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Marquessa Reigna Keaton

Balance is the key to living, without the darkness there can be no light.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Healing Flame
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Keaton
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 28
Birthday: 12/13
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Scholar
Height: average height
Hair Color: ink black
Eye Color: sable
Skintone: fair

Titles: Voice of House Keaton, Marquessa Consort of Oakhaven, Legendary Healer, The Heart of Oakhaven, Guildmaster of the Physicians Guild of Arx

Description: Hers is a beauty expressed in the warmth she radiates out to the world, in the kindness of her ink black eyes, the smiles that linger on her full lips. Her features are classically lovely, her bearing poised, but it is the warmth that shines through her that makes her beauty come to life. Her black hair is always, always, pulled back into a fiendishly tight knot, the coils of her hair plaited, twisted and adorned with hairpins to keep it in place, baring the tender nape of her elegant neck, highlighting the breadth of her shoulders. Her figure is statuesque, curved and feminine, and while she is fit, she is lacking in muscular definition. Her hands are nimble, long fingered and show signs of frequent work, belying that while noble, she is accustomed to labor of some sort. Across the palm of her left hand she has a curious mark, like a discolored scar.

Personality: Warm. Reigna Keaton is a font of warmth and friendliness. In her time in Arx, she has come rather spectacularly out of her shell. While she can occasionally retreat to her previous reserve, there is no denying she is a woman with a soft heart and welcoming presence. Her emotions are much closer to the surface these days, and there is a certain guilelessness about her that is either genuine or the height of artifice.

Background: Daughter to a branch of the Wyrmguard family that has been in decline for three consecutive generations, Reigna's mother Mallory inherited an estate nearly destitute, with vassals and villagers on the edge of abandoning them. It began with Mallory's mother, Ariella Wrymguard, an inconstant woman with an insatiable gambling addiction. If the outcome was at all dubious in nature, Ariella Wyrmguard would put money on it. Her luck was as inconstant as her nature, and while there were the occasional gains, much of the family's wealth was lost.

By the time it was Mallory's turn to take the reins, the family fortune was gone, and all the family had left was the illusion of faded grandeur and their name. Mallory did her best to keep up appearances with what little funds they had left, but they could only stretch silver so far. It was Reigna who offered a solution to their predicament. They were, after all, Wyrmguards. Their family's storied history offered in their name, a wealth of prestige. It granted legitimacy to newer Houses, or those seeking to better their reputations. One by one, Reigna's siblings were married off to Houses seeking ties to the majesty and reputation of the Wyrmguard, of the Valardin. Each contract providing desperately needed monies to the coffers.

A deal was struck, for her assistance in crafting beneficial contracts for her siblings, ensuring that the family's fortunes were back on track, Reigna would be allowed to follow her passion, a scholarly life dedicated to Vellichor. All was going according to plan until a blight struck several of the farmer's fields, toppling the precarious balance Reigna's efforts had built. More money was needed and there was only one child left.

Since coming to Arx, her life has changed in so many ways. Her marriage has proved to be an extremely happy and profitable one, Reigna's dedication and support has proved an asset to Keaton.

Relationship Summary

  • Tarrant - Looking Glass Knight
  • Demura - Hope Despite Evidence
  • Reese - So deadly. So pink.

  • Patron:
  • Elgana - Your advice and guidance have made me a better version of me.

  • Family:
  • Lorien - Hunter Charming
  • Desiree - Cousin Coquette
  • Caras - A Memory from Another Time
  • Clover - Pillows. Pillows -Everywhere-.
  • Sophie - Mother Mercy, Inspiration
  • Sorrel - Magic Bard of Wrymguard (now Thrax, but that doesn't rhyme.)
  • Veronica - I am both proud and frightened.
  • Margerie - Auntie Superior of the Oathlands
  • Jaerith - Sometimes I hide the good glasses.
  • Amari - She is a mystery. I think her delicate and then I watch her with Veronica.
  • Aric - He trusted me, so I trusted him.
  • Shae - Feral Cousin
  • Rohran - He is Keaton, and I could not be prouder
  • Norwood - Uncle Fussy with the really sharp sword
  • Kata - Eldest and first, not blood, still my daughter
  • Aeryn Squall - Heir and firstborn, with each day that passes you look and act more like Kael.
  • Talis Storm - Second born and just the oddest duckling.
  • Brianne Wildfire - My littlest girl I cannot wait to meet the real you.

