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Princess Valencia Pravus

Morals are so last year.

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Southern Fox
Fealty: Pravus
Family: Pravus
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 22
Birthday: 03/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: ebon
Eye Color: chocolate brown
Skintone: deep cinnamon

Description: "The Southern Star in cold North Rises." So spoke the immortal Redrain bard of Princess Valencia Redrain nee Velanosa. In a world of flaming redheads, fair skin, ice and snow, her dark skin and jet black hair makes her stand out, even before the inspirational beauty that sends hearts a flutter. A sweet shaped face, framed by her thick ebon locks always seems alight with joy, mischief, ferocity, intrigue, and any combination of these. Her lush lips curl into gentle expressions, toying with the mind and heart. Her frame is all ample curves and sultry swagger, moving with a grace that accentuates just what she needs to and when. Her voice is often husk mixed with melody, a pleasant sound to the ear that somehow makes the brain disengage from its rightfully necessary defenses against her charm.

Personality: Valencia -loves-. She loves intrigue like a midnight lover, starting it, or finding it wherever she goes. She loves beauty, especially when it enhances her own beauty, and loves her vanity even more. She loves the North, surprisingly enough, viewing it as a blank canvas upon which to paint her mark. She loves people, their potential, and what they can do for her, and even more, what she can make them do. She loves love, finding the game of it an irresistible delight to engage in, and even more the game of remaining blemishless to the courtiers of any land. She loves vengeance, petty cruelties, and the satisfaction of a defeat that can never be traced back to her. She loves the glory of charity and looking after the less fortunate, because let's face it, who else -could- she look after? She is an intense woman of loves and passions, eager to invent her next game, and maybe even best her homeland of origin, showing the South what -real- strength is about.

Background: Princess Valencia has had terrible luck with names. To start with, she was born Princess Valencia Velenosa, and to be a noblewoman of House Velenosa should have meant by virtue of her name she could enjoy a idle lifestyle being ridiculously wealthy (which she was), sleekly fashionable (of this there was no doubt), spoiled (absolutely), and without demands placed upon her (this is where it failed). In her opinion, it is not in the least bit her fault that when she was asked to meet with different vassals of House Velenosa as a diplomat and to strengthen bonds to the family that she might have taken some small steps to make the exceedingly boring duties a bit more entertaining. Valencia was, of course, completely blameless in the sordid affair involving a certain count dueling a certain marquis over the right to court her, and the tragic death that resulted was certainly unfortunate, but it was grossly unfair that her aunt the Archduchess Carlotta Velenosa seemed to hold her accountable. After a few more minor incidents, aunt Carlotta made it clear that Valencia was going to be married off to get her away from Lenosia and to keep her out of trouble. Without even having met the man, Valencia was betrothed to a nephew of the high lord, Prince Sherrod Redrain- just because her name reminded them of 'Valeria', one of the great heroes of Redrain history. Valencia was a bit offended; she had many wonderful qualities. She was gorgeous, cunning, had the admirable ability to get others to do what she wanted, always (very) fashionable, and never dull. And it was just her name that had her married off to this Prince Angus Redrain and sent to the cold and barbaric northlands.

To her considerable surprise, she rather enjoyed the north. It wasn't the least bit stuffy and they were as charmingly uninhibited as the Lyceum even if some of them were hopeless at social graces, and quite a few of the men were endearing(ly easy to manipulate). She even found herself genuinely liking Angus, the delightfully boorish oaf, since what Lyceum man would have killed a bear with his own hands for her? Certainly not one of the counts that had dueled for her affection. Tragically, marital bliss was short lived. Angus was acting as sworn shield to his uncle Sherrod at the time of the King's Rest and killed by... whatever it is that killed all of them. Valencia even sincerely mourned him, even as she was faced with the unfortunate circumstances of being a foreign now-widowed princess in a family that was not her own. But all's not lost. Her cousin-in-law Darren, the new high lord, doesn't seem like a man with much patience for political intrigue, and she can help her new family, House Redrain at court for her own political power. And maybe get the better of her cousins in House Velenosa. They did marry her off, after all, and if the best revenge is living well, spiteful success is surely a close second.

