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I am hunting the Horned Liar. I am hunting the Horned Thief. I am hunting the one that has hunted us across the wilds for twenty years and more. ...And if you will hunt your kin here, Red Boars, your gods and your ancestors, if you shame your grandfather, I will hunt you.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Prodigal Mercenary
Fealty: Crown
Family: None
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 28
Birthday: 12/4
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Soldier
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brownish-gold
Skintone: sun baked

Titles: the Captain-General of the Valorous Few

Obituary: The apparent victim of a particularly brutal attack in the Nefer'khat Embassy that left the room torn to pieces and covered in blood. While there was some sign she may have escaped into the Gray Forest, the trail went cold and no body could be found.

Description: A deliberate pattern of raised scars frame her face, notably on her chin, her jawline, along her cheek bones, and across her forehead, serving to accent features that were already sharp and severe. Her skin is sun-baked and weather-beaten, as if she's spent the vast majority of her life outside, and there's no shortage of cuts, scrapes, idle bruises and less deliberate scarring about her--minor to major--to suggest a life spent living, and living hard. Her hands are particularly well calloused and worn. Her eyes are a brownish-gold, particularly the latter in good lighting. She wears her hair cut very short on the sides of her head but allows it to grow somewhat longer on top, where it's usually pulled back into a simply knot. Two raven feathers are the only adornment here, and her hair is so black that it's easy to mistake them for part of this unusual style. She is built for her work, wiry and tightly muscled, and when she moves, her step is light and deliberate.

Personality: Shard is not someone who makes friends easily. She's often dour, and given to biting sarcasm when not being overly serious. While she's not lacking for a sense of humor, it's often sharp and unpleasant. That said, her loyalty to the Valorous Few has not been in question since signing on, and she's been a diligent soldier, if not necessarily the most pleasant of fighting companions. While she has her own, often small and private set of principles, Shard is largely an open pragmatist in how she behaves and how she operates, something that typically serves her well in her line of work.

Background: Shard grew up in the wilds, an Abandoned child in an Abandoned tribe, far north of any civilized territory. She's not free with details, though it's clear that by the time she was grown she'd learned the arts of both hunting and war, things she claims are not nearly as different from each other as a lot of people would like to find comfort in believing. She met Audric and a group of his sellswords while they were out on contract, and without much apparent convincing signed on with the Valorous Few, leaving her old life and her tribe behind forever. She keeps her reasons close, but perhaps she wanted a change. Or perhaps she just has a mind for survival and didn't need eyes to see which way the wind was blowing. Either way, the story goes that she swore an oath of loyalty to the Crown when she joined up and no man or woman that was present will say otherwise.

Relationship Summary

  • Audric - Former employer, friend, one-time enemy.

  • Ally:
    Name Summary
    Adalyn She probably hates me for what I said about the book. But I think it's going to be great fun going into battle with her.
    Adora My kind of conversationalist. But I still don't like her.
    Adrienne I exchanged a few words with the woman called Prima Shard at the Great Cathedral of Arx. She's common and wears a chip on her shoulder larger than the room we were in. She courts controversy but also appears uncomfortable under it. And she has a biting sense of humor.
    Aethan Plays good defense.
    Agnarr Some Prodigal who hates paperwork, like any of us who have sense. Seems interesting enough.
    Ainsley The first time I met her I challenged her to a spar, and she made me so harder for that victory than Brand. She's a damned fine warrior. I bet she's an even better scout.
    Alarissa Dour, glowering, pragmatic, one never knows where she stands. But the Baron De Lire trusts her. And she is, it would seem, royalty of some sort.
    Aleksei She had a lot of questions. Hopefully some of the answers were helpful for her.
    Amund One of the peerless warriors of the Compact. Many opposite opinions to my own, but it seems we're sent to fight the same fights.
    Apollo I think I likely guessed exactly what she's be like from her whites. Except appearance, of course, I couldn't have picked her out the room until she started speaking. Wholly pragmatic.
    Ardee Not afraid to say what she thinks. Smart. Sharp. I like her.
    Artur A fascinating woman who knows many fascinating old stories! She seemed very intense at first, though we ended up having an interesting discussion about several different things.
