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Prince Noah Velenosa

And what exactly can that do for me?

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Better Than Most
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Velenosa
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 27
Birthday: 6/06
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: golden
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Archduke Consort of Lenosia

Description: Standing a few inches above six foot, this man possesses lean muscles of a runner. His hair is a mixture of shades of blondes that almost bleed to browns in a golden color. It is kept short on the sides and longer on the top as it threatens to fall into his blue-gray eyes. There seems to always be some form of boredom to those eyes, as if he's always just slightly disappointed in where he is and when he is there. He has the classic features that mark him as a Grayson through and through. His jawline is firm and squared off and he's more apt to smirk than smile.

Personality: Noah has been raised to think he's better than everyone for being a Grayson. He does. He does what he wants and how he wants with little thought to other's feelings but his own. This is not to say that he cannot have a change of heart upon meeting people more. He's prone to smirk and be full of himself, at least in public. Some say if his lips are moving, he's lying. Who he is in private and those close to him? No one is quite certain.

Background: Growing up in Bastion, Noah was always held in high regard. He is a Grayson. He comes from money. He comes from breeding. He comes from a name. If he wanted it, he got it. If he wanted a certain type of clothing, he got the best. If he wanted the man or woman of the moment? He found a way to turn their head. Nothing has ever been denied to him and it shows in how he acts.

Noah got in a bit of trouble in Bastion. It involved a noblewoman and some bad decisions. He decided he wanted the woman. The woman decided she wanted him. The only problem was that she was already courting his best friend. A small fight broke out and everyone thought it best that Noah go to Arx for a bit of time. Maybe it would give him the actual time to grow up and see there is more to the world than what it offers him.

Relationship Summary

  • Elizbetha - Younger sister. He loves her even if they are different sides to the same Grayson coin.

  • Spouse:
  • Jaenelle - Poison
  • Name Summary
    Aella What kind of prince trips a countess after she purposely trod on his foot? He even caught me after tripping me so I wouldn't fall. Completely unacceptable behavior. Which is why I imagine we'll be good friends.
    Anisha Prince Noah Grayson is a self-declared jerk with few cares in the world. Of course, whenever you deal with someone who proclaims not to care, the trick is to find what - if anything - they do care for. Prince Noah may be a jerk. But he has not shown me that side, directly. Should I take it as praise and flattery, then, that he gives me his respect?
    Bianca His particular talent is knowing how to get under one's skin. That unfortunate trait is balanced by a keen insight and a shrewd mind. I am not certain why the Gods placed Noah in my path but I am sure it will lead to growth for us both. Mostly sure.
    Caprice Good looks forgive a lot of things, but it's not shocking that so many find him grating. I'd probably be in that camp too if he wasn't so fun to dress.
    Cassiopeia I never thought Crownlanders were such emotional people. This man has proven me wrong. The rage and anger he openly displays, would rival any.
    Cesare The Archduke-Consort takes to heart his family motto "none greater than Grayson." He is unashamedly himself, and makes no effort to alter or soften his sharp edges for the comfort of anyone. Also he likes daggers. A lot.
    Cirroch Unsure of how annoying he can really be, quite willing to be part of the fun or challenges directly
    Elizabetha Dear (perhaps dear isn't the apt term) brother! How I have missed you, in all your sharp-tongued, scathe-witted, pig-headed glory above the rest! Truly, dearest one, I've needed you in this city with me.
    Evaristo Impressive come back! Prince Noah Grayson is not a man I shall forget.
    Evelynn I still don't know how he's angered so many. He seems to have a curious mind, which I appreciate.
    Gabriella A lover, not a fighter. He can handle himself great in a conversation and I need to surround myself with people like him if I'm to achieve my objectives.
    Gaspard Prince Noah reminds me of Emlyn in more than a few ways, both don't seem to take things too seriously and are rather fond of alcohol. I could learn how to let go of my inhibitions from people like them.
    Gehenna The Prince of Grayson is well aware of his station, quite as he should be. He is almost Valardin in his approach.
    Grady No one can be THAT much of a Grayson without putting on at least something of an act, can they?
    Gwenys Ballsy, asking the Archduchess of Velenosa out on a date.
    Ilira Lucky find for her, lucky catch for him.
    Ivy At first glance he seems so... disaffected. I would normally peg him as a jaded, licentious Prince and move along. But there's some redeeming quality in him. Just a smidge. I don't think he would like knowing that someone saw it.
    Jaenelle There is certainly no denying where this man comes from. He won't let you forget, after all, this Prince of Grayson. I am not quite sure where his charm comes from, though perhaps one day someone may share his secrets.
    Kaia Ah, Noah Grayson. Noah Grayson. He is annoying. So very annoying. Even since we were kids. Annoying! But, not all of him is bad; even I have to admit to that. He has his good moments. Rare as they may be. He is certainly a challenge; and, therefore, often finds himself in the middle of many //challenges//. When will he learn?
    Lenard This particular prince seems to think 'None Greater than Grayson' is a law of the universe rather than an aspiration to always be worthy of being the house from which the kings are drawn. His presence among their number diminishes them.
    Lys For a Grayson, he's not bad. He's strange. I kind of like it.
    Mabelle He's not a vile as I thought he was.
    Mattheu Someone called him an Archduckie-Consort. He doesn't look like a duck, though could be as fierce as one.
    Medeia If it is impolite to call a Grayson prince insufferable, then I am impolite. But honest.
    Monique I don't like him. But I like him. And yet, I also really don't like him. What is this weird feeling...
    Odin A master of the house! Man knows his poisons.
    Ophne Skilled in the art of plate wars, much to my vexation. I think he enjoys baiting me, but I didn't rise to it. Well, I may have. /A little/.
    Orland The epitome of why the enemies of the Compact want to tear it down.
    Pasquale He is not afraid to voice his opinions.
    Piccola He is what a commoner would expect of a noble. From what I have read, he is disliked by the Peerage generally. But I have never cared to be liked or disliked; these things do not matter to me. Therefore, it is possible that he and I are more alike than different, even if our reputations, for the moment, may be different.
    Porter I really think that he should have written a discretionary warning on his letters. I didn't expect our first meeting to go like this! But yes, friendship!
    Raimon Met at the Black Fox: Sturdy, Protective, doesn't mind a bit of Trouble!
    Reese My second cousin and a Grayson Prince. He carries himself like a Grayson prince, seems self controled and intelligent. I am curious to learn more about him.
    Ripley Gosh he's just like me!
    Rosalind Um---I think he has the bends since he keep pointing out the fact I said I was bendy when I mentioned my climbing and things. I don't know. But Aella seemed to like him alright....
    Ryhalt Seems as if he's taking this soon-to-be Archduke-Consort seriously. It should be interesting to see how he helps Velenosa.
    Sabella His charm is subtle, but it is there. However, to say anything else may trick someone into thinking he is warm and funny. That would be terrible.
    Vittorio He's amusing. To a point where he's not.
    Zakhar pompass...
    Zoey An eager student, it would seem. If he is as easily bored as he claims to be, his talents and interests are likely many and varied.
    Zyxthylum It isn't often a man is willing to tell you a hard truth. Some believe this is just crass, I think it shows a lack of filter another man has to sift through to have a conversation.