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Lord Arik Halfshav

He who still draws breath remains yet undefeated.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Sword of Whitehold
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Halfshav
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Religion: Shamanism
Vocation: Warrior
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Sun-streaked Copper
Eye Color: Frost gray
Skintone: Fair

Titles: Sword of Whitehold

Description: A tall frame and muscular build conspire to make this man seem even more massive than he truly is. Broad shoulders, a square jaw, and an imposing presence lend him the air of a warrior from tales sung in the icy North, and indeed the scars on his calloused hands tell tales of their own. His features would be easy to describe as ruggedly handsome, were he ever to shave the formidable beard that covers the lower half of his face. Still, there is no hiding the glint of confident, casual violence in his pale gray eyes, nor the subtle, nigh-perpetual smirk that promises the same.

Personality: While perfectly capable of interacting with southern nobles in a manner that doesn't inspire unspoken dread, Arik doesn't often bother. A warrior through and through, his is a life ruled by the sword, and it shines through in his every action, whether it be his sharp wit, piercing gaze, or willingness to thrust himself into glorious battle. The broad side of the sword has its uses however, and in Arik this can be seen through his blunt honesty and sometimes narrow-minded disdain for things that don't fit into a worldview honed by ice and stone.

Background: To hear his father tell it, Arik was born in the coldest hour of the coldest night of the year, the temperature so low that the boy came into the world coated in ice that never melted from his gray eyes. An unlikely tale, but it can certainly be said that Arik was built for the rugged cold of the North.

A born warrior, Arik led men into battle against tribes of Abandoned as young as 14 years of age, collecting victories the way some boys collected bruises, and he certainly collected his fair share of those. No tactical genius, his talents rested more squarely in the realm of physical combat, his unrelenting determination driving him forward against crushing odds.

This proficiency at head to head combat earned him the respect of warriors that came before him, and so it was that Arik was named Sword of Whitehold, the heirloom weapon passed down from father to son, an unorthadox move as the title is generally not hereditary. Champion of his family name, Arik wields the sword against those Abandoned tribes cultured enough to respect the rite of duel to settle conflict.

Oft-victorious, still this appointment did not come without its trials. Arik has long-suspected that his uncle, the Duke of Whitehold, doubts his accomplishments are truly worthy of the title of Champion. Seeking to prove himself, Arik found himself in a duel against a knight whose fealty was sworn to Valardin, and after much boasting and blustering, the long and horrifically fought bout was called in a draw. After the bout, and after seeing the other fighter and realizing she was both younger than him and not as physically strong as him but significantly more trained, he realized he had to refocus his efforts to be the best warrior he could be. He has since headed to Arx, allegedly to seek refinement in his craft to complement the brute strength he already wields for the glorious honor of Whitehold.

Relationship Summary

  • Venturo - Fine brewmaster and interesting storyteller. I seek to explore his gifts, thoroughly.
  • Jordan - An impressive knight and one whom introduced me to my string of defeats on the sands of Arx. Someday.
  • Reese - We speak of challenges and their worth. Mayhap someday we will speak of other things but for now challenges.
  • Jeffeth - A knight of boisterous vitality and a man I could call my friend in time.
  • Carita - Foul-mouthed noble lady with the bearing of a moutain lion.

  • Family:
  • Khanne - My well liked sister whom I do not see enough.
  • Vercyn - My Uncle and my Duke. In time he may be proud of me.
  • Brianna - Dearest cousin
  • Percephon - Brother-In-Law that needs to learn to be quiet.
  • Mirk - Eldest cousin and more talkative member of the family
  • Tesha - Sister-In-Law and close friend. Now if only I could trip her into a proper northern lord.

  • Frenemy:
  • Elgana - Princess of Redrain and someone I can never seem to remain skeptical of... except right now. Why do I always forget when I talk to her?
  • Bliss - Softest Whisper and world weary. Sometimes the only reason is because.

