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Josephine Arcuri

My world is a noisy place. Sometimes, I like to just close my eyes and listen because there's just so much for me to hear.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Mineral Whisperer
Fealty: Lyceum
Family: Arcuri
Gender: female
Marital Status: widowed
Age: 54
Birthday: 02/16
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Jeweler
Height: average height
Hair Color: salt streaked grey
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Legendary Smith, Guildmaster of the Crafters Guild of Arx

Description: A slim woman that has seen decades imprinted on her skin, Josephine is what some might call a subtle classic beauty. The fine lines on her face are considered badges of honor to her and the life that she has led thus far. Rounded cheeks, a flash of a smile and warm brown eyes, the salt in her hair does little to detract from her appearance. Her hair is kept up and away from her face in thick braids wound around the crown of her head. She doesn't tower but neither is she considered short and she carries herself with a certain confidence. She favors wearing Lycene fashions when not working with hot metal and her hands are flecked with minute burns that are par for the course in her profession with some even possibly over thirty or forty years old.

Personality: Josephine is by all rights, an intensely private individual. Preferring to remain far from the limelight and enjoy her life of quiet repose and let her work have that far more adventurous life once it's left her hands. Interactions with customers tend to find a quiet and respectful woman who takes intense joy in her life and her family. With the lilt that betrays her heritage of being Lycene by birth to her words, it's uncommon to hear her raise her voice, no swifts movements. She is the quiet common dove in her nest and watching and always kind to her customers new or loyal. Though for the latter it seems like she might go above and beyond.

Background: Josephine Arcuri grew up in Lenosia, commoners within the Lyceum. Scattered across the city, they've been a near constant sight with their skill of manipulating metals to make pieces of jewelry or any other items that one might find they need delicate metalwork that a full smith couldn't do. This was how Josephine grew up all those year ago. Small fingers are good for gathering those bits of metal and working polishing cloths in small tight spaces.

She was one of five, squarely in the middle. Fully set to carry on the family trade even when a few of her siblings did not. As she grew, the woman learned how to choose the best metal for which piece. Why some were not fit for small pieces and other metals were. She had a keen eye for gems and soon made a name for herself as a solid lapidary for the family that would not cheat a customer.

One day she caught the eye of a soldier and soon enough they married. Children followed a plenty, no less than seven of them though the years and not a single set were twins. As with her family, half of her children went on to become sailors, soldiers and two of them joining her in the family trade of being jewelers. Through war she's lost a husband, lost one son to the sea and another more recently to the war in Setarco. The living children are all in Arx and Josephine has decided to pick up roots from Lenosia and move to the city and take her shop with her. To be closer to her children, have the protection of the city. She's too old to keep taking boats to see them and she has grandchildren on the way.

Relationship Summary

  • Deren - Bulwark brother, smith in Lenosia.
  • Arella - conniving sister, smith in Lenosia.
  • Cocine - devoted sister, perished to sickness.
  • Demetria - daughter, stalwart assistant and smith. Terribly allergic to animals.
  • Marcen - son in law, married to Demetria and bracing. Armorsmith in Arx.
  • Henriette - Daughter and shopkeep in Arx.
  • Thomas - Son and sailor, perished at sea in battle.
  • Joanare - Daughter, smith and shopkeep in Arx.
  • Cocine - Daughter, smith and shopkeep in Lenosia.

  • Spouse:
  • Pieter - My dear straight laced Oathlander. Long passed but no less missed. My foil and my counterpart.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Adora - "Is there anything that doesn't come out of your mouth that isn't sour girl?"

