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Lord Samael Bisland

All advocacy is is an aggressive exercise in empathy. There's no reason to think empathetic means unaggressive. What's more powerful than feeling?

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Hotshot Judge
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Bisland
Gender: male
Age: 38
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Lawyer
Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: jet
Skintone: brown

Titles: Disciple of Vellichor

Description: Tall and lean, Samael's energy rarely permits him to hold still. Dense black curls crown his head, cropped close to the curve of his skull. His eyes are deep black but bright as jet beneath the expressive arch of his eyebrows. His mouth is all dynamic motion, easy smiles or weaponized frowns applied to the full, soft bow of his lips. His teeth are very white in the warm mahogany tone of his skin. His nose is broad and slightly flat with a down-turned tip, in mild contrast to the high, fine angles of his cheek bones, a bone structure that bespeaks a classic kind of aristocratic good looks. When he wears a beard, he keeps it neat and trimmed

Personality: Samael is dynamic, energetic, and keenly intelligent. He loves words and wordplay. He loves argument. He loves winning argument. He loves figuring people out and learning the way they tick. He throws himself whole-heartedly into friendships, with an unfortunate tendency to get bogged down and entangled in his desperate need to solve other people's problems. He is addicted to work and struggles occasionally with that addiction and what it does to his relationships with others. He struggles with taking losses personally. True advocacy requires summoning sufficient passion and dispassion to connect with the work. The passion is the easy part. The dispassion is hit or miss.

Background: The younger brother of Gabriel Bisland by several years, Samael was raised not even the spare so much as the spare's spare. The ideals of service were inculcated in him by duty-bound and loyal family members, and his brother's example was always one to look up to, even when he was quite young. The military was not his strongest point, though of course he was subject to its study as any young nobleman would be, but he was quickly outclassed in the practice yard; his focus was always inward, and towards the shelves in the bookcases at Pridehall.

As a young man, he studied with the Seraph of Pridehall, became conversant with basic war and basic diplomacy, but found himself taking root -- as he would later describe it -- beneath the branches of the tree of justice. He stared into the faceless blankness of the Sentinel and thought about what it meant to be right and wrong. But though his passion for justice developed young, and in part sprang from faith, his practical applications of it immediately became less so. The human problems became his lure. The whys behind people do what they do fascinated him like so many puzzles.

He became a lawyer.

The Bislands brokered a marriage for him when he was 19, to Sabitha Laurent, a cousin of the main line of the Laurents. Lady Sabitha bore him his first child within the year, and the second the year after. Their relationship went downhill after that, and no other children would follow for years on end.

As a Duke's son, he was frequently enabled to join the Voice's court and to witness magistrates in action; at times, in his early twenties, he was even called upon to perform the magistrate's role. Winning a battle of brains was altogether more interesting to him than winning a war of blades could ever be. The seed of identity, after all, the seed of change, the seed of _justice_ ... those are in the mind, not the sword arm.

The more strained and exasperating his relationship with Sabitha grew, the more Samael threw himself into his career. Now, in his mid-thirties, Samael is reputed as one of the finest lawyers in the Compact. He and his wife live separately and, supposedly, chastely -- according to the marital contract, which because it was with an Oathlands House requires sexual faithfulness -- and appearing together in public only on the most mandatory of occasions. Otherwise, they continue going about their separate business, avoiding each other and doing their respective very hard work for the House and for the Compact.

Relationship Summary

  • Zoey - My darling daughter. I desperately want to help her to find happiness and fulfillment.
  • Aiden - My beloved nephew and protege.
  • Sabitha - My estranged wife.
  • Gabriel - My older brother. He forged a different path but I count him among my closest friends. I greatly admire him.
  • Ainsley - My beloved nephew.
  • Michael - My beloved nephew.

  • Sibling:
  • Reese - Princess Reese, General of the Grayson Army. I admire her and trust her more than most anyone.
  • Malesh - My close friend and trusted advisor. He is the keen financial mind and I am the legal counterpart. I think we make a good team.
  • Alaric - Everytime I've had occasion to speak with His Majesty has been a good one. He has helped me personally and I count him among my friends. Bislands have always been loyal to Grayson.
  • Joscelin - My good childhood friend. She is like my little sister. I am glad she is doing so well in Arx.
  • Fatima - The enigmatic and beautiful Thrax Princess. I count her among my dear friends.
  • Valencia - We made fast friends. I am fond of her.
  • Mia - I admire the Countess and count myself lucky to have her as an ally.
  • Delilah - A kindred spirit and one of my newest and closest friends.
  • Joslyn - I am so very fond of Joslyn. I am one of her biggest fans.
  • Monique - A resplendent beauty inside and out. I am so happy to have met her.
  • Arianna - An astute mind and a loyal friend.

