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Scout Rowenova

We must have efficient efficacy! every level! every system!

Social Rank: 7
Concept: Traveling Companion
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Halfshav
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Steward
Height: 5'9.5"
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Cobalt Blue
Skintone: Fair White

Titles: Scout of the Ranging Wolves

Description: The cobalt blue of her intense eyes and the cherry red of her softened lips vividly contrast with the niveous appearance of her fair complexion and the platinum cast of her long, straight, and thick hair which drapes down to the hourglass waistline of this hale, scrappy, spry, resolute, and wiry woman.

Personality: Rowenova grew up as a Northlands nomad (physically active & usually outdoors), so tiny rooms/spaces inside solid buildings usually bother her... it is not a terrifying claustrophobia but... a little glance toward an open window or her shifting stance during idle moments which gives away her yearning desire to move outside (and work hard) most times. Otherwise, she can stay quite calm (and even idle) in an outdoor setting (where she is completely comfortable).

Background: Growing up on Halfshav family military campaigns in the 'savage' Northlands was an interesting childhood: physically taxing but more than mentally rewarding.
Whatever Rowenova may have been lacking back then in bodily strength, the waifish babe determinedly recouped with her iron willpower to stay alive and always strive for the best results. Tasked early with animal care (as far back as she can possibly recall), Rowenova grew up with increasing responsibility (and almost no idle time). Her parental guardians (both Halfshav soldiers) and the family servants kindly mentored her not only in camp maintenance but also in survival skills and varied academia (as they all simultaneously worked). Halfshav soldiers generally respected her helpful initiative: fresh horses, good cooking, and so on definitely aided party morale before upcoming battles!
She absolutely loved this nomadic lifestyle and the wild Northlands with its diverse cultures and natural beauty. Rowenova eventually developed into an adolescent teenager, but she had no time for her feminine cycles. Thus, her maternal guardian wisely edified Rowenova about Limerance's Libertia which fortunately facilitated getting back to hard work without undue frustration. Over time, Rowenova finally transformed into a matured woman, and she was specially chosen (due to her ardent service to the Halfshav family) to be a new member in the Ranging Wolves (under Lord Arik Halfshav's command) for their scouting missions. Of course, she earnestly accepted this new adventure!

Relationship Summary

  • Adora - Sir Floppington forgives you!
  • Merek - You played 'good guard' off my 'bad guard'. I like what you did there, yet not!

  • Family:
  • Sir Floppington - This 'Soulful Hound' valiantly protected me from masked thugs with hobo knives! He is a Very Good Boy Indeed!

  • Friend:
  • Josephine - You have been so good and helpful to me! Thank you!
  • Morrighan - Drinking and talking with you has changed my life. Thank you!
  • Eilonwy - You are a hard worker and feel like a sister to me. Thank you!
  • Asher - Nextdoor Neighbor : I can hear what you are doing over there!
  • Oswyn - You are a hard worker, amazing physician, and my paper supplier!
  • Petal - You are a hard worker, incredible seamstress, and amazing doorfixer!
  • Felicia - We were almost in laws, but you have always been supportive!
  • Violet - You are a hard worker as well as an admirable rolemodel, too!

  • Northlands:
  • Arik - House Halfshav : My Liege Lord as well as The Best Boss Who Ever Bossed! Work is fun, and we still get more done than most work teams could ever hope to, doing all this for our Northlands people! Great Advice and Pays Well, too!
  • Mirk - House Halfshav : Dealmaker Noble with whom I am forever bonded: we were both Shot In The Back during our Riverbend op!
  • Darren - House Redrain : My Second Boss who I first met in the Red Study [funny story] and for whom I am now a Redrain clerk.

