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Radiant Lumen Whisper

Real magic is creating something from nothing. It's like when the stage magician pulls the rabbit from the hat.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Courtier Cuckoo
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Whisper
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: Raven
Eye Color: Midnight
Skintone: Warm Brown

Titles: Radiant of the Whisper House

Obituary: Radiant Lumen Whisper has formally retired from being a radiant, leaving behind her warm wishes and glaring rabbit in her stead, as she has accepted a (scandalous) marriage proposal from a Lord Marcellus Daveiga. She is leaving the city of Arx during it's tumult to enjoy a very nice Lycene beach.

Description: Lumen's thick black hair is kept short and often swept into an updo to accentuate her delicate, swan-like neck. Long of limb, what in youth might have been awkward and gangly now works to her benefit and allows her to stand tall and elegant of bearing. At first glance, the young woman's gaze may appear black. With any prolonged eye contact, it reveals itself to be alight with twinkles of molten gold and silvery blue -- a dappling of distant stars in a night sky.

Personality: In her whole life, friends and family have never known Lumen to speak ill of anybody or anything -- not only merely by virtue of the political adroitness that she does possess, but out of sincere good-will. To the great disappointment of her naysayers, her charms are cut with an air of integrity that few possess. On her best day, she is like a much-beloved governess imposing her will gently and patiently upon her charges. On her worst day, she risks being taken for inordinately precious and perhaps, even hubristic.

Background: Lumen is the natural daughter of Lord Nathaniel Bisland. The relationship between Lord Nathaniel and Lumen's mother, a popular house servant at the time, began as an idealistic, youthful trist. The two burned hot and heavy, carrying on in secret despite knowledge of the disapproval they'd receive from family and peers, and like many such love affairs it fizzled out... just not before the naive young duo made the life-altering decision to bring a child into the world. Long after the romance-induced fugue state had lifted, Lumen remained.

Fears that the child's existence might negatively impact a potential match for the young Lord were eased just a few years later when he wed Lady Esmeralda. Though many have been known to slip up over the years, referring to the courtier as 'Lady Lumen,' Mistress Lumen was never legitimized.

As a point of honor and in reverence to Limerance, she was acknowledged by her father and his kin from the time of her birth. Raised alongside Nathaniel's legitimate children, Lumen's early life had some but not all of the trappings of noble privilege. She was provided for and finely educated -- but never spoiled to such a degree that the girl might foster any delusions of grandeur. Her fate would be a respectable but Common nonetheless. A solicitor? A learned scholar? A knight, perhaps, should the propensity reveal itself.

It didn't take. Proximity to nobility was rocket fuel. Lumen proved herself an innovative and imaginative social climber, honing her own natural graces and inventing from thin air those she lacked. Gradually, she traveled in higher and higher circles, wearing finer and finer things, speaking less, and listening more... until as a young woman, she was accepted into Whisper House. The honor came following the successful trade negotiation between two rival lesser houses, a pact deeply impacted by Lumen's peacekeeping efforts. Now, she's sought after for her poise, discretion, and renowned discerning presence.

Relationship Summary

  • Skye - Baroness Rising
  • Grazia - Scary Swan Duchess
  • Mae - Wearer of Many Hats
  • Sabella - Princessiest Princess
  • Cassima - Princess Pragmatist
  • Esoka - Prodigal Pedagogue

  • Family:
  • Samantha - Adopted Activist Cousin
  • Michael - Silly Cousin
  • Zoey - Kennex Cousin
  • Gabriel - Famous Uncle
  • Samael - Empathetic Uncle
  • Ainsley - Princely Cousin
  • Dariel - Drama Cousin

  • Patron:
  • Alaric - Mischievous Monarch

  • Sibling:
  • Gloriel - Half-Sister Knight

  • Deceased:
  • Lili - Half-Sister Whisper
  • Sarielle - Half-Sister Widow
  • Gareth - Game Warden in Charge of Bunnies

  • Friend:
  • Tomwell - Dreamy Dilettante
  • Saedrus - Cultured Confidant
  • Bliss - Champion-in-Chief
  • Juniper - Naive Neophyte
  • Gianna - The Master Bard