More recently in September of 1006 AR, Valencia decided to return home to the Lyceum.

Relationship Summary

  • Antonio - Inattentive Brother

  • Acquaintance:
  • Maximilian - The Dread Count Darkwater
  • Ailith - Naysaying Seraph
  • Arianwen - Attentive Tavern Gossip
  • Enzo - Talented Jewelsmithing Craftsman
  • Alarissa - Socially Adept Princess

  • Family:
  • Viviana - Smirk and Swagger
  • Kieran - Prankster-in-Law
  • Niccolo - Unapologetic Uncle
  • Luca - Casual Chic Cousin
  • Isolde - Charming Mirrormask Cousin
  • Esera - Regal Hostess Extraordinaire

  • Friend:
  • Brianna - Indulgent Pet Project
  • Talen - Loyal Lenosian Sword
  • Nadia - Charming Northern Duchess
  • Vercyn - Distinguished Duke Halfshav
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn Shared a drink with her at the Hart. She seems quite knowledgable and interesting, and I would be delighted to get to know her further.
    Adalyn Warm and effusive, she has experienced much in life, but has come through it a stronger woman. Using adversity to grow is a mark of intelligence and strength, and she seems to have it in spades.
    Adora An overly cheerful princess who seems to think free drinks will buy her friends. She's probably not wrong. I don't like her.
    Aeryn What a friendly, warm woman with a heart of go-wait I think I just figured out how she named the Golden Hart! Isn't she great though? I can't wait to visit her more - especially knowing that she and I share some common interests. I'd like to help her one day!
    Aethan Always makes sure that everyone has a good time. It's impressive.
    Agatha Uncle Brogan's... I'm not sure the word, but they work really well together. She seems so gracious and graceful and way better at all the talking and social stuff than I would be in a million years!
    Ahmar So beautiful and so kind. I hope my nerves don't bother her.
    Aiden The proprietor of the Golden Hart. She has done such great work for the city of Arx with her charity organization.
    Akamos Gracious and kind. Very inquisitive and not condescending at all.
    Alaric She has a keen eye for beauty in the world, and is always seeking it out. It would be a fairer city if more people pursued such as diligently as she.
    Alarissa She is the model Princess of Velenosa.
    Alexis Princess Valencia Redrain - a very southern style northern princess, kind and effusive, warm and inviting. Proprietor of the Golden Hart. An excellent hostess.
    Amarantha A kind and attentive hostess. Her presence brings a certain warmth to the Hart and all events she attends.
    Amari Ever the gracious hostess, Princess Valencia is a lady of elegance, warmth and exceptional manners who makes everyone feel welcome, no matter if it's at an informal dinner or a large charitable event.
    Amund Hostess, polite, aims to please.
    Anisha The Princess Valencia seems like a hidden flower in her garden, a delight to all who encounter her.
    Apollis Wow. She's beautiful and so very charming. She is game for my sweet rum, too. I think I'm going to like the Golden Hart if Valencia is found there. I want to talk to her.
    Arcelia Siblings Argue, its what they do. I have siblings of my own and I am always arguing with them. Princess Valencia was good enough to apologize for arguing with her brother in front of me at the Hart but I really don't hold it against her at all. She seems like a nice woman and I was glad to have been her guest.
    Ariella Hostess with the mostest. Also willing to fight in a slip. Now that's a Lycene princess.
    Arman My kind-hearted surrogate niece. She has made a thing of beauty here in Arx, The Hart. A thing of beauty and true to her heritage in its grandiose nature and hidden secrets.
    Arman What a joy to see my niece again, her warmth and energy are infectious and I have missed her presence dearly. I am so proud of all she has accomplished and regret being away so long.
    Asher Flirty, beautiful, playful. And runs the Golden Hart. And has given me some free drinks. Can't think of a better person to call friend.
    Astraea The illustrious owner of the Golden Hart. She has always been so nice and cheerful when I've seen her. When she says she opens her hart I know she means it in a multitude of ways. I know I can always count on the princess to be genteel, kind, sweet and engaging.
    Athaur A charming and attentive hostess. She obviously cares a great deal for people, regardless of how close she is to them.
    Baldessare Ah, cousin Valencia, how much you've grown! I missed you so, but I'm glad we were able to find one another in Arx.
