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Duchess Cambria Mazetti

The perfect hero is one whose heroism none sees. The most precious glory is the glory lost on senseless winds. The highest virtue is the one that remains for ever hidden within oneself.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Darling Duchess With a Heart of Ice
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Mazetti
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 28
Birthday: 6/21
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: radiant blue
Skintone: pale

Titles: Duchess of Ostria, The Hydra of Ostria

Description: Possessing a delicate countenance, Cambria nevertheless has been described as having a particular look. One that says, 'If can master this, I can master anything this world might bring.' Blue eyes, cold and bright, with a kind of knowing deep inside them. Part of what makes her beautiful is her carriage, for she stands straight as a spear and overflows with confidence. Where others might demur, Cambria offers grins that can trap men like animals. There have been many women just as lovely, and easily thousands who were worthier, but since the world was weaned, it's doubtless there have been many quite so unforgettable as she.

Personality: A Thraxian might call her tempestuous. An Oathlander wilful. Those of the Lyceum have their own words and phrases which are best not repeated here. All that is to say Cambria is neither meek nor timid, and despite her smaller stature, she is unafraid to stand up for herself and speak her mind. Cambria can also appear aloof, even distant, leaving others to assume she is without concern or care. Time spent in her company, however, reveals a woman who is actually quite attentive.

Background: Cambria was born an only child, much to the disappointment of her parents, who wished for a large family. To make matters worse, Cambria was a sickly youth, so there were plenty of concerns and two or three scares during her early years. Not too long after her tenth birthday, Cambria's father died during a hunting accident. Her mother refused to remarry, and remained a widower. Some said it was for love, while others claimed it was to consolidate her power and make sure her daughter was in a position to assume the mantle of rulership after her, even if it wasn't what was best for the House.

Life passed, uneventfully enough, and Cambria grew into a young woman. Though no longer prone to bouts of illness, it could not be said she was very robust. Thus, while other young nobles were making their journey to Arx due to necessity or to expand their education, Cambria's mother was too fearful, and kept her close to home. It was quite likely that Cambria never would have left Ostria, except that fate had other designs. At twenty-three, Cambria's mother fell ill and died suddenly, leaving her daughter free to spread her wings and choose the course of her own life.

She promptly left for Arx, one of the first Mazetti to do so in many generations.

Once within the capital, Cambria immediately set about maneuvering herself in such a way as to further an audacious goal. Making use of all the political tools and resources available to her, the then Marquessa secured a favorable marriage and wasted little time in promoting a series of progressive reforms for the city-state of Ostria. In the span of a few short years, House Mazetti was formally recognized as a Ducal House before the Assembly of Peers held in the spring of 1012 AR.

This is only the start of her story...

Relationship Summary

  • Ilira - We began as pen-pals, but having had the chance to meet her directly, I think we might actually become friends. Time will certainly tell.

  • Family:
  • Damianos - First born. Fabled tamer.
  • Verus - Second born. Truth shines.
  • Soteris - Third born. Safe keeping.
  • Alessia - Cousin. I will not let her faith in me be misplaced.
  • Antea - Cousin. She served as ably as she could. Her retirement in Ostria is well deserved.
  • Braith - Cousin-in-law. As good as blood. Theron's "incredibly boring" wife.
  • Marvella - Cousin.
  • Marzio - Cousin. The latest Marshal of Ostria, and one I hope serves for many years to come.
  • Strozza - Cousin. Admiral of the Fleet of Ostria. His grumpiness hides the soul of a poet.
  • Theron - Cousin. The Sword of Ostria. I have never doubted my decision to grant him Allegiance.
  • Vitalis - Cousin. Understanding comes with time.
  • Miranda - Cousin-in-law. Exuberant, and ready to give her all.

  • Oathlands:
  • Orvyn - Marquis of Harthall.
  • Ouida - Knight of Harthall.
  • Kael - Marquis of Keaton.
  • Reigna - Marquessa-Consort of Keaton.

  • Lyceum:
  • Dante - Sword of House Fidante & newly minted Marquis of the Roseward. A steadfast ally.
  • Jaenelle - The Archduchess-Regent of House Velenosa. With our two Houses working together, we are already making history.

