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Lady Arcadia Leary

There's a whole wide world of possibilities, and I'm going to try every single one! The only question is where to begin.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Delighted Dilettante
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Leary
Gender: female
Age: 18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Gray-blue
Skintone: Warm Ivory

Description: In form, Arcadia 'Cady' Leary is a slight-framed girl, a slender blonde with short, tousled hair and eyes of a bluish gray; but without the dynamism of motion, she leaves little impression. In life, she leaps eagerly from branch to branch; even in stillness, her weight balances on her toes, ready to spring into action at any moment. The flash of her dimpled smile, the quick gleam of her bright kohl-lined eyes, the infectiousness of her ready enthusiasm: these are the sparks that make her memorable.

Personality: It's not that Arcadia isn't smart, exactly. She likes learning new things just fine; so long as they're new and exciting skills, rather than boring and useless facts. The list of things Cady would like to try includes but is not limited to: swordfighting, sailing, drinking too much, traveling to far away lands, meeting interesting people, exploring dangerous places, falling in love, falling out of love, and punching things.

With a strong sense of adventure, and an eagerness to expand her horizons, Arcadia is up for anything. Bright and bubbly, she is willing to try anything once (or twice!) and delighted to meet new people from all different walks of life. She enjoys parties, as long as they aren't dull ones where everyone talks in low voices about the latest scientific study on weather patterns. Parties with drinking: good. Parties with dancing: better. Parties with masks AND drinking AND dancing: ideal.

Finally in Arx, after years of dreaming of such freedom and opportunity, she is ready to meet any possibility with open arms. The world is her oyster! Speaking of which, is anyone available for oyster harvesting lessons?

Background: Arcadia, Cady to her family, had the misfortune of being born into an incredibly loving family who had the bad grace to be uniformly bookish and scholarly. Where her family enjoyed lengthy dinner discussions about the newest research one of her siblings was engaged in, Arcadia thought she would much rather stab herself with a fork repeatedly; at least it would be more exciting. She had the best of tutors, so long as the tutoring was in history or science or theology. Instead, she longed for tutors of her own choosing: swordmasters, adventurers, hunters, sailors, knights!

Over the years (and often with the help of formal presentations created by her sister Elloise), Arcadia would lobby her well-meaning parents to allow her one of these. Any of these! Just pick one! And they finally relented. A bit. Arcadia was allowed to train once a week under one of Leaholdt's hunters. Off with him in the woods, a bow in her hand, stealthy and on the hunt - that's where Arcadia spent her happiest childhood years. But still, she longed for more. More to do! More to see! More to try!

As Cady got older, Elloise started recruiting her for help with her scientific experiments. Cady didn't particularly care about the experiments or their results, but she was all too happy to run off to hunt down whatever rare ingredients her sister might need for them. An adventure! Or as much adventure as one can get in Leaholdt, anyway. And when Elly started petitioning their parents to send her to Arx, Arcadia threw herself in with her. "It will be fine!" she promised. "Elly and Fairen will make sure I stay out of trouble!"

Arcadia knows it's only because of Elloise and Fairen that she's being allowed to go, but who cares! She's on her way! An endless world of possibilities await her, and a city full of people to teach her things!

Relationship Summary

  • Elloise - My dear, nerdy sister. Mad as a hatter.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Saedrus - The Softest Whisper. Wise and pretty, with free wine to boot.
  • Vayne - Wise and pretty. No wine though.
  • Katarina - An impressive Princess. I think I'd like to be like her.
  • Tynan - A Grayhope, and a good man.
  • Harlex - The sullen wolf. He's the kind of dangerous I like.
  • Talen - The Dark Prince. Strong, scary, and very nice.
  • Sina - The wisest and prettiest. Scary when she's mad!

  • Deceased:
  • Aislin - A storybook hero. One day, I'll meet her.

  • Family:
  • Fairen - Overprotective, but sweet. A cousin, but I call him uncle.
  • Tomwell - Pretty boy, and kindest cousin. Pure of heart.
  • Name Summary
    Ajax A curious seeming lady, likely sheltered. I hope she finds whatever she wants while in the city.
    Armani Interested in adventure and sailing. That makes her my kind of person.
    Bhandn Young, perhaps unschooled in the world around her, but she does seem able to question rather than blindly accept what she is told, which is good to see.
    Domonico A keen young lady, perhaps a bit naive as to the dangers and realities of situations.
    Donato What a fabulously charming Lady! Sense of adventure, witty, pretty, dashing clothing, and a desire to learn about adventure and exploration. I'll have to tell her my stories.
    Faye An enthusiastic and curious young woman, seeming to be intent on exploring everything. I just hope she doesn't get in over her head.
    Fiora A more typical lady. Atypical by Leary standards, I'm sure. Bright, airy, all that.
    Iliana Restless and wild even now, but it's good to have her back in the city again.
    Kaldur I hope she's been practicing her archery. We've a date with marksmanship!
    Kenna She's got a sharp sense of humor and a I think I am a HUGE fan.
    Lorenzo An interesting and charming woman of many interests. Her curiosity seems to lend itself to all sorts of new things.
    Martino Quick to offer support, help and keen to apply her skills with the bow. Really, the young lady from a quiet House, might prove to be something of a great find.
    Reese A friendly Lady who I ran into a few times. I am interested to learn more more about her and hope she i doing better than wellish.
    Saro A wound spring waiting to leap into action. Outgoing and friendly.
    Vercyn A curious woman. Reserved at first, though with greater comfort from familarity or drink, she opens up and is rather charming.
    Willow She is an absolute delight. She reminds me of Marquessa Eilonwy in some ways that make me think they might make fast friends. And she is just cute as a button, too.