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Princess Elgana Redrain

If I ever flirt, it is for mutual amusement. If I am ever coy, it is only because there is delight in the lure of the unknown. And if I am ever serious ... perish the thought!

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Coquettish Courtier
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Redrain
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 26
Birthday: 12/14
Religion: Pantheon/Shamanism
Vocation: Courtier
Height: 5'9"
Hair Color: mahogany
Eye Color: brown
Skintone: fair

Titles: Minister of Fealty

Description: Willowy height and long, lissome limbs are not the sole source of Elgana's easy grace; much of it comes in her controlled motion and her attention to fashion. Yet grace is hers to command in almost any situation. Loose, her hair falls to mid-back in a gleaming cascade of rich mahogany; up it piles in twists, swept back from her high cheekbones and cool, creamy skin. Her lips are full and soft, inclined to a natural, wistful pout that she can only ameliorate with deliberate smiles. Her eyes are dark and magnetic, easy to get lost in up until the point where she winks.

(Elgana's hair has been left down, all soft dark curls, and just a touch of kohl has been applied to her eyes to accent them.)

Personality: No two snowflakes are alike, and so no two conversations with Elgana will ever be exactly the same. She delights in being unexpected. Airy, breezy and flirtatious, Elgana is rarely direct when she can act the coquette. She loves to dance with her feet almost as much as she loves to dance with her words. She loves parties and can derive great joy from intimate social gatherings as much as from roaring schmoozes. She'd rather be a lover than a fighter and she'd rather avoid conflicts than start them; if she can derail one by making an oddball joke, starting a dance, or giving a bouquet of flowers, she will be all over that. But she has an uncanny knack for observing and understanding social situations; she isn't ever weird for no reason, but always, always to a purpose.

Background: The younger daughter of a lesser line of a royal House has obligations, different obligations than those closer to the hot seat of the actual Prince(ss) of the Northlands, but obligations nonetheless. Elgana was trained to be a proper lady, but as a young girl found ways to approach at a gentle skew; not so far askew as her older sister, a human battering ram and spear warrior, nor so dedicated as some of her family who seemed to take to heart that it was duty and to the matter born.

Yet if you are supposed to learn to dance, why not learn to make your own choroegraphy? If you are supposed to learn needlework, why not stitch up a banner that looks like it is oozing blood from every corner? If you have to learn history, why not write parody filks of ancient ballads and leave them lying around in ambush for your instructors? If you need to learn to ride, why not insist on sleeping overnight in the stable with your pony and treating it like your best friend? If you are supposed to learn to fight ... well, there wasn't much she could do about that aside from demonstrate very little natural aptitude and a tendency to whine and make sad faces about the bruises.

As she blossomed into a lovely young woman, Elgana learned new ways of making her own way and having it her way. While her sister ramrodded through obstacles, Elgana danced and flirted and laughed her way around them: a much easier, friendlier, and better angled kind of life. Though she never entirely lost her ability to tilt issues at a slight skew from the ordinary, she learned to temper and sheath this inside the bounds of etiquette, and apply imagination to life as her personal arsenal, along with a careful hand at fashion and the ability to make her eyes really sparkle with eye makeup. She already owns Farhaven as adorably as possible and now it is time to apply that sparkle to the rest of the Compact!

Relationship Summary

  • Agatha - My big sister. You are my rock, the very foundation of my world.
  • Helena - My much adored little sister.

  • Friend:
  • Alessandro - Best friend. Charming, witty, intelligent.
  • Ennettia - My favorite southern house cat of a Lady. A most treasured and beloved friend.
  • Faye - A great friend and ally who looks lovely in blue. Treasured.
  • Margret - The Best Friend. Her heart is bottomless, her warmth infectious. Treasured.

