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A Taste of Arx - Finale Ball

Taste of Arx - Finale Ball: After a week filled with feasting and games and delighting in what makes the Compact so unique with parties in each Ward it only makes sense to end it all with a grand ball in the Palace! Come for MORE dancing and MORE feasting as everyone joins together for one last party! Those attending are encouraged to wear either the traditional fashions of their fealty or to put together an ensemble that represents the Compact as a whole! See you there!


March 23, 2019, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Sabella Alaric Berenice Cristoph Elgana Carita


Michael Pharamond Selene Liara Merek Modi Reese Gianna Kaia Athaur Mikani Thea Ilmia Jeffeth Tabitha Silas Monique Orrin Luca(RIP) Mia Beatrice Sorrel Bliss Caith Aethan Jasher Scythia Calypso Amari Lucita Thesarin Domonico Niklas Etienne Peri Saoirse Arik Arman Kenna Iliana Joslyn Willow Isobella Sebastian Jaenelle Giulio Fiora Ian Ahriman Galen


Grayson Velenosa Redrain Thrax Valardin


Arx - Ward of the Crown - The Palace - Great Hall

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Comments and Log


The Taste of Arx was an amazing event in scope. I'm incredibly impressed by the hosts and hostesses who spent their time, coin and effort to put it together ... But the ball was far too big and grand for me. I envy those who can manage these events with such grace and poise.


Such a wonderful event! Full of great and notable people. I was lucky enough to attend with my dearest cousin --who later on, as usual, ditched me to go dance with the princesses.

Classic Michael Bisland move, I'm used to it.

Nonetheless, he did win _THE LOOK_ (customary of the woman in my family) when he went off commenting near the Malvici's of that, oh so embarrassing, time of our childhood involving a most unfortunate disaster with a fall and some horse manure.

Oh how I sometimes wish we were not related.

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Michael gets A Taste of Arx participant brooch from Gryphon Chest.

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The Great Hall is decked out with tabards all up and down the walls displaying the sigil of every House of the Compact somewhere up there. The Bard's College has set up at the front with a bunch of musicians that are playing all kinds of songs from all around Arvum and even some from afar thanks to the effortless searching of the Nightingale and a large space for dancing has been set aside. As guests arrive, they are directed to take a token from the Gryphon Chest by the entrance and Princess Sabella stands at the front, beaming a brilliant smile at the crowd, "Welcome everyone to the finale ball for A Taste of Arx! I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful this week has been--and if you've been out and about I'm sure you know how fantastic all the gatherings have been! A Taste of Arx was always meant to be more than just a few parties strung together--it is a celebration of everything that makes the Compact special, a coming together of people from different Houses, or different backgrounds, to strengthen our ties to each other and make us remember the good things that surround us during trying times. It allowed vassals to interact with each other and all of us to learn more about each other. I'd like to give special thanks to those who hosted the events of the week in each fealty--Countess Carita, Princess Elgana, Princess Berenice, and Duke Cristoph! Without you this would not have been such a great success!" She nods to each in turn as a little box is presented to them. "So tonight please enjoy yourselves, but take with you the warmth and good feelings that the past week have inspired and always remember we are stronger together!"

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Lord and Lady Bisland, Kaia and Michael. Not married, cousins. Arrive together in that fancy way that nobles do. Her arm looped through his elbow and her hand upon his forearm. Unfortunately for Michael, Kaia's eyes are currently attempting to roll themeslves out of her sockets at some joke he has probably just made. "Honest. Thats the way they found him." They step together, neatly a-pace as they stop to snag brooches then continue on. "We have to say Hi to Sabella, or every message I'll receive in the future will snottily reference the fact that I didn't...Princess Sabella! Hello! This looks wonderful!"

Pharamond makes his way in with Tabitha and quickly finds a place for them to sit, spying a particular person who expressed their favor at the prior day's joust, a smile on his features as he walks in, arm and arm with Tabitha. He's even got a fancy ne wcoat to wear over his traditional formal attire, and of course he pales in comparison to how lovely Tabitha is, as he settles down at the couches after cheering the warm welcome for everyone!

