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Duke Valdemar Grimhall

Do not fear death, men;defy her, and you drive her into the enemy's ranks.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Eager Warrior
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Pale

Titles: Duke of Grihem's Point

Description: Tall and broad of frame, Valdemar is lean and powerful, a natural warrior and athlete. His blonde hair falls freely to his shoulders most of the time, as he rarely wears it bound in any fashion. While he is naturally fair of skin, he does typically have a light tan thanks to long hours spent in the sun aboard ships and at weapons practice. Prominent brows and cheekbones give him a stern countenance, something which is accentuated by a strong jaw that is most often covered in a well-groomed beard. In spite of this, he smiles more often than his family name might lead one to expect, a charming curve of the lips that brightens his features when it happens.

(His long, golden hair is tied back with a leather cord to keep it out of his face and off of his neck in the summer heat.)

Personality: Hungry for greatness in the way most young warriors are. He is proud of his family and legacy, and wishes to earn an exalted place in the annals of Grihems Point, but it not entirely chained to tradition. He enjoys being liked and is better at it than many might expect of a Grimhall, but loses no sleep if he must settle for being feared.

Background: The oldest son of Harald and Anneke, he was an obedient child brought up in a firmly traditional Thraxian manner. He always knew what his role was expected to be: captain of a ship, with steel in hand. If he did well enough, perhaps one day he'd lead a fleet against great foes in a famous battle. Grimhall boys often dreamt of such things.

Respect for his people's traditions was hammered heavily into Valdemar as he grew out of childhood, though he showed hints of a more intellectual bent, at times. Now a young man freshly given command of his first ship, he has been part of minor skirmishes with petty enemies, but no battles worthy of the name; small raids as much for practice as plunder. He wasn't old enough to fight in the Tyde Rebellion, but fate has delivered a new war, and legendary new enemies. Despite any orders otherwise, no warrior worth his spear would sit at home when great deeds await doing.

Relationship Summary

  • Ian - A good thing he's not a Grimhall then, isn't it?

  • Family:
  • Ingrid - Sister, a quiet and reliable presence, it is good to have her in Arx.
  • Ingvar - Brother, the family explorer, his backing means much.
  • Arkyn - So much rides on this little one, my firstborn. It would seem his voice is up to the challenge, at least.
  • Antony - My quiet second-born, your brother will need the resolve you seem to possess. The whole family will.
  • Karina - Cousin, her sense of humor is welcome, and her attention to detail serves the family well.
  • Sanya - Cousin, her charm, beauty, and grace are assets not to be underestimated.

  • Ally:
  • Asger - It has been good to reconnect with the Duke of Stormwall lately.
  • Calypso - A steadfast ally who is enjoyable to work with in spite of the circumstances.
  • Edward - Baron Stormbreak is certainly among the most loyal vassals Grimhall has. We count ourselves fortunate for that dedication.

  • Deceased:
  • Harald - Father still casts a long shadow, even now that he is gone. He will be missed.

  • Spouse:
  • Vanora - She is stars and sunsets and storms on the sea. My wife, my partner, the mother of my children. My forever.

  • Friend:
  • Cassima - Few in the city have been as trustworthy.
  • Derovai - Valued teacher and advisor.
  • Galen - Another steadfast friend, valued enough to trust as Salt Parent to my sons.