  • Oathlands:
  • Adriana - A Barmaid's barmaid, sweet and shy vassal

  • Ally:
  • Edain - High Lord with a Heart of Gold
  • Laric - Trusted unquestioningly

  • Sibling:
  • Hannah - The wildest of us all has finally come home
  • Yessica - You try so very hard, but don't you know you already shine?

  • Frenemy:
  • Derovai - @#!&)(!&@!@!^&*%!!!!!!
  • Natalia - I would not have chosen this path. You, however, did.

  • Deceased:
  • Fergus - I did not know you well enough, and I shall never forget my last sight of you.
  • Aislin - I met you but a few times, and then you were gone.
  • Killian - Discovered by accident, taken too soon.
  • Eirlys - Your light will be forever remembered, your memory cherished.
  • Cybele - You taught me so much, your loss is keenly felt

  • Spouse:
  • Kael - Immobile Foundation

  • Friend:
  • Katarina - Princess Adventure
  • Alis - So Much More Than Bacon. Bacon+
  • Cristoph - BEEnevolent Overlord and Friend
  • Jael - Sunshine with a Closed Fist
  • Valencia - Princess with the Golden Hart
  • Khanne - Spiritual Significant
  • Gaston - First Feared, Forever Trusted
  • Fiachra - Fantastic Ally, Terrifying Enemy
  • Marian - A stronger person I have never known.
  • Nicia - There was some hair holding.
  • Corban - Sir Corban with the bright eyes
  • Tessa - You have given me 13 gray hairs. I am counting.
  • Monique - You are as you are and I... I have so many questions.
  • Aureth - I have learned so much from talking to you. You might want to consider charging. Oh! But you cannot!
  • Aleksei - You are always full of lessons and surprises. And perhaps surprise lessons.
  • Juniper - How similar our hearts, how deep your smile
  • Fortunato - You always have an ally in me

