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Sir Jeffeth Bayweather

Everyone's story is worth telling around the campfire. You never know who you'll meet on the road.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Kindly Knight of the Road
Fealty: Crownsworn
Family: Bayweather
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 1/20
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Knight
Height: tall
Hair Color: dark gold
Eye Color: ocean blue
Skintone: tanned

Titles: Legendary Athlete, Bull of Solace, Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace

Description: Broad-shouldered and strong, Jeffeth's physique is a testament to the countless hours of hard outdoor labor as well as cultivated athleticism of deliberate, careful traning. One would be hard pressed to find even a hint of an ounce of fat throughout the large coiled muscles that compose the man's body. Tall and imposingly broad, the man is not one who would be able to hide in a crowd very easily. The man's body is evidence of his legendary athleticism, strength and speed contained in the near perfect musculature of this behemoth of a man. With everything about this man being gigantic, it is easy for the man to strike an imposing figure. Coupled with that the extreme scarring and disfiguration, he is an intimidating presence to be sure.

While half of his face could be considered handsome, clean and boyish, a gallant knight stepping straight out of the storybooks the other half of his face is a nightmare of scars and old wounds. It appears as if the entire right side of Jeffeth's face must have been melted off at one point. Though he has healed, the end result is a terrifying visage of healed over burn scars, pulling his lips permanently into a lopsided frown. The scarring continues down the man's neck and over his shoulder. Here, it appears an entirely different scar emerges. A strange winding scar that wraps around the man's giant bicep, almost like some sort of tribal tattoo winding down until it reaches the wrist. If seen without a shirt, the muscular landscaped sheathed in a gold-tanned skin continues to tell stories with scars. What appears to be bite marks are scarred onto one side, though the teeth look far to big to be any conventional animal. Perhaps a large bear? There are other scars, many, marring the man's body that speak of his continuous brushes with death. Despite this, his eyes are a deep, dark blue, yet despite their fathomless depths, there is an unceasing warmth that seems to glimmer in them.

Personality: Jeffeth is warm, and friendly, and mellow. It's possible that somewhere within that broad-shouldered frame there could be a spark of heat, for it is true there is a spine, and he will stand up for those as need standing up for. But primarily, the best weapons he has to apply to any situation -- aside from the sword and shield he has trained in -- are his patience and his understanding. He has a knack for approaching the complex, the dramatic, and the tense, and breaking issues down to their component parts, to tackle problems in small, handleable pieces, rather than huge, overwhelming panics. He is a loving man of deep optimism and golden-forged hope. Sure, he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but not everyone needs to be a genius, and his emotional intelligence is stronger than many a book-learning lesson.

Background: Jeffeth was orphaned in the Boroughs, probably in some kind of kerfuffle over the drug trade, although honestly who knows-- the priests and disciples and Knights of Solace who took over his rearing at the Tragedy never really seemed to know who his parents were, and no one who he asked could remember his mother. Presumably he had one, and didn't just appear in a basket at the orphanage one day, but these things can be hard for a little boy to find out.

Because he was a big, strong boy in his early teens, the Cullers flirted with trying to snap him up as a runner, and there were times -- when he was cold, and hungry, and tired, say -- that he was tempted. But there was just something about the lines of work that were available to him that palled, and he slipped away from those friends, those connections, those chances, and plunged into the Faith with a will, a grown man with a little boy's unstinting gratitude for the opportunities he was offered. He began as a Disciple of Gild, thinking that that was enough, and worked in the orphanage that had raised him, spending patient hours with children who were often frightened, and angry, and brimming over with fear and frustration.

One day, he decided that he wanted to be a true Knight of Solace, the way those who mentored him were; to see the world, to protect those who needed protecting, and to always come home from his sojourns to take care of the children back at home.

He threw himself into it with a will, and became one of the mainstays of the Knights: his warmth and unstinting optimism are enough to make up for his simplicity for most.

Name Summary
Aahana An amusing Knight of Solace. I just hope his joke doesn't catch on in truth. Other than that, he is quite pleasant thus far.
Adalbern Finally, a southerner that isn't wee! Nice fellow. Takes care of himself in a good way.
Adalyn A noble knight... who is also a little nosy.
Adora I don't like him.
Aethan Very large, but surprisingly nimble. Generally a potent combination. And Ian's friend, so must be a good man.
Agatha Chestthumping knight like me! And observant - he knew I would be stubborn about the cart. And he was right. HAH!
Aiden Considering that he was a self professed knight that not an archer at all, I was pleasantly surprised by his abilities to learn and catch onto the concepts quickly enough. He was one of my top students.
Ainsley I know an upstanding and compassion man when I see one. And Jeffeth Bayweather is one.
Ajax A monster of a man, he bowed to me without knowing who I was. Part of me is fearful of what happens when he lets his maddness out.
Alaric For a fellow who seemingly could just as easily climb a sheer rock wall or swim across the bay or leap over a chasm to get where he wants to go, it's somewhat ironic that his sworn calling is to keep the roads safe for travellers. Very polite and good-hearted chap, though, I can easily see why everyone likes him.
Alarissa Ahh young baywater. A delight and always a treat. May all knights in shining armor be as shining as he.
Alayne A seemingly thunderous knight, big and wide in just about every term of the word. Reminds me of men at home- a bit less hair on the head, though.
Alban A busybody, poking his nose into others business. Does it out of care and concern I am sure. Damned good in a fight though. We need good fighters. Good knights. Especially now.
Aleksei Seems like the best sort of Godsworn knight. That is: very knightly. Very Godsworn -- y. Good job!
Alessandro Clearly quite a good man to have at parties -- he suggests interesting games. I enjoyed his company.
