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I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.

Social Rank: 9
Concept: Sword of Seraceni
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Disowned
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Soldier
Height: 6'0"
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Black
Skintone: Black

Obituary: Badly decayed and barely recognizable body found floating in the Gray River, precise cause of death unknown.

Description: Bearing a remarkably sharp bone structure, this hard man is a specimen of peak human conditioning. His clear athleticism is evident in the veined cut of his detailed musculature. He has black skin, with pitch eyes that show a determined and fierce nature. He is six feet tall, with a shaved head and cheeks. A series of scars that stretch from his abdomen to his shoulder indicates he has had at least one near death experience but the look in his eyes suggests there have been several.

(He is completely and utterly cleanshaven, not an ounce of hair to be found anywhere other than his eyebrows. He smells of the sea and a subtle male musk that is all natural and clean.)

Personality: Faruq is a specimen of natural ferocity controlled by a lifetime of discipline. Often times this discipline manifests itself in stoicism, but like many soldiers he can be jovial among his peers and in his cups. Moreover, a life lived on the edge of a blade has made Faruq cautious, but also playful. When among trusted companions, he can be something of a prankster, with jokes delivered with such a dry humor that often times its a debate to determine if he was actually serious when he said that.

Background: Faruq was born to a long-lived and a fierce line of Ischia corsairs. His father, Abin Faruq, was sword before him and served the Seraceni family with similar tenacity as his son. Although the family was not originally related by blood to the Seracenis, Faruqs ancestors were raised to nobility many generations ago for their loyal service. This is something their branch of the family has been very proud of in their heritage, and now being truly a part of the family

The title of Sword has been passed down through six generations of this family. Faruq was taught a blade and expected to continue the line of succession and he has proven worthy of the title and honor. When his father retired following the death of the old Marquis and Marquessa, Faruq took up the responsibility. He is also a capable sailor and commands his own ship and is a feared corsair.

Not particularly religious, Faruq finds his own way through duty to his liege and his House. The man took charge of his lieges safety upon the death of the Marquis of Seracenis parents and acted much as an older brother to Dario as the young man came into his own.

Faruq's younger sister, Malika is the only other person beside his Marquis that he is deathly loyal to. While he is fond of his brother, Nadir, he cannot help but be a little displeased that the younger man did not follow their family into martial pursuits.

Relationship Summary

  • Malika - My little sister. As much as I tease her I will /always/ be there for her.

  • Friend:
  • Mirari - Skilled in so many areas. Sword of Velenosa. Such potential.
  • Fatima - Princess Fatima Thrax, I always enjoy what time I get in her company and look forwards to sailing with her.
  • Miranda - So young and yet so determined! I am going to enjoy teaching her what I know for I have never met someone so eager to learn.
  • Sheena - This young tailor was a Thrall once, it has turned her shy and skittish, which is such a shame. Hopefully with time she will heal.
  • Carita - The Lady Darkwater is mischievous and has an openness that is to be admired. I almost think she might really be Lycene.
  • Melody - Such a sociable person, friendly with so many and well liked by nearly everyone I know. I wish I could make her my protege but to nobody's surprise ever, she already has a patron.
  • Denica - Ah she could be my partner in crime she could, if we were to do anything illegal, which we would never do. Honest. Pinky swear.

  • Frenemy:
  • Raymesin - The world is not out to get you.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Katarina - As wise as she is beautiful. I hope we have more opportunities to talk in the future.
  • Monique - The Lady Greenmarch has a vigor and wit to her that somehow manages to surpass her beauty. It doesn't seem possible but there it is.
  • Berenice - The hunt goes on and on... perhaps indefinitely.

