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Lady Rosalie Redtyde

Whatever choice you make, makes you. Choose wisely.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Plucky Bookworm
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Redtyde
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Religion: Pantheon (Skald)
Vocation: Prodigy
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: Dark Golden Brown
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Skintone: Golden Chai

Description: Right around average height, Rosalie has a slender frame with the well-proportioned curves befitting a young woman. Her complexion is flawless, smooth cream with just a few shots of coffee to give that slightly exotic bent, though her fingers often bear the stain of ink around her cuticles and under her nails. Wide brown eyes reminiscent of smooth dark chocolate are set in a face with delicate features and a generous, mobile mouth. Her hair is long, to the middle of her back, a rich brown bearing just enough shades of gold and auburn to make it interesting, and holding just enough natural curl to require taming.

Personality: Curious. Rosalie views the world as a neverending mystery to be unraveled, to be uncovered, discovered, catalogued, written about, shared. Her enthusiasm for all things is infectious and she genuinely cares about those around her. But she is even more adamant about choices, even to the point of being outspoken regarding peoples' ability to choose their own path. And to accept the consequences of those choices, good or bad. While not the best public speaker, she carries herself with confidence and uses innate charm to help her through most social situations.

Background: Born to William and Eleanor Redtyde, Rosalie was barely more than a baby, a toddler of three when the troubles with the Thrax began. Her parents, in their concern for their child, sent her to foster with her mother's family, the Redwood County, in Grayson lands. While the contract stipulated a term no longer than five years, within the year of being sent off her parents were killed in the massacre that wiped out the Redtyde family. Rather than turn her over, her uncle and his family took on Rosalie as a ward of the Redwood's. She was raised by her uncle's family all throughout childhood, cautioned to be careful and not to stir the pot. She was able to keep her family name as a ward, but was told stories of what might happen if she were to wander too far outside of the Crownlands. When she was old enough to start learning beyond what her aunt and uncle could teach her, they paid for her to attend a school in Arx. It was a few years after that the Redwood family was slaughtered, leaving Cedar Vale abandoned and open. The Stonewood Marquis appointed his bother the new Count and the Fireviper County was born, leaving Rosalie once more a ward, but this time to strangers. She made herself an asset to them, applying her skills learned in Arx to aid the Fireviper and Stonewood families in their various needs. Now, however, the Redtydes are re-asserting themselves, and it may just be time for Rosalie Redtyde to step out from the safety of her wardship to rejoin her birth family.

Name Summary
Aahana She was rather quiet but she seems to like burying herself within book more than anything. I wonder if she researches and operates the same way. Ever focused.
Alarissa A Redtyde and a lovely one at that. Such manners and joviality, I find I quite like her. Even more so when she stuffs her cheeks with strawberries and cake.
Aleksei Good with kids! And parlor tricks. I honestly have no idea where the coin came from.
Alessia She seems to be a very intelligent woman. Someone I can learn a great deal from just by talking to.
Alexandre I knew her as a young girl, a child fostered by Dame Anna's family. I thought her lost after the Silent War, and was overjoyed to find her live and well after all, in Arx all along! She seems to have thrived since last we saw each other, the girl becoming a fascinating young woman, one of charm and surprising knowledge. Still, perhaps, a bit reckless, but that's Rosa.
Anton A lively Redtyde scholar with a mind for figures as well, we'll doubtlessly have to spend some time over drinks discussing the joys of efficient trade and how to encourage the growth of money.
Appolonia I admit that our first meeting is not the most ideal as meetings go but the young noblewoman Rosalie was at least very kind and understanding. Even if I did yell at her. Granted I did have wine all over me at the time. Regardless, I wouldn't mind getting to know her better.
Brigida Steel in her backbone. Doesn't back down, but remains respectful. Good. She will need that and more in the coming days.
Caspian There is a witty pun about gardens, flowers, and love I could make, but I can't for the life of me figure it out! Assume I wrote one.
Constantine A whirlwind of a woman, but seems of good humor.
Cullen For seeing the tragedy she has, this young Lady is remarkably optimistic, showing quite a bit of resiliency. Also obviously keenly intelligent, rather attractive, and quite lively. I imagine she'll go far here, I will have to talk to her more often.
Delilah A woman of great potential, she has overcome considerable challenges with aplomb and her star keeps rising. I have no doubt that she will achieve great things in the city with her drive, knowledge, and focus.
Fairen Chamring, brilliant, and beautiful. We met when she caught me accidently reading over her shoulder, and rather than shun me, she opened a book to share with me. I rather enjoyed her company.
Helia I have a cousin now, and she's such a treasure! We might not share the same blood, but that doesn't matter to me one bit.
Ingrid A long lost relative of Lord Fredrik RedTyde. It's interesting to see the RedTyde name being rebuilt and I am pleased for them. Lady Rosalie, herself, seems like a vibrant and sunny sort. I'm sure that we'll have much to discuss, Thrax business or otherwise.
Jordan A beautiful lady from House Redtyde, who shares in her uncle's dreams of uniting her House under the banners of the Compact.
Josephine A lovely young woman, reminds me of one of my daughters. Respectful and delightful, I do hope to see her around, such good taste and knowledge in minerals.
Malesh A bright young mind who has proven again and again to be a boon to my vassals and thus to me. An excellent protege as well, and she reflects well upon my tutoring.
Mirk Driven young Lady of a recovering House. Determined to find the right husband, fortunately not me.
Oswyn Vivacious and outgoing, with a flair for the dramatic, but also very determined.
Quenia She seems quite the enthusiastic scholar who enjoys the hunt and search for new information. Perhaps a good source of information for things to come later on.
Rinel She is eager to learn of tutelage and theology--I am tempted to attempt conscription into the ranks of our discipleship.
Ryhalt If I did not know any better (and I am fairly certain I do, but I was indiscrete a time, or twenty) Lady RedTyde and Ivy are related. They certainly have the same form of goobling up sweets, as much as can in their mouths till their cheeks burst. Still I must give her respect, not many nobles would have dared to have fun. I think I will like her much in the future.
Sorrel A pretty young Redtyde girl who seems quite smitten by my brother Alexandre. Maybe she'll come to her senses, even if he is pretty charming. She seems fairly high energy and kindly forgave me when I forgot her name. Excitable but fun.
Thorley A recent gem released into the rough. She has all the faith that the man that presented himself as Fredrik Redtyde is him. I hope that she is right. I would be concerned that were it to be wrong that it would be a terrible upset.
Turo Pink. Not my favourite colour. She wears it well. Mostly because she seems smart and capable.
Venturo A Lady who nearly tripped through my grounds in pursuit of a deal. Her talents in negotiation are truly the stuff of legend. I look forward to see what comes of a continued business opportunity.