Alexandre He grieves strongly, and honestly. I don't hold any ill will for how he reacted initially. The Gods know I was just as angry at myself. But in the end, Daemon's death brought closer rather than pushed apart. Giant of a man, but quite the opposite of an unthinking, and unfeeling, brute. He has my respect, and support.
Alexio A giant of a man! He randomly waved at me from afar! Has apparently heard of me somewhat...or rather my incident, with that imp of a brat, at the Hundred Cities Inn; and, her deadly bow of hell! Anyways, he seems like a good man. I guess?
Alexis Sir Jeffeth of the Silver Order (not Silver Swords). Seems like my kind of guy, honestly. And he did a good showing at the Gauntlet today, even wanting to run it twice. It's never a good idea to run it twice. I'll be paying for that on the morrow.
Alrec Learned more about myself 5 minutes with this man than from decades of experience. Hopefully, I use this lesson to my benefit.
Amanda A dutiful, noble man, who struggles to do what is right and good. Gods bless him.
Amantha Dear, sweet Sir Jeffeth. You'd think a man so well-liked and.. well, intimidating.. would be more self assured. But it's rather an endearing quality. Rather like an enormous puppy. Not even the sort I'd 'help aside' with my boot, either. I like him.
Amari He must have eaten a whole lot of eggs to get that big. If I'm ever in need of a champion, I'll look him up!
Amund Earnest with his opinions. Knight-Commander of Solace. Very big. Not to start a fight with.
Andry A close friend from the past; we used to call each other brother. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but probably the one to hit the hardest.
Andry It's nice to see my beloved brother is as huge and lively as always. It's a wonder he hasn't cracked anyones spine yet.
Ann Literally the tallest man I've ever met. Dethroned Mydas unintentionally -- sorry Mydas! Doesn't seem to realize I'm a Princess. It's made for some interesting and very casual conversation I'm not usually treated to. Made me smile. Obviously, a heart of gold. Obviously. Somewhere deep under those meaty pectorals.
Apollis What a big strapping knight! He seems polite and kind. He offered to help me. I hope to return the favor.
Apollo Maybe he could try defending someone who actually deserves it.
Appolonia Knight of Buckets. Or no, perhaps he is the Knight of Shrines and Smiles. He likes my name and honestly, that's plenty reason for me to like this one. I wonder if he would like to play a game of two million questions with me one day. We shall see.
Ardoin The Gods bless us to provide us with such dedicated knights like Sir Jeffeth. I shall seek him out for bladework in the future.
Arianna He's a bit timid but the man fought valiantly. Not to mention that he removed his armor so...enticingly. There was something about it that tickled me.
Aric A stalwart and capable knight, from all I can tell. He takes his duty seriously, but is not afraid to be made the fool, which is a valuable trait.
Ariella Still the gentle giant. So long as you're not standing across a fighting circle from him.
Armani Certainly in the top 3 most comfortable seats I've had in Arx
Artorius A rather interesting fellow whose Gala I attended. He seemed to be glorified by his physical prowess. While I'm uncertain if he can truly be called friend, what I am certain of is that he did it for a great cause. I was happy to help out here and there.
Asriel The Knight-Commander of the Knights of Solace seems as kind as he is towering. If you have ever seen him, you know that is saying something. I might be biased. What can I say? I like a man who does not shilly-shally behind false modesty when he is offered a drink for all of his hard work and service in the name of the Compact's people.
Astraea He's a knight of solace and he's actually really skilled. I'm impressed by his strength, it's on par with the north and that's not an easy compliment to give. In his case it is, but not usually. I do not recommend getting on his bad side. He's actually really nice though, and polite. So polite.
Astrid It was a pleasure to see a delight from childhood show up in person in adulthood. Jeffeth remains as sweet as ever.
Auda What a sizable Knight! It seems like he doesn't make his way down to the Lowers very often, or perhaps just not to the Murder, but I'm sure his suspicions will fade in time!
Aurelia As strapping as he is shy, and twice as kind. Now I just want to tease him until he faints. This will be so much fun.
Aurelian A tall man and imposing in such fine armor, that said he seems respectable and honorable enough and dedicated to his path based on our short conversation.
Austen A very large knight, of excellent bearing and good humour. Appreciates good craftsmanship
Avaline An interesting man and a good fighter. I actually managed to beat him, somehow, but I have a feeling he'll surpass me in time. I look forward to watching him improve.
Avary I have met quite a few Knights of Solace. I have not met one quite so tall before. He seems very polite and has obviously been drilled in how to treat someone. I have to wonder how though, he seemed rather alarmed a few times and I felt for him.
Barik Another knight, in another suit of armor. I better be careful around this one, I'm sure he could twist my neck without a moment's hesitation.
Barric A knight. Who seems entirely to fixated on getting his armor off. In public. My my. Seems strangely... unknightly in some ways. Blushing and such.
Bastien Big body. Small brain. How it goes.
Beatrice Arx's champion certainly looks the part, all tall and rippling muscle. He's chivalrous and smiling. He gave an honest, positive critique on the work of someone he loathes. In all, he may be of common stock, but a knight with a capital "K".
Behtuk An approachable knight approaches.
Berenice He's just so _big_, isn't he?
Berto A mountain of a man, this one! An excellent humor in a grand frame, I'm glad and ten times glad to know him! I can only worry that he so often drinks water, though. I can't abide the stuff.
Bethany A large man with a large personality. His presence and his voice really fill a room.
Bianca He seems very polite and exhibited a good sportsman attitude in the dueling ring.
Bliss Really tall, really cute ... not just physically, but adorable in personality, too. I think he might actually believe what he says about the Silver Order. And he was willing to put up with my drunken shenanigans far more than most are. I wonder how he is in the arena - He's big, but can he keep up with the banter?