  • Protege:
  • Rue - Talented and remarkable. We have much to learn from each other.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha A strong father who teases his daughter and promotes her independence. Parenting done well, Lord Bisland!
    Aiden My uncle has been one of my life long idols and heroes. He's always been... different in ways that I could relate to. He was more into study, justice, and pursuits that didn't involve a sword. I felt closer to him than my other uncles and even closer than my father, because of it. My love for law and justice, were established because of Uncle Sam. He's the Voice for Bisland now and a Magistrate! I'm proud of him and will always look up to him!
    Ainsley My lord uncle. A man I love and care for, that I know will always champion my causes and have my back. We man not carry the same house name, but I will always count on him as family.
    Alaric Lord Samael is a very personable fellow who agreed when Victus said I'd make a good lawyer, which makes it by my reckoning the first time a Bisland Lord has ever said I was any good at anything. Although I probably shouldn't phrase it like that! Lord Samael is probably as tired of being compared to his brother as I was of his brother comparing me to my father. I should invite him out for drinks and break that chain of comparisons once and for all.
    Alban A good man to show a commoner around, seems to be friendly and not to fixated on himself. It is always good to meet another Lord who understands that in the end, we're all just people. Would like to know him better I think.
    Aleksei A lawyer type! Or -- not a type, he's a real lawyer. And interested in the Sentinel, but not /especially/ interested, apparently. Curious!
    Amarantha He thought I was Astraea. How dare he think I'm my twin? We look so different.
    Arianna Lord Bisland is a very welcoming sort who has a flattering way with words. I enjoy engaging his intellect and seeing just what interests him. We have a great deal in common and yet I've barely spoken with him. It is as if I've known the man, even though we've just met and that kind of familiarity is often a sign from the powers that be. Never one to ignore an invitation to engage in a bit of discourse, I would take up the offer again and again as Samael's company is that good. He is easy on the eyes too and I am prone to staring and that is just icing on the cake.
    Astraea Lord Bisland is very well mannered, respectful and engages in conversation with an effortless charm. I've only heard of the man from Michael and Lailah but when I got to meet him, it was better than I expected. For some reason I expected someone older and more reserved but he is quick to open his home to people he is unfamiliar with. While I was a guest at the manor I was very well treated and made to feel welcome to stay around. Bright star on a dark horizon.
    Bianca In the brief time of knowing Samael Bisland he has proven himself to be competent, diligent and educated. In time I hope that when our mutual duties to the Compact grow quiet we can find a moment to further delve into one another's lives.
    Caith Ran into him in a shop while he was taking his daughter out shopping. Polite, engaging and clearly proud of his daughter! He should maybe consider getting her pants. She looks like she would enjoy them!
    Calarian We share a mutual appreciation for books and the hunt for knowledge. Perhaps more. I've yet to decide if I trust the Bisland Lord but I do enjoy his company over a glass of red wine.
    Calaudrin I witnessed Samael come to the Prayers of the Sentinel. It's good to see one of the Arx legal system showing devotion to the Silent Watcher.
    Caspian He seems like a man who lives an interesting life. I'm a bit envious!
    Cristoph It was my first time meeting my cousin by marriage, Samael. I found him to be an engaging and interesting man, and it's always comforting to speak with someone who doesn't immediately laugh you out of the stable.
    Delilah Though I had not gotten to meet him properly, he seems like a wonderful person. I may be a bit biased, seeing as he's friends of my dearest and lives next door, but really, he seems to be quick-witted and quite thoughtful.
    Delilah I am so incredibly fortunate to have Samael as my neighbor. He is extremely kind, generous, and warm-hearted. Paired with that quick wit and charming spirit, it's without a doubt that I'll grow close to him.
    Donaldo I have heard nothing but good things, though he seemed reserved in person. I will bet that is the sacrifice responsibility brings and be glad I have little of it.
    Duarte Very helpful upon first meeting with settling me with a tutor.
    Eleanor Friendly, honest, insightful. In general, the kind of nobility the compact could always use more of.
    Emily The lord is rather open and bold and I can say I was somewhat disarmed. I do intend to take him up on the offer of a tour.
    Fatima Still the overworked, dutiful man I remember. I recommend a long break from books and court cases so that charm and wit can shine properly. The tiredness in his eyes is starting to worry me.
    Faye One of the scholars. Friendly enough, and he seems like a good person to go to if I have questions or need assistance in my research.
    Gabriel He's always been mindful of duty, and I think being a magistrate will agree with him. The Court will be lucky to have him serving in that capacity, and when he sees to more duty with House Bisland, I have no doubt at all he'll discharge those duties with care and diligence.
    Gabriel My brother, my friend, my Voice. He's served me and our House well for so long, I know I can trust him to continue. He seems to have the patience for politics that I lack, which makes him extra valuable.
    Gaston A very knowledgable and interesting man. Humble and friendly and easy to talk to.
    Ignacio Lord Bisland seems to be a good example of his house. I have only witnessed honorable behavior from the Bislands and Samael is no exception. He seems to have a good sense of honor and is worthy company. I know it would be worth getting to know him better.
