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Helia Andrasko

Ugh, Gods, c'mon! You've got to be quicker than that!

Social Rank: 8
Concept: Mercurial Blade
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redtyde
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Swashbuckler
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Black-Brown
Eye Color: Dark Hazel
Skintone: Pearly Gold

Description: Helia is a quicksilver-swift young woman, sculpted by seventeen years of sailing on the Compact's seas. The hourglass curves of her body have been toned and streamlined by a life of deckwork, swordplay and swimming in the ocean, while the sun's rays have coaxed out gilded freckles across her button nose and round rosy cheeks. She lacks the salt-weathered complexion often found among sailors, with only a whisper of fine lines beneath doe-like eyes of liquid-dark hazel. Her hair is a dusky brown that's inclined to bleach into golden highlights or to redden during blazing summers, falling down her back in a cascade of often-tousled waves. A feline smile transforms her face from something cute into something roguish -- a wide grin that reveals a flash of straight white teeth.

Personality: You might think that being raised by a methodical, scholarly merchant would mean that Helia would develop those same traits. But no -- for whatever reason, she's an impulsive young woman of fluctuating moods who tends to act on a whim. On the whole she has a curious streak that pulls at her attention-span and sometimes drags her into all manner of chaos, but she's not the type to sit around reading books and mulling over deep thoughts for overlong.

Helia likes swords, silver, strong booze and big noisy songs. Oh, and ships, of course. Indeed, maybe the only time she can delve into self-reflection and relative quietude is when she's sailing calm seas, watching the gentle ebb and flow of whispering tides. Otherwise, she's an impatient soul and often can't be bothered to apply a diplomatic filter to her words unless she /really/ has to. It's better to just let everything out into the open, right?

Background: Helia was born of Victor and Cibale Andrasko, both favoured servants of House RedTyde, who served faithfully up to the death of their House, standing proud with their Lord when the Thrax came to lay waste. Helia herself was pulled from the burning rubble of her home by Fredrik RedTyde, who then fled with her in turn to exile, so very small and growing up with no memories of that horrible night of fire and death.

She was raised by Fredrik RedTyde, who treated her as a daughter in truth, even if not in name, living with him on his ship as he plied the waters of the Compact. Never taking truly to her father's teachings on economics and business, she instead grew to love the feel of the waves, the roughness of the sailors they sailed with, and the life-or-death play of swords. Her father may have worried, but she grew into the role of a swashbuckling, outspoken woman with aplomb, even if it meant a flash of steel (or, more often, with her father having to soothe feelings with words or coin).

Following him since she was old enough to make the choice, she has only known of Fredrik's true status for a short time, and was shocked to learn that her father was, in fact, a Lord of some stature. Once she grappled with that secret, she kept it well, and was understandably infuriated when he went to Arx without her, claiming he would 'send for her when it was safe'.

But Helia doesn't /want/ to wait and just run freight or sit in Tyde hall (as an honored guest). She wants to be where the pulse of civilisation throbs; where rings glitter on the fingers of the silks, and steel flashes in the hands of quick-witted scoundrels; where the booze runs freely, and so does the silver. What could be better than that?

Relationship Summary

  • Lucita - Good-natured and gracious patron. She's been wonderful to me, and I hope to prove myself worthy of the generous support I've been given.

  • Friend:
  • Jordan - Sparring buddy, drinking buddy, future adventure buddy, general badass.

  • Family:
  • Rosalie - Dearest cousin. Sunshine and pink roses!
  • Margot - Another cousin-in-spirit, if not in blood. Strong, inspiring.
  • Alexandre - Cousin-in-law. The soul of chivalry.

