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Prince Tyrval Ael'Noctis
Lady Monique Greenmarch

invite all of Arx to an evening of

Exciting games, timeless guests, and
extravagant prizes!

Enjoy a night you will never forget.



Aug. 18, 2018, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Monique Tyrval


Felicia Quenia Faruq(RIP) Sorrel Zara Leona Merek Lucita Rowenova Bliss Lisebet Clara Fredrik Jacali Fatima Miranda Duarte Fairen Ashe Elgana Josephine Lethe Reigna Eleyna Berenice Vandred Pasquale Valencia Tesha Orelia Delilah Dafne Kael Gwenna Harlan Helia Niklas Lorenzo Marius Kalani Rosalie Shard Simone Katarina Arik Alexandre(RIP) Waldemai Natalia Iliana Aahana Isidora Amari Evonleigh Alaric Rohran Sabella Nisaa Fecundo Carita Coraline Kenna Jhond Theodoric Hadrian Cambria Isabeau Alessia Vanora Iseulet Valdemar Laric Margret Ilinca Korka Luca Harald(RIP) Magnus Denica Arcadia Thesarin Ford Juniper Donella Jeffeth Gianna Domonico



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Whisper House - Elysian Ballroom

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


I meant to write about the extraordinary Gala shortly after it occurred and I could attempt to put all the wonder to words. One thing or another kept me from doing so, people were devastatingly lost protecting the Compact, and the time just never seemed quite right. To not write about it, however, would be a travesty, so better late than never as they say.

Too often, responsibilities tend to keep Lorenzo and I from getting to attend events together, though I am so thrilled to say that this was not one of them. Both my intended and the venue were enough to nearly keep my from seeing much beyond them. However, the company we shared at our alcove was both familiar and new, all of whom I thoroughly enjoyed talking with.

We admittedly had a slightly ulterior motive as Softest Bliss had mentioned the Whisper gardens as a possible place for our wedding reception, and she was not wrong in describing it as breathtaking. As beautiful as one would expect at the Whisper House, I am glad we were able to visit it.

Overall, it was a stunning night and, perhaps, my favorite memory of the Gala events I have attended. Thus far, of course! Lady Monique rarely disappoints.

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Bliss shouts from the Reception Room <RR>, "A reminder to everyone who didn't see my notice go out! Any unlocked room in the first and second floor are free to entry during the course of the Gala! Third floor is our home, please do not intrude there!"

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Lille, the dauntless companion arrives, following Elgana.

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Mirk, Tesha, Clara arrive, following Arik.

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Kael arrives, following Reigna.

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Captain Teemo, a mountain lion cub, Flappinum, a human with many opinions, Ashe arrive, following Leona.

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The night of The Gala has finally arrived and everything is in full swing!

Party favors are being doled out like candy in the Receiving Room before one enters the Ballroom; books, quills, and specialty booze. Everything necessary for a spectacular evening!

Inside the grand Whisper Ballroom is an homage to Legend.

Everything is a glittering spectacle, with Legends themselves prowling the crowds and the various Legendary alcoves open for exploration. Surrounding the dais in the middle of the vast, incredible hall is six thrones, each reserved for one Medallion-holder. Upon the dais itself is Lady Monique Greenmarch and Prince Tyrval Ael'Noctis, the latter looking as sinfully handsome as ever, and the former a devastating beauty wearing a gown of crimson lace... and the appearance of absolutely nothing beneath it. In her hand is an envelope with 'Top Secret' written upon it.

"Welcome! I'll be your hostess for the evening, Countess Monica Bluestride, the woman who single-handedly, pun intended, seduced Prince Radley Valardin's Commanders and made off with top secret army plans to circumvent a deadly invasion! Lady Monique Greenmarch wanted to be here tonight, but this is a Gala of Legends, after all. Thank you all for bringing your legendary selves to this evening's festivities. A lot of Legends have come before us, but this is our time! So many hands have helped to make this evening a possibility and I thank each and every one, and will do so personally at the end of the night! But to start it right, we'll raffle the very first cloak. Pena Stormryder, the Last Hierophant, might I have you join us on the dais to draw the first ticket of the evening, and raffle off your cloak?"

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Felicia's, for once, neither wearing her leathers, nor her rubicund armor, but there's a little too much metal in her outfit for it to constitute a properly fashionable gown. She prowls through the crowds as inobtrusively as possible to make her way around to the alcove of Goldenpyre, offerinv Rowenova a brief upnod and smile.

2 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Lorenzo.

Delilah puts The Lycene Cycle, Vol III in a willow basket with a white ribbon tied to the handle - Delilah.

Delilah puts The Lycene Cycle, Vol II in a willow basket with a white ribbon tied to the handle - Delilah.

Quenia makes her way into the Gala, sans Lord Cullen, who was supposed to come with her. She's dressed in a fiery seasilk ensemble that perfectly represents the symbol of the Igniseri family - which is in and of itself a Legend... the mighty phoenix. She steps out of the way of the door to allow others easy access, and allows her gaze to fall over the crowd to see if there's a place she might settled, or even hide should she feel the need.

4 Thrax Guards arrives, following Fatima.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

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Faruq arrives to the Gala as spiffed up as he has ever been! The corsair lord ambling in with the smooth gait of a man who spends more time on the sea than on land. At his side is Miranda, their arms interlinked. Faruq pauses, gawking for a moment at the sight of everything and the grandeur of it! Fortunately not for to long as the Seraceni doesn't block the door for to long. And it's a wide doorway. With a shake of his head he slowly makes his way through the room and towards one of the quieter alcove's. A polite dip of his chin to his chest is given to those he knows on his way through: "Here I thought the fund raiser on the beach was crowded." He says to Miranda with a chuckle. Two fingers slide across his bald head in what is perhaps a nervous habit.

Prince Biscuit, the seadog puppy arrives, following Helia.

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Prince Biscuit, the seadog puppy leaves, following Helia.

The Leader of the Metallics watches thoughtfully from the alcove that bears his name. His arms are crossed across his chest, and he is silent, with great presence, the crown upon his black curls glittering notably as he watches the crowd with evergreen eyes. He is quite serious, giving his attention to those on the dias.

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Zara makes her way into the main hall, the tall elegant Princess pauses and nods gracefully to the center of the gathering before moving with slow elegance to one of the many sitting areas and settles on one of the benches.

Georgette, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Marius leave, following Simone.

Leona makes an entrance with another woman by her side - Ashe, for those who know. But she is dressed most uncharacteristically in a deep, rich purple, and her eyes travel directly to where "Pena Stormryder" of the evening seems to be holding court. She murmurs something to Ashe and then steps over, saying something with a smile and cheerful greeting to the woman there.

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Merek walks into the Gala and has on some baggy black umbra silks, so fine it is hard to notice how it shifts along his form. He also has on a cape that is shifted about his shoulder as he moves forward to incline to folk and then find a quiet place in the ballroom.

Lucita steps lightly into the ballroom and after advancing a few steps out of the way of other arrivals, casts her glance around the area, letting it linger here and there on some of the details or on a particular garment that has caught her attention.

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Rowenova settles down within the Goldenpyre alcove from which she waves big toward Felicia before motioning over toward her hound dog who came along. Indeed, the young scout is still clad in her fur/leather attire which is of quality pelt and quality make, plus the wolf pelt, of course!

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Striding in with a style that seems to have taken Bliss lately, a combination of elements of both Nox'alfar and Lycene culture, the Champion Whisper is in deepest, darkest umbra, the silk unnaturally black against - well, everything. Spiderwebbing in back and a spider in front are both decorated with gleaming silver, and the stiletto heels of her slippers raise her inches off the ground. Perhaps the oddest thing about her outfit are the wings on her shoulders - certainly not those of any bird. What could they be? She strides over to the alcove of Cerdic the Wanderer, turning to look into the crowd and see who goes where.

Last minute arrival, Lisebet has literally just arrived from Westrock Reach this very day, and she's managed to make it here, though she may not be quite so legendary as the rest of the folks. She pauses to glance around, taking in the beauty and the legendary folks wandering around with a rather bemused expression.

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As Clara walks in, arm in arm with Arik, she gives a nod of her head to people she passes by. Faruq being one of the people that Clara walks by on her way in. After that she settles her red seasilk clad self in an alcove with Arik, Merek, and Tesha.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Renault, the mustachioed Lycene arrive, following Theo.

Fredrik enters quietly, outfitted in his normal, everyday wear but making it work for him with elegant poise. He spots his niece, of course, at one of hte Throne areas, and tips his head with a affectionate nod to his kin before moving quietly, his daughter Helia in tow, toward one of the benches to quietly take a seat.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

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Monique drops Glittering Dias.

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Jacali meanders into the room, top-hatted and bespectacled head turning this way and that to take in the surroundings with a passing interest, her expression frozen in a masking smile, even though her posture is stiff, an uneasy aura settled about her. Behind her is Vandred and some hired folk carrying something that's been draped in a cloth to hide away. The skin above her nose wrinkles as things get underway, her head turning toward the plain man she's arrived with.

"Right, diddums, let's find us a sit down, shall we? Let's shall, we both." She murmurs, making her way to an out of the way bar or alcove or ... something like that. She sits, and is quiet.

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Fatima arrives and oh dear all the many gods. No, really, she's perfectly fine! If anything, this is totally her jam, especially because she gets to be at the center of attention... so much as such a thing exists. Still, having traded her usual Eurusi-styled silks and bangles for an aeterna gown and plenty of room to show off her fancy medallion, she strides her way in and... promptly ascends her throne! Possibly just to look the strange thing over.

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Miranda enters alongside Faruq and smiles a bit ruefully at his words. She nods, taking in the scene and wows softly. Beside him, Miranda seems a little stiff, less smoothly gaited as he is, but her attention shifts from place to place as he leads her away from the entrance.

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Duarte slinks in.

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Arriving in an elegant display of black, green and gold seasilk comes the tall, lithe frame of Marquis Fairen Leary, his assortment of guards all being left in the Receiving Room as he makes his way inside. His lips are curled into a bright smile as he makes his way over to take his throne.

Ashe follows Leona in, the two women dressed in matching gowns -- albeit Ashe's is a cobalt blue where Leona's is purple. The ash-blonde woman stops just within the entryway for a moment to regard the immense -- and still growing -- crowd with an expression one might best describe as 'I am questioning all of my life choices that have led me to this moment'. But then she shakes her head and, murmuring quietly to Leona, she too moves towards the alcove devoted to Pena Stormryder.

Elgana enters and pauses just out of the way of others to take everything in before she starts to actively look for faces she knows in the crowd. Or at least particular faces in that sea of people. Her black gown swishes about her form as she moves then as she heads toward Bliss. It is a gentle touch to the Whisper's shoulder to get her attention before she closes the gap and murmurs something to the other woman.

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Josephine "Pena" is indeed standing in the alcove and wearing the dress and leggings, headpiece even that seems to have no small amount of glitter and hallmarks of her own craftsmanship. When two join the Alcove that she's standing at, she smiles. "Welcome to my alcove"

Georgette, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Marius arrive, following Simone.

Lethe walks inside wearing a golden silk gown. She looks around the crowded ballroom perhaps seeing if there is someone she might know.

Reigna arrives in a rustle of green and black seasilk skirts and a stylish leather bodice on the arm of her husband. She looks around the room with obvious awe and a touch of wonder. When she sees some of the Legends, she pats Kael's arm gently and points, "Look! Do you see? Oh, Goodwoman Jospehine looks amazing!"

The Archduchess of Lenosia enters the ballroom clad in an ensemble that represents duality, a rather fitting expression for a Lycene. Umbra and aeterna layer together in hues of darkest black and shocking white that skim over Eleyna's generously curved figure. The Grand Duchess' bountiful blond curls are clasped in a chignon at the nape of her neck with a few stray curling locks to drape over one shoulder. Once inside, icy blue eyes take stock of her surroundings with a sort of unflappable confidence, as if nothing could quite put her off her stride. Those eyes shift in the direction of the alcove where Pena holds court and a half-smile curves the Velenosa's lips as she wanders in that direction.

1 Valardin House Guards, an elegant snowy owl, Lystra, Morigan, Fayre arrive, following Isidora.

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Berenice strides in with an air of indelible confidence and total comfort in her own skirt, as well as the figure-skimming wrapped -- and plunging -- aeterna gown she wears, a double string of pearls dipping low to nestle between her breasts. Her hair is a tumble of dark curls pulled up on top and then left to drop down her back in thick waves. A smile touches her lips as she looks about the resplendent room, and she makes her way, chin lifted and proud, to the space at Queen Alarice's throne that she won.

Vandredwalks behind Jacali a bit, before he comes to a stop as the woman turns to speak to him. There's a cluck of his tongue, before the man raises his hand and jerks a thumb towards the bar - better than a bench. He sweeps up to walk alongside Jacali, raising his hand to rest his fingertips on her left forearm, leaning in to mutter quietly to the woman.

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Pasquale arrives in a sweep of umbra, set of his shoulders a touch rigid. There are a /lot/ of people here tonight. He preserve through the press of humanity to slot himself into one of the alcoves as quickly as possible. And take a moment just to drink in the glittering legends and opulence around him.

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Dressed in scarlet southern silks that embrace her small waist and enticing curves, Valencia arrives and takes the room in a small but sweet smile upon her lips as the full magnitude of the extravagance hits her. Enchanted, the smile grows a little more, her large dark eyes sweeping over the crowd not seeming to be sure where to pause as people push by her. She offers apologies and moves further in, skirting the wall outside of the crowd like a little dark shadow.

Relic arrives, following Harlan.

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Tesha arrives with Arik, Clara and Mirk and dressed in Aeterna and crimson. The Telmar woman is giving a look over everything as she comes inside and there's a nod to something that is said. But she joins them at there ittle spot off to the side and drops into easy conversation.

For the moment, one of the present Legends stands beside his namesake throne, attired in grisly, bloodied armors that seem melded to his very skin. With one elbow propped in a comfortable, casual manner, Prince Weohstan looks out over the crowd in a contemplative manner; stormy eyes taking in the finery of those who arrive and mingle. He holds himself with pride, certainly.. but ever so slightly stooped, as if bearing the burden of more than merely the weight of his armors, a grim set to his countenance.

