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Princess Tamsin Grayson

You don't get to choose your beginning, nor always your end, but you can write the middle however you want.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Autobiographer
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 11/1
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: pale blonde
Eye Color: stormy blue
Skintone: fair

Titles: Disciple of the Queen of Endings

Description: A light, golden blonde hair flows down just past mid-back, given to half-curls and plenty of body and shine. It frequently frames an oval face with some often threatening to obscure one of her stormy blue eyes. Tamsin is a tall woman, taller than average at least, and moves in a self-assured manner with some mixed quality of restrained exuberance and pensiveness to each motion. She's an attractive figure, and might be even more so if it were not for a large amount of black makeup frequently found around her eyes.

Personality: Tamsin is a perfectly pleasant noble when she has cause to be, which is any time that she's drawn into matters of Grayson's affairs with those who are outside of her family. But when the guards come down, the Princess can be a touch weird. She's fascinated by how things begin and end. She's an avid bookworm, for history is full of beginnings and ends. Tamsin is not one to protest being dragged away from her books or the latest research topic though; she'll gladly go out drinking with a friend, enjoy some tea with a cousin, or load up her backpack to take a camping trip with a trusted person. Tamsin will tell anyone that asks that she wants to write her own story, at least the middle of it, and have a hand in writing the final chapters. And she doesn't want that story to be boring.

Background: No one comes into this world having written the first few chapters of their life. You don't get to pick your parents, the time of your birth, or much else until you're older. And by the time the story is over, there's very little choice left then either: a soldier dies at the end of a blade, an elderly woman passes away from a cough brought on by the weather. What everyone gets a chance to write is what happens in the middle.

From a young age Tamsin understood this lesson. Perhaps it was the constant drilling of her tutors reminding her that every story has a beginning, middle, and end. Or maybe it was seeing the constant birth and death that anyone raised as a Grayson is going to be exposed to. But Tamsin was a bright girl and she saw the lesson, even if it's one that wasn't being taught to her. This was enough to keep her with at least one journal on her at all times, ready to write down some detail of a story, be it her own or one she witnessed, so she could later record it in more vivid detail in a White or Black Journal when she was able. This is what would give her the desire to take some basic art lessons, so she could illustrate the texts like some of the holier books had; because stories are worthy of decoration too.

For the most part, Tamsin's life was arranged around Bastion. She could go scouting with the scouting parties, but only if it was in a known "safe" area. She could go swim in the river, but only if the guards came along. The constant protection is something that she began to grow tired of. How could she have an interesting story if she was never allowed to have something interesting to do?

Then, one day, Death was declared a God, once Lost and now remembered. She remembers hearing the Seraph tell of the Queen of Beginnings and Ends and felt something flutter in her heart. Tamsin had to get away from Bastion and go to Arx. This was where her story would really begin.

It took some work, convincing her parents to let her leave, but what could go wrong in Arx? It was as well garrisoned as Bastion and think of all the family there to keep her safe? So the Princess set out for the distant city and has since taken up residence there.

Nor did it take Tamsin long to show her dedication to the Queen, becoming a Harlequin and Disciple of Death. If anything her love for how things start and end has grown, and her need to carry around an extra journal has grown. Arx has so many beginnings and endings.

Name Summary
Icelyn Harlequin Tamsin is easy in her work and makes others easy by her presence. Kind and thoughtful, but forthright. It's not an easy balance to achieve, but she does it gracefully.
Jian Helpful to a stranger in a strange land. She did not immediately assume I came to mock her beliefs and that is helpful.
Neve So pretty! Such pretty hair! I can't wait to braid it! It reminds me of Lady Arianna.. and like the Lady, she seems very nice, kind, sweet, and endearing. Unlike her though I feel like this is not a particular act, that I think she is a kind person at her core, not having to work at it. I like her genuiness and that she doesn't seem to judge, especially a weirdo like Neve Greenmarch, the tree-hugger.
Noelle Princess Tamsin was one of the quieter ones in our gathering, but I sense an inquisitive mind about her.