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Marquessa Simone Greenmarch

The only means to gain one's ends with people are with charm and cunning.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Ambitious Marquessa
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Greenmarch
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 25
Birthday: 04/27
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Socialite
Height: average height
Hair Color: chestnut
Eye Color: forest green
Skintone: ivory

Titles: Marquessa Consort of Greenhaven

Description: Sunkissed chestnut hair cascades in decadent waves, with only the rare coy strand flitting across the lovely face of Simone, Marquessa of Greenmarch. Large eyes the colors of a forest canopy after a rain miss little, expressive and intense, whether she teases and flirts, or finds herself in fits of fury. Her sweet face, with graceful lines and lush lips, is well suited to a disarming facade of innocence; a convincing look undermined by the rare sly glint of calculation in her emerald eyes or confident smirk on her lips in unguarded moments. Her figure curves in gentle femininity, her practiced motions enticing or demure as she sees fit.

Personality: Some women play the coquette to get what they want, others the demure, shy maid. Simone scoffs at childish games such as these. She understands people in an instinctive, inherent way, and knows what to say, how to act, to reach her ends. At her core, she is a determined, strong, proud woman who desperately wants to emulate her father, out of love and devotion, rather than a place of angst. To others, she is what she needs to be, to make every interaction into the best possible situation. She shamelessly uses people, to her ends, though is not actively wicked or cruel. She simply will win, succeed, and triumph at whatever endeavor she takes. One can't win by being actively awful to other people, and she understands all of the potential social tools in her arsenal.

Background: Growing up the daughter of the most famous duke in the oathlands, Duke Arn Telmar, could have made it easy for Lady Simone to fade into obscurity. Instead, she took it as a personal challenge to drive her infamously tough minded and flinty father to distraction, inheriting every bit as an infuriatingly stubborn nature as her father combined with an independent spirit that refused to be tamed. Early on, it became a game to see just how far she could press boundaries without making her father lose her temper, and corrupting the many tutors and chaperones that her father Arn set over her to turn her into a proper, demure lady of the Telmarch. Instead, what she learned was two much more important lessons: a) that she could manipulate many individuals extremely easily and b) that it was incredibly entertaining to do so. She discovered two facts she is all too happy to teach other not-so-demure ladies of the Oathlands that she befriends- that it was frighteningly easy to act less capable and convince men to help her, since it plays into their unconscious (or very conscious) biases, and that it is almost a guarantee that she could convince men she found them attractive, and win them over disturbingly easily. She mostly employed these powers for good, rather than evil, in noble causes such as making her father lose his mind and be too busy frothing at her to start wars with the others vassals of House Valardin, or sometimes convincing others to support House Telmar and work towards the ends to her House even if her father had no idea. It was working splendidly, and then Prince Valen Valardin was captured by the Green March Abandoned.

Duke Arn Telmar was furious at the peace brokered between the Green March and House Valardin, marrying Prince Valen Valardin to Princess Marian Greenmarch, but where her father found only fury at the thought of a scion of House Valardin marrying ancestral enemies, Simone found opportunity. The shavs being created as a new marcher lord house opened up tremendous political opportunities for the ambitious, particularly when the matter of proper fealty of the Green March bending the knee hadn't been settled, and the astute Telmar lady acted swiftly. Simone deftly convinced Prince Radley and her father to let her see to ensuring that the Green March would be loyal vassals of House Valardin, and with Marian Greenmarch marrying into the Valardin, Simone set her sights on the chieftain of Greenmarch's handsome son Marius, who would be the new Marquis of Greenmarch. A short time later, exactly according to her plans, Simone and Marius were married, and the new Marquessa Simone Greenmarch now is set to represent her new family interests on Arx... and to be certain that she can help guide in a new political power that can also serve to help her old family as well.

Relationship Summary

  • Niklas - Former Patron & Kindred Spirit
  • Cassima - Patron & Radiant Energy

  • Spouse:
  • Marius - My Lord & My Light

  • Friend:
  • Ford - Stormward & Currently Kennex
  • Lyiana - Coy & Blushing Clothier
  • Margot - Tyde Duchess & Like Mind
  • Valerius - Thrax Prince & Drinking Buddy
  • Katarina - Friend & fellow troublemaker

  • Family:
  • Muiryn - Old Stag & Voice
  • Ansel - Younger Brother & Voice of the Telmar
  • Lilia - Youngest Sister & Social Authority
  • Arn - Papa & Telmar Head
  • Monique - Minx & Sister-in-law
  • Percephon - Cousin & Intellect
  • Neve - Cousin & Wildheart
  • Dulcinea - Baby Sister & Sweet Spitfire
  • Corban - Cousin & the Calm One
  • Margret - Cousin & Voice of Greenmarch
  • Alessandro - Soon-to-be-Cousin & Close Friend

  • Acquaintance:
  • Calypso - Lady General & Minister of Defense
  • Sophie - Mercy & Valardin Princess
  • Dominique - Honorable & Purposeful Wyrmguard
  • Valencia - Redrain & Red silk
  • Rymarr - Lord Commander & Lyonesse
  • Demura - Martial Marquessa & Lyonesse
  • Anabelle - Gregarious Voice & Lyonesse
  • Abbas - Warlord & Leviathan Leader
  • Octavia - Curt Lady & Kennex Voice
  • Alarie - Talented & Insightful Seamstress
  • Freja - Northern Royal & Redrain
  • Viviana - Lady Pravus & Southern Sword
  • Dafne - Zaffria Relation & Well-Mannered
  • Asger - Crovane & Not Vain
  • Reese - Grayson Princess & Iron Guard
  • Seva - Thrax Princess & Apothecary
  • Ulfric - A Very Tall Wolf Named Ravenhelm

  • Deceased:
  • Tobias - Estranged Brother & Presumed Dead
  • Name Summary