  • Parent:
  • Fredrik - Dear old Dad! I wouldn't be here without him.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Advertises while sparring. An interesting choice, but clearly works for her. Fights well. Would spar again.
    Alexandre A cousin of Rosalie, and certainly a mighty one. We met at the training center, and while I did not fight her myself, her father's claims about her skill in fighting certainly proved accurate! Light-hearted and prone to smile, she is excellent company.
    Ariella Looks like a sailor. Fights like a sailor. Perhaps my new best friend?
    Auda So enthusiastic! Her cheerfulness is infectious.
    Berenice A remarkable Champion! I have to commend her endlessly for bringing me my first dueling victory since arriving to the city.
    Caspian Bubbly, funny, and a flatterer! I need to spend more time with this one!
    Coraline Friendly, cheerful, and full of energy, willling to take on a challenge just because, I find myself really liking her and I can't wait to spar her.
    Cullen A rather fun swordswoman from the Isles, someone with a great sense of humor and can enjoy some jests with drinks - and might actually sit and listen to my long and boring stories! Also, she has a fine appreciation for wonderful ginger hair, which means I just need to show them off to her more.
    Delilah As talented at maintaining a sunny disposition as she is wielding a blade. Whether glittering with jewels at a gala or slicing up trouble in a tournament, Helia is a bright presence.
    Domonico An outstanding duelist. Fast, confident and skilled with the blade. No shame in losing a spar to her.
    Duarte I met her speaking with Lord Cullen at the Traders Tavern. A cheeky and exuberant thing. I'm sure she'll give me a run for my money.
    Eddard A lovely Thraxian Sword. If. Well. She is cute when she is drunk, I'll just keep some rum or ale around for next time.
    Enoch A lovely young woman that I met in the Traders Tavern. She appears to be optimistic and with a bright attitude. She is beautiful and wants to learn about swordsmanship. I'd be happy to learn more about my new friend any day of the week.
    Estil My mystical 'twin', an unexpected doppelganger, and we seem to share more than just our pretty faces. I like her immensely already.
    Faruq Quite the swordswoman! I shall have to hire her if I ever need a champion for a duel. She dispatched her opponent with ease. A little pain doesn't slow her down either. I like that.
    Faye A friendly and charming woman who talks to cats. I hope to watch her duel sometime.
    Fecundo Nimble as hell. Moves well. Only caught her once. Have to see what she's about outside of combat.
    Gianna Champion, sailor, adventurer, drinker. There's a song to be made, here.
    Harlex I wandered onto the beach and instead of fear or even caution she handed me skipping stones and spoke to me like a friend. I don't often envy the qualities of youth. Exception that proves the rule.
    Harper She's my kind of people. Seems level headed and nice without being uppity. Good to talk to too. Reckon we could become friends in time.
    Helena Darling and daring and a bit of an imp. I quite like her.
    Ian Pretty sure that was her first monster. She kept it together.
    Jeffeth What a lovely little thing! She seems very nice, and she is also confused about the two capitals. WHY, FREDRIK?! Anyways, she seems just lovely and I am glad to have met her.
    Jordan Charming daughter of Lord Fredrik Redtyde's. She's gorgeous, and she's down for adventuring. Good person, in my books.
    Luca The spirit is willing to duel, even if the body still has a few problems. But I see something worth investing in here. It all has to do with the spirit. The body? This can be trained. Perhaps a student for the future. She seems to be on the right path. Time will tell.
    Lucita Well mannered, adopted by a noble and seems bright and interested. She is easy to talk with and displays family loyalty and appreciation. We get along well. Looking forward to getting to know her even better.
    Magpie Magpie met Helia when she was relatively new in town on a bar crawl. He found her to be pleasant conversation and anyone that agrees that nobles have no business in the Lowers is a step up in *his* book. Regardless, pleasant and practical, at least so far.
    Malika Her command of the arena was truly awe inspiring. Perhaps I should see if she takes students.
    Niklas Showy fighter and sailor. Can hold her drink.
    Norwood She is an enthusiastic toy jouster, but seems a bit chummy with my nephew. Clearly I need to keep a watch on her.
    Reese Very cheerful and happy, in the good way
    Rosalie I have a cousin!! Title or no, you'll always be Redtyde to me!
    Rowenova We first met at the common benches at the Assembly of Peers, and she was warm and welcoming when I showed up. She looks to be about my age, and I think we could be friends!
    Sabella She is so incredibly likable and an amazing champion! I'm so happy Lord Fredrik has family in town and look forward to getting to know her better.
    Sorrel A Champion with whom I fought a duel. Gracious winner, lots of fun to fight, and a good time was had by all. She'd make a good bodyguard in the future.
    Sunaia Fighting spirit and the ability to roll with punches that aren't just physical. Good for her.
    Talwyn Hers is the most unique of fashion senses in the city. Certainly she has no doubt whatsoever or confidence imperiled by her choice of colours. And whyever not?
    Traherne Pretty girl, and she seems to be a nice sort. Claims that a strong stomach is what's needed to sail... Not exactly the most technical or helpful of sailing tips. But maybe I can pry some lessons out of her at some point.
    Tynan An entertaining fighter while remaining sociable, charming and pleasant to talk to. What are the odds that'd happen?
    Victus Helia. Did a helluva lot in that fight too. Heh, see what I did there?
    Zoey Well tempered, even mannered, and pleasant company. I look forward to seeing her more often!