    Athaur I understand her position, even if I do not agree with her methods
    Beatrice I'm told they call her the Wolf. It's apt. I've seen a hint of her ferocity beneath layers of unexpected protectiveness for people who perhaps didn't deserve it. None of it, however, have I seen so much as her caution - her demeanor suggests she might run or bite my hand at the wrong word.
    Behtuk Proof that I came to the right placce.
    Bellamy /Jawbone/. She's so terrifying!
    Berenice She never seems to _enjoy_ the events I see her at.
    Bhandn I wonder what it is she sees, with how much she watches others. I also wonder if all the motions with her eyes have their own special meanings. Regardless, I know I'm wrong about at least /one/ thing about her, but I cannot decide what it is I want to know the most.
    Bliss Shard. I know full well she doesn't like me - and there are times when I have to admit that I absolutely do not like her. All this time in the city together, but she is firm in her beliefs, principled in them, and outspoken. Whether or not I like her at any given moment? This is a woman I deeply, deeply respect.
    Brigida This woman seems far too happy about the idea of snow and cold.
    Cahal Ruthless when she needs to be and full of mystery.
    Calaudrin I actually remember this woman from the archery tournament. The one where my arrows utterly betrayed me, the bastards. But she's made a greater impression at the dockyard, aiding us in retrieving two men from the freezing water. She may not think shelling out a few silver to help is worthy of praise but her quick thinking certainly was. She's someone to watch out for.
    Cambria Curt. Taciturn. Not necessarily a bad thing.
    Carmen Understated, professional, smart. A woman who knows her trade.
    Caspian A woman who seems to be quite grumpy. I've never seen anyone get angry at a well played lute before!
    Clara I met Shard in a very serious and stressful place so I cannot blame her for seeming to be angry much of the time. I felt like I was angry a lot of the time too. And honestly if people didn't listen to me when I was in charge I might be pissed off too. I do hope that we can meet again when things are less stressful.
    Constance Brash, rude, undisciplined, callous, coarse, indignant, unapologetic, and all together too much a reflection of myself in my youth. I grew out of it, but you might need more help.
    Cristoph Ow. That hurts. So does that. And that. Yeah, that too. I'm glad that I wore full steel when I fought that one. Damn.
    Cybele Angry Sneaky Climber Soldier Lady.
    Delilah Stoic, quiet, and unassuming. Somehow, I find her to be really sweet and caring, even if she tries to play it off otherwise.
    Dianna A keen and sensible mind with a perspective on weaponry and armor similar to mine; and honest, eloquent and concise voice
    Domonico Drinking water in a tavern is a rarity but could indicate a level-headedness. Her promise to aid me in finding one of my men will not be forgotten.
    Drake A strong competitor, with a swift, aggressive sword style that's not like many I've faced in the arena. Of course, I didn't get to know her personally on our first meeting... but I can certainly tell a lot about a woman by her skill with a sword, and she has had some practice indeed.
    Duarte Reticent and reserved. An ascerbic sort of humor. One of those types that is likely extremely loyal to one thing - and one thing alone.
    Echo Direct and to the point, remarkably suspicious of others, and likely an able warrior given by her position in the Valorous Few.
    Edain She is Baron Audric's right hand in the Valorous Few, and often a voice that makes me stop and consider what I thought I knew about how we view the Abandoned. I am certain that to her I am just another 'silk' but I always enjoy her musings when I am browsing the archives. Even if I do not agree with her thoughts, without fail they always make me stop and carefully consider what I believe. There's a great strength in that, and I wonder if she knows how valueable that is to us all.
    Eilonwy Quiet and intense. I get the sense she saves her energy for what matters.
    Eirlys Damn good at what she does, reminds me a lot of my brother. I am glad she was with us. Would like to know her better.
    Eleanor She seems like a hard and complicated person to know, but I'm not sure I've met anyone who seemed like they had such a strong internal sense of honor. Certainly someone whose thoughts are worth considering.
    Esme Prima! We have been around each other, but not really interacted too much. She seems impressive though and I am duly impressed. While I'm sure that I would be great friends with everyone, I'm not sure she's open for it. I shall have to stride forward on the path of friendship with her anyways. We are destined to be good friends.
    Evaristo I'm hungover and she's a friend of a blood mage and probably will save us all from something really bad. I got a feeling.
    Evelynn She doesn't lack for passion in her arguments, I can say that much.