    Barric She is the model of a lady host; she is cunning and kind in equal measure. She cares for honor and charity. She has seen the world, from Lyceum to the North, and she is simply herself -- always.
    Barric My Fox... well, not mine anymore, but I wish the best for her. She seems happy, and that is all I have ever wanted for her, truly. I'm glad that things aren't difficult and I haven't lost my best friend.
    Behtuk Generous in drink.
    Berto This most delightful of hostesses.
    Braden Another gift to the realm courtesy of Velenossa. She is twice as interesting as she is beautiful, and that is saying a lot.
    Braelynn A kind host who has an amazing place in the middle of the city, Amazing!
    Brigida Lovely host. Tries maybe a bit to hard to please everyone. She blushes quite easily too.
    Calandra Every inch the charming Velenosan Princess, with the skill of a great hostess and the generosity of a large heart.
    Cambria A charming hostess of the highest calibre. I would expect nothing less of a princess of Velenosa.
    Caras What a level-headed young woman, the model of a modern Princess.
    Caspian A very sweet and charming Princess who I had encountered in the Shrine of Mangata. We talked and had so much fun, I hope to speak with her again soon.
    Caspian Such a lovely woman. I missed her so much. I count her amongst my closest friends.
    Cerys Rich in both beauty and charm, she truly made me feel welcomed in her establishment.
    Cesare The princess is effervescent, there's no other word for it. She radiates kindness and charm, and has an eye for beauty that is second to none. No wonder her generosity and graciousness is spoken of widely throughout the city.
    Christine The princess seems polite and sweet. A bit less outgoing than other ladies around, maybe, but sweet and nice nonetheless.
    Cirroch A very charming Princess who is a gracious host and a fine conversationalist. I always enjoy seeing her.
    Cirroch A wonderful hostess who seems to enjoy parties. I can sympathize with that.
    Cirroch The Vixen Princess, still as playful and lovely fun to pick up. An amazing friend that I look forward to catching up with.
    Clara Princess Valencia seems like a very kind woman. Her establishment, the Hart, is a nice place and I think I will have to return at some point. I only feel bad that Lord Edward and I had a passive aggressive exchange before her.
    Clover Truly, Valencia seems to live to care for the needs of others.
    Cristoph Princess Valencia remains as warm and inviting as I've ever known her. She's one of the most gracious women from the Lycene.
    Cybele Princess Valencia Velenosa (formerly of Redrain) of the Golden Hart - She was the Northern Fox now she is the Southern Fox or maybe the Arxian Fox or the Golden Fox. I do not know. I am just a Cybele. But she is a good fox! And I like her lots.
    Daemon A delightful minx if I ever saw one. Her Hart is large and grand and I enjoyed every second I spent in its halls.
    Darren My cousin-in-law and I have had our rocky starts, our ups and downs, our times of not speaking. But she's made a place in Arx that is all her own, a living and breathing version of her own heart. We might not always agree with one another, but I have great respect for her and what she brings to the community.
    Delilah A ray of sparkling sunshine, as effervescent as a glass of a good white wine. She takes naturally to the social scene and rules it with effortless ease, someone I would hope to meet again.
    Denica One of the warmest and kindest people that I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, her Golden Hart is such a warm, welcoming place, I hope she's proud of the establishment she's made.
    Domonico A gracious and welcoming host. Asks good questions and appreciates the recording of the past... however it may be recorded. Would be interesting to get to know her better.
    Donaldo A very friendly hostess. Always pleasant to meet (again) and old friend.
    Draven She's very nice! I like her lots! I bet Nova does too! She held a drinking contest! Some of those drinks looked bad!
    Duarte Very beautiful. Very gracious. Impeccable social manner. All the makings of a very dangerous foe - or a superb ally.
    Echo One of mine. A Southerner who married a Northerner. There is an easy, approachable charm to her, a life and spirit that is so outwardly obvious that most would be unable to resist. A generous and kind woman, who, is as equal wonderful company as she is an amazing person.
    Ectorion Friendly and outgoing, and her Hart is quite a place.