  • Family:
  • Artur - Beloved (second) favorite cousin and the best giver of gifts. Treasured.
  • Gwenna - Beloved favorite cousin and the best, smartest, most loveliest of all the ladies in the Compact. Treasured.
  • Name Summary
    Agatha She is the most elegant, she is the most clever, she is the funniest. And I will fight anyone who says otherwise!
    Agostino A playful princess who has promised to put me to the test. Now I need to brush up on my dancing. I doubt broken toes would make for a good second impression, after all.
    Aleksei Charming girl, fun to talk to. Before she was abducted! Not so dramatic. Before she ran off with her friend.
    Alessandro Not afraid to call my brother out. Good for her.
    Apollo All grace and kind words. She's the best sort of customer - generous and genuine in her admiration of the work.
    Ardoin A very charming and beautiful Redrain princess with an obviously large heart and sense of duty to family - plus quite the excellent conversationalist! I always enjoy meeting other people who are as loquacious as myself.
    Aric A curious one, for sure. She isn't like any princess I have ever met, which makes her already higher up in my book. I'd be curious to know what hides behind that mask she wears so well. It takes one to know one...
    Arthen Princess Elgana Redrain. Always a little too clever for her own good, compared to some of her family. She's four years older than the last time I spoke to her, and she wears it well. Her welcoming warmth and laughter is a balm, after being gone for so long. The sort of qualities people write stories about. Speaking of that, I think I owe her a story. I'm glad to see she's well.
    Artur Elgana is a treasure! By far one of my very favorite cousins and ever so talented!
    Aslaug (A scrap of paper has been filled in with the dark of charcoal. There is a ray left unshaded, showing the white of the paper, as if it were some bright light.)
    Astraea I love my family but cousin Elgana is an absolute gem. She's always so sweet and ready to smile. Seeing her here in the city can only mean good things for our House as she has that winning personality. Her sense of fashion is keener than mine so I might have to pick her brain for a few things. Good to see the sisters back together again.
    Astyr An elegant and welcoming Princess of Redrain. She represents her house well.
    Barric Excellent company and she has the most adorable puppy. It was amusing watching Simon play with Synder. She seems to have quite the mischievious streak behind that polished demeanor.
    Berenice What a delightfully social sort of noblewoman! I do think I rather like her.
    Bliss The Princess Redrain is a beautiful woman of impeccable class. It possibly helps that she expressed interest in hearing stories about my duels. Possibly. She is on my list of people to meet and chat with over a glass of wine, should she be willing.
    Braith The Princess is well versed in her knowledge of Valeria. But she is also a willing partner for investigating further. I can not help but think perhaps I might be up for wearing a dress if I keep up such company in the future. I do like her.
    Cadenza Okay she and I will get along just fine. I love her attitude and her energy and her enthusiasm. Can't wait to get to know her more!
    Caith Oh, she is /delightful/! She is a unique flower within her family -- just like me! I feel like we are two peas in a pod and could be very good friends: she is friendly and happy and very easy to be around. I like her already!
    Carmen The Princess is kind, funny, with a nice word for everyone. I like /Princess/ Helena, and I like her sister, too.
    Caspian A delightful princess with a love for antics and stories of love and conflict. I can see myself becoming fast friends with her.
    Christine She likes books and rum. We need to meet for drinks. It's a MUST.
    Clara Like many of the Redrain, I spent time around Elgana growing up and we got along well enough. At least, I can't remember anything terrible happening so it must have been okay. As an adult she is a shining example of nobility and I wish her the best life she can find.
    Col Quite the social Princess, able to carry multiple conversations all at the same time without anyone feeling excluded. Admirable.
    Coraline She is just like Caith, will have to ask sis about her.
    Cullen Charming, pretty, rather hilarious, and a taste for adventure. I am going to hate to admit to Margret that she was right, but....she was right. I look forward to a lot more rum and discovery.
    Cullen Pleasant and carefree, a favorite of mine who never fails to lighten the room up with her smile and behavior. I'm glad she a close friend of my sister, we're all the more fortunate for it.