Many beautiful people shrouded in a breathless wealth of rare gems and priceless fabric take their places within the gala's breathtaking grandeur. Then perchance others may choose not to approach the effort of burning like a lamp among them; at least one woman takes a departure radically apart from the norm. A spectral figure eschewing complexity for devastating simplicity, Delilah might go utterly unremarked, unnoticed in the firebath of jeweled hues and sparkling light. The raised hood reduces her visage into roughly sketched charcoal, the floor-length drape of midnight marking her pitch-dark silhouette. Many a pleasant space beckon and her path is set, midnight bound for the Metallic Order alcove pinned down by one of the luminaries.

Dafne arrives, leaving her ducal ensemble just outside. The little duchess, quite possibly to no one's surprise, is clad in the darkness of an umbra gown, corsetted and with a cloud of dark skirts. Her dark curls tumble artistically down from a silver tiara, her skin snowy pale against all that darkness. A single feather rests on the expanse of her cleavage, pushed upward by the corset. She pauses a moment to look around her, her blue gaze alit with wonder. It's possible she's standing on her tiptoes. Difficult to tell in a gown that long.

River, a juvenile Oakhaven bloodhound, 3 Tyde Houseguard arrive, following Amari.

Lyric, an aspiring vocalist arrives, following Melody.

"So I see," says Kael in turn toward his wife, peering at the costumes of the legends with particular interest. A few words are spoken quietly in Reigna's ear and thereafter he guides her toward the seating, deciding on a particular wrought iron bench.

The elegance of everything seems to stop Gwenna nearly in her tracks as she passes into the ballroom. Tucking away the lovely gifts she collected in the receiving room, she glances up at Lorenzo and smiles wide. "This is extraordinary, isn't it? I mean, I suspected it would be, but truly...this is beyond even what I could have imagined." Taking the room in, she also moves to take his hand juuust to keep from getting caught up and then lost in the crowd that quickly fills the room.

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Harlan enters from outside, his own retinue left behind. In comparison to the tiny duchess, he's a much larger duke, in green seasilk, almost as though he had stepped out of the forest. He seems in a good mood, a waft of cologne coming from him.

A little more elegantly dressed than usual, Helia follows Fredrik over to the bench with her usual light strides, her skirts rippling gracefully around her legs with each step. She's wearing silk for once, both her violet-red dress and her silver-threaded sword-belt, and both are studded with shiny garnets that glint in the light as she walks to her destination. She's on her best behaviour for the moment, but she gives Rosalie and Alexandre a bright smile and a cheerful wave before she sits down next to her father. Hands folded in lap, she nods and grins to anyone she knows.

Niklas walks into the room, expression somewhere between sulky and dour, which works since he's decided to join in on this whole legends thing. His ash blond hair is treated with something to make it snowy white and he wears (a reasonable facsimile of) the royal raiment of the Nox'alfar (and crown). Yes, appropriately enough, given the legend that his wife Sabella has been chosen to represent, Niklas is dressed (more or less) like Prince Tyrval Ael'Noctis. He looks around, looking just as disinterestedly disdainful as he can manage, then wanders over to drop into the throne of Pena Stormryder.

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Lorenzo enters the ballroom with Gwenna on his arm, making his way through the press of the crowd. He flashes a smile to various friends, relatives, and other familiar faces. "It looks like most of the city is here," he says, awed at all the people. He nods agreement with Gwenna. "Whisper House is elegant any day of the week, but they really have outdone themselves for this."

Arm linked in arm, the Marquis and Marquessa of Greenmarch saunter casually on in, both clad in vivid hues of the colors of their house. Marius seems to have been engaged in a little conversation with his wife just before entering into the room, the trailing end of a little laugh leaving the gallant Marquis smiling broadly. He looks towards the interior of the ballroom proper, and those sharp green eyes widen a little in awe at both the regality of the room itself and the magnificence of the decorations hung and strewn about for the fete. "My, my..." utters Marius to his wife, "Sometimes I begin to think Arx may be as beautiful as the Greenwood..."

Tyrval takes note of Niklas' expression and attempts to mimic it precisely, by exaggerating his own expression somewhat more. He briefly looks at Lisebet and declares, "One of the better costumes." He nods in what seems sincere approval.

Having slipped into the room while a great many other people are moving about and assuming the designated thrones, Kalani has acquired a drink while also finding a place to stand and observe the room. And the many brightly clad people contained within.

Gunner, the Leary Military Adjutant, Emilie, a slender lady's assistant arrive, following Iliana.

Perched on her throne and conversing quietly with Alexandre, Rosalie nonetheless grins brightly towards Helia and offers a wave in return! Wearing a lovely aeterna gown and even a tiara of iridescite, she feels like a princess, but nothing can stop the giggle as she notes Turval's aping of Niklas.

Shard enters behind a crowd of people, her eyes slightly hooded as she takes in the crystal laden room as a whole, and then seems to narrow down to details. The vice-captain of the Valorous Few is wearing...exactly what she always wears; black leathers that are utterly unremarkable and distinctly unadorned. They're clean at least. Well kept. But certainly not Gala attire.

Simone enters with her arm tucked in the crook of Marius' arm. A soft smile crosses her lips as she looks around the ballroom that has been transformed. A slightly critical expression crosses her face as she eyes this or that part of the decorations that she so carefully helped to plan out with her cousin. She turns her head to listen to Marius though with a warm smile, which only grows even more at the compliment to the decor. "It did turn out quite well. I do hope that Monique is pleased with it!"

Fatima tries her butt out on the seat. There's maybe even some wiggling involved. Wiggle wiggle. She lifts a hand to hail Niklas as he approaches, one of her fellow luminaries. It should be noted that she is not in fact costumed as her figure, perhaps because she had no clue how he dressed and no one told her. She did find a random (flower) crown in her wardrobe somewhere, and put that on. See? Crown for a throne. In fact, once he makes a fuss of it, she looks between him and actual Tyrval. "That's not half bad, actually."

While other guests sweep in with all their lively splendor, the King of the Compact makes his debut dressed to the absolute decadent nines in a stunning off-the-shoulder gown and dramatic-cut cape that seems to ripple and sway with his every regal step. On his arm -- well, he's on her arm -- Princess Katarina steps in, garbed in an immaculently tailored stately pant-suit. A small procession of Katarina's lady's maids dutifully carry along Alaric's train for their stylish entrance. "That perfume really is a nice touch, Your Majesty. And must I say, you look absolutely -divine- in that gown. I'm jealous. Is it too late to trade?"

At the Woehstan themed alcove it seems a few northerners and guest have already set up at least two of the four seem generally unimpressed with the festives thus far. Arik is pointing out Tyrval from their spot in the crowd while murmuring to Mirk.

Valencia begins to drink.

Monique gets seasilk storm cloak of Pena from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Alexandre likewise waves at Helia, grinning, himself clad in his usual armor. No fancy costume for him, it seems the lord knight preferred to be understated. His platinum hair is thus let loose, reaching his shoulders, and the man seems to have taken a more casual stance, as the Gala takes place.

Waldemai will save his drinking for the Sunday Sip 'n' spar.

Not all that far behind Kael and Reigna, Natalia and Rohran arrive. Possibly they were with the other pair, given the brief 'oh gods no' look on Natalia's face when she glances to the side, then glances to where she'd been looking and _doesn't_ see the pair of Keatons. It takes her all of two seconds to spot them, a bit of relief crossing through her expression when she does so. She's content to follow Rohran to where they've gone, settling down to sit for now as she waves over a person with drinks. Because drinks.

Drifting through the crowd now, keeping those shoulders ever so slightly stooped, Prince Weohstan makes his way slowly but surely in the direction of the alcove of his naming; pausing here and there to glare in a vaguely ominous fashion at those who dare cross his path. He's killed a a DRAGON, you know. Do you really want to get in the way? Those weighty boots announce his clomping stride audibly enough to clear a path, certainly. If not the ensanguined armor and general air of malevolence alone.

Iliana walks in with her usual march, wearing ... hey she's dressed in leathers and silk, so classy. She moves through the room and, upon spotting her husband somewhere in the crowd, moves that way, carefully, boots making no noise as she traverses the room. Always careful, always.

Aahana is sitting a top of a very large stuffen dragon in the middle of the Goldenpyre alcove, indeed dressed her part and softly talking with those sitting with her.

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Josephine makes her way to the glittering dias in the regalia of Pena the Last Heirophant. The old woman -looking quite good for her age really - bends at the waist for Tyrval, feathers moving and joins the others in all that silk and bits of explosed skin in silk cutouts till she's standing with the others on the dias.

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Amusement riles in his expression as Fairen watches Tyrval, grinning at the Nox'alfar Prince widely. Then his eyes follow the elfs to spy Lisebet, smiling and lifting a hand to wave over at her. Though for the most part, he remains in his seat at the throne, watching the proceeds happily. Then his wife arrives and he smiles brightly at her, beckoning for her to join him. As the Legends start to move about, he watches them cheerfully.

Josephine has rolled 1 4069-sided dice: 1195

Monique smiles brilliantly at Pena's arrival to the glittering dais, and she picks up a very large basket full of tickets. "Last Hierophant, will you work your magic for us? Choose a winner?" the Countess-for-the-evening invites Josephine.

Isidora Fecundo = Go for it ... I can't wait to see this

Luna, the sweet, studious assistant arrives, following Carita.

Barbara, the stalwart Stormward secretary, 4 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Ford.

Carita, Ford arrive, following Coraline.

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"Gladly." 'Pena' offers and reaches into the basket, rusting around to feel for the -right- one before she's lifting out a lucky slip of paper. "Fecundo" She calls out across the ballroom. "Is the new owner of my cloak."

Amari makes a quiet entrance by her lonesome, spends a long few seconds on a random, drifting course as she takes in the decorations and legendary figures, then stops. She winds through the crowd, smiling politely to those she passes closely, then happily she notices the Keaton contingent. She goes straight for them.

Amari has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Waldemai applauds politely for the raffle winner.

Looking most regal, Sorrel is full into the part of the Leader of the Metallics, his arms crossed across his chest as he lingers near his alcove, content for the moment to watch and listen to the goings-on. Already, a cloak is being won by some sort of patron, and he observes, tall and lanky with his stygian crown upon his brow.

Kalani has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Quenia is still standing, trying to determine a place to settle. However, when Fecundo's name is called, she looks around to see if she can find him. A familiar face! She also offers applause for being a winner!

Coraline has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Evonleigh enters, a curious expression on her face as she studies both the ballroom and the glittering and glamorous throngs within it. Her gray-blue eyes sweep along the faces, some familiar, but most not. She smiles if her eyes make contact with another, a dip of her head and lowering of lashes. When the cloak winner's name is announced, she applauds politely, before looking for a spot to sit to watch the festivities.

Smiling, Iliana moves to the throne to sit upon it with her husband, kissing his cheek lightly as she murmurs something to him that may consist of baby and where is she? before her hand settles lightly on his thigh as she watches from the nobility seating

Carita has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Rosalie lets out a whoop and claps for Fecundo!

Tyrval squints at Sorrel then suggests to her, "Say something that's condescending and obvious, but still keeps a moral high ground. It adds verisimilitude."

Faruq watches the comings and goings as he has a quiet conversation with the others whom are in the alcove he has absconded to with Miranda. Fatima gets a wide beaming smile and a deep nod of his head, offering a wave to her: "Princess Fatima, you look radiant tonight." He hopes she can hear him over the volume of the Gala, and Prince Weohstan gets a booming laugh and a wave as well.

Ford has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Nah, Katarina is definitely on Alaric's arm. "Yes, it's rather too late for that," he replies regally, turning a sunny expression around the ballroom as he takes in the sights. "Quite marvelous, the work they've done here. Let's find a spot, shall we?" Striding along in a sweep of silk, he lightly adjusts the crown of black roses on his brow as he leads the way towards an alcove. It almost seems like the stygian metal flower nearest his fingertips blooms in response, but... nah, just a trick of the light. Right?

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Looking a bit like a hound lost in the deep forest, Rohran takes a moment to get his bearings. Steeling himself, almost as if going out into the battlefield, he crosses the room with Natalia to sit down next to his cousin, taking a drink when they come around. Yes, drinks are needed tonight.

Miranda applauds, distracted a moment, "Congratulations, Fecundo!" She grins devilishly as she speaks to those near by.

Delilah's situation places her in the darkest alcove, where she might well hear that raffle result. The smattering of applause barely penetrates the wall of sound, though she turns her attention to all those who enter.

Valencia steals another glass of booze as it pass by and drifts to a corner to watch the happenings unfold.

Sabella-as-Queen-Alarice has mostly been standing off to the side, smiling and nodding to the people she knows until Tyrval starts making suggestions. Then she moves quickly, grabbing up a vase that stands inexplicably empty on a side table, then continues on towards the glittering dias where she hurls it at Prince Tyrval's head! Luckily, her aim is terrible. "Oh, I can see why you didn't want to continue our discussion," there is a not so subtle look Monique's way before she glares back at Tyrval. The real one, in case there is any confusion since there's now apparently two. "But if you think you're getting out of it that easily you are quite mistaken!"

Alaric has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Nisaa sweeps into the ballroom in a swirl of oceanic colors. Verdigris eyes, bright against her dusky skin, look wide at the decor and the crowd that fills the elegant room. The Whisper, one of the quieter ones, soon moves to get out of the way of others who enter, looking for someplace to call home for the evening.

Dafne spots Quenia, and makes her way across the floor to her, pushing her way through the crowd with a combination of ducal dignity, wide skirts, and one small determined chin. However, when Fecundo's name is called, she pauses to applaud for her Rubino.

Calling to Tyrval from her spot at the Cerdic alcove, Bliss says, "Please, gods, no, I hear enough of that in certain parts of this city! Don't encourage it, Crown Prince!"

Lady Lisebet offers a general curtsey to the thrones, playing along since she's here. Shs smiles at those she recognizes, offering a nod, as she glances around. "I definitely feel like being home in Westrock Reach has led me to miss a few things," she murmurs. Definitely not surounded at all, she looks to see where Zara has ended up, intending to meet up with the princess as discussed previously. She catches the sound of Tyrval's words, but is oblivious to who they are aimed. She does stop to give the dais a long look, especially since she's not met the Prince before. Nor the legend who is currently replacing the Greenmarch Monique.

