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Asterion Havmarke

Man was gifted by the Gods the curse of self-importance.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Calculating Agent
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Havmarke
Gender: male
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 43
Birthday: 02/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: average height
Hair Color: copper
Eye Color: viridian
Skintone: fair

Description: A wiry man of average height, Asterion looks as though he may have been rather hale, perhaps even handsome, in his youth. Today, though, a pale complexion and pockmarked, weather-beaten face give him the look of a stern and severe middle-aged man. Wrinkled cheeks frame a narrow, angular nose, and lips drawn into a near-permanent scowl rest inside a beard that is manicured only enough so that it might truly be called 'groomed'. Gray has begun to discolor coppery-brown hair which is kept long enough only to be combed to the side. His most striking feature, likely, is a pair of viridian eyes that carry the weight of careful consideration and no small degree of judgment.

Personality: Asterion is a harsh man, and there is little effort made to blunt that fact. His speech is low, clear, and concise, evident indicators of his low tolerance for mirth or fancy. He's quick to offer corrections, always with the appropriate level of deference, though they are typically made only once. He carries an air of authority brought about by a quiet confidence and keen understanding of natural hierarchies. Above all, though, he is a man of convictions and unwavering loyalty, walking through life as though all the Gods are watching.

Background: Asterion Havmarke is the firstborn and last living child of Dallon and Odelia Havmarke, and the only remaining scion of the Havmarke line proper. Two younger brothers and a sister were born after, though both younger boys faced health complications that led to early deaths.

Like his father before him, he was a farmer by birth and by profession, and was resigned to such a life long before he ever reached adulthood. An avid reader, he consumed every bit of ink and parchment he was able to get his hands on, primarily via discarded missives and historical texts. It was this sharpening of his mind that led to a surprisingly competent military career. It served as an escape from the monotony of agriculture and a method to elevate his own station, eventually resulting in a commission to officer.

It was at this time that he took a wife, Vorina, and soon after inherited his family's lands after illness claimed the lives of his parents. She too would be taken by ailing health, accelerated by a complicated pregnancy that left Asterion widowed and without any progeny. Rather than fall into any despair, he threw his life into duty - cultivating his lands, serving his commission, and reigniting a passion for literature, now with the agency to acquire proper books to expand his library. Eventually, his military service was ended by injury and subsequent illness that threatened to claim him just as it did the whole of his family.

It was this distinguished military service, though, that led House Byrne to invite Asterion to serve as a steward and agent of Cedar Vale following his recovery, a role that he has acted in with ruthless efficiency. The duty would carry him to Arx to serve the Vale from afar, and so it was that he escaped the destruction of Cedar Vale at the hands of the Abandoned. He returned when the County was given to Lord Gailin Stonewood, seamlessly transition from service of House Byrne to service of the newly created House Fireviper.

So it is that he has carried on in stewardship of House Byrne, then Fireviper, and now Byrne again. He has remained through it all in a number of capacities, the only consistency a loyal and steadfast service to Cedar Vale and to the House that holds it.

Name Summary
Lyra The man's reputation precedes him, and I'm sure our partnership is going to be both exasperating and rewarding, though probably not in equal measure.