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Countess Arcadia Stahlben

There's a whole wide world of possibilities, and I'm going to try every single one! The only question is where to begin.

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Delighted Dilettante
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Stahlben
Gender: female
Age: 18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Gray-blue
Skintone: Warm Ivory

Titles: Countess-Consort of Bonspire, Voice of House Stahlben

Description: In form, Arcadia 'Cady' Leary is a slight-framed girl, a slender blonde with short, tousled hair and eyes of a bluish gray; but without the dynamism of motion, she leaves little impression. In life, she leaps eagerly from branch to branch; even in stillness, her weight balances on her toes, ready to spring into action at any moment. The flash of her dimpled smile, the quick gleam of her bright kohl-lined eyes, the infectiousness of her ready enthusiasm: these are the sparks that make her memorable.

Personality: It's not that Arcadia isn't smart, exactly. She likes learning new things just fine; so long as they're new and exciting skills, rather than boring and useless facts. The list of things Cady would like to try includes but is not limited to: swordfighting, sailing, drinking too much, traveling to far away lands, meeting interesting people, exploring dangerous places, falling in love, falling out of love, and punching things.

With a strong sense of adventure, and an eagerness to expand her horizons, Arcadia is up for anything. Bright and bubbly, she is willing to try anything once (or twice!) and delighted to meet new people from all different walks of life. She enjoys parties, as long as they aren't dull ones where everyone talks in low voices about the latest scientific study on weather patterns. Parties with drinking: good. Parties with dancing: better. Parties with masks AND drinking AND dancing: ideal.

Finally in Arx, after years of dreaming of such freedom and opportunity, she is ready to meet any possibility with open arms. The world is her oyster! Speaking of which, is anyone available for oyster harvesting lessons?

Background: Arcadia, Cady to her family, had the misfortune of being born into an incredibly loving family who had the bad grace to be uniformly bookish and scholarly. Where her family enjoyed lengthy dinner discussions about the newest research one of her siblings was engaged in, Arcadia thought she would much rather stab herself with a fork repeatedly; at least it would be more exciting. She had the best of tutors, so long as the tutoring was in history or science or theology. Instead, she longed for tutors of her own choosing: swordmasters, adventurers, hunters, sailors, knights!

Over the years (and often with the help of formal presentations created by her sister Elloise), Arcadia would lobby her well-meaning parents to allow her one of these. Any of these! Just pick one! And they finally relented. A bit. Arcadia was allowed to train once a week under one of Leaholdt's hunters. Off with him in the woods, a bow in her hand, stealthy and on the hunt - that's where Arcadia spent her happiest childhood years. But still, she longed for more. More to do! More to see! More to try!

As Cady got older, Elloise started recruiting her for help with her scientific experiments. Cady didn't particularly care about the experiments or their results, but she was all too happy to run off to hunt down whatever rare ingredients her sister might need for them. An adventure! Or as much adventure as one can get in Leaholdt, anyway. And when Elly started petitioning their parents to send her to Arx, Arcadia threw herself in with her. "It will be fine!" she promised. "Elly and Fairen will make sure I stay out of trouble!"

Arcadia knows it's only because of Elloise and Fairen that she's being allowed to go, but who cares! She's on her way! An endless world of possibilities await her, and a city full of people to teach her things!

Relationship Summary

  • Tynan - A Grayhope, and a good man.
  • Harlex - The sullen wolf. He's the kind of dangerous I like.
  • Sina - The wisest and prettiest. Scary when she's mad!

  • Family:
  • Fairen - Overprotective, but sweet. A cousin, but I call him uncle.
  • Tomwell - Pretty boy, and kindest cousin. Pure of heart.
  • Mikani - My sister from another mister. Yet another book enthusiast.

  • Patron:
  • Kieran - A good man who appreciates my pranks.

  • Sibling:
  • Elloise - My dear, nerdy sister. Mad as a hatter.
  • Corbit - My brilliant older brother. He drives me insane but is the best man I know.

  • Deceased:
  • Aislin - A storybook hero. One day, I'll meet her.

  • Spouse:
  • Magnus - My gentle quiet giant. I am blessed to have married someone who shares my love of adventures.