  • Mourning isles:
  • Victus - Prince of Maelstrom.
  • Alarissa - Princess-Consort of Maelstrom.
  • Valdemar - Duke of Grimhall.
  • Vanora - Duchess-Consort of Grimhall.
  • Carita - Countess of Darkwater.

  • Friend:
  • Hadrian - Snake-eyed, with a sly smile.

  • Deceased:
  • Valerio - Sacrificed himself for another. Doesn't make the loss hurt any less.
  • Daemon - Another hero gone. I should have done better by you.
  • Audric - It wasn't supposed to be this way.
  • Sina - Another brilliant soul lost.
  • Orazio - The whole of Arvum mourns you.
  • Giulio - I don't believe it was the guards.
  • Dianna - You went missing. Figures.

  • Ally:
  • Isabeau - Took a strange path. But haven't we all?
  • Raymesin - Everything has its purpose.

  • Protege:
    Name Summary
    Aella A Lycene duchess on a ship bound for parts unknown? Thought I'd die before I saw such a sight. Steel. This one is made of fine steel.
    Agatha I did not have much chance to talk with her, but she was at the Salon when I first came to time. There is something in her that makes me think of a stalking cat, something deadly and graceful and you might never know what it's thinking!
    Aiden Well spoken, very diplomatic, obviously one of our stronger leaders in the Lyceum.
    Ajax My penpal. I honestly didn't know what to expect. She seems friendly though, that I can appreciate. Likely just as dangerous when enraged.
    Alarissa A lovely hostess.
    Alban Not sure what to make of this one, she is quiet, observant, and speaks only when it seems to interest her but I get the feeling everything interests her, she just doesn't let on sometimes.
    Alessandro Marquessa, and apparently knowledgable about medicinal plants. I'm sure it comes in handy.
    Andry You can tell why she was close to Sir Daemon, she seems to have a good heart and I very much look forward to the chance of getting to know her better.
    Antea I could go hoarse attempting to extoll all of this woman's virtues. Instead I will focus on her dedication to her family, her House, and her people. Not necessarily in that order. She has done so much in so short a time, I have much to live up to.
    Apollo She has a very warm sort of interest that sets one at ease, quite pleasant to be around.
    Arcelia It was so nice of her to come to my birthday party!
    Ardoin A rather pleasant Marquessa with impeccable manners and a good dose of with and charm to back it up. I do hope to get the chance to speak with her and her family more, I ought to know more Lycene nobles.
    Belladonna Two ships may roam the sea for a long time before ever meeting, but if they follow the same stars, that becomes innevitable. I like what I see behind those eyes. It is my kind of gleam.
    Berenice She seems to have a sharp wit. I look forward to teaching her a little of my own.
    Blacktongue Very well organized and thoughtful.
    Bliss I have been getting to know the Marquessa of Ostria for some time now. The first word that comes to mind with her? Captivating. Utterly captivating. This is the kind of woman who, if you aren't paying attention to her, will completely engulf your mind and thoughts. So much learned already, and I know there is infinitely more depth there. I look forward to exploring it all.
    Braith The Marquessa is interesting. I think the best way to put it is 'delightfully deceptive'. I shall term this DD. Another cross reference for those I know. If I might add something further is that her confidence is fearsome and she is savvy. I have enjoyed my conversation with her and realize that I look forward to more.
    Brigida She bows to my wisdom and experience. About time someone in this city did!
    Caspian A cool woman who seems to be the perfect foil for Sir Daemon. They are quite amusing together!
    Cirroch Quiet, listens. When she speaks its as if the winds are demanding to be heard.
    Cristoph I met with the Marquessa to discuss some trade potential. She was a very accomodating host. Though, the room we were in was a bit disconcerting at times. Still, I wouldn't turn down another encounter and I look forward to working with her.
    Daemon The Marquessa who has given me the time of day and offered me a place in her legacy. I see great things in the future, for both herself and me. We've already drank together, now we'll drink to it!
    Dante Truly devoted to her House, the Marquessa's steel backbone and quick intelligence does the Mazettis a great service. I have always been fond of the Ostrians, and she is an excellent example of those proud and resourceful people. I believe that we can be fast friends.
    Delilah Definitely not scary, though she is a beautiful Lycene - Quiet and methodical. Probably some sort of deadly.