  • Friend:
  • Lucita - You simply must nourish the minds, like the souls and wait to see what the Queen of Endings has planted in your garden.
  • Mortimer - Friend, stroller of markets, paramour, perhaps not so much anymore.
  • Grady - Former Patron, diplomat beyond compare, conversation companion and cane twirler.
  • Lora - Patron and sister in tragedy. A like soul in a busy world. A transplanted rose without compare.
  • Name Summary
    Agostino Mistress Arcuri is a woman of many talents, among which is apparently putting on a great party. She -may- need to get her eyes checked, though. Too thin, she says!
    Alecstazi She calls herself strange -- or was it odd? Either way she dubs this herself, so I am not afraid to use it. I think she thinks she talks to jewelry. Then again, if I made something as lovely as the items she makes, I might find myself talking to them as well. There is fire in her, unquenched by her years, burning hot and wielded with precision. I like her.
    Alexio A good woman and a figure of admiration for us young merchants. Her knowledge and advice is always well received.
    Amund Able jeweler. We've spoken of metals and weapons, and she listens to them. It is fascinating, to see that much respect for a metal. Offered me help, which I will take.
    Anisha I suppose it's only natural to feel a little intimidated by someone like Mistress Josephine. She's clearly skilled at her craft, and a guildmaster. Her confidence seeps from every pore, and I get the distinct impression she'll suffer no fools. Hopefully, she won't think me a fool.
    Antea She may be one of the most impressive women I have met, and that includes royalty and Generals, warriors, and diplomats, healers and poets. I cannot wait to see what she does with what I have asked of her.
    Apollo Gods, I feel a fool. She's sharp as a tack, I think, which will be good for the guild.
    Bhandn It's nice to speak with a woman who understands practicality. When all of our dealings have been pleasant, and even far exceeded my expectations in one case, what more remains to be said?
    Brigida A friend like Josephine is hard to find in these times but is truly cherished. Time with her is time well spent.
    Calista Aside from making some of the best jewelry in all of Arvum, she is a true artist and a wonderful Lycene.
    Caspian A woman who is as fascinating as she is a skilled jeweler. I've never had a dull moment with her nor a dull piece.
    Dante I pity the foe that might meet her armed with her cane. Her company was a rare pleasure, for she spoke with fine and beneficial insight.
    Dante Not only a skilled artist in metal and jewels, but far far more special than that. On top of it, she is exceedingly generous and loyal - my wife got the best of the best when it comes to proteges, she is family.
    Delilah Josephine's diamond-fire mind transforms dreams into hard, faceted realities and weaves legends into tangible heirlooms. Great as these talents are, they do not hold a candle to her keenness understanding the human condition.
    Dianara I won't deny that getting to be nearer to family again, particularly family that understands why I have made the choices I've made, isn't at least one good reasons why I've returned to Arx. Aunt Jo is a comfort and doesn't expect me to be anything other than what I am. That is a gift more precious than all the pretty things she's ever made for me.
    Dianna Certainly the finest jeweler I have ever had occasion to meet, and a very strong woman. May she be blessed forevermore with peace - and may I be blessed to help her find it.
    Dion A fine and very charitable woman with far better business acumen than I.
    Domonico This woman is too generous. So kind and thoughtful. I ower her a lot.
    Eddard The finest jeweler in allll of the compact.
    Elsa A truly remarkable woman who has a nearly mystical way with metals and jewels. I cannot wait to wear one of her creations!
    Emrys Peerless ability allows its share of eccentricities. Yet, her company has shown me that beyond her craft, there is a woman well worth befriending.
    Evaristo I was very glad to see the Guildmaster at the spider petting zoo. Maybe she even found inspiration!
    Gawain The legendary guildmaster! Very eccentric, refined. I hope to own one of her creations one day.
    Gilroy I hear she's good. She definitely seems to have skill at the market.
    Gwenna Mistress Josephine Arcuri has a most glorious shop in the Velenosa distract that I surely spend far too much silver in, but how can I help myself? The staff there knows exactly how to take my ideas and turn them into something beyond expectation.
    Hadrian She offers others challenges, who then challenge me. The good ol' Lycene Challenge Chain. I rose to the occasion to face her indirect challenge and had a wonderful time doing it. Have you seen my crown though? She made that. I know, right?! It's beauuuutiful! Jayus may very well have reached down upon her being cast into the word and touched her.
    Jaenelle A woman of strong morals. Her loyalty and assistants in all manner of Lyceum matters is invaluable.