    Fatima Warrior woman who would have done well in Thrax. She seems a bit wary but Gods those scars are beautiful.
    Faye An interesting woman, one that I might have quite a bit in common with. She seems quite knowledgable abotu Skald, and I enjoy listening to her. I'd enjoy speaking with her again.
    Ferrando A highly deadpan Valorous Few lieutenant, apparently also highly trained in archery and blandness. It's not like she's awkward or shy, though, she just doesn't seem to have a lot of things to say. I bet she's totally talkative once she's known you for five years and nobody else is around, though.
    Fiachra Quiet, but clever and knowledgeable in the woods and in handling potential danger. As well as a hell of an archer. I'd welcome her knowledge in the wilds on any scouting trip.
    Filshiar A serious woman, but wise and knowledgeable. Someone to be greatly respected.
    Fiora What a time to be a secret queen. Good luck to her.
    Gabriella Terse. But economy of words is not a lack of things to say. Some know the value of a word spoken sparsely -- and of making deeds shout louder than words.
    Gareth A friend of Ainsley. Makes sense.
    Gaston Taciturn and quiet at the best of times I find, but she's no mean shot with a bow. She proved herself clever with her ruse in the forest, and a woman of her word as well. And that, I would have to say, counts for far more than quiet surliness about the woman.
    Gianna It's always interesting to hear what she has to say.
    Gilroy Always with a goof. She's the life of the party!
    Grazia The Prima, as the Undying Empire calls her, seems to be quite uncomfortable with being called "Your Majesty," as one might imagine from a simple sellsword. And yet she has good taste in whiskey, even if she thinks the Lyceum is too warm during the blistering heat of summer.
    Hamish I would never call her quippy, but the Prima rarely lacks for a response to the things people say to her.
    Hana She's the sort of person I usually look to as a customer, but she's a little intimidating when you meet her at an art show. Once I started talking, though, she seemed to actually be thoughtful about art -- even if she claimed she didn't really know much about it. I think she knows more than she thinks.
    Ian Took having a vomit monster vomited onto her with as much good grace as could be expected.
    Jeffeth Don't know much about her other than she has the Prince's ear and seems to be a trusted confidante. She seems to have her head on straight.
    Jordan She's a tough woman, not one for talking with strangers, maybe, but definitely someone to watch if she's Prince Ainsley's sparring partner. I look forward to her fight.
    Joscelin Abrupt, but that's not a bad thing. I've seen her before and I mean to get to know her better. I've heard -such- tales of this woman...
    Josephine A woman of few words and gruff demeanor. No doubt not to everyones taste but I find her a fresh breath in truth.
    Juniper Like the lone tree left in a farmer's field for mid-day shade, you recognize it immediately as both target for the storm and potential protection from the same. I like her.
    Kaldur Intent and intense. What is her interest in me? I will have to find out.
    Kastelon I like her jokes. Funny.
    Kenna Her passion shines through her words. I can tell she cares about what she's speaking about.
    Killian Interesting woman, rough around the edges but that's no problem in so far as I'm concerned..and has her eyes open. Always refreshing to meet someone who isn't trying to force the world to fit in their little box, but looking at it as it really is and trying to figure out what to do about it.
    Korka Doesn't like poetry about birds and has a mean right hook to prove it. Not bad.
    Kritr This is a proper Northern woman. She is not afraid to share what it is like to be from outside the Compact. Hopefully she will show me a better way to be inside it.
    Leola Very focused, like she's looking down the shaft of an arrow, always, always. No hesitation, either.
    Lorenzo Thank goodness she didn't think I was crazy when I told her about some crazy things.
    Lorenzo A woman with strong opinions who is not afraid to express them directly. I find it fascinating to speak with her, and I respect her experience, even though it is quite different from my own.
    Lou I can't get a good handle on Shard, except to say that she's very standoffish at times. Unless it's a topic she's concerned or passionate about. I can't speak to her experiences, but her prowess on the Grayson missions makes me glad to have her counted among our friends. I think we could potentially be friends, should circumstances ever change and we not have danger around every corner.
    Lys de Lire House Sword. She's stoic and steady. Yes, 'steady' is the word for Shard. Rooted and hard, and unmoveable.
    Margerie Appraising. Harder to read than most people I've met, at the Salon or elsewhere. I find myself biting back a goodly portion of my usual incessant, cheerful babbling in her presence for some reaosn.