    Eddard A lovely Princess, and I caught her all by herself. Which must be a very lucky thing to do, with how lovely that she is. Perhaps I'll put thoughts to parchment and write an actual song for her.
    Eleyna My beautiful cousin that is as dark in looks as I am light, yet her demeanor is made of pure sunlight in a way that is not often ascribed to one of our bloodline. I'm glad to have her back with us.
    Elora A warm and gentle hearted woman. She showed genuine pleasure in meeting everyone that came to her party to honor the soldiers. That is exactly the kind of nobility we should all aspire to be like.
    Emilia A kind and humble Princess. Her Hart, I think, truly reflects her person as well: Welcoming, generous and beautiful.
    Esme The hostess with the mostest. She's been so nice and welcoming every time I enter into the Hart. I can't think of a better person to spend time with.
    Evander The princess has proven welcoming every time I step into the Hart.
    Evaristo Stopped my heart from beating for a moment. Floored by this princess. So amazingly wonderful and nice and beautiful, makes my head spin a little and I'm sober!
    Evelynn I had a lovely time with the princess, an entertaining discussion about relationships and love at the Black Fox. I hope for many more meetings to come.
    Evonleigh Lovely and warm and quite the clever mistress of games.
    Ezekiel A kind and lovely princess of House Velenosa. She is not at all what I would thought of a Lycene royal.
    Faruq As charming as she is beautiful, she can wrap a crowd around her finger in a heartbeat and a single word. Quite impressive. I should like to get to know her I think.
    Fatima Very warm and welcoming, a delight to be around. She seems very much to put herself out for the pleasure of other people. Truly a golden hart, she is a ravishing beauty with matching inner beauty.
    Felicia The princess of the Hart, and perhaps Brogan's heart?
    Ferrando Sociable and outgoing as anyone I know, it was nice to encounter her again in Arx after she married out of Lenosia into the Redrain family. I see her around the city often, and she's always a pleasure to chat up! Her new Golden Hart establishment is always nice to visit as well, especially in the winter.
    Fiora She says I've been missed! That's weird.
    Flora She didn't see me sleeping in the baths, so. Pretty sure we're off to a great start.
    Gabriella Patron of the Hart. She has built a nice place for others to wind down and relax, while still caring to make them comfortable. Perhaps I can learn a thing or two from her social skills.
    Galen The only thing more welcoming than her Hall is her Heart - a true pleasure every time
    Gaston At first when I saw the kit in her arms, I thought perhaps the love of such creatures was what made her a vixen of the northern climes. Now, I begin to think otherwise.
    Gawain She is a skilled hostess and a delight to watch work a room. Way to make everyone feel welcome.
    Gerrick A well provided and lovely hostess of the Golden Hart. Conversations allow one to not worry about their social class, and are able to speak freely with her.
    Gianna The Velenosa Princess welcomes all and seems to remember everyone. Generous, she is a gracious host.
    Gilroy Friendly to everyone. But if you're everyone's friends, are you anyone's?
    Grady Princess Valencia and the Golden Hart. Sometimes a place is so much stamped with a person's essence that one has but to stand within and look around to know just who they are.
    Grazia This Velenosa princess is polite and charming, and always a gracious and inclusive hostess.
    Graziella Poise, grace and unending aplomb... like sweet summer poetry given form.
    Gregory Asks a lot of question, as expected for someone from the South. Seemed surprised when I started asking questions back.
    Haakon A perfect hostess, with a gift for making folk feel welcome. It's not her fault that the Mainland makes no fucking sense.
    Harlex A southern belle. Like a Fox, I heard her before she even spoke, and it made this hardcase killer check his pulse.
    Holden A welcoming and warm woman whose establishment supports good works.
    Holt Lovely and well-mannered, everything you'd expect from a princess. Except maybe the circumstances in which we encountered each other.
    Ian She's a gifted hostess, but I get the sense that if she'd been allowed to choose, she would have chosen more for herself.
    Ignacio Princess Valencia is a very lovely hostess. With a good sense of humor and a big heart, she seems to a great person to be around.
    Ilira I am humbled and endeared. She defies my expectations, in every positive way. Sweet, soft, and generous in her kindness, she maintains the potential of an edge in her serenity. An encounter of happenstance in the Shrine of the Thirteenth surely affects presentation, but I've confidence in her capability to light a ballroom, with that charm and rich beauty. Now, to unravel and see if the core is as true.
