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Princess Zara Valardin

The real art of negotiation is finding out where what I want is already what you want.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Clever Diplomat
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: female
Marital Status: Single
Age: 23
Birthday: 2/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: dark, dark brown
Eye Color: dark
Skintone: fair

Titles: Disciple of Gild, The Gilded Dragon, Least Dull Valardin, Legendary Stateswoman

Description: Tall and willowy and inclined to moments of deep stillness, there is nothing that Zara calls to mind more than the quiet mystery and serenity of the wilds. A dimple flashes in only one of her cheeks, and only when she smiles, which is not often. Her lips are thin, on the pale side, and rarely touched with color. Her hair is dark, dark brown, like the shadowed trunks in the depths of the woods, too warm and subtly reddish to be mistaken for black, but only just. Her sloe-dark eyes carry a quiet weight of intensity beneath the thick fringe of her lashes.

Personality: Subtle and elegant with a serenity beyond her years behind her grave eyes, Zara is not without the shadow of humor, but she keeps it behind closed lips and slanted looks. She is as cunning as the slipperiest of her Lycene forbears, with an ability to marshal stillness, and an ability to listen and redirect conversation so as to learn far more about her conversation partner than she reveals about herself. Her cool competence is cut by a deep weight of personal compassion. Deliberately low key and understated much of the time, Zara is not without a capacity for high drama or boiling rage, but she keeps it buried deep, deep beneath the surface, beneath layers of self-control and political acumen. It's very difficult not to come away from speaking with Zara without the nagging impression that she's smarter than most people that you've met. Hard to say how much is an act; the inner Zara is more elusive.

Background: The second daughter of Patrice Valardin and Saladin Zaffria, Zara grew quiet but strong in the dramatic shadow of her forthright sister Mercedes. A reserved, intense child, calculating and quick, she spent her days in intense study indoors or wandering the gardens out of doors; not for her the grind of martial training, but rather the lure of an intellectual and spiritual life. A good Oathlands princess, she apprenticed among the staff of the Seraph of Sanctum as a young woman and learned much of the old world, as well as the ways of the diplomatist.

When her sister charged out of the family, Zara was almost the subject of a distasteful marital alliance herself, but unlike Mercedes, she found her way to talk herself into a more advantageous position, and ended up not leaving the Oathlands a forsworn Valardin, but rather, the stalwart daughter awaiting a better match, and petitioning the King for a position at Court with his Observers early in their inception, with letters of recommendation from the Faith -- after all, she IS a humble Disciple of Gild -- and from her own family. Though she is young, she glows with the quiet fire of loyalty and potential, and a maturity beyond her years. Her parents' deaths were quite recent, falling as they did in the war against the Tolamar Brand along with many other mounted knight-cavalry of the Oathlands, and now as a Princess of a cadet branch of the Valardins, her parents gone and her sister forsworn, she must represent the strength and sturdiness of her line with all that she is.