  • Spouse:
  • Aksel - We may not have won the Grand Melee, but we still tried!
  • Corbit - Thank you for walking me home when I was so drank and being a perfect gentleman, too!
  • Harlex - Crimson Blade : Fierce wolf and dependable comrade during the Riverbend op!
  • Draven - We first met on April 23 1009 AR, first kissed on July 22 1009 AR, and finally signed our marriage promises as per our white journals during late December 1009 AR! Feb 5 1011 AR, though, we ended up going on our own separate ways.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana She faired well the tournament from what I witnessed before I had to leave. I think she can accomplish much in efforts that I am unable. Something quite welcomed in my opinion.
    Adora Far to chattery and her head appears to be full of love nonsense. I don't like her.
    Aiden The amount of responsibilities she has taken on reminds me of myself, when I was much younger to the city than I am now. Hopefully, those commitments don't weight her down, as she sounds quite proud of each and every one of them. It's also quite a thing to learn she's the Baroness Saik's protege. She is certainly eager, which hopefully will not be to her detriment.
    Ainsley She seems very serious. She's pretty quiet, but seems smart.
    Ajax A fair lady whose clearly talented and valued however..I want her dog.
    Alarissa Don't knwo precisely who she is, but seasilk and full wolf head? She has... an interesting choice of taste...
    Alecstazi There are times for soft hearts, and a battlefield is not one of them. As a scout I'd have thoguht she was familiar with the fact at animals can die and that life is rarely fair. Wasting time to bring bear cubs on a rescue mission? Sigh.
    Alessandro An enthusiastic young woman with a fondness for Greenmarch. We have the latter in common, so I am sure we will become good friends.
    Alexis Scribe, messenger and outrider. Young and fresh-faced and reminding me in some ways of myself when I arrived in Arx. I'll raise my glass to her good fortune any time.
    Amari Scout Rowenova handles brutal child maulings and poison ivy oil blisters with a patience bordering on amazing. She's quite personable besides, so I'm always pleased to randomly cross paths with her. She's a delight.
    Amund Talkative. Upbeat. Dog owner. Beholden to Halfshav.
    Andry A bundle of excitement, surprised she doesn't run out breath.
    Anton Wears a wolf head on her head. Is she a barbarian? I am not sure. Northerners can be confusing. Seemed to be good to the Marquessa. Plays game of stones. Well? Not sure. Carries a lot of weapons. Probably good with them.
    Arcadia So bright and friendly and I may be in love with her dog.
    Ardee A warm young lady who is quick on her feet and a stern disciplinarian. Can't go wrong.
    Ariella Terrifying shav badass! I like it!
    Arman A terrifying woman at first visual greeting, but upon speaking with her she is warm and good humored. A clear love is reflected in her interactions with her husband as well, which is something I can appreciate as a merit in it of itself.
    Arthen I'm told she's a fair hand at scouting. She's decent at conversation, too, which helps with trekking through long stretches of wilderness. We share some common ground in preferences for being out in the unknown, to being in Arx, but that's not surprising for a scout and an explorer. I reckon she's easy to be around, seems eager to be useful.
    Athaur Very impressive titles, but a friendly wolf-woman
    Barric An interesting woman, a scout and a scribe and a messenger? Seems an odd combination to be staying in the city. I suppose I shouldn't judge overmuch. She seems a good person and is respectful, which is more than a lot can say these days!
    Bliss She very much is trying desperately hard to make a positive first impression on everyone. Either she really is that full of energy - or she craves the attention desperately. I wonder which it is.
    Brady Seemed like a friendly lady, till I crossed her Husband. If this is marriage, mmm, no thank you.
    Brigida One step removed from the wild, but at least she wants to be helpful.
    Brigida Her dog seems politer than she does but as least she knows when she had been chastised and apologises properly after.
    Cahal Finally someone of a decent height! She happens to know a lot about history, legend and the loval libraries too.
    Calandra Loves her husband, is loyal. Both beautiful traits from a beautiful woman.
    Caspian Master kitten handler right here!
    Cirroch A northerner, a scribe, and a scout? A woman who wears many hats.
    Cirroch It's been a while since I've seen her, but even on my first day back Nova wants to do something for House Sanna. We are fortunate she is a friend.
    Clara She seems nice but she also seems like she needs a vacation.
    Col Has a dog, for that alone she might be worth knowing. I have heard she works for one of the Redrain Voices. I am uncertain what to make of her just yet.