  • Ally:
  • Darren - My High Lord and someone quick to recognize talent and put it to work... Despite objections.
  • Gwenna - Fellow Voice and detail oriented Princess. Had she been born to war she would have mastered the battlefield as aptly as her ledgers.
  • Marian - Fellow Voice and Warchief of Redrain. Sometimes I forget she was born an Oathlander, maybe that's why we butt heads?

  • Deceased:
  • Paige - Countess or Huntress, I remember her happier as one of those.

  • Friend:
  • Morrighan - If she were not sworn as a Knight to Redrain I would have her sworn to Halfshav. A fine northern woman and bold warrior. My friend.
  • Lucita - Would everyone be a little more like Baroness Saik. Never had an argument.

  • Protege:
  • Violet - Commandant of the Crimson Blades and my protege. Let none say that the lands of Whitehold do not produce spectacular women.
  • Eilonwy - Wants to do everything herself but trees are mightier in a forest than alone.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana An intriguing Lord. I am sure I could learn much from him should I happen a chance to cross paths again.
    Agatha A bit more measured upon his return to the city. Maybe having that new Oathlander in-law is rubbing off on him.
    Alayne A tall, shav Lord with a gorgeously-put beard. Slim, slender, willowy- what is there not to like about him? His singing, apparently.
    Alessandro Quite as fierce as I remember him, which is likely a good thing.
    Alexis Lord Arik Halfshav, Sword of Whitehall. Managed to get through the Gauntlet on the first go. Apparently likes soft girls with grit, which sounds like a contradiction in terms.
    Amari I don't think he believed my cabbage story, but he seems alright otherwise. A very competent Sword, I imagine.
    Ann You know those men you meet for about 3 seconds and they leave a lasting impression that leaves you chuckling for days? Arik.
    Arcelia A true Northern charmer! Perhaps I will see him again soon.
    Ariella Sword of Whitehold for a reason. Ow.
    Arthen That's one dangerous man. You can see it in his eyes. Darren seems to trust him though, and I trust Darren. Other than that, seems like a northerner, to me. A lot of hair, a lot of rumbling, keeps his weapon close. There's comfort in the familiar.
    Astraea He's well ahead of his time. Mature and respectful, level headed and he's kindly. I'm flattered by his praise and for the chance to meet him.
    Barik From the aesthetics to his lexicon, I find Lord Arik to be a standing contradiction. He holds himself with a charming sway of words and self-confidence I'd equip a Grayson with, yet he looks nothing like one. Where has he been? For how long?
    Barric A fellow Sword whom I know to be quite good with the blade. Apparently likes to drink a fair bit as he forgot us meeting! Amusing, but I would forget me too if I were a man. Unless I was a man who... nevermind.
    Berenice One of the not Velenosa cousins of House Halfshav. Knows which end of the sword is the pointy one.
    Bliss Lord Arik Halfshav is perhaps best referred to as Lord Arik Threequartersshav. But that is not exactly to his detriment - he stands above some of his other cousins in a simple way: he always seeks to learn and fill in the gaps of what he doesn't know. I've seen this for a while now. A man who asks questions is perhaps the most dangerous kind of man.
    Caith Does love at first sight exist? Or, well, love at first sound? Because he misspoke in the most glorious way and it filled my soul with a joy that cannot possibility be described. It will warm my heart until my dying day.
    Catriona Quiet, polite, with a sense of humour poking through. Though how he acts when fully awake, I don't know. Maybe I'll find out.
    Cirroch A hard worker with ambition! Those are good qualities to have. I'm glad he is interested in the success of both is own house and his house's vassals.
    Clara It is always nice ta meet someone when they aren't sober. Lets ya get ta know a bit more about them than they usually wantcha ta know.
    Cleo He is shy for a northerner. I think he has forgotten how to not be a Lord. How to simply say what he wishes. He stares and appraises, but does not speak. Is shame. Must be good Lord though.
    Coraline He seems so quiet but mellow, I bet he would be great to spar with!
    Cullen Thank the gods and spirits, a Sword who doesn't feel like he needs to puff out his chest and let his weapon define him while making reference to it constantly. Seems a rather good natured person, like most Northerners I've met, although I suspect he'd be quite the foe on the field of battle.
