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Lady Margret Greenmarch

There are many causes I would die for. There is not a single cause I would kill for.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Pacifist Prodigal Healer
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Greenmarch
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Grey
Skintone: Pale

Description: Her hair is a nondescript crimson-orange, loosely curled, pulled back in deference to her duties most often. Her stature is middling and her form is on the rounder side. She boasts a permanent limp and a scar on the side of her neck that looks like it should have killed her.

But even more obvious than those deformities is the startling beauty that radiates from Margret's dark gray eyes. One has only to look in the pools of those deep, velvety, compassionate eyes to see that there's a wealth of warmth inside. All else falls by the wayside as inconsequential.

Personality: Margret emerged from the dismal situation of her childhood mishap as a butterfly from a chrysalis. She became a skilled healer, but even more, the Lady is a champion of all life, a pacifist and a diplomat of surpassing grace. She is beauty personified, on the inside. Try as one might to find it, there is no bitterness inside the Greenmarch Healer. It's just not her nature.

Background: Lady Margret Greenmarch was born to Alda and Malcolm Greenmarch, younger sister to Cullen and elder sister of Ianna. Her grandmother, Myrna Greenmarch, used to dote on the little hellion, for hellion she was. Until she turned ten. On the day after her tenth birthday, Margret's entire life was altered.

A tree-climbing accident left the Greenmarch Lady with a permanent limp and a scar up the side of her neck that, by the blessing of the Spirits alone, didn't kill her. The accident saw Margret confined to the halls of Greenhaven, to learn to be useful indoors instead of out, and she turned to healing. Instead of allowing bitterness to swell inside of her for her misfortune, Margret emerged from her situation with a blissful determination. She became a skilled healer, a champion of all life, and diplomat of surpassing grace.

It was no easy road for the Lady. Remaining a pacifist amongst Abandoned is not a simple feat, not even when Greenmarch bent the knee to the Compact and become somewhat more civilized. There was torment, there was pleading, urging, and even threats. But Margret's conviction for pacifism has never wavered. The value of life is something she holds sacrosanct.

As such, the Lady Margret has been called to Arx to function as Minister of Relations for Greenmarch, and Resident Healer.

Name Summary
Agatha You know, she may not be the most ept thrower, but she was enthusiastic and determined. I liked the littlest redhead.
Alessandro Claims immaturity, but I'm skeptical. More under the surface.
Bliss There's some pain behind her, that I can see, but my oh my does she respond well to just a little teasing. I would love to see what more that could do...
Duarte Seems absolutey squeemish that anyone should ever be harmed.
Echo Any Greenmarch is a friend of mine. Shoot, I forgot to tell her that! She's pretty sweet and likes to tease, I'll definitely need to bug her soon.
Edain A healer of the Greenmarch and a wise, measured wit. She is an example of the value the Greenmarch bring to the Oathlands, and why it is worth working through our differences so that we can be stronger together.
Elgana There is a deep strength and grace to her. I truly would love to know her better and call her my friend one day.
Gareth An enthusiastic and polite sort. Kind enough seeming.
Ignacio Seemingly a lovely noblewoman with a real interest in people's well being. Such a good hearted person seems worthy of getting to know better.
Jeffeth Lady Margret Greenmarch, she seems a very kind lady. Even when I through an egg in her face. She seems just lovely.
Jordan Lady Margret Greenmarch and I have seen each other in a number of occasions, now. As she is a sister of Princess Marian and Lady Monique, I already hold her in high regard for that, but moreover, she is polite, courteous, and carries herself well with the air of nobility and authority. I should like to know her and her future husband better.
Kenna What a predicament, to be sought after by two men! She seems so kind, I hope it all comes out well.
Lorenzo A very charming woman. My brother is lucky to have found her.
Luca She seems to take lessons well, and clearly she understands words of wisdom when she hears them! I'm sure she'll be just fine in Arx. Just fine.
Marcas What an incredibly kind woman, I was very pleased to see how seriously she took care of the Warchief. Perhaps a little softhearted about the grim realities of war, but it is not for everyone. I thank the spirits she did not see Stormwall in person...
Margerie A woman of both excellent and ill fortune in her life it seems. She has a keen and thoughtful mind and we might all benefit from it.
Marian She's so very different than me, but I love her all the same. And admire her unique views. I can agree to disagree but at the end of the day I would give my life for her.
Marius My cousin is as pleasant as ever, and has seemed particularly radiant lately.
Michael The dear sister of Ianna Greenmarch, with whom I am currently besotted. Colored the same, and sweeter than she. Mayhaps if I saw her first...but no. A pacifist. The blade may not have been for her. Someday we'll catch each other alone and I can impress upon her my desire to make her sister happy.
Norwood We were introduced by Lady Monique in the Tea Shop. Her manners are quite beautiful and I appreciate her kindness towards my offer of honey.
Orazio She seems a gentle soul, polite and pleasant natured. Orazio found his first conversation with her quite enjoyable, and looks forward to more in the future.
Otakar Lady Margret was a pleasant surprise to run into - an extremely intelligent and wise woman who stands for her beliefs and her people with diplomatic grace, and to have survived such an injury besides. She could have turned out differently, instead she's truly remarkable, and someone with whom I aim to become a close friend.
Petal She is thoughtful and polite. She seems aware of the people around her.
Prisila A fellow prodigal whom I hope to make good friends with. She's confidant and I think it matches her beauty quite well, maybe in time I'll know more of her.
Reigna A gregarious woman of the Greenmarch, and marrying for love! Good for her.
Rinel She is remarkably composed and kind, even in the depths of her grief. A good woman, I think.
Sabella She is funny and delightful and hopefully did not take any offense to me joking with Alessandro. Grayson approves of Velenosan Princes, so, please make one disappear!
Salvatore A Greenmarcher who is living by one of my favorite maxims. I respect her, and she can drink with the best of them. No milk drinker, this one. Wise, too.
Shae Diplomatic. The peace-maker.
Simone She is a kind and caring person; and I look forward to spending more time with her.
Vitalis A most pleasant lady from the forests of the Oathlands, and seems rather interesting. I really ought to get to know her better, she seems rather knowledgeable.