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No sooner does Fecundo step in, Isidora's arm on his, then his name is called and he blinks, patting her hand and moving to accept tha cloak with a soft bow, draping it over his arm for the moment before making his way back to the side of the Valadin princess, speaking to her softly.

Merek also finds a quiet place and settles at it, relaxing while he sips from the wine offered in the place. He seems content as he watches folk, as well as the others that are around as the Legends.

Exquisite gowns, glittering jewelry, and sparkling lights keep Lucita's attention drifting here and there and too distrcted for conversation though she gives a beguiling smile to some of those she knows. She claps when hearing Fecundo has won one of the capes.

Tyrval instinctively ducks, poor throw or no, from the hurled vase, "NOT AGA... oh. I see. It was a jest. Very amusing." He then glares, for seemingly no reason, at Ashe.

Three figures enter, clad in a beautiful display of soft sunset-hued colors. Fashionably late, but not late-late, the trio of Coraline, Ford, and Carita -- the blonde women like the Marquis' book ends -- are clearly already having a good time. Talking cordially, a bench is pointed to and slowly gravitated to through the crush of people.

Comfortably seated now within 'his' alcove, Prince Weohstan - who is admittedly, rather smaller in person than his statue might suggest - visibly scoffs at something voiced nearby and instead casts his gaze out over the ballroom at large. Demonslayers, it seems, are difficult to impress.

As his wife joins him on the throne, Fairen smiles at her and whispers something back at her. At the suggestion Tyrval makes, he grins and slides his hand into hers and chuckles as the Nox'alfar ducks.

Katarina laughs brightly as she's swept along upon Alaric's arm. "Very few can rival the talents of Lady Monique and her team who put all of this together," she voices in agreement with the daintily dressed monarch, shoulders rolling back gracefully as she strides along with him. "Oh, look, let's go visit that group," she suggests, pulling him along in that-a-way.

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"Someone's won a cloak. I'm sure that's absolutely thrilling for him. I'm sure I'd be appreciative if I won a cloak," the Leader of the Metallics offers in response to the real Tyrval, who is apparently offering him pointers in how to play his character. He sighs faintly as if he is already bored of this, but in a genteel and regal sort of way. He continues to linger in his alcove.

Marius has joined the Queen Alarice the Great Alcove.

Leona laughs and /laughs/ there from where she stands next to Ashe, and when Tyrval glares at her companion, Leona waggles a finger at him. "Gotcha," she calls out and then calls over to 'Queen Alarice,' "A well-timed throw, Your Majesty!"

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Mirk, Tesha, Clara leave, following Arik.

Shard finds a spot to stand where her view of the dais isn't blocked, and sets about standing there for the moment, observing intently, but otherwise not partaking of any of the festivities. Not even the drink. Not yet, anyway, though she does give it a glance.

Jerome, a bodyguard arrives, following Isabeau.

Luigi, 5 House Mazetti Guardians, Mario, Cambria, Isabeau arrive, following Hadrian.

Fatima spends most of her time looking over the costumed players, at this point, and asides to those at the other thrones (because she's stuck up there with no one else to talk to!): "These are all very good. The costumes that is." However, at the show of things being hurled about, she does give quite a laugh. "Now that struck me as rather authentic." Where Faruq calls over, she offers back somewhat glumly: "Actually, I feel seriously underdressed, considering."

Monique's laughter for Sabella-as-Alarice is genuine, and she affects her most sincere expression. "I'll have him back to you just as soon as we're done, Your Majesty." She tilts a deep curtsey that reveals far more than it should in that red lace. "And thank you, Pena Stormryder, for your magic! Congratulations to Lord Fecundo Rubino for winning the stunning seasilk cloak! We'll give everyone a chance to get well and truly drunk now, before we give away the second Legendary cloak!"

Isidora walks in with her usual grace but not the usual wear for the young Princess Physician. Her gown highlights the length of her legs and makes her pale skin glow in the light of the room. Her waist length hair up in and intricate style that looks both effortless and something that had taken hours to accomplish. She stays near Fecundo on his arm and whispers back to him after waving slightly at Miranda.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

When Sabella-as-Alarice hurls a vase at Tyrval's head, Ashe-as-Cobalt looks momentarily startled, but then, for some reason, steps out from the alcove for a moment to applaud the action with an enthusiastic nod. Tyrval's glare, however, only earns an innocent smile in return.

Iliana smiles and slides her hand within Fairen's, her fingers curling within the other man's as she is content to murmur and watch. Her lips perse a fraction, and she squeezes Fairen's hand, rubbing the flesh of his palm as she is contented to stay silent for the moment.

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Rosalie offers a bright smile and wave to Josephine from the throne! HI JOSE\PHINE!

Arriving with Carita and Ford, Cora looks around at all the people and blinks. Seeing how busy it is near Monique she just gives her friend a cheerful wave and a thumbs up before heading to one of the benches with her group.

Lisebet has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Valencia has joined the Balcony.

Her duty done, Pena bows to the assembled before the old woman moves with graceful sway back to her alcove, a wave for Rosalie as she does and others that the jeweler recognizes.

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Inquisitor Jonathen arrives, following Laric.

Sabella-as-Alarice flashes Tyrval a smile and mouths 'apologies!' And then turns with a glittering flash of crown and aeterna skirts as if in a huff to head back to her appointed space. Not without giving regal nods to those that she passes, giving a regal, "Good evening. Please enjoy yourself. Welcome." The usual niceties that Alaric always uses accompanied by warm smiles.

Niklas, as Tyrval, tilts his head toward Sorrel, as The Leader of the Metallics, with as little effort put into the motion as possible, and drawls, "I had a cloak like that once. But it was better. Because it was in the Twilight Court." He looks back at the prize cloak and waves a hand, "There aren't even any spiders on it."

"Both Delilah and Evonleigh?" Kenna asks of Elgana, gaze sparking excitedly. Her sisters = love. "I can't //wait// for Evonleigh to be able to get a foothold in. She's an actress, and only //just// agreed to come join the rest of us here in.... Michael!" Kenna spins when the Bisland appears, throwing her arms about him and kissing his cheek once. "I'd NEVER leave you to sit alone - but only if you agree to dance with me at least once." She's just going to glow in Michael's direction for a few moments.

Watching a small party depart 'his' alcove, Orelia as Prince Weohstan looks, for a fleeting moment, some combination of bemused and insulted. Composure is regained swiftly, however. Not everyone knows how to enjoy themselves, alas! As for him? He just flags down a passing server and helps himself to a hefty swig of rum.

Jhond arrives to the ballroom dressed in silks for this rare occasion, the outfit and hair in the Velenosan style looking very much like he just rolled out of bed and strolled downstairs without remembering there was a ball. Maybe he did. But he's here now, smile on his face and moving to mingle.

Tyrval considers Niklas' words, looks at Sorrel, then nods once in grave approval.

Theodoric arrived sometime before the celebration began, and he now stands outside on the balcony where the lights are not so bright and the crowd is not so thick. Wearing his usual outerwear, though it hangs oddly without the accompanying brown leathers that mark his family. He seems to be tending a small pile of pamphlets, and drinking heavily.

Miranda waves to Isidora, catching that movement her way, "Greetings, Princess! Do not let my brother lose that cloak! I have plans for it!"

Quenia bites on the edge of her lip a moment, then slowly starts to make her way to the exit.

Fecundo looks over to where his sister is, noting the crowd and then speaks again to Isidora as he looks aroundfor a spot not so terribly crowded.

Finding Zara over at a lovely intricate wrought-iron bench, Lisebet settles there, glancing around. Her eyes gleam with amusement as she regards the shenanigans, but so far she remains mostly quiet.

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Isidora calls out to Miranda, "Why would you have plans for his cloak?"

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"Alarice, my dear, would you be so kind as to brain your husband with a vase?" The Leader of the Metallics inquires, his posture straightening up to his full height, his own regal bearing at play here. "The one in proximity, rather than the other one."

Fecundo has joined the Prince Weohstan Redrain Alcove.

Marquis Hadrian arrives with Marquessa Cambria Mazetti on his right side and Princess Isabeau Valardin on his left. Arms interlocked, they are a sea of aeterna and umbra. To his left a great deal of umbra and to his right a Marquessa wrapped up in aeterna. In the center of the pair is Hadrian himself, dressed in aeterna and umbra. A bright smile rests splashed over the sharp features of the Marquis as the trio make their entrance into the ballroom. Moments after their arrival, already harlequin eyes are seeking out an appropriate place to congregate for the gala.

Miranda laughs at Isidora, "Well, because he won't look as good in it as I will! Naturally!"

"There's more than one?" Sabella-as-Alarice wrinkles her nose, "I knew I should've read that contract a bit more closely."

Iliana's lips form a smirk as she hears 'brain your husband' and she can't help with grin in her seat.

Fatima does give another snort at Nilkas' immitation. There's probably no limit to the entertainment value of Tyrval-based clothing immitation, vase-throwing, and general satire. However, now, again looking between herself and others, Fairen and Berenice and then down at the actors, she wonders more toward them. "Are we supposed to do anything up here? I feel like everyone is awful far away. Not that I mind the view."

Isidora shakes her head and laughs a bit under her breath, "I see. Maybe I will take it so you don't fight over it afterwards."

Harlan is pretty much .... not paying attention to the crowd. He's chatting quietly, drinking alcohol. It seems to be enough, for him.

When his wife seems to react to the bit about braining husbands, Fairen wrinkles his nose up at Iliana and shakes his head. Then he looks over at Fatima and chuckles, lifting a shoulder lightly. "I suppose sit here and look pretty for the moment?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isabeau before departing.

nods and says, "I haven't heard, but I would think so?" He looks over towards Alaric and Katarina though, "I'm not certain that I could honestly pull that off." He shakes his head.

Fecundo holds up the cloak and smiles to Miranda, draping it over his shoulder. He looks to Isidora and smiles a little before looking to Orelia as well.

Shard eventually breaks from her chosen spot, and makes her way toward the Pena alcove. She snags a drink as she goes.

Fatima lifts her chin at Fairen's suggestion. "Well, look pretty I can do."

Aahana is currently sitting atop of a large stuffed dragon and regaling a story by how her arms are moving about with those sitting with her at her alcove. A bright smile curling her lips.

A soft chuckle escapes the noblewoman and she leans back in her leathers with a grin on her face. "Oh come now, husband? You know throwing vaces is the highlight of the year."

Miranda smiles at Isidora and Fecundo, wagging a finger at her brother before turning her attention back to those near her.

Upon the right arm of Hadrian, Cambria surveys the Elysian ballroom with bright blue eyes, her expression somewhat subdued when compared to the former Duke. "Would you care to lead the way, your highness?" She asks of Isabeau.

Nallah, a buff-looking tortie cat with green eyes, 2 House Mazetti Aspirants arrive, following Alessia.

Isidora smiles up at Fecundo before looking at Orelia, "Good evening."

"Clearly." Fairen replies towards Fatima, smiling at her and then looking back at his wife. "Year? I presume you mean it's the highlight of the day?" He's teasing, clearly, as he lets out a soft chuckle and shakes his head.

5 Grimhall House Guards, Orre arrive, following Harald.

Harald arrives, following Valdemar.

Berenice laughs down the way to Fatima, settled regally on her throne. "Yes, i might have to escape to explore," she admits to her. "I do feel very important, of course, but I also want /company/."

Stojan, the assistant, 3 Thrax Guards arrive, following Denica.

"How might marital arguments be settled more swiftly with the justice of vases." That rhetorical question leaves the stamp of amusement from the star-dappled figure of Delilah, eclipsed by Sorrel in all the metallic notes round them.

"Oh no, it's the highlight of the year. My year." she says, squeezing Fairen's hand gently as she watches the crowd with her gaze resting on particulars.

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Lisebet calls out. "Friendship is golden. This is already a fabulous party."

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6 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Vanora.

Niklas leans forward to look down at his fellow throne-dweller. "Surely you can convince someone to come and sit with you." He eyes her for a moment, then says, "You're an attractive woman, probably." He sits back and yawns. "Honestly, you all start to look the same after a while."

"Certainly, my lady," comes Princess Isabeau's reply to Cambria. "Shall we go and say hello to our hosts?" She is referring, of course, to the pair currently occupying the great glittering dais. The Valardin princess then subtly guides her escorts in that direction.

There's food and drink, there's dancing, there's extravagant places and costumes, and lighting that changes from one moment to the next to reflect the various Legends prowling around! There's just about everything one could want.

Upon the dais near Tyrval, there's Monique, pulling forth another cloak and calling out, "Has anyone seen Prince Cerdic Valardin? I know we've got a rocky relationship, but I hope he hasn't sailed off before drawing a raffle ticket for the winner of his spectacular cloak!"

Alessia Mazetti enters the ballroom, dresseed in an elgant seasilk floor length crimson gown with exposed shoulders and matching heeled slippers. A golden torc wrought in the shape of a Hydra with diamonds for eyes hangs from her neck and in her hand she holds a bottle of Liquid Legends. She glances around the room, looking for familiar faces, navigating amongst the crowd.

Monique gets Cerdic Nightstar Umbra Cloak from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Simone laughs softly at Sabella, "Oh then, how lovely to see you Queen Alarice!" She drops into a deep and respectful curtsy, worth of meeting a queen. As she straightens she slips her hand into the crook of Mariu's arm again and smiles, "It all turned out so very lovely. I am pleased! We worked every so hard on getting all of the decor just right." Spotting Monique, she waves over to her with a warm smile.

Vanora Grimhall whispers quietly to her husband. "Okay help me with your keen eyes...we're looking for a blonde, pale, Archduchessy...I owe her a kiss of greeting and then the agenda is getting drunk." They arrive arm in arm followed closely by the Grim Duke himself, who has his elbow out to escort Lady Iseulet Blackshore and an expression on his Grim features that implies he was definitely tricked into this.

Delilah awaits for a moment when Simone is not hip-deep in royals and Alarice's charmed court, offering the woman a deep nod. That might merely appear like a hooded silhouette nodding at her, but the almost complete absence of colour could be a memorable quality.