Relationship Summary

  • Mercedes - Stronger than steel, but more forgiving.
  • Marisol - Cleverer than me by far.
  • Name Summary
    Adrienne My cousin - a beacon in the fog, a rock in the storm, and the best of what our family can be.
    Aethan Lady Evonleigh has spoken very highly of her, so I'm inclined to like her.
    Alarissa The upside to having been married to the Valardins was to have her as a cousin.
    Alecstazi This one. This one understands. Wise, poised and eloquent. Never discount the Valardin. They know the value found in steady foundations and adhering to a common standard. Good allies. Good woman.
    Aleksei She's very complimentary. It makes me a little itchy.
    Alessandro The Princess Zara claims not to be the clever one, but I have my doubts -- she and Princess Marisol seem cut from a similar cloth. But in any case, she is lovely company, and obviously a good person to know.
    Alessia Polite, composed and an interesting conversationalist.
    Amari A very gracious, mannered and intelligent princess, I've regretfully only ever met in passing until now. She seems a wonderful representative of House Valardin.
    Anisha Princess Zara is a sparkling personality and has the garb to match. A delight to meet and someone I'm sure will provide scintillating conversation in the future.
    Apollo Every bit as poised as I'd expect a Princess of Valardin to be - that she's also generous and warm is a pleasant amendment.
    Artur Earned her favor at the trebuchets, but I think she wanted to convert me. I mean, I already believe the in Faith!
    Astrid A princess who understands when a desire to help might cause more discomfort than assistance.
    Berenice /Exceedingly/ diplomatic. She managed to school her reactions to me /quite/ well, particularly for an Oathlander. I rather liked meeting her, in fact.
    Bethany So good of her to work with the Faith for their latest charity drive. There are so many people who need help, these days.
    Bethany The gentle Princess who shys from the unnatural. She's a wonderful conversationalist though.
    Bhandn Her Highness was gracious and forgiving in the face of my unexpected interruption, and the conversation we shared was a welcome one after. Not only that, but she arranged for donations to both the House and the Templars, what more need I say?
    Braith The Princess has a great sense of humor and is indulgent of others. I can see she does very well socially but I did enjoy her company. Pastries and tea. I will always have ample kindess!
    Brigida When all is said and done, she does organise an outstanding hunt and feast to honour Petrichor.
    Cabrera A thoughful Princess who is devoted to show charity to us Godsworn, the Lowers and probably all the good folk of the Faith
    Cahal I'm told this valardin princess is a diplomat and I can see it in her. You could see that she puts those around her at ease.
    Caius Young yet, but a diplomatic force for our house. It is well that she is here, representing Valardin interests.
    Calypso Inside her Oathlands exterior, there's a Lycene desperate to get out. I need to get her really drunk someday.
    Cassima A most social and pleasant Valadarin Princess. I hope she finds what she is looking for amongst the books without too many incidents of ..dozing!
    Charis Royalty. The epitome. And gracious towards those of us who aren't.
    Cristoph Princess Zara is an exceptional member of an exceptional family. She's a brilliant woman with an ear for current events and a drive to learn more. She works tirelessly for House Valardin and is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to promote the family name. It's no wonder that she's much beloved by the Oathlands.
    Delfina A charming and friendly woman who is delightful company. I can't imagine why she doesn't have scores of admirers offering her gifts. She really does have the most beautiful dragon cloak I've ever seen, though.
    Delia A fellow diplomat. Her faith in humanity is refreshing, as is her gentle, quiet brand of humour. She is as fine a lady as I could hope to meet.
    Delilah Were there an Arvani dictionary, look up 'Princess' and Zara is in high contention to be the contemporary portrait next to it. A gracious, sophisticated woman reflecting her Oathlands origins, she epitomizes what is admired so heavily among the Valardins -- a rare virtue in and of itself.
    Eleanor She's elegant, composed, clever, polite, and I'm pretty sure she's funny even if I didn't understand the jokes. Terrifying! She described me as sensible, but that's before we discussed both turtle houses.
    Elora I never knew that Princess Zara has a way with turtles! They are lovely creatures. She is kind and will be meeting with Lord Jyri soon, so perhaps I will get to cross paths with her again in the near future. Maybe she will bring her turtle along for the visit? It would be grand eiher way.
    Evaristo Elegant and cunningly charming - a real pleasure to meet the Valardin Princess.
    Evonleigh She's very wise and friendly, and there's a bit of an impish personality under all that grace. I quite like her and hope this is the beginning of a wonderful friendship.
    Faye A charming princess who seems skilled at coming up with creative solutions to problems. I hope I will get the chance to speak with her more in the future.
    Fecundo She is becoming adept at getting the family together and allowing me to meet more of them than I had in the past.
    Gianna I appreciate anyone who knows how to wear feathers well. Reportedly a skilled diplomat, she strikes me as quite clever.
    Giuliano She combines both a classy playfulness and sharp wit seamlessly. Very enjoyable to talk to, I'll have to do so some more - to not would be a shame.
    Gwenna Princess Zara Valardin is an exceptional woman and social companion. She embodies what one might expect from a royal of her house; educated, well-spoken, and both warm and intriguing in conversation. Our proteges seem close friends so perhaps we will get to cross paths more often in the future. I do hope so.
    Haakon Laughs a lot. Seems the sort with very strong thoughts on whatever she's speaking of. Not too bad.