    Isolde An honorable gentleman--something rare amongst the nobility these days. His passion and devotion for the Scholars is a sight to behold and inspires me in my own faith. I am pleased to know that a man such as him is on the gods' side.
    Joscelin Older brother from another mother. Or. Something. One of the Bislands, someone from her youth that she knew and looked up to. Now, they're both accomplished adults with much to catch up on.
    Katarina A rather charming and endearing man, Samael is the uncle of Aiden and comes with the highest of praise. His company is pleasant, conversation charming, and smile infectious. He appears as someone Katarina would not turn down a glass of wine with. (It helps that he's handsome.)
    Killian Serious and facing the first days of a new world opening up before him. I worry that at his age, the transition will be harder than my own..the world was still new when it turned upside down for me. He is far, far too trusting for his own good though.
    Lark A plainly-spoken man with great insight and forethought. If only I could remember to write down everything someone says to me, I would be better off for it, like he is.
    Lucita King Alaric introduced us at lunch one day. An interesting man with interesting stories. Some of his research caught my attention and will be helping him with it.
    Luis With a new Voice the man seems capable enough in his social graces, it should be good to see where he heads next.
    Malesh Saw him in the crowd cheering for Grayson at the crew race. He looks enough like Gabriel that I recognized him, and I'm glad we preformed well and didn't embarass the Bislands.
    Marian He's funny...which is surprising. I met his older brother and the two are nothing alike. This is a Bisland I wouldn't mind hanging out with.
    Melody All too generous; a proper gentleman, one who has made it his goal to improve others regardless of their station in life. There's so much value in his teachings and I hope to be a regular in his classes, as he's eloquent and easy to understand.
    Merek A member of the scholars, who seems to be quite intelligent. I might like to speak to him sometime when I can.
    Michael Capable, and level-headed. My uncle is the center of House Bislande in Arx, and I intend to keep it that way. I carry the Sword and I hope he will ensure it is used in the best manner. I will be placing myself at his behest in the coming months.
    Mirari He must love his family very much, that is something I could see from this brief meeting.
    Petal He seems friendly and pleasant to be around. He speaks well and was polite without being too stiff.
    Prisila Intelligent and charming. He's a learned man who has wisdom to go with his brains. Good. Cleverness is nothing without purpose.
    Reese He seems friendly and a little drunk. His company is pleasant.
    Rinel He loves his daughter dearly; that much is clear. I don't know what he thinks of me--and how is simple Orthodoxy causing such a stir?!
    Romulius Another typical pansy lord, doesn't really care about others, just what benefits him and his books. Not someone I want to share a drink with in the future.
    Rook One of the leaders of the Scholars and is polite enough to recognise talent when he sees it. A lauded aspect of his personality.
    Rue It's hard not to get nervous around the silks but something about him set me at ease. He's friends with the Guildmaster, likes fashion, and offered to see some of my designs. All points in his favor.
    Rymarr Gabriel's brother. He seems far different from Gabriel. Gabriel's taught me a great deal and Samantha's said he and I are so much alike it's like she married her father. Lord Samael though seems a good sort. Far more personable than his brother, but that's part of why I like his brother. Regardless of personalities, he seems like he'll establish himself within the city and become a driving force for the success of House Bisland. Good. A strong liege House is important.
    Sabella It's nice to have someone take my interests seriously, rather than telling me it's something I shouldn't bother with! I will definitely be spending more time with him--hopefully he won't get sick of my chatter!
    Saedrus I saw Lord Samael at the prayers of the prayers of the Sentinel, though since then I have not had the chance to meet him again. I have heard many good things said of the man; from what I know he works diligently for his House and family.
    Sasha A lord with a wonderful mind for law
    Scipio A friendly enough Scholar. He gave me my entrance exam, and it turns out he's Lumen's uncle. Small world, huh?
    Seth A wise man and an excellent mentor. Even when short on time, he comes fully prepared to ensure that I get all of my training without the cutting of corners. It's good to establish tight bonds with your mentors and I know for certain that I will be seeking out Lord Samael's sage advice in the future.
    Silas The uncle Aiden seems to admire the most, which speaks well of him. Silas has also found him pleasant company and he appears to be an astute individual. He does House Bisland proud, no doubt.
    Sorrel Lord Bisland is a scholar of some repute and a good friend of Lucita's.
    Sparte Scholar Samael has been one of the most industrious and hardworking Scholars, and that is just what I knew by reputation before I properly met the man. I /think/ he might be taller than I am. I wonder if he could out-loom Driskell's tag along if he tried.
    Tessa Tall, Dark and snooty.
    Thesarin He's been kind, always, when I've met him. What he feels, he feels strong.
    Valery Valery didn't learn much of the man, cause she was worried at the moment, but he seemed nice, and he tried to make her be less worried.
    Victus I don't know much about Bisland, but I've heard he's not bad. The crew race he took part in showed a lot of merit. Don't let it be said that all Graysons are weird.