Brady He's come a long way since the Lower Burroughs. I hope we meet again.
Braith Words. They fail me and yet I have so much to say. I fear they are never going to be quite what I wish to say so simply: My sir. To others: A bright jovial man of faith. Immovable and yet there is depth and feeling beyond measure. Genuine and true.
Bree He hums along and knows all of the songs. Really, that's all you can ask for in a brother Solace, isn't it? I truly have no complaints.
Brigida A good boy. Beloved by Gild.
Brigida Still a good boy and still suitably respectful.
Cadenza He was so sweet and ready to help me with sparring! I think I'll have to harass him more to be my sparring buddy.
Caith I got a crick in my neck looking up at him. SO TALL! SO HUGE! He grew up in a orphanage and I want to talk to him about it, so I can figure out a way to better help the orphans in the city. I think I made him nervous but I will work on that!
Calandra A very big man, with a lot of athleticism. He won the log rolling contest at the Seliki event, and I could not help but ogle a bit.
Calandra A giant of a man, but with a kindness I've not seen in a long time. I miss our days with the family, but I'm glad to see him as accomplished as he is outside of it. I hope to rekindle our friendship now that we're able choose our own fates.
Calarian A bit too fond of ill-time puns, I think, but we all have our flaws. By all accounts he is a man stalwart in the defense of the Compact, which is more important by far.
Calaudrin One of Thena's knights. Nice enough guy. Next time I meet him, he might really crack me one good over the head. I should be careful at the ring.
Cambria While our newfound friendship unfortunately started from the soil of 'If only,' I do not think either myself or Sir Jeffeth will allow the lost opportunities of the past to color the future. I look forward to getting to know him better.
Carmen He doesn't remember me, but I remember him. Hasn't changed a lick, either, except in ways that are good from what I can tell. Might be a few things he still could use some polish on, though.
Caspian A fighter with potential. I enjoyed our match and hope to see more from him.
Caspian He could lose his legs and he'd still be taller then me! Good to see him again though, even if craning my neck up makes it stiff.
Cassandra I have read of the troubles that Sir Jeffeth has been through. I am glad to see he is doing well and hope he knows that the Faith will be there - in him and for him.
Celeste A most amiable, if mischief, member of the Knights of Solace. I had occasion to meet him while talking with the Mother Mercy and found him both respectful, playful, and interesting.
Christine Well, the kid seems a nice one, a fun one, even, with that teasing smile of him!
Cirroch A little bashful when it comes to the topic of sex, but I get the strong feeling he is a good man of strong principle.
Cirroch A man who is quite polite, a little too polite, if you ask me. I feel like he is holding back. People should speak their mind.
Clara By The Spirits! Have you seen this guy's arms!? They are as big around as my head!
Cleo He is a big man, strong, but very helpful. Is not confident enough! He is already teaching me how to speak better and should not just bow down to strange woman whom we have never met! He is popular with the ladies, cannot be that... is mystery!
Clover A mountain of a man with an exceptional 'tummy' and a head as hard as a bulls. He seems very brave.
Constantine A massive man and a Knight of Solace with a jovial appeal. Kind and holy in heart. Seems like the kind of man I'd like to know better.
Coraline Big, lots of big, nice guy but what does he want with my sister?
Cristoph Sir Jeffeth Bayweather is a fine example of a Knight of the Silver Order. He is an excellent fighter and a gracious winner. It's a good man that knocks another down and then uses his hand to help him back to his feet. The Grandmaster and Dame Thena are lucky to have him in their employ.
Cullen Quite the knight, this one. Large and courteous, and helpful to my cousin, Monique. A rather nice person from the looks of it, I'll get to know him better.
Cullen Sir Jeffeth, as a Knight of Solace, is a man of honor and respect, although I have to crane my head backwards to see into his eyes. Despite my height disadvantage, he seems a nice and genial enough fellow, and good friends with my cousin, Monique. His work with helping Princess Coraline become a knight was grand indeed.
Cybele Sir Jeffeth Silver Knight is an important man in the Knights of Solace, so it is good to know him. Also he is big in many ways, size and personality and maybe friendship!
Daemon The first brother in arms I had the pleasure of meeting! He's a tall one and a cheery one too. I look forward to seeing what may come.
Dante I like this man. He broods well, drinks better, and is everything I want to be when I grow up. Now... if I can just get him into better fashion...
Darren A Knight of Solace, seems a stoic man but likely honorable and dutiful. Darren liked the first read he got off him, hopes to see him again.
Darren Sir Jeffeth cares about the people who rely on him, and I respect that in a man. It motivates me to share what I know. I suspect he and I may be of use to one another again in the future.
Delia Sir Jeffeth is a (really big) gem! He's very pleasant to talk to and it's my hope that we will cross paths again very soon.
Delilah It's so good to see more of the Knights of Solace. And what better place than to meet one in Lagoma's shrine? He is pleasant company and seems true to his efforts.
Delilah Patient and endearing as he helped out children. Such a man radiates compassion from a distance, something that stirs even jaded hearts. Clearly his passion for aiding those in need is a force to be reckoned with.
Denica I managed to apparently single handedly beat him in an arm wrestle. Of course the woman that helped me with the feat is just trying to make me feel better, but it was still exciting to be a part of that moment!
Dominique The honey knight! I shall always remember that. HA!
Domonico A big knight, affectionate with friends and a fan of the theatre... which of course is a waste of time.
Drake Ah, the Master Duelist. Interesting sort. Helpful in his own way.
Draven He's so tall! And he bowed at me! He has lots of Fluff! And then he bowed at me! So weird! I like him though! He seems nice! Very nice!
