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Countess Carita Darkwater

Amidst my stillness is a blazing heart.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Conflagrant Courtier
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Darkwater
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'8"
Hair Color: White Blonde
Eye Color: Deep Sea Blue
Skintone: Milky White

Titles: Minister of Finance of House Thrax, Countess of Darkwater Watch

Description: Graceful and statuesque, Carita is a dream of snow and ice, neatly hewn as though she was created by a sculptor or jeweler. A figure of subtle curves that are built of moon bones and milky flesh in a way that may make one take pause, in a way that may make the breath catch in one's throat. Long, white-gold hair falls in soft waves down her back - not pale enough to be called platinum - with the faintest hint of lingering color. It's an ideal frame for her features, delicate and refined, that seem little more than afterthoughts with her mouth touched fragile petal pink. Her eyes are the deepest crystalline blue, like the coldest seas, contrasted only by the warmth of her smiles and the fire of her temper.

Personality: These are the priorities In Carita's life: family, fashion, and friends - and her possessiveness of these factors are absolute. She strives to take care of her Lower Burroughs family as well as her noble family, aware that she started from this less than desirable social status. She will work even harder to ensure that she never returns there. She is determined to be more than her common upbringing. Because of this dichotomy, she is a woman that doesn't see the world in shades of grey: merely in black and white. Haves and have nots. Needs and wants. Beneath the icy facade is a woman of intense passions that burn. If not for the self-possessed refinement she learned while training to be a courtier, this anger would certainly consume her and everyone around her.

Background: Once Upon a Time?

(No, this is how I want my story to start.)

Once Upon a Time there was a girl that grew up hungry, dirty, and poor in the Lower Burroughs as the youngest of seven other children. Her mother, Darya, was a former Thrall that managed to pay off her debt to live free - and her father was never spoken of. Life was difficult and unpleasant for the girl as she fought to make herself noticed among the rest of her siblings. It was a battle that she constantly lost, but she fought on. She was determined to better herself and her situation.

It was expected that this girl would apprentice to some trade, to marry, or find work to support her constantly growing family - as many of her older siblings were already having children of their own. She worked as a barmaid in the Murder for quite some time (rest in pieces, Chanse, you bastard) before she caught the attentions of a courtier of the Whisper House and the two established an unlikely friendship. The courtier had also grown up in the Lower Burroughs, but had impressed the Radiant enough to train them and offer them a position among the Whispers. It was through this friendship that the girl realized that this could be her future, her chance to make it all better for herself.

This was her calling, her passion. Constantly surrounded by interesting people, endless opportunities for socializing, and always having the finest things that her new life could afford her. Life as a Whisper suited her far much better than being a barmaid. When she received payment from her wealthy patrons, she always made sure to send a portion of it to her aging parents, but she always kept more for herself. As a girl that had grown up wanting, the woman that she became would never want for anything ever again.

The woman would have been most content to remain a pampered Whisper for the rest of her days, but her heart (fiery and quick like her temper) led her to fall in love with a pirate. Well, he was a Darkwater. (It's more or less the same.) She had many misgivings of him and his intentions, considering that he was a Thrax - but Lord Baltus Darkwater proved to be a truthful man that honored his promises, and acted upon every lovely word that he had spoken to her. The woman would have been pleased to remain his lover indefinitely. When the Darkwater Lord proposed to her with the desire to make the woman his wife, she was surprised that she accepted it so easily. The wedding was a subdued affair (the dress was not) and the newly wedded pair went off together. Away from Arx, across a deep blue sea to a gem of an island called Cielos Encantadores. After a couple of years in this paradise, they finally had a child - a girl named Nerissa.

And they lived Happily Ever?

Oh, wait a moment.

When Baltus was sent a summons by their liege, the Darkwater Count Maximilian, he answered and returned to the city of Arx. It was days after that Carita decided to follow her hushand with their daughter (and a nanny) so that they might be together again. Eager to starting a new adventure in the city that she was more than pleased to leave behind.

... Hopefully, they live Happily Ever After.

(They didn't. Irreconcilable differences.)

Relationship Summary

  • Baltus - Darkwater Lord & Former Spouse

  • Patron:
  • Alaric - My guiding light.

  • Family:
  • Eamon - Darkwater Lord & Welcomed Relation
  • Asriel - Great-Uncle Asriel is a mystery and a quick-witted, unexpected supporter.
  • Venta - Former Darkwater Countess

  • The crown:
  • Alaric - Sovereign of Arx & Very Personable.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Appolonia - I still say your nickname should be Loni, or Lonia. You don't look anything like an Apple to me.

  • Ally:
  • Alarissa - Princess-Consort Thrax & Social Adept
  • Vanora - Duchess Grimhall

  • Deceased:
  • Luca - The Fox Prince was a quiet hero, I believe. A man wrapped in mystery, shrouded in haze, and loved by so many. I am truly lucky to have known him, and even luckier to have called him friend and patron.
  • Ford - Former Marquis Kennex & Liege

  • Friend:
  • Arik - A dear friend when I don't want to kick him.
  • Galen - Former Patron, teacher, storyteller, and drinking buddy.
  • Turo - Gifter of turtles even though they're the wrong kind.
  • Sorrel - My right hand when rebuilding Darkwater. I don't know how I would have done it without her.
  • Coraline - We see one another so little these days. Alas. It saddens me.