    Cullen A more relaxed kind of Sword - takes House and duty seriously, but doesn't take offense at every little thing like far too many, plus he knows the value of vigilance
    Cybele Lord Arik Halfshav. He scared Cleo. I was prepared to be very angry at him. But he is more measured. Perhaps that was out of respect for me. Perhaps that is how he truly is. Regardless, I did not have to yell. I do not dislike him. I think he will be a good Lord Halfshav, at Lady Khanne's side.
    Darren The Sword of Whitehold is a bold man who doesn't stand on ceremony. I like that. It shows a boldness of character that we need all too much in times such as these.
    Domonico Apparently a fine warrior. Slightly disrespectful to the Lyceum but not enough to warrant action.
    Draven He told me about a surgery to remove eyeballs! I'll have to ask the Shamans about it when I get the chance.
    Duarte A fun loving man who enjoys gambling! I should say we'll likely get along well.
    Echo Calm, cool, and collected. There's an elegance behind the madness -- Behind whatever calamity lies beneath.
    Eurion A mix of efficiency and generosity with a no-nonsense attitude. I am impressed and humbled!
    Fairen A scandal like Isabetta. Except, presumably male. The two could be a dangerous combination.
    Fiora Better him prancing around in a leather dress than me.
    Gareth Either caught in a failure or a revelation, his initial reaction was to retreat. A good enough strategy.
    Gianna A man more interested in what is real than what is pretty.
    Gwenna Lord Arik Halfshav seems a man of intelligence, few words, and action. Why talk about doing something when you can just go out and do it? A credit to his House and both a friend and exceptional ally to House Redrain.
    Hannah Curious and a little prickly but he seems like a good sort and I look forward to learning more about him and his homelands.
    Helena He croaked at me. He croaked about knights and the King and some scholars. He smells like whiskey too.
    Iseulet Northern charm incarnate. Proving to be quite a capable leader and ambitious with an obvious love of his family. Everything you look for in a lord.
    Jasher Warlike and witty. Somebody to respect, given time and a fight.
    Jeffeth Lord Arik has come back! And is leaving again? He seems to be the same friendly sort, it is good to see him agan.
    Joscelin Why do Northerners need to be so tall? Intriguing, sprawls like he owns the place but speaks like there's room enough for everyone. I can appreciate that. Also he has interesting taste in liquor.
    Kaldur By all appearances, a man not to be trifled with. One to watch and closely.
    Kenna I am not at all sure how smart he is. Tensions are running high and he chooses to insult someone speaking so impassioned for the sake of her family????
    Lilith A fine example of a 'northern boy'. Offers tips freely on how best to fit in at The Spirits - something I could use, I suppose. Not that I'm afraid to stand out.
    Lorenzo A cousin on my mother's side. Perhaps I've been remiss in not getting to know him better before now. He certainly seems well-connected and intent on his job.
    Lottie He's got a swagger about him and lacks some of the 'serious business' I've seen in most at least in a social capacity. I mean, I'm sure he's capable with whatever it is silks generally do so being a bit less formal is nice. I like him!
    Lou He's very diligent in getting down to the bottom of something, especially if he thinks it might do harm to his people in some manner. That's a trait to be admired.
    Luis An interesting Sword, though he has attracted a certain sort of attention that causes me to have to be extra attentive to his actions. Hopefully this means that the future will hold some extra pleasant moments, though it could all take a terrible turn.
    Marian He's loyal and true to his family. It's something I've always admired about Khanne's brother. I do hope that he'll be staying longer this time in Arx. He's a good ally to have in this city.
    Melody He's got abandoned blood and he's down to earth. You can read that from a mile away... Just gotta' keep the pointy-ear talk down when around him.
    Mercedes He has opinions about my life choices. He is wrong about them but if I went around fighting with everyone who had a negative opinion of the path I chose, I'd get nothing done. I will worry about the people I care for, not random men in bars.
    Mirk Very dynamic. Talkative and a little competitive, but genuine with his friends and knows how to make family feel at home.
