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Lord Domonico Malvici

Nothing shapes the crag of a rock like pressure and water.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Serious Naval Commander
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malvici
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'11
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Tan

Titles: Admiral of Southport

Description: The man stands just a hair's breadth under six feet and his weathered, tan skin is a telltale to the man's history. Like many of the Malvici family, Domonico has aristocratic features that point to a man of fine breeding. His blue eyes are dark wells that compliment the darker shades of his hair and the structure of his face. His body looks like he, as most of the family, has spent a lot of time in combat training and in hard work. There is little excess left over for the man who looks like he could sweep the room with a blade or a lass off her feet.

Personality: Domonico knows why he was sent to the Fleet and he knows very well what it did for him. The lesson brought home the wise consideration of action and he keeps that at the fore of his mind through much of his day. While he can be the rapid-fire decision-maker on the sea, when it comes to personal and business interactions he tends to be methodical and pragmatic. That said? Like all Malvici's, he grew up in a family built on merit and he prides himself on knowing that he did not fall into his position by accident.

Background: Raised as one of the standard bearers of the Malvici banner, Domonico was treated roughly on purpose. The family wanted him to lead troops and be ready to battle anything from abyssal creatures to political maneuvering of the Lyceum. It developed a heated temper from him at a young age, proving his backbone and dedication to the family before most kids his age had a personality. Eventually it got him in trouble and sent to the Malvici fleet so the trouble he got into could be limited to the ship he was on.

It proved a good move and his temper has faded somewhat over time, replaced with a steel determination that comes with a sea-borne swordsman. He is said to be a rising star in the Malvici fleet with three ships under his command. Its rumored he wants eventual command of the fleet, as well. In the meantime he has taken to mentor those younger members like he had once been, developing strength and ability out of rough stone. The whispers about the trade routes and the Empyrean have brought him to Arx to prove that he is capable of not just command and leadership, but that he can hold it in waters he has not even explored himself - political and literal.

Relationship Summary

  • Martino - My elder brother. Fearsome off the battlefield and in social settings
  • Thea - My younger sister. Brave, strong and making me proud day after day.

  • Spouse:
  • Aahana - My beloved wife and mother to my daughter.

  • Friend:
  • Dariel - Somehow this man can make me laugh.
  • Jasher - Serious to a fault but a solid warrior to have at your side.

  • Family:
  • Calypso - My Duchess, My General, My Liege
  • Santi - Second Cousin. I owe you my life.
  • Miranda - Best friend and worthy opponent in the ring.