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Selene's steps are accompanied by a sonnet, the charm of bells strung around her waist giving a lovely sonorous effect. Sparkling with gems or sparkling with sound, that's the point. The petite Whisper has a fan at her side. Fingers rest upon the frame in the event she might suddenly be called upon to use it. She pauses by the gryphon chest to take out a participation brooch to be added to her jewelry collection. Then it's safely on to claim a seat on a couch. Applause adds to the melody when Sabella names the orchestrators of other events. "Bravo!"

Showing up to the Great Hall, Liara is dressed largely in white, except for the almost riotously colourful animals adorning the front of her gown (there is no back on it), one for each of the five Great Houses. She procures a brooch for herself on the way through, then speaks up over towards Sabella. "This all looks utterly marvellous. Thank you."

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Merek has put on his black dress silks with the vest in brocade. He has on a mantle which is meant for balls such as this, while he makes his way into the main hall with a look at all the decorations. He makes his way to a place for wallfowers, a table which is mostly by itself while he relaxes a bit and rolls his shoulders.

Wafting his way into the Great Hall is Modi the prodigal. A little bit more on edge over the fact that, well, that whole EVERYTHING going on in the west right now. But he's smiling nonetheless. Hands clasped at his back as he walks toward the chest of offered brooches. He bends down, grasping oen of the brooches. And leaning just far enough to let his amulet slip forward, catching the light at just the righjt time. Totally, /totally/ unintentionally of course.

Tabitha gets A Taste of Arx participant brooch from Gryphon Chest.

Reese arrives at the ball while adorned in her rosy tunic and ivory leggings. She has pink ribbons threaded in her golden locks. The girl has a warm smile for Sabella that reaches her blue eyes. She then continues further inside, looking for a place to sit. She perches down on the green couch. She then waves to both Kaia and Michael and smiles upon noticing Mikani nearby.

Gianna glides in, head held high. She seems very pleased to pick up a brooch, turning it in the light. "Very pretty," she tells Sabella, inclining her head head to the princess. "Your Highness. These events have been amazing." That said, she turns her attention to the bards, some of which look a bit nervous now.

Kaia says, "Princess Sabella, what a lovely gathering. You look so beautiful!~" she chimes, right after her cousin's (Michael's) greeting to the Grayson Princess."

The Jingling of bells is lost in the various buzz of the crowd in the Great Hall, save for those who might listen to them. Athaur looks around the Hall curiously, letting out a low impressed whistle at the various finery and decorations. The Count is covered in brightly polished brass bells, woven into his clothing and braided throughout his hair. He makes his way over towards a server, procuring a mug of ale for himself as he takes in the crowd.

Mikani smiles and waves at Reese as she sips her rum from her seat.

Thea venture into the room, dressed unsurprisedly very Malvici-ish. She politely casts her greetings, smiling a little.

Ilmia is a very tall woman and given the dress it might be hard for her to make a dialed down entrance. But she attempts to! The redhead gives a smile as she picks up the brooch and then to Sabella, "Thank you so much for all of the hard work you all put into this." she tells her with a dip of her head to the Princess. Then she moves off to find a place to people watch for the moment.

Reese studies Modi's amulet. "Oh, wow, amazing." She says before smiling to Liara as well. "You look very lovely in your new gown, Princess Liara. I like the theme." She smiles to Gianna and then to Count Athaur. "Oh, still bells on now." She says. She has waves to Thea. "Lady Thea, nice to see you."

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Clad in many shades of blacks and blues, a contrast of a behemoth and a far smaller individual enter the hall arm in arm. With star iron littered over the larger figure glittering against the deep blacks, like a constellation itself entering the room. Jeffeth enters with Caith on his arm, a light smile lingering on his lips as he looks around the hall taking in a deep breath. The large knight looks down to the princess accompanying him, leaning down slightly to murmur quietly to her. "When was it you were here dancing and Luca took your cat? It has been a long time since then. That's the last time we were in here, I think."

He straightens up, rolling his massive shoulders. Jeffeth glances back down to Caith once more. Then back up. Then back down. "Where should we go?"

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Tabitha's following close behind Pharamond, darting looks around as she holds on tight to his arm. However, the usual rabbit-in-the-headlights look is notaby absent-from her features, for the most part. She's following so close to her companion that it must be the case that she feels secure amid all the crown. She even lifts a hand to wave at people she knows, she smiling with warmth and genuine pleasure to be here. Sabella gets an especially animated wave, and a grin from her protege that seems to say, "Well done!"