    Coraline Every time I see Rowenova I realize that she is complex and talented, her loyalty, her talents at story telling, her willingness to help her friends, everything I learn about her makes it more and more apparent how amazing she is. I am honored to know her.
    Cullen A most delightfully open and energetic Northerner, quite the interesting one. Someone I'll have to talk more to, as a fellow Prodigal and dual believer. Plus, ribbons in her hair? Very neat!
    Darren Curious and bold as well as direct. Truthfully it's refreshing to meet a person now and then who /doesn't/ fall all over themselves at the first sight of their High Lord.
    Delilah Perhaps her feet were not with her this day in all her dancing movements, but she is still superlative. She danced and cavorted in her wolf cloak for children, and that purity of spirit is something precious in this world.
    Denica Okay, I am not really a fan of the fashion choices but she seems to be a kind and effervescent sort all the same. The seasilks are rather nice though!
    Dion Excellent wolf hat. Reminds me of the lot of prodigals I ended up with outside of Stormwall way back when. Now they could fish. I wonder if she's related to old Boneskull, or Rockfoot, or she could be the daughter of Gonk, actually. She has the look.
    Domonico A damn good archer. Shame abour her taste in husband.
    Draven She tried my drink! I'm so glad! Maybe I can do more experiments with her, since she stood it so well!
    Duarte A remarkably bouyant person! And very eager to fit in. Makes for fine company.
    Eleanor Seems very sweet and happy, and quite loyal to the Halfshavs.
    Elgana It wasn't really through face-to-face that we met first, no. It was through messenger and it caught me off-guard, I admit, since you were writing for Lord Arik. Upon meeting you I could tell you were smart and capable. Lord Arik seems to find the right people for the job. You will go far.
    Elloise She came to the Leary Lab Lookaroo and was covered in soot and thought I was poisoning her! But I am NOT. Nope!
    Eurion Attentive, exotic and lovely.
    Ezekiel Very blond hair and very interesting demeanor. And quite fast on her feet!
    Fairen Particularly, I recall meeting Scout Rowenova at a family gathering. We sat down to share dinner, and I believe she consumed nearly a quarter of the meal my staff laid out. She is welcomed in my home, anytime she should wish.
    Faye An interesting woman, curious and thoughtful. She seems to be in the trust of the Harrows, which speaks well for her. I hope we will have the chance to speak together more in the future.
    Fiora Very, very, very good! So good! Such a good boy! I don't know who the lady with this dog was. But she has SUCH A GOOD BOY.
    Gareth I have become what I am through years of experience, hardship, and the slow shifting of tectonic plates in my soul. I have suffered, but I have been forged this man. Luckily this woman is here to undo all of that and cure me of my dour personality with a peppy song and a bright smile. Thank the Gods.
    Gaston Brain fever, without a doubt. Thrashing and flailing about with a dog, the both of them flinging slobber about and rolling around in the grass. Brain. Fever.
    Gianna An earnest, hard-working Scout with boundless enthusiasm.
    Giuliano A most amazing Northern maiden, capable of doing what seems like anything. Strong in body and mind, beautiful and resolute. Quite glad to have met her.
    Hannah She is entirely friendly and has a great dog with amazing ears. I have enjoyed every time I have gotten a chance to meet her. both of them.
    Harlex In my time here I have grown soft and I find it hard to not think fondly of bright-eyed youth. Though still, I know, that on this course she has set for herself she will come to see real darkness. I hope she has the stomach for it.
    Harper She talked about fighting shavs up north, glad they weren't in the Lowers along with everything else lately. I'd be curious to see her fight. All in all she seems an alright sort.
    Helia I met her at Assembly of Peers, where we were sitting at the common benches, watching the nobles do their nobling. I didn't get much of a chance to talk to her, but she came across as a pleasant, earnest person despite being a touch on the nervous side. It'd be nice to see her again!
    Helle Her hound didn't pee on me. Yet. It'll probably happen. But I won't hold it against her. Though she seems like she'd forgive me even if I did. Kind.
    Hickson A scout with a beloved canine companion and lighting quick reflexes. Glad she was watching my back.
    Holt Met her at the training hall. She didn't participate, but she was friendly. And Sir Floppington is a good boy.
    Ignacio An interesting Northern scout marrying into House Volkov, I am sure I will get to know her better in the future.