  • Protege:
  • Valenzo - A worthy Captain of Southport
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A sea captain who has nabbed my attention. I can't wait for him to regale me with tales of his adventures on the seas.
    Adora Hasn't learned the first rule of business, which is to always be selling. Regardless of setting. I don't like him. But I don't need to to get rich off his friends.
    Aella He seems about as fun as... Well. There's not much that would be comparable on that level. He is not very fun.
    Aethan Admiral of Southport, and easy to see why. Admirable leader.
    Agostino He carries himself with clear military discipline. We didn't get a chance to talk much, but he was pleasant and helpful in our short conversation.
    Ajax A navy guy. Seems friendly enough, wonder if I will fight against him or alongside him one day?
    Alarissa A brute. A bore. Lacking manners. Unlike every other Malvici I've come across.
    Alessandro An admiral with a sense of humor is a thing to be appreciated.
    Alessia He seems to be a patient tutor despite any annoyances against his pupils. I admire that and would like to test my skill against his one day.
    Alexio Lord Domonico is a fine man; and, one of my best Southport customers. Always good to do business with the Malvici's.
    Alexis Being told that my swords are spoken of even in the City of Swords is a sure way of getting on my good side. Lord Domonico seems like an interesting fellow.
    Alrec Seems like a humble of sort Silk, a strange creature to come across in the Hundred Cities Inn.
    Amund Sized me up. Not sure if he was looking to fight or not, but likely he was trying to see what I'm on about. Seems pleasant enough. He's the quieter of the duo he makes with his sibling.
    Andry A Commodore of House Malvici and new to the city. Met him in Solace Square. Wouldn't mind chatting with him again when I'm not holding a broom.
    Andry Malvici, that's a fun name to say
    Antea I have heard of his military reputation. I was glad to find out that the man stood up to that reputation on meeting him.
    Arcadia Met at the Golden Hart. An intense young man.
    Ardee Quiet, seemingly very stern and straight foward. Maybe there's a squishy shell underneath it all.
    Arianna What a very powerful man. In his presence and on the field of battle. He is at once a very intimidating man but also welcoming in a way that is very nice to experience. The Malvici have always been kind to me and I get to meet new family members all the time but this guy was pretty different somehow.
    Arman I have always found men of his colors to be a breath of fresh air. Deliberate, forthright and respectful. His actions speak of his dedication and thus he needs no words to flourish it. I respect that.
    Armani I hope you're not hunting /me/, Lord Domonico
    Armani As fine a commander as ever, even in a tiny canal boat!
    Artorius A worthy warrior. Fought this cousin of mine in a well-fought spar...he is worthy and f the Malvici name and I expect good things in his future.
    Artur I met Lord Domonico in the training center. We sparred a little and though I got the better of him in the end, he got more than a few good hits in. A worthy opponent with a beautiful sword! I look forward to our next match up!
    Athaur Not everyone needs to be good with a Blade, my Lord. But that you take such a keen interest in everyones safety is commendable.
    Beatrice Oh, a naval officer through and through. Our lives are very - /very/ - different, but we speak a language that is the same. He has a solid reputation and may even live up to it.
    Behtuk A Lycene lord offers to let me hit him. No one mourns the dog that bites. I'll pass.
    Belladonna Wits and boldness. Those are qualities that many try to emulate, but almost never with any semblance of grace. He manages, however. Commendable.
    Berenice He makes quite a /splash/, doesn't he? Literally, I mean. There is splashing over there.
    Bhandn I'm not sure which was more interesting, the armor or the armaments. He can have the sea all to himself. Talking about my experiences with that would inspire none but the Mercies.
    Bianca I hold House Malvici in high regard, its membership being some of the most diligent and prepared denizens of the Compact in these times of darkness. Domonico Malvici is no different. Always ready to face what our world stands against.
    Bliss A Malvici. Taciturn, laconic, and I am curious what it is he is after and what it is he seeks. I imagine there is rather a lot I can learn from him, though I have to admit to still being wary about Southport.
    Braden Thea's brother. Quite the imposing man. I do hope I can impress him. Praise for his family was not enough, it will have to be actions that prove my worth. Respectable."
    Brady The sense you want from a leader, without any of the omp and bullshit.
    Brigida Laughed at the idea that his generation were too prim. Oh, how little he knows.
    Cadenza Seems so serious all the time but there's a sense of humor there. I look forward to trading naval notes with the good Commodore.
    Cahal A striking, dominating and confident naval commander. In a room full of important people he still stood out.
    Calandra The Lord Malvici seems imminently capable of handling all the politics the Lyceum can throw at him, and then some.