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Iseulet has her arm around Harald's, her smile all but confirming that he was tricked into this. "See, not so bad, yes?" She waves to a few recognized faces across the ballroom.

Monique waves to several people from the Dais as she calls forth Cerdic, her brother and sister-in-law included. There's radiant smiles in all directions, and yes, it does look hard for her to part from the Umbra cloak.

Valdemar laughs quietly at his wife's words, the sound likely mostly drowned out by all the various conversations going on here. "I will keep an eye out for her, but so far, I don't see anyone Archduchessy. Maybe she also wanted to be fashionably late?" he asks her in response, his tone somewhat teasing as he leads her further into the ballroom. He does glance around for familiar faces himself, though seem to notice many.

Laric strides in from the receiving room on his lonesome. He doesn't go anywhere immediately, simply pacing around the ballroom's perimeter and looking over the crowd with a faint, thoughtful smile on his lips. One of his gloved hands rests on the crossguard of his (safely bound, don't worry) sword, absently patting it every now and then. After a few minutes he ends his stroll and moves over to one of the alcoves.

On cue the brass sail hanging above the Cerdic Alcove is thrown aside. The Sunset Wanderer himself, who is totally not Margret with drawn on stubble, begins striding with purpose towards the dais where Monique is having the drawing for the cloak. "I haven't pulled out of port quite yet." Since clearly one pulls out of port. That's totally what a sailor would say!

Laric has joined the Founder of the Metallic Order Alcove.

Margret has rolled 1 4069-sided dice: 3305

Sabella-as-Alarice pauses in her conversation with those nearby to eye Niklas-as-Tyrval, "All of us?"

Ilinca arrives at the Gala directed by no more than a servant wearing the new -- or newly restored -- colors of House Corvini. Left in the care of the Whispers' staff he seems quite certain she will be well-tended to, and so swiftly departs, leaving her standing silently in the door. Green eyes take in the decor slowly, trailing over one tiny crystal after another, as though she were more awed by the enormous number of them than she was by the enormous number of people.

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Delilah gets The Lycene Cycle, Vol II from a willow basket with a white ribbon tied to the handle - Delilah.

Berenice just smirks at Niklas, and then she just rises up to her feet in a whisper of aeterna and strides off to go entertain herself in her throne's named alcove.

Fatima glances slyly at Niklas at the last, and arches her eyebrows just so. "Well, I'd thought your impression was accurate until then, but I not sure I buy that last one as accurate." Or so she declares. Indeed, she'll even join with Sabella slash Alarice in solidarity on this count. "I'd wager he can keep track of at least five or six women at a time before he starts to mix them up. Maybe even a little more than that, let me think."

Iliana opens her mouth, closes it, then opens it again, saying toward Fatima. "The number is ten, he can look at ten women before they all start looking the same." She grins.

Hadrian offers a nod to Isabeau, then to Cambria as he offers up a charcoal-whitened grin and a joyfully spoken, "Yes, let's!" He seems to leave Isabeau to lead the way in order for the chain their interlinked arms draw one after the other. Hadrian's arm slips from Cambria's for a moment in order to flap a gloved hand in the direction of Alessia in silent greeting - should it be witnessed, anyway.

Quenia has joined the GoldenPyre Alcove.

Once Cerdic is on the dais proper he reaches into the basket to draw a man. Unfolding it he peer down at it a moment before calling out, "Marquessa Cambria Mazetti."

Quenia manages to make her way back into the Gala after a short break. This time she settles on the GoldenPyre alcove.

Vanora has joined the Pena Stormryder, the Last Hierophant Alcove.

Monique greets Margret-as-Cerdic with a low curtsey, holding up the basket of raffle tickets. "Your Highness! If you wouldn't mind?" And as Cerdic does, Monique applauds and waves Cambria to come and collect her beautiful prize. The Minx might nuzzle the Umbra one final time covertly before she parts with it.

Waldemai applauds for the raffle winner.

Lucita gives a warm smile and claps as another winner is drawn.

"Congratulations, Marquessa Mazetti!!" Rosalie calls out happily from her throne, clapping enthusiastically!

Valdemar has joined the Pena Stormryder, the Last Hierophant Alcove.

Merek is overheard praising Cambria.

Michael is overheard praising Sabella.

Iliana claps her hands as a winner is drawn, smiling as she bestows congratulations.

Niklas looks over to 'Alarice' in evident surprise. "Oh, you're here." He sighs and sits back, looking to the ceiling. "I was just thinking about what it would be like to be eaten by a spider. While on fire." He rolls his head so he can look at Fatima, "Yes, yes. You're very special, ah, I want to say Baron Ashcrest?" He gives a slight shrug and goes back to sulking.

At the name 'Mazetti', Ilinca's eyes pivot towards... well, she's not really quite sure who. To the stage, perhaps? A few steps into the room and she drifts to get a closer view of those upon it, and those approaching.

Raising her voice from the alcove where she stands, Ashe calls out towards 'Alarice', "Don't worry, I'm sure in time he'll master the art of recognizing faces given practice; it only takes him a thousand years or so to really get good at something."

Merek stands up to walk around and check on more drinks, then he moves around and notices Denica whom he waves to fervently. He also applauds and praises people as they win as well.

Isabeau offers up warm applause for the marvelously lucky Mazetti marquessa. "How exciting," the princess says to Hadrian, leaning in lightly while his wife goes to claim her prize.

Margret has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Offering Hadrian and Cambria a wave in return, Alessia's attention is drawn by the announcement by Cerdic. Beaming with delight at her cousin's win, she slowly makes her approach. "Congratulations!" She shouts, hoping to be heard over the throng of people.

Tyrval narrows his eyes in a death glower at Ashe, as if trying to master the art of inflicting physical harm with glares alone. It doesn't work.

Iliana's lips curve into that grin, leaning back against the throne in which she sits and trying not to laugh.

"And now," Monique as her infamous alter-ego Countess Monica says, "we're going to play a game! Do you have what it takes to be a Legendary Liar? We'll find out! I leave it to my esteemed master of games, Goodman Theodoric Ulbran, to guide you wonderful Legends through!"

Fecundo applauds the winner of the second cloak and then pauses and listens as a contest is announced.

Shard sips her drink as she looks between Tyrval and Ashe. If she's amused, it doesn't show.

Theodoric comes in from the balcony where the lights aren't so bright, and approaches the dais. He looks well dressed, hair neatly arranged, beads polished. Stepping up without hesitation he clears his throat, "Alright, first up is a game near and dear to my heart, such as it is. On tables throughout the event are pamphlets describing the rules to a game called Legendary Liar. As my mother, the Queen, used to whisper to me before she abandoned me at the Tragedy. Never tell the truth when a lie will do." He proceeds to explain the process, and introduce the judges.

Ashe grins back at Tyrval in answer, raising her drink in a toast towards the Nox'alfar prince before returning her attention to the alcove she sits at.

"Oh I am a pitiful liar." Duarte laments over at the Pena alcove. "Suppose I sit this one out."

Sabella-as-Alarice grins over at Ashe, "But will he practice? I suppose he might as well since I've heard there's nothing worthwhile to do in Arx. Too little fire. Too few spiders."

"Ten's a pretty big number," Fatima tells Iliana, skeptically. Then, as Niklas / Tyrval #1 mistakes her for a Baron, she starts looking around the vicinity of her throne while glaring (for whatever reason) at Tyrval #2 in the crowd. "Anyone have another vase?" She clearly fears no deathglares in retribution.

Lifting her head from where she was whispering to her husband with a sweet little smile on her face, Iliana says flatly, "I can't lie. I flop at lying. I have a mind of my own." She grins at Fatima. "He's reather cheery isn't he?"

Cambria, in the midst of conversing with her companions, appears to have - somehow - missed the announcement. It is only through the completely subtle social cues of others that she is alerted to...

She blinks, lifts a finger, points to herself, and mouths inaudibly, "Me?" Thereafter, she goes to collect her prize. Even if she is also trying to tell Hadrian that he should join the game about lying.

Fairen checked intellect + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Rowenova checked perception + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 5 lower.

Alessandro checked intellect + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Isidora picks up Gala Game - Legendary Liar.

Felicia checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Kenna checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 31 higher.

Iseulet checked intellect + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Natalia has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Rohran has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Rohran leaves, following Natalia.

Delilah checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Rosalie has rolled a critical success!
Rosalie checked intellect + riddles at difficulty 15, rolling 119 higher.

Bliss checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Zara checked perception + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 29 higher.

Berenice checked wits + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 48 higher.

Sabella checked perception + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Lethe checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Eleyna checked intellect + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Niklas checked wits + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Isidora drops Gala Game - Legendary Liar.

Quenia checked wits + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 18 higher.

Octavia checked intellect + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Katarina checked wits + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 14 higher.

Evonleigh checked intellect + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 24 higher.

Amari checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Vanora checked intellect + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Hadrian checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Isabeau checked intellect + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 39 higher.

Reigna has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Kael has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

2 Novice Keaton Huntsmen leaves, following Kael.

Kael leaves, following Reigna.

Aahana checked intellect + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 67 higher.

Melody checked perception + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Elgana checked perception + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Fatima checked intellect + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 61 higher.

Stopping at the announcment of the game, Alessia takes the nearest seat to play.

Karadoc checked intellect + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Alessia has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Cambria checked perception + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Harlan checked intellect + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 5 higher.

Lisebet checked wits + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Ford checked wits + intimidation at difficulty 15, rolling 0 higher.

Lucita has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Duarte checked intellect + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Alessia checked wits + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 1 higher.

Lucita quietly makes her way out of the area

Miranda checked intellect + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 3 higher.

Iliana does not participate in the game, but watches with a little smile on her lips

Lisebet laughs and she tosses her hand in for the game, curiously. Because she can give it a try, why not? She gives Zara a glance, and a half shrug. "Why not play?"

Alaric has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Alaric has joined the Founder of the Metallic Order Alcove.

Helia's not playing either. Instead she's looking around at anyone and anything that sparkles, much like a cat distracted by the shinies. And there are so many shinies!

Katarina has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Katarina has joined the Founder of the Metallic Order Alcove.

Marius checked wits + diplomacy at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Pasquale checked wits + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 27 higher.

Harlan has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

heads away from his benc and looks around a bit, as if considering who he should go speak to next.

Ilinca has joined the Pena Stormryder, the Last Hierophant Alcove.

Faruq just listens to all of the lies and other such things, but stays silent himself. He smiles and offers a wave over towards Ilinca.

Josephine, all dressed up in the lovely garments and headdress of Pena, seems sto be moving swiftly from the Heirophant's alcove and toward an exit while trying her best to not attract attention.

Ilinca has left the Pena Stormryder, the Last Hierophant Alcove.

Ilinca has joined the Cerdic the Sunset Wanderer Alcove.

Smiling brightly, Fairen stands up to tell his lie... Or truth. "Queen Alaric the Great was reknown back in her day for a famous, legendary creature she used to ride into war. A creature that matured with her over the course of the battles."

Harlan has joined the Founder of the Metallic Order Alcove.

A furrowed brow comes as Ilinca's reply to the wave, as she tries to place Faruq's face. But then her features smooth, and one hand lifts in answer to him. With so few others she can place -- and perhaps thinking better of approaching some of those who came to Iasu -- she moves towards his table with a swishing of her black silks.

Kenna has left the Cerdic the Sunset Wanderer Alcove.

It doesn't take an expert to tell that Felicia's lying, when her turn comes. The stiff way she stands, the slight color to her cheeks, the stilted attempt at a fib. One thing's for sure, she's an awful liar.

Cambria, having gone to accept her cloak, does not dedicate enough focus to the game. Or so she will forever claim. She does not advance to the next round, but she does watch those contestants who do with merry interest.

Margret has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Kenna drifts away from her area, and spreads out her story WELL ENOUGH. Not amazing, but well enough before she settles herself somewhere else..

Margret has joined the Cerdic the Sunset Wanderer Alcove.

Looking a little wide-eyed, Korka makes her way into the ballroom. The woman lingers near the doors in for a long few moments, pacing a few steps to the side here or there, trying to get a look at everything before she ventures any further in.

Josephine has left the Pena Stormryder, the Last Hierophant Alcove.

Demetria Arcuri leaves, following Josephine.

"Tyrval, is this secretly a Folly?" Bliss calls out loudly, suddenly. "If so, this is very tame and I am extremely disappointed in you. If not, why not?"

Looking about, Iliana spots Korka and waves to her from her throne. She grins and doesn't speak, but smiles warmly at the newcomer.

Octavia has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Lisebet stands up when it's her turn and claims, "Goldenpyre had a little known secret that can be found only by extreme research. He used to set up exquisite armours as scarecrows with straw and all, in order to delay enemies. And maybe friends." Right, even shse didn't believe that one.

Iseulet speaks up from where she's standing with Harald, "Queen Alarice the great wrote love poems to her cat." She says it so affirmatively you could swear she had one on her right now.

"Tyrval really likes stuffed animals," is Fatima's possible statement of maybe truthfalsehood, when the judges make it around. "More than he'd care to admit."

Luca has joined the Founder of the Metallic Order Alcove.

Aahana dressed up as Goldenpyre atop of the large dragon plushie adjust her sitting on the dragon as she does her truth/lie flawlessly "It is known throughout far and wide that Dragons still roam about this earth though none are near Arx, one must travel much further away to have them approach."

When Berenice steps up with that charming smile to tell her story for the judges, she opts for one of the more outlandish stories of Alarice she recalls, playing with just the tiniest performative hint of lying in her manner; it's apparently enough to have the judge skeptical that she's making it up, and Berenice grins with sharp satisfaction to announce that it's true.

Michael has left the Cerdic the Sunset Wanderer Alcove.

Sabella-as-Alarice looks thoughtful a moment as she thinks up her lie or truth, as she nods to Fatima, "It's true he likes stuffed animals, but he absolutely loathes smiles. The reason Prince Tyrval is never seen with me during daytime events is that he's deathly allergic to cheer. So please, everyone, watch your smiles around him. It is evening, so people are often more solemn, but we must keep the dear Prince's comfort in mind." She says with a smile.

