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Prince Lorenzo Redrain

The thing about kindness is that it is the one commodity that the more of it you give, the more you have.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Genuinely Nice Person
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: male
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: golden tan

Description: Lorenzo's dark hair is very soft, frequently worn in some stage of fluffy rumple, and he somehow constantly generates the impression that it needs to be trimmed. There's a doe's gentle warmth to his liquid brown eyes that gives him an unfair advantage in making entreaties, but might prove a true problem should he ever need to evince menace. His slim frame, long limbs and lithe build lend to the seeming impression is more darting prey animal than lunging predator. His smile, though, is entirely melting warmth, and there is nothing in it that suggests flight or fear.

Personality: Lorenzo's baseline is warmth: diplomatic due to native empathy, there seems to be something compassionate at his core, a wellspring of human kindness that can never run dry. This grants him an innate knack for certain kinds of diplomacy, especially those requiring empathy or the diffusion of tension. Generally innocuous, he is not a student of subtlety, and can be slow to catch implications, which can make him the butt of certain kinds of comedy, a joshing he takes generally in good stead. Innuendo flying over his head -- except for when comprehension dawns and he flusters, blushes and stammers -- is a good example of this. But really, Lorenzo's nature is that of a young man who honestly tries to think the best of people and find the silver lining in any dark cloud.

Background: The middle child of a cadet branch of a Velenosa line, Lorenzo learned early about the power of camouflage. It's not that he ever intentionally disappeared or tried to make himself overlooked, but somehow, environmentally, he grew from a toddler who never won the three-legged race to a young squire who won exercises just enough to be competent but lost them just enough to avoid accusations of excellence. As a young man, he did moderately well with tutors and scholars, but not so well that anyone really considered him as a shoe-in for the priesthood.

Somehow, with the discreet aid and protection of his older brother, Lorenzo went through a remarkably ordinary teenagerhood in Lenosia as a friendly, smiling, gentle version of the invisible average man. He had brief flirtations, but nothing that broke down the walls of romance. No one tried to assassinate him. He had acquaintanceships but few close friendships. He was liked, but not beloved. At 18, he took a cavalry commission and rode out to fight in skirmishes with Shav'Arvani, and even there, he neither distinguished himself as either hero or coward.

Nothing lasts forever, though. No prince of Velenosa can remain overlooked forever. War after disappearance after assassination, and a summons to the capital came; so Lorenzo sailed for Arx with an optimistic heart that, just maybe, not being overlooked would be all right.