    Calypso He reminds me of what it was like to be single and have all that drive. He knows what he wants and he isn't afraid to be a stone cold professional to do it. Domonico will continue to make the Malvici name proud.
    Caspian A hard man to hit! It was a good fight though.
    Cassandra An impressive warrior. I am not a first line fighter, but I am glad that men such as him are at the Crown's disposal.
    Catalana An odd man. More soldier than anything else. But I believe it takes all types.
    Catriona How humble and stern! Truly the model of a modern major admiral. Shame he doesn't care much for fashion, I'd expect he's quite the charmer in something gentler than armor.
    Cerdensulathara He's certainly the more handsome of the brothers.
    Conall A very martial Malvici, serious and a friend to the Baroness. Gods and spirits though, how does he not die in this heat in all that armor?
    Coraline He seems nice enough but good gods man it would be so much easier to talk to him with some pants on, conversations in the nude are so distracting!
    Cristoph An exceptionally talented lord of House Malvici. Clever and observant, he's one to keep an eye on. I'm glad to consider him an ally in the Compact's struggles.
    Cullen Definitely favors the Malvici line - seems rather serious and has the facial features I've come to associate with the Duchess and Eirene. I hope he also favors the same no nonsense militarism and plain-spokeness that I find so appealing about their House.
    Cullen One of the House of War, apparently a skilled soldier at sea. It should be good to see what all he can do to prepare.
    Daniella He's clearly very capable at the application of leverage and pressure to his spear shaft.
    Dante Martial, like most of the Malvici family. Naturally, I find this just fine. That our house and theirs are bonded through marriage now makes for a fine, strong alliance, and he is a serious, duty-bound man.
    Dariel Quite friendly, but oh so serious. If he cracked a smile I fear it might harm the recipient.
    Delia Clearly a warrior, but not at all lacking in social grace. I appreciate that in a nobleman.
    Delilah His excellent taste in apples aside, Domonico has courage under fire. He responded immediately to protect Lady Miranda during a fracas in the market, and his willingness to put himself in harm's way to protect children when I called for help was immediate. I owe him a debt of thanks for his courage.
    Denica A military man. I fear he might underestimate me. Maybe he will get a chance to learn what the little devil is capable of.
    Denica Thea's sibling, they seem to share the same interests, though he looks much more stern and soldier minded.
    Donato The Commodore is quite serious, but that's alright, Malvici and all. But I don't think he has a sense of humor...wait. He made a joke!
    Dora Another cousin. One of so many. I don't think he has heard about my shenanigans. Or if he has he doesn't care. Either way is good for me. Maybe we'll go sailing soon to boot!
    Drusila A Malvici lord and naval commander, who unfortunately came in a little late on the pirate talk. He seems a serious officer, keen to keep the fighting force lean and hungry - and orderly - which are not bad instincts. In any case, it seems likely we might cross paths again in my service to the Duchess.
    Duarte Commodore Malvici, responsible for clearing the pirate threat. We walked in on him during a workout and he was eager to help train my retainer. I may seek him out myself. I am getting a little chubby and the activity would do me some good.
    Dustin I owe him a drink, something about watching southern men fight raises the blood in these northern ladies.
    Elfriede A man of few words, to the point- specific and doesn't derive himself off the chart so far as I've experienced. That's okay.
    Elora Unabashed. Knows who he is. Those are good qualities.
    Emilia A powerful warrior who knows how to wear heavy armor and make good use of it.
    Emily A Commodore of Lycene make and a Malvici. He seems pleasant enough but am not sure what kind of man he is due to a reaction from Lady Ray Laveer. All the same I can see nothing to mark him as one to be avoided. I am curious though.
    Emrys Lord Domonico Malvici is a military man, it's plain to see. He has a temper, beneath that discipline, though he's done well in keeping it from bursting in my presence. We will see whether a courtly man can be made from him. Or at least a tolerable one.
    Enoch Interesting fellow. He seems to have a fun relationship with Miranda. It's nice to see people so happy, even if he seems more a warrior than a socialite.
    Evaristo Obviously a warrior. Those scars... I bet each one has an impressive story.
    Faruq Has a good head on his shoulders, trying to stop a crazed Baron from taking things beyond what they should be. We will speak more later I know it but I like what I have seen so far.
    Faye An interesting man, seems to be dedicated and determined. I wouldn't mind the chance to talk with him further sometime.
    Fecundo First visit to the Southport Training Ring and, in Lord Domonico Malvici, I may have found a good training partner closer to home than I have been traveling. Will have to be more of a regular.
    Fianna It's my goal to eventually get him into a horse's saddle! He /says/ he doesn't have time, but I will see about that. Perhaps with Aahana's help we can convince him otherwise. Challenge accepted!