  • Family:
  • Prisila - Voice of Seraceni. If Dario trusts her to be such then I will do the same.
  • Starra - No frills. Dangerous as they come. A good man. I like him.
  • Appolonia - Smart. Quiet. Likes Rum. What's not to like?
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A very charming sword who echoes scents of the sea. I find it rather calming and seem quite drawn to such men. I hope I can get him to divulge some stories to me of his sea tales.
    Adora I'm not going to sleep with him. I don't like him.
    Alarissa An intruifgin man and one that I would better enjoy coming to know the company of perhaps.
    Alessandro I hear that Lord Seraceni attended the wedding of Mistress Isabelle and Master Milton, and by Rodrigo's account, enjoyed it very much. It is nice that the event was so well-attended! I hope to meet him soon.
    Alessia I've known him for a short while but he has been both pleasant and has displayed extraordinary bravery in aiding my family and I.
    Alrec Likes his rum but thinks age is a weakness. At least its one that can be remedied.
    Ann A strong man befitting of the name Seraceni. I look forward to (and expect) nothing but great things from him.
    Appolonia The Sword of Ischia lives up to the responsibility of his position. We are lucky to have him.
    Arianna What a guy. I like his attitude and can dig the hat but really, there is an interesting depth to him that's so very like the sea.
    Auda So rogueish and mischevious!
    Berenice Likes to pretend at not flirting while he flirts. Amusing, in a certain way.
    Bliss I definitely poked at this one too hard. A man determined to prove the worthiness of his House, I think, and its place in the Compact.
    Calandra He claims to be a first-rate swing pusher, and I've heard other claims about the Lord as well that make me interested in knowing more.
    Cambria Volunteered to assist Mazetti with a particularly...grisly threat. His bravery cannot be overstated. Long shall the Hydra count Lor Faruq as a friend.
    Cirroch If you can learn anything from watching a man fight, then I learned that this man is talented.
    Coraline Quite the charming seaman! And a fellow lover of the sea as well, perhaps one day I will be lucky enough to sail with him, though I do have to wonder what the Lycene way of sailing is, and how few clothes it requires.
    Cullen The Sword of Ischia is a rather hearty and wise man, gregarious and intelligent. Someone who understands the dangers we face, and clearly has come eye to eye with more than a number in his own time. A man I ought to make friends with - not that would be difficult, given his personality and personability.
    Cullen His situation reminds me all too well how close I came to being in the same position, and how I was ready to take the vows. It's a shame, he seems a friendly and honorable man. All too often one has to wonder what led to such a drastic severing.
    Delilah In midst of grief, he conjured up a beautiful elegy in honour of departed soul. I cannot help but appreciate someone who shows such eloquence. Someone I should be like to speak with further.
    Domonico A tall dark level-headed man. Seems to enjoy watching a melee but is keen to avoid unnecessary conflict.
    Elora He was very clear that he is not a Lord. But he is quite the gentleman.
    Fatima Well, I couldn't help but notice this one, if initially simply (though definitely not entirely) because of his name. According to him, and from what I've since read about his family, they may have some Eurusi ties. That alone makes us kin of a sort, as I have few enough people to share in as regards that part of my heritage. So for that alone I'd care to know him more. That he is a rugged corsair who might join in some of my exploits is rather a nice bonus on top of it.
    Faye An interesting man, apparently seeking excitement and adventure. I wish him luck, and I hope he has the common sense to stay out of too much danger. Still, I wouldn't mind speaking with him again.
    Fecundo A surprise to see him with my sister. Gave him a bit of a hard time, but he doesn't seem a bad sort at all.
    Gianna Lord Faruq reminds me of a cat. A very large, very dangerous cat that is friendly and playful right up until he decides not to be.
    Giulio An interesting fellow. One would wonder as to his future had he not run into political problems. I imagine there will be much of interest in it, regardless.
    Gwenna Lord Faruq Seraceni, the Sword of Ischia, is exceptionally pleasant company whom I had the pleasure to meet at The Gala. While we all agreed to eschew heavier topics, no doubt the man is full of intriguing tales. Hopefully our paths might cross again so I may be allowed to inquire further.
    Hannah Charming and certainly a man who knows how he feels and what he wants. He seems like he would be fun at parties.
    Harlex Another Sword, amicable man with some opinions on him. Though, until we scrape, I cannot know him truly.
    Helia Very pleasant lord who provided bandages for Princess Sorrel and myself after a duel. He literally ripped one of his shirts apart! And it was a silk one too!
    Holt Met Faruq tonight when I was training at Southport with Nico. He has a cool head. Much cooler than mine. Maybe it was for the best.
    Iseulet Is this the walking, talking definition of tall, dark, and handsome? I believe so!
    Jasher He's forward.
    Jophiel A flamboyant and proud man, I can't help but to feed off of that energy when he's around. He and Miranda seem to have a thing between them.
    Jordan A good man, another of the seaborne persuasion, and someone with a good sense of sportsmanship and cooperation. That means that he's going to be a great business partner and possible drinking buddy down the road. I'll look forward to seeing what the future holds!
    Josephine All words. Lovely sugary words.
    Jyri Went straight to the root of the actual problem. Bloody brilliant.
    Kaldur A big man with a personality and smile to match. I'll have to practice that hat sweeping gesture. Very gallant.
    Karadoc He's a Seraceni, from what he told me. Seems like he's got a solid sense of etiquette because he bowed (with a flourish, at that --) and was all grins. Drinks rum. SO, based on all that -- he can't be TOO bad.
    Kenna He was so welcoming and ready to let me simply join in the conversation!
    Klaus A man with a heavy weight on him it seems. Family can do that to a person I hear.