  • Protege:
  • Iseulet - A capable woman and worthy colleague.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Shared a drink with him at the Hart. A delight to meet him, I'd like the chance to talk with him further.
    Adora His wife has good taste. His name is awful. I don't like him.
    Aethan Ian respects him, and that counts for a lot in my book. Also probably a good fighter. I'll have to see how good sometime soon.
    Alarissa As stoic and steadfast as his father.
    Alecstazi A proud son of the Isles. His father's son, it would seem, which is only good news for Grimhall and its vassals. He is a strong warrior and an able teacher. Grimhall has a good future ahead of it.
    Alessandro Duke of Grimhall -- and the name is well-deserved, but while he may be a little grim, he is obviously a good man to have on one's side.
    Alessia I've known him as a formidable warrior but it was a delight to see the introspective, warm individual beneath.
    Alexio A man of House Grimhall. He seems a brave sort. A good person to be friends with.
    Alrec The hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It is as if I was transported back in time, to my youth. This time I know better and I am wiser. This time, I will not fail the Grim and he will see a brother in me.
    Ann The Thraxian version of Asger? Which means a lot to me. I'll happily call him an ally any day. I'd love to see our two Houses working together more in the future.
    Belladonna A man that is in control. Quite admirable trait, makes it easy to work with him. Vanora seems to like him quite a deal.
    Berenice Entirely unappreciative of warmer climes! Ridiculous.
    Bethany These fighting men can certainly take a lot of hits to the head, can't they?
    Cadenza Very charming and easy to talk to! Seems pretty laid back.
    Caith I felt so safe with him around! He was very nice and polite and charming but it definitely felt like something was weighing on him. Probably responsibility! Responsibility weighs /a lot/! I hope our paths cross again soon.
    Calypso I understand why his wife would take his hand for marriage. He does not need rank or title to be a man of position and principal. He stands on his ground and does not need you to tell him where he is. I deeply respect that fact, and his intelligence towards matters of stewardship to the Compact as a whole. Thrax has a valuable asset in the heir to Grimhall.
    Cambria Hardly a most auspicious first meeting, one could argue. Yet I do believe I found a kindred spirit. It warrants further encounters.
    Caprice A man who is not shaped by his heritage, but enriched for it. He was an unexpected, but delightful surprise that inspired Caprice to design a few pieces that may be some of her favorites yet.
    Caspian Little does he know I'm not down to earth! He explained to me the history of his house's sword, which was pretty interesting. Learned something new!
    Cullen The Duke seems quite the warrior with a genuine interest in the well-being of his people and the Compact. I will lend him my sword and assist his academy with enthusiasm.
    Delilah Rather enjoyable company. He seems just as lost as I do in an event as big at this, but he's focused his attention on those around he seems to be enjoying the show.
    Delilah Not what one would expect to encounter a Thraxian, and yet someone who knows the nature of his land, and kin to it, in a fashion. Clarity to his words, affection for his family. He would not be someone I would wish to anger, but no doubt has a fascinating outlook on life.
    Erik My cousin, the new Duke of Grihem's Point. He has risen to fit the role well, keeping the strong and stoic qualities expected of a Grimhall lord. I'm sure we'll prosper under his guidance.
    Ezekiel A gruff seeming fellow, but he has entertaining banter and did quite seem to enjoy my music!
    Faruq Thraxian if I recall correctly, likes the bigger swords. I'd claim he was just overcompensating but then I would be too! Hah! Seems a good man, if a bit to serious sometimes.
    Fatima An even-keeled leader for his house, and I would say, a practically-minded man. Although many approach me with interest in Eurus, few seem to have a grasp of what is actually at stake there. I hope we'll have a useful partnership in this regard.
    Faye Seems to be a strong leader for his people, even as he is faced with difficult decisions. I encourage him to make the best of these changes and find advancements where he can.
    Galen A loyal and steadfast man, like his father, and someone with respectable initiative. We will work together to make the Mourning Isles safe.
    Harald My eldest son and the Sword of Grimhall. Though he has a measure of. hiss mother's cheer, he will win his place as young warriors should.
    Harlex I know that look, had it myself. As one warrior to another, I hope he finds what he needs to carry on.
    Ingrid My beloved brother. Valdemar has grown so much over the years and I am very proud of him.
    Ingrid My brother, I have many but I like this one more than most of the others. I hope he won't tell that.
    Ingvar My older brother, he seems to be handling family matters in my Father's Stead in the city, and seems to be doing a good job of it. It's nice to be reunited with my Kin again, even if it is on the mainland.
    Iseulet A capable conversationalist and hospitable host, I look forward to working with him and his House and being his protege.
    Jacque The Sword of Grihem's Point, working to earn his place amongst the great champions of our Compact. Humble, resolute. Good traits to have.
    Jasher Voice of Grimhall. Fierce. Sharp. The coming times will truly test his mettle to lead, as it will mine.
    Jordan Brave Lord, and one that spars knowing that practice is meant to teach one how to fight in real situations. I appreciate the candor, and the bravery. He charges like a man possessed.
    Karina Didn't realize how much I missed my fuzzy older cousin until I was laughing with him again. The world is a little less intimidating with him around.
    Klaus A noble who cares about his people it is clear, and sees them as more than pieces on a board. It is good to be with a man who understands that view.