    Fiora He likes to appear as a stalwart bull, but he's far too eager to be a bull.
    Forato Domonico, a teacher of combat. I am impressed that would so willingly teach others how to defeat them. Truly such a life calling is uterly selfless.
    Gabriel A southern captain and potential ally. I'll be keeping an eye on him.
    Gaston A very serious soldier of House Malvici. Looks to be not an unfriendly man, just a somewhat distant one.
    Gilroy VERY CURIOUS!
    Giuliano Admiral of Malvici, seems very focused on exercise and sweating. Probably due to his training. Didn't seem to like the lack of forgiveness for traitors much.
    Gretchen Straight and to the point. That's kind of refreshing!
    Harlex A military man. We ain't the same breed. But good with the steel, for what it's worth.
    Helena As friendly to his friends and new acquaintances as he is dangerous to our foes, the Admiral is another of our fine peerage I hope to get to know better.
    Helia Gave me a good run for my money when we were sparring! I really thought he had me there. Nice manners too. Dignified, good sport. I had fun fighting against him.
    Holt A fighter with the good sense to de-escalate things when it's needed. And he has a damn handsome suit of armor.
    Ian A really patient man.
    Ignacio Commodore Malvici seems to hold a blade well. He stood toe to toe with my wife, which isn't easy to do. He handled it all with grace and nobility, I am certain he is a good asset to House Malvici for sure.
    Iliana I always look forward to talking troops with a naval commander. I'll have to catch him when dancing isn't on the cards.
    Ishmael An acclaimed Admiral whose knowledge of war is already being spoken of
    Isidora A gracious martial trainer. Though does he own a shirt? He will catch a cold if he doesn't.
    Jace Both competitive with and honoring of his fealty. Interesting combination to have.
    Jan A real man. Not an altogether common sigh in Arx. Have to find him in the dueling ring before I sail off next.
    Jasher A man of few words. I appreciate it.
    Jeffeth A noble most dour, not shy about speaking his opinions. He's probably a good sort, once you peel past the unpleasant exterior.
    Jennyva I met him at the Ambassador with his protege and student. Apparently a hard man to impress, according to Prince Jasher!
    John Lord Domonico Malvici is a nice conversationalist. I enjoyed speaking with him.
    Josephine So very skilled at saving people from dogs and disaster in the market. One wants him at their back.
    Josephine Here is a man, smitten and head over heels. His love for his wife is evident and I am glad now and in the future to see him show it. A good soldier. You can see it in his walk.
    Joslyn A great couch warmer. Makes winter all the more bearable.
    Julian Liege Lord and Admiral of Southport. Always a fearful sight to see him all armored up.
    Juliana A Malvici, bone, blood and soul. Isn't that all that really needs to be said?
    Juniper He's a man seeking his legend, I think. Not one to be content with what's already achieved towards it, but always steering towards the next star.
    Jyri Coming to the defense of people with risk of getting bitten by ferocious dogs? Nothing to not like, about that.
    Kaia A quite handsome, muscled and well tanned man; isn't afraid to show he's nakedness. An amicable spirit I first met at The Grotto in a bit of an awkward momentum. Overall, he seems nice.
    Kaldur Helped. He helped. At the Cathedral. That's all I can remember. I owe him something.
    Karadoc We've met before - he and I - at the Empyrean, I think. Although, watching him spar is far more illuminating. He is like an unsheathed weapon, sharp and always - always at the ready.
    Leola The commodore seems typical of the Malvici - firmly committed to his sphere and at his element within it. I look forward to seeing how the city changes him
    Leonidas Keeps his spear by his side at all times. That's what I call a badass.
    Liara Struck me as stolid and serious, though he did manage to smile a bit. Martially inclined, at any rate, and he seemed a decent fellow.
    Lore Everything I had heard of him is true. He comports himself well, and is a credit to his family. I do hope he'll remember me the next time he's looking to get something made!
    Luca Quite the serious swordsman! Er, no. Not his skill with a sword, just the complete lack of pleasure that seems to surround him while wielding one. I'm not sure I'd ever have picked one up myself if it was so joyless for me. People are amusing. Perhaps one day I'll show him why they're fun.
    Lucita A Malvici fealty member who oversees a group of war galley's called the Raptors. He seems capable, kind toward my children and myself, keeps himself in shape and asks appropriate and astute questions. Will be interesting to get to know him better.
    Lycoris I met him briefly only at the Golden Heart, but a delightful and knowledgable man. I do enjoy his company and look forward to attending his wedding reception.
    Lys He comes across as a little bit stern, one has to wonder what's underneath all that placidness.
    Mabelle A serious man of few words, difficult to read whether he welcomes your presence. Seems kind and fully immersed in his cause and mission.
    Macda He listens, he's polite...just needs to work on the storytelling aspects and he'd be a pretty good companion.