  • Protege:
  • Aurora - Your art is legendary, I am eager to assist.
  • Yasmine - Your heart and purpose and mine are aligned. Together we shall go so far.
  • Name Summary
    Adalyn A kind woman with a welcoming heart. I must try to track her down soon and ask her a few things.
    Aeryn She has a son named after me! Uhm.. well not /after/ me, but he shares the same name! I'm flattered! I can't wait to meet him - I love kids! And I'm sure Reigna and I are going to get along splendidly, she seems like a good mother and a great person!
    Aethan A healer, so obviously not afraid to get her hands dirty.
    Agnarr Stitching's even and I'm less like to bleed out going back to the villa. Can't complain.
    Aiden She doesn't believe the opinions of others and must validate it through self experience, which says alot about who she is! Bold and fearless!
    Alaric A gracious hostess, her willingness to step into the unknown and embrace another House and family as her own is emblematic of what binds us all together as a strong Compact.
    Alarissa By far, one those to whom I can call friend, even if at times it seems that I bring about her ire. Where she goes I would follow if she needed my help. One can do no better than a Keaton by your side.
    Aleksei Clever, patient, and brilliant. I think I rather like her.
    Alessandro Very sweet, and likely a very good person to know, especially looking forward in my new life.
    Alexandre My cousin, Marquessa, leader of the Physicians' Guild, and a generous mother. In all things, she is devoted, kind, and hard working, and it's good to see she has come into her own with her arrival to Arx. I look forward to working with her, and spend more time with her and her family!
    Alexis Countess Reigna Keaton - an enthusiastic fan of athletes and a vibrant and wonderful personality.
    Alrec It makes sense that the companion of a fighter like Kael is a very talented healer.
    Amari It's hard to believe we're the same age! She's very mature and seems a perfect match for Kael. I think also, that beneath her warm and gentle exterior there lurks a very hard core.
    Anton Quite the sociable and pleasant Marquessa. Doesn't like oysters, which was illustrated...quite vividly. Enjoyed giving me a mildly hard time, but all in good fun. All in all, a rather nice person.
    Apollis I hope I didn't scare Reigna from ever coming to the Ward of the Lyceum again.
    Apollo She's great and I'm so grateful! But also kind of terrifying sometimes.
    Ardoin Countess Reigna is the sort of person I ought to know - brave and scholarly, devoted to family and House. I should speak with her about that which she knows as a fellow scholar, and learn well from someone wiser than I about what she saw firsthand. I owe her a debt of gratitude, and her grace does her and her House a service.
    Aric As Countess, she is graceful as they come. As a a cousin, she is one of the warmest, loving people I know. Always there with the perfect kind word for anyone. And also, the first to hear the truth of my lost years, so that should count for something?
    Arn Used to be a Wyrmguard, now a Keaton. Seems to fit well with the count.
    Barik A change of pace from the blind, outspoken matters of the faith. She brings to me a logical road upon which to sight Vellichor, Petrichor, and the great many others. Signs of a great woman.
    Barric Nearly shot me with an arrow on accident in the training center. My own fault for being on the grounds without an opponent. She seems an honest and good woman though and I hold her no ill will. Curious choice of weapon to defend ones self with though. She's a medic, hopefully she never has to save my life on the field but I will be glad she is there if it does happen.
    Berenice /Very/ much an Oathlander, I would say, but I don't see why that has to get in the way of a bit of fun and friendship! We'll see.
    Bethany So kind of the Countess Consort to come and talk with me. So rare to run into someone with something so interesting to talk about.
    Bianca A primary attribute of the women of House Wyrmguard has always been their compassion. Reigna exemplifies this in many facets. She is keen minded and radiant in her work. On the former note I believe I could take a few lessons from her open and kind heart.
    Bliss There is no doubt in my mind that this woman is one of the best in the entire Oathlands. I see why she is valued by people I trust so much. There is a force here.
    Bors A lady with strong beliefs and is comfortable speaking about them even if mine differ a bit. It will be an honor to serve her.
    Caith Oh, she is so stately and statuesque. She is very important -- a Countess AND a healer -- but apparently she used to be just like me: full of dreams! A very interesting woman that I look forward to getting to know better. She seems to dislike Fairen a great deal which is VERY intriguing. I will have to investigate further!