    Lianne Earnest in such a way that it presents as strength rather than vulnerability. Keen-minded and skilled in debate. A very fine match for my most inquisitive cousin.
    Lou I cannot imagine what Lord Valdemar is going through with the loss of his father, but should he have need of the Society of Explorers for anything, he need only ask and we shall answer.
    Luca A gracious host. I have not been to the Grimhall longhouse in the Thrax Ward in some time, but I never remember it being more welcoming. He has captured a wonderful bride. I will have to send him one of those 'On the Care and Feeding' guides, to Lycene women. But we all know every House could use one. Or ten.
    Lucita Polite, knowledgeable, exhibits a certain strength of personality. We worked together well in discussing the intricacies involved in overseeing holdings, a noble duty.
    Mabelle To finally come face in face with the Duke I heard much about. Just as I imagined, he is commanding and oozes authority and yet still maintains his smile.
    Macda Wonderful whispering weapons whilst wishing whimsy was worth waiting. Or something. It was good fortune to have been seated next to him.
    Merek A reserved man that I've met, he seems to be wise in a way, and also is quite attentive to listening.
    Mikani Dower. Instead of working towards a bright future he just plods along. We work towards what we see and the obstacles we face seem smaller for it.
    Miranda Thoughtful with a sense of humor. Spry for a guy in plate, too!
    Mirari He looks like he makes Vanora happy, so I think very highly of him just because of that. I've met him before, briefly, but didn't really get a chance to sit down and speak to him.
    Niklas Ford's boss' son and Ford's ex-wife's new husband! Why, we're practically cousins! Apparently a wonderful singer.
    Norwood I cannot help but think well of House Grimhall for the way that Lord Valdemar carried himself at the Sword Gathering.
    Orathy Young Grim, reckon he a chip off his pa's shoulder. He be having a few things to learn yet about opponents who ain't standing still. Reckon he takes a loss well enough, he does.
    Pasquale The heir to Grimhall. Newly wed to a Pravus, the house of Pasquale's liege lords. Pasquale is curious how that will work out, and suspects Malespero will be seeing the Grimhalls again often down the line.
    Petal I think I know who he is! His wife is frequently at my shop. He seems like an okay Lord. And it sounds like he has been through some hard battles and hard times.
    Prisila He seems to be level headed and understands the status quo. Lady Vanora has done well in landing such a man for her partner.
    Pyotr He seems a good sort, though with a heavy weight on his shoulders.
    Reese He fought with me against Zhayla's killing, coming at his father's side and quite the father he has! Duke Harald is great man, but I think that Valdemar probably is too. He showed great bravery in the battle. He was ready and willing to die. He took damage, but he was so strong about it. Grimhall blood is strong.
    Reigna A proud and noble seeming Thraxian. I want to trust him, I do, he seems to be the sort that is the definition of trustworthy. I just... It is difficult to trust someone willing to overlook Oathbreaking. I am likely being too judgemental, but it is in my bones, steel bends, honor holds.
    Roxana Such a thoughtful young man, and polite and kind as well. Almost sweet but Thraxians don't like hearing that sort of thing so I won't mention it out loud.
    Rysen A leader of courage and integrity, whose words and actions prove the unfathomable value of his friendship.
    Sabella Lord Grimhall has always been very kind and polite to me and even sweeter to his wife, which means he must be a very great man indeed!
    Sanya I'm glad to be surrounded by such a welcoming family. My cousin has been wonderful company and I look forward to working together.
    Saoirse Valdemar was in the bar when Saoirse delivered some of her welcome gifts of wine. He partook and seemed to find her amusing.
    Selene The measure of a man can often be gained by the questions he asks. The duke raises excellent points with a rational, thoughtful approach that speaks to acumen and politics. He has clearly weathered stormy times with great care. A force to be reckoned with and admired.
    Sorrel Serious and thoughtful, the heir to Grimhall seems like the sort of man it is good to know. Not quite as intimidating as his father, but gives a sense of power nonetheless.
    Talen A sober Thraxian man who happened to end up with Vanora as a wife. Eleyna's running commentary that he's not unlike Talen's more sullen moods were completely shaken when an entire tea party learned that he sings, too. The Singing Sword of Grimhall. Interesting.
    Theron The Sword of Grihem's Point had one of the most memorable fights at the free-for-all. Good man with a sense of sportsmanship.
    Thorley A worthy opponent in the field of battle. My hardest strikes were absorbed by him, but he continued to impress - I will make sure to break bread and drink with this man.
    Turo I respect honesty and forthrightness, which this lord demonstrates in abundance. I look forward to doing great things with him in the future, to benefit both our houses.
    Vanora They met in the Shrine of the Thirteenth actually, which if it is foreshadowing could be very good or very bad. Vanora was instantly intrigued despite herself. He may come off as an axe-wielding brute and no doubt he is just that, but to imagine that is the /only/ thing he is is to miss out.
    Victus His father casts a long shadow, with a mindset that's been set in stone for centuries. I wouldn't envy anyone in his position, but he does well by his family. I'm interested to see where the future leads.
    Vitalis A solid and steady presence in the unravelling chaos of armed conflict. I'd have him at my side any day - or better - at my back.
    Willow Does a magnificent job of balancing progress and tradition. Probably one of the wisest and most thoughtful Dukes in the Compact.
    Zacharie Seems about as prone to outbursts of laughter as you would expect from someone of his house, but he's a thoughtful and measured sort who sees what's in front of him clearly.
    Zaina A man of many questions is the Heir of the Grimhalls. He is polite.