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Prince Luca Grayson

I'm sorry I'm late. I just didn't want to come.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Dissatisfied Champion
Fealty: Grayson
Family: Grayson
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 29
Birthday: 03/15
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Champion
Height: average height
Hair Color: dark brown
Eye Color: cinnamon
Skintone: bronzed

Titles: Sword of Bastion

Obituary: Killed by the Queen's favored priest in a dance battle to the death. He danced until he dropped, but the music plays on.

Description: Luca's hair is always in one stage or another of growing out a respectable haircut. Straight and very dark brown, it brushes over his ears and curls slightly against his collar. He's clean-shaven and his clothes are in (mostly) decent repair, but he gives off the impression of not caring a whit about his appearance. He gives off that impression because he doesn't care a whit about it. Lucky for him, he's dreadfully handsome, with a broad-boned face and low black brows that cast deep shadows on eyes the color of cinnamon. His 'fashion' is best described as extremely casual, but with his lanky build and smoothly bronzed skin, he manages to make it look just a little bit stylish.

Personality: A friend might call Luca "easygoing". A casual observer would call him lazy. Possibly also unmotivated, unimpressed, and in need of a new shirt. In truth, he's bored to the point of despondency. It's not like he's a depressive, he still has his hobbies. Like giving in to his intense need for a drink after another easily-won duel. He just finds it hard to get worked up about things. He has a good sense of humor, and a good heart. His laissez-faire manner means he very rarely gets truly angry, even when being insulted. He's easy to be around, if not the most dependable friend.

Background: When he was young, it felt like every instructor could not stop praising Luca for just how talented he was with a blade. It just seemed to come oh-so-easily for him, that the balance never felt wrong, that he could feel instinctively precisely how someone else would slash before they realized it themselves, just how to deftly cut in to get under an opponents defenses. He loved the blade, and dedicated every waking moment to its study, fine tuning himself to a weapon without peer and rejoicing in competition after competition as a young man as he dueled for sport and the honor of House Velenosa. But as he won one competition for another, he started to wonder if his opponents just weren't trying at all. If they were yielding at the barest first brush of effort, if they gave up without even making the smallest attempt, if they had even trained a fraction as much as he did. He didn't stop winning, but with each successive victory, Luca was losing his taste for it. He had spent every moment since he was a child training for this, and it felt like every opponent barely knew which direction to a point a sword. It was downright insulting to his efforts! Why did he have to spend twelve hours a day honing himself with a blade when they just randomly throw out some random count's son with a borrowed sword to 'compete for the honor of his house' when the man was going to practically walk into the tip of his dulled sparring sword and call it a day?

Luca felt himself slowly but slowly losing interest in training. He could beat any of them without effort, and if they weren't trying, why should he? He finally remembered some snide remarks about him not bothering to train before major competitions when he lost his temper and decided that if the Lyceum couldn't offer him any challenge at all, then he would go to Arx in the hopes of finding someone that could. Yes, yes, the Champions of Arx are not the most reputable as it has a collection of sellswords and shady individuals that champion the honor of noblewomen in need, but at least he might find some competition that would give him a reason to -try- again. And maybe he could find other reasons to be at court. Surely in the hundreds of thousands of people, there's bound to be someone that can offer a new champion a challenge. He just wants a reason to try, is that too much to ask? Any reason. Just one.

Relationship Summary

  • Luzio Velenosa - My father who perished while fighting pirates when I was very young.
  • Talia Deepwood - The mother with the interestingly enigmatic past that I never really got to know.

  • Rival:
  • Nobody - This would be quite a compliment to bestow, wouldn't it?

  • Sibling:
  • Ophelia - O, the sweetest sister a man could ask for, isn't she?

  • Frenemy:
  • Alistair - Ali, it is safe to say we have a fair bit of history between us.
  • Jeffeth - JB, this has been a rough road, but sometimes I wonder if it isn't smoothing out.

  • Deceased:
  • Estaban - Esta, one of my favorite partners in crime. I always thought I'd go first.
  • Serafine - Sera, she was wild and fierce and funny and nobody could ever replace her.

  • Friend:
  • Aureth - 'Reth, Death's Double Feature. The man's a fine kisser, too.
  • Aleksei - Alley Cat, the second best Champion I know! But the first best thing the Oathlands ever produced.