    Ilmia Lovely and graceful and seemingly good hearted and gracious as well.
    Ilvin Every bit the light and delight she has always been, a boon to me and to the city.
    Ishmael A charming and beautiful Princess. A good person to know, I wager.
    Isolde Don't be so orange! Be green instead.
    Jace A very friendly host.
    Jaerith As graceful a hostess as any this riverdog has ever met.
    Jan Good to see she is still hosting these Guzzle and Gash-s. Best entertainment in the Compact.
    Jasper A charming woman, hosting a lively, sporting event. Certainly, I feel compelled to visit the Hart again in future, now.
    Jeffeth An extremely beautiful princess who is always so welcoming. I hope some day I get to speak to her more.
    Joscelin The small Southern vixen is a princess of the people, providing entertainment and liquor even in the most dire of times.
    Jyri Like the warmth of the sun on a chilly fall morning.
    Kaia Such a wonderful, friendly and polite woman! A most attentive hostess! I like her.~
    Kastelon Kind to all, as golden of a heart as the institution that she stewards. I am a better man for having her example of charity to emulate, and I know that she serves as such for so many others throughout Arvum.
    Kenna There wasn't even a second thought before she invited me to join her and hers at the table. I cannot even get over how welcoming she is. Her place glows with her warmth.
    Khanne Princess Valencia. When I first arrived in the city, she confused the fuck out of me. Talking about love and stuff... that was before.. before I ever loved. I don't really know her now. We run in different circles I guess. Hope she's doing well.
    Killian Valencia is among the very first that Killian ever met in Arx, a friendly and outgoing individual, who immediately made him feel welcome. She'll always be a dear friend and fellow troublemaker!
    Korka A hostess that works to make everyone feel welcome. Too welcome.
    Laurel A warm and inviting presence in the room, the Princess certainly tries to make one feel welcome. Even when the social gap is rather great. It is not wonder the Hart is her domain. She reflects it and it her.
    Leena She is an absolutely beautiful person, but it goes beyond beauty - she is alluring. She slowly gives you a comfortability and glow of positivity, and she can bend and meld herself to fit what others need in a situation. I sense there may be a lot of depth to her character, but I have nothing to go on this but a hunch. I find her company particuarly attractive and she is quite the opposite of me - a social butterfly, able to adapt wonderously instead of looking for an out. She is a gem, a well polished valuable gem.
    Lenne She seems entirely sweet and warm. That's probably a deadly warning sign in a Lycene woman! But I expect I'll take my chances.
    Leola A flirtatious and fine folly of a vixen. Quite lycene, quite the norm for the nobles. I rather like her.
    Liara A delightful princess. Very welcoming, even to a stranger, and to all around her. Seems good-hearted indeed.
    Lilith A beautiful Velenosa princess and keeper of a very fine garden. I should like to come see her garden during the day as the occasion upon which I saw it was her night time party, A Start of Spring Fling. She was very welcoming and kind.
    Logan Met the princess at the Ambassador Salon, she claimed I was taking her seat but I didn't see her name written on it. You snooze, you loose.
    Lorenzo My beautiful and charming cousin, with the beautiful and charming Hart.
    Lorien A lovely woman with a truly beautiful establishment. The End of Summer Soiree was a sight to behold. I've never seen so many lanterns, and the lady herself was the picture of grace.
    Luca My sweetest cousin. She is the most colourful kind of flower, but she is delicate as well. She wears her heart on her sleeve in a way that I never could. I'll always look forward to her company.
    Lys Princess Valencia is a consument hostess. I can see she has put her heart and soul into the Golden Hart.
    Mabelle A graceful Princess with a Golden Heart. One of the best hosts in the city.
    Maddox A wonderful young vixen with large doe eyes and she loves books. Her heart clearly /is/ the Golden Hart Library. A wonder to meet her.
    Maeve She is just so sweet. She is also very generous! She brought wagons full of goods to offer the shavs when we went north to deter them from the Horned God.
    Malesh Ever the gracious host.
