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The cycle of change is to fall, to break, to fail. Then, and this is the important part, then we rise, we heal, we overcome.

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Irrefragable Ingenue
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: None
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Cardinal
Eye Color: Jet
Skintone: Cream

Description: A study in contrasts: the depthless jet of Lycean eyes behind a veil of curls the colour of banked coals in winter. Juniper is the best of North and South in presentation, combining the elegance and refinement of feature so famous among the city-states with the vibrant warmth and resiliency of those raised among chilly, distant mountains. In a room of beauties, it's true she might be lost, even with such colouration-- there will always be others more lovely, more radiant; those who are more petite or more imposing. She walks the middle ground and achieves in her bearing something else, something worthy: hers is happy and supportive company, with the broad strokes of her endearing personality carried foremost before her, like a shield... or a chalice, held up in offering to those who recognize her merit in a glance.

Personality: It's easy to mistake Juniper's curiousity and energy as facets of a shallow and youthful character. She's bright of mind and spirit, with a tendency to focus on the good and the constructive as a means to balance all the bad in the world. This has often seen her written off as young, naive, hopelessly optimistic. Beneath the glimmer of high spirits and boundless enthusiasm, she is keen, perceptive and fiercely committed to maintaining the warmth she carries in her heart for her land and her people. June knows the world is a dangerous place, full of unknowns. But where she walks, the atmosphere feels less oppressive, and those she reaches out to help are often left feeling refreshed and renewed, capable of shouldering their burdens once more... so maybe there is something to her take on things too.

Background: Every child goes through a truth-telling phase. "His nose looks like a dry toad, she's bow-legged as my pony!" they say. Then they grow up. Juniper also grew up but she never lost her preference for adhering to the truth as she saw it.

Child of a father who worked in the mines and a mother who carried shield and spear to protect others, Juniper was the cuckoo in the next of their little family. Her parents and her siblings were all large, healthy, stoic people; no one quite knew what to make of their small, sweet and social child-- especially as she was prone to pointing out the realities of the world and people around them.

But she was endearing in her own way. As she grew older, she earned a string of successively ridiculous nicknames like Pebble, Slip, Fidget and Flop, all of which broadcast the bemused love her family had for her and her curious ways. They went above and beyond to secure her a life more appropriate to her needs, with small, slender strings pulled by her mother to secure her a place as bodyservant to Rhea Nightgold. There, they hoped, she could receive the education best suited to her particular strengths. And there, in spite of humble beginnings and her preference for unabashed honesty even in refined company, she excelled.

So much so that when Rhea was transported to Arx, it was determined Juniper would go with her as a "positive influence". What the social soothsayers did not expect was that Juniper, though still adoring of her mistress, would be lured away to join the Whispers. The new heir smell hadn't even worn off of her lady yet! But there she is, ensconced as fresh-faced and earnest courtier in a city where lies are frequently used as currency and her tendency towards truth-telling may carry a distinct liability.

Relationship Summary

  • Jeffeth - My favourite friend and confidante.
  • Harlex - My favourite penpal.

  • Patron:
  • Rhea - An excellent mistress and a better patron.

