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Countess Aahana Magnotta

A New Fire Burns Within

Social Rank: 6
Concept: Phoenix of Magnotta
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Magnotta
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married
Age: 19
Birthday: 4/20
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'4"
Hair Color: Wheat Blonde
Eye Color: Light Violet Blue
Skintone: Light Peach with soft Freckling

Titles: Countess Consort of Caer Morien, Magnottan Minister of Coin

Description: Petite with a lean but toned build not unlike an athlete or warrior that was also blessed with an hourglass build, even possessing a the hints of four pack when her abs are visible and a pair of thick, but toned graceful legs with slender arms. Her movements graceful with the hints of her background in dancing and horseback riding.

Her narrow face dotted with as many freckles as the stars in the sky. A pair dark brows that are manicured rest over eyes like crystal violet blue glass which can be brought out more but her hair like corn-silk descending to her upper back. Below her almost perfect almost rests a pair of full but narrow lips.

Personality: Many would expect a prodigal to be a wild, savage thing with little in the way of self possession and persuasiveness. They have not yet met Aahana. In the battlefield of politics, tribal or of The Compact, with calm and steady grace Aahana slaughters weak talking points and irrational emotions in her enemies with a deep well of knowledge that she dispenses with enrapturing words and a charming smile. She pursues what she and her house wants like this, though she is not above being pragmatic and relenting when she sees the need to. She is quite flexible and patient, willing to wait and change her approach to succeed.

    But that is business. She is not just a woman of business, but a woman of pleasure, who enjoys with a passion the pleasure of arts, whether creating songs through her voice or enjoying songs with her body. And not only is pleasure found in the the art of the deal or the arts, but also the art of love; she enjoys her flirting just as passionately as she loves the arts.

Background: Aahana is the youngest sibling of Ruslan Volkov which gives her the title of baby sister. Perhaps her being the youngest out of so many is what makes her shy to new people at first, tending to always prefer familiarity to something new or unusual. She has really been like that since she was old enough to crawl. Most consider her shy but in truth she likes to observe before acting upon things.

As she grew up one of only two woman in the family she tended to be fiercely protected by her brothers and elder sister. This just aided in her quiet observing all the time. Even when they would occasionally go into town she was study over the nobles and watch their interactions more than anything else. And as she aged, she would eavesdrop upon lessons in economics and diplomacy. Often she would masquerade as a noble to learn what little etiquette she could before she would be found out and having to vanish.

When Ruslan bent the knee, there was a lot of unrest among the tribe. Some of the family liked it, some didn't. Aahana was more excited than the others in truth though she did her best to hide it. And now that her eldest brother has sworn their family to the fealty of Fidante and in turn Velenosa, she is determined to try and keep her family out of trouble while they all adjust to the new ways of Arx. No more needing to pretend.

During her time within Arx she made many a friend and ally. Then there was Domonico, there was something about him that caused her to become smitten, so smitten she sworn off shamanism and worked diligently to become a token prodigal. Her work paid off as when she married him to become Lady Aahana Malvici, it was deemed true. There the birth of their precious daughter Palania on the tenth of April in 1011.

Then the unthinkable happened when she was travelling to visit her family with the baby. They disppeared just has the massacare of Volkov Woods happened. For those two years, it was though that both were dead. However the unthinkable happened. Aahana and baby Palania returned to arx unsathed and unaged on the sixteenth of March 1014 AR. She is still playing catch up but intends to help the now Count Domonico and the isles of Cyrto Major with all her being.

