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Princess Elizabetha Grayson

Call me Eliza.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Swan of the Crownlands
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 19
Birthday: 7/11
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Artist
Height: average height
Hair Color: burnished gold
Eye Color: cognac
Skintone: sun-soaked ivory

Description: Tall, lithe, and balletic, she moves with a swanlike grace that effortlessly makes the most of her svelte curves and the shapely length of her toned limbs. Her silken hair, the deep blonde of burnished gold, ripples down her back in a voluminous wave that sways lazily above the flare of her hips, catching and holding the light with every shift. Gilt lashes and heavy lids hood her saucer-sized eyes, with cognac-dark irises flecked warmly by liquid amber and earthy ochre. A sunny fringe falls across her forehead, accenting her slim, winged brows and rosy cheeks. A pert, slender nose upturns jauntily at the center of her oval face, complementing the youthful range of expression that plays off her coral lips. Her creamy skin blooms with a sun-suffused glow, dusted with a sprinkling of dark freckles across her high cheekbones, at the tip of her nose, along her collarbones and shoulders. Inked like lacework, a silvery motif of vines and flowers twines from her left wrist to her elbow, the blossoms popping in pinks, purples and blues.

Personality:     Elizabetha's sunny eyes and smile conceal no artifice. With a flair for dramatics, she is, at the surface, unsubtly whimsical and inclined to showmanship. She exaggerates, she embellishes, and can play up any facade. The moments of quiet are what draw out something beneath the vim and verve, a depth of artistic thought and pragmatic romanticism. To many, her affinity for numbers and academic rigor strikes as a surprise, reflected in her infatuation with alchemy.

Background:     Born for royalty, Elizabetha grew up in a dream as reality. She found it terribly romantic to be a princess, a damsel, her favorite archetype in the stories she adored throughout childhood. This sparked an early romanticism, which she first expressed on canvas and stage. Innately an actress, she took to performance around age 5, when a Grayson dinner party was witness to an impromptu song and dance atop the table. Art, nevertheless, she names as her true calling. Her work won a plethora of contests, competitions, submissions throughout her years, her growth evinced in each flux of style. Eventually, her touch was lent to halls of marble and gilt.
    In adolescence, she maintained all that life and vibrancy, with a newfound curiosity that rooted itself in something beyond the typical: the study of alchemy. Her interest budded from a yearning to push the boundaries of painting, but progressed into a deep love of knowledge and academia. Her pursuits led her to experimentations, often safe enough, though she did pick up a few of the less acceptable practices-tattoo artistry a result. Moreover, she adapts the science into her art, the product either disastrous or ingenious.
    As she matured, Eliza began to note the world around her, the potential it held for her. A budding hunger for exploration drew her from her gardens and halls, to the place where all converge: the capital. Arx is her canvas and her stage, hers the next mark to sweep its expanse.

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