  • Protege:
  • Orelia - O, I am going to make a mess of you, but you will fight like you mean it.
  • Carita - 'Rita, I never thought I'd take one protege, much less two. But I've come to need you.
  • Name Summary
    Adora I see why his wife left him. I don't like him.
    Aethan May not have won the fight, but he probably looked the best, so that's a win in itself.
    Agatha He says the funniest things! I hope that I get to meet Princess Colors' husband again and spar with him.
    Aiden He's plucky? I am not sure how to describe him without sounding entirely unfun myself. He likes to be .... uh, lively? Yes. I'll go with that.
    Ainsley The Sly Fox among the Gryphons! Luca is one of Ainsley's favorite people, for all his laziness and drinking.
    Alarissa Dear darling Luca. One can see why you were stolen from Velenosa by Reese. One of my favourite cousins by marriage.
    Alayne As if the light of sun, star and moon collided upon a single axis, its three-sided shade emanating a light in form of unbridled, royal beauty with a name: Luca.
    Alessandro Extremely amusing cousin, and the only one to whom I would trust the matter of whether I am my wife's best friend or not.
    Amarantha He's certainly earned his nickname. Very nimble. But I'll get him with an egg someday. Someday.
    Apollis Prince Luca, a transplant from the Lyceum and an incredibly affable and handsome man.
    Appolonia I've met a great many people in Arx since my arrival - my second arrival - but I am certain that this meeting was perhaps the most interesting of them all. Whatever this captive Prince may be, it is more than what lingers there on the surface. If he dances in the shadows as well as he speaks on them, I look forward to whatever it is me we may uncover together. And find time to write that book of his.
    Ariella Same old Luca. Making 'over the top' look on in jealousy.
    Astraea He sure knows how to handle a sword and he looks damned good while doing it to.
    Aurora While I certainly could have done it all on my own, I am practicing some balance in life and this Prince just happen to appear at such a time. Charming and handsome. Perhaps. If you like charming and handsome. I did not pay much attention I admit, and I also did not find him a terror as others have claimed. Perhaps one day? Does that mean you've become close with someone to find them a terror or perhaps it depends on the interactions at the time?
    Austen Prince Grayson seems an honourable man, though I have not had much chance to speak with him. He seems to have a fair sense of humour as well.
    Barric Never takes himself to seriously, which is good, because he would be devastating if he ever did. I always enjoy his humor, it is enough to pull me back down to reality when I get to fixated and focussed.
    Bliss I see why Princess Reese is with this one. A strong fighter, roguish charm, and an actual sense of humor? Is that a little pang of jealousy I'm feeling?
    Brigida Can't stay seated!
    Cadenza One of my fave cousins! We need to drink more!! Bring it!!
    Calaudrin Why was he looking at me? He seemed a little too willing to work with me. I wonder if he's lying? People like to lie. He has great hair though, that's nice. Good for him.
    Carita Oh yeah, I can tell a fellow cake appreciator when I see one. So glorious was the shared eye contact that I didn't even mind when he totally stole my wine.
    Caspian My favorite lush! I can't help but love this guy, he is far too amusing and I've enjoyed our fights against each other!
    Clara The guy helped save me life back in The Gray Forest. Was part of the rescue team that came and slayed those that held us captive. Without his help some of us, if not all of us, might be Abyssal Ash right now. I think the man deserves me ta buy him a few dozen drinks every month fer the rest of me life.
    Coraline I don't think I have yet met a more flamboyant member of the nobility. He certainly is very talented with the sword if his accolades in the champions is any indication.
    Cullen Rather hilarious and a trickster, no doubt. The fact that he is good friends with cousin Marian says much about him, and he seems the friendly and genial sort. And he's good with kittens. I think.
    Daemon Carves initials into others. Glaring, but I suppose it's not as bad as killing. Champions will champion on and on!
    Dante A fun fella to have at any party.
    Darren Prince Luca seems very anxious about something whenever he's around me lately. I don't know what it's all about, but I suppose I'll have to get him drunk and pry it out of him.
    Delilah My soul of wit.
    Dominique Trainer extraordinaire! But somehow I am not surprised that he too seems to have a number of fans. It must be a Grayson Prince thing.
    Domonico He talks a lot. And inappropriately during the serious matter of training.
    Duarte I must meet this gentleman in less crowded company. He seems an absolute delight.
    Echo Who said laziness wasn't fun? He's always bringing about smiles and he's even a great friend to have around when you're drunk. Him and Reese make for one of the cutest couples in the city!
    Ectorion Skilled with a blade and good in a fight, still not sure we hold the same goals or priorities, but at least he seems to behave with propriety for some situations.