Relationship Summary

  • Theo - Velenosian Prince who is indeed quite the charmer.
  • Dycard - curious lord of Blackshore, still trying to figure him out
  • Calevaro - warrior of valardin whom has offered to be one of my tour guides around Arx
  • Austen - A knight whom I think we become a friend rather quickly.
  • Ingvar - Possible new drinking buddy
  • Zyn - Wonderful story-teller and sailor
  • Lorenzo - Fellow horse lover and hopeful horse riding buddy.
  • Edward - A baron with a fondness of economics like I have.
  • Graham - A very gracious and modest lord
  • Ignacio - Should I have any questions about the combat, I know I can come to you.
  • Fecundo - a knight whose company I enjoy
  • Luis - adventurer with a penchant for knowledge, quite fun to enjoy the menagerie with
  • Nicholaus - A handsome Prince I bested in a Game of Stones

  • Patron:
  • Nazmir - I know I can learn much for you.

  • Family:
  • Svoli - Its seems we have both somehow come back. I wonder how much we have both changed, if at all.

  • Ally:
  • Ryhalt - You were an amazing patron and I learned much for you.
  • Calypso - Under your previous tutelage I learned much and am grateful for all the lessons.
  • Olivian - I adore your company and your fashion.
  • Valerius - A fellow creative mind I enjoy chatting about ideas with.

  • Friend:
  • Cadern - Flirticious and fun to share a drink with.
  • Joslyn - A new friend I feel like I have known most of my life even if only just met.
  • Lisebet - The Hidden Gem of Westrock Reach
  • Dariel - New handsome friend with much talent.
  • Giorgio - Fun to have drinks with
  • Ripley - Amazing merchant!

  • Protege:
  • Akamos - The Sword of my new lands and very talented
  • Ademar - Beloved Assistant

  • Deceased:
  • Ruslan - My eldest brother and once the Marquis of Volkov Woods. I hope you rest well. You are greatly missed.
  • Syd - My favorite uncle, I miss our talks. I hope you rest well. You are greatly missed.