    Macda Cousin of the cousin of my favourite Greatsword in Arx's wielder. A handsome addition to a snow pile of Solace seekers this morning.
    Madeleine What an interesting man. So full of passion. So ready to do whatever might be needed to find answers. I may not have all those answers, but at the very least I hope our discussion provided a bit of peace and that we will continue to have conversations like the one in which we first met.
    Maja I met this nobleman at the Hart during a combat bout. He expressed that he did not like fighting as entertainment. Which I can understand! If we all liked the same things, the world would be so terribly boring. However, what I do not understand is why he'd visit an arena if he doesn't like it? Perhaps this is a nobility thing that is just above my comprehension. Maybe the peerage simply need to remind themselves every once in a while of the things they do not like? It's a puzzler!
    Malcolm A real serious Malvici Commodore that's real serious about his sparring. The sort that's born, trained, and raised to command armies and households. Pretty much my opposite -- I think. Not sure if that's good or bad. Still seems like good folk.
    Malika Fascinating man, I do admire anyone who is as dedicated as he seems to be to the sea. Will have to try and lure the man out on the water.
    Martino My brother, always and will be family and like family there will always be a heated discussion or planning events. But of course Martino is still the better looking brother.
    Martino It's my brother! The arm of the house. He's a great host, but I'm better. Still has that typical glare.
    Maru I'd heard of his bravery on the sea. I'm pleased to discover that he's a good conversationalist as well. I wish him the best of luck in getting married.
    Merek Domonico assisted people in the market when dogs were released. I am glad he moved to help many other people.
    Meriah Ah, another one of Arx's fighting men. Oh well.
    Michael He telegraphs his feints. With his feet, at least thats what Ian says. A good fighter nonetheless.
    Mikani Patient teacher. Focused. Large duel going on and he can still help his student. I approve.
    Miranda Always a delight to meet family, if second removed. And with a quick wit to boot! Love that!
    Mirari Not a bad sparring partner, or drinking buddy.
    Mirella A lord of serious aspect, armoured in the red of Malvici. Dignified in appearance and bearing, as one might expect him to be.
    Mirk A nobleman from the Lyceum who believs in swords not words. There's a contradiction, but an interesting one, all the same. Maybe he can escape the Lyceum's reputation.
    Monique Ouch. That had to hurt! Saw him get trounced by Sorrel.
    Morgan Thea's brother who seems pretty hardcore but also doesn't seem to mind shouting unlike Lady Thea. Also don't mention the itching powder prank, he doesn't like it.
    Neilda Serious man. I will be glad to return to learn from him all he has to offer.
    Nicholaus An bit stuffy, but I'm well used to that from my family. Certainly doesn't lack for courage, however. Could be an interesting one to watch.
    Nico A solid warrior, and an honest man. He was modest in victory, and a valuable ally against another team in sparring. Even more, he was instrumental in helping a situation turned bad. I feel like I can trust him.
    Niklas Malvici Lord. Man of few words. Not a big fan of the theater. I SHALL PROVE HIM WRONG!
    Nuala The southern desert wolf did not expect such smoothness from the north, nor do I blame him - surprises can be found in many ways. A strong combatant, and an open mind, serve him well.
    Nurie Handsome and fiercely graceful spear-fighter. It was truly something to watch him spar and train with Prince Jasher! And yet for all that fierceness, he was quite kind and courtly!
    Ophelia I will have to learn more about a Game of Stones before I challenge him to another round! He is a very patient teacher and I appreciate that very much. I bet he knows a lot about games of strategy.
    Orrin Well he's a helpful fellow - thank goodness he was about. I haven't got a clue what to tell him, though.
    Pasquale A dedicated and serious minded military man.
    Petal Seems charming and into Lady Aahana, but I can't blame in there. They both seem to have good taste! She seems social and good at talking with people.
    Pharamond A frowny-faced gentleman but anyone willing to clasp arms and greet is someone to be honored and trusted until they give you a reason otherwise.
    Prisila A man who knows his shit. I look forward to engaging in the wars to come alongside the Malvici Commodore.
    Quenia A Lord of House Malvici. It seems he is skilled in open combat over the waters. He'll also be marrying Lady Aahana, so I hear. She'll make a wonderful addition to the family, and I hope he treats her well.
    Quintin A very martial man. Excellent armor.
    Raimon A Malvici that doesn't try to threaten me. I approve
    Reese A ship admiral who doesn't give orders over trivial things. He seems like a descent guy.
    Renata A ship's captain. Was it purely my /own/ unease and fears that filled my thoughts in his presence?
    Rey At no fault of his own, he scares the crap out of Rey. Hopefully in time they can meet again and she will be more calm. Otherwise he seems like a good Lord, atleast from a distance.