    Jyri The highest respect for the guildmaster. We've not had much dealings with each other, but there's been some business and that one time with some nasty dogs. She's a tough woman, that one.
    Kerr She talks to her metals, and do the metals talk back? Whatever's the answer, I can't wait to wear the work she crafts for me.
    Klaus The woman is divinity ade flesh when it comes to working with metals and jewelry, and I praise her even if she does not like Doreen, or perhaps because of it.
    Laurel The Guildmaster has an incredible talent, or so she says. Hearing gems and metals seems a bit much but then her pieces look amazing. One can not deny her skill, that is for certain so I shall not question how she comes about her results. I am all too honored to be able to work with her. I hope only that I can stand the tests that are ahead of me.
    Lucita Talent, generosity, a warmth of pesonality and interesting ideas. I find myself determined to seek her out and talk with her again and to have her come visit the Tower. She is a person well worth knowing!
    Mabelle The most talented crafter in the city, able to turn my weird wishes into sparkling reality.
    Merek A merchant of the Guild of Crafters, also the newest to be a Guild Master. She seems to be nice enough.
    Miranda This very skilled Lycene woman makes the most beautiful pieces. I would love to have a small portion of her creative juices... if only she could bottle THAT up to sell.
    Mirari Josephine is like everyone's mentor. Everyone's favorite older aunt. Warm, accepting, and always willing to help you out if you ask nicely.
    Mirk Quiet. Determined. Moving forwards, despite grief. All respectable qualities.
    Monique The woman I love most in all of this world. There is nothing I wouldn't do for Josephine, maker of wonder.
    Ophelia My favorite, favorite jeweler! So much creativity and talent. I treasure the works of art she has created for me.
    Orchid She seems kind to me. She is a jeweler and her work is lovely.
    Orrin The Crafter's Guild certainly chose well with her - she seems to have an expansive knowledge of the trades.
    Petal The new Mistress of the Crafters Guild. I think she will do great things. She is very talented as well.
    Pharamond Fair, the utmost quality, highly recommended. I am excited for what she makes for the Lady in my life, and to have been proved worthy of obtaining her services!
    Ras She's kinda incredible. I like her.
    Reese She makes amazing creations and is pleasant company as well.
    Rinel She is like a forge--unyielding, and dangerous to the foolish, but warm and comforting to those who demonstrate the proper respect. I am glad to have met her.
    Roxana My absolute favorite jeweler, though I would never tell other jewelers that, it would be so rude.
    Rukhnis A crafter of renown who it seems like many others is caught up in the strange events of the city. It is a pleasant thing to have such a one agree to follow a physician's instructions without argument.
    Sabella My absolute favorite jeweler in the entire city, perhaps all of Arvum. She is always so sweet and welcoming and her creations are clearly blessed by Jayus himself! I cannot imagine how someone with such talent is so modest.
    Sebastian Of course I have heard of this crafter's stunning work -- even seen much of it on display. It pleases me to discover she is a delightful woman to talk to on top of her amazing talent.
    Sirius A matronal, austere figure that possesses a bearing of absolute control of her surroundings. Her gaze's frightening, but not as much as her voice, when it demands. Gods.
    Sparte I greatly respect her for her craft. I don't know if we have much in common though, which is fine I suppose.
    Stygia Not as toothsome as I was expecting. Actually pleasant, with a light sprinklin' of intriguin'. Willin to do business with her again.
    Tatienne The leader of the crafter's guild, perhaps we can find mutual profit in cooperation.
    Tescelina I have used her services time and again, but to speak with her it was a font of inspiration. I look forward to this gift.
    Thea A proud woman and seems loyal. Great at what she does.
    Vega A purveyor of metals, from jewelry to armor. Her reputation precedes her, I shall have to try and snag one of her rare commissions!
    Vercyn An amazing jewler. Perhaps one of the best I have ever seen. On top of that, she is pleasant and charming and fully aware of how to get a return customer.
    Videl Mistress Arcuri is very good at what she does, and most pleasant at that. I look forward to spending more money or resources in her store in the future.
    Vitalis The newly minted Guildmaster, generous with pincer fingers, threats with her cane, and praise for her crafters. I quite like her.
    Willow Not only a talent with her hands but apparently also as an event organizer.
    Wren The new guild master of the Crafters Guild has quite the shoes to fill, but just from our initial encounter, I can tell she's one who won't shy from rising to the challenge. I look forward to my future dealings with her and the members of the guild.