Prince Weohstan notably glances up, taking greater interest in the game now that there's mention made of dragons.

Prince Luca drifts in on the winds of celebration. He probably doesn't even register in a crowd of this size. He's maybe at the entrance for a moment, before he sinks himself into the mass of people and becomes just another face.

Zara touches the tiara on Lady Lisebet's head for luck and some joke maybe though the Princess is not known for that.. really. She is dressed in beautiful creation of violet silk, satin and leather with the dragon of her house swirling around her as she strides over to the game and waits her turn. When is comes she steps forward and dips her chin. Her voice is even and soft, but carries in a husky lyrical tone as she spins a tale of the coming of the light, of the raise of the time of understand and where all follows the guides of Guest Ring. It /sounds/ like a Legend.. a beginning, with more to come for the next round.. She then returns to her seat and waits for the coming of others.

Once it is her turn, Eleyna steps up to deliver her own lie with a smooth, confident delivery. "Legend says that Goldenpyre was called as such because one of his... appendages was made of solid gold. It gleamed in the sunshine each time it was exposed. He was immensely proud of it and showed it off as often as possible." There might just be a wicked twinkle in those pale blue eyes after she finished speaking.

Rosalie stands from her throne and grins brightly. "Did you know that on trips, Gold and his dragon companion would amuse each other with terrible jokes and try to stump each other with riddles? The dragon, of course, always won... except for once! Gold told the following riddle to stump his friend. 'I can fly yet have no wings, I beat down mountains, I conquer kings. At once three different things am I, as a continuous, whole I cannot die'. They say the answer to the riddle was lost with Gold when they perished."

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Hadrian steps forward with his addition to the tales. With a sweep of his hand he gestures wide, perhaps to accentuate his point or perhaps to draw the attention of onlookers, "The one known as Goldenpyre was named such because once upon a time he gathered together much of the gold coins which could be found in Arvum and melted them all down. That's why we primarily utilize silver as our standard currency." Soon enough he melts back and returns to the side of Cambria and Isabeau so that they may speak quietly.

"Much has been said about the Metallic called Silver," says Niklas-as-Tyrval, addressing the judge, "defender of the defenseless, the Silver Gift, all the rest. But," and he leans forward her, suddenly very serious, "but few talk about her greatest gift. That which she gave this world that modern humans, in their predictable foolishness have managed to forget and now take for granted. She invented scrambled eggs." He then drops back into his throne and sighs. "Legends are always remembered for the wrong things."

Pasquale clears his throat and begins his tale, starting at a slow build to conserve his voice, so he can add dramatic flourishes, should he manage to continue it. It concerns the grand military exploits of Queen Alarice. Her daring, her courage, her legendary prowess with a blade, on an obscure campaign. Or an entirely made-up one, unclear, but he tries to sell it as if it were true.

Fredrik blinks once and looks squarely at Rosalie. "But..That's a good riddle and all, but the answer is pretty obvious, isn't it? It's..." but then he seems to realize that might defeat the entire point of the exercise, and he shuts his mouth.

Iliana grins at Elena and then laughs aloud, she can't seem to help it.

Monique watches as the game progresses, listens to the truths and lies with visible enjoyment glowing on her face. "Oh, these are good! I don't know how the judges are going to be able to tell!"

Lethe stands to tell a story about a hero. "Queen Alarice very much wished that she could fly and she very much loved birds." She contines to tell the story of how she saved a baby bird.

With his majesty, the Master of Questions, the Leader of the Metallic Order, a graceful Whisper, and the remarkable figure of Katarina, Delilah has the easiest time probably spinning a tale of liars. The black-clad shade stands, face utterly dark under that hood. A breath taken in and when her turn comes to the liars' game, her voice rings out softly to Theodoric: "It is known that Silver maintained a friendship with a dragon, and that dragon brought to her one day a pearl fetched up from the deepest waves. A pearl, it was said, that would dissolve away in any drink, and partake great wisdom, but only once. She kept it tucked away, forgotten through all the years, trading this way and that. Finally it came to the hands of a certain Valardinian prince, and was cause for his greatest folly."

Arm in arm with Valdemar, Vanora listens to some of the lies with a grin, sighing to him. "I don't know enough to make up a good lie on this subject. So. Lets wager. We have to entertain ourselves as everyone else is entertained, yes? I need information. One, have you ever seen your father dance in his entire life...not including at weddings? Two, do you think it is at /all/ possible that I could convince him to dance with me, here, tonight, and if I did so...what's that worth. Wager." She grins at her husband, nodding her head towards a passing tray with drinks. "Grab me two?"

Katarina is trying to outshine Alaric and his gown. It's really not working, so she sips her wine.

Theodoric paces behind the judges as the contest enters its first round, keeping the line orderly and ushering things along. His smile is broad and he seems to be vastly entertained by all the stories, "We're down to 18! Warm up your imaginations, you're not done yet. Round 2!"

"Oh yes, I make very good eggs," Fatima agrees sportingly, with Tyrval #1 also called Niklas. However at this point, it seems she's finally decided to abandon her seat, even thhough she's finally worked a good butt groove in there. Other people are doing it, and it's lonely up there. But, in keeping with theme of things, she makes her first destination her 'matching' alcove.

"Prince Weohstan Redrain once arm wrestled a bear. I've seen it written. He lost, and the loss shook him so badly, he undertook a climb to the top of the nearby mountain where he sought the guidance of the wind and sky, and subsisted on handfuls of snow, pebbles and grass, mostly, as he sat for two weeks. Eventually his answer came in the form of a goat who challenged him to a headbutting contest. He lost. But, having been humbled, he never lost another arm wrestling or headbutting competition when he returned to his people." Amari tells the assembled, very truthfully.

Iseulet checked intellect + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 53 higher.

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Harald thinks for a moment. Or at least he pretends probably doesn't take a lot of thinking. "Seems unlikely," he says, calmly as though he's talking about the weather, to Vanora.

In walk two more attendees: a taller young man with golden-brown hair and amber-gold eyes, and a slightly taller, young man with platinum blonde hair and striking black eyes. "They /are/ here," the shorter one tells the taller. "I know they are. Ashe was even wearing fancy clothing before she left, and she never does that! So they must be at a Big Party, and this is where everyone said the Big Party was." The capital letters are somehow audible as Sassabrass speaks; there's just enough emphasis on the words to turn them into proper nouns somehow. The tall young man stops just inside the doorway, however, staring around the room at the size of the crowd with those amber-gold eyes wide in surprise. "Oh. This is Rather a Lot of People."

Vanora offers the Grim Duke an exaggerated pout. "Hush now you're ruining it we haven't started. /First/ Valdemar has to decide how likely it is that I will convince you to dance, that sets the price on the wager. Only /then/ do I consider whether the effort is worth the crushing humiliation of your rejection, Father Harald, and decide whether or not to make the attempt anyway. You're skipping steps."

Alessia watches the entertainment with a wry smile as she quietly drinks her liquor.

Joining in on the game, Marius bides his time before he opts to join in. There were certain advantages to being a prodigal, and making use of this outsider angle to weave a little believable tale about one of the Legends, leaving the judges in dispute to the veracity or not of the Greenmarcher's statement. With a little chuckle and a swig of a drink, Marius is delighted to find himself advancing on, soon having to think up of another story to tell.

Monique finds herself eyeing her brother Marius from the Dais with some glint of suspicion and good humor. "I always /knew/ you didn't actually find a unicorn in the Greenwood! But you were so convincing..."

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Elgana pauses in her conversation as she leans toward her best--'Cerdic' to listen, her smile warm and then she blinks and grins.

While she might have once considered joining the game of legendary liars, Princess Isabeau takes pause for a while and seems to think better of her attempted participation. Instead, she reclines with Cambria while Hadrian tells his little tale and speaks quietly with the other woman while otherwise ogling her recently-claimed prize.

Vanora murmurs one last question to Valdemar. "Do tears work on him? Not from you...but your sisters? Turn on the waterworks...oooh I could pretend I'm insulted because he doesn't want to dance since I'm /fat/ what with the twins a month old.../that/ has to work. I think." She frowns and considers.

Having not made it to the next round, Lisebet is totally now into listening mode, because she can! She just enjoys the tall tales, pretty certain not a one was truth, but it's fun to listen to them all. Her gaze goes to those who move, and she then smiles, pausing to murmur to her fellow bench sitter.

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Leona is murmuring something to Eleyna and then the two young men make their entrances and Leona just stops dead. "Oh dear," she murmurs and then she elbows Ashe and raises her hand, waving the two newcomers over wordlessly, though her eyes look just a little wild.

Fecundo watches the lying contest and grins a little, turning to speak softly to Isidora.

Jacali seems to be biding her time, chilling out where she is off by some bar or another, occasionally chatting to her average-looking accompaniment. Her hat never moves, her eyes never seen, and her expression perpetually frozen in that politician's grin. Empty. Unnerving. Probably hiding a dark secret involving dead pets, strange growths and alchemical solutions.

Evonleigh has left the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Listening to his wife, Valdemar lets out a laugh. "Well, I have never seen him dance, except at a wedding, but Mother has told stories about it, so it clearly happened at some point in the past. As to whether it is possible you could convince him to dance...well, he just said it was unlikely, but I think you stand as good a chance as anyone who /isn't/ Mother. Better than most, certainly. Sometimes tears worked for my sisters," he responds to her as he moves to pick up two glasses of wine as he considers what it might be worth. After a moment, he asks her, "What is the potential embarrassment worth to you? I mean, I will just be a spectator here. What would you want, if you do manage it?"

Iseulet doesn't skip a beat. "The Sunset Wanderer was also an avid gardener and wherever he roamed, he placed maple seeds... And that is why the Oathlands is renown for their maple syrup today."

Looking to his younger sister as she makes her exclamation, Marius simply gives a wide grin and another drink of his whiskey, quipping back, "Who's to say I didn't?" As his next turn comes upon him, Marius hesitates a moment, seeming deep in thought as he contemplates just what to offer the judges. Ultimately, it is perhaps that hesitation that gives it away, spending too long to think up of something ambiguous to confuse the judges and... instead offers a shrug of a shoulder, admitting defeat.

After such an amazing first round, Rosalie seems to have stumped herself as to how to continue! She stands there, pondering and musing, staring at the ceiling. And then distracted by her fiance, who gets a warm smile and a stolen kiss. After that, she blinks and asks, "What were we doing again? I forgot!" Giggling, she shakes her head and sits back on her throne to speak quietly with Alexandre.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

Ashe is conversing quietly at her alcove but cuts off abruptly, choking on her drink as she spots the newcomers that Leona's just invited over. Recovering, she murmurs something to Leona, and then begins looking for an exit.

Pasquale cracks the slightest of smiles as he's given leave to continue in the game of Legendary Liars. And so he does, adding a touch more drama to his inflection, praising the glories of Alarice's conquest over barbarians and enemies of the Compact on a far-gone battlefield with flare and gusto. He still manages to sell it. Mostly. Maybe enough to stay in the game a bit longer, at least.

Amari builds on her previous tale about Prince Weohstan, recounting a peculiar diversion in his life which included yet more arm wrestling, headbutting and an axe fight with an aggravating tree. It's quite long and strangely believable, even if it includes the fact that he pulled another noble's arm off accidentally, and had to make restitution in the form of a herd of shaggy Northern cattle, six fine hunting hounds and a small fortress. It's just not good enough to make the cut to the next round, so she sits back down and returns to her drinking.

"The mount Queen Alarice was known for riding was an elongated, winged serpent known as a Wyvern. What made this creature famous was that it could spit acid. Not from it's mouth though, oh no. See, this creature was a male, and used it's features to fire projectiles." Fairen tells, but his story is quite clearly marked as a fib, and so he sits down, shaking his head in defeat.

Iliana grins

"So he does dance...theoretically." Vanora responds to her husband, plucking a wineglass from a passing tray and draining it halfway. "He said it is unlikely but of course it is or it wouldn't be a good wager. If I asked you what you'd wager that I could get him to frown at me, the answer would be 'nothing' because of course I can do that, anyone can. The challenge makes the wager. As for what potential embarassment is worth..." The pale redhead considers. "Remember the other day when I told you I saw the most beautiful earrings in Mirari's shop and I covetted them. You asked me how much they cost. I answered, and you said...oh one of those words that make me cranky, which one was it...starts with an N. That's right. You said 'No' Maybe...reconsider?" She asks in her sweetest voice.

Lethe stands to tell another tale. "The Sunset Wanderer is said to have hidden a great treasure, and there are supposed to be clues hidden someone in the city if you're smart enough to find them."

For the next round of the competition, Eleyna looks directly at Tyrval, gives him a little smile, and then says, "I heard a story once that Queen Alarice left several black journals regarding her husband's penchant for playing with dolls. She even remarked that his especial favorite was a blue-haired doll with pointy ears that he would carry tucked around in his pocket to official meetings and parties. He even took it out to talk to it when he thought no one was looking." Then, deliberately, she looks Tyrval over as if scanning him for pockets before grinning and stepping back to rejoin her party.

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Hadrian emerges from the crowds once again in order to speak aloud his tale. His mouth opens and then simply hangs there for a moment at Fairen's words. Hadrian then points toward the Marquis and continues, "It's name was Quincy." Once again the Marquis of House Mazetti melds into the crowd and back to his companions.

Sabella-as-Alarice looks flatly at Fairen, "The misinformation about me written in the histories is dreadful! For I actually rode a gryphon into battle and it is never noted that she was female and her name was Badger."

Fredrik makes his leave once Rosalie is knocked out, giving her an encouraging smile full of warmth before he slips out with a bow to all at his table, perhaps overwhelmed too much at the moment to continue.

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Georgette, 1 Greenmarch Guard, Marius leave, following Simone.

Sassabrass, a human with many questions leaves, following Ashe.

Flappinum, a human with many opinions, Ashe leave, following Leona.

Shard watches Leona, and then Ashe. Her other eye joins the first in narrowing.

