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Duke Harald Grimhall

Death awaits us all, unforgiving and grim. Fear it if you wish.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Grim nobleman
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Grimhall
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'5"
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: None

Titles: Duke of Grihem's Point

Obituary: Died in action in the Gray Forest, routing blasphemous cultists claiming to worship the Horned God. He died as he lived - bravely, strongly, grimly. -_-

Description: Tall and lean, though with muscle still thick about his frame. Harald's weathered face is aged and craggy, over 40 years in the sun and wind having left their deep marks. Prominent brows and cheekbones give his sharp blue eyes a natural glower, and fair hair is going to grey. He goes clean shaven, which lends his countenance a further edge of severity.

Personality: If possible, "grim" might be his middle name as well as that of his family. To first impressions he can seem humorless and foreboding, though there is a sardonic humor to the man. His temper is deep and slow to burn, slow to anger, he is old enough not to rail against the inevitable, but not so old yet that he is fully resigned to it. Patient, but often pitiless, he warms to those who show wit and respect.

Background: Grimhall breeds grim men, none moreso than Harald. He took to sea young, took up the sword young, and won his first glories early. His cousins and brothers no doubt harbored fears that he would seek to usurp rule of Grihem's Point, though to all of their great reliefs, he showed no interest in seizing rule, for there was joy in his life, as well: Harald also married young, being wholly smitten with the daughter of a minor vassal. There was no advantage to the marriage, no significant dowry to be had. It was encouraged by the Grimhalls only because it would prevent Harald making a more dangerous match. Yet while he would continue to do his duties aboard the ships of his family's fleet, and while he was always swift to fly to the defense of his family's interests, much of his ambition for personal advancement faded with the first cries of his children.

And they had many children.

While his cousin Eugine fancied himself a genius of war, and while Dmitry was the honorable and politic leader, Harald's skills always lay with the sea with the steel, and with the men who traded in both. When Tyde rebelled against Donrai, he had led the Grimhall ships north with Thrax to smash the Tyde fleet, and open the shores to the conquering Thrax armies, and Harald had reveled in the grandeur of the struggle. Yet afterward, he had been equally content to return home, as he always did after death was paid, and glories won and lost.

For long years it remained so; then the chaos began in Arx. First the death of Queen Genevieve and months later Eugine was lost at sea. Harald went to Arx and was appointed Voice to impose order on the household as the chaos continued. Abruptly, perhaps proving the long forgotten fears, Harald named his famously honorable cousin Dmitry a traitor, was elevated as Duke himself, and promptly thereafter slew his kinsman in a duel. Ever since, the Grim Duke has remained a staunch voice of tradition against sudden change and mainland influence.

Name Summary
Ann A warm (ok grim too but WARM for grim) host, one I regret not getting to get to know better, but someone who I respect and admire.
Iseulet Grim or not, he was still not such a bad date to the gala.
Vanora The Grim Duke, whatever he once thought of me, is now my Father. His love is half warmth and half stinging nettle, but I'd have it no other way.
Victus He still doesn't smile very much. Not that he needs to. He's a prime example of a wise, older folk from the Isles. Nothing soft about it.