    Deoiridh As mannerly as the vast majority of these cityfolk, though there is something inherently cold about her, even if she appears phased and concerned by recent turmoil. How much of it is a ruse, an act, is beyond my ken, but what I do know is that she is one to be watched carefully.
    Dianna I am glad to be home with my cousin, whom I adore and respect. We are blessed to have such an example of strength and graciousness at the head of our family in Arx.
    Eleyna It's not often when I meet someone who is as schooled as I am in the art of 'only making it worse' simply by opening her mouth. She invited to every dinner party I have from now on.
    Eris Charming, and with a good sense of humor.
    Esme She has been recently elevated and she's taking on another project. One should give honor to the woman and respect everything that she is doing for her house and the Hundred Cities. I am sure when given the chance to be social, we shall be good friends.
    Estil The Marquessa has an alaricite spine and a silken tongue, but her cleverness ties it together beautifully. She is the kind of woman which all others should aspire to emulate in grace and aplomb.
    Evander A girl I knew through letters, all grown up. It was a pleasant surprise to meet her finally in Arx, but an entirely welcome one.
    Evaristo So poised, so lovely. Eyes that are like the summer sky over the ocean, or the cerulean ocean under a summer sky.
    Evelynn There's no one I'd have more faith in to lead us to greatness.
    Everett A mysterious lady with eyes as bright blue as the sky o'er the open prairie. Twas lookin' at the new plants and baby trees in Valor Park, I was, when her Guardsman asked me to come over an' see her. We gots to talkin' about flowers and seeds, and darned if she didn't have the most spectacular notion. To bring pretty plants from all over the world and build a little glass house for 'em here. See, that's why them as nobles are nobles. They dream big, they do. Will try to help her!
    Ezra Duchess Cambria is one of only two actual adults on this trip, I think, and I for one am very glad she is here.
    Faruq I got the impression that she was a fish out of water on the expedition, but she spoke with confidence that belied the situation. She has a good head on her shoulders and listens to the advice of others. Which is a clear sign of intelligence as only a fool discounts all other opinions but their own. Knows more about bears than me. Not surprising that.
    Ferrando She's clever with no shortage of charm, and no end of tasks to see to as you'd expect from a Marquessa. That said, I still kinda get the impression she didn't get out much back home in Ostria.
    Grazia An excellent noblewoman with a vision and a sense of business. I shall enjoy continuing to work with her to further our goals, both mutual and separate.
    Haakon Not too stiff to make a good host. May want for a whip to keep her consort in line, though.
    Ian I guess negative sterotypes have to be true sometimes, or they wouldn't be stereotypes.
    Ignacio The Marquessa is a lovely person. She has charm and beauty and truly is a joy to be around. I would like to become a friend of hers one day.
    Ilira A winter sun: she burns away the excess so what lies beneath can bloom and gives only of herself what she must. Metaphors of character aside, Cambria is cold, sharp, warm or gentle as she chooses, with the kind of depth only ocean-blue eyes properly evince. One of those Lycenes more than Lycene, she's like a lioness among cats--the same grace as one, too. In many ways the world might miss, we are alike, but two felines and twin suns know each other when we circle.
    Isabeau Duchess Cambria is a force of nature to be reckoned with, and I am glad to call her one of my friends
    Jeffeth The Marquessa. I saw her when I first returned to the city, sitting with Sir Daemon. He spoke of her sometimes, she always seemed to be a lovely lady even if I hadn't ever met her. Now that I do, I wish I had written to her sooner. She is lovely and I can see why Sir Daemon accepted patronage from her. I can only hope in this new friendship we can honor Daemon's memory better than we had without being in each others lives.
    Kincade A unique creature of grace and beauty, but not just the beauty of the skin but a deep cunning that makes the workings behind her blue eyes all the more enticing.
    Klaus Charming, intelligent, and a beauty like the stars in the sky, and far out of reach. The Marquis has luck indeed.
    Laric Laric's first meeting with Cambria will forever be stained by Tikva breaking into rhyme. She strikes him as affable enough, grounded. Good qualities.
    Lucita A guest at a House Igniseri dinner, during which various advice and insightful tips to city newcomers was given. Her conversation showed empathy in regards to grief. It was an altogether pleasant meal.