    Eleanor He said right out he was surprised I was so cheerful, instead of just giving me weird looks or writing me off. Certainly no layabout Prince.
    Elgana Sharp wit and good banter--witty banter! With a charming smile to match that silvery tongue. It is hard not to lose just a sliver of one's own heart to that one.
    Emily The Prince is a rather boisterous and humorous fellow. I think he is the life of every party and somehow related to me most likely several times removed. Inviting him to the manor is a must.
    Enoch Now...that is a name I haven't heard in a while. Though judging from how people chat about him lately, he seems to have vastly increased his combat ability. He was always a natural for it. That...and showing up to events in rather interesting attire. Man, I missed him.
    Evonleigh Charming in that carefree, indolent Lycene way that one can't help but like.
    Fairen My encounters with Prince Luca have always been... Positive ones, in some form or another. When he isn't talking about his pork sword, it seems he has some humor about Marquixes. Or something of the sort. Apparantly, he has also had the opportunity to visit the Twilight Court. An interaction I will be certain to inquire about in the future.
    Faye An interesting man, pleasant company to share a drink with. I'm not sure what his thing is with the cats, though. Maybe next time we talk, I'll find out.
    Fiora Oh gods, I'll bet he's needy, too. Fuck.
    Fiora The Fox-Prince. He didn't say as much, but he's easier to spot than some. He makes funny jokes if one is in to that sort of thing. Though I don't think Eirene would appreciate being called 'happy'. I think she would much rather prefer 'drunk'.
    Gareth Reese's husband. One of these princes who has fallen into the trend of wanting to act like a commoner and be accepted by them. He's a fierce fighter. And drinker. But he rarely if ever embarrasses the house and instead brings us glory. For that he is to be commended.
    Gianna A generous Prince with an appreciation for music.
    Grazia Full of energy, but serious when he needs to be. I'm sure he thinks he's funny, too.
    Harlex A gambler and I feel that his luck has held too long and taken some of the color out of the world. I like him, there is more to his ingredients than some slick duelist. Always meet the man, absent reputation.
    Harper He needs a nickname. Dunno why, but there's something about him that's interesting. I think there's more there than meets the eye, but we'll see. Maybe I'll get to fight him sometime and see how I do.
    Helena Three houses at once: Lycene Grayson at a Redrain party and somehow has enough charm to carry it off. Even if he did speak of my sister as a steed.
    Helia Utterly fabulous and quick-witted prince who doesn't put on any airs and graces. Ridiculously fast on his feet, but what else would you expect from a duelist of his reputation? Too good. I need to learn some of those moves of his.
    Ian It's a shame he wasn't born an Islesman.
    Ingrid A terribly charismatic Prince of House Grayson who charmed his way into Valdemar and Vanora's wedding feast. He knows the Nox'alfar language and may have some stories to share regarding the elven culture, ones which I am hoping to hear one day.
    Iseulet Well the Fox Prince certainly lives up to his name. Clever enough to beat me to Videsi's stall /and/ offer a memorable quip that brought a smile to my face. I regret we passed by each other without getting to know one another but /this/ Prince is most certainly welcome in the Empyrean whenever he wishes. He's certain to be the life of any party he's at. Oh, and isn't he a dreamboat!
    Isolde My fun loving, trouble making cousin. Hasn't changed a bit since we were children bar getting a little taller. He and Reese always manage to make me smile.
    Jasher I remember this man. He comes across as an apathetic fop, but his words and motions speak of another man lurking under that mask. Pleasantly surprising.
    Jeffeth The Fox-Prince. He doesn't like me bowing to him. He doesn't like me calling him Your Highness. And he probably doesn't like me throwing a bunch of eggs at his face. But hey, you must be who you are.
    Jev He likes to explain things? I dunno. Soft cheeks.
    John Hm. I'm still not quite sure what to make of him. I believe I would need more time to make that judgement.
    Jordan Why did I end up following his advice to fight an archer?! Gods damn it.
    Joscelin The Drunken Charmed One. Sweet too sweet, like port wine on cake, but ... tolerable too. Endearing in it.
    Josephine By far, I confess, One of my favourite window shoppers. He reminds me somewhat of my son and when I see him it hurts just a little and yet, he is a delight and I look forward to when he next eases into my shop. Even with all those cats.
    Kaede Good lookin', funny, and I hear he was slicing arrows out of the air with his sword? That's an impressive man.
    Kaldur Humbling. The Prince is grouchy. Irreverant. Delightful. His prayer was unorthodox, but his sincerity touched me.
    Katarina There are few princes as decadently easy-going as the Lycene Fox Prince. Conversationally comes almost frightfully natural when he and Katarina get together, and she's delightfully surprised that they've become fast friends. It seems there's some things he's passionate about after all.