    Imi If only it had been better circumstances that we met. She was helpful, but I wasn't exactly up to a lot of real great conversation at the time. I will have to find her later to discuss rabbits, or more pleasant things. What's a simulacra anyway?
    Ishmael A kind woman. It is a shame she has experienced such hardship.
    Jarel A woman who definitely likes to dance, and dance well. I'd like to see her in a more capacity of dancing professionaly. But I can always dream about it, until then! Dancing wherever they might be!
    Jeffeth She seems awfully energetic and nice! I believe she's Lord Arik's aide, or something like that. She seems lovely though!
    Jordan Probably the undisputed champion of Northern drinking games. Drinkers beware. Also someone who's very straightforward about her opinions, and sincerity is a quality I value highly.
    Josephine All that fur. That headpiece. She is a lovely woman and she pays such lovely compliments to my work. I shall have to keep an eye out for her in the market.
    Josephine Dazzling in her crown, adept at catching fish with her hands.
    Juliana A protege of Luci's, sent to keep me from being bored. Very sweet girl.
    Juniper She is followed around by the /best dog/ that has ever dogged. Also she seems very nice! I'm fairly sure she was nice, at least. I was very busy petting the dog.
    Jyri We've met a few times, and she always impresses me with her no-nonsense direct but friendly manner. Glad that she and Draven got my old house, couldn't be more pleased.
    Kaldur I have always heard it said 'a good friend will help you move, a great friend will help you move a body.' Perhaps a friendship is in the future. Once I know her name.
    Karadoc We didn't speak for long, but, she seems like one wolfish sort of ranger.
    Kenna She's TOTALLY not a Thrall. A very important point that should be made to everyone first. off.
    Leif She seems a friendly sort, quite energetic as well. Calls her dog - friend? Sir Floppington. Bit strange, but charming in it's own way. It was a pleasure.
    Liara The quiet associate - protege? - of my cousin. A well-mannered woman, I thought, even if she didn't quite look it at first glance.
    Lilith Apparently her liege said I was an interesting person, so I've got my reputation preceding me. She pulled hard for our team in the three-way tug o' war at the Spring Fling held at the Golden Hart. We didn't end up winning but we proved ourselves capable, surely. I'd have her on my team anytime.
    Lorenzo An interesting woman with a fondness for cats. I'm looking forward to getting to know her more in the future.
    Lou I have been teaching this woman archery for some time, and she wants to provide well for her family and allies, which is commendable. Though.... her choice in what she deems is entertainment is something I consider questionable. Bear hugging, indeed!
    Luca I can't say I learned much about this one in our first meeting, but she's got a spirit to her, that's for sure. A certain sort of vibrant.. something. One to keep an eye on, though I don't get the impression she stays still for long enough to /really/ keep an eye on her.
    Lucita A scout who is being schooled by Lord Arik in manners and propriety. She is outgoing, friendly and from actions observed, helpful.
    Lys She seems like an interesting woman to know-- a scout in the north is bound to have some stories.
    Mabelle Such a sweet woman, taking care of her cat, and has her hand in many things
    Marcas From what I hear, a capable scout -- and a member of the Halfshav family. Either one is enough to earn my respect.
    Marisol A capable and thoughtful scout. Her perspective was fresh and much needed. If the Northerner's can spare her we are more than grateful. I am truly thankful for her participation and will call on her in the future.
    Martino Married, they said! Straight away. Well perhaps it is just recent and still quite proud of it. Cute dog. Need one.
    Melody A cheery (and tall) scout, scribe, and probably number of various other things. She's lived with Halfshav families for the majority of her life and she seems very much inclined to the wilderness.
    Meriah A little peach pit of a scout came to us ventilated. I like when the adorable ones are extra tough.
    Miranda Sir Floppington! What a marvelous name for a sweet dog! His owner was lovely, too!
    Mirari A bit quirky, but seems to have a charm about her.
    Mirk Overly energetic retainer to my cousin. She makes me feel old with her youth.
    Monique Helpful. Asks odd questions, but helpful and with a cheery disposition.
    Morrighan Arik's retainer, a young scout newly arrived to the city filled with vim and vigor. Cheerful young woman, personable, I like her thus far and hope she settles in well to city life. It's a big change.
    Nico She seems like a sweet girl, she clapped and cheered me on as I got my arse kicked repeatedly. And her dog is too cute and friendly; I guess dogs do take after their masters.