    Marcas The lovely princess offered a most warm welcome back to Arx. She even suffered my impolite social mores, which is more telling of her generosity than my standing.
    Marena Happened upon her in a chance encounter at the Ambassador Salon, and I think it was much to my good fortune. She's stylish, accommodating, gracious, and very kind. I like her.
    Margerie Gracious is a word sometimes used a bit too lightly. The princess is generous as a hostess, attentive to both guests and details. But she is also gracious in her attention to the world around her and making sure that her revels are not tonedeaf while others suffer. I was very impressed by the way she put the celebration of summer to use for the good of those harmed by the fire.
    Maris A yet named vixen who's next meeting I left to fate. Darkly beautiful and a lovely spirit who I'm going to find... learn of... explore. Who should I make promises and prayers to? The Gods? Limerance, perhaps? Or maybe, myself.
    Marisol The Princess is a kind proprietress who is a rather skilled social butterfly. I have seen her calm a rather focused Count on a one audacious Lord Michael. What skill she has. It is to be admired.
    Martino What a wonderful host, so graceful and kind. The Princess-Vixen is a joy to be around
    Marzio A very friendly and welcoming princess of Velenosa. She welcomed me to join in with her group of friends, which is a boon when you know so few in the city. She is no doubt a good friend to have.
    Mattheu A most gracious host for a spar that took a wildly different direction than expected, next to hilarious and rising fun with a good friend.
    Medeia Truly a vibrant delight! Her enthusiasm and kindness are contagious.
    Melody It's not often that I run into nobility that is so hospitable, but Valencia proved to be the most hospitable of them all; a woman of the greatest virtues, and one with a big heart.
    Merek The first friend that Merek ever had in the city. He believes her to be the main reason he believes anyone can be friends and work towards a better goal. Much respected since first they met.
    Miella An extremely welcoming and generous Princess
    Mikani A good woman and good hostess. I hope she is able to see the flowers she wishes to see.
    Mira The Fox Herself. Dangerously friendly! And even if I was a little timid at the wedding, she did make an effort to get me involved. I appreciate that.
    Miranda Such a charming hostess! A guest will never want for anything with her nearby!
    Mirari Sweet, a little bit coy, and always caring of the people around her, is Princess Valencia. She's my favorite princess, but don't tell anyone!
    Mirk A very Lycene woman, but with an odd fondness for Northern culture and people. I look forward to seeing what we can do, working together.
    Monique A warm and kind woman, and an incredible hostess, too. I look forward to our future collaboration with a bright heart!
    Mortimer A smile bright as the sun, and hospitality as warm. A gracious hostess, even to an old merchant such as myself.
    Neilda Very quiet - she must be a good listener.
    Nijah The proprietor of the Golden Hart. She is kind and I look forward to many more stays in her garden.
    Niklas Always a welcoming presence.
    Nina The woman at the Golden Hart. She seems kind, welcoming, and graceful! But I'll suppose like me she is not so used to ice.
    Noah She's beautiful. She won't get in the water. I don't hate talking to her, so there's that.
    Orelia Kind and gracious hostess
    Orland She has a distinctive air about her that is, soft, diminutive, and polite. None of those things at all bad, because the elegence and grace with how she does it, is very striking. I wish I had better words for it.
    Orrin Never have I met a more deferential princess. Or member of the peerage at all, I think.
    Otto Strange sort of Princess really. Familair sort. But she seems kind and gentle so maybe it's from the heart.
    Pasquale Its the most delicate of flowers that come with the most deadly thorns.
    Petal She is a very kind princess who helped me out when I was struggling and new. She even helped me out by working in my shop. A princess, imagine that! hard to believe.
    Pharamond A noblewoman who takes pride in providing the best in libations. I can think of no finer person.
    Quenia Princess Valencia Velenosa. She runs the Golden Hart, and seems to know her way around the alcohol. I hear she makes special brews, and I'm going to have to try those sometime.
    Raimon A charming hostess
    Raimon First seen in person at the Academia Ari Hall of Memories for the ceremony Honoring Pravus for the events of the Skal'dajan War. Polite. Outgoing. Good - hearted. Concerned for both the fallen and the survivors. Concerned for Patrizio. I hope her heart soon finds ease!