    Marisol Prima Shard is a thoughtful woman but raised outside the Compact means her view of how things are handled is different. She makes excellent points but I fear what would have worked for her people will not work for us. I hope she can find a measure of peace with that. Though I do not mind the enlightening conversations to be had in her presence.%r
    Martino Well there is someone who's got strong views and is not afraid to make them known. Passionate, clearly, on matters close to them
    Mason An interesting woman, Mason met her by chance at the Shrine of the First Choice, and they ended up having a long conversation. Mason sees some common threads between himself and Prodigal, as both are learning to live in a new home and culture. She seems sharp of mind and firm of opinion, not afraid to share opposing thoughts or ideas.
    Melody However blunt and easy to read this one might claim herself to be; to me, she is the unexpected.
    Mercedes Shard doesn't speak much, nor react too strongly - except when she has to, it seems. She has stories, no doubt. I like this woman.
    Merek %bMerek thinks she is very quiet, and seems to not like a lot of things from what he has seen at most.
    Mira Fierce. Wild. Free. She's not a lady to be caged. I can understand her point of view, but I'm just not the warrior she is...
    Mirari A steadfast, headstrong women not afraid to be messy in order to do what's right.
    Mirari Reasoned. So very, well reasoned. I have to wonder, however. If all that reasonable is just chains on an irrational rage that lies beneath the surface, just waiting to be unleashed.
    Mirk Opinionated. Argumentative, even. But for all that, passionate about fighting those evils she sees in the world.
    Monique Queen of another land, but one who doesn't seem to want to leave this one for it. Faces hard choices, that much is clear.
    Nijah A prodigal from the North. She works as a mercenary and is rather difficult to read, but can provide some nice company once she's warmed up!
    Niklas I'm not sure I've ever heard her talk. But she says a lot with her mopey glowers!
    Niklas My sister once plugged up a kettle and put it on to boil to see what would happen. I wonder if what happened with that kettle can happen to people.
    Nuala Not a woman of many words. Like an owl, she watches, listens, and strikes when the moment is ripe. An asset to the north.
    Orathy SHE agreed with what I be sayin. Mark the date! Reckon otherwise we ain't had many times when we ain't buttin heads or scowlin across the room at eachother. Somethin like that, reckon so.
    Orazio An interesting woman; she clearly chooses her reactions and her words with care. Orazio finds her to be surprisingly pleasant company.
    Orrin She seems quite passionate about what matters - she is quite welcome at our estate.
    Orvyn An interesting sort, quite reserved in some ways, but also carries the world upon their shoulders in others. I do not envy their situation.
    Petal She seems sort of quiet and rather logical. She won't wear silk, but she understands why common clothing is so good. Maybe one day she will let me make her an outfit.
    Pharamond She's intimidating, and she seemed to at least be against the actions of Danae tonight which, for now at least, makes her an ally in my book! Intense though.
    Philippe The last wolf queen or a subject of our Arvum king. She is a person who will need to decide on which side she is on. Both choices have extraordinary results.
    Raja She seems to be a woman with story and a passion for what she believes in. If the circumstances are right, I even believe we could be friends. I can't say this about many.
    Ras She won't cave for nothin.
    Reese She seems rather somber and serious. I think she can fight, just to look at her, but more than that she has a warrior's focus. I hope Audric doesn't lead her into trouble.
    Riagnon She's V E R Y serious. Which is sortof exciting!
    Rinel A prodigal with typically savage notions of warfare.
    Rowenova Prima Shard is a tough cookie. We both agree that people should seek lawyers before beating the shit out of people.
    Rymarr A bit uppity, but I don't mind it. Seems determined to bristle as often as possible. Yet she's dependable and efficient. I like that. I'm well aware that I'm often perceived as cold, distant, and all the rest. So I can't really judge another based on their outward appearance. She offers sage advice when it's needed and I found myself looking to her as an advisor a great deal during a recent point of command. She knows battlefields and knowing battlefields is a skill that I share and because of that, it gives me a blanket foundation of respect for someone such as she and myself.
    Rysen Skilled and dangerous. Not someone I always agree with, but her perspective and reasoning deserve respect.
    Sabella She saved my life and I am forever absolutely and totally grateful! She's great! We'd be best friends if we ever got together more! Which we don't. But it could happen!