  • Spouse:
  • Domonico - My husband, My beloved, My rock. I will do my best to never make you fret as you did before again. Let us hope nothing else plans to take me away again.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Purveyor of teas and wines, and pleasant company.
    Alejandro Sister to a Marquis newly sworn to the Compact and Tor. Though we have met but briefly, she is charming and beautiful and apparently acclimating well to life in the city. I am sure I will see her again as I attend to her liege.
    Alessandro Our GoldenPyre, and very likely an excellent choice for such. I hope to get to know her better.
    Alessia A very generous woman. We had an interesting conversation in the Ambassador Salon and she offered me the rest of a bottle of Amaretto from her land.
    Alexandre Lady Aahana Volkov and I met at Dame Alexis' forge, and she was both polite and pleasant company that I hope will be met again.
    Alexis Another twin! I met her sister once. She deals with people where her sister deals with animals, and she seems decent enough at it. Polite, attentive and good at getting people to talk about themselves. I'm sure she and her house have a bright future ahead!
    Amari Amazing hairpins, interest in fine fashion, and a family like mine that prefers running the woods and wilds? She and I should get along well, I think.
    Anisha To cultivate an air of mystery and intrigue, there's little that can beat coming back from the dead. Still, Countess Aahana seems like a nice enough woman, once you pierce that veil; gentle in her manner and soft-spoken.
    Arianna She's sweet for a Lycene, and cute. Very very cute. Cordial but friendly. She's also curious but not overly so, in the kind of way that makes me uncomfortable.
    Arthen She does not shy away from her drinking, that's for sure. Very open with her opinions, though I don't know if that's how she always is, or if she was just a little deep into the drink. Either way, strikes me as a good kind of woman to stay on the better side of. That accent is something else.
    Austen A rather relaxed lady, who seems to be rather new to the city and learning all she can. Rather like me not so long ago.
    Calypso If she breaks his heart again, it had better be because she's dead. Because if it's not, I'm going to personally hunt her down and make her wish she was. He's been through too much.
    Caspian Lovely company. I hope she was cheering for me as I fought. I also hope our paths cross again soon!
    Clara She is quite the beautiful young woman an' seems kind. I'm sure she'll do her house proud an' reach many of the goals she aspires too. I look forward to seein' her again soon an' gettin' ta know her better.
    Constantine Congenial and eager to lend her aid where it is needed. I can empathize with her position. It is difficult to be both young and trying to prove one's self to your elders. I still struggle with it.
    Cullen With her exotic eyes, striking hair and complexion, one could simply mistake her for a great beauty - but there's clearly more than that going on in her mind, behind those eyes. She seems to be very level headed, intelligent and cautious.
    Domonico An interesting young Lady. Quite unlike any I have met before. A lover of horses, appreciative of fine wines and a captivating dancer.
    Draven Very good at things! Stuff too! My favorite doer of things!
    Elizabetha Such a wonder of mystery.
    Fairen Intelligent to say the least. Her and I both learned first hand from Prince Gareth on how to play the Game of Stones, and we most assuredly lost to the Prince. Still, she seems like quite an interesting character to know.
    Faruq Can apparently stand Draven. That alone makes her one of the wonders of the world. I don't know how she does it. Though, I think she was the one he poisoned? She seems to be doing better if that is the case. Hopefully I will be able to speak with her in a less crowded setting soon.
    Fecundo Lovely young lady with a lot on her plate it seems. Generous offers of tour guide and to teach a language I do not know. How could I not accept? She seems well tied into the trade around here as well. Could be a good contact going forward.
    Fianna Ruslan's sister and a lovely ray of sunshine. I hope that we grow closer as I spend more and more time at the Volkov encampment.
    Fiora She will be married to Domonico. Calyspo seems to highly favor her. I am making it my duty to learn more about her at present.
    Gareth At least on the surface she claims a desire to follow all the codes of the Compact. There is generally such a distrust for prodigal houses. Yet just because a house is new to the compact does not necessarily mean they are more treacherous than any of the other prodigal houses that have been in our midst for years. For her part, she seems to be trying to put a good face on for the Compact. It's a good attempt at least, good for her.
    Gaston An intriguing woman from House Volkov. The second that I have met, and the other half of a twin pairing. They are like the sun and the moon, in terms of similarity to one another, but Aahana is the softer of the two. She is an intriguing one. I will have to learn more.
    Gaston An exotic beauty from the Lyceum...a prodigal, it seems, but certainly a refined one. I'm happy she stopped by, I'll have to talk to her more.
    Gerrick How does one come back from the dead and look as good as you do now
    Gwenna Lady Aahana Volkov is both a diplomat and ledger-keeper, much like myself, and I felt an near immediate kindred spirit with her in that alone. As well, she is lovely company and exceptionally poised. Friendly and warm, I sincerely hope cross paths again and soon.
    Ignacio A lovely woman born on a horse it seems. I enjoyed the conversation and it is good to see our Houses will be working closely together in the future.