    Morrighan Doesn't seem so scared of me now, but I'm not hauling all of my weapons out in plain sight, either. It's good to see another representative of Halfshav about, perhaps I'll run into him again.
    Niklas The picture of a Northerner. Always good for a bottle of whisky.
    Nuala I thought the man like to a wolverine until he brought forth his great northern codpiece, heavily jeweled and glorious, and realized that for his great rack he is closer to a red elk: showy, dangerous when riled, and a sight to behold. Larger than life, and life in the north is large indeed.
    Orathy Lucky son of a Halfshav shit!! Me casino won't be lastin long with the likes of him cleanin me out! Reckon it were a good fuckin hand though, be impressed by it. Be wonderin if he be counting cards. Ack, it were luck. Good to be seein 'em enjoyin the cards though.
    Petal He is as a sword and sword of the north. He is probably badass, but he has point out, being a sword is more and deeper than that.
    Reese A large northman who is very into the woods.
    Riagnon Arik Whisper has the voice of a fallen angel. Beautiful and horrible.
    Richard Lord Arik seems like a good man. Though his idea for river jousting would require several tweaks before it can be used correctly. Mainly it is more difficult to adjust on the fly: something our brains are able to do almost instantly during that moment of impact, so fast is such a reaction that it is similar to a blink. But perhaps one day it can be done.
    Rosalie When we met, I'd initially considered him as a possible suitor. Within three minutes we'd decided that we'd never work as a couple and ever since then he's been a wonderful friend! I am glad to know him, its nice to meet someone that values me for my mind first. One of these days I'm going to get him to let me play with his hair. One day!
    Rowenova Lord Arik Halfshav (Sword of Whitehold and War Minister of Whitehold as well as Voice of Redrain) is... the THE MAN!%RHe is the BOSS man!%RYears ago (when in Whitehold), the Spirits told me that he would -- one day -- need a hard worker: just like me!%RWorking for him is fun!%RI would write more, but I do not want to sound too emo.%RI also want to give him a hard time, but he has enough stress in his noble life, so...%RI guess I will just leave this just like it is!
    Sabella He is certainly very passionate about singing his tavern songs! And they are...his voice is...extremely memorable!
    Salena Voice of Redrain. He was quick to make me aware of a trouble and that I could be of assistance to the House. I will readily admit I can't balk at the chance to serve under a proper banner - and one with some frostbite to it, at that.
    Sasha A long time friend and now my protege. I know great things are to come with his guidance
    Shae Fucking horrible singer. But overall, a nice fellow. I think. He talks a lot and it's hard to see him around his very large open mouth.
    Thesarin Seems like he's trying, always, to cut at the heart of things.
    Tynan Lord Arik is a man that seems to view words as the enemy, with a hint of disdain as to each one that leaves his lips. Still, it belies what seems to be a keen intellect and a practical outlook on life. In the end, results matter, and I have a feeling the Lord is used to getting them.
    Valarian Interesting...a Sword whose first action wasn't to take offense at something or get all annoyed about a bit of ridiculousness. Northern sensibilities, I like 'em. Seems like the sort you could get really fucking drunk with.
    Venturo Khanne's brother, the love of whiskey seems to run deep in the Halfshav bloodline. A potential patron, I'm always happy to see more northerners favor the Raconteur.
    Vercyn Sword of Whitehold, my nephew. You are here to defend the honor of House Halfshav - and I will see you succeed in that role.
    Vercyn Arik and Khanne both are like children to me. And it would be remiss if I did not push Arik to be the best he can be. He does well. He could do better. And he will be great.
    Veronica The Sword of Whitehold is one of the more... serious Swords I have recently crossed paths with. I actually like that; far too many Swords seem to be of the flighty and flirty sort, it's a bit unbecoming.
    Violet I adore this Halfshav lord. He helped me remember my old Halfshav teachings. And, you know, is always buying me a drink. So that's a plus too.
    Vitalis The man my father sacrificed himself for. If their souls were not linked before, they surely are now.