    Khanne He is a man that has long been on the periphery of things in my life. He's around, but, we never really just sat down to talk. I always figured it was just because we ran in different circles, so to speak. Different interests. He often amuses me though. Some seem to see him as silly or outlandish.. I think it is a balance of things. He is an accomplished fighter and as many of us have, has had to deal with horrible things. Humor helps balance horror. Perhaps he is one of the wisest in Arx because he realizes this.... or perhaps, he is just a silly man who enjoys smiling and making others smile. Either way, seems good in my book.
    Kia Handsome. Rakish. Roguish. He taught me how to use a sword. He seems to know how to handle his well, so I wonder if I can handle it in the future...
    Kutazer Charming, handsome, everything one might anticipate a prince to be, however as much as he tries to hide it there is a very functional mind with a rather sharp wit. I am rather curious to see just how functional the mind and how sharp the wit.
    Leola The Prince who married Valardin from Velenosa. Hard to know what to make of the man who'd chase the dragon so. I've rarely had cause to meet and talk with him; which is well. I don't care for duelling, and he doesn't seem to care for animals - or he might, but it never comes up. Either way, we move in different spheres.
    Lore Lazy and carousing, he claims, but he sees a lot more than he admits to. Sharp eyes, sharp wit, and sharp blade. Wonder if his tongue can cut as well. Still, need to get that man back on the sands, he's one of the best and I mean to try and best him sometime. And Gods, what I wouldn't give to drag him around drinking one night.
    Lorenzo A fine cousin and cat expert (mental note here to ask him cat questions later). Always excellent company.
    Lottie The famed Prince Luca Grayson. He's much nicer than I expected him to be. He even came by my shop with a need for brownies! There was something a little off about his smile, though. Not to say it wasn't lovely or amiable. Just -- I guess -- distant? Distant. Like a man at sea speaking of home. Only in a smile.
    Lou I am glad that Luca was able to come to Setarco with us, as I knew he'd keep Reese safe. I'm fairly glad to see that he has done so well. Even if he continues to criticize my archery skills. What can I girl do?
    Macda Luca. What do I even write about Luca? He can take a punch. He can give a punch. He's family but not. Luca is Luca, and I wouldn't trade him for the world.
    Magpie Luca's always a good time and Magpie thoroughly enjoyed an impromptu spar against the man. Enjoyed it right up until he he got brained and lost. Eh, it was still fun.
    Mailys Prince Luca, terrible timing coming in when he did, but he brought wine, so that is a fine step in the right direction!
    Maja A prince! A real live prince! He is very handsome and very charming -- I can't imagine the rumors about his manhood are true. I mean, he's too good looking to be .. YOU KNOW. He gave me some very good advice and recommended a potential patron for me. I hope it works out!
    Malcolm Prince Grayson that's also the Sword of Bastion - wait, yeah, that's what he's called - right? I keep hearing Prince Lazy. Lies, 'cause I've seen him sparring. Ain't nothing lazy there. No wonder he naps afterward. Good folk.
    Malesh Prince Luca was dancing with Duchess Tyde at the Mourning Isles celebration of victory and it was nice. They were... okay. Made me long to dance with my own wife again, but still enjoyable to see people able to do so. This is what we fought for, isn't it?
    Malika At last a Prince who is entertaining to speak to. Not as serious at the few royals and nobles I have seen it is very refreshing. Not sure though if he isn't part feline himself but then who doesn't like a nap in the sun.
    Marian He's still insanely good, but somehow my cousin managed to best him. I'll have to keep in mind some of the tactics she used with him in the ring. My mentor might have to step up his game.
    Melody He shares his booze pretty easily! I guess I would too if everyone gave me free drinks -- I'll have to bug him about that. Get some proper lessons on it because having your hands filled with flasks seem to be one of the worst problems a person can have.
    Mia I believe in the case of royals, it's referred to as 'eccentric'.
    Miella A very handsome Prince that I got to know very well thanks to my sister. If only he were a little more charming I might have gotten that raise!
    Miranda Generous with his praise and clearly understands how hard it is to train in the freezing cold!
    Mirari Every time Luca and I come together there is something there. I think we're a lot more alike than he might like to admit. That's fine, people don't like to admit that they occasionally dance in the darkness.
    Monique It's been some time since I first met Luca. Everything that was true then is true now. Still a troublemaker with an insatiable sense of humor.
    Morrighan Who doesn't know of Luca? Man has made a reputation for himself, but I wouldn't let it fool you. He's competent and skilled. Don't think I'd mind testing him in the sands one day.
    Niklas Yet another horndog Lycene prince. Sabella seems to like him, though. ... Waitaminute...
    Norwood What an... interesting man.