    Dante A delight. Pure and simple. Well, the delight is pure and simple. The woman may well be devilishly arcane and wond'rously wrought of complex creativity. It's certainly the latter. My world is a world ruled by beautiful roses bearing the names of Princesses.
    Darren As ever, my cousin is an energetic woman. She brings energy to whatever room she's in.
    Delia Such things a princess knows, such hidden depths. Are such knowings a burden, belied by an unblemished, beautiful face?
    Derovai She has decent stories at hand. Pity she gets mine entirely wrong.
    Dio A princess of the Northlands, whose taste in fashion is only surpassed by the pleasure of her company and conversation.
    Drake An outgoing Princess of House Redrain who seems amusing to say the least.
    Echo A Farhaven friend. She's a very gentle and charming kind of person - The kind of person you could sit down and have a good chat with. Don't get me wrong, her sister is the same, but it's more like... Two different faces on the same coin.
    Edelma Friendly and outgoing. Blushes like crazy when she kisses (not me). It's kinda cute.
    Etienne Good spirited, friendly, and open, quite the combination.
    Evaristo Helena's sister, just as lovely and charming.
    Fairen A controlled enough Redrain Princess to know better than to unleash the bears upon the people who are only trying to indulge in her literary constructs.
    Faye Initially gives the impression of a flighty young noble more interested in fashion and parties than serious work. I'm willing to let her prove me wrong, though.
    Fecundo A very lovely and gracious lady who was kind enough to include me in her conversations with some other nobles at the wedding of a local craft Guildmistress. She was very engaging and inclusive with her conversation, which was comforting on my first visit to Arx. I look forward to future meetings.
    Fianna A personable and lovely princess (with beautiful hair)!
    Gareth Sister of Agatha she seems a bit more sedated than her sister. She may be interesting to spend some time with.
    Gilroy Elegant Redrain princess host. Didn't eat even one live goat or anything. Nice!
    Giulio ... Agatha's sister? I simply cannot believe it. It is like night -- and day. Day where my shoulder is substantially less bruised
    Grady A charming woman, sister to Princess Agatha, and apparent braider of hair. She seems both pleasant and cheerful, so I expect I'll be seeing more of her around Arx - which will be a delight, I'm sure.
    Grazia Princess Agatha's charming sister. The diplomatic one. Very polite, even if she seems a bit naive. I shall endeavor to spend more time with her.
    Gretchen A gregarious Redrain princess who seems like she is going to be a valued customer!
    Gwenna My cousin Elgana and I are sometimes compared, being among the gentler of the Redrain princesses. She, however, is a star well beyond such assumptions, a courtier and brilliant woman that I admire so much. She has an easy warmth with everyone, it seems, and I can't imagine anyone not adoring her once they've met her. Above even that, she is /fun/. She delights in all that she does and is like a light in any room. I am glad to call her cousin and friend.
    Helena My older sister. She is the lady who keeps me sane and taught me every dirty trick I know, but mostly taught me how to be a Lady. I'm still working on that part though. Someone make her stop calling me duckling!
    Helena Winsome, charming sister, our dark rose. She is as wise as she is witty, and her guidance I cannot survive without.
    Ian Energy and romantic ideals. Hope she can hold onto them.
    Ignacio A charming Redrain Princess, truly befitting of the title she bares. She seems to be a good and fun person that I would like to get to know better.
    Iliana Delightful woman. I have a great fondness for the Northern Families, they've always been so kind to the Laurents and now the Leary's.
    Imogene It's always the rarest pleasure to meet those special souls who make you feel right at home with their very first smile to you. Princess Elgana is just one such.
    Iseulet A bit quiet for what I thought a Redrain Princess would be like! I'm glad she surprised me.
    Jeffeth What a lovely princess. Sister of Agatha, but the two seem to be very different. She's quite charming.
    Josephine One of my favourite clients, and favourite Redrain Princess's. A delight to adorn and each time we cross paths? Just a sheer delight.
    Karadoc Redrain Princess that drinks her rum from a teacup and has a predisposition toward foxes. Clever? Likely. A delightful conversationalist? Definitely.
    Kenna AGATHA'S SISTER OH MY GOSH KEEP IT COOL. Deep breaths. She seems //so nice//, just like Agatha. It MUST run in the family.