  • Friend:
  • Rysen - A speaker of truth and poems. A kind spirited man who is my best friend and gives back as good as I give.
  • Thea - The opposite to me in so many ways, but it makes for a strong friendship. I value her more than words.
  • Syd - If only the man was 40 years younger! An adventurer and free spirit at heart. My teller of tall tales.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan A lady of Leary, who apparently enjoyed books just as much as Ian did as a child.
    Ajax A curious seeming lady, likely sheltered. I hope she finds whatever she wants while in the city.
    Alessandro I am jealous of the euphony of her name.
    Alexio Likes animals; Seems often of a wild and lively nature; Dislikes her noble title; could use some fashion advice...and maybe a bath. Is she even a lady?!
    Antea My first thought was that she is adorable. My second thought is that if anyone thinks that is all there is to her, they deserve what they get. She seems both smart and capable, compassionate but not afraid to take a risk here or there.
    Armani Interested in adventure and sailing. That makes her my kind of person.
    Artur A new Countess, married into Redrain. Already with child, she's preparing for adventures after. Her hopes to find the Vowbreaker intrigue me, and I look forward to assisting her in the investiagtion.
    Astyr She must be a terror on delicate nerves, but she's as friendly as can be.
    Behtuk Badgers are just very small bears.
    Bhandn Young, perhaps unschooled in the world around her, but she does seem able to question rather than blindly accept what she is told, which is good to see.
    Brady Fun, pretty, and maybe a bit impulsive? What's not to like?
    Braith Cady has thus proved without actually trying that noble women do bounce on impact. A valiant effort was had by all! Together we shall rule the night ...and prank the hell out of Red.
    Brigida A pretty little thing who appears to be rather bright. Hopefully her brains will remain when her looks have gone. Hopefully she'll be ride of that annoying little snigger of hers.
    Caspian She is cruel to hung over people. It's hilarious
    Celeste If Cady Leary lives to be 25, she will be a formidable woman. As it is, I at least found her amusing and full of potential. Much like a spring wound too tight and forced to hold still.
    Conall Know-it-all, dislikes sheer force, and is probably a drunkard. I feel sorry for her guards, they probably have to put up with a lot. Neat bird, though.
    Cristoph Lady Arcadia has developed a fine reputation in the Oathlands after her actions at the college. We've met once or twice and I found her to be pleasant, charming and also humble.
    Dante Despite getting off on the wrong foot, I was fortunate to discover that the Countess has quite the sense of humor and inquiring mind. All the more reason to be careful about what I say before I say it.
    Dariel Friendly, curious and interesting to talk to. There may be a visit to a pub in our future to arrange.
    Delfina This young woman isn't really what I'd expect from a Minister of Warfare, but maybe that's what you get in a House full of scholars. She seems sweet and gentle-hearted. I'm a little worried for her.
    Delilah Enthusiasm fires the inner life of Cady, and she burns fierce and wild. The way she embraces life with such intensity is rare enough that sometimes, all I can do is sit back and watch with a sense of wonder.
    Denica She is quite odd for a lady of the peerage, but not a bad odd. I should like to get to know her better.
    Domonico A keen young lady, perhaps a bit naive as to the dangers and realities of situations.
    Donato What a fabulously charming Lady! Sense of adventure, witty, pretty, dashing clothing, and a desire to learn about adventure and exploration. I'll have to tell her my stories.
    Duarte She was the least stodgy person in a room full of lycenes, and a proper joy to have about.
    Elias A cousin. Didnt see her in a couple of years, suddenly she has baby now. Scary. I truly admires her, marrying at the tender age of 18, she fulfilled her duty to the House. Something that I cant and wont do.
    Erik A Grayson lady. Everything about her just screams for adventure and action. I feel like I'm bound to witness some interesting events should I stick nearby her.
    Evonleigh Charming, friendly, and full of flattery -- what's not to like?
    Faye An enthusiastic and curious young woman, seeming to be intent on exploring everything. I just hope she doesn't get in over her head.
    Fiora A more typical lady. Atypical by Leary standards, I'm sure. Bright, airy, all that.
    Garret Full of more energy than any other in the city and just as curios. The kind of person I came to Arx to meet, I hope she attends all my parties.
    Gerald A very, very vivacious young woman.
    Giuliano She had delights of her own, some of which are foreign to me. A fun sort though, even when bootless.
    Gregory Doesn't seem to know much about the faith, and was surprised that anyone would want to be Godsworn. Seems to be focused on herself. Should introduce her to Skald.
    Helena So very eager to learn about new things -- the north will be blessed by such a bright spirit when she visits.
    Iliana Restless and wild even now, but it's good to have her back in the city again.
    Jeffeth Young and with eyes wisting to wander. Adventure around every corner, except there are a million distractions until that corner. She seems a good Lady. I'm sure she'll do wonderfully here. Probably