    Ras Weirdly nice. Like, I got the feeling she actually wanted me to sit with her and Reese. Either real good at fakin, or yeah - weirdly nice.
    Reese Valencia was very kind to Reese when was a much newer fighter than she is now. She also has been kind throughout her marriage to Luca. She always invites Reese over to her table and so forth and considering that Reese feels awkward sometimes, it does help her to feel welcome. She considers Valencia to be a friend and ally of both Luca and herself.
    Renata Her heart, vast and open, seeks to erase borders and bring people together in a tapestry of inclusivity. A genuine desire to share the bounties of friendship, spreading the wealth of camaraderie far and wide. In her presence, you feel the comforting embrace of unity, a realm where cultural differences are celebrated, and bonds are formed across the lands. Her quest for inclusivity knows no bounds, as she extends her gracious hand to all who seek the warmth of friendship. A living testament to the power of love and camaraderie, with a hart as expansive as the lands she calls home.
    Ronja She let me into her Hart before I'd spoken a word, and even rolled along with that terrible joke when I spoke it out loud. Good company, to be certain.
    Rook Princess Valencia, a remarkarble woman, able to do the most charitable things through sheer determination. It's a mutually beneficial relationship.
    Rook One could not possibly craft a host of greater grace. Truly caring about others, and ensuring their well-being, without being at all caught up in the majesty of her own radiance. I could not conceive of ever having anything but the most wonderful of times with her companionship or hospitality.
    Rose The vixen that carries a mischievous voice, but a beautiful one at that. She welcomed me into her gardens and I am grateful.
    Rowenova Princess Valencia Velenosa was the welcoming hostess at the Golden Hart during the Arxian event "A Start of Spring Fling"! It was a fun time with Three Way Tug of War, along with free food and good drink. She seems like a kind woman, always graceful and apparently gracious, too.
    Roxana I have known who Princess Valencia is for the longest time and find her so charming, I really ought arrange for a proper conversation one day.
    Rymarr I've known the princess for some time now. Since the time that she was a widow, marooned in House Redrain's ranks. Now she's returned to her original home. All the better, I imagine. I couldn't imagine just being stuck with people who were family, but not my family, after the loss of a spouse. She has made a name for herself over these last few years, so often people speak of her generosity and good nature. I imagine she's earned it, obviously.
    Rysen Perhaps the greatest hostess in Arvum, there is no one who brings more excitement, artistry and warmth to an event than the Lycene Princess of the Golden Hart.
    Sabella Warm and endearing, ever the trusted friend, dedicated hostess, and endearing beauty.
    Sabella Valencia is always delightful, sunny, and charming. I always look forward to seeing her at parties!
    Sabella Princess Valencia is so sweet and welcoming! I have to say when I first moved to Arx her parties at the Golden Hart were what truly introduced me to the society here and showed me what parties were all about!
    Saedrus An apparently coy, though graceful young woman, from the Lyceum if her accent has not tricked my ear. She is a beautiful creature, and eager it seems to help wherever and however she is able. I met her at the preparations for the 'Iron Arrow Barbecue' and her establishment will be the host for the event. Princess Valencia has done very well for herself, and I admire her business savvy.
    Samael A charming southern fox. I look forward to sharing a promised dance with her.
    Samuele A true joy to be around and pleasant for conversation and positivity. All should be jealous of her ability to ease the burdens of others.
    Sanya The princess was a wonderful hostess and a beautiful soul. I hope to have more opportunities to visit the Hart.
    Sasha A lovely Redrain princess
    Savio The generous host of the Hart, and a great fan of the arena sports. A pleasure to meet the Princess.
    Sebastian Fierce and protective, a woman with great fire and great love and loyalty for her family. Her anger was justified, and the price for forgiveness reasonable.
    Sebastian A charitable and warm princess. Seems keen to help me find my muse again, which speaks well of her given our past.
    Silvio Everyone who knows Valencia is lucky to know her. Anyone who harms Valencia will be unlucky indeed.
    Sira They call her a Vixen, but none so closely resembles a cat by landing on their feet as this woman. To retain grace and dignity is a triumph.
    Skapti She seems to delight in being a hostess, regardless of her guests station, and to pour her heart out for others. Curious as to why she no longer claims Redrain as her house, but likely not my place to ask.