    Cambria A charming, bubbly woman of Oathlands descent. Her exuberance and zest for life are infecting, and the obvious love she bears her husband is clear for all to see.
    Caras What a beautiful young lady she grew to become. Is she trying too hard to live up to other's expectations? I must take care not to make my expectations too obvious.
    Carmen Vibrant, fancy, kind and with, shit, a temper I hope never to see the wrong side of.
    Caspian She has been quite helpful to be in these past weeks teaching me. She is a wonderful teacher and a good person to know. I wish her luck with her eventual child!
    Charlaine The Marquessa is a sweet woman who has such a good heart. I greatly enjoy her company and am so glad to have her in my corner as a friend and true ally who shares the same ideals as me. Her children and my daughter get along swell and it's nice to know we can vent about mom things. I'll be spending loads of time, as per usual, with the Keatons thanks to Reigna's warm welcome. Every encounter is a pleasure.
    Cirroch A kind woman who did not chew my head off when I spoke before I thought. Which is a requirement if you spend enough time with me.
    Coraline Wow she is pretty, and so polite! She reminds me of Cass, well when Cass isn't scolding people. I hope I get a chance to know her better!
    Cristoph I feel that Reigna may be holding something back but they're both newly arrived here, so it could simply be that. I found her and her husband to both be welcoming and easy to speak with, engaging. I look forward to future interactions with them.
    Daemon She made the whole party possible and I couldn't be happier for it.
    Darren A Keaton Darren saw run the Gauntlet at the House Valardin event. Need to get to know her better, I respect her grit and determination to get through the "Torture Track".
    Delilah I never cease to be amazed at the poise and unexpected discoveries that arise out of the Marquessa. She's a remarkable individual. We need to do more together.
    Demura Seems to be a boon to her husband, and from what I've heard, a damn fine physician.
    Dominique One of my younger cousins, it is always good to see her again. It seems she's found a good match with Count Kael and their children are absolutely adorable.
    Duarte She didn't seem to realize I was playing with her. I can roll a bandage: I just have Orland do it for me.
    Echo It's hard not to smile when you meet someone like Reigna. She's incredibly charming and she treats me like we're best friends! I can only imagine how lucky those close to her are.
    Edain The Countess of the Keaton line, and she is both elegant and warm, and all things told a very good respresnation of her family. She is a good partner to Count Kael, and I look forward to learn more of her and her own ambitions and what she will bring to the Oathlands.
    Eddard One in the pair of noble lovebirds. Perhaps that is actually achieveable?
    Eleyna Lady Reigna is friendly with a quick smile and open demeanor, but what I found most striking about her was how quickly she was willing to step in the moment it appeared others needed help. One of my primary criteria in a good ally.
    Elgana I like her. She is exactly what I pictured in my mind she'd be: smart, engaging, and just a delight to speak with. I'm confident that she is someone who will never stop working toward a brighter, better future for us all. It is my hope to work alongside her.
    Elsa A remarkable woman, her youth is the only thing holding her back. She will be beyond formidable with the tempering that comes with age.
    Emily The Countness is a delightful hostess and a wonderful conversationalist. I am eager to learn what she may possibly know on my own research. Even if there is nothing to be found her help will be companionable.
    Evonleigh Well-spoken and intellectual, lovely and warm all at once.
    Fairen Here we have a woman who is scholarly and lively. Then, there is an air of seeming to be unfamiliar with what is proper.
    Faruq The Marquessa Keating is very talented with her jewelry making and quite gracious. Even when put in the face of a surprise panic attack from the sight of her creations by another. They truly are stunning. I hope I get the chance to speak with her without being bawled upon by another.
    Faye A staunch defender of common sense and reason, the Marquessa is always a pleasure to talk to.
    Fiora A healer, with the heart of a healer. I think she may have been slightly disappointed I was not in it for the same reasons as her, but she gladly is going to teach me anyway. That's nice.
    Galen My impression of her pales in comparison to my relief that she is a trained medical professional that took wonderful care of Sorrel and the baby.
    Gareth A woman of many talents it seems. Countess Keaton. Not a warrior in a martial sense but certainly a fierce fighter. A worthy ally to have on the side of a House. Count Keaton has done well, in order to build up his house further.
    Gianna The Marquessa comes across as quite warm and friendly. It must take a considerable amount of work to be both Marquessa and head of the Physician's Guild!