Name Summary
Aahana A prince who enjoys caring for his horse, that was not something I expected and is a very welcomed suprise. I could see myself being close friends with him as long as he not minds I am a prodigal.
Alessandro The true meaning of family is a brother who will support you in your least mature ideas. That is, until he forgets about it.
Alessia The man is a genuinely friendly person. Happy to listen to the sorrows of others and very easy to talk to.
Amantha He seems pleasant enough. Anyone with taste fine enough to appreciate my sister is welcome, in my books.
Aonghus Nice guy for a noble, then again I guess all nobles are different. Seems well known and liked by others as well. Hope to run into him again for another beer.
Apollo So kind and gracious about my uh, abysmal manners! And he was wearing one of my hats. Maybe my new favorite prince.
Aric I like this guy. He's not too up in his airs to enjoy a few drinks with the boys! A loose smile and a loose bag of silver for a round of drinks and I'll call him a friend!
Arthen About as kind a man and as well-spoken as I'd heard, and I'd heard a fair bit about it! I am happy that Princess Gwenna seems real pleased by him, too.
Artur A very worthy husband for my sister - and that is someting I would say of very few men indeed. I look forward to many happy years of friendship of and the arrival of Artur II.
Austen An upstanding prince of Redrain. Welcoming and seems kind. Also he likes dogs, so he must be a fine person.
Barric Seems an affable Prince, but then he is a Lycene, he could be plotting to poison me even now! Probably not but, it could happen. I do like him though I think, from what little conversation we had.
Berenice Best hugger in the family, most assuredly.
Bliss If I am being entirely honest, I have to question his judgment in the matter that was discussed, though I am also certainly biased. The Velenosans - Gods, I need to spend more time around them. Properly Lycene, as we would of course expect. The kind of company that makes me come to life.
Caith A newcomer to the city that Prince Niccolo suggested I meet. And I am so glad that I did! He is charming and delightful. Wonderful company and quite easy and enjoyable to be around.
Carmen Seems like a genuinely nice person. But he does have a subtle way of letting you know that he's a prince, all the same.
Caspian This guy is a funny guy! A fun one to sit and have drinks with.
Cirroch Someone who's mother was a Halfshav and who is interested in Princess Gwenna. I should make more effort to get to know him.
Col Knows about canines and seems friendly and amicable.
Coraline Polite, charming, and a friend to Reigna, can't ask for more than that! I look forward to getting to know him better.
Cristoph He seemed like a friendly enough fellow, we met in a bar once. A fine drinking companion, even if he seemed a little confused by paperwork!
Cullen Alessandro's brother, seems to be a good sort, well mannered and respectful of Princess Gwenna and clearly affectionate towards his brother.
Darren An interesting and layered man who doesn't fold before an onslaught. He got me on one of my worse days and wasn't deterred. It speaks to a strength of personality that belies those thin limbs. Perhaps just the match for Gwenna... but time will tell.
Elgana Charming. Friendly. Unafraid to let the softest of us Redrains threaten them over their favorite cousin. Lorenzo is one of my favorite people in the entire Compact. It may be bias though as he is going to be family soon and well, he is marrying my favorite cousin. The promises still stand.
Etienne beginning a new adventure, seems bravely at that.
Eurion What a nice prince! Fun to drink with, and just got married! He seems pretty happy, so I'm happy for him. Not big on ships, but that's alright. Not everyone is.
Evaristo Having admired him from afar, so to speak, it was nice to finally meet. Very kind words he gave me, but without his initiative, I wouldn't have done what I'm doing. May his work bear fruit, for all of our sake.
Evonleigh The Prince of Velenosa is an easygoing and diplomatic sort. He's poetry in contrast to his brother's prose, I think, the two balancing both sides of their family's coin. Also generous with whiskey, which is much like his brother, so not so different after all.
Faruq I had seen the Prince on several occasions, finally got to meet him. He is very gregarious and charming, I can see how he manages to snag his betrothed Princess Gwenna. I hope that some of his charm rubs off on me sometime soon. It would be a powerful weapon to have at my disposal during times like this!
Gaston An intelligent prince. Not a warrior, not all wars call for warriors. Like princess Gwenna, has a strong sense of what seems to be right, and not secretive. We can't afford that, he knows it.
Gianna A rather polite and thoughtful-seeming young man. Affable.
Gilroy Excellent marrying guy who got married! I'm sure we'll be fast friends if he keeps having parties with free alcohol!
Gwenna Prince Lorenzo Velenosa and I were vaguely ordered to meet, as Sir Jordan thought we surely would be compatible. He was not wrong, really. The prince is both warm and friendly, as well as an exceptional conversationalist. While I am certain our mutual friend's intentions were more of the romantic inclination, I feel as though we may already be fast friends at the least.
Harlex A peaceable man. Spoke kindly. Rare but appreciated traits.
Helena A most welcome addition to the Redrain family who has become a good friend and a shoulder to lean on in his own right. I am proud to call him family.
Ida Prince Lorenzo Redrain is the brother of Lord Alessandro Greenmarch, and I do quite a bit of work for the Greenmarch family. He is as pleasant as his brother and one of the easiest customers I've had the fortune to do work for. He will always be welcome in the shop and has great ideas for projects.
Iseulet Met with him at the Golden Hart - also a morning drinker. Good Prince to know, I think - one of the more affable ones - not at all haughty or stuck up.
Jace He didn't really seem like a Prince, but I mean that in a good way. There are some who feel like their title and others who are more...comfortable. He is certainly the latter.
Jaenelle A man who has plans, and I wish nothing but greatness for him in whatever he does.
Jaerith Good guy, fair drinker. Willing to put aside title to have a good time, and is willing to point out when things are getting a little too over burdensome without coming off high handed. Hope to drink with him again.
Jasher Some Thraxians would pity him and call him weak, but people like him may be what is needed in these dark times. I doubt he liked the whiskey being served, though.
Jeffeth A very kind Velenosan prince. He seems to be a very good sort, I would very much like to be in his company again.