    Liara Rather affable, for someone quite so heavily scarred as he is, though he's not wrong about not being the best at etiquette - almost put his foot in his mouth once or twice.
    Lorenzo An interesting man who is pleasant company. I was glad to finally catch up with him at the Gala, and I hope to see him out and about the city again soon.
    Lou He seems to be knowledgeable about Eurusi things, far more than I would have given him credit for at first. I'm not so sure that it's the Magisters that we need worry about so much as it is those that might employ darker methods to do their dirty work.
    Lucilia What an interesting noble. Not often one is so jovial and open for conversation.
    Lucita Such a silver-tongued charmer! And a good sport with a sense of humor. He has hidden depths and will be interesting to get to know him better.
    Malika My brother, my shield, you are a true warrior and defender of our house.
    Merek Takes action as is required, seems to be pretty fierce as well. Faruq is a Sword from what I can see, I have no intention of asking him to spar, but it's useful to learn how to use many weapons!
    Miranda Friendly and easy going. And Seraceni, of course. A girl could easily enjoy being lost on a boat with such a man.
    Monique Gentleman privateer. Strong hands, too. The man knows how to push a swing and how to talk to a Lady. Very favorable first impression.
    Nico He seems like a reliable man, he helped me with a situation that got out of hand over a jest. I'm extremely grateful for his help. He also seemed charming from what little of his conversation with Miss Iseulet that I heard.
    Nijah I never did have a chance to properly get to know him. That language barrier that first appeared between us made communication difficult. Come to find out he understands me just fine, but since arriving in Arx he has been delightful company, I am looking forward to getting to truly know the rest of the family.
    Niklas Handy with a scimitar, I'll give you that. Also, a perfectly nice wedding guest per my assistant, Isabelle.
    Orelia A contest of troublemakers. I wonder if it would be more appealing to win or lose? Regardless, he's an intriguing sort. We'll see whether his tolerance for alcohol and bawdy song proves him as worthy as his good humor.
    Petal He seems charming and popular.
    Pharamond By appearance he is a man not to be trifled with. By speech he seems fair and even reserved. That cinches he's not to be trifled with...
    Quenia Not quite as helpful as he could have been when others were trying to arrange a marriage for me - a marriage I'm perfectly capable of arranging for myself as liege of House Igniseri. We'll see how this Lord of Sereceni fares when his own fate is being determined by others.
    Reese He talks alot and is very very charming. The woman sort of flutter around him and I can see why. He also is the sword of his house and is seeing to house's interests. It is threaded through his every exchange, subtle sometimes and yet clearly there. Within all the charm is ambition, maybe pride, certainly will and probably strength.
    Reigna I do believe he is the first Seraceni I have met, and he seems a worthy gentleman, a well mannered man with a keen eye for beautiful women and a well formed battle strategy. And he cared for Monique's tears.
    Rosalie A lovely gentleman from the South! I'd heard Southerners were the most refined in their speech and actions. The most flirtatious, too!
    Rowynna Affable, scarred, and intriguing.
    Roxana Seracini gentleman, he's charming and intriguing as many southerners are. I'd be interested to get to know him better on a quieter day.
    Sabella A man that talks almost as much and as quickly as I do! I am sure we will be great friends! I wonder if he knows Mason.
    Sasha A talented Sword of his house and fond of knowing foriegn tongues like I am. I wonder how many tales of pirates I can get him to tell me!
    Sebastian A fine Lord, generous with his rum, all things of which I approve.
    Selene The fellow seems to have a swagger even when he's sitting still. He knows his manners, all the same. He was curious and keen to learn about all manner of things.
    Sheena He made a big order with me. He seemed interesting enough and patient enough to accept a comission from my slow working. He has scars on his chest. Very interesting. I kind of want to see them.
    Skriggs This gentleman was chatting with Lucilia when I came into a fine, reputable establishment. His praise of the nobility's fine tastes elated my heart and I do look forward to chatting on noble endeavours with him in the future.
    Sophie Somewhere under all of his bravado and humor is a real person. One day he'll show that person to me - or he won't. He's experienced great violence. One day he will need someone to talk to, and I intend to be there when he does.
    Sunaia A friendly and open sort of fellow, and down to earth for a Sword. Like many a cheerful sailor I've met over the years, I'll put money on his friendliness turning into ferocity in the blink of an eye if the need calls for it.
    Talwyn Andante with a heavy dose of brass, he does not so much walk through the world as crash through it with a deliberation tested in fire.
    Valdemar A fellow sailor with an interesting sense of humor and a good deal of skill with his blades.
    Valery I've been warned about his sweet words. But he seems polite and nice. He likes the tea.
    Vanora Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but one should study a topic at least a little bit before growing too attached to that opinion.
    Vayne A friendly man. I hope I can help him adjust to the city quickly.
    Verity I'm not even sure I caught his name, but any warrior of skill and grace as he presented himself to be is one I would not mind sharing a drink with at another time.
    Victus I've never heard of rope animals, but this guy does them the best I've ever seen them done before.
    Vitalis An impressive warrior of the Mirrorguard, his service to my family won't be forgotten.
    Ysabel A jovial and very hairless man of mystery, who also happens to know Lord Dominico! Are they friends? Old rivals? I simply must know!
    Zara Somehow he thinks I do not think well of him. He is wrong but I will let him figure that out the next time we meet. He's a friend of Miranda, I hope things go well.
    Zoey Quite a card. I'm not exactly sure how to place him yet.