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Lady Tabitha Whitehawk

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Empathic Artist
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whitehawk
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artist
Height: 5'3"
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Eye Color: Stormy Cobalt
Skintone: Fair

Description: With deep, cobalt eyes that contrast against her porcelain skin and an abundance of silky curls, this young woman possesses the sort of face one would expect to see looking out a lonely tower window in a storybook painting. Her features are soft and winsome, but she keeps her gaze averted and hidden behind shifting locks of golden hair. A small mouth is almost always held still or slightly downturned, giving Tabitha the look of a girl carrying a great inner sadness.

(Tabitha's hair is bound up into a knot at the back of her head.)

Personality:     Tabitha is a perfectionistic and sometimes bewildering woman. Nitpicky, exacting, "clean freak" - much of the anxiety she feels is her own doing, but she usually means well. Like most Merciers, she was raised to be a respectable, hard-working individual with a love of knowledge and know-how.

    Being an artist as well as empathic, Tabitha is unusually sensitive to her surroundings, and she tends to embarrass easily. She is reticent when faced with anything or anyone new. However, once she feels comfortable, she can be effortlessly affable and talk up a storm. She is not too comfortable in the limelight, though her talent means it finds her easily. She is just fine living in the background, as long as she feels useful and appreciated.

Background:     Tabitha was born the second child of Benedict Mercier, raised alongside three siblings within their manor in Clemenstone Vale. From a young age her parents could sense she was different from most children: she cried far more often, she laughed far more often, and she rarely slept. She was tiring to raise, but developed a close bond with both of her parents, and they doted on her shamelessly.

    Her relationships with her siblings, on the other hand, were far more complicated. Her older brother was outright jealous of her arrival, and picked on her relentlessly. As they grew up Tabitha gradually began to understand her brother's nature and envy, but all her attempts to comfort him were spurned. One day, after a quarrel over a broken hairpin, her brother cut her long hair in retribution as she slept. The parents were not amused, and her brother Ephraim was banished from the manor. It was the last time she had a conversation with him...

    Tabitha got along well with her younger siblings, Sapphira and Horatio, and began to flourish as an artist when she grew into a teenager. Her father would begin to show her portraits to guests who would visit the manor, and soon they expressed interest in buying them. She was allowed to travel with her father and his retinue whenever she desired, and made ample use of her time seeking inspiration for her paintings.

    Now a full-fledged adult, Tabitha has left Clemenstone Vale for Arx, seeking new muses and wanting to know just what happened to her little brother...

Name Summary
Agatha I mean sure she's lovely and all, but she seems very gracious as well. There's just something sort of ethereal about her. Is that the word?
Aiden She reminds me of a song bird, perhaps something of a chickadee ... she doesn't let someone too close straight away, yet if you watch her from a distance, she's fascinating. Perhaps that's the way with artists. I hope to know more of her soon.
Caspian She is so shy and skittish! I don't get people like that. She seems nice though.
Delilah Beautiful, charming, and all too sweet. Definitely a Mercier and definitely the type of person to make others feel special just by being in her presence. Sure, there might be a bit of bias here, but I absolutely adore Tabitha.
Delilah My sweetest and most beloved cousin is like a sister to us. She shines with the warmest light over the world, even in the darkest moods. I've never known her to frown for long, and that kind of persistent goodness would be intolerable in anyone who isn't her.
Echo I feel a little sorry for her! She seemed completely out of place in here, but at least she's got a few good people looking after her. Still, Tabitha might want to consider having a friend nearby at all times to save her from awkward social situations.
Elgana An artist! She seems very sweet. I do so look forward to seeing her work sometime.
Elora Quiet, soft. I feel a certain kinship with her. Perhaps we will grow to be great friends as well as being cousins.
Evonleigh My sweet. empathetic artist of a cousin who feels things so much more strongly than most of the world -- I wish only the best and brightest for her.
Ezekiel She was so very, very kind when she listened to me play. I do hope to see her again.
Gianna Such an incredibly gifted artist, though she doesn't seem to like the spotlight.
Harlex I won't tell a lie and say I didn't /try/ to make her blush just a bit. She is a very pleasant and kind lady. Afraid this isn't the last she's seen of me.
Jeffeth The lovely artist I met at the gardens! She still seems as lovely and shy as when I first met her. It's very good to see her again.
Jyri Taught me to be a real artist, for that I am forever grateful. All the Whitehawks are amazing people.
Kenna My dear cousin! I really love how easily she smiles and laughs, even if she manages not to lose it quite as badly as I.
Luca Quiet. Proper. What's the last word I'm looking for here. Prim? I think that's the same thing as proper. But she seems to like the garden here. She must have good taste in scenery.
Niklas Sabella's protege. I hope one day I can paint things half as beautiful as she does.
Oswyn Lady Tabitha is an artist of great skill. I think we might feel much the same way in crowds.
Reese she seems nice and thoughtful. I can't wait to see her work sometime.
Sabella She is incredibly sweet and talented! Shy, but that's not a problem when I am here to drag you around!
Sabella One of the sweetest, most talented people I have met in this city! I am incredibly proud to call her my protege!
Sheena A quieter person but she seems gentle. I don't mind adding her to my list of those I accept commissions from.
Vanora A painter whose work was recommended by Sabella Grayson. I'm in the market for some art actually so...we'll see.
Venturo Nearly as overwhelmed as the rest at the small gathering we found ourselves in, she is a crafter! A fellow guild member I'll have to follow up with.
Vitalis A pleasant woman who knows her drinks and trade and certainly was very friendly, and was just as nice when there were two of her!