    Korka A northern Princess wearing foxes on the arm of a gryphon Prince. Certainly interesting.
    Leif my sister, who has grown so much. I knew she would, and am so proud of her.
    Lorenzo A cheerful and delightful woman. I see completely why her cousin says she would burn a city for her. Also, clearly I need to be on my toes, because if I overstep, I think Elgana will be burning me and sparing the city.
    Luca Charm, grace, and just look at that face. What are they feeding these Redrain women, anyway? I should learn the secret. It doesn't hurt that she can pull a conversational thread and roll with a bit of nonsense, either. I could get into trouble.
    Lys Princess Elgana lives up to her name: She's always so elegant, charming, and pleasant to be around. I'm a little envious of her natural grace and charm. She's a serene day to my thunderstorm.
    Magpie Usually a noble, (and a princess at that!) down at the docks alone is enough for Magpie to have some serious fun heckling, but Elgana was pleasant and friendly. Honestly, Magpie couldn't find it in him to be a dick to her. She was fine company for a brief conversation and the man wouldn't mind bumping into the woman again.
    Marcas A charming and beautiful Redrain princess, a true daughter of the North. The sort of person who reminds me why I take the pride I do in service to her peerless house - down to earth yet dignified, intelligent and friendly.
    Margerie I think the Princess might be a young woman who delights in being challenged, in being made to think and react. There are great pleasures to be had in such a life.
    Marian She's different than Agatha, but able to shine in her own right. I wish my sis had the same feelings on the matter. It was a nice little bonding session, talking about sisters.
    Mason Mason felt an immediate connection to Elgana. Poised, polite, and very knowledgeable, they were able to quickly and easily get into deep discussion without any illness of ease or other troubles. He feels her to be a woman of deep strength and keen discretion, and hopes to build a friendship with her moving forward.
    Melody My patron and close friend. My dearest, softest bear. A delicate treasure of the north, like a calming snowfall and a beautiful night sky. There's rarely a thing I'd prefer to a moment of her company - She's downright amazing.
    Mercedes Redrain princess. I met her at the Spirits, playing a drinking game. She is a very .. friendly drunk.
    Mirari A polite Princess, one who seeks adventure on ships. Having been on a ship or two, I can see the allure - but I also know the drawbacks. I hope she finds her adventure before she gets saddled with a husband.
    Mirari She seems sweet and kind, with a smart mind. The embodiment of what royalty should be.
    Mirk A put upon princess suffering under my cousin. She bears it with grace and charm. I think she has more growl to her than she lets on but it is a very good act. I think.
    Monique A wonderfully supportive sister. It's clear that she puts family first. It warms my heart more than I would ever admit to.
    Narcissa Elegantly bound, silken gowns echoic of those antiquated illuminated texts of ages past. First glance, and first assumption, would not place her in the frozen lands of Redrain.
    Nicholaus Easily impressionable, or prone to fancy? Hard to tell, but she's clearly an observant sort, despite the impression she attempts to give off. She knows, as well, how to command the attention of an entire room. I can't yet discern if she's dangerous, or simply intriguing...
    Niklas Agatha's sister. Seems less likely to crush ribs. Is that a good thing?!
    Niklas The very grace of the North. Princess Elgana's support of the arts beautifies both Farhaven and Arx, and we are all lucky to have her.
    Nuala The white hart among us. Everywhere she places her foot delicately leaves a gentle impression. Her influence too is not often seen but always felt, a sunbeam on my back. Knowing her fully is elusive, but she's treasured by so many for a reason.
    Olin Redrain royalty, she is extremely kind to commoners of her fealty, self-aware regarding her high blood and engaging. I am glad to find such a princess in Arx.
    Ophelia A delightful Redrain princess and a good friend of Luca's! I will have to spend more time with her and get to know her over tea (or perhaps an archery lesson).
    Orelia I like this Princess immediately. A talent for euphemism /and/ fine taste. What's not to like?
    Otakar A very kindly cousin who seems to have a love for the sea and blushing. Seems to be quite the nice sort, and gave me a warm welcome despite our unfamiliarity with one another - seems smart, too.