    Nijah Showed up at a tavern to drink her sorrows away that she can't find a man good enough for her. I truly hope she finds one!
    Niklas A Northerner scout with an Agatha-like enthusiasm for greetings and the like. Good to have around!
    Orathy Cares enough bout people to commit her alchemist husband to things he ain't even aware of. Aye 'n she assumes thing.
    Orelia I need to know more about this one. She's so entertaining, and I'm not entirely sure it's intentional...
    Petal She seems very Northern which is a good thing and is a scout too. I think she probably has some good skills. She is friendly too.
    Quenia I certainly felt sorry for her, sitting through the joust all covered in poison ivy! The poor dear! At least, I think she was, she screamed something about it. She was also quite pleasant to talk to!
    Quintin An excellent fisher with interesting taste in headwear.
    Raimon I wonder if her dog gets confused by her helm
    Reese A scout with Halfshav, she seems devoted to her duties and a little or maybe a lot bit wild.
    Reigna A wonderfully sweet and friendly scout in Halfshavs forces. She always seems to have a smile and a kind word. Loyal to her friends and desirous to help. She is, by all measures, a fine woman.
    Riagnon Mistress Rowenovanovava, a scout with apparent Halfshav connections and a very charming dog with an alcohol problem. Terribly dutiful, but if all else fails- at least she summons people to bars instead of, I don't know, boring places.
    Rook Such a kind scout to so many in the city and with an adorable dog. One to rely on when in need.
    Sabella A Scout! But not a Bear Scout. BUT! I think she would make a tremendous Bear Scout with those lungs and that vocal force! She seems quite passionate about everything she does and says, so we are definitely going to be great friends!
    Sabine She clearly carries the North with her, wherever she might be, whatever the atmosphere.
    Samuele A great conversationalist, and she's got some nice armor pieces.
    Sanya Not only kind but forgiving and patient. Hopefully we have the opportunity to interact more in the future.
    Sebastian Showed up drunk and in love and sad. Such a terrible combination.
    Selene Baroness Lucita has an eye for talent and quality in all things. Her protege shows a degree of welcome earthiness and sensibility matched to an air of sparkling humanity few have. Wise beyond her years but one who will be ageless.
    Sparte A boisterous and energetic scout for Redrain. I sense an eagerness in her that will lead her into a great deal of trouble. That isn't a bad thing, if she can see it through to the other side she'll be formidable.
    Svoli I like her dog, and I like her style.
    Teagan Excitable is an understatement. Is it excitement or a want to show off that led her to blurt out every possible title -- your husband is not a title, dear -- without even answering the Duke's full question? A proper scout should know how to wait and listen before making a move.
    Tescelina A very clever tree climber! Fine use of alchemy.
    Theodoric Daring, and sturdy fighter of the dangerous and hungry
    Thorvald This scout/clerk/messenger/scribe has an impressive resume. She seems bright and capable, the sort to be relied on despite her tender years. I'm certain this is the beginning of a long and productive professional relationship.
    Valarian A Northerner, I think. Seems resourceful and active, as well as keen eyed and good for searching things! Also has a certain flair with those ribbons, I have to say. I wonder if she's going to the North with us?
    Vega A most amazing young woman! Her skills in a snowboat are to be envied and admired.
    Vercyn A newly minted Ranging Wolf scout, and Arik's scribe. A bright, enthusiastic young woman unafraid to go after what she wants. I am quite interested to follow her career and see how she would fare; she seems promising, particularly with her more refined taste in beards.
    Vercyn She is not just a good influence on my nephew, but does a great service for Halfshav by far... even if her seemingly boundless energy is almost tiring to me at times.
    Vercyn A scout for my house. She is eager to assist and we are better off for having her in our service.
    Vitalis Irrepressible scout of House Halfshav - though why anyone would attempt to repress her I have no idea. Delightful.
    Volcica I like her style, and her hound can sing quite well.
    Willow You wouldn't expect such a pretty young woman to be so vicious. I wouldn't want to be left alone with her.
    Ysabel We first met outside the Titanic Skull in Southport Square, whereupon she brought me to the lab of her paramour, Draven. A most bellicose individual, despite her wild and rugged appearance!
    Ysabel So brave of her not to give up after everything that happened. So romantic, she truly is an inspiration.