Drusila Champions being applauded at the Queensrest is a surprisingly common occurence, with this large fellow having been the second in a single night! Compartively, however, he was far more knightly and chivalrous, the first proper Arvani knight I have encountered since my arrival! While it was mildly disappointing to learn he does not actually throw carriages about willy-nilly, he nonetheless made a strong impression.
Duarte A kind knight with good intention.
Eamon A large man. A good man. Dedicated and devoted, but able to recognize where his own flaws and desires might be creeping up on the noble tasks he has in mind. Perhaps not quite self-aware enough, but I think that is the eternal affliction of the Godsworn and one of the things which swearing their Oath is contingent upon.
Echo A really tall and likely powerful knight. Admittedly, he's a rather sneaky fellow too! I'll have to keep an eye on him.
Edain A young knight that is sworn to the Knights of Solace. I have helped him in the past with some pointers on fieldcraft I have picked up over the years, as well as some stances that help a knight stand against the onslaught. I like him. In a city full of people that have been knighted, but are not truly knights, he /understands/ what that means. I think most importantly, while many act humble, he is possessed of true humility which is a rare and wonderful thing. I expect when I am old and grey he will be one of the knights the young are singing songs about and that children to pretend to be when they play.
Eddard A large Knight! With words of valiant deeds of both himself and my uncle. Mostly my uncle. Norwood trusts the man enough to drag him by his side to battle, I should think to like him.
Edelma He really is as big as I was led to believe! But gentle with it. He packs a punch, I'd love to see him with a sword in his hand.
Eirlys Didn't get much time to speak to him but he seemed nice. Perhaps I will be able to become more aquainted soon.
Elara He quite literally swept me off my feet so as not to be trampled by he and Princess Agatha Redrain as they tested their mettle in the streets. Running, the both of them, in full armor! It was a sight and I should have moved instead of stared. This man is a true knight. I am happy to have met him.
Eleanor Brother-in-arms. Knight of Solace. Very nice smile! Also very large.
Eleyna Isn't he just marvelous? Absolutely singular. It's almost a pity that Talen's little duel cost him his winning streak.
Elgana Sir Jeffeth appears to be the sweetest soul I have ever met. I truly enjoy being in his company.
Ember Sad to say that my first impression of this man involves vomit. He was eating eggs in the Ebb and Flow and caused some blonde to puke on my boots. Lucky for everyone, I'm not a stuck up noble who cares about her boots that much. I guess they grow them big here in Arx.
Emilia My other honorable bidding war opponent. He too has made a lot of Orphans happy.
Emily How to put the man into words - Proper and and bows a lot. Seems like a good type and interesting. Wonder what else there is to learn about him - she will have to see.
Emmelline He is such a good sport, and very athletic.
Enoch A Knight of Solace. A warm and friendly individual. Words do not quite put into perspective the respect I have for your order, and by default, for you.
Estelle So helpful and friendly! A welcome first meeting in a new city. Bit perilous for the others around him when focused elsewhere, given his size, but at least he's easy to see at a distance. An excellent example of Solace in action.
Etienne A large fastidious man, handy with a rag and bucket, ready a moments notice to crush a man with a joyful embrace.
Eurion A giant! And uses a hammer. Would want to spar him sometime.
Evangeline The Knight Commander is a man of honor and respect. His selfless nature makes him precisely the right person for his position. He is a most excellent host.
Evaristo The giant knight, romance expert, totally owes me a night out getting drunk. Very friendly!
Evelynn A friendly man and he seems to have a lot of knowledge to share.
Fairen Resolute and earnest. There is quite a bit that remains unseen about this Knight of Solace, and quite a bit I expect to see. Still, Caith likes him. I suspect there is a good reason for that.
Faye Don't try to arm-wrestle with this guy.
Fecundo This is the man I will soon have to face, undefeated and very skilled. I look forward to what I can learn.
Fianna I find it hard to believe that cats don't like him. Or maybe it was just that /one/ cat in the botanical gardens... Either way, I look forward to chatting with him again!
Fiora Proof that ignorance is bliss.
Gaston He seems polite but I barely caught sight of the tail end of his spar. I would like to try my hand at facing him on the sands myself soon.
Genevieve He seems kind and sincere. A pity, then, that life is so often cruel.
Genevra A behemoth of a man. Nosy but well-meaning, I guess. Does not appear stealthy
Gianna What a large target you make. Such a blush.
Gilroy Knight Commander of the Knights of Solace? Low or high, wise and touched, it is true that anyone can make it in Arx!
Gwenna Sir Jeffeth Bayweather is the kind of physical presence that can easily fill a room. No doubt a man of great martial skill, he is also one of the kindest and most affable knights I've encountered in Arx. Honest, as one might expect, he seems to have a knack for making a person think deeply when they might not otherwise. Whether purposeful or not? Hard to say. Whatever the case, I am glad our paths finally crossed beyond messages and hope they continue to do so.
Haizea About as hefty and immovable as a boulder, yet as soft-hearted as a child's stuffed doll. He said he would try to find out what makes people like him so large. I did not expect him to take my words so literally. Perhaps he will return with interesting results?
Harlex A knight, in the real sense. Seems solid and good humored. Enviable.
Harper Damn he's tall! He's all bright and shiny too... but seems alright. Time will tell. Oh and did I mention he's tall?!
Helena He's so very large! How do they grow people so big down here in the city? I know that in the North it's because it's so cold that they have to get large, more layers between them and the cold!
Helena It's hard not to like an amiable and goodnatured knight, especially one who laughs at my jokes -- even if they take a few moments to register... Or maybe especially because of that.
