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King Alaric Grayson IV

The Compact bled for me. I will prove myself worthy of every sacrifice.

Social Rank: 1
Concept: Awoken King
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Grayson
Gender: male
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'
Hair Color: golden blond
Eye Color: grey blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: King of the Compact, Highlord of the Crownlands, Prince of Bastion, Sovereign of Arx, Ruler of Arvum

Description: With his golden hair and strong-jawed, attractive features typical of the male line of descent from Queen Alarice the Great, King Alaric the Fourth looks every inch the classic Grayson monarch. Vibrant in a way that makes him seem taller than his six feet of height, he has not a single ounce of fat on his toned and impressive frame. Since the days of the King's Rest, subtle changes mark his passage through that terrible trial; he's cut his hair down to a more mature yet still stylishly moppy length, and he now effortlessly possesses a sober and regal bearing that commands a room. Yet in his less guarded moments, hints of the frivolity of his younger days still shine through: his easy, infectious smile, the twinkle in his eye when he makes a playfully subtle joke.

(The King has grown a beard! It's a darker blonde than his hair, fully grown-in and long enough to be soft to the touch (and as his children have discovered, very tuggable). It is shaven neatly to follow the contour of his jawline, as well as in a smooth line below his cheeks.)

Personality: Turns out that having a soul trapped in a horrifying mindscape for years tends to mature someone that was callow and irresponsible. Remarkably, he doesn't seem very haunted by his experiences except in least guarded moments. He's still personable, friendly and warm, with an energy that few can match. There's still hints of the man that deeply wanted to be liked, but with his marriage to Symonesse he seems to have gained much more balance and confidence, and is comfortable with showing restraint and delegating from the top. Very slow to anger, he's learned the lessons of acting rashly or speaking without great care for his actions- rarely one to give offense, nor one to overlook what needs doing.

Background: When his father, King Alaric III was lost at sea during the Tyde Rebellion, King Alaric IV was just a boy- a boy who greatly resented the regency of Duke Gabriel Bisland, a duke who had no intention of attempting to shielding the young boy from the harsh realities of rule, but wound up alienating his ward. After Alaric IV's majority when he came of age at 18, he dismissed Gabriel as regent, ruling as a well liked but intensely frivolous king, who had little interest in the advice of sober ministers and listened to corrupt flatterers- ultimately resulting in the King's Rest, when his tragic trip to the Night Grove resulted in the death of his entire royal retine, and his coma for three years.

Finally freed from his illness, the King of the Compact is determined to make right for the sins of the past and prove himself a true king, leading with strength and wisdom as he rules over a hard won peace. A peace that almost certainly will not last.

Name Summary
Adora A smarmy, jovial, overly friendly, very rich politician with a beard. I don't like him.
Aethan Certainly good-natured about not doing very well at something, especially considering he's the king.
Agatha Well. He may take out innocent structures with an axe, but he's good natured about it and seems to make the people around him not only bow (like they should) but smile as well. Getting people to like and respect you is hard. He seems to have managed it!
Aiden My good cousin. He was kind enough to visit with me personally to the menagerie and walk the park. He also was patient enough to listen to the goals and ambitions I had. No many would give me the time of day but in the way he listened, he inspires loyalty. I feel he's my type of Grayson and I will do anything for my cousin! Long Live the King!
Ainsley I am constantly impressioned by how much my cousin and changed and grown. I am proud to be Grayson and proud to have him as my King.
Alarissa What once was, is gone. It's fascinating to see the change that time has wrought on both of us. He is not that carefree and irresponsible boy from the past. His experiences have changed him and it seems for the better thus far.
Alayne The fable of Skald walking amongst us becomes the more believeable when I see this man; this being of embodied awe and leadership. If Alaric the Fourth yet lives, why not Skald?
Aleksei He said hello to me! /And/ knew my name. It was pretty impressive.