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Silas steps into the familiar hall. Familiar not because he attends balls so often, because... the palace was his second workplace. Absent is his armor and corgi, and his weaponry is appropriately peacebound. He is dressed head-to-toe in white silk, and there is the faint scent of cologne wafting from him. The Baron of Hawkhold takes a brief moment to stand and simply admire the festive Grayson decor, before he continues his journey to the most comfy couch he can find. He offers a smile and wave to his cousins arriving in all their own splendor.

There can be no surprise that Berenice has a new gown to debut for such an event. Lavender seasilk is stitched close in the low-cut bodice, and the soft layers of semi-sheer chiffon skirts are cut high in front and bustle to the floor in back. It seems that none other than Lord Aethan Kennex is her selected escort for the evening, as she arrived on his arm with all the considerable contrast offered by glimmering Velenosa princess to stoic Kennex sailor. Her long, dark hair has been swept back off her face in a loose but exquisitely intricate and delicate updo, all twists and pins and curls, and adorned with an iridescite tiara with her signature oleander blossom. Her smile is positively brilliant when Sabella calls out her hostessing duties this week, and she laughs brightly when a box is presented to her. "Ah! Gifts are my /favorite/," she says with warm humor, reaching to take it.

Lady Monique Greenmarch and Archlector Etienne slip out of a shadowed alcove, looking more or less put together. The Archlector is a handsome sight in his deep umbra, pale hair brushed to a moonlight shine and only slightly mussed. The Greeenmarch Minx is a sight to behold beside the elegant Telmar, wearing a deep bistre damask gown with a neckline that plunges to her bellybutton and a hem that mimics the deep and stretching roots of an ancient oak.

But it's the headpiece upon Monique that stands out. It is massive and ornate, a delicate behemoth of stygian and star iron branches that reach out at least a foot tall and that long to the left, and a thousand, or it seems like that many, gems of different shades of vivid crimson either dangle or rest from tips or nestled in crooks, offset by two audacious dawnstones. Subtle is not what this piece is. Not in the least. This is a piece that screams 'look at me!'

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Gianna inclines her head to Reese; the bards suitably intimidated by their Nightingale, she goes to collect herself a drink. She watches the partygoers, taking in various outfits and bits of jewelry with an appraising look. Modi's amulet, in particular, is eyed.

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They aren't even that late this time! In strolls one Count Orrin Seliki, looking clean and pleasantly attired, but really who cares. He's escorting Scythia on his arm, and she's much more fun to look at, anyway. He's also, as they enter, murmuring something to her, and it must be terribly amusing because he chuckles afterward. Will she also laugh? Or be peeved? Tune in next time at... Taste of Arx.

Somewhere near the beginning is usually far from as unfashionably late as Prince Luca Grayson's known to arrive to most things. But who would want to miss all this fun? The southern-born duelist drifts into the spectacular gathering with a princess on his arm. Princess Elgana Redrain, all blushed with autumn's embrace and looking entirely more prepared to be at such a gathering than the Sword of Bastion is. There are hands to shake and greetings to make, welcomes and returns of them, each smoothly given in passing with a languid and easy smile.

With brooch now pinned to his umbra coat, Modi sets off deeper into the party. He slowly makes his way toward the Radiant Bliss' seat, giving her a bright and cheery smile. "Might I steal a seat beside you, honored Radiant?"

"Lord Michael, Lady Kaia, thank you so much for coming! These events wouldn't be anything if people didn't flock to them," Sabella says with a laugh and a smile, She beams at Liara, "Thank you!" And then a wave to Reese and Tabitha as she says, "It was honestly my pleasure. I loved seeing everyone coming together," to Ilmia, "And my cohosts really did most of the work for the big houses."

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It's rather an unusual thing, to see Mia Riven smiling -- and doubly so when she's in public. But there's the faint hint of one that touches her face, warming it considerably, at Sabella's welcoming speech as it touches on the special nature of the Compact. And with it, comes a sharp nod of agreement with each word. But the expression only lasts a moment, and then her dark eyes are moving to the banners, seeking out the one in Riven colors to point out to Thesarin.

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The finery, the musicians, even the tabbards on the wall. The great hall does not lack for beautiful things to draw Beatrice Malespero's eye. The Lycene noblewoman wears umbra and rubies, with a conspicuous placement of a small twist of copper brooch pinned to the dress's low neckline. She pauses near the musicians to observe - but it's Monique Greenmarch's headpiece that has her head swivelling, openly fascinated.

