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Count Fredrik RedTyde

The saddest summary of life contains the words should have, could have, and would have.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Wily Economist
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redtyde
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant scholar
Height: 6 foot
Hair Color: Dark Brown w/Silver
Eye Color: Brown
Skintone: Tanned

Description: His hair the brown of dark oak shot through at the temples with silver, this man has a noble bearing, always straight-backed and solid in his movements, no wasted motion or flippant behavior. His eyes are chocolate brown and set in a slightly broad face with angular jaw and cheeks. His frame is not overly muscled, built on the lighter side but without an ounce of fat upon it, his fingers clever and slender and his smile ready and even with all teeth present and accounted for.

Personality: Serious and driven, Fredrik is not a man to leap into any situation without first examining any angle and plotting his course carefully. This does not mean he is not personable, of course! He has not survived as a roaming merchant by being frigid or obtuse, and has a warm smile and ready handshake to reflect that. But a look into his eyes shows the trauma of many years of loss, and he often defaults to serious examination and thought, rather than whimsy or dreaming.

Background: Born as the third son to the Redtyde March, Fredrik was in no place to inherit any lands or real sense of political power, but he was blessed with a rather keen sense of observation and an attention to detail. And so he was often given the House's paperwork and left to tend to their businesses from as early an age as 16, a task he relished and embraced. And in time, he even married, a minor lady from a barony under Tyde, and they had two children, Garon and Alrik.

Unfortunately, all of that was lost when the Tydes rose up in rebellion, washed away with the coming of thraxian banners. The Redtydes refused to abandon their liege lords, and were among the first houses wiped away in the Thraxian march to the Tydes. Fredrik managed to escape, but his wife and children, visiting the Tyde House at the time, were killed along with the rest once it was broken open and laid waste. Fleeing into hiding, Fredrik carried with him a bastard child of Tyde, along with a commoner child, and set to work disguising himself, posing as a merchant and eventually securing his own boat. He did all he could, never abandoning the Tyde cause and raising the children as his own. But many years have passed, and Tyde is reborn! After much caution and deliberation, Fredrik has come forth to meet with Margot, who he has been in contact with for many months, hoping to taie his place under the protection of House Tyde, and give his adopted children the home they deserve. And to serve. Always to serve.

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