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Baroness Elloise Stormbreak

Eyebrows-schmeyebrows! They are a perfectly acceptable sacrifice upon the altar of progress! After all, they grow back. Don't they?

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Itty-Bitty Idiosyncratic Inventor
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Stormbreak
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Scientist
Height: 5'1"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Clear Grey
Skintone: Olive

Titles: Baroness Consort of Whitefrost

Description: There is an exuberance to Elloise than cannot be contained, her tiny form ever in motion. Dark curls spring forth from her head like an explosion and her buoyant locks bounce-bounce-bounce along because she is hardly ever at rest. Nimble and quick, she seems to always be doing ten different things at once and her pale grey eyes are wide and filled with wonder. Her features are decidedly cute -- dimpled cheeks, a button nose, cupid bow lips -- and are made all the more so by her infectious enthusiasm for, well, everything! Her eyebrows are uncommonly short though; it looks as if they have been burned off one too many times and have only grown back little more than halfway.

(She moves with much more awareness now, and stops frequently due to some unsteadiness or other discomfort, and it likely has everything to do with the added - uhm - weight she's bearing and waddling around with.)

Personality: Elloise is smart. Like, beyond smart. She is so smart that she tends to see the world from an entirely different perspective than the average person and this causes her to come across as a bit off-beat at times. She will pick up on connections and patterns that escape most people's notice and it's not an infrequent thing for her to completely detour a conversation because of a random thought she's had. Elly is very excited about learning and discovering new things and this bubbly and chipper enthusiasm lends her an adorable charm that keeps her from becoming an outcast. She is mostly a good egg although sometimes she gets blinded by the drive to discover. When that happens, she can slip into moral grey areas. Oops! She's, like, 76.156% good egg and 23.844% bad egg. Elly could provide a more accurate measurement but she'd need to run some tests to figure it out. Although very intelligent, she can be oblivious in social settings (that doesn't mean she doesn't love parties though; they are their own kind of experiment -- sooo interesting) and is utterly without guile, making her vulnerable to those who might wish to manipulate this blind spot of hers.

Background: Even though she was born smack dab in the middle of several siblings, Elloise had no trouble standing out. From a young age, she was always a little .. quirky. In another family, that might have been rooted out by her tutors and governesses but her idiosyncrasies were nurtured by the curiosity-inclined Learys. Intellectually, she was running before before she could walk; Elly was an enthusiastic sponge: she wanted to learn EVERYTHING. Due to this, she quickly emerged as a dabbler -- she picked up a bit of this, she became somewhat skilled at that, she knew a tidbit of just about everything. She was always looking to the horizon for discoveries and developed a habit of taking a little bit from Knowledge Column A, mashing it together with some of Knowledge Column B, and standing back to watch what happened. Sometimes, it ended up being a disaster and she would burn her eyebrows off. But occasionally it worked out and she would discover something AMAZING and hey! What's a little temporary hair-singeing in the name of progress?

Elloise was always up to something -- if it wasn't one of her experiments, then it was building elaborate inventions. They were usually unnecessarily complicated for the problem they were solving -- like an intricate mechanism of pulleys, levers and various moving parts just to crack a hard-boiled egg -- but always flawlessly engineered and beautifully built. Her parents were equal parts patient with and protective of her: they gave her space to learn and create but feared that she was rather too naive to be given much freedom in the larger world. As such, Elly had a rather controlled upbringing: she associated mostly with family and had few friends her own age. That all changed when she was 15.

A distant relation -- a second cousin's uncle's niece's third-husband's nephew's cousin-in-law once removed something something something or other -- came to stay with them for a while. He was a Sanna and so exciting! He was a hunter! And an explorer! And he believed in spirits! He was around the same age as Elloise and very different from her but because they were both so passionate about their respective interests, they immediately hit it off. They would spend countless hours together -- she showing off all her inventions and experiments, him telling her all about his life up North. They became quite a pair, the two of them. He would go out and hunt ingredients for her; she would design better ways for him to do so (with varying degrees of success but heck, failure is its own sort of progress). It opened her eyes to a whole world of possibilities and made her yearn for more outside of her sheltered existence. When he left and returned home a year and a half later, she recruited her younger sister, Arcadia, to fill his role. A wide-eyed adventurer, Cady was more than happy to scamper off to chase after whatever Elly needed. Eeeeeexcellent.

After years of begging (and staging meticulously planned presentations on why this would be a Very Good Thing which included points such as 'Joining The Scholars: A Journey Through Knowledge', 'Perfume or Poison: Finding Out at the Apothecary College', 'OUCH!: New Interrogation Devices for the Inquisitor On-the-Go' and 'Inventions for the Crown: The Dawn of Possibilities' -- what sort of inventions for the Crown? I don't know, mom. STUFF. THINGS. I will know when I invent them), Elloise convinced her parents to let her travel to Arx. This was allowed mostly because they trust Fairen to look out for and keep a handle on her. Hopefully. Dear gods, please: don't let her accidentally set her hair on fire again.