Alessandro Tried the Telmar Gauntlet? If only I'd been there.
Alexis He manages to be quite regal even as attendants flood him to dress him in bath robes. And seems far too accustomed to people being struck with awe in his presence. Still, I can see the King Alaric who was so beloved by the commons before his Rest.
Alis Though I have not had much time to actually get to know His Majesty, he has shown a great deal of patience, humor, and diplomacy. Something especially useful when trying to ensure we all play nice with one another at the big boys and girls table.
Amund King of the Compact. Very good at dark humor and master at etiquette. How he juggles one and the other beats me.
Ann Look forward to seeing him trying to cheat at more Lycene woadings in the future. Knows how to have fun but also how to be serious and a leader. Somewhat surprising, but delightfully so.
Apollis I had heard this guy was approachable and kind and by gods they were right.
Arcelia The king seems to be a very nice man. I hope that one day he does take me up on my offer to teach him how to paint. I think that would be a fun way to get to know the king.
Arn Looks like a king finally, instead of some pretty boy. Guess getting messed around with like he did gives you some stones. Good. He's got a serious responsibility ahead of him and we could use the stability.
Astraea The King seems to be a good man but all things are not always as they seem. Yet I still believe in the goodness of his soul, no matter what it's been through. He was wise and patient and demonstrated a good sense of humor. Easily one of the finest and nicest monarchs I've ever met. Ten out of ten would pool again.
Athaur The King, wow. I was certainly not expecting to run into him. But a man of good humor and not to serious. Meeting him sets my mind slightly at ease for my decision.
Aureth I know I expected a human soul, and that was enough for me, once upon a time. Perhaps it still is. He says he plans to make the best of his second chance, and I believe him. I look forward to seeing what comes next, and it's ... been awhile since I thought that about any leader, really. %r%rAnd hey he's got a sense of humor.
Aurora A generous contributor to the arts, and taller in person. It will be a beautiful partnership!
Barric My King. My Cousin. Good to see him up and about more. Still a joker and prankster it seems but there are worse things. Wouldn't mind seeing him take things a bit more serious time to time though.
Bastien Well, he used to be far worse.
Berenice A positively charming monarch. How lucky we are to have a King one can simply bump into while lounging about drinking wine!
Bethany He's not as offhand or careless as he was when I worked in the palace. He seems to have grown into the crown somewhat.
Bianca He is not what I expected. In truth, I do not know really what I expected, but his ability to disarm me so quickly and lead us to a casual and comfortable conversation was beyond appreciated.
Bliss One would think that most people's ambitions would be fulfilled if they were King. After all, where's up from there? Yet King Alaric has a sharp fire of ambition in his eyes, and these works he wants to set on reflect that. Beyond that he is charming, polite, and doesn't seem to carry the arrogance I might have expected from the position. Truly a remarkable man.
Brigida As Kings go he's not a bad one. Arguably the best and smoothest speaker of the ones I have known.
Cahal He manages to walk the line between royal dignity and approachableness with some skill. Its hard to believe he was ever struck down.
Calandra He's so much taller than I thought he would be. And more handsome. And charming. And a bit cocky.
Calarian Well. He's certainly not the cousin I once knew, is he?
Calaudrin King Alaric arrived on the scene after the Thraxian ships went down in the harbor. I was impressed by his hands on approach to directing and speaking with the people that were there trying to mitigate chaos. I'm sure it did good for the other people who witnessed the detruction, to have a King invovled rather than sitting on his throne.
Calista Not everyone gets the chance to make a second first impression, then again not everyone gets the chance to come back from near death. When we first met we were basically children and the world was a full of light and hope. We've since grown by leaps and bounds. Our friendship has proven to be a strong one.
Calypso A young leader. He carries the youthful enthusiasm needed, the mind required, and the spirit we can be proud of. Over time he has been many things, but I know that even without our positions we would still be friends. I believe in him.