    Jyri Well. At least she isn't afraid to get hurt.
    Kaia An outstanding archer! I look forward to learning from her. She's pursuing the dream of becoming the best archer in Arx! I shall follow right behind her on that.
    Kaldur I hope she's been practicing her archery. We've a date with marksmanship!
    Kenna She's got a sharp sense of humor and a I think I am a HUGE fan.
    Liara Easy-going and easy to converse with, though she was serious enough when the conversation moved to serious matters.
    Lorenzo An interesting and charming woman of many interests. Her curiosity seems to lend itself to all sorts of new things.
    Lucita A new countess who is a friend of Lady Thea and likes to be out scouting I think she said. She sounds like me, thrust into a role we have to learn to do well and try to balance our duty and our interests.
    Magnus She can beat a northerner at his own game! Also, she has an impressive spirit for adventure. Color me interested.
    Maja She's a lady who doesn't like to use the title Lady. She seems very nice but I don't know why she wouldn't want to use her title -- if I was a lady, I would use it all the time!
    Malcolm Met her as a Leary Lady. Then, met her again as a Stahlben Countess. Still the same person - she's mischief and smiles and the dogs love her.
    Martino Quick to offer support, help and keen to apply her skills with the bow. Really, the young lady from a quiet House, might prove to be something of a great find.
    Mikani She seems like me, an adventurer at heart. Can't wait to meet her again.
    Mirk Curious and prone to questions. Are all of the Leary family like this?
    Norwood Huh, I guess there's a little more to the minx than meets the eye. She can sure shoot an arrow.
    Otho Looks a little bouncy to be so good a hunter as what she is, but some folks're just like that. No shame is dancing faster than the music as long as you land at least one foot on the beat.
    Pharamond The little archer carries a mighty whallop.
    Quintin Inquisitive and energetic. So very energetic.
    Ras She actually had some good advice. I really dunno what to think of her yet...
    Reese A friendly Lady who I ran into a few times. I am interested to learn more more about her and hope she i doing better than wellish.
    Riagnon A new Northern countess doing her best to familiarize herself with our practices. Boy, I hope she doesn't listen to any of the silly things /I/ say!
    Ronja I'm not sure I've ever met a noblewoman so openly seeking mischief. Usually they hide it a bit, for appearances' sake. That Cady (Lady Cady? My gods) doesn't makes me find her all the more charming.
    Rukhnis A young lady who is quick in all senses of the word: quick in her movements, quick in her interests, quick with the vibrancy of life.
    Rysen Nature bestowed no such beauty, nor adventurous spirit as that of Lady Arcadia Leary.
    Sabella She always looks as though she's truly living, and enjoying doing so! I am envious of her spirit. She reminds me a little of Lou!
    Sabella The Countess reminds me of my sister Lou, never letting life get in the way of adventuring! I look forward to seeing what great things she uncovers and how she manages to bring her children along to do so!
    Samuele She seems shy, or just skittish, but pleasant all the same, though maybe I just think of her in the wrong light.
    Saro A wound spring waiting to leap into action. Outgoing and friendly.
    Selene A light-hearted spirit with a judicious appreciation of tricks. I pity the gentleman she sets her mind to tease gently, for she seems a very creative mind to achieving delight for all.
    Sigurd She already knows how to tease the southerners about the myths of Redrain and she is new to the House. Should be entertaining at the very least.
    Sophie Perhaps she didn't see me at my best, but still.. she was gracious and charming. Perhaps we'll meet again one day when I'm feeling more myself.
    Sparte She seems a good and honorable sort, even if she isn't given to being a hero she knows what makes one. I bet she could be one if she got the inclination.
    Svoli Hilarious and the funnest kind of mean
    Tabitha She's just lovely. So pleasant to talk to, as bright as a button. She'll do wonderfully in her new role as Countess, I'm sure.
    Talwyn Charming with expressive blue eyes, a warm sense of wit and humor, and also a bit of a musician to boot! I should play more duets with her.
    Thesarin Watching her talk's like a silver minnow in a stream.
    Vercyn A curious woman. Reserved at first, though with greater comfort from familarity or drink, she opens up and is rather charming.
    Videl Lady Arcadia has seemingly been blessed with boundless energy, and is quite pleasant to talk to. I hope she puts that energy to good use.
    Vittorio I did not expect a prodigal noble to be so willing to voice her concerns over the path her new daughter faces. A reminder of tense times, but also some hope at the friendly faces that surround both her and her child.
    Volcica This time, my brother picked a good one. She's a ray of sunshine that we sorely need.
    Wash Enthusiasm personified. If only there were a spare Thrax Prince to sweep her away to the life of adventure she seems to want.
    Willow She is an absolute delight. She reminds me of Marquessa Eilonwy in some ways that make me think they might make fast friends. And she is just cute as a button, too.
    Zebulon She's a blushy girl. And I only smiled. I like her.