    Grazia Although I'm not entirely certain how I ended up at her home, she was a gracious and welcoming hostess nonetheless. Perhaps we'll meet under less awkward circumstances at some point.
    Gretchen She's younger than I thought. The word Marquessa brings to mind stern looks from old women in their thirties. But she was wise and gracious and I am really going to cause her a lot of headaches the longer I stay here.
    Gwenna The Countess Reigna Keaton is an extraordinary woman. Not only a Countess, she is the Guildmaster of the Physicians, speaking volumes about her intelligence and caring nature. Just talking with her, there's a warmth as well as a sharp intelligence quite evident, and that is even before mentioning the famed Keaton hounds that seems to fill her with such love and pride. I am glad our paths crossed and hope to have many opportunities for them to do so again.
    Harlex Oathland sensibilities, sure. But cool and decisive under pressure. My respects.
    Holden A gracious and lovely Countess with a kindness toward Daisy's curiosity. The Keatons are known for their hounds, however, so this is no surprise.
    Ian She's nice. I'm not sure that she's anything more. But plenty of people can't even say that much about themselves.
    Ignacio A genuinely good hearted person. I would like like to say this is common, but I do believe there is something special about this Countess. I believe it would be good to know her better.
    Iseulet Polite, charming, and polished - if I am ever accepted into the peerage, this is what I should aspire to be. I think I like her.
    Isolde A charming woman--even when adorably drunk.
    Jacali These lordly-folk make me nervous, they do, them lot. Bet she thinks me low, bet she thinks I aren't nothin' worthwhile, I wager. She'll see. Some day my name'll mean somethin', it will, then they won't look to us with that charity in their eyes.
    Jael I am so happy to be near her again. She has become so strong and determined and focused and I'm so glad to see that she and Count Kael are truly happy together. One day I'll teach Squall how to be be a bear.
    Jeffeth Kael's wife Reigna. She's at the charge of the healers and from what I understand quite good at it. It's my aim to make sure she's safe so we can have proper introductions back at home.
    Jenessa Countess Keaton, a most delightful lady if I ever met one - and we have a bit in common! She seems very kind, an intellectual like myself who has an interest in exploring and adventure. I very much enjoy her presence and conversing with the Countess, and I hope that someday I can become good friends with her.
    Jordan A relative, perhaps by marriage, of Duke Harlan. She seemed to have been close to both Lord Killian and Lady Aislin; her eyes filled with sadness for a moment. Perhaps we'll speak more at some point, as I admit I am curious.
    Jyri Bright and kind, and a really good teacher. We got some friends in common, it seems - I hope we'll get more chances to talk.
    Kaldur She both feels and thinks deeply. Either one of those at once is enough for me. She has the strength and grace to do both, it seems.
    Katarina There are very few people as endearing and loving as Reigna Keaton. She has always been a well of strength and warmth, giving her all and then some to those of us who have been in need of her wisdom and healing touch. I hope this never changes. I find her to be among the closest of my friends.
    Kenna An upright and solid as a board Oathlander. I think, if I was to write a dictionary, I might put her name under 'Oathlander'.
    Killian Businesslike and skilled, just the sort of healer I like to wake up to after I've been beaten senseless and left for dead. Very thankful for her ministrations.
    Klaus A breath of spring air on a cool autumn day and very likeable. Doreen was smitten, I could tell.
    Kutazer You have changed so much! And all for the better, I wish I could have been there to see it, to have a part in it, but that it has happened at all makes me happier than a cave splunking. Missed you sis.
    Laric A young woman of firm convictions and firmer faith. May her honor hold and may politics never wear her down. She's cut from the old Oathlands cloth, a rare thing in Arx.
    Lorenzo A lovely and charming woman, quite easy to talk to. She is clearly skilled and knowledgeable about many things. I would be delighted to chat with her again.
    Lorien Lovely and pleasant when she opens up enough to speak. Don't be afraid to speak, lady. The world can be lonely enough without isolating ourselves when surrounded by family. Listening is always good, but sometimes silence needs breaking.
    Lou We met during the horse jumping competition. She is a lovely woman new to Arx and she and her husband, Kael, invited Mason and I to dinner sometime.
    Lucita Personable, amusing to watch as she handles her dogs and puppies, intuitive on matching dogs with potential owners and knowledgeable in teaching how to care for a dog and use its basic commands. She makes great hot chocolate, too!