Legendary liars, such as is, takes its luck from the famed lack thereof in the vicinity of the Metallic alcove. The night-dappled figure of the Whitehawk girl continues to benefit by reflection from those near her. Somewhere she gathered a stem filled by liquor which she drinks somewhat. "Wisdom brings with it the terrible consequence of shock. Would you open your eyes to the true face of the world, you would rendered awestruck. As was Prince Cerdic. He drank the pearl of wisdom bequeathed by a dragon, dissolved in his liquor. As the rush struck his veins, he was able then to see much that was hidden, discerning secret paths through the world known to very few. And so he set the course of his ship, the Nightstar, to a route none other could see. His crew was in terror, for what distant route did they carve, away from the shelter of shore and familiar lines? So he struck through the waves, and found a promontory known only to the wisest of the wise."

Fatima serves up another Tyrval-related comment (this is going to be a theme!), for the contest, after she's said a round of greetings to her alcove. "While Tyrval does love his plushies," as we've now established, "and definitely hates smiles, he's not as fond of bloody follies as he gets on, and REALLY prefers walks on the beach, so long as its late enough that he won't catch on fire."

Berenice attempts what /should/ be a remarkably believable story about another of Alarice's famed battles, with just the /slightest/ bit of flubbing in some of the details. And while her performance of the tale is strong, it's not /quite/ good enough to fool the judges, and she has to admit defeat for the game.

When it's his turn Niklas just looks at the judge with an unpleasant sulk, then brightens moderately and says, "Let's forget about the legends of the past for the moment," he waves a hand as if dismissing the past, "and instead think about the greatest modern legend of them all. Our own hostess, the Minx of the Marches. She's known for her wild escapades in the Greenwood, but her most daring robberies are ones no one even knows about. Did you know that she once robbed an entire wagonhouse caravan without being spotted once? At one point Duke Arn looked down and his favorite belt buckle, featuring a red wall made of rubies, was gone. When he stood to rage at the Minx the poor man's trousers fell right now." Niklas gives a shake of his head, but corpses just a bit, quriking a small smile though he bites down on the inside of his cheek.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Helia before departing.

Still reclining comfortably in his alcove, Prince Weohstan merely chuckles at the occasional mention of his name, seeming content to share rum with those seated with him and enjoy observing the game.

Theodoric once again is being line usher, putting the contestants up for the judges and taking the notes, collecting the scores. "Eight fantastic liars left!" he calls out. "Your contributions to the cause of obfuscation and treachery, please!"

Sabella checked perception + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Late to the party comes Count Magnus Stahlben. The large man of the north enters in with the look of one who is certainly outside of his arena in the social venue, though he has at least attempted to put on a good face. He offers a slight smile to any near the entrance before promptly gazing about for somewhere out of the way to gravitate toward. And possibly find something strong to drink.

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Pasquale checked wits + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 16 higher.

"If you're trying to make me blush," Monique calls out to Niklas with a pleased laugh, "you'll have to try harder than that! And any of that could absolutely be true!" But she's not saying whether it is or not.

Fatima checked intellect + propaganda at difficulty 15, rolling 56 higher.

Lethe checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 50 higher.

Eleyna checked intellect + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Helia before departing.

Niklas checked wits + manipulation at difficulty 15, rolling 36 higher.

Magnus has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

Niklas doesn't look to Monique, but drawns in her general direction, "We may not be able to do the impossible every day, Lady Monique, but that is no reason not to try."

Demetria Arcuri arrives, following Josephine.

Josephine has joined the Pena Stormryder, the Last Hierophant Alcove.

Back into the ballroom moves 'Pena' and Josephine is affixing the headdress once again as the old woman starts to slip her way back to the alcove bearing her characters name.

"Well, more than theoretically. It is Mother's word, so I trust that more than I do my own eyes, of course," Valdemar tells Vanora, before letting out another laugh at her explanation of how the wager has to be a challenge for it to be entertaining. After taking a sip from his own wineglass, he considers for a moment before answering her, "Very well, I can...reconsider, if you get him to dance with you. And if you can't...well then, I get the entertainment of watching you try."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alessandro before departing.

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white-tailed eagle, 2 House Riven Soldiers arrive, following Thesarin.

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Sir Floppington, the soulful hound have been dismissed.

Monique gets an electrum collar of pale blue rectangular diamonds from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Rowenova has joined the GoldenPyre Alcove.

Monique gets a tiara of graduated diamonds with starburst fringe from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Monique gets a star iron ring visualizing the Brass Knight legend from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Vanora finishes her wineglass and sets it on another passing tray, nodding at Valdemar. She walks past one of the wrought iron benches on her way whatever it is she's going to do, pausing near Alessandro and murmuring something to him quietly. Once that is handled, she plucks another glass of wine on her way back over to the Grim Duke, whom she greets with her sweetest and most beguiling smile. "Father Harald. I was hoping I might charm you into one 'tiny' little dance when the music swells up again. I'm a decent enough dancer to even make a reaver look graceful on the floor, I promise. And won't Mother Anneke be pleased when I write to her and tell her how very happy you made me, as we didn't get the chance to dance at a wedding. Won't you consider it?"

Thesarin has joined the Pena Stormryder, the Last Hierophant Alcove.

Next, Iseulet tells the tale of Pena's prized messenger rabbit that had wings and deer antlers named Rufus and it's just a bit much for the judges to take seriously but at least it gives her pause enough to notice the two men that have made an entrance by being given stink eyes. She wiggles her fingers pleasantly at them.

Rosalie giggles softly and grins up at Alexandre. "But later tonight, when we're in our room at the Villa? You can do -everything- you want. In fact, I insist."

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Berenice has joined the Pena Stormryder, the Last Hierophant Alcove.

Alexandre checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 3 lower.

Niklas glances over toward Rosalie and Alexandre. "Cribbage is fun."

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Inquisitor Jonathen leaves, following Laric.

"Prince Tyrval used to enjoy the craziness of having breakfast for dinner," Sabella-as-Alarice suggests to Alexandre.

Niklas gasps. "Binner!"

The Archduchess' final tale isn't spectacular for its believability in straight facts. Quite the contrary, her final tale involves Prince Weohstan, a bright pink goat, and a bottle of Southern Thunder (an alcoholic beverage that was only recently invented) in a cave on a stormy night. Yet, her delivery is so confident, as if she believes her own story entirely and so, it makes it that much easier for anyone else around her to believe.

"Beats dunch."

Sabella-as-Alarice gestures to Niklas as if to say, 'see?'

Alexandre already looked surprised at Rosalie's reply. When her voice carries so far as to be heard by most, however? He just looks mortified. Poor Oathlander.

Lethe stands to tell her tale. "A dragon wasn't the only great friend to be friends with Goldenpyre. There was one other. It was a creature of the sea and not the sky, and not much is known about it for there are those still searching for it out there." She goes on to tell of an adventure they had.

Rosalie grins over at Niklas, "I prefer dreakfast. Dessert for breakfast!" Then she's clearing her throat and flashing Alexandre an apologetic grin.

"And what about second breakfast?" Fairen asks, peering around the room from his seat.

Helia is almost crying into her glass of rum; her eyes squeezed are shut, her shoulders heaving up and down in helpless sniggering snorts for some reason. XD

"I don't think they know about second breakfast," Denica pipes up from her seat.

"Elvensies, anyone," Cambria chimes in.

"What the fuck is..." Shard starts, but simply trails off.

"second breakfast can be summarized as damn good." Iliana adds her two cents.

Fatima has to think a while on this one. There's only so many ridiculous things that can be said about Tyrval before it starts turning into parody. Well, even more parody. But she settles with one that is a little more tame, but perhaps a shade more believable, and thus... the cunningest of maybe-lie? Or at least the best she can come up with: "That whole ridiculous thing he introduces himself with is not his /exact/ correct title."

Puff, a dainty yellow-green canary arrives, following Arcadia.

Pasquale adds far too much trickery and dramatic double-crosses to his story for it to /really/ be about Alarice, and the lie gets rather obvious once he's deep into it. With a sigh, he bows and quits the field. Procuring a glass of wine for himself before he slides back into his lurking position within his chosen alcove. Now that he's out of it, he listens with rapt attention as the tales draw toward some conclusion.

"So can second dinner," Iliana has to add as she grins over her bottle of drink.

Theodoric tallies the final numbers, returning the dais, "Announcing the winners of the Legendary Liars contest, those with the most celebrated of tongue, deceitful of wit, and cleverest turner of phrase are.. In first place, Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa, second place Lady Lethe Tyde, and third place Princess Fatima Thrax. I celebrate your fine craft, and imagination enjoy the rewards that come with the practice of deception." with that Theodoric returns to the balcony, to resume his imbibement.

Lisebet continues to drink, listening to the stories and the gentle teasing ongoing. She moves to the edge of her seat a bit, getting ready to get up. And once the winners are introduced, she joins in the cheering congratulations. "Well played!"

Fecundo applauds the winners, having a good smile at the lies told.

Valenciasmiles and raises her glass to the winners and cheers from the balcony.

Per usual, Arcadia's entrance is one of manic movements and accidental grace. Eager feet lead her forward, unpredictable in motion yet always falling into steps fluid and nimble. She pauses -- an overwhelmed blink, and then a self-conscious flicker of her expression as she looks down at her outfit. She's underdressed. Her energy dies down a touch, and she gravitates towards the most familiar of faces.

Waldemai applauds the winners, and if he seems to be a little more enthusiastic for Lady Lethe, well, everyone has to favor someone.

Zara claps as well from her seat but her eyes have fallen on Rosalie and Alex and she can't only arch an eyebrow with that hint of a smile, but a dimple appears, so clearly even she heard the words going on.

Vanora applauds the winners, especially Eleyna, beaming at her and then at Valdemar and Harald. "You see? /That/ is why she's First Liar to Arkin...he'll be as seasoned as a Lycene courtier by the time he comes of age to rule." She cants her head back at the Grim Duke with a little half-smile. "Indulge me? I'll even let us step into one of the quieter rooms, so we're not in the way of the games around us."

Nisaa lifts her hands to applaud the winners of the contest. Her attire making a slight jingling sound with the movement, adding to the applause.

Lifting up her head, and in leather no less, Iliana is grinning at something her husband is saying, before quiet literally yelling, "Arcadia!" her voice carrying somewhat over the crowd.

Isabeau claps politely for the winners as they are announced. She manifests a measure more enthusiasm for Princess Fatima.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Rosalie before departing.

Jerome, a bodyguard leaves, following Isabeau.

Having made the bar, Magnus eases himself down to a seat on one of the stools before ordering up a glass of whiskey. He casts a glance over his shoulder toward the goings on, drains the first glass and orders up a second before turning around to place his shoulders against the bar to watch the rest of the festivities from where he sits. He seems to be chatting with Ronja about something or other.

Monique applauds the winners and offers up, "And now I think another cloak raffle! The Aeterna, if we could have our Queen Alarice come up for the drawing?" She waves to Sabella with a bright smile.

Lethe seems suprised to hear her name, but she makes sure to clap for first and third place. She looks to Eleyna and Fatima. "Congratulations and thank you to everyone. That was a lot of fun."

Eleyna smiles at the mention of her name and the receipt of the ring, which she accepts graciously before returning to her companions in the alcove.

Hadrian is overheard praising Eleyna: She may be requested to act as Best Liar for Hadrian II and Hadrian III when they arrive. One can certainly dream. It'd certainly put a smile on my face.

Iliana calls out to Cady, and Fairen perks up to wave at his cousin, smiling at her brightly. "Hey Cady." He says, though admittably his tone is much lower than that of his wife's.

Harald stops and considers for a moment, and he doesn't look particularly pleased. Of course he often doesn't look particularly pleased. "I suppose that's a compromise I could live with."

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Fayre have been dismissed.

1 Valardin House Guards have been dismissed.

Fatima glances out from the alcove to... smile and dip her head graciously when things are announced. Though she also comments: "I should have mine engraved 'I spent the evening mocking an ally and powerful blood mage, and all I got was this necklace.'" A beat. "I suppose still having a neck to put it on is a good consolation prize." She tries putting it on, but realizes she's wearing too much jewelry. "Oh, this spidery one is in the way."

"Why are you sitting in a throne?" Arcadia asks Fairen once her feet park beside the Marquis, sounding a bit jealous, maybe. She blinks then, lashes fluttering a few times as it takes a second for her to process Iliana's presence. "Oh. OH!" Her voice rises to a near squeal. "You are back from the Leaholdt! Thank the Gods. You look wonderful. How's the baby? I was just--" Her attention is stolen by the mention of a cloak raffle. "Have I missed the window of opportunity for that?" she wonders to those nearby, nose scrunched up. "Aeterna..."

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Sabella-as-Alarice sets down the glass of bubbly she'd picked up and heads up to the glittering Dias, waving regally at those she passes, stopping briefly to offer congratulations to the winners of the last contest, before climbing up beside Monique and Tyrval. "I hope everyone is having a glorious time and wish you all luck on this drawing."

Sabella has rolled 1 4069-sided dice: 1318

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Iliana grins and leans over to attempt to hug Arcadia. "Oh the baby is wonderful. My pride and joy. She is my beautiful angel of light..." She gushes for a moment before remembering where she is, and then saying, "Oh darling, we are throne people, haven't you heard?" She grins and reaches over to squeeze her husband's hand.

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Hadrian's attention slips around to the departure of Isabeau from their trio. Quiet words spoken by Cambria results in Hadrian leaning in and down to listen while the raffles begin anew.

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Miranda walks with Faruq, albeit a tad stiffly and with a slight limp, to the bench with Zara, Lisebet, and Waldemai upon it.

Poor Harald. Vanora smiles at him with what might be sympathy, but certainly isn't mercy, for she reaches out a hand and gently takes his arm to lead him out into the main part of the ballroom. "Here, come walk with me. I'll be gentle with you I promise." Her teasing is light and playful, even if the Grim Duke is making his Grimmest face. "You might even like it. You never know." To Valdemar she adds as an aside, "We'll be right back love, unless you want to explore with us."

Fatima has left the Founder of the Metallic Order Alcove.

Sabella-as-Alarice reaches into the bag and pulls out the ticket, "Lord Jamie Greenmarch!" She announces with a broad smile, before turning to Tyrval, "I do hope your dance card isn't so full that you haven't saved at least one for me. No vases allowed on the dance floor, so it should be safe enough."

