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Prince Fecundo Valardin

I have a good feeling about this.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Scholarly Knight
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Valardin
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Age: 23
Birthday: 12/29
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: 6'1"
Hair Color: Mahogany
Eye Color: Dark brown
Skintone: Olive

Description: Unquestionably handsome, with gorgeous mahogany hair that manages to look good no matter how it is mussed, Fecundo cuts a dashing figure. His well-definied cheekbones give his face an appealing warmth, and his dark glittering brown eyes are pools of sensuous mystery framed by the longest lushest lashes. His brilliant wide smile gives him a charming warmth, but he is built like someone who gets quite a lot of physical exercise.

    A fine wooden sheathe rests across Fecundo's back. The hilt protruding from this sheathe, over one shoulder, is near the same length as the sheathe, itself.

Personality: Fecundo is a jovial sort, an easy-going swordsman who wants to see the world. He wants be a well-educated swordsman, especially wanting to learn languages, so that he can interact with the people of the world, and he's witty with a bit of a scholarly bent. He's easily excited about new and interesting things, and though he's not terribly focused, he is fairly ambitious and ready to succeed. Good things will come to him in time, an attitude which may be a result of how much his doting mother spoiled him. He's suave and charming, and if he loses his temper, he's quick to find it again.

Background: Fecundo has a good sense of humor about his name. His mother named him thus because she had so much trouble getting pregnant that she was certain he would be her only child, and thus he would need to give her all of the grandchildren in the world. Naturally, his younger sister Miranda was born not even two years later. Nevertheless, in his mother's mind, he was the perfect child, the favored one, and the world revolved around him, and anything Fecundo wanted he could have. This might have ruined someone less good-natured than he, but despite being spoiled, Fecundo is a charming and friendly sort.

As a boy, he traveled to Southport to train militarily with his father's family. Before he left, his mother made sure he had the best armor and the best weapons a boy could possibly want. Yet he wrote home at least three times, begging for another sword, claiming his had broken. In reality, he'd given them away to fellow squires who were not as fortunate as he because he knew his wealthy mother would indulge him in anything he asked. He had to swear his little sister to secrecy so that she wouldn't squeal on him, but since he presented her with one of the nicer swords, she was quite mollified and has kept his secrets to this day.

Fecundo sought out the knighthood because he thought it would be an opportunity to learn new and interesting things. He went with Gemecitta's troops to Setarco and saw some awesomely weird things, so he's quite interested and very excited about seeing more of the world. One of the reasons he set out for Arx was because there are so many bastions of learning there -- and it was also an excellent opportunity to get away from his stifling crazy mother.

Good with a sword and a bit of a show-off, he's always kind to those in need. He's slightly overwhelmed at the number of opportunities available in Arx, but he's drawn to the throngs of people and the endless possibilities.

Relationship Summary

  • Isidora - My Lady Dragon, for now and all time to come.

