, at least in these situations, and that speaks a lot for the man's character. Plus? He can swing a hell of a sword. This man is worth knowing.
    Reese Reese really liked Silas at first and she still does. She wanted to impress him and be a good guardswoman. She knows she got distracted by other tasks and duties lately, but she still has much platonic affection for Silas. She appreciates how welcoming he was to her when she was a new warrior just making her way. She feels that the Iron Guard is a really good org who are doing good things. She approves of him being Baron Silas and is very happy that he stayed with Ward Grayson. She feels that Silas is a good leader and did great in the siege.
    Rook Lord Commander of the Iron Guard, a man of respect, a vassal of House Grayson. His brother was a smart, economically-minded man but chose to end himself with a rather spectacular fireball of mismanaged political plays. A shame, for Rook, anyway. Hopefully his brother will not follow suit.
    Rymarr What is there to say about the Lord Commander of the Iron Guard? Baron Whitehawk and of Hawkhold? The man whom I still, in my own mind, think of as Silas Mercier? A great deal, I imagine. He is a man who has proven himself to me as stalwart, dependable, dedicated, and dignified. A commoner by birth, I have never been witness to his behaving in crass and crude manner. He has known for a long, long time the precarious place that he was in, and he walked that knife's edge with skill and distinction. He is the Lord Commander of the Iron Guard, we worked together from time to time while I was likewise leading the knights of the King's Own. We worked well together then, I believe we work well together now, and going into the future I believe we will strive to improve on just how well we work together. He is, in effect, one who I know that I can rely upon. He is one that I know that I can approach with open honesty and he will respect that choice of openness, treat it dearly and with care, and that what is provided to him in confidence will remain so. Within the entirety of this city, of its hundreds of thousands and millions, Silas Mercier...Baron Silas Whitehawk... is one of those very few that I can openly claim to trust.
    Samael My beloved nephew's beloved. He is a gracious host and a gracious man. Ainsley and Aiden love him which means I love him.
    Shard His position means he's not someone to ignore, but he seems like he might be interesting besides that. Not a fool. A fan of food. Close with Prince Aidan. Watch carefully.
    Talen Lord Commander Silas Mercier, now Whitehawk. This man has made almost as many moves at Talen has in amongst the years they've spent in Arx. One of the finest swordsmen Talen knows, there's also a sense of respectful rivalry there, if for no other reason because they're different on the surface. They're ships that pass in the night.
    Thena A leader Thena can respect, even if he went and got ennobled. He and the Guard has been good to her, even when she gets a little too snippy.
    Tikva I can't remember the first time I met the Lord Commander. I think it's possible that the first time was actually that silly wrestling match he and Ainsley got into in the Grotto. I've usually met him or encountered him with Ainsley. I'd say peas in a pod but I think that Silas is a little less ridiculous than Ainsley is. Maybe I have to think that because he is my vassal now, Baron Whitehawk and liegesworn to the Twainfort. He is a resoundingly accomplished man, especially for his age, and I think he will be a credit to his holding, and I'm glad to know him, even if only by passing courtesies and -- er, involving Ainsley being silly -- at this point.
    Torian Spoke to him about investigating some injury to some noble or another. He's got a good heart for protecting people.
    Victus The Lord Commander of the Iron Guard. Big and scary as they say, but he's got a nice smile to top it off.