  • Protege:
  • Cedric - Tight-Lipped Chamberlain
  • Name Summary
    Aiden She's the best Whisper. From wedding planning to ensuring the best gifts are given, Lumen is a star among lights!
    Ainsley My cousin, Lumen Whisper, is the warmest, most vibrant woman. Like my sister she seems to have a boundless amount of patience and kindness to bestow upon others. I have always been proud to call her cousin.
    Alaric A fine protege, always in control of situation and undaunted by any problem she may face. And why wouldn't she be? She's impeccable at finding the way to a solution.
    Alarissa A lovely whisper and I can see why she was also named Radiant. She leads with grace and I look forward to seeing how brightly she shines.
    Ardoin A Whisper with the grace and manners one would expect - and a charming conversationalist as well. A credit to the path she has chosen in life.
    Barric As always the perfect Whisper, she is a delight to spend time with. Even just a few moments can turn a whole day around and make it wondrous.
    Berenice What can be said? She is every bit as radiant as her title implies. Positively stunning with every gesture.
    Caspian A whisper, you don't see many of them around! She seems interesting, a diplomat with a playful nature. I'm sure she's popular!
    Cedric What can be said about the Radiant Whisper without giving away trade secrets? Stewards and courtiers are magicians after all.
    Cullen A very talented Whisper whose advice I should heed...and come here to talk to her and the others to be...less rough around the edges to speak. Graceful, well-spoken and exquisitely mannered.
    Delilah She certainly lives up to the title of Radiant, for few people possess the social graces and attention to others than Lumen does. She conceals a sliver of quick humour beneath that smile, and rarely permits a wrong to go unacknowledged. In that I find her remarkably companionable.
    Drake Met the Radiant at the Grotto. Certainly seemed nice enough, at least.
    Emily She is pleasant to speak with and I find her to be curiosity. Adventures she says. I would like to think there may be some more detail to these in the future.
    Fairen First and foremost, she makes my brother happy. She's funny, smart and otherwise just a delight to be around.
    Jeffeth A quiet and lovely woman though she seems to be a kind sort. I bet she would open up if nobles weren't around and drinks were.
    Joscelin A Radiant (teehee) woman that is a pleasure doing business with. Delightful as both a person and an experience, as clearly meant for her position as if she were born to it. I rather like her taste in pillows.
    Kaldur As gracious and graceful as one expects a Radiant Whisper to be. She even deftly sidestepped what might have been a terrible verbal trap!
    Kenna A quiet woman, who seems to be very refined!
    Kia A lovely Whisper. She seems very friendly and I hope to learn from her. I do not think her rabbit likes me though.
    Laric A lovely woman who is, by all accounts, wonderful at her job. She's certainly enjoyable conversation. 'Dazzling and engimatic', though her taste in furry companions is INCREDIBLY QUESTIONABLE.
    Macda If ever there was someone worthy of being called Radiant, it's her. I'd gladly take her on a world tour of eating if time and power to do so were mine.
    Mirari A very polite Bisland Lady and a Whisper. I shall have to get to know her better.
    Niklas The Grayson Whisper. I once asked her what a Whisper does and she was NO HELP! Blink twice if it's secretly the assassin's guild.
    Oswyn An elegant Whisper who startled me into laughing when I was very nervous. It was appreciated.
    Perronne Beautiful, graceful, mannered, intelligent - I've never met a real Whisper before, but she is everything I have been told they would be!
    Rook Witty, elegant and an unknown surprise. It was a pleasure to have met Mistress Lumen Whisper. It is quite obvious why his majesty would've taken her on as a protege.
    Sabella I bet she knows all of Michael's secrets, but she was so demure and there were too many people around to get to them. She must meet the most interesting people! I must get to know her better.
    Sabella The most helpful Whisper and a good friend! She always has the best advice and is someone I would trust with anything! My dearest hope os that we become the best friends ever!!
    Saoirse A very pretty Whisper, though quite modestly dressed. Specializes in mediation and diplomacy.
    Tomwell She has a kind spirit that seems to sparkle out of her. Simply being in her presence seems like it's enough to put one at ease. These days, I could use more of that.