Helia Adorable giant-sized knight with one of the brightest smiles I've ever seen. Looks like he could knock a person's head off with a single punch, but he just seems like such a sweetheart. I hope to see him again in the near future.
Helle Big as a tree. There's comfort in that.
Henrick Big. Can hold his liquor. Very Knighty. Much respect.
Ian Willing to work, and I can respect that. I could do without the singing, though.
Icelyn My old friend. He is so warm and affectionate that I feel as if I've gone five years back in time, and I am new again.
Ignacio A massive man in stature, he seems to be kind and reserved. Sir Jeffeth is likely an honorable man.
Imi Spats in White Journals aside, my interaction with Sir Bayweather was one I will remember. He provided history lessons on Lilah Shay, bringing memories of my father's sacrifice at the same time. The good, and the bad. It must have been quite a sight, seeing a soot-covered giant sitting next to me, reciting poetry.
Ingrid Sir Jeffeth Bayweather, Knight Lieutenant of the Silver Order. He is a giant of a man and I can only imagine, a fine warrior as well. He seems to have the heart for adventure, as he should, being a part of the Society of Explorers. So far, he has been quite cordial and I appreciate that.
Ingvar Jeffeth, a big ox of a man, he would have made a great Thrall back home, could likely have hauled a cart full of stone all by himself. Lucky, I suppose, we're not back home. He's apparently a man who administers tests to entrance into the Explorer's Society.
Iseulet A handsome, gentle giant - he made me smile. I'll remember that.
Itzal This giant of a man was once small. Well, smaller. I knew him before my sudden departure, and was glad to meet him once more when I returned home! He seems to have done immensly well for himself! Knighthood and everything!
Jacali Introducin' himself right in the middle of prime betting time. Who does he think he is? ... I mean, Jeffeth, incidently. Apparently. Was what he said, weren't it? T'was, I'm sure.
Jacque He hits like a mule and is taller than most Oathlanders. Quite impressive, really. Good addition to have up North. If a little oblivious on post-fight demeanor but that's totally forgivable!
Jacque A rather large knight with good manners who fought valiantly with me at Stormwall. But if he tells you someone isn't very good with their swordsmanship? Don't believe him. Not in the least.
Jaenelle Perhaps I am shorter than I thought, or he is taller than he is, but this man is the most honorable, gentle giant I have ever met. He is a good person to call friend.
Jaerith A good enough man. Always interesting to meet someone you hear a lot about from outside sources. One day, I want to see him actually fight. Maybe a sword fight against someone, then take him to the bar and see if he can hold up in a barroom brawl...
Jamie I could tell right away that he knew who I was... and my circumstance. It was not easy to turn away from the Brotherhood and if there was ever a man who could bring me back into the fold, it'd be him. He is stalwart to a fault and, though I had only heard of him by name and reputation, the stories do the true man no justice.
Jan Gigantic, and hits like a sledgehammer. Polite, too.
Jan An impressive fighter, a good showman. I almost thought the girl had it, that warhammer is a nasty bit of business.
Jarel Jeffreth is okay. He is a bit too formal for my tastes but I believe he means well.
Jasher A leviathan of a man and not lacking in either competence or intelligence. An admirable figure.
Jennyva I met him at the Black Fox. A large man with a large sense of humor. I like him.
Jev Big guy. Huge. Tried to give me lady advice. Weird.
Jordan Sir Jeffeth Bayweather. Tall individual, very pleasant and a Knight of Solace. As expected, he doesn't seem like a bad individual at all, but he looked at me funny when I mentioned I have no master as yet.
Joscelin Mirari's Honey Knight. Stomps a lot and means well.
Josephine A knight, a very tall knight. So tall. Very tall. By the gods I pity any other who tries to best him on sheer height alone.
Joslyn One of the toughest fighters I've come across in a long time. I'd like to get to know the man behind him, and perhaps someday a rematch!
Juniper Foot shuffler and bearer of lost letters. I've never scolded anyone before but he took it like the Champion he is!
Kaia Rough and tired looking at first glance; but has kind eyes, a friendly spirit and a gentle smile. He seems nice!
Kaldur A great wall of a Knight, formidable in bearing and size. So used to looking down, that he forgets to look up for the rain! But then, so have I!
Karadoc He's every inch the sort of knight that kids want to be when they grow up. Dependable, strong, kind, and a little innocent. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of those. Yet, we need both kinds in this world, don't we?
Katarina A Knight of Solace who will be joining the troop movement to Stormwall for the coming battles. He seems a wise one, chastizing his friend who seems less inclined for propriety.
Katarina Sir Jeffeth, Knight of Solace. Few are as celebrated as he for his athletic prowess, stories of which Katarina often hears. Her personal interactions with him, however, have been limited to a few chance encounters where he seemed pleasant with a polite demeanor and penchant for good humor.
Kenna He seems like the a quiet and composed soul, someone it would be comforting to be beside when events swirl crazily about.
Klaus A solid warrior and knight
Korka This big handsome man with the strong arms is a good friend that I missed while I was away. May we be better friends tomorrow than we are today.
Kutazer A knight and also a Champion, he certainly seems kind enough though clearly has a good set of lungs on him when he needs them.
Lark A man of few words but many smiles, one can appreciate a certain simplicity in a knight.
Leola A big lug of a knight with a heart the size of his biceps. he'll do fine as long as he keeps out of the way of the more cynical folk.
Lianne Well-mannered and easily flustered. So earnest and unquestioning in his faith. I'm not sure what to do with one who doesn't question.
Liara A mannerly Knight of Solace. He rather exudes a sense of steadiness or solidness. A little awkward, but not cripplingly so.
Lore DAMN he's a huge one! I wonder... no, bad Lore! Can't wait to see what he wants a map of!