    Mabelle Countess of Ostria. A poised and impressive woman. Very composed.
    Maris I certainly hope the lever spares her. If not, I'll help myself to top shelf Kennex vodka in her memory, because she doesn't have the worst sense of humor for a noblewoman, and those blue eyes are definitely beautiful.
    Martino Well the Marquessa is a true Lycene Noble. Very kind to meet and quick on her feet
    Marzio My cousin. The Duchess. I cannot say that there is anyone else that I believe deserves the status more. She has served Ostria well, and she has certainly done right by me. I hope that I am able to make her proud.
    Marzio Ahhh, the Duchess. She is just as personable and fun as I remember. Good to see that she hasn't change in the time I was back in Ostria. I look forward to adventuring at her side.
    Medeia An exemplar of the Lyceum! Beautiful, gracious, an excellent hostess and conversationalist, witty and curious. Truly a woman to know.
    Merek %bMerek thinks Cambria is a bit refined, but also seems nice enough. A wonderful example of the Velenosian Nobility to be sure.
    Miranda It must be a challenge and joy to be married to a man as entertaining as her husband. Still, she's fascinating herself and I look forward to more opportunities to speak with her. Always watch the quiet ones...
    Mirk Marquessa of House Mazetti, and seemingly Hadrian's better half. A clever woman, and oh, does she know it.
    Niklas An impressive marquessa and a true leader for her family.
    Niklas I once called her an exceptionally effective marquessa with the political will many lack. That has clearly paid off, as she is now an exceptionally effective duchess with the political will many lack.
    Norwood It was a pleasure to speak for the moment with the Marquessa. She offered her opinion in such a way that I cannot see how any person could be offended by it and raised a very valid point about Adalyn's involvement with the Few.
    Orazio Sensible! Thoughtful and interested in more than the next drink or game. Orazio quite enjoyed making her acquaintance, and hopes that she can find a solid place in Arx; it would be a shame to lose this one back to her March.
    Orland She likes to gamble and dice, which is nice! As long as it's not with her life!
    Orvyn A strong willed woman, intelligent and even perhaps more direct when it comes to things than her husband. She displays all the necessary traits and mannerisms that come from someone whom would make a strong ally. Clearly further conversation and meetings are required.
    Petal She seems pleasant and doesn't like living in an inn and seems to like the Golden Father. Maybe she will visit my shop.
    Philippe I have heard her story, to be forced to lead after the untimely death of her mother. A woman we all respected and admired. She isn't alone in her story but I do hope to see her succeed. The glory of her house is long and good standing.
    Quenia Lady Cambria Mazetti - a Marquessa, like I am now. Perhaps she'll have some good pointers on how to run a house. Goodness knows I need them!
    Raimon Cambria! How -good- to see her . . . it's been ages! No longer the shy little girl I remember from my Fidante youth -- forever watching, always thinking -- she is now a woman - grown, now with her own House and children to care for. And yet I still see the quiet optimism, the pure heart unscarred by all of life's travails. Her cheerful upbeat positivity still resides within her good soul, peeking out from beneath the mantle of all of the responsibilities she now must bear. Cambria! How -good- to see her!
    Raymesin Silk. She's heard of me, which could be very good or very bad, depending. Either way, could be some profit to be made here.
    Reese She is lovely and seems like pleasant company. She wants to see a duel and I am sure she will get to see one soon.
    Regal Some sort of local gang leader or something. I may have to do some research into the seedy underbelly into the city, so I know whose toes not to step on and what not.
    Rinel A thoughtfulness on the balance of the world that I have not seen since Driskell Stillwater. Which is at once both gratifying and deeply alarming.
    Ripley She's a quiet thing! Gosh there's a mouth on her ! Jayus's fucking cries indeed! But I like her eyes. I like the blue. I bet that there's a sapphire somewhere with just that right perfect shade of blue. She sits real pretty on the couch too. Probably shouldn't throw a cow at her again.
    Romulius The Duchess Mazetti is well-spoken and well-reasoned, and I've little doubt she carries the steady hand that serves one of her station well. Both her ability to recognize potential risk and her concern for the people of Ostria - and the holdings of those houses she serves as liege to - are a testament to the talent with which she wields authority.