    Sparte From the very first time I met her, caring and giving. Not just to me, but to everyone. I'm not used to people that nice being genuine, it took me weeks to realize she wasn't waiting to poison my tea. It was a very thirsty time.
    Talen The northern fox, returned home. Talen is an asshole and she's a sweetheart. He's built to upset her, really. Still, she's family, there's loyalty.
    Tallius Tallius first met Valencia when he happened into the Hart after arriving, and helped to fight off an attack by the minions of the Silence. The Bringers were quite a threat that night, but the forces of the city who were there for drinks were more than a match, and weathered things..and Valencia was generous in offering praise around. He only took a bottle of whatever was handy for his reward, but noted how kind Valencia (and it seemed those around her were inclined to follow suit) was to commoners.
    Talwyn A consummate hostess who resonates through the world as a pure golden note of hospitality. Charm is a fast arpeggio plucked by agile fingers.
    Tarik She is the owner and was the temporary bartender when I arrived at her place called, "The Golden Hart" She quickly forgo her bartending duties to console a family member. Well, that is what Graham said. First, when I think of Princesses, I have never thought of any of them serving me drinks. Second, her cleverness matches her beauty. Which almost doesn't seem fair to us ordinary folks. The name she gave to her establishment is genius. Third, she was very friendly to everyone that enter her establishment. I was pleasantly surprise.
    Tarrant A hostess of great courtesy and charm, she is a fine example of all that Lycene ladies are said to be.
    Tatienne A princess who seems to very much like her establishment, and tries to do some good with it. Seems pleasant, if perhaps a little naive.
    Terese Wise and kind. I quite enjoy her company. I always feel warm and welcome in her company
    Theo How you have grown, cousin.
    Theodoric This "southern fox" is as disarming as she is beautiful, I have little doubt she is as I've heard rumored about Lycene. Yet even knowing this, the allure is all too powerful.
    Tibault A charming, beautiful and intelligent young woman. One with a wit that I'm sure many might underestimate, to their loss.
    Torian She's got to be the best host in the city. She never takes offense and is terribly polite no matter the circumstance.
    Turo Engaging woman. Worth talking to again. I look forward to our next conversation. And she hopes to like rum, so that's a bonus.
    Valdemar A gracious hostess. I had a lot of fun at her event, and look forward to the next one I can make.
    Valerius As gracious a hostess as ever, purveyor of fine whiskey and pleasant conversation. How could I turn down a request to attend the events of the Hart?
    Valery The princess is always very nice and welcoming.
    Vanora As beautiful as a princess of Velenosa ought to be. And far sweeter and warmer than most ever have been. She's a darling.
    Vayne Ever the hostess, she can't turn off her gracious charms even when she's the one being hosted. A delight in every way. And at the same time, there's far more to her than the charming hostess - it's just a matter of finding it.
    Venturo A hostess whose warmth and welcoming puts even my own to shame, which is quite the feat to manage. It is no wonder her Hart has its own loyal crowd.
    Vercyn A charming and beautiful girl. She is head strong in her opinions, charitable to her guests and passionate for her beliefs. I look forward to speaking with her again. It is a shame she has been called to the land of her birth, for the North is her home.
    Verity A splendid dresser. Wealthy, no doubt, and though she didn't do much to draw attention to herself, she didn't seem to need to. Seems like quite a social butterfly.
    Victus We've known each other a long time, I've never seen her without bein' just pure of heart. It's almost sweet enough to give ya' tooth aches.
    Vitalis I admitted to Valencia that I don't favor games of chance, but her smile is worth the risk.
    Wash Ian's never been a foxhunter. Doubt he knows what to do with one if he caught her. Too polite, especially when I'm drunk.
    Willow Such a gracious hostess in addition to being a lovely woman.
    Wulfrum I was not expecting to be served by a Princess at the Hart but this one is a devoutly attentive Hostess.
    Zakhar She shall forever simply need to request it. no charges, for my skills
    Zoey A sweeter, more gentle soul you could not hope to meet. A friend, a landlady, and a companion.
    Zoey A warm and welcoming hostess. She makes the Hart feel like a second home.