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Eshken Greenblood

I'm very busy; I have a list of things to do and a list of people to see. You're not on either of those lists.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Snarky Widower
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Greenblood
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widower
Age: 25
Birthday: 03/03
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Steward
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Skintone: Dark Bronze

Description: Eshken stands 6'2" with a rather lithe build. While he's not without muscle or definition he's also clearly not an athletic man or a warrior. He has the frame of an academic. His dark hair curls tightly and is often kept slightly long and held back with a leather band. Dark golden-hazel eyes rest underneath thick black eyebrows. His skin is a dark bronze that glows with health.

Personality: Sharp tongued, dry toned, and perceptive. Eshken is a man of sarcastic bent. He is not unkind just no nonsense and lacking in patience for foolishness. Generally well meaning in the things that he does, and willing to help others in need. He's straight forward and efficient. He's not necessarily an overly cheerful man but neither is he particularly melancholy. He's steadfast, grounded, and very pragmatic.

Background: Eskhen Greenblood is a young prodigal man of the Greenblood family. He and his twin sister, Emele, were not even teenagers when their tribe was torn in two and his parents-- rebels --left it to join house Riven and bend knee to Grayson. His parents took the two young twins with them when they went. Eshken, being young, acclimated to life in Riven well. He threw himself into studies and learning of the new cultures. His sister also took very well to their new life. She found art and painting, and threw herself into it. Eshken being the more practical begged her to pick up a profession that would allow her a better income than painting. She apprenticed to a blacksmith and began to make armor.

Shortly before his 20th birthday he met another prodigal of another tribe-- Lillian Leafchaser --she was a scout for Riven forces and he fell for her quickly. Just after he turned twenty and she twenty-one they married. Their daughter, Elia, was born eight months later. Lillian died two years later in an ambush by bandits while on a scouting mission.

Eshken had just been apprenticed to Nigel Riven in matters of stewardship and finance. He threw himself into that work and to taking care of his daughter.

He's utterly devoted to his daughter and to bettering her life. When the new Barony of Whitehawk was create he saw a chance for himself and his family. He offered to become the Steward of Whitehawk for Baron Silas.

Relationship Summary

  • Esoka - Cousin
  • Name Summary
    Bonnie Seems like a good sort, and trustworthy enough to rely on for a judge in a truth telling competition. Or a lie hiding competition, if you think about it pessimistically.
    Jasher A man who would travel well, if his life took another path.
    Jyri Smart one, this Eshken, but also being fairly no-nonsense. I like him.
    Kaia Such a polite man! Proud to serve his house. He also seems to like getting his treats at Lottie's!
    Kenna I cannot be more relieved that Eshken is back in town. He's got a level head on him that'll steer Whitehawk right when Silas is busy.
    Martino A well mannered commoner who serves his House rather well. A curious nature as well, do look forward to seeing those sea legs get tested should we get the chance.
    Mirella Efficient and clear-sighted. Good manners too. I should talk again with him.
    Monique A good reminder that judging a book by its current cover is a bad idea. The Minister of Coin is a man of varied tastes, and it is to the benefit of the Tournament that lamb is not one of them.
    Narcissa A quiet, seemingly reserved man of very few words. Either that, or he falls into the background decidedly so.
    Reese A thoughtful and helpful man who has a nice way about him. He seems to have empathy and awareness. He eems very intelligent.
    Vitalis He took to stones well, though fell right into several traps laid for him by a pretty and opportunistic opponent. A lesson there perhaps...