Carmen Regal. A bit funny. Kept all sorts of big and important people in line with a (cute) smile.
Caspian Long live the king! He seems like a pretty down to earth man for someone who rules over an entire kingdom. Not that I have anyone to compare him to!
Cerdensulathara He has more beard than I remember. He's definitely a Grayson. Hint of playful, unintentionally dismissive. Is Niklas sure he's not his uncle?
Christine The King! And he's fun and interesting, and he likes to drink and chat and he dislikes ugly scarves!
Cirroch Our king is a kind ruler who graces his people with conversation over drinks.
Cirroch Our wise and just king!
Clara Well... I walked inta The Spirits and the first thing I hear is that all drinks are on the King. Even if I didn' really get ta meet the man... he can' be all that bad if he's gettin' people drunk on his coin.
Clover He's. The. King. Nnnrrgggh. How is Clover supposed to have any impression other than being star struck. Seriously he's the king. He's away. He's talking. And have you seen /his eyes/? So pretty!
Coraline Full of life and character, but beneath a core of responsibility. I am very glad we have him for King. Doesn't hurt he looks good on the coinage either.
Costas I thought he'd be taller. And older. And beardier? I guess a King's a sort of caricature to me. Weird to see he's a real person. Don't imagine I'll ever get a chance to see what that real person's like. Does he get that chance either?
Cristoph King Alaric is a distant cousin (cousin of a cousin of a cousin) of mine trough his mother. I'm happy to see him returned to a position of authority on the throne now that his sickness has passed him. He's been a delight at the social gatherings that we've bumped into each other and now it's time to see how he fares with a major threat looming. Again. There's always some sort of threat, isn't there?
Cullen Each time I've run into the king he's been affable, solid company. Someone one can easily converse to and share a drink with who has an enjoyment for terrible puns, as I recall at the Keatons. It's good that he's the sort to make himself available to his subjects, it builds loyalty.
Cybele His Majesty King Alaric IV Grayson is nice. Sister Sophie said he was a man of the people before he slept. Now he is a man of the people and also of the spirits. And he likes Lailah. This speaks well of him.
Darren The King is looking hale and healthy. I think I'm still getting used to seeing him in his restored condition, but it was good of him to attend our little gathering at the Villa and show his support. I must find the time to connect with him more intimately.
Darrow A king who was sleeping when I first saw him, while we bore wounds and spilled blood in his name. Awoken through tragedy, he has taken his role with an gravity that I can admire.
Delilah His presence is warm and welcoming. The complete opposite of what I had imagined a King to be. A crown that mocks a glint of gold, inviting a recently ennobled young Lady out for drinks. It's almost surreal - And then to speak honestly of how he wishes others to see him. I want to see him succeed.
Delilah His Majesty looks absolutely resplendent in a radiant gown. He carries his position with greater ease than I might imagination. Our conversation was brief, but he leaves me wishing to talk at length -- simply somewhere not so busy.
Domonico The King. Not as impressive as I thought he'd be. Allthough even drunk, he was able to recognise the benefits of learning good military strategy. Maybe next time he'll see me clothed.
Duarte A diplomatic phenom.
Ectorion The King of the Compact. I'd sworn my life to serve him, and though I will do so in a new capacity now, I know this to be a person worthy of the service. Besides, he knows how to have fun on occasion.
Edain My feelings about King Alaric are... complex to say the least. If I am very honest, I did not think much of the man before the King's Rest. But his redemption was always the people. Whatever I felt his short comings were he loved his people in a deep and abiding way and they loved him back. Now he's quite literally been through Hell and come out the otherside. He shows a great desire to be the man his people need him to be, and for that I will pray that he finds the redemption he is looking for.
Eddard The king. Wandering about willynilly. The portraits don't include the beard. Nor do the portraits paint him as fat. Which he isn't. Why would you think he was?