    Roxana The Countess of Ostria is absolutely stunning, I mean she can wear the fu...she can really wear a pair of pants like she means it.
    Rymarr I didn't catch her name. I just know that she has jokes about my worship of the Sentinel. She's apparently got a load of problems. Perhaps ninety-nine of them, minding her own business isn't one.
    Sabella Theron's cousin who is a very, very, very good conversationalist. She doesn't talk as much as I do, but her points get made all too well.
    Sabella A wonderfully generous and gracious hostess who has always been very kind to me! While I know that she is very busy both with her duties and her new baby, I should like to get to know her more!
    Sabella One must admire someone who maintains poise and good humor even when circumstances would justify unpleasantness. An exemplar among the peerage - and still elegant when soaked through.
    Sebastian The Marquessa was kind enough to offer a small showing of art. It was quite kind and entirely unnecessary, but much appreciated. I look forward to seeing what she thinks of it.
    Selene It takes a brave heart, firm in purpose, to extend a hand and offer to a foreign emissary. It speaks of a loyal spirit to hold firm to the assets of one's homeland against financial and social gain. She is as richly complex as the finest spirits.
    Shard One bad joke from Ferrando and she thinks I'm a Thraxian Thrall. Good. Grief. She seems...well meaning, I guess? Naive. That's not going to last.
    Sunniva The Marquessa Mazetti has such a strong presence, a certainty all her own and certainly outspoken when she feels the need. I find her compelling and wish that I had more time to remark upon her more than I have. With certainty I will hope there is more of that to come.
    Talen A model noblewoman - classy and keen of wit. The Mazetti family are in good hands. An underrated asset that could do with more attention-- not bcause they need it, simply becaues it'll be fun.
    Tanith Beautiful and complicated. As Evaristo would say, this woman has layers, but like her husband, she seems to care about Raymesin. I can definitely appreciate that, and appreciate her for it.
    Tarik I never thought I would meet a noble from Ostria. If I did, I thought they would be wearing a mask, so noone dare look upon them. I was so wrong. She was approachable and nice to speak with. She must be really classy, because she was buying the gift for the Duchess Fidante upon arriving in the city. She also seemed very goal driven. I hope she succeeds in bringing change to Ostria.
    Thea My cousin's wife, a very smart woman. A woman who shockingly has a sense of humor, which shouldn't shock me at all. How fortunate my cousin is to have a humourous and intelligent wife.
    Theron Marquissa of Ostria, my liegewoman and cousin. I have deep respect for you, and you know it. We'll make House Mazetti rise to new heights together; all of Arvum will stand as witness.
    Valery She seems nice, but Valery has always seen her talking with someone else, usually private talks.
    Vanora Delicately beautiful and surely well-dressed, Marquessa Cambria is entertaining company and often amusing. Of course it is this way, with Lycenes meeting other Lycenes in Arx at decadent parties, no matter what else is going on out in the world.
    Venturo A wonderful wit, an attentive listener, an intriguing unravel. The Marquessa did not disappoint in the least.
    Vercyn A sharp tongue on her. I full heartedly approve.
    Vitalis My cousin, a steady presence in a difficult time.
    Vulpiano Few have done half as much as Duchess Cambria Mazetti has accomplished. Fewer still have been able to do as she has, being all that she needs to be at any given point to meet every challenge and not only survive, but thrive.
    Wash Polite and political. One forgets those two words are related. I wouldn't around this one. No one who likes to stay sober is 100% trustworthy.
    Willow Sharp as a tack. Her reasoning is impeccable.
    Wulfrum Lofty Lycene Duchess with all the self assurance of someone whose ever failed once and never again. So it seems.
    Wylla Baxtalo's owner-to-be, a kind woman if quiet. I hope she takes good care of my little friend.
    Yasmine The Duchess of Ostria's reputation is known far and wide, and every bit of it is true in Yasmine's eyes. A force to be reckoned with for sure, with an effortless sort of grace and confidence few in her position have mastered.
    Zeriax Sorrow swells in the darkest waters, her wells dug deep. The surface bright and calm reflects not the depth which goes unseen.
    Zoey She has an ear to the ground where Arvani society is concerned, which likely serves her well as the head of a powerful duchy.