Jordan A kindly Prince of House Velenosa. He seems to appreciate the dedication it takes for the pursuit of martial mastery, and that's something that speaks in his favor. Given his mannerisms and genteel approach to life, he is likely more of a courtier or a diplomat. That, too, has its place. Especially in the present day.
Josephine A prince of the highest caliber and one who clearly is enamoured of a woman. It's good to see love blossoming, or at least a deep admiration. I shall do all I can to assist him.
Kaldur Very conscientious prince of Velenosa. Definitely drinks! I can tell him all the best unexpected vistas I've discovered.
Kenna I've met a few princes/princesses but not quite like this. He seems nice enough, but a bit flighty? I wonder what he WOULD look like in a lowers bar!
Leola Polite and courteous, as well as a deal more practical than many of his line. All are fine things. There's a definite reserve to him, and I wonder what it would take to call it out
Lethe He is a very charming man who really made me me feel included even though we just met. I enjoyed his company.
Lisebet Cute and Friendly. Seems easy going and genuine.
Luca A cousin I never get to see nearly so much as I would like to. I never knew he had such a fascination with cats! And here, I'm practically an expert. Do southerners even get praise anymore for being fine company? I'll give it to him this once..
Lucita If I weren't so deep in grief still, he seems like a person who would enjoy being teased gently and teasing right back. He seems a person with whom one could enjoy a lively conversation and sharing time.
Lumen Sweet and personable, Lorenzo is not the Lycene man I expected him to be. That is not to say that he is in any way a disappointment. Quite the opposite!
Lycoris A formerly Lycene Prince, now a Northern one. A delight, and a perfect match to his bride. I wish them happiness and success in their marriage.
Marian A nice prince who is an attentive listener who seems to care others. I enjoyed our conversation and perhaps we shall have drinks again soon.
Merek A Prince I met that does not like formalities too much. Lorenzo seems to be nice enough though, doesn't seem to like alcohol that tastes like smoke.
Miella A very friendly Prince with excellent taste in hats.
Mikani A Northern Prince raised in the south. I like him don't like the snow too much. But he does have news of adventure on the horizon!
Miranda A fine prince who remembers those he's seen, even if he hasn't met them formally. It is a good trait to have, to recognize faces. Admirable.
Mirari I've met a lot of Velenosan Princes, and I like most of them. This one is polite and looks a little too innocent. If I were still in that game, boy would it be fun to corrupt him. Ah, but we'll be friends, I think.
Mirk The happy groom. A distant cousin, but hopefully distant no longer, with his marriage into House Redrain. I look forward to catching a drink with him at a quieter time.
Monique He has good taste in women. For that alone, I'd want him as a friend. So much more than just surface good looks.
Nijah A prince, though I don't know who. He called me beautiful, and perhaps he is right. I do hope I don't have to worry about anybody chasing me, however.
Niklas Prince Alessandro's brother. Seems every bit as gentile. Seems to prefer to keep his pants on in public, which is, honestly, is a good trait in a gentleman.
Norwood Princess Gwenna's husband. He seems an outgoing man with his emotions writ upon his sleeve.
Ophelia So amiable and so very sweet! One of my favorite cousins by far and soon to join House Redrain. I will definitely have to visit him when he is settled up north! Until then, I will enjoy seeing him around the Velenosa Estate while he's still here.
Orelia He seems very pleasant. More reserved than some of the others of his line, but that's not a bad thing, believe me. I look forward to coming across him again.
Oriana He must have favorite places in Arx that AREN'T bars. What do Princes even do?
Pasquale The prince of Velenosa seems like an entirely nice fellow. Which is not a comment you can make about many nobles of the Lyceum (perhaps myself included). He's good company to share a drink and perhaps a hedge maze with, even if he's not verbose on the subject of severed heads.
Petal Friendly and generous, paid our tab.
Quenia Former Lycene Prince turned Redrain Prince. Quenia feels for him, being cooped up in the house where there's likely constant cold. She gave him the rundown of the best places in Arx to keep warm.
Reese polite, welcoming and pleasant.
Riagnon Princess Gwenna's husband is an incredibly good sport. Putting up with all sorts of nonsense will serve him well in the North. We've got about as much nonsense as we do snow.
River Seems to be a very amiable person, Fun company, I should get to know him better.
Rowenova Prince Lorenzo Velenosa, soon to be wed to Princess Gwenna Redrain, seems like a kind man (and probably is if she approves)! I only met him for the briefest time (at the botanical gardens), but he seems like a kind man, especially one who properly admires our feline superiors!
Rysen Curious and personable, it was a pleasure meeting this Redrain Prince.
Sabella Lord Alessandro's brother and always quite pleasant to
Sable He seems friendly and conscientious, someone who actually cares for people not his own. But how does he move comfortably in such tight pants?
Samuele A genuinely cheerful person.
Saro Another person of royal standing, but so pleasantly down-to-earth I wouldn't have guessed it. Nice enough to humor a craftswoman's rambling.
Sebastian A Velenosian prince with a fine sensibility for alcohol, something I wholeheartedly approve of.
Shae Much to calm for a man discussing matchmaking.
Sidney A very welcoming prince, with the underappreciated gift of being able to keep a conversation moving seamlessly forward with both wit and genuine interest in those around him. I suspect he'll make an excellent uncle to Prince Alessandro's future children.
Simone Being Alessandro's brother, I was disposed to like Prince Lorenzo from the beginning. Yet, still, I believe I would have liked him regardless. That he and Alessandro are close only makes me like him all the more.
Sorrel He seems charming, even if he, like so many Lenosian princes, needs to learn to dance properly. Perhaps this will be my new pet project: teaching all of the Velenosa men to dance. With a rose tucked in their teeth!
Tessa Met at the Black Fox. 10/10 would drink with again!
Venturo A marvelous man, who loves a good story and a drink. Why, if seduction is something he'd like polish in, I have a story or two to pass on to him that is certain to make the ladies swoon. Well, some of them. Most of them? It works for me, anyway. Usually.
Vercyn The other Velenosa Prince. I do believe we may also have traumatized him with all this talk of shapeshifters and mysteries.
Vercyn One of my many Nephews. A good lad with a wise head on his shoulder.
Willow The groom. He makes my friend so happy it brings me great joy to finally meet him.