Relationship Summary

  • Faye - Senior Confessor Ruger, Direct, Maybe more like an arrow.
  • Aureth - Archlector of Death, Good-humored and punny.
  • Neb - The Note-taking Inquisitor.
  • Ennettia - The Fashionable Inquisitor.
  • Faye - The Intense Inquisitor.
  • Godric - The Coroner Inquisitor, My Mentor.
  • Alistair - The Very Serious High Inquisitor, His Office Might be a Broom Closet.
  • Laric - Master of Questions, Friend to a Salamander.

  • Family:
  • Fairen - My Cousin the Marquis.
  • Iliana - My Cousin-by-Marriage, the Marquessa.
  • Elias - My Adventuring Cousin.
  • Tomwell - My Godsworn Cousin.

  • Patron:
  • Lou - Grayson Princess, Pathfinder of the Explorers, Just Lou.

  • The crown:
  • Alaric - The King, Smiles a LOT, Very shiny hair.

  • Sibling:
  • Arcadia - My Sister, the Fearless Cady.

  • Spouse:
  • Edward - Whitefrost Baron Of The Redundant Last Name, Social Support and Cohort, Many Cheese Jokes.

  • Ally:
  • Edward - Baron Stormbreak, Baron of Cheese.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana She is just as brilliant as I am, but in a different field. Her little bird amazes me, I would have never though about making something so brilliant.
    Aethan Asks a lot of questions. Not necessarily a bad thing.
    Arthen Now that's a puzzle of a woman, right there. Smart as heck, you can tell, but maybe too smart for her own good, really. To be fair, she did stop chargin' off when those arrows hit the ground in front of her. Good with her hands, though. Er. With puzzles. With her hands /on/ puzzles.
    Avaline What a delight to meet this interesting woman! She is brilliant and dedicated, I look forward to learning more from her.
    Barik She's spectacularly scary. Eyes that stare with unflinching dogma to their appraising hues- words that spit out like fact over spectulation. A spoken certainty that betrays a deeply-seated logical beneath. This one's of stern stock.
    Bliss The one thing I did not expect from everything I've seen about this woman was that I would be the one able to shut her down. And yet, there it was - I show up, and she goes wide-eyed and overwhelmed. Fascinating.
    Catriona She hasn't lost her knack for trying new things. I'm impressed by some of the plans she has, and the clear drive to pursue them. It's good to have her in the city.
    Constantine A good humored woman with a lovely blush. It truly is an endearing quality. Her hair is also very unique. I've never seen a tumble of curls like that. Beautiful.
    Delilah She's so delightfully petite and sparkling bright, a great deal like her much taller brother. He confessed she likes fire and crafts, and that alone makes me warm to her. She has such a compelling bearing with her many pockets and outgoing nature. Truly they're a force of nature together, and she seems to have a delightful sense of humour. Family trait? I hope to get to enjoy her company more.
    Echo Every Leary I've met has been so captivating and quirky. I'm pretty sure that Elloise tops all of that and more. There's something so endearing about her odd behavior!
    Fairen Brilliant, eccentric, beautiful... Really, it is hard to expect anything less from a member of House Leary. Vellichor and Jayus both have blessed her, and I am not in the least surprised to see she already has suitors.
    Faye An interesting woman, direct in speech, if not in her line of reasoning. I think I'd like to to talk to her more in the future to try to work it out.
    Fecundo The first person, and lady no less, to lead about my name. Impressive knowledge and very distractable.
    Gianna Lady Elloise seems to spend a considerable amount of time in laboratires. I am both highly curious and a little afraid of what she might be getting up to in them.
    Harper Ever meet someone so smart that you sorta feel like you're talking different languages? That's Lady Elly. Still, I like her. Despite being smarter than anyone else in the room, she's interesting.
    Jeffeth What a lovely little lady, she seems like she is fun to talk to! She is a cousin of Caith's and if she's anything like Caith she must be just the loveliest. I feel comfortable talking to her already even if she is a noble!
    Josephine An inventive young woman with a propensity to talk quite a bit. But the topics are interesting and the enthusiasim for them is contagious. I quite enjoyed her and look forward to working with her.
    Liara How charmingly awkward. She did seem altogether friendly, for all the fidgeting, and she had the most marvellous looking of little devices to show - maybe there are more of those?
    Melody Bubbly, inquisitive, and all too curious. She's got her quirks, and she's all the more lovely for it. A Lady of the compact that is very open-minded and generous with compliments. I think.
    Niklas Physician and Harlequin. Is that the opposite of a Mercy? At least there weren't too many puns.
    Orelia A little whirlwind of energy and truly dreadful wordplay. But in an endearing sort of way.
    Petal She seems very kind, friendly and welcoming.
    Reese She is an inventor and seems creative and friendly
    Sabella I think she talks as much as I do and always says the most interesting things! She doesn't like dueling, which means we're destined to be great friends, and she doesn't like parties, which means we're destined to be BEST FRIENDS when I drag her to all the parties!
    Sheena Very talkative. Analytical. I don't think she is a bad person. I am not sure how one deals with a person like her. I just let her talk to her heart's content.
    Tynan A Lady that appears to have an investigative and experimental mindset. Which is all fine and laudible, enjoy it myself, although a little strange in the face of a drunkenly sick family member. Nobles have the quirkiest habits.
    Valdemar Cheerfully inquisitive, she was a refreshing addition to the evening.