Lorenzo A friendly knight and interesting drinking partner. I'd enjoy having another conversation with him in the future.
Lothar Warm and caring, as I have been told those sworn to the Gods should aspire to example I will have to learn from. And taller than almost any I've seen in the wilds!
Lou A Knight of Solace turned Explorer. He seems to be fitting in well, if only he'd remember how to greet me. SIIIGH!
Luca I've gone from watching this man with a less-than-casual interest, to sharing an acquaintanceship with him, to walking a rather treacherous and trap-strewn path that I know he, too, has walked. I can't say I trust him, but I confess I'm a touch paranoid about certain things. I do respect him, though, as a warrior, even if I'm quite sure that neither of us have ever seen the extent of what the other is capable of. Who can know where the future will take us? I expect the worse, but hope for better things, even if we never see eye-to-eye.
Lucita A knight of Solace who will be staying in Arx during the coming war to help guard our homes and families. A relief to know he will be there. He seems a nice person.
Luis The man one arm lifted Luis into the sky! What the hell was that?! That was awesome, that is what it was! And then there's all the dreamy muscley, amazingness that he is and so there really is not much more to say than such an epic sport and worth spending time with.
Lys He's so tall! And he's got a mean arm. He breaks noses with style and panache.
Mabelle I didnt know a man so big can blush.
Macda A bull of a man. Towering and a mountain of confidence backed up my prowess, and he's wildly amusing.
Maddox Not the brightest man. but good of heart, and a stout knight, clearly.
Mailys A friend of Mirari, who welcomed me with good cheer, an easy smile, and good company.
Mailys It's great to see Jeffeth again, but, he might be in biiiig trouble depending on exactly how he managed to make Mirari mad!
Maja Sir Jeffy! He used to play with us kids in the orphanage when we were little. He was kind then and he is kind now; it's so wonderful to cross paths with him again.
Malcolm Sir Jeffeth's the kind of knight you'd real about, you know? He's kind - chivalrous - and always seems to want to the right thing for all the people he's around. Sure, he's strong - but his heart's stronger. Definitely good folk.
Malesh A man of stour heart and body. He carried me to the mercies and may have saved my life, for as long as that lasts and least.
Marcas Seems like a sterling example of a knight, a good person to have around to help defend the city. Carries himself with strength, yet without any obnoxiousness.
Margerie The poor Knight - I'm not sure what Luis and he got up to, but for such a stolid fellow he looks absolutely bashful in meeting new folks.
Marius A big man with a big heart, it seems. More nimble than he looks.
Martin It is little exaggeration to say I've known this knight since he was a babe in swaddling clothes. I watched him grow from a boy into a man, and a man into a knight. I am not so boastful as to claim that I am the only one responsible for who he is today, but it warms my heart to think that I did have a hand in it.
Martino A tall, towering, Knight who's size says 'he is big and scary' but from what I have seen. True gentle giant of a man and good friend of a number in the city
Melody Turns out that scaling the beach walk looks like child's play when you're as athletic as him. Not always does a physique comes a big heart, but he is oh so very sweet.
Mercedes Met this giant of a man at the training center where he was kind enough to spar with me. I thought, due to his size, he would be slow -- that was a foolish mistake on my part. I will be nursing bruises for more than a week. Was exceedingly friendly. Knight of Solace who does some Champions work on the side. Will fight again.
Merek A Knight of the Silver Order. Merek thinks he is a nice man, and also hopes that the two can be friends as well.
Meriah Maybe a lug head. But a good one. The Lowers is a better place with folks like him around.
Mikani Captain of Solace. Another one for the tall Guild. But still the nice sort he let me stay for the Tall Guild meeting.
Miranda A man who giggles. Fancy that! He's got a certain seriousness about him that just begs for him to be pranked. And often.
Mirari There is something about this large man who makes me smile. I'm not sure if I should continue to be friends with him, but we'll give it a shot.
Mirella Friendly. Pleasant company. Seems to like cider, and seems to like my name too. Understandable. It's a fun name.
Moira The burly knight is rather endearing, as always. Even though I attempted to explain to him bringing flowers to a married man as an apology may be misconstrued, I admit I am also tempted to... let him continue, and see what happens.
Monique Good-natured and strong, with a charm that I find unfailingly sweet.
Morrighan A knight met at Mangata's Shrine - one of which Morrighan will likely be traveling with on the way up to Stormwall. Seems a friendly sort, polite, and well-mannered. Always good to have another comrade in arms when it comes to battle.
Niklas Obviously a warrior, but without pretension. A good fellow and funnier than his size would suggest.
Niklas Ever the gentle giant. Well, mostly gentle. The man gives a hell of a hug.
Norwood He's a man of few words, but strong of arm, and seems to have a solid heart. I could see us being friends.
Nuala There are none like him to match for conviction and gentleness, undeniable conviction as primal a force as an avalanche. I find him fascinating and heart-warming.
Nurie Though I think he is the largest man I've ever laid eyes on, there is a sweetness of spirit to him. Not that it takes away from courage or strength, but one who would fight and defend and lay down his life in service while still even those very timid know that they might trust rather than fear.
Ophelia Big knight with a little puppy! And I think he was a teensie bit surprised when he found out that I'm Luca's sister!
Orathy When we were young, we be running in the same pack. Then he had to go 'n sniff for better things. Gave me the mind to follow him, once, till the Cullers promised more. He be changing his life though. Left us all on the streets while he ate from the table of the Faith. Got his tincan that he always dreamt of.
Orelia Ahh, but it's nice to see a familiar face after so long away. There's something about Jeffeth's presence that's comforting and solid, and it's nothing to do with his size. In a world full of men too swift to anger, it's a rare gem that values kindness and encouragement. I appreciate that. His table manners, not so much.