    Ingvar Lady Aahana is a woman I met at the Grotto who invited me back to show me her dancing, however she appearently didn't trust herself so invited a rather unusual chaperone. I'm not sure what to make of this woman.
    Iseulet Gorgeous - truly the belle of the ball tonight!
    Jeffeth Lady Aahahaha! Her name sounds like you are about to start laughing, which I think is just lovely. But I don't think she likes that. I don't think she likes it one bit. I'll have to keep my funny joke to myself.
    Jordan Lady Aahana Volkov. She brings wine to the training center which does inform me that either she really hates the cold of autumn or she might get along smashingly well with Lord Pharamond after a point.
    Joscelin Cheerful Lycene noblewoman, she's definitely a kind of social lubrication, encouraging others to speak and meet and mingle. At the time, I definitely appreciated that.
    Karadoc A newly made noble of a Prodigal House, Lady Aahana seems extremely talented in many - many ways and I think that she will acclimate to life in the Compact well. She would make for a valuable ally.
    Kritr Not a revenant at least, but still, it's weird that she and her child disappeared for two years and did not age.
    Lorenzo An interesting woman, one familiar with horses. I look forward to taking a ride with her and getting to know her better.
    Lottie What a nice lady. And that complexion... reminds me of peaches and cream. Amiable, engaging and just so pretty.
    Lucita Intelligent, good with numbers, well spoken and generous in sharing her knowledge with others. I expect a friendship has good potential to grow over time. Wonder how Doc would like her.
    Lys Oh, yes. This is going to be so much fun!
    Mabelle Back from the.. with a new zest for life. Its refreshing. I pray she will find her path.
    Marian A sweet lady from Velenosa. A bit shy perhaps but I suspect she warms to those she gets to know better. I do hope she enjoyed my tale.
    Martino Truly a beautiful woman and my brother uis very lucky to have found such a vibrant and lovely woman to become his bride.
    Martino She is back. Confused but back. Death kept her looking good.
    Melody A bit of a playful one, this one -- We were talking about the excitement of love and courtship, and I have a sneaking suspicion that she'll be able to steal away whatever kind of company interests her without issue.
    Miranda I have heard of Lady Aahana from others, my brother included. I enjoyed her wit and humor, a bit like myself in the playful way she addresses those around her.
    Mirari She is very pretty, and it seems like she's gregarious as well. It will be fun to get to know her better.
    Monique Cheerful and polite, and interested in the gods. Maybe she has an interest in scholarly pursuit. I should introduce her to Alessandro!
    Neb She is clearly the younger twin. When given a choice between the obvious and the twist always believe the twist.
    Nicholaus A true delight and a brilliant player of Stones. Wonder how much that bet is going to put me back...
    Niklas Lycene lady. Very proud of her prodigal roots. Good on her!
    Norwood What an enthusiastic young woman. I'm afraid what she and Amari might get up to though. They seem to peas in a pod.
    Orelia Sweet and shy, but she's rather delightful once you get to know her a little better. Bringer of wine and treats!
    Petal She seems very nice and thoughtful and popular!
    Quenia I do not often have much interaction with shav'aravani, but Lady Aahana seems eager to embrace our culture and become a true member of the compact. I find her exuberance refreshing, so much so that I've offered to teach her some of the skills she needs, in thanks for her teaching me her birth language.
    Reese She seems charming, welcoming and polite with a air of playful words.
    Romulius Count Domonico's bride, thought to be deceased. Now, apparently, back from the dead.
    Rosalie A vibrant woman of grace and poise, its no wonder she models!
    Ruslan My little sister, so beautiful and so very bright. It will be a loss to the House when she finally settles down with a husband, but he had better be worthy of her. She knows my mind and serves as my Voice well.
    Sabella One of the many Volkovs I met in a single day! I found all of them to be very wonderful! Lady Aahana was polite and friendly and I am happy to see that she seems to be settling in quite well!
    Saedrus A charming guest of the Grotto. I hope that she continues to be so, so we might meet more often.
    Seth A young woman whose family just recently bent the knee. Charming and in possession of practical intelligence, I look forward to learning more about her in the near future.
    Sheena She seems nice. She also seems to know Baron Edward well. She wishes to speak with me on something. I need to follow up with her on it.
    Simone A lovely Lenosian prodigal lady. She spoke regarding some of the challenges that her family faces. I understand her concerns and struggles all too well. I will help to guide her if she allows and offer her what wisdom that I may.
    Snow She seems to be different then the people from House Redrainand interested in others.
    Theo A charming and beautiful Lady of House Volkov who has recently arrived with her sister. And so amusing! I look forward to getting to know her.
    Tynan Charm and grace and such moves. Who says business can't be mixed with pleasure?
    Veronica Soft-spoken and polite, the Lady Aahana gives an excellent representation of her house. I am not familiar with House Volkov, but they should be proud to have her as their Voice.
    Wilhelmina Easygoing Lady. She wears fashionable clothing and yes, trying them would be nice. She shares a passion and could be a good friend.
    Zoey Not everyone gets that sort of second chance, but I trust that she will use hers well.