Eleanor It would be enough that he were my King; that's all it would take to give him my life in service. But he's kind, warm, dryly funny. I give thanks for that every day.
Eleyna Whatever his previous faults of character before his 'rest', the King we have today is more measured, capable of seeing reason, and inclined to let the Houses of the Compact manage themselves without interference. All of that makes for an absolutely ideal ruler, in my opinion.
Emily He's rather friendly and exuberant but also a man who likes to cause trouble and play tricks. He's likely to be the one hiding the card up his sleeve.
Esoka THE KING! For all his nobility (and perhaps because of it), Eskoa is taken aback by how charming and personable Alaric is. Also, he has an awesome wife who's worshipped by spiders.
Evaristo The King! I mean... wooah. The King! Crown and everything, I wonder if it's heavy? If he goes to the bathroom, does he take it off then? Does he keep it by the bedside on a table, or is it locked up at night? Important questions.
Evonleigh So very gregarious and down-to-earth for a royal monarch, as well as a fellow coffee addict. He certainly has the talent of making one feel at ease, which is an uncommon gift, truly, and one that will serve him well.
Fairen A most fitting, intelligent King. There is, without a doubt, no one I can see better fit to lead the Compact.
Fatima Regal, handsome, well spoken and intelligent. While he lay sleeping or muttering insanities not too long ago, it's easy to see how he is the King. He seems way more open minded than my initial preconceptions allowed me to believe.
Faye A prodigious drinker and teller of wild tales. I'd mention he's the King, but everyone already knows that.
Fecundo A surprise first meeting with His Majesty, including talks of pub crawls. Will certainly try to follow his advice for a conversation partner for the Assembly of Peers.
Fiora The King is a good natured, gregarious and friendly sort. It's what he is most comfortable as, at least. He can snap into steel should he so choose. But normally he has a demeanor that most would find easy going and likeable. If you're into that sort of thing.
Galen Alright, the Grayson thing aside, a leader who sits amongst the people, being a person and not just a figurehead, has my respect.
Gareth Playful and charming as ever. Trying to push alcohol on everyone while complete insanity ranges around him.
Gilroy I thought his hat would be bigger.
Grazia Charming and disarmingly polite, with an excellent memory for faces and names. A delightful and personable king.
Gretchen I appreciate that he has a sense of humor. And a beard! It just so happens I know a great barber.
Gwenna I have had the privilege to be in His Majesty's presence on two occasions of smaller House discussions. He is certainly a man of the people and seems to be quick to put people in his company quickly at ease despite his position. His insights have always been valuable and I'm grateful for them each time they are offered.
Harlex Who can say; friendly enough, I guess. Spoke to me, when he needn't. Took a lot not to ask him for a scrape, to know him better with steel, I'm sure I don't want that kind of trouble and attention on myself.
Helena A very good sport to sit out the hobby-horse tournament so others could shine while he spectated. Merry and cheerful and not above being silly for the sake of some fun -- Grayson through and through.
Ian He seems happy to be back, which I understand. But I'm not sure he's matured as much as people say he has.
Ignacio The King. He seems like to be a jovial man. He seems like a difficult man to truly read for me.
Ingvar King Alaric Grayson the Fourth was far friendlier than I imagined he would be. We met him, my sister and I, in a book store looking at a book about unicorns.
Iseulet Plucking up the courage to pay a surprise visit to the King has got to be the most nerve wracking thing I've done in all my days but! I'm glad I did. He was nothing but accomodating and warm and reasonable. Long may he reign!
Itzal His Majesty's composure has proven difficult to damage, and will require further efforts. Oh, he's also a very sociable, personable king, with the suspicious ability of recalling the names of people he's met possibly only once before. Either his memory is phenomenal or one of his knights is particularly skilled in whispering the right names to him.
Jaenelle The King was nothing like I imagined he would be when we met, though I am sure if it occured before the curse he might have been. I am honored to call him friend.
Jan He's much... chattier than I imagined he would be.