  • Protege:
  • Maja - Endearing and clever, empathetic and sweet, she is definitely a better Whisper than I ever was. I'm so very proud, I just know Maja will go far.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana A wonderful conversationalist! And it seems we have a liking for tasty treats in common.
    Aethan Back from Darkwater, and just as I remember her. It's a good thing.
    Alarissa Though I have at times in the past rested on both sides of the fence with regards to the Lady Darkwater, for the better and the worse, I can say with a certainty that at least when all things look to be ruined and in despair, she finds a way to rise and recover and I find that admirable.
    Amari I very much doubt she's lacking in amazing talents, or that she's a cream puff. She is a great conversationalist, she can't deny that.
    Arcelia I have known Carita for quite sometime now but I admit that I haven't spoken with her much since Count Max Darkwater's passing. I hope that she has been having a good life though. Her and her house deserve some long needed peace.
    Arthen Some women are just sweeter than wildflower honey. You might not expect that from a woman with a last name like Darkwater, but she's got a way about her, can put you right at ease. Maybe that's dangerous. Never did shy away from a little danger, though. She isn't hard to be around, that's for sure.
    Barric She seems a quiet thing, which I can understand. She and her House have been through a terrible time of late. I would like to hear her speak more though, for the one time I heard her laught it was a delightful sound indeed. I know she is probably overwhelmed by the tasks ahead of her, but I certainly believe she will be up to the challenge, and show as a shining example of what it means to be 'Noble'.
    Berenice It's always worth helping out a fellow noblewoman in need.
    Bethany Nobody useless insists that they're useless.
    Caspian We've only spent brief amounts of time together before, even when you were my patron. I plan on making you make up for that, so be ready!
    Coraline Graceful and with a quiet sharp intellect and sense of humor, I am truly honored to know her and call her friend
    Cullen Enigmatic, beautiful, and a wonderful conversationalist that I clearly need to run into more often now that we managed to be in the same place for longer than a breath or two. I quite look forward to it.
    Declan She was a considerate and generous hostess, and I accidentally offended her by being slightly prudish. I need to make amends.
    Delilah Charming, an elegant conversationalist who involves others readily with but a few words. New acquaintances and friendships seem to blossom around her effortlessly, due in no small part to being an approachable, merry soul.
    Duarte She and I have a lot in common coming from humble beginnings. I enjoyed our conversation.
    Echo I had the pleasure of getting to meet Lady Carita in quiet and warm company. She's awful sweet, way too adorable and genuinely great company. It's not really a surprise to hear that she's voice of her house.
    Ember She is tiny and has a lot of emption bubbling to the surface. I think it will be easy for us to get along, she is quite the intereseting liege lord.
    Fairen One of the sweetest, nicest ladies I have had the distinct pleasure of sharing company with. Some of her food desires seem peculiar, but who am I to fault her on such things?
    Fecundo I do not believe she is as much of a cream puff as she claims. Particularly with the quiet queries.
    Harlex A noblewoman or a will-o-wisp, who is either playing at trouble or is trouble and sets her own rules. Definitely fine company.
    Helia Beautiful, quick-witted and charming lady. I hope I get the chance to spend more time in her company!
    Jasher Courtesy hiding a confidence and iron will. I only have pity for those who anger her.
    Jeffeth A lovely little lady from house Darkwater. She seems very kind and seems to be a good and honorable woman. She likes to tease me a little, but I have fun. I think she would make good company!
    Jordan A Lady interested in bringing her people to prosperity once again, without the damaging binds of the past.
    Luca I know that look. She is a pleasure to watch eating cake. I have given many compliments to many women, in my time, but that is, perhaps, the most unique one I have ever gifted to another person. And by gifted, I mean, I did not share it aloud.
    Melody Oh /no/. A woman after my own heart, sharing not only a wonderful drink, but laughter and feigned ignorance alike. Something of a kindred spirit, one that I just can't wait to see again.
    Mirari A very charming and beautiful woman. I haven't had the opportunity to get to know her as well as I should have during the tour, I should fix that soon.
    Neb Possibly an illiterate Peer. Probably lying.
    Niklas The always delightful Lady Carita Darkwater, always just on THIS side of a scandal. Hilarious and opinionated.
    Oliver The Voice of Darkwater has an exceptionally keen mind and is a charming conversationalist. I look forward to working with her and seeing what we can accomplish in Darkwater.
    Petal Always so friendly and welcoming to me. I think she has a kind heart.
    Reese She seems to be working hard to rebuild Darkwater. It won't be easy task, but I have faith in her abilities which seem immense.
    Rook Delightful company, and more than happy to give and receive help in turn, a true balance.
    Rosalie A far more social woman than I, I admire people who can take in and process all of that stimulus and still keep up with everything!
    Sabella I have always found Carita extremely friendly and quite charismatic and sharp! She is delightful to speak with and I always enjoy her company
    Sparte The lovely lady of Darkwater, pleasant company and with a wonderful laugh. I really hope Tom didn't steal anything off her shoes.
    Turo Seems a friendly enough woman. Nice perfume. Wants to see turtles. I'm sure I can accommodate that at some point.
    Vanora This ethereal beauty is as enchanting as she always was, and so sweetly supportive. I am so pleased to be in a position where I might hope to give her the warmth and solidarity in her time of need that she gave to me in mine. A remarkable woman.
    Victus I've not always seen eye to eye with Lady Carita in the past. She was a common-born that rose to her station alongside a man with questionable motives. But through that, she's not abandoned her post and is still standing there for her people. Whatever the future holds, she's worthy of respect for her grit.
    Zoey She's doing the lion's share of the work her House needs done. I admire her tenacity!