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Lady Tesha Telmar

There's no such thing as luck. Chance, favor, odds...luck? All words used by those without the wherewithall to make a plan and properly prepare for what's to come.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Methodical Polymath
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Telmar
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 27
Birthday: 4/12
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Merchant
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Skintone: Fair

Description: Tesha's beauty is found in the woman's graceful, purposeful manner. In the sense of deliberateness to each and every movement or gesture, no matter how small. There is an intelligence behind those dark eyes of hers, colored the shade of a deep blue sky just before a storm. A methodical, practiced sort of look that conveys the impression that every scene before her striking gaze has already been examined and considered twice over. Tesha's dark hair falls just below her shoulderblades, usually kept back in a neat, symmetrical braid that drapes along the nape of her neck. She carries herself with poise, beautiful in both form and manner.

(Tesha's hair has grown past her shoulders and there is a scar at her right temple from an older injury.)

Personality: Independent. Headstrong. Confident. Poised. All words Tesha's become accustomed to hearing attributed to her for as long as she can remember. She gives off an immediate aura of experience, conveying the sense that she's seen more than her young age would have allowed. Courteous and polite, as a proper Telmar noblewoman ought to be, Tesha shows an uncommon ambition and drive when she applies her considerable intelligence to solving problems of politics, strategy, or economics. She's fiercely loyal to the Telmar name, and to the sense of duty that comes from being a member of the Valardin's strong right hand.

Background:     Tesha may have been born the second child of Tanya Telmar, but she has played the part of the protective elder sibling for as long as she can remember. After the passing of her father at a young age, her mother became a recluse, refusing to attend family meetings and cutting off virtually all social interaction. And so it was, at barely twelve years of age, that Tesha assumed the role of primary caretaker for her siblings. The young Telmar adroitly managed the family's affairs and business, all under the guise of providing direction from her pining mother. There was scarcely time to mourn her mother's passing, some three years later, as the family's affairs now formally passed to the responsibility of the young Telmar noblewoman.

    For the next several years, Tesha quickly garnered attention among the rest of the Telmars for her skill and competence in managing her family's affairs, assuming increasing levels of responsibility in managing business on the House's behalf. With her older brother always trying to hide his nose in a book, Tesha took a more hands-on approach to learning the intricacies of businesses and alliances, skillfully weaving economic webs and trade agreements that turned the Telmarch from merely a strategic military holding to a prosperous hub for trade and business in the Oathlands.

    As the first members of the family began departing the Telmarch for Arx, Tesha was among the first to join up with the Telmar contingent headed for the capital. She knows there's no chance her brother makes it a week without her around to keep an eye on him, and is eager to turn her mind to extending the family's economic reach to the economics of the capital city. She's confident that her skills and expertise will be gratefully received by the residents of the Tower.

Relationship Summary

  • Seth - I mourn for you because you used to be my friend. And for the tradgedy of your House. I would not wish anyone's family to be slaughtered.
  • Percephon - My older brother. My only brother. He was so brilliant.
  • Rysen - One of our cousins. I should have spoken to him more.
  • Arn - My Uncle and stand in parent when we lost ours so early. He taught me how to continue on and to do my duties.

  • Friend:
  • Gerard - I can think of no one better to have for our loyalty minister. He has become quite the presence at the Tower again.
  • Mirk - Another friend from the North. I won't ask for more than that.

  • Family:
  • Ansel - Dear Cousin and my fellow Voice.
  • Corban - Dearest Cousin and Knight of the King's Own. I'm so proud of you.
  • Khanne - Sister-in-law. So extremely busy but she's an amazing woman.
  • Arik - Brother-in-law. He is my best friend and also a lot of trouble. Which is the best fun.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Returned to Arx -- a good thing for the city. She looks very well.
    Amund An Oathlander lady with very Oathlander sensibilities but a captivating way to do things.
    Apollo Every bit what I expect an Oathlander lady to be like - kind, gently-spoken. And my dog likes her, too. What can I do?
    Eddard A wonderfully warm and vibrant Lady of Telmar. If I were to ever marry for the prospect of love...
    Erasmus Such warmth and kindness to a frozen old sea dog! I'll be glad to take advantage of her offer to show me around the city sometime soon, hopefully!
    Gaston The pressures of leadership in these times of incredible change are carried so well on the Lady Tesha's shoulders. There is much to look up to in her grace, and I hope our Houses always remain close.
    Ian A lot more on her shoulders, now.
    Martino The fine Lady Telmar is so considerate to ask on others and ask about their recovery. A good friend does that and, in time, I shall hope to have one in the Lady Tesha.
    Miranda She ran the Gauntlet and I came in second! Ran into her again at the Rite of Gloria and she's a most splendid and pleasant lady to talk with! It was lovely to see her again outside of the Gauntlet itself.
    Norwood She has a heart of vibrancy, but seems worn down by the cascade of noble marriage.
    Petal Charming and very thoughtfully aware of the little people too!
    Pharamond She is one who wears the weight of duty, but at least she wears it well! Hopefully our next meeting shall be on more pleasant terms!
    Reese She seem friendly and I look forward the Guantlet she plans to run. It should be a good time!
    Richard A woman with a strong heart and of deep honor, even to those who, perhaps, do not deserve her kindness.
    Rosalind So fun to go on adventures with!
    Rysen My cousin on my mother's side. She seems a good leader and organizer. Considering what the former Telmar Duke thought of me, she's surprisingly kind.
    Sabella Lady Tesha has a fine head on her shoulders and is a wonderful spokesperson for her house! And I can deifintely say everyone is rooting for her when it comes to marriages!
    Sanya With the union between our houses, I really ought to get to know more of House Telmar. Especially having met such a lovely member.
    Sirius A collected and responsible Lady whose ways of elaboration I've grown hastily jealous of. A grand addition to the women and men of the March, who I'm sure will too help me when fate lays its many cards, in due time.
    Talwyn I heard she was called the Delight of Telmar and, after meeting her, I know why. Clever with the coin, grand with the plans. Who knows where she will set her limits on the great journey ahead.
    Tescelina She is a supporter of astronomical research. What more need be said? I look forward to working with her in the future.
    Thea she has strong shoulders. I can see it
    Tyrus A hard working Telmar, I met her when she revealed herself to be human in requiring some respite from her work. While we did not speak long, I look forward to the next meeting.
    Vicente She's a member of the academy and was helpful in giving some information on some of the resources of the academy. She has a scar that looked newer so it's a sign she may be willing to get into a fight ... or it may be unrelated.
    Vitalis The way she paints what she wants, I could almost want it for myself. Almost. Save one very important fact.
    Zoey If your arms is as strong as your heart, then I pity any man who stands against you.