Jan Some men were born to lead. He looks and acts every bit the part. He is also right about six feet. I won't ever need to avoid keystones without a helmet at least.
Jasher His Majesty is not quite what I had expected. Still, I can see why he has the loyalty of many. Let us see the course that the Compact will sail under his guidance.
Jeffeth The King! Very nice guy, he talked about fluffybottoms. What a fun fella.
Jennyva Sure he's a DREAMY King, but no one told me he was so funny!
Jev The king is really nice. He worships death, though. Odd for a nice guy to have such macabre tastes. Maybe it's part of being king: you have to pretend to like shit you hate.
Jordan You'd never expect to meet the King in a Temple and have him talk to you and actually tolerate to some degree the insolence of asking to be his protege, but there you have it. I mean, he declined it, but the guy's likable and I can see a great future ahead for the Compact as a result. Hard to find someone just that charismastic, you know?
Joscelin Not what I expected of our King, but perhaps that's a good thing. Smiles a great deal, comfortable in his position whereas in his youth, I heard nothing but the opposite. It's a relief to see and meet his Majesty Alaric, that he doesn't take his role frivolously but still manages to put a person at ease, with his playful nature and natural ability to rule.
Josephine So young. So very young, and yet from what is heard, he has been through much and has changed. Long live his Majesty and may he see us through the changes to come and I have no doubt that he will see us through the times to come.
Juliana Yes he is the king, but who knew that meant such detailed opinions on spiders?
Kaldur He made the sting of my defeat less, his graciousness is appreciated.
Katarina King Alaric cuts quite an imposing presence for Katarina, and has heard a great many tales about him. While interesting to hear, she is far more interested in witnessing what the newly-awoken monarch will do with his second lease in life.
Katarina Alaric remains every bit the warm, personable and friendly persona I remember him to be. But now, after spending time with him, I can see the strength and wisdom he has gained over the years as he's taken on new roles of husband, and now father. They have helped him to become an even better king, I think.
Kedehern My first memory of the King? Well, probably at the children's table at my father's estate in Artshall. I suppose that's not the most dignified thing, is it? Saying that the strongest memory was his love of macaroni and cheese?
Kenna Oh I could kiss shim if he wasn't the king - he bought all the drinks for my Iron Guard farewell. For that alone I would serve him faithfully.
Kia The king himself! He's a lot more human, and a bit less regal, but I think I like that more.
Killian He's far more mature than I remember him, and infinitely more regal. This is a man I would serve by choice. It would have been easy for him to bear grudge against me and my family, instead he puts me at ease over the matter and speaks only of seeking what good can be found of the events.
Laric Far and above an improvement from his
Lark My cousin is a charming man, and one that I would protect with my life. I am glad to see him happy.
Lark My cousin is a very intuitive man, who is both a breath of fresh air and a solid ground.
Leola Well, he made a pretty speech at his wedding, and he looked good. First time I've seen him. He seemed happy with his new wife, and even if he'll be waking up to spiders doing her hair every morning, a man who can handle that is a man to respect.
Lorenzo Our noble Sovereign of Arx, excellent company and masterfully patient with having his attention pulled in a dozen directions at once.
Lou I've had the opportunity to speak to the King on a number of matters. I applaud the paths he's divulged to me and would be happy to help wherever I can, and have my explorers help as well.
Luca A man of his people. Anyone worth their salt would pay attention to how he treats those around him, whether they're looking to learn a little more about kindness or charm. Me? I just in it for his way with words. That he can hold himself up in a conversation about olives and sex is to his benefit.
Luis At least His Majesty had the wonderful propensity to grant Luis forgiveness during a rather awkward state of affaris that Luis had found himself it. The King seems rather relaxed inspite of Luis' actions, perhaps the Lycene can grow on the King?
Lumen Innocent. Playful. I make the conscious choice to believe it is sincere.