    Luis A delightful woman with a mention of tea and not allowed alcohol. It's entirely probable that she's pregnant, but it's unsafe for me to ask, and so her simply charming and witty company shall be sought after. That and she raises most glorious hounds, that my whole family has taken a shining to.
    Mabelle The Marquessa is ever so kind and helpful. A woman of great knowledge, and grand amour for her family. I look forward to working with her and knowing her further.
    Malesh Valor personified. She fought harder for my life than I did or even could, a humbling experience.
    Margerie Well she handles unexpected guests deftly enough! Reigna certainly has warmed up rather nicely since we haggled over brideprices and the like, and she certainly did her part with making sure there was an heir in place to keep me from having to stand too close to the line of succession. I do hope she's kept some of her toughness, though, the better to let me have my fun!
    Melody A gentle teacher with a gentle voice. The Countess has aided me greatly on such a short notice with nothing given in return. The kind of kindness that goes above and beyond, with no motivating reason beyond just wishing to help someone -- It's really, truly endearing.
    Merek %bMerek has been a pen-pal with Reigna for a while, but has just recently met her in person. She is very nice, a fellow scholar, and seems to be reserved a bit. He considers her a friend after all the letters.
    Meriah I didn't know what to expect. But she's right out there in the middle of it, trying to do it all. A good woman who took a chance on a half-blind street rat.
    Mira The wife of Count Kael Keaton, who helped me when I had a request. They were both very sweet and very pleasant to talk to.
    Miranda Guildmaster of the Physicians Guild. Met her while suffering a moderate concussion from a sparring match. Under the circumstances, nice lady. Professional. Definitely has a bedside manner that makes a patient feel at ease. Her authority is obvious.
    Mirk The Marquessa of House Keaton. For all that she defers to her Kennelmaster, she seems every bit as much of an expert herself on the famous Keaton hounds. Call me impressed.
    Monique Just about the sweetest. No. Really. Like maple syrup over sunshine. Is it bad that I envy her figure? Because I do.
    Niklas A busy woman, with a vast collection of trades and talents. Admirable. And quite a wit.
    Norwood A lively woman who has a sense of humor and decorum to match. More than excellent!
    Nuala The swan of the south - she loves her husband greatly and admires in his beauty and skill. When they swim together, they may be the envy of anyone not Keatons. But how can I be jealous at their kindness?
    Orathy Keatons, reckon they be a good sort, if they be like this one, aye. Witty. Takes an interest in who she be speaking with. Bloody good looking on the eyes too.
    Orazio A scholar and a lady. She seems pleasant enough, and it's clear that she has a strong bond with her husband. Orazio finds her friendly and interested in the Faith; he'd be happy to talk to her more in the future.
    Orvyn A wonderful hostess, while also quite lovely in conversation and with her desire to better her family through her own way. A pleasure to meet her and I look forward to further interactions in the future.
    Oswyn Warm and welcoming; the ideal healer.
    Otakar Countess Reigna struck me as very polite and serious, and very much the picture of hospitality. I wish I had had the chance to speak with her longer, but I shall soon, of that I am sure.
    Ouida A kind and calm demeanor, and so gracious with her time; it is easy to see why Orvyn and Sunniva hold her in such warm and high regard. Perhaps when things in the city are at least less hectic than impending great danger howling at our door, we might have the chance to get to know each other a little better!
    Petal She seems very nice. Quite warm and friendly, but with a sincere sort of glow that is both soft and bright at the same time.
    Reese She is newly married and seems to be struggling a bit, but it takes time to get used to such. It seems that she just got married yesterday and joined a new family as well. I wish her well.
    Rey If there is someone who you have hope to be as good as someday. Reigna would be on the top of the list. Controlled but passionate, skilled but friendly, she seems to have it all.
    Rinel One of the first ladies I met in Arx--she has always been most kind to me, and now that she is taking me on, I am honored to work under her in the Guild of Physicians.
    Roxana Any friend of Katarina's is surely a friend of mine, and I love her taste in jewelry.
    Sabella A lovely Countess who was so kind to give me help in coming up with witty repartee! She seems quite delightful and I would like to get to know her better.