Oriana He seems sweet. That adorable, farmboy blushing... Now to find out if he's actually a farmboy!
Oriana I'm sorry that he had to come back to Stormall. Seems we could have brought someone else, but I'm glad he was here.
Oswyn He looms impressively and seems very earnest.
Paloma A man who talks freely, but with a heart in the right place. I will forgive him his innocence and hope it proves a boon.
Parisa He's. So. Big! And he shines like the sun!
Pasquale One of the city's famed Champions. Pasquale's seen him fight and found that decidedly impressive. In person, he seems properly humble and decently spoken for a commoner knight.
Perronne Goodness. They took a large puppy and made him into a Knight!
Petal He is a knight who seems polite and friendly and he likes pie and maybe gets a bit nervoues around princesses.
Pharamond Stilts? A ladder? I would need two of me to duel this fellow. Fortunately, he seems far too friendly to deliberately cause offense.
Philippe Sir Jeffeth still remains an excellent rider, still, sometimes when you come to a race to race, you should just focus on that.
Prisila Hulking armor clad knight who originates from the Lowers but carries himself like a Valardin. My my. Thankfully he's so good looking so a girl has want for unraveling that ball of confusion.
Quenia He is a knight of Solance whom I'm quite sure does his organization proud. We met briefly in the Botanical Gardens, and I expect we'll run into each other again if he frequents the place as much as I do.
Quintin I know who to go to if I ever need a mountain lifted. This man is gigantic and very, very strong.
Raimon It is rare to find a man that makes me feel small
Ras He's too good for his own good.
Raven I have no idea how he moves that damn hammer so fast, but he's shown me that I do have a lot of growing to do as a fighter.
Raymesin Sir Jeffeth Bayweather? Yeah. I think I remember you with the Cullers. You've done well for yourself, but you Tragedy kids often do.
Reese he seems honorable, well spoken and very knightly.
Renato A knight, who is also a champion? So odd! I must train my heart and life away if I am to best him and become the best Duelist ever! Challenge. Accepted. Sir Bayweather, though we have just met, defeating you is now my goal!
Riagnon Agatha pointed him out as a good connection, and teacher of Things. And he IS tall so I've no reason to doubt it! ... Do you think he can teach somebody that?
Rinel Dangerously stubborn!
Romulius A good man, very virtuous. If I were wanting to be a Knight he would be a good inspiration. I don't know if I insulted him, I hope not... but I am no knight.
Ronja He bought me drinks! He bought me so many damn drinks! The rest is slightly less important and I'll get to that in due time.
Rook A tall, tall knight. One of Solace. One of the two who were there when he laid down his gift to Gild. Seeing the close of a chapter, and the opening of a new one.
Rowenova For the short time that I first met him in the Office Space of our High Lord, Sir Jeffeth Bayweather was incredibly kind to actually address me, even when there were so many nobles right there! From the way he carries himself, he looks like a hard working kinda guy! Hopefully, we meet again!
Roxana He seems amusing, and I like being amused.
Rue I'm so happy to see him again. It's hard to believe how large he's gotten! Or maybe I'm just that short. I plan to not let him sneak away so easily this time, Knights of Solace be damned.
Rysen A strong knight of dauntless courage and honor. He seems a man of action, and a good leader.
Sabella He laughed at my joke! Definitely a helpful someone to have around. To laugh at more jokes!
Sabella He is always so incredibly delightful! Just a joy to be around! And so tall! He gives great hugs and I adore how much work he does with the orphans in the Lowers. We are definitely kindred spirits!
Sabine When constructing his physique, the gods forgot to add guile. Poor lad.
Sable A very big man with a large hammer. He can be rather chatty, but when it comes down to business, he can get serious quickly. Wouldn't mind working with him again, either.
Saedrus I wish we had met during a slightly better scenario, but all the same he seems so terribly sweet. One cannot help but feel somewhat-- shrouded, safe when Sir Jeffeth is about. Oh, and I heard he only lives across the road from me.
Salvatore A big knight for a noble cause who took some advice well as opposed to getting bristly. Gods know there's too many who get insulted too quickly, glad he's not one of them. Makes knights look bad when it happens.
Sameera A strange man. Couple be fun to toy with. His gettign flustered could be as fun as making the Prince of Maelstrom uncomfortable.
Saoirse A knight who seems to think gallantry is leaping before pies. Perhaps.. he can be taught.
Saro A towering mountain of a Knight. May be tempted and brought low by savory biscuits.
Sasha A knight who is quite amusing and very tall.
Saya Who? Oh, the big one.
Scipio A charming and very large knight. I always look forward to watching him fight!
Selene If only a quarter of the city showed the impeccable manners of Sir Bayweather. I certainly take notice and think well of a man who makes the effort.
Seth A mountain of a knight. He was kind enough to escort myself and the Lady Aahana back to her camp one evening. I may have some use for his strength and talents in the future.
Shae Giant. Another one of those Northern bears, I bet.
Shae The knight possesses a great deal of warmth and enthusiasm. It was very enjoyable getting to run the gauntlet with him.
Shard A really tall man in clanking armor. A knight, apparently. Painfully polite, apparently grew up with Mae in the Lowers.
Sidney Rarely do I meet anyone so genuinely upright that I'm struck with the twin desires to see them blush and protect them from embarrassment in the same moment. And he is very upright. Very... up. He's an enormously tall person, and filled to the brim with good intentions. I hope he goes far in the Silver Order, because the world could use more knights like the ones I was told stories of as a child.
Silas Huge knight, but polite. Hits hard. Somehow very nimble and spry. A good man to have on the Silver Knights, undoubtedly.