Mabelle I was quite intimidated to meet him, but he is so pleasant! And he gave me a mission! He has a way to make you feel like you matter.
Magpie Magpie never expected to be anywhere near the king, let alone close enough to be within spitting distance. He was surprised to see the man at a Q&A session for the Inquisition and delighted that his gift of a figurine made it to the king's hands. Long live the king! (At least until he does something Magpie personally doesn't like)
Malesh having finally met teh king in person, I find him to be quite humorous. His spirits are quite high for a man who's suffered what he has.
Margerie A bit of humor closer in than the edges, always good! Very polite and a fellow seeker of praise. I can relate!
Marisol The King is a man that is pulled in many different directions and yet somehow he makes it seemt like every moment has his attention. What is this about card games and secret aliases? Life never seems dull in Arx and that would include life for the King. A measured sense of humor has been proven to help increase life expectancy. I believe the King shall live a rather long life. ((Though Marquis Hadrian will outlast us all))
Martino His Majesty and beholder of the finest of smiles across all of our lands. Opinionated and freely declares them which, in leadership, is a truly desirable trait. Observant as well.
Mason Masun'al'ajionij never really had a chance to meet or know Alaric prior to the coma, but what he's seen and heard of the king since his return has brought the Eurusi prince a great deal of hope and inspiration.
Melody The concept of a king is rather foreign to me. Sure, I've read about it in books and heard tales here and there, but the way he effortlessly silences the room just by appearance is somewhat inspiring. And, when he shares a free drink or two, it's hard not to smile.
Merek %tMerek saw the King after the Thrax ships sank. He seems to be a bastion of firm will and leadership to those in the Compact as he sees it.
Mia If he disarms the Compact's enemies as easily as he does his own court, then Arvum is twice-blessed.
Michael Ohgoodgodwhyistheking here. Maybe he won't notice me at all.
Miella I never thought I'd ever be in the same room as the King, never mind have him actually speak to me. He sure wears a lot of griffons. Those griffon boots look expensive. The gryphon ring was also very nice. And so was he.
Mikani First I have met the King. Had a wonderful discussion, look forward to another one.
Mira WOW, the KING! So noble and dashing! And very nearly irreverent! He's kinda dreamy, but elves are scary, and I am the least brave person in Arx. So I'll quietly cheer from a distance for him. Woo!
Miranda A random chance meeting with the King himself! He's very proud of his city and it shows. I am proud to call him King and we are very fortunate to have someone who knows his people well and is willing to move amongst them.
Mirari He didn't even blink an eye nor turn pale at the gruesome description of his family's history and the crownbreaker's war. Many people would have been weirded out when discussing the death of their dynasty-- though I suppose since he's *king* perhaps he feels justice was done.
Mirk A young king. Able to laugh and be friendly, despite the burden on his shoulders. It'll serve him well in the long run, I think.
Monique One knows all one needs to know about one's Monarch when one finds out one's Monarch has a decidedly fantastic sense of humor. Maybe this bending the knee thing won't be so terrible...
Norwood I have caught sight of the king at various places, but this Laurent dinner was the first time I've spoken directly to the man. His offer of help and curiosity towards Duskshire is heartwarming and I am grateful.
Orazio The KING. Well. To be honest, Orazio had only exasperated irritation for Alaric pre-Rest, and he's not entirely certain what to think of Alaric, now. He's charming, charismatic, and very likable, to be certain, but Orazio is WATCHING. AND JUDGING.
Oswyn Every time some wild turn of chance puts me in his path he's very kind.
Ouida A most affable and cheerful person, despite the weight that must be on his shoulders. I wonder if it is a mask, like so many of us wear. He has lost much, and gained mystery as well. May the gods favor his continued health.
Paloma He is the King. Whatever he says and does is right, and just, and the way things should be. No matter how many things he tells me to eat.
Petal I would have thought he King would be more uncomfortable to be around, but he seems like a pleasant man. I even got to show him my work.