    Sabella A very witty Countess who I had a delightful conversation with at the Sleepless Knights! She gave me some tips on party games I could play and I am very grateful to her for it!
    Saedrus I have met the Lady before, but after the Tournament of Roses I am most impressed and honoured to know Lady Reigna a little better. From the perspective of desperately trying to keep up with the mercies, Lady Reigna was so utterly in control, she was wonderful and I thank her for all her help -- and patience with me.
    Sasha Countess of Keaton who seems to have a brilliant mind. And she is a follow Disciple of Vellichor as I am.
    Selene Fire may be tempered and channeled away from blazing out of control to a life-giving force. How could we survive without it? Society's foundations are built upon that careful fulcrum, where passion meets wisdom and energetic forces are centered by experience. The Marquessa burns with a purpose rooted in vision, yet lets neither consume her fully. A power to be reckoned with.
    Serafine Great healer. Kind hands.
    Shae Alpha wolf, life-bearer. Sweet.
    Shard Wife of Kael. Noblewoman. Makes hot chocolate, I can't complain about that. Seems...very decent and welcoming.
    Sheena The leader of the Physicians Guild and very kind.
    Simone A lovely lady from a lovely family. I wonder if our children would get along too?
    Sophie My dearest cousin and fellow healer. We share a drive to heal, and some day together we'll see our healing make a true difference in the world.
    Sorrel Reigna is a second cousin, but she's awesome! She's not as shy as she was when they were children, which Sorrel approves of, and she seems to have married well to a man who will protect her. Plus, she's got puppies and a baby now! All good.
    Sparte I feel like I havn't gotten to know her really. I have half a dozen people wanting me to talk to her about her ring, but a ring isn't a person. I mean, maybe she is passionate about cheeses. Nobody ever asks the important questions like that.
    Stefano The Countess of Oakhaven, she's a very warm and welcoming woman. Friendly and easy to talk to. We've established a trade relationship and I look forward to meeting with her again, economically or socially.
    Tarrant A courteous and gracious hostess, her manner is warm and her joy contagious. A fair lady I am fortunate to call life.
    Tarrant She carries the weight of her sorrow in a way that shows how truly she cares about those around her, and I am glad that my sister had such a friend.
    Tescelina I remember in those bygone days a shadow no less lovely in the garden but to see it bloom, to see her as she is now, what strength she hid for so long. I am -- fractured. I hope it does not ruin her memory of me.
    Tessa I do not think we are so differant really, we both live were given roles we don't naturally fit into.
    Theron Countess Reigna Keaton. The Keatons are all friendly, polite and of quality, from what I can tell. A friend to the Mazetti is a friend of mine.
    Thesarin She's young, and sharp, and well-spoke. Makes friends easy. But she's got a fire underneath it.
    Tomwell Quieter than her husband, but even in a single meeting I can tell she has a warm spirit. And she demonstrated a great deal of character, and graciousness. I look forward to learning more about her.
    Torian Met at a party. Seemed to be behind the school, offered to teach even. It's a rare offer and the orphans need it. I'll have to follow up.
    Turo A gracious and lovely woman. She is a charming hostess - nausea aside - and I think she will get along famously with Arcelia.
    Valdemar A sharp, capable woman. One that I hope, with time, might be willing to consider some things that she is likely not aware of.
    Vanora I was almost embarrassed to meet the Marquessa, having written her a letter asking to participate in an endeavor some time ago, only to realize I could not and writing again to back out. I hope she's the type to forgive such social gaffes, for she seems like a charming woman who is good to know.
    Vayne A true surprise, and a singular woman. The Marquessa is as astute as she is generous, and as kind as the day is long. Our conversation left me refreshed and encouraged, and I look forward to learning more from her in what I hope will be a long friendship.
    Venturo To meet the Countess Keaton, at long last. In this world, the pleasantly perfect pen pals of percephon's precocious promised, the Lady Halfshav's best friend, had a high expectation to live up to face to face. It is a delight to say she has exceeded even these many kind words I've heard about her.
    Veronica Cousin... or cousin-in-law. Sweet. Gentle. Pretty. She makes it easy to accept her as blood.
    Victus Lady Keaton. I heard she makes people run and then tosses goopy food at them? Eh, whatever the people like. My wife likes her though and her husband ain't bad either, so they're alright by me.
    Wash Is she a severe woman or is that just how I view people through a hangover?
    Willow I hear good things about her and would like to know her better.