    Pasquale The Redrain Princess who considers herself an atypical Redrain. I know not enough of the North to say whether that's true, but she strikes me as smart, dedicated to moving the Compact forward, and entirely charming. So the North should be glad to have her.
    Quenia Princess Elgana is every bit as charming as Ennettia tells me she is, and is perhaps someone much like myself in terms of being overworked sometimes. I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Reese She makes for good company and is another kind of warrior. The kind of warrior, I never learned to be. She seems to be like a good person to know.
    Reigna She is a bold, bright thing. Smart and she comes with Luca's seal of approval. I like her. She mentioned potentially being my patron, I think I might like that.
    Rinel She's not at all like her sister. I suppose that's reasonable. Lots of people aren't like their sisters. I like her, though. I have had too much to drink. I hope I like her when I am sober.
    Rowenova Before I ever met you, I had the distinct honor to actually wrote to you (for Lord Arik). Then, we finally met at The Spirit, and I could tell right away that you were a charming individual with sharp wit and noble grace.
    Roxana She's charming and very pretty, with a mind to politics too. Also a wine person. I do like wine people. Not nearly as suspect as whiskey people, or cat people.
    Sabella Always elegant, poised, and so much fun, Princess Elgana is one of my favorite people in the city! One of the only others that can make Prince Gareth smile.
    Sabella Princess Elgana is perhaps my favorite Redrain Princess--don't tell the others! She has such a jovial nature and is always so friendly and welcoming to all. She is the first person to volunteer whenever I'm planning a fundraiser and she is as kindred a spirit as I have ever found here in Arx!
    Salena A Redrain princess. I'm sure I blundered Cecilli's introduction but with so many armed guards flanking this lass, I was just trying not to clip my damned words like a peasant. She was quick to motion us to the spirits, though, and that's always a calming factor. Helps that I had a full skin of wine beforehand, too.
    Salvatore At first I thought she disdained alcohol, which made me suspect her of being a secret Oathlander - but liking rum solely is no personality deficit! Amusing wit and seems quite interesting to know, I'll have to find out more sometime.
    Saoirse Princess of Redrain who seemed bright enough to understand a joke. Thank GOD.
    Simone Quite an interesting woman. As a best friend to my cousin, I certainly must like her. However, I truly do find that I enjoy her company.
    Starling A very merry and kind lady -- a little easy to tip over with a bit of the spirits in her.
    Tabitha So graceful and pleasant.
    Talen Princess Elgana, prone to yearning for adventure. Less so, husbands. The poor thing has been roped into thinking Isa's smut is actually worth reading, not stoking and fueling a fire.
    Theron A charming Redrain, certainly. She seems gentle, kind, communicative in mannerisms. It does make me wonder what's beneath the surface, but that's a topic for another, longer conversation.
    Triton A redrain princess, seems like she ended up here like I did, out of service. Seems like a woman with a good head on her shoulders, wouldn't mind calling her a friend someday.
    Tynan Having heard a number of good things about Princess Elgana, it was nice to finally put a face to the words. Not that we spoke much, but that is always something that can be corrected later, as the rumors seems to nicely match up with the Princess' charming personality.
    Vercyn A Princess of House Redrain, whom I met when she was young. All grown up now to be a beautiful and engaging conversationist.
    Vercyn It quite amuses me that one of Redrain would accuse Halfshav of trouble and overrunning the city. We both have our fair share of... trouble, though I mean it in the most fond and enjoyable sense. The other Houses may despair, but we know they need some levity in their lives.
    Viktor She is sweet, nice, and beautiful. I am not sure what she means with some of what she says, I am sure it must be my imagination. I think.
    Violet Agatha's sister is gentle and sweet. Such a contrast to her big and bold sister.
    Vitalis A very graceful and beautiful Princess with an interesting reading habit, seems rather the friendly sort and perfectly content to (possibly) listen to tales of exploration and adventure. A friend of Count Duarte's, so she has to be intriguing in some way.
    Vitalis Most of the letters of 'elegant.' And no mistake. She is every bit a Princess, though we didn't get to speak much, in truth.
    Volcica She seems a social butterfly, airy and bright. She could make anything fun, likely.