  • Family:
  • Lumen - Co-Radiant and Simply Radiant
  • Bliss - Softest. Should be an elf. Still the best at everything.
  • Saedrus - Co-Radiant. Starry-eyed, starry-haired.
  • Name Summary
    Adora Whisper with amazing taste in furniture. But she's far too friendly. We are not friends! I don't like eher.
    Agostino Charming, lovely, and remarkably calm in the face of the unexpected. Or else surprisingly well-connected.
    Andry She seems nice
    Apollo A very warm and curious person, and clearly very close with Marquessa Reigna.
    Astraea A Whisper who has a knack for making people laugh. I like her very much, more than I usually like new acquaintances and friends. I'm definitely going to be visiting the Whisper House in the future and hope to see her again when I do.
    Austen A most generous and lovely woman. A Whisper, which would probably explain why talking to her was as easy as breathing. But maybe not the only reason. I feel as if a day in her company would pass like a minute.
    Berenice What a /darling/. Whatever she might think, she stands out in the very best of ways.
    Bliss What a lovely new creature to play with. I am not entirely sure she is sure of anything just yet, not even herself, but she is here - and she is landing on both her feet, with such a curious and inquisitive mind, while figuring out what kind of Whisper she would like to be. The timidity will fade as the skill grows. I strongly suspect she will be a force to deal with.
    Brigida Dutiful, helpful and just a little bit of irreverence. Not too much to earn a switch to the palms though.
    Caith She is a lovely person. I understand. I get it. I really do.
    Cassandra A whisper, I enjoyed her company while she watched me spar. Perhaps I will get to know her better.
    Celeste I had worked with Juniper through messengers on a matter important to another. Getting to meet her in person was a far more satisfying experience. She is a marvelous woman, and someone I would like to call friend. What will come from our meeting I do not even know, but at least she brought some measure of solace.
    Clover A sweet and loving Whisper, whose spirit seems to shine bright and gently. It's like being in the sun with being near her. You can just tell she cares about people.
    Cullen Some people leave their rustic lifestyle behind to come to Arx, then are filled with fear or apprehension for the new that they find. Not this one - she should make a fine Whisper and all around interesting person with her curiosity of the unknown.
    Daemon A whisper, a companion to my larger brother! She seems sweet. I hope they have great fun together.
    Delilah I met her in the Queensrest Inn reading about griffons and wondering if penguins might be ridden. Naturally I think she may be one of my favourite Whispers yet.
    Draven She seems nice! A tiny bit Fluff focused! But still nice! Smart too! I like her! She likes Sir Floppington! And whiskey! No wonder Nova likes her!
    Eddard Part of the Whisper Courtier House. And quick with words too. I may have to hang around her. Steal her turns of phrases.
    Eleanor She was Rhea's SERVANT and she still LIKES her. She must be a very impressive woman. I hope we can be friends.
    Elsa A Whisper unafraid to take social risks, and with the grace to carry herself through unscathed. A delightful woman, I really must speak with her again. The Shepherds could use a Whisper like her speaking on their behalf.
    Gianna The lively Whisper is rapidly gaining a reputation as a skilled diplomat and excellent company. She'll go far.
    Gilroy The hero diplomat Whisper. Maybe she'll be the next Radiant.
    Harlex A very charmin' young woman. Reminds me of the girls back home on the farm. Glad my helmet didn't bite her whole hand off--maybe she'll speak to me again.
    Jasher What I see at a glance is rarely what a Whisper truly is. Time will tell what lies beneath the mask.
    Jeffeth It started with a letter that got lost, then a chain that got traded, scars that reminded too much, and a mask that will never be returned. A truly cherished story.
    Jordan Is it any surprise that Mistress Juniper proves to be quite adroit at engaging conversation?
    Josephine A woman of compassion and a dazzling smile when graced with it. There will be a place at my table, ever and always for this woman of great skill and grace.
    Kenna Oh heaven help me and BLESS HER, this pillow fighting thing was AMAZING. This is absolute perfection which means she must be also!
    Laric Young, bright, and only just dipping her toes in the ocean. I'll be watching this one.
    Mikani Lady seems nice enough. Wants peace; sometimes to get there you have to go through the bad. Not just make it all shiny from the get go.
    Mirk A Northern Whisper, and unfailingly cheerful, to boot. Not at all what I was expecting. That's not a bad thing.
    Modi I have the Whispers to thank for my ability to maneuver around a fancy party at all and this Juniper seems to be a fine example of their ilk. Her taste in drink for the evening was exquisite.
    Nicholaus A young woman with a Beautiful voice, quick wit, and a charming personality. Not to mention alarmingly disarming. I can see why she's a Whisper.
    Parisa A gust of summer wind in the middle of winter.
    Raimon A quiet woman, but one who has a deep understanding of the world
    Reese Cheerful, pretty, charistmatic and has great stories and information.
    Reigna Has there ever been a person more radiant? She positively glows. Warmth and compassion, a clear desire to set a heart at ease, to offer reassurance and laughter as needed, and not without her own steel. She is incredible, and a true example of the best of the Whisper House.
    Rosalie And absolutely lovely woman, a Whisper, and she has -fabulous- taste in hats! I can only hope to get to spend more time in her wonderful company.
    Sabella A lovely Whisper who seems quite well spoken and hilarious! I must get to know her better!
    Sophie She's utterly delightful, which is to be expected of a Whisper, really.
    Tescelina She smiles as the dawn smiles, I like her warmth. But she did not seem well. I wish to fix this, if I am able.
    Thena A charming woman and exemplary Whisper, if her reaction to the fracas in the Solace Armory was any indication. I hope Leona was able to provide her some guidance.
    Vanora She has such a unique beauty, as if the south and north were to combine and create something truly fetching. Her poise and confidence go a long way too, she is not a shy violet as I might have expected. I could like her one day.
    Vincenzo All curves and curls and porcelain skin. Emerald is perfect, but too obvious. Gilded bone, perhaps? Carved earrings to hint at her past, gilt to foretell her future. Teal silk and copper netting. Rabbit fur somewhere? There is something there. Soft and alluring.
    Vitalis A delightful storyteller. So delightful, I think I may not give her an opportunity to finish her tale and risk losing my hat. Though I do need a stool...
    Willow Captivating Whisper. Her hair is gorgeous and she seems to share my interest in herbalism