    Sabella She holds such strong opinions on things, usually negative, but she still argues them so passionately that I know she must have a huge heart that just wants the best for everyone!
    Saedrus Reserved is, I think, too subtle of a word for Mistress Shard. She is something of a mystery, at least in a mild sense. Dark, determined and so sure of her own mind; each admirable traits. She tells me she is horrid company, but I refuse to believe that. I can be terribly persistent.
    Samael I like her question during the Prayers to the Sentinel. Does the Sentinel judge those who don't worship it?
    Santiago Captain-General Shard of the Valorious Few. She fought against Lord Drake Wyrmguard. I know nothing of style, save that this woman seemingly used her mind, over her instincts that I have seen others do. She won, and seemingly without tiring. Normally, I find fights like these to be a waste. This one, however, has caught my eye. Captain-General Shard is, clearly, a force to watch.
    Saya She's earth and stone in leathers and metal. Steady, but with an edge. I know it.
    Selene What stories she could tell are concealed by distinct reserve. But her curiosity and fearlessness suggest so much more. A mystery, without fail.
    Sergei The vice-captain is a very, very stern young lady; and not, might I add, very lady like. I'm not complaining, honey, but it's going to get real distracting if you're constantly trying to kill me.
    Silas Not much of a talker, but she is a fellow person-watcher.
    Sirius A scarred, daunting woman of willful means.
    Sorrel More here than meets the eye. Fierce. A true warrior for freedom.
    Sparte A good rider and marksman, though perhaps not so keen on some people I rather like. Which is a shame, some of my best friends are stoats.
    Sunaia Not much has changed in her. I'd still place more trust in her more than most.
    Sydney Severe, with the sort of eyes that seem to look right through you and lips that don't seem like they're the sort to smile often. I'd mark her as dangerous even if she hadn't introduced herself as being top of the rung of the Valorous Few. That's an unfortunate name, but one I can't help but remember.
    Tallius Seems alright, if a bit on the quiet side. Seems odd how different she is from the Shav I knew and grew up around. Really underlines how unique each tribe or group is from one another.
    Tarik She like cider and she doesn't smile. I have a feeling she does smile, but I don't think I want to be around when she starts to smile. She is the Few like me. She seems to be very focus individual that something to remember if I ever have to work with her. I got to match her focusing if that is possible.
    Tescelina She carries an intensity that I would expect of a wolf, fierce are her eyes and beautiful. There is a hint of sadness as well, under it all. I suspect that fierceness was not free, it came at a high cost. I will be cautious, as she warned, but we will speak again.
    Theron I've seen her in a number of times and I know she's quite skilled with the sword. I haven't had the opportunity to spar her yet, but I look forward to it, in the future. Maybe after the war. Someone who's reserved and well-connected, maybe a little dangerous, as she's part of the Valorous Few. I look forward to serving with her at Setarco.
    Thesarin When she spoke, which was little, she seemed hostile. When she acted, it was to protect the lives of strangers at great risk to her own.
    Torian They were at the Merchant West fire and The Compact owes them a debt of gratitude!
    Valdemar The Captain-General is businesslike and direct, something that I can appreciate along with her willingness to help in spite of previous disagreements.
    Valenzo Don't know what I'd do in her boots, but I can't help but be impressed by her composure. Wolf queen, indeed.
    Valery She is always so serious and she seems sort of angry... But not the dangerous angry, behind the seriousness she seems nice.
    Vayle Stoic and quiet, but as the group grew smaller she grew more verbose and her intelligence became clear. She was patient and direct. Thank you.
    Victus I've seen her type around, wild and free. Skittish like one of the animals from the north as well. But she's got some military discipline on her and no doubt some dirt on those knuckles too. Ain't nothing about that I don't respect.
    Volcica She's all business, but I tend to be, as well. I hope I can help her find some of the answers she seeks.
    Warrick Willing to deal with my stupid problem for an appropriate amount of coin.
    Wash A prodigal that is adapting poorly to life in the Compact. Hope she sticks it out.
    Willow The more I see her in different contexts the more interesting she becomes.
    Zeriax Examined by the eyes of a hunter. A predator. A killer. The first time she looked at me, I finally knew what it was like to be caught within my own gaze.
    Zoey Not terribly eloquent. She must be the type to let her blades do the talking.