    Ophelia My older brother and true reason for returning to Arx, though he doesn't know it. It's now my turn to watch over him and I will do my very best to see him smile whenever we are together. No matter what change he endures, I will always be here for him and I will always be proud of him. Words cannot express how much he means to me.
    Oswyn One of the most affable Princes I've ever met.
    Pasquale The Fox-Prince lives up to his reputation as laid-back, charming, and able to make sparkling conversation about smut.
    Quenia A Velenosian Prince turned Grayson, but back at the Lycene. Used to run the Mirrorguard, and apparently has run all over the Lyceum with a large majority of my cousins. Says they talk about me. I'm now curious as to what they say.
    Reese Nimble is even more charming than ever. He has put me at ease with the coming battle and I am very happy with him for such. Having at him side such a blessing and I do love him, now more than ever
    Reigna He is every bit a Lycene, from his lazy sprawl to his love of wine, and yet there is something about him, some majesty and warmth that inspires one to comfort in his presence, rather than wariness. To be so beloved by Grayson as to wield Elvesbane is a testament to his skill and heart. He is a good man, though he'd likely deny it.
    Renato He speaks much, but knows much, another master duelist. I shall have to see if he improves so I can learn his moves even better.
    River A lecher of the best variety. I fully expect him to have as many bastards as legitimates, but well, if you've got it, flaunt it I always say, mm? you only do live once after all.
    Sabella My brother in law! I mostly adore him and didn't actually hit him with a dart that one time! He's funny, smart, and charismatic and if he actually directed those things in any kind of direction he'd be a force to be reckoned with! I know I said direction twice, it's not like this is being documented anywhere, Elizabetta.
    Sable A little strange. I'm not sure if it's endearing or not. Any help is appreciated, however.
    Saoirse The prince seems very pro nap and very anti-deep conversation, which is good to know.
    Sheena He is very intimidating! He is a prince and, really, he is very good looking. He makes me very nervous!
    Sorrel He managed to lose a swordfight! I'm pretty sure rampant cheating was involved, but it is what it is. Besides, he's one of the most perfectly charming and delightful of gentlemen, and he's married to my dear friend Ribbons.
    Sparte Still as brave and strong in battle as ever. I don't feel as close to him as I used to be, but I never really fell in with the Lycene habits of his. We still walk with the same purpose when there is danger though.
    Tabitha Evidently confident and relaxed in social gatherings, as would be expected, but I wasn't around him long enough to discern much more than that.
    Thena Unfortunate circumstances to properly meet someone under, but he seems to be paying more attention to things than he lets on. And he clearly cares about Reese.
    Theo One of my more tolerable cousins. I could say many things about Prince Luca; that he is boring is not one of those things. The perfect companion for some good old fashioned Lycene debauchery.
    Theron My friend, companion of free-for-alls and generally fearsome warrior. I'm glad he decided to serve with the Compact Navy in this particular war and that they did as well as they have. It's my turn to do right by him and everyone else I honor by truly calling them friends.
    Thesarin Ive never seen a man who can go from sleeping to frenzied as fast or as often.
    Torian Seems to quite love his wife, very affectionate. Doesn't stop him from teasing the other ladies though. Guess it shouldn't either.
    Tynan A Prince, a Champion, a Pirate Lord. There's probably more hats he wears somewhere, although by the sounds of things, wearing anything at all may be up in the air. Otherwise, he seems to be full of humor and easy conversation.
    Valarian Prince Luca is one of those silks that I actually like. Great sense of humor, good taste, and doesn't seem to care at all for the tedious conventions of society. He should have been at the big haze and dust party, I bet it would have been amusing! I gotta cause trouble with him sometime.
    Valdemar A welcome, and timely, addition to our wedding feast, it was a pleasure to meet him.
    Vanora I find him hilarious. I pretend not to, but...
    Venturo A jovial and spirited fellow, one who apparently duels. A lover of alcohol, he's precisely the sort of prince you want lounging around the taproom.
    Veronica One of Arx's foremost duelists, I finally get to meet Prince Luca in person, after watching him in that duel with Sir Ober. He is charming and easy to speak with, and seems to share my dislike for formal galas in favor of talking swordplay. Definitely my kind of Prince.
    Victus He dances like his life depends on it. And ya know what, it sure as shit fuckin' did.
    Violet Felicia introduced us at the Hart. A very pleasant fellow, even if he was a few cups in. Enjoyable to talk to and down to earth. I can appreciate that!
    Wash His offers of kisses and matrimony enliven every combat. The finest swordsman I have ever seen.
    Zoey A good friend to Ian and I, I know that I can count on him should things go south.