"I won this honor before the event." Fairen informs Cady with a bright smile, inclining his head at her. "I applied enough flattery to Lady Orelia to get this seat." He notes happily, then his smile brightens as they talk about his daughter. Still, his eyes cut out to watch the raffle. "Yes, sadly you did indeed miss your chance to participate in the raffle."

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Waldemai applauds for the lucky raffle winner.

Helia waves to Rosalie and Alexandre before she exits the ballroom, though with a bit of applause for the winners. Then she's off!

Valencia joins Waldemai in the cheering.

Arcadia likes hugs, and falls into the one offered by Iliana with breezy ease. "I will teach her to fight, one day," she chirps up to Iliana with a small, hair-tousling nod of her head. Fairen's reply earns a small puff of a sigh, and a loose and bouncy shrug of her silk-clad shoulders.

Delilah applauds the success of Lord Jamie's success in the auction, palms set lightly together, before she's back to her conversation.

6 Grimhall House Guards leaves, following Vanora.

Thesarin pounds a hand on the table as Jamie's name is announced, and raises his glass in the man's direction.

Cambria brings her hands together in applause for the latest winner of the raffle, smiling pleasantly as she speaks with Hadrian.

Pasquale applauds the winner of the latest raffle, and then politely excuses himself from the alcove for a bit of air.

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5 Grimhall House Guards, Orre leave, following Harald.

Before he can even get an entire drink down once again the dais finds itself in the company of the uncharacteristically well dressed rogue. Theodoric repeats his earlier routine of gathering some attention, after a suitable pause he claps his hands twice dramatically and the large curtain obscuring a rather tall climbing wall is lowered to the floor. "Our next bit of entertainment is for the more athletic among you, we're calling it the Weijin Wall. But, fear not if you're not any great power, those of great spirit can be instrumental in any feat of strength. So find a suitable partner, and prepare yourselves!"

Smiling, Iliana returns the hug with a soft nod for Arcadia, her eyes twinkling warmly. "Oh yes, please teach my daughter how to fight, though... I need to teach her how to shoot." she says and as Fairen speaks, she chuckles quietly. "I'm sure he'll teach her how to write."

Fecundo steps away form his place, looking ready to climb the wall, glancing about for Quenia.

Quenia rises from her seat and makes her way over to the Weinjin Wall, taking a place close to Fecundo.

Lisebet checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

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Quenia checked charm + empathy at difficulty 25, rolling 11 higher.

Felicia raises her glass, and her voice,"I'm willing to climb, if there's someone willing to shout!" she advertises to the room at large, perhaps less concerned than she ought to be able the propriety of loud bellowing in such a space.

Monique gets Alaricite and Aeterna Alarice Griffin Cloak from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Sorrel checked charm + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 33 higher.

Evonleigh glances at the poster and shakes her head, laughing a little, but then turns to Felicia and moves that way. "I can shout for you," she says with a dip of her head. "Evonleigh Whitehawk, cheerer at your service."

Berenice's voice is touched with a hint of laughter as she offers the room at large, "I'm an /excellent/ cheerer."

"Oh, I can take a break on this one," Fatima declares with relief. She's all gamed out from the last one, perhaps. "Well, unless there's some poor soul with no friends who needs someone to cheer for them." Perhaps that description is to discourage anyone from asking? Either way, she prowls around a little before finding another place to sit. And not in her chair!

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"I suppose I could give a cheer," says Niklas lazily. Afer a moment he lifts a finger and spins it in a circle. "Woo."

Evonleigh checked charm + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 38 higher.

"Last time that worked out fairly well for us, Dame Harrow," Delilah calls in Felicia's direction, the lilting height of her soprano a dusky serenade. "Would you have me spin you a verse nonetheless, or leave you to find success for there can be a great many better suited for the task. Like him." She points at Niklas.

"WOO!" Katarina chimes in toward Niklas' lazy cheer with overwhelming vigor. What's she drinking.

Berenice checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 47 higher.

"So enthusiastic," offers Niklas in response to Katarina's cheer. He glances to Alaric and adds, "I suppose she must have /some/ good points."

Felicia grins broadly at Evonleigh, attention flitting off in the direction she last saw Delilah in as she offers to her,"Felicia Harrow. Your cheer is my command." she opts for with a careful bow in her gown before electing to actually remove her sandals. Laughing as she hears Delilah,"Your cousin beat you to it this time, I'm afraid!" she grins her way before setting her 'sandals' near the dragon and prowling towards the wall.

From his bench, Ford let's out a resonating and echoing whistle with his fingers for his matching partners, Coraline and Carita.

"I'm amazing," Katarina ardently informs Niklas. "Simply, utterly amazing."

Juniper is more than a little fashionably late and is presently committing the faux pas of somehow making a slinky umbra gown look /cheerful/, complete with glints of gold and pink. Maybe it's magic. Maybe that's just Juniper. She navigates the ballrom's crush like the courtier she is, which is to say: no toes are stepped on as she eels her way towards familiar faces. "Cheering companion, reporting for duty!" she calls ahead.

Juniper has joined the Intricate Wrought-Iron Bench.

"You're doing an excellent job of climbing that wall, my friend," the Leader of the Metallics offers, though it's less enthusiastic and more polite and encouraging. He crosses his arms across his chest and stares at Luca as if to will him up the wall in question.

Juniper checked charm + performance at difficulty 25, rolling 4 higher.

With the new competition being undertaken, Fairen moves with his wife to encourage her to climb up the wall. "You can do it love! You've got this!" He announces, trying to raise his voice but... He's always really been a quiet man, really.

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Evonleigh laughs at Delilah's acceptance at the same time as her own. "Great minds, sister," she says with a laugh, but then once Felicia confirms their partnership, she calls out, "No harrowing heights for this Harrow dame. You can do it! Show that wall who's in charge," she calls at Felicia, as the woman prepares to climb.

Coraline checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 1 higher.

Sabella has joined the Cerdic the Sunset Wanderer Alcove.

Luca checked strength + athletics at difficulty 37, rolling 18 higher.

Alessia joins Ford's cheer for Coraline and Carita. She offers Amari a smile and wave as she leaves their table.

Carita's places a couple fingers in her mouth and blows a shrill whistle for Princess Coraline before she's even begun.

Fecundo checked strength + athletics at difficulty 59, rolling 34 lower.

Felicia checked strength + athletics at difficulty 32, rolling 33 higher.

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Jeffeth has rolled a critical success!
Jeffeth checked strength + athletics at difficulty 66, rolling 62 higher.

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Rosalie leaves, following Alexandre.

Thesarin checked strength + athletics at difficulty 33, rolling 27 higher.

Hadrian seems to finally decide on a place to direct himself and ends up in an alcove with Cambria at his side.

Donella arrives to the sounds cheering, and procees slowly into the crowd, with her blue eyes, beneath her veil trying to determine what it is eliciting them. Its like going wading into a cold sea, after a long break... it must be done gradually, acclimating. She adjusts her veil smartly.

Puff, a dainty yellow-green canary leaves, following Arcadia.

Cambria has joined the Cerdic the Sunset Wanderer Alcove.

Niklas calls after Rosalie and Alexandre as they leave their seat, "Remember, fives and face cards! Or runs with sevens and eights!"

Monique gets Ferron Arms and Armor Voucher from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Monique gets Ferron Arms and Armor Voucher from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Monique gets Ferron Arms and Armor Voucher from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Harlan has left the Founder of the Metallic Order Alcove.

Iliana moves over to the wall, attempting to climb up it, it is a good thing she's wearing her leathers, as she moves up the wall, her eyes forward. She doesn't seem to hear Fairen, and with the unbalance of her movements, she doesn't seem to make it but halfway up, before she loses a handhold and tumbles toward the floor. "Fuck." she calls and it seems to be a reflex, because her hands grasp and she finally hits the floor with a surprisingly light thump. "Gods breath." Though her voice carried, it's that commander's strength, she doesn't realize she's yelled that horrible word to the intire room until she perhaps peeks around. At the moment though, she's trying to breathe.

"Climb like your life depended on it, Count!" Berenice calls out to Thesarin when he takes to the wall. "I've just met you, and I believe in your ability to win intrinsically and absolutely!" The words are clearly teasing, but there's an absolute warmth of real support in them.

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Demetria Arcuri leaves, following Josephine.

This wall is getting it, so much! Starting to climb Carita's cheers, and Ford's whistle of course, spur her on to climb hard, but darn it these pants are definitely tight in strange places. A pinch here, a swish there, they are distracting! As such she finds that she is bringing up the rear of those who stayed on the wall. Reaching the top at last she nods congrats to the winners.

Harlan has joined the Prince Weohstan Redrain Alcove.

Kalani is overheard praising Tyrval: Wonderful gala, absolutely an evening to remember.

It would seem that Fecundo may have partaken a bit too much in the alcohol to be climbing a wall. Even with Quenlia's encouragement, he can't even really get well started and watching the others scale at the speed they do, he laughs waves his hands and backs form the wall. He smiles and shrugs to Quenia, "Thank you for your encouragement in any event, Marquessa..perhaps next time." He steps away and head back to stand by Isidora, speaking to her softly.

Kalani is overheard praising Monique: Wonderful gala, absolutely an evening to remember.

Miranda is overheard praising Monique: Wonderful Gala! Lots of games and fun!

Felicia's not afraid of no heights. Or of climbing in a dress. Which, granted, is aided by the loose flowing panels of umbra as much as it's hindered by the metallic carapace of the top. There's nothing ladylike about it in the slightest, and little care given to how much leg probably ends up on display as she scrambles up the wall with alacrity.

Miranda is overheard praising Tyrval: Wonderful Gala! Lots of games and fun!

Lisebet is overheard praising Tyrval: wonderful gala!

Lisebet is overheard praising Monique: wonderful gala!

Donella comments to no one in particular. "Social climbing? How novel." She puts her palms together a few times.

When Iliana falls and hits the floor, Fairen winces and rushes over to her, kneeling down to check on her. "Are you alright?" He asks, clearly quite worried, though he offers a hand out to help her to her feet if she allows him to.

Quenia inclines her head graciously in Fecundo's direction, offering a faint smile. "You are quite welcome, Lord Fecundo." She then walks back to her table.

Carita's etheral appearance is somewhat shattered by how exuberant she cheers for Coraline as she climbs the wall, "Go Coraline!" is shouted between sips of the champagne she's holding. "Don't hurt my pants!"

Lisebet is overheard praising Theodoric: great job keeping track of crazy numbers.

Fatima is overheard praising Monique: Great gala with fun and prizes.

Ford is rising up out of his seat, chee--shouting for Coraline, "Come on! GET THAT ASS UP THE WALL!!!" He's being supportive.

Fatima is overheard praising Tyrval: No murders, half-effort moodiness. 5/10.

Ronja has joined the Semi-circular Bar.

"You're so fast! You can do it! Show that wall who's in charge," calls Evonleigh up to Felicia, cupping a hand around her mouth to make sure her cheers reach the ears of her partner in the fete's activities. "Wow, you're like a cat up a tree, look at you go," is more sincere and impressed, a moment later.

Thesarin moves toward the wall, and as he does, he pulls off his tunic, handing it off to a servant. From the waist up, every inch of the man seems to be covered in twining coppery tattoos--and only slightly less with scars, lines and mars and old cuts under and through the ink. When tge climb starts, the measured slowness is gone, and he begins pulling himself up the wall, hand over hand, thews rippling under his skin as he goes for the top.

Having finished his drink, Magnus stands and gives a wave toward those at the bar before he begins to amble away and back toward the exit.

Isidora leans back and whispers back to him pressing herself up to her toes.

One minute Prince Luca is standing there teaching a glass of wine that you don't mess with a southern man if you happen to be made of alcohol, and the next Sorrel is cheering for him to be climbing something. Oh right, should he be climbing something? He hands off that wine to someone and hits the wall, tight leather and all, and starts heading up it with about all the grace he can muster in his state of inebriation, "This is not the kind of high I was looking for tonight..", he might be heard to say, amidst his climb. And a moment after that, "Oh Gods, Bayweather's doing this..", and after that realization strikes him, he decides to make a night of it, going a little more casual with his efforts. What can can stand in the face of Jeffeth Bayweather's legendary athleticism, after all.

Iliana stares at Fairen for a moment upon the floor with her hands on her knees. When he offers a hand, she stands without his aid and says, "That vace is going to hit your face." with a light smirk upon her lips. "I'm fine. It's nothing. Besides, I'm not as fragile as you pretend I am." She flexes her fingers, toes within her boots, and her knees, before nodding. "See, fine."

Evonleigh is overheard praising Monique.

Niklas is overheard praising Sorrel: The Metallics couldn't ask for a better leader. (Except the original one, who I understand was quite the fellow.)

Evonleigh is overheard praising Felicia.

Evonleigh is overheard praising Thesarin.

Rowenova cheers on Felicia, "Good job, woman!" says she with cupped hands about her own mouth before then settling back down in the Goldenpyre alcove.

Niklas is overheard praising Monique: An adequae Gala. I GUESS.

Tyrval is overheard praising Fatima: No murders, but decent company.

Merek is overheard praising Monique.

Merek is overheard praising Fatima.

Valencia is overheard praising Theodoric: A brilliant master of games. Thank you for the hard work!

Merek is overheard praising Tyrval.

The large behemoth makes his way over to the wall, smiling over to the rest of the competitors. Juniper gets a broad smile as the big man gives her a half bow. "Alright. Better than third this time. This time we're allowed to crush the competition. I think." He murmurs quietly to Juniper before looking up at the wall. Placing his hands on his waist he lets out a quiet sigh. "Alright let's see about climbing this. Good luck everyone!"

Then, Jeffeth is going to slink his jacket off before attacking the wall. There's a lot of people cheering, and the big man can mostly hear others cheering for their competitor. But Juniper's voice is in the mix, somewhere! So Jeffeth climbs, mostly his massive arms doing the work as he scales the wall. The knight is at the top of the wall soon enough, slapping one massive hand against the top of it.