    Richard Lord Domonico Malvaci is a great sparring partner. I appreciated the short time we sparred.
    River He thinks very highly of himself, though...not sure if it is pride or accompishment that motivates him.
    Roxana He's young and charming, amusing in a way that young Malvici always are. I enjoy how warm he is with his family.
    Rysen A lord whose voice and countenance demand respect and attention. He seems an excellent leader.
    Sabella Lord Domonico appears to be a man of few words, but I saw that smile when he talked about Reese and her pies, so I know that there's a talker in there somewhere! Luckily for him, I can talk enough for both of us until he feels the need to interject!
    Sabella Lord Domonico is as stoic and unbending as always but someday, SOMEDAY I am going to show him a play that he enjoys and get him to admit that he likes theater! Maybe one of Niklas' old ones where there are just too many sword fights.
    Sabine Unnecessary chivalry but chivalry all the same.
    Salvador Another mainland Noble calling themselves an Admiral, though it is people like this that will help fund my ambitions in the future.
    Samuele Well it seems that all manner of beautiful things can come out of the woodwork when you least expect it.
    Sanya It was very kind of him to invite me along for his pilgrimage. I am looking forward to it.
    Sebastian The Lord Malvici enters a bar in armor, /and/ refuses a quite generous and genuine offer of a very lovely wine. What horror is this? Still, he seems a dutiful and dedicated solider and sailor, and those skills can't be faulted.
    Selene A sensible man who recognizes the deleterious effect of constant internal divisions, and will not be swayed by expensive, prestigious materials. In short, smart.
    Sheena He's a bit on the intimidating side. Almost scary but his actions seem well intentioned. He's probably a very kind person.
    Sorina How delightful to see that charm runs in the Malvici family, along with dashingly handsome looks. A devastating pair, to be sure. Best to keep an eye out for this one.
    Sorrel A fine fighter, even if he might be a little rusty still. I hope to have his strong sword arm at my side as friend in the future, but I think we'll always have fun sparring when it doesn't matter. All in all, a rather nice fellow.
    Sudara At the right time, there can be a great deal to be said for a strong oarsman who's willing to risk a drenching. Certainly, I was very grateful indeed for this one.
    Svoli My brother by marriage.
    Talwyn Wise is the man who knows the value of knowledge now for future endeavors. Grief too often strikes when a choice fact or key insight went without notice. A scholar, then, particularly of warfare. Though reserved at first, he appears far warmer than first meets the eye.
    Teagan Displayed a shameful lack of manners and an inability to recognize the proper expectations of the situation around him.
    Tescelina Firmly planted in the world. Alas, even stones erode.
    Thea My brother, you smile more. It suits you. It's awkward to see, but looks good. I have missed you!
    Turo Who wouldn't be concerned that something might swim up and bite one's bits and pieces off?
    Valenzo A proud son of Southport! Good to see him again, feels like it's been ages since we served together. Hopefully we can catch up soon!
    Vayne He's a focussed individual, set on the task before him without worrying about extraneous details. I'm sure he accomplishes what he sets out to do. Overall, a positive experience.
    Venturo Stern but polite, the lack of expressivity shall not be mistaken for inattentiveness. These are the ones that watch the sharpest, and it means they have interesting stories to tell. I'm also not sure, but I might have caught him staring at my eyebrows!
    Vercyn Emerged from the ocean naked as they day he was born. Still managed to show no fear nor a hint of concern at people armed and on edge. Either the man is very brave, or is just naked all the time.
    Verity He's a good sport, and that is a vital quality in a city full of nobles.
    Victus Malvici with a strong looking back to carry plenty of burden. If my cousin vouches for him, I suppose he's alright.
    Videl Lord Domonico seems like a true sailor, preferring the freedom of the seas over the chains of marriage. I hope he can find comfort in the latter, seeing how he's due to be wed.
    Vitalis Books and water don't mix! Keep those passions well separated, Commodore!
    Viviana The Admiral of Southport seems a rather serious sort of fellow. Which seems fitting, from what I recall of his Duchess.
    Wash No nonsense leadership style. By the numbers and attentive to detail.
    Willow Seems reasonable. I would like to know him better.
    Ysabel A man of character and steel, perfectly pragmatic. He helped me piece together my disordered thoughts, and provided me with some confidence for the future. What a good man!
    Ysabel He came in to an inn, brushed snow off of himself. Apologized. And then went back into the snow. I suppose circumstances more odd have happened in Arx but... This Inn. Some of the strangest things.
    Zoey He seems to be pleasant enough, I suppose? Mostly, I seem to see him on the outskirts of social gatherings, so I've not yet had an opportunity to observe him in any great detail. Still. An affable sort.