Pharamond TMW you find out the King knows you by name...and knows when you haven't been around.
Prisila The man is quite impressive in person and the Crown fits well on his head. At all times.
Quenia The King. He came to my party. Totally unexpected. Plus, he loves rhymes, it seems!
Raimon A rather relaxed man, for one who wears the Crown. I expect that would be beneficial with his responsibilities
Reese He seems very thoughtful and seems to be recovering well. He asked me questions like about my marriage and work and seems to really know what is going on in the realm. He also is pleasant to be around. I am glad my cousin is awake and with us once more.
Rinel The King of the Compact. A feckless, whimsical ruler, appearing wholly superficial at a glance and remaining so at a second. But I take more than second glances.
River Such a surprisingly warm and genuine man, It is more that he adds to the Monarchy, than the monarchy makes him. He seems to be fair, just, and pleasant. A wonderful king.
Rook The king has recovered well, it seems. Though Rook never met him prior to his awakening, his time spent speaking with Dawn when he operated as her advisor indicates he was just as chill as he is now. Either way, he seems to have the people's support, even now.
Roran His Majesty! Good to see him up and around. Lets keep it that way!
Roxana Years pass and so much changes yet much remains the same. Alaric Grayson is as charming and generous as he ever was, he makes it easy to feel welcome among Grayson years after my husband's death. Always a kind man, yet now it appears he is a wise and capable King. The Compact is fortunate.
Sabella My favorite approachable hard-to-approach cousin! It's the guards that do it, he's actually quite nice and everyone I've ever seen interact with him just adores him. He truly is a King of the people and I am proud he's part of our family.
Sabine Being so very obliging isn't a quality typically associated with monarchs but it's one I'm grateful and honoured to have discovered. He'll have a codpiece fit for a king, and her Majesty the same, or Tessere will crumble trying.
Saedrus When first I met Alaric, he was still terribly stricken and there was some, mild confusion about some finer topics. It is wonderful to see him fully recovered, and wed to a truly wonderful woman such as Queen Symonesse. His spirit has returned, not as it was, but far greater and with such conviction to see the Compact into a brighter future. There are moments when I worry, but then, for all of his growth and strength in recent times -- there is still room for the playful side to shine through on more than one occasion.
Samael We joined together in cheering on our Grayson crew in the 1st Annual Compact Crew Race. What an exciting race.
Samantha He has come a long way from the flippant young prince ruled by his pleasure principle. He has become the man I have always believed he could be, though I am saddened by the incredible cost of the journey. I will not deny that there is some satisfaction in being a confidant of the king, and so I am careful to remind myself that I must be deserving of his continued gift of friendship. He has my respect when he is His Majesty, but also when he needs to just be Alaric Grayson. I am privileged to have the trust of both.
Sameera A difficult king. He got a laugh, not a thing Sameera does easily. Not against his company.
Saoirse Oh my! The King! He seemed ... really not king-y and imposing at all.
Sasha I am overjoyed that he awoken from his slumber and think he is leading the kingdom ever so well
Sebastian An unexpected meeting and I was instantly charmed by his Majesty's humor and demeanor. Though the meeting was brief, I can only say that I would very much like to meet him again sometime.
Selene Troubled times reveal true character. King Alaric is more than a sovereign in name, but in deed and thought. He has proven himself in service to the Compact, but I see in him a great spirit tempered by experience. I'll follow him through fire.
Serafine Oh gods. It's the king. Last I saw him, he was sleeping. Before that? I think he was running around a masque or a party or somewhat, but that was before I left on my decade's long sojourn to the woods. Seems to have a sense of humor, inspiring sort too, whatever it is about him. Maybe a good king. We'll see? Got good taste in booze, though.
Sidney A man of remarkable warmth and generosity of spirit. And our King. It makes me a little dizzy to think about that second part, but it's reassuring to know that the Compact rests in the hands of a man who seems genuinely capable of wielding great power for good.