Simone He seems like a very kind and honorable man. If I need a champion, then I shall assuredly seek him out.
Snow He is tall, and intimidating, and nice at the same time? I think....I am worried to be in the shrines though. I don't understand them. Maybe he will teach me. Or maybe not...
Sophie He handled a difficult situation admirably and has earned my respect for such behavior.. still, I would have felt safer if he had stayed, even if his very presence seemed to make the situation more perilous.
Sorrel A very honorable knight that I would consider a pleasure to call my friend. Even if he doesn't understand how business with dragons work. DRAGONS ARE NOT FOR TAMING.
Sparte A dutiful Knight of Solace if there ever was one. I know I've heard his name before and seen him in passing, but I was finally introduced while he was cleaning a shrine.
Tabitha I met him at the gardens a while ago, and I'm glad to say he's still as kind-hearted and sweet as he was back then. He never makes me feel ashamed when I say silly things and he's lovely to talk to. I'm so glad he's still around.
Talen An orphan turned Knight of Solace. Overheard explaining his backstory to the Lady Arianna Stonewood. Humble beginnings, a nobler life. Only time will tell how the story ends.
Terese A Knight of the Solace who cuts an impressive figure for his skills in sparring and in battle. Curiously quick to put on theatrics and a fair bit of charm for a crowd as well for the favorable cause of charity.
Terese Solid guy, not too serious, not too casual. Easy to get along with, seems pretty wise too in his own way. Can't help but like and respect the guy. Good choice for a knight commander.
Tescelina He is a field of stars bright and warm and vast. Though he says he is not educated, his wisdom has already been a boon. I think he is just humble, which is fine for a knight.
Tessa He spars with Orathy.
Thena Strong, steadfast, approachable, the very picture of a proper Solace knight. And yet I still feel the urge to protect him, despite the fact that he could probably pitch me over the city walls without too much effort.
Theo A large man, and friendly. I wouldn't want to get on his bad side, though.
Theodoric Jeffeth seems an honorable sort, dutiful and respectful. Disappointing, but hopefully he has other uses.
Theron I met him originally in the free-for-all hosted by the Graysons. It's important to highlight that he received the Sword of the First Choice to fight in the tournament by the Archlector of Skald and acquitted himself rather well. My team carried the day and then fought amongst themselves, but he is an agreeable and friendly sort. I like people with a sense of sportsmanship, so here's hoping we become sparring buddies.
Thesarin Big man, big sword, all armored. Struck me as friendly, and as kind. I'll be finding him for that drink, I reckon.
Thorley Survived Princess Reese's training with me. Hope he does as well on the battlefield - a shame that Violet didn't shoot him in the forehead.
Thorley A friend and a knight that was glad to see me return. I am not sure if I am the same as before, but I can admire the man's spirit and tenacity and have respect for his choice to be in the Champions even if it is not one I have myself.
Tomwell He was being tormented by noblewomen when I met him, but he withstood it very well. Quite formal. Probably a good knight.
Triton A knight, but not a soft one. He carries a mean punch and is willing to fight outside his areas of comfort. Seems like a great man.
Turo This mountain of a man makes a good first impression. He's basically a steel boulder with legs and arms, but seems to have a manner that fits the Knights of Solace perfectly. I hope he kisses that princess. With gusto
Tynan A big man with big moods. A friendly knight, with a sense of humor, is rare enough in itself.
Valarian Another giant! We shall take back what is ours! Wait, no, I don't know if giants are even real, but he's bigger than me, a knight, and dangerous as the Abyss with that sword. Bet I could learn from him.
Vanora A kind, friendly knight who sees value in an informed populace. We've that in common.
Vayne Big man looking for a suitable teapot. What a clash of notions! Seems friendly enough and I hope he has nothing but success in all his gift-buying efforts.
Venturo A man of few words, he possess the one tangible skill that every person needs: a proper appreciation for a good drink. His willingness to help a Dog who have had one too many to drink get home safely is to be admired as well.
Vera The blushing knight lieutenant! Despite his clumsiness, Jeffeth makes for a wonderful drinking companion and listener to dubious stories of even more dubious origin.
Vercyn A mountain of a man, and a courteous knight. Any warrior who can best Princess Agatha, even if just so, is worth noting.
Veronica A knight and he looks the part! He looks sturdy enough for a proper spar. I think I will like him.
Victus He's a big fucker ain't he? We fought side by side against teams that heavily outmatched us and he didn't go down without swingin'. That's a man I like.
Viktor From all accounts an honorable and good knight. Needs to learn to lift his head high and be sure of himself at all times though. His generation, men like him, are what will save us all.
Vincenzo Nickle and Cotton. This man-child just might be soft in the head. Not the brightest, but he clearly means well. Dripping with more wealth than many a prince, he has the innocence of some Valardin child. Ugh. Why *him*?
Violet A student of Princess Reese, he is a very pleasant and outgoing man. I enjoyed 'helping' him with his training.
Viviana Sir Jeffeth is a man with a good heart. I can see it in the way he interacts with those around him.
Yasmine The one and only Rat Champion. For sich a big man, he's really light on his feet! I think he's now my new favorite Champion. No one ever expects much of those who start at the bottom. It's nice to meet someone else who knows how to climb, even if we are on different ladders.
Zaina A gentle giant with a powerful backstroke. I'm glad he didn't go easy on me.
Zara Attentive to his duties, and sincere good company. May need to take better care of himself if being half-dead is a common condition.
Zebulon The man is a mountain of muscle, but he has a good head on his shoulders and definitely the passion of a Champion
Zoey About as sweet as Lottie's sugar cookies. Quite a doughty warrior, too.