  • Friend:
  • Grazia - My cousin and head of the house. Very supportive since my arrival.
  • Miranda - It's good to have my sister nearby once again.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana Quite a handsome fellow Lycene who is newly arrived back to Arx. I look forward to giving him lessons in my native tongue and perhaps seeing if our families could broker a trade agreement.
    Adalyn A formidable opponent indeed, and impressive with those axes. I look forward to facing off against him again in the future.
    Adora Another silk sticking his nose in where it isn't belonged. I don't like him.
    Alessandro Has the right idea about when weddings should be held -- that is, not winter. It was very, very cold.
    Arthen He never said a whole lot, which is maybe a sign of a man who picks his words careful, but I'll tell you what, he was no slouch at fightin'. Light on his feet, too. Can't say I'd mind seein' him at my side again, the next time a bunch of shav cultists start tryin' to murder me. Good man. So far as I can tell.
    Barric From what I have seen he seems quite the genial Lord, affable and good natured. Polite. I should take lessons it seems.
    Berenice A darling duelist of a lord who is /not/ a peacock, despite his Champion pastime.
    Bethany A gentleman with a fondness for tea. No more needs must be said.
    Bliss I see in Lord Fecundo a man who is trying desperately to understand himself and his role in society. I have only seen him a few times now, but each time, there always seems to be a searching and a questioning. I wonder if he has settled on what he wants yet.
    Brigida Easygoing Gemecittan champion.
    Carmen Princess Isidora's new husband! Patient, light on his feet, honorable. I'd be happy to not be on the wrong side of his axes.
    Caspian I see potential in this one!
    Coraline What an interesting man, charming in that off center sort of way.
    Cullen A Champion that knows my cousin, he seems a rather easy to get along with sort with a pleasant sense of humor and knows what is important in the fireweave vs steelsilk debate.
    Delfina A clever man, practical and seemingly focused in his goals. I promised him tales of adventure in the future. I hope we have the chance to sit down and talk more at some point.
    Delilah He has the most excellent taste in drinks and style.
    Domonico A good fighter. Wields his axe well. Wore me down in a spar. I'd expect no less from a relation (however distant).
    Duarte Met at the Guildmaster's wedding and shared stories of Setarco. I very pleasant conversation as I recall.
    Edain He is a fine knight, with an exemplarly sense of honor. He is someone we'll sing songs about one day. Mark me on that.
    Elgana Newly arrived to the city but eager to get settled in. He seems very charming if perhaps a touch shy, but perhaps that is merely me. I do hope to get to know the lord better.
    Emily Quick on his feet he managed to save the Lady Miranda. Well done on him. Would have along on an adventure again.
    Faruq The overprotective big brother. As an overprotective big brother I can commiserate. I am sure we will be fast friends eventually.
    Giulio One of Grazia's cousins. I suspect it will be most intriguing, all in all, to see what is there, besides a rakish smile.
    Grazia My cousin may be possessed of a somewhat unfortunate name, but he is a good bright young man with a strong work ethic and an ambition to become a great Champion and a scholar.
    Helia He's a really good fighter! Very quick! Hopefully I'll get to spar with him in the future. I'm sure there are lessons I can learn from his style.
    Holt It isn't often you meet a warrior who's a graceful winner -and- a graceful loser. I'm glad I ran across him, and look forward to training with him some more.
    Ida Lord Fecundo Rubino happened into the Mercier Tea Shop just as an evening tea was getting exciting. Quite friendly, he seemed to have no trouble keeping up with Oathlanders and assorted others, nor any of us with him. Certainly good company and perhaps a future customer to boot.
    Imi Prince Fecundo was the first to respond to my request for a Patron, and is certainly a memorable figure. Whatever comes of our meeting, he's one I will keep my eye on. If he acts as good as he talks in his efforts and goals, then His Highness is a man that will be of consequence.
    Ingvar A good natured lord who likes to fight. Also good for a discussion on weightier topics, seems to be well connected. I'll have to fight him.
    Iroh We started it, we finished it. A fighter true and true and a worthy adversary. We put on a show, but best believe one day the score will be settled.
    Jeffeth A fan! I think!
    Jordan A Lycene Knight that shows the strength of the Hundred Cities in determination, spirit and skill. An honorable man, and Duchess Grazia's kinsman. I ought to get to know him.
    Jyri Humble. Not too big on titles, which I appreciate - definitely someone I wouldn't mind meeting again.
    Klaus With men like him defending Arx, nothing in the future seems dire.
    Liara So full of questions! I don't think anyone's asked me quite so many questions in a while. Maybe he's just really curious, or maybe it's a matter of settling into Arx.
    Lilith New to Arx, as well. He's injured and having difficulty moving around, but I'm sure he'll recover soon enough. Then he can show me around his Ward and treat me to some tea, I hope. We met at the Observers Luncheon that I threw. He has interest in joining the Knights-Herald. People like that are always good to know.
    Mabelle A Valardin Prince who's a little bit of everything just like me!
    Melody Nobility that I barely got to talk to! It's unfortunate, but his eye was on the prize and I honestly can't blame such an endeavor.
    Miranda Ahh, big brother. Back on track, now that we're reunited. Nothing like having family close at hand to make a place feel homey.
    Mirari A good looking young man who has quite a way with honeyed words. I shall keep an eye on h im, and see what kind of trouble he gets into in the city.
    Monique The prowess of the Oathlands jousting on full display!
    Navi He is a strange man with fair suggestions, one that showed no judgment to me for where I am from, or what I might be. Perhaps he will be a friend.
    Nico A skilled fighter with no small amount of sportsmanship. I barely managed to beat him in our first sparring. He seems like an excellent individual, and I hope to get to know him better.
    Nuala A bull in the ring: a broad-shouldered man who turns with great speed and uses those axes of his to gore the unsuspecting. He calls himself a peacock but I've seen a fire beneath.
    Petal Black Falcons don't dress as white peacocks. The nobles women of Compact seem to like him, but he seems charming, so I can see why. He has flair, but not too much flair!
    Quenia I had an absolute delight escorting him to Guildmistress Jocelin's wedding reception. He's new to Arx, and ready and eager to meet everyone and get settled. I look forward to catching up with him and his endeavors for House Rubino.
    Reese A champion who seems polite and weasy to get along with.
    Rowynna A champion, apparently. Met over tea and learned of his opinions on fine cloth, facial hair, and penchant for mischief. Definitely worth another visit. It doesn't hurt that he's handsome.
    Ruslan He let my sister get him on a horse, which means he isn't all bad -- he has promise, and a sense of humor. The combination is a good one.
    Sabella A future theater lover, I can just feel it! He's new to the city and a Rubino, but he has yet to meet Prince Aiden. I'm sure they'll both find each other delightful!
    Saoirse Thank goodness, a very good sport! Embraced a villainous role willingly
    Sasha A fellow tea afficionado and one who adores knowledge as much as I do. I see much promise within in and wonder how he will flourish here within Arx.
    Sebastian Light on his feet enough to catch his sister and prevent disaster, as suitable for a Rubino Lord.
    Selene A fine competitor with a noble sense of fairness on the field. I hold a man who sees to the wellbeing of his competition understands the nature of honor well.
    Sophie He loves my cousin. It's good to see a marriage based on love. Heartwarming, even.
    Sydney There is a great deal of promise in this one. Truly, many times whilst watching him fight, I felt that the only thing that might bring him down was himself!
    Vanora A Lycene whom I don't yet know, and am probably not related to. Potential.
    Vercyn He whispered to Princess Elgana at the bar and made her blush: always the handsome young fellow charming a young lady. Don't think I didn't see you!
    Verity Lord Fecundo has made an impression, I'm just not entirely sure what it is. He's definitely Lycene, in the way of cunning not the rumored, rabid flirtations of the south. It could be an interesting relationship of mentor/protege. Only time will tell.
    Victus The man used me as a shield and also had the idea to smash Talen's pauldron. Both of these things I'm completely fine with an in fact, I encourage!
    Vitalis Miranda's brother, now a Prince of the Oathlands, has come into his own as a swordsman, wit and blades both cut!
    Zara Swordsman and diplomat both. He knows when to wield the blade, and when to arm himself with words.