    Ilira A noble young woman, with a reserve about her to maintain a room. I find her serene, in a way I'd like to know more of.
    Jael Quiet and observant and inquisitive. I'm glad I got to know another Valardin a bit better.
    Jeffeth At first she seemed very supportive of my road travel, but then she said I travel on roads /too much/. And then I couldn't be sure what exactly any of us were talking about but I'm pretty sure at one point it was about something spicy. Anyways. She's /lovely/.
    Jyri It is the most fortunate day - I met Princess Zara Valardin, who is not only lovely in all ways, but also shares my interest on a certain topic.
    Kaia What a wonderful host! She's so nice, just like her sister Marisol - truly another Valardin princess to adore!
    Lark I would be interested to find the person with which Princess Zara Valardin cannot seem to graciously get along with.
    Laurel The Princess is productive sort with her eye at the betterment of her people and family. No one can fault her that. I do hope that our working relationship becomes a fruitful one for us both.
    Lianne Intelligent and poised. Fine company for a poetry reading.
    Lorenzo A fascinating and delightful conversationalist. I appreciate her creative ideas and eagerness to help others, as well. I hope we will find projects to work together on in the future.
    Lucita A Valardin princess that often is encountered when out and about the city and events. She appreciates hard work and music, can hold up her end of a conversation. It leaves me wanting to know more about her.
    Mabelle Very friendly and bright woman. Creating the fair was a very wise move. Seems to be just the social butterfly I missed in this part of the city.
    Marisol My sister always the wise one. A tactful player of the game. She gives me sound advice but also a measure of comfort. We have both lost so much and with Mercedes in her own life, it is but the two of us.
    Martino Refined and youthful Princess with a businesslike thought to resolutions. Seemingly in command but, can be complemented! Just You have to work hard to do it.
    Mercedes The light to my shadow, the wit to my warfare. She's everything that I am not, and I love her all the better for it. Our parents would be proud.
    Monique The Princess Zara is a woman obviously blessed by Gild. I can spy it in the inquisitive nature, the charitable way she doesn't judge my foibles. I like her, and I haven't liked a Valardin Princess in /ages/.
    Nina She's so very knowledgeable about fashion! And really, so very kind to speak to me when I am just learning about such things... though now I have a stronger sense of what Oathlands fashion is all about. I feel inspired!
    Norwood A lively entertainer with a fine wit to match. She is quite up to her social position.
    Nurie She manages to be both serene and warm, while keeping her mystery. And it's hard to not be drawn at least a little to a beautiful lady bearing claws! I think that she might get on very well with my beloved sister, but I'd be rather afraid of what might come out of that!
    Orelia A discerning gaze like that can cut through at least eight layers of bullshit.
    Reese She seems very smart and very charming. She probably could write some interesting books. She seems like a good person to know.
    Reigna A clearly intelligent and well educated Valardin Princess, who was willing to forgive my passionate anger when my emotions got the better of me.
    Sabella Princess Zara is what I think of when someone mentions a Valardin Princess: smart, beautiful, and engaging no matter what the conversation may be about! It is no wonder Prince Edain has tapped her as a Voice.
    Selene A well-connected young lady with an ongoing familiarity with corvid behaviors. How surprising! But a delight for a princess who knows her way around sparkly objects. She seems very acquainted with many of the same circles I have walked through.
    Sparte Princess. Hostess. QUEEN. Probably a few dozen more honorifics I just didn't catch yet. I wonder what she'll add to the list next? It is sure to be done with grace.
    Sudara Vivacious half-Lycence Valardin: charming, engaging and apparently intelligent to boot.
    Talwyn "I prefer honest words, and if they taste sweet, that's all the better." This sums up cousin Zara so well, always fortright and honest on her views. This is why she forges a path ahead for the whole family.
    Tatienne The princess seems like a decent person, and I suspect I will make some profitable deals with her in the future, even if it didn't work out today.
    Tescelina Charming, beautiful, with an envious eye for tea. She is a true Princess of the Oathlands. Tithonia and I were both quite taken! At least, I'm certain my companion was as well. Its very warm in this tea shop, as an aside.
    Tomwell She hides a warm spirit behind a cool facade. Whatever her talents, I suspect they are fierce.
    Vanora This princess of Valardin is fine company for a morning stroll, and has insight on the Gods worth chatting about. I'd walk with her again.
    Vega Its said everyone has a twin out there somewhere. While physically we seem quite different from one another, I feel as though I have met my twin in personality and intellect. Certainly someone I am eager to know better.
    Verity By reputation I did not expect her to have such a dry wit, but it suits her confidence. No matter how measured her words, I am taken by the sense that she can accomplish anything she cares to try. It's a bit thrilling!
    Warrick Affable, engaging and... perceptive. Good at selecting champions, clearly!
    Willow A gracious hostess.
    Wren When one first 'meet' someone through a letter, it is hardly the same as in person. After all, it is quite easy to mask one's true self behind the indelible nature of ink to parchment. The princess is pleasant, bold, and full of lively humor, all traits I can admire in one of the peerage. I wager there is plenty of mischiefs we could aspire to that would make her lady's maid faint, and my lord patron's hair gray a little quicker.
    Zoey A lovely model in a lovely gown. Good to see you appreciate the talent it takes to construct such a thing.