Juniper's method of encouragement? She sings, "The bear climbed over the mountain!" and subsequent verses of said song, as Jeffeth makes his ascent, except she trades the word 'bear' for 'bull'. What, it's a good song! A total earworm. And, coincidentally, it might also be magic because look at that man go. "To see what he could /see/!" serves as a final rousing cheer, her glass of champagne raised to salute the big knight.

Fairen is overheard praising Tyval: But not actually since I'm out of AP.

Magnus has left the Semi-circular Bar.

Monique cheers on the winners of those scaling the massive wall, and is there to hand out the prize vouchers when they've all managed to come back down to the earth again. "Congratulations to our winners who receive vouchers from the incredible Dame Ida Ferron! And now I think we'll move on to a cloak giveaway, for this amazing," she lifts up the Pyran Fireweave Cloak, "Fireweave cloak! Could I have our Metallic Leader to the Dais to pull a raffle ticket?"

Valencia is overheard praising Monique: Congratulations on another excellent event.

Gianna has been here the whole time, really. Lounging upon the throne of Cerdic, a glass of wine in hand, the Whisper watches the climbing competition and absently fingers the large sapphire on her glittering necklace.

Miranda is overheard praising Bliss: Educating the ignorant about Whisper House

Quenia seems to sit up a bit when the fireweave cloak is called. This is the one she's been waiting for.

Sorrel has left the Founder of the Metallic Order Alcove.

Sorrel has joined the Glittering Dias.

Fecundo is overheard praising Monique.

Niklas is overheard praising Sabella: The first Queen of the Compact, back again for one magical night!

Felicia straddles the top, leaning over to clap Jeffeth on the shoulder as she catches her breath,"Truly a monster when it comes to this sort of thing, Sir Bayweather! Congratulations!" she offers him. Judiciously waiting for the wall to clear before she elects to shimmy down again in a swirl of umbra and tinkling silver.

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Nisaa is overheard praising Alaric: His Majesty looked amazing! I am envious of his dress.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tyrval before departing.

After cheering on the winners of the wall, Fecundo speaks to Isidora again and smiles, noding to her as he leads her out of the room.

The Metallic Leader, Platinum, strides out from his alcove to the dias, mounting it and looking over the assembly with stern eyes. "I am here today to pull a raffle ticket. For a cloak. Someone is going to win a beautiful cloak," he says in a slightly too airy voice. He bows slightly to Queen Alarice the Great, and then pulls a name.

1 Valardin House Guards, an elegant snowy owl, Lystra, Morigan, Fayre leave, following Isidora.

Isidora leaves, following Fecundo.

Shard watches the climbers go in silence, sipping at the dregs of her drink as they reach the top.

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When Iliana rejects his aid, Fairen rises to his feet and grumbles something, loosely heard by those around him. It's hard to tell exactly what was said, but it was certainly sass about how she deserved to fall on her... Well, the rest can't be heard, but he makes his way back t his seat and settles down into it.

"Pick well!" calls Delilah to Sorrel as she approaches the dais, the necessity of giving that kind of support no doubt something related to bemusement settling upon the point.

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Once the winners are back down, Evonleigh hurries to Felicia, giving her a glass of wine she's grabbed from somewhere. "Well climbed, partner!" she says, before turning to Thesarin, nearby. "And you as well, Count Riven. We've yet to meet, though I recognize you, of course. I'm Lord Whitehawk's cousin, Evonleigh," she says, dipping her head, golden in color like one of her sisters.

Monique gets Platinum Pyran Fireweave Cloak from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

"Countess Mia Riven! You have won a cloak! It is a very nice cloak," says the Founding Metallic. There's a pause. "Are you here to accept your cloak? Someone will surely volunteer to accept such a nice cloak."

Waldemai applauds for the lottery winner.

Quenia checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Lisebet looks over to admire the fireweave cloak for a long moment, but she then she adds a soft chuckle. "I'm certain any of us would accept such a cloak, given the chance."

"Perhaps her very athletic husband," Berenice suggests brightly to the question of who might accept the cloak on Mia's behalf.

Quenia tries very hard not to look disappointed when her name isn't called, but it doesn't seem to work so well. She turns her attention back to her table mates, her tickets forgotten at the moment.

Niklas leans over to look at the cloak, then rolls his eyes and sits back. "No bats, no thanks."

Felicia's not normally a wine drinker, which is perhaps obvious given the way she dubiously eyes the glass before shrugging slightly and electing to take a sip. An upnod offered Thesarin's way with a grin,"Always a good showing, Count Riven." she offers respectfully his way.

Seeming to hear Fairen's sass, the Marquessa straightens and walks over to Fairen, leaning over him like a five foot four knight of doom. "Say that again, louder. A little louder. I have a vace in reserve at home. I will throw it. Go ahead... Say how I deserve to fall on my ass." The fact that she can't really loom, but has the commanding presence to make a man obey her is a bit commical.

Leaning over, she whispers something to Fairen with a grin.

Donella says, "Goodness, he says "cloak" a lot. I wonder how many more times it can be worked in... If the winner is not here, they should give it to the person who can use that word more in a sentence."

Prince Luca hits the ground once more, having finished his climb, and happens to be passing Niklas in time to assure him, "Listen, Nik. Nobody wants to get bat feathers on them, anyway. Besides, they never get the floppy ears right on those things, anyway.", and he nudges the other Grayson, before continuing on to where he had come from.

"I said nothing of the sort, love." Fairen says back to Iliana, clearly fibbing. "I only meant that I wish the floor would have been padded in grass, so you did not injure yourself." He says, then peers out at the rest of the event, frowning slightly when his number isn't called. He applauds anyway, cheerfully for Mia.

"Congratulations to the Countess Riven!" And Monique will hand the Fireweave cloak off to Thesarin when he comes to claim it for his wife. She gives it up grudgingly. Very grudgingly. "And thank you to our Metallic Order Leader for being willing to part with such a fine cloak!" There's a dramatic pause. "I was going to pause for a few moments, but what do you say we just skip right to the grand finale cloak? The Steelsilk dragon cloak of Goldenpyre! I do believe I saw him earlier! Perhaps he'd come up to do the draw for us? And then we shall close out the evening in song!"

Thesarin gives a nod to Felicia. "A fine shoe from you, Dame Harroe." He looks toward Evonleigh, breathing heavy, as he starts to pull the open tunic. He gives a slow nod--probably not the most propeietous way for Evonleigh to meet the Voice of her Liege's Liege. "Lady Whitehawk, well met. Know your-" and then Monique's called his wife's name, and he mutters a word to Evonleigh before striding over toward Monique. His usual scowl might be broken by just a bit of a grin. "I'll see it to her."

Monique gets Steelsilk Goldenpyre Dragon Cloak from a large wooden chest decorated with the night sky.

Aahana, dressed as Goldenpyre gracefully dismounts her large dragon plushie at the alcove and strides over to the Glittering Dias and exclaims in a masculine voice "And now! It is time for the last but certainly not least cloak! And with a bit of Goddess of Fire's gift I shall draw the winning ticket! And I vote yes upon the song!"

Hanging from the wall by one arm and a little longer than he needs to Jeffeth looks over the gala from his spot up high before finally descending, going to put his jacket on and go back to his seat.

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"My good compatriot Gold! There's another cloak to raffle!" The Metallic Leader offers a hand to the other Metallic to help him get up on the dias.

Iliana scoffs as she lightly slaps Fairen's arm, quite lightly, depending on her mood. "You lie." she says, but doesn't seem too dishumored about it.

Laughing softly as she makes it back to the bottom she hugs first Carita, then when at the table Ford, "Thank you both, you were incredibly supporive and the pants are fine. They pinch when climbing walls though." This is an important point."

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Domonico steps into the ballroom, looking... for all intents and purposes, like he is preparing for some sort of war. He stands, stiff backed in his sculpted muscular armour, crested helm under one arm as he scans the room as if searching for the horizon. At Aahana's words he pauses and he stares at her, still like a statue as he watches her with considerable interest.

Like a proud dad waiting at the sidelines, Ford gives Coraline a hug when she returns, "You did good." He says with a nod, handing the bottle of booze to her, "I could have seen a little more hustle, but you did good."

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A bright smile curls her lips as she says in that masculine voice "And the winner is Marquessa Simone Greenmarch! Winner of this fabulous Steelsilk Goldenpyre Dragon Cloak! Please come up and collect your prize!" Her eyes searching about for the Marquessa.

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Waldemai applauds for the winner.

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Lisebet cheers for the winners.

Sir Floppington, the soulful hound arrives, following Rowenova.

Niklas pushes himself to his feet and glumly wanders over to the bar to get himself something to drink. Probably alf'wyne or something.

"As the Marquessa had to leave early," Monique replies with a laugh, brandishing the cloak, "I will /absolutely/ see this to her later. And be thankful I had others do the drawing for me so I couldn't be accused of favoritism! And now, with a deep thanks to our incredible Goldenpyre, I will invite Gianna Whisper to the Dais to sing the final song of the evening." And Monique steps off the dais to make way for the Whisper to shine.

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Resplendent in blue, gittern in hand, Gianna departs from her throne and makes her way to the dais. She climbs up onto it, lips curving in a slight smile as she takes in the view and waits for calm.

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6 Grimhall House Guards arrives, following Vanora.

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Gianna plucks the strings of her gittern, hands moving quickly, to pick out a quick and insistent little tune that adds intensity to the haunting lyrics she begins to sing:

What is a legend without hope?

The soldier who stands on the field

Whose song won't be sung

If the day is not won

And whose name no one's memory will wield.

What if the soldier's forgotten?

What if their story's untold?

How can we tell of the day that they fell

Standing tall against danger so bold?

So we sing these songs and write these lines

For memories we cannot find

A legend for.

And regardless if they won or lost,

They stood and fought despite the cost

For all of us.

Goldenpyre (Aahana) takes a graceful bow and begins to make her way from the Glittering Dias and back over to the Goldenpyre Alcove to climb atop of the large plush Dragon once more and offer a warm smile to her table mates. A smile give to Domonico and a gesture for him to come and join.

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Vanora slips back into the ballroom with another drink in hand, somehow she keeps finding more wine. A quick scan of pale green eyes locates her husband in the crowd and she moves back to his side, curling against him and wrapping an arm around his neck, but otherwise quietly listening to the music.

Gianna keeps singing, her voice soaring, carrying through the room, wistful and tinged with sorrow for those unnamed souls that have died without becoming legends.

What is a legend without song?

Just a history lost in a book.

Full of wishes and deeds

That more people might read

If they knew all the bravery it took.

So we sing these songs and write these lines

For memories we cannot find

A legend for.

And regardless if they won or lost,

They stood and fought despite the cost

For all of us.

Gianna falls silent and plucks out another series of notes, ending the song. She looks out over the audience, her gaze proud and a smile curving her lips. A genuine smile that lights her eyes as the dark-haired Nightingale waits for a reaction.

Georgette, 1 Greenmarch Guard arrive, following Simone.

Shard sets her now empty drink glass aside as the song begins, then crosses her arms to listen. As the lines go on, however, her expression shifts slightly. It's still difficult to read, but there's a certain something else about her by the time the song finishes. Temper? Not quite, but something akin to it, perhaps. She doesn't seem particularly happy.

Felicia applauds the song, but elects to slip off for now it seems.

Rowenova stands up and is momentarily silent, apparently yearning for more song even though it is all done. After that brief hesitation, she suddenly claps! "WONDERFUL BARDING, MSITRESS GIANNA!" she suddenly shouts with Northern lungs which easily project whatever she might say. Sir Floppington merrily barks a couple times right beside her, too!

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Rodrigo arrives, delivering a message to Delilah before departing.

Hadrian is overheard praising Gianna: Most definitely one of my favorite songs over all time that I can readily recall most likely.

Valdemar is standing off to the side, near one of the walls of the room. When his wife returns, he moves an arm around her back as he sips slowly from his own glass of wine. He then lowers his head to speak softly with her as they listen to the song being sung.

Waldemai applauds for the song. "That was wonderful," he calls.

Domonico spots Aahana's gesture, how could he not when staring at her. He pauses at Gianna's song, listening intently before he bangs his held helmet three times in applause, the metallic ringing, "WELL SUNG!" he bellows suddenly in an outburst of expression.

Lisebet claps, applauding for Gianna as well.

Showing a display of public effection, Iliana briefly kisses her husband in a gentle chased kiss, before gently pressing her fingers into his cheek. The booze seem to have been halfway drank...

Vanora claps for the Nightengale's performance once the song is drawn to a close, enthusiastically.

Juniper tucks her fingers in her lips and whistles loudly in appreciation. It isn't rude, if she's a Whisper in the Whisper House, right?

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Aahana applauds Gianna and cries out "Wonderfully sung!"

Sabella applauds loudly for Gianna, a huge, bright smile on her face.

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Niklas turns, booze in hand, and offers the Nightingale restrained applause.

Demetria Arcuri arrives, following Josephine.

Gianna's smile remains in place; she dips forward in a bow, sapphires glittering, and straightens again with a proud upward tilt of her chin.

Generally not the type to express such affection so publically, Fairen blushes lightly for the kiss, then looks around the room to ensure there aren't too many eyes on him and his wife at the moment.

When the final notes of the enchanting song die away, Monique approaches Gianna on the dais. "That," she murmurs, "was beautiful. Thank you. You've honored the Legends. You have all," she turns to the crowd, "honored the Legends tonight. You have my gratitude. Prince Tyrval Ael'Noctis has it, as co-host, Marquessa Simone and Lady Margret Greenmarch have it, and Princess Coraline and Princess Reese! Prince Niklas, Marquessa Reigna, I could not have done this without you. Lord Alessandro Greenmarch, whose book you will take home as a favor, who was essential to the putting together and running of this night, I thank you. To my Legends, Princess Sabella, Princess Sorrel, Goodwoman Josephine, Lady Margret, Lady Orelia and Lady Aahana, my gratitude. To the crafters who made this happen, Goodwoman Hana, Dame Ida, Goodwoman Joscelin, Goodwoman Josephine, Goodman Asher, you were incredible! Goodwoman Jacali for the thrones and the booze, they will be cherished always! And to the Whispers and Whisper House for having us here, I could not be more grateful. Thank you. Thank you, /all/! I bid you make your own Legends tonight!"

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