Sophie I'm so grateful that he's feeling so well. I do hope he takes advantage of the second chance he's been given. Was he always this charming, I wonder?
Sorrel The King of the Compact is a handsome, jovial sort with a good nature and easy charm. He's a pleasure to have for a companion at many an event, and he often has an amusing or insightful perspective on what is going on.
Sparte He is the King. I'm sworn to his service. Not King's Own sworn, but... I mean what are you even asking? HE is the KING!
Stefano The King is a charming and friendly man. Certainly there is more beneath the surface but I'm not really entitled to any of that. He is very regal.
Sunaia Cruel man, baiting babies and denying them their tyrannical due.
Talen His Majesty is not an indvidiual Talen knows well. Still, he attended the wedding and the festival in his and the elven queen's honour and so far he seems to be back to his 'old self'. At least on the surface.
Tarrant His Majesty is an enthusiastic supporter of deeds of arms, full of vigor and grace.
Tessa His Royal Handsomeness... and he really is. Everything one would expect from a story book but carved into actual flesh. Apparently he used to be reckless and a bit of a partier, and admittedly Tessa would like to have seen that King too, he does sound like fun (even if he DID almost damn the entire Compact with his carelessness), but this one is a joy to dress too! Still it must be hard to be so damned perfect all the time!
Thena What was expected. Golden boy. Hope he comes through.
Theron The King of the Compact has a jovial sense of humor that I honestly rather enjoy, for all I had maybe 10 minutes of conversation with him.
Thesarin King of the Compact is the sort of title can swallow up the man carries it. Talking on the man, he's always seemed joyful, and kind to me when we've crossed ways. But Kings don't keep crowns by being always kind.
Thorley The King. It was no small meaning that the sapling that grew into an oak of a man arrived at the tree-planting event. I know he doesn't know me from any other knight, but in the brief moments that we spoke, he made me feel like I was the most important knight in the land. I hope to carry that inspired confidence against the Gyre in the coming days.
Torian Finally got into a room with the man, and his herd of guards. Seems like a busy man, which makes sense. Didn't freak out when people got naked. Probably a good king.
Valdemar He is good at wearing the crown, I will give him that.
Valery Valery sneaks into the castle from time to time to look the receptions of the King. He seems nice and friendly and he even joked with one of her "kinda-adoptive-children" the day she took them to see The King.
Vasile Funny man, and a King. It is said that his statue form would try to seduce other statues. This would probably be very costly to places with statues in the likeness of attractive women.
Vayne A chance meeting with the king and now I want to interview him about everything he experienced. I hope he continues to show the whole Pantheon the deference he did today. It will go well for the Compact to have him model that behaviour.
Vercyn To most, he is the King of the Compact. But to me, Alaric is more. It is good that he has recovered and is pursuing the same goal I am.
Vercyn A level head, for someone his age. But he has seen his fair share of hardship. He earnes his place as King, never doubt that.
Victus This king, I don't mind him very much. He drinks well and he speaks on your level, never talkin' down or talkin' too far up. I'm pretty alright with having a tolerable man like him leading us into the future.
Videl The king is jovial, friendly and encouraging. Not the distant figure I'd have expected him to be.
Violet I met the King. And I don't think I made a fool of myself. He is a kind man and he seems so young up close. But he is not afraid to dig in the dirt with the rest of us. That says something.
Willow Evenhanded, wise, and just.
Wylla What a nice fellow! He tried to be reassuring to me, but I don't know if he did the job he wanted to. Still, he might have artistic talent in there, even if he'll have to work at it. But with Jayus' help, he will be a great painter.
Zara Truly he missed his calling as an artist of hatbox landscapes.
Zeriax Dripping in gold, he who shines like stars above yet still remains close to the earth speaks with words of silk and honey. Could there be a smoother presence in all the land?