Sorrel steps in regally on her husband's arm, tall and confident and all dressed in red, her dress a brilliant brocade picked out in little metallic green sorrel leaves with matching dancing slippers. And of course it is a dress in which to dance, with wide full skirts and a charming nipped in waist. She heads over to the hostess with a brilliant smile on her lips. "Princess Sabella, you've really outdone yourself this time! Everything looks so lovely," she says brightly.

Having made it in just a little late, Bliss is wearing a large amount of flashy brocade, of course, and heads toward the Crown couches, settling next to Silas. When Modi asks if he can sit next to her, she smiles and motions to the seat. "Of course, Modi. Make yourself comfortable," she says warmly.

Thea smiles at Reese,"Hello, how are you?" Thea turns, noticing Kaia as well,"Hello."

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Carita drops Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Where should they go? Why, toward the drinks of course! Caith doesn't have a problem -- that would be so uncouth -- but she certainly likes to be well-lubricated for events such as these. She grins up, up, uuuuuuup at Jeffeth and gives his arm a wee squeeze. "Let's get some wine before starting to mingle, mmn?" When he mentions Luca and the cat, the Thrax royal laughs: it is a bright, happy, amused sort of giggle. As they begin to angle over toward the refreshments, she comments to her escort: "You look very handsome tonight, all dark and glittery! I feel a lesser thing down here in your shadow. I really should get some jewelry; you've given me a complex!" And then a whisper, although not-really -- those within their vicinity would hear: "It's like I am practically naked, me being so without accessories." Wink!

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Adjutant General Vincenzo di Malvici, 6 Malvici Guards arrive, following Calypso.

Aethan is not looking quite as fancy as some others -- certainly not as the princess on his arm -- but he looks presentable, in a white silk shirt that looks either new or never-been-worn-before. Probably not that surprising to anyone who knows him. He does not take anything from the box, though he does look inside it with some curiosity, nodding to Sabella with a small smile as they pass his cousin-in-law.

"Thank you very much," Liara replies to Reese, with a flash of a grin. She filters on through, out of the way of the entrance. On her way, she helps herself to a glass of wine, though rather than going to sit, she simply drifts on over towards the dance floor to linger by its edge.

Athaur drops into a bow towards Monique when he spots her, the bells on him jingling from the movement. That accomplished, the Rivenshari count takes a look around before spying some people he recognizes and moves over to join the Seliki.

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"It's been a lovely week!" Elgana is murmuring to Luca as they enter. The Redrain is decked all in, well, red. The gown is all red silk velvet with sweeping sleeves that at least do not trail to the floor. She smiles warmly to the Fox Prince whose arm she is upon before she looks out at the room and its occupants. "Goodness, it is always so lovely in here." With a gentle tug on Luca's arm she leads him toward Sabella, her smile growing warmer and brighter. That offering token from the Grayson princess gets a deep incline of Elgana's head as she says to Sabella, "Princess Sabella this has been amazing. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort into putting this series together." Berenice gets a warm smile and a nod too from the Redrain.

Reese pins the taste of arx brooch onto her pink tunic. She now looks dressed for the event! While her tunic is very fancy, it is part of an outfit that Reese frequently wears. She looks over to Silas, waving to the Baron from where she stays perched on the green couch. "Very nice scarf, Baron Silas." She says. She has a smile for Mia and Thesarin as well. Beatrice is given a blown kiss and then Reese follows her gaze to Monique's crown. "Oh, wow, Queen Minx of the Marshes." She say with affection in her tone. She then looks upon Thea. "I am very well thank you."

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Clearly, Princess Sabella will be inundated with a never-ending line of guests to greet, so Michael will be content with the quick exchange before walking Kaia away. "You know the worse thing? I can't even fake it. I did that once, and she /knew/ I hadn't even said hello quickly to her. She remembers everyone." His head is shaking as the Bisland Pair meander off towardds Peri and the group. "Have fun. Lady Peri. Keep an eye on her." Then Michael immediately abandons his meander across the place and slide into an alcove with Ilmia. "Are you hiding?"

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Jasher enters, steps long and sure. The fact that he's late doesn't seem to unduly trouble him; but then again, the man's face could pass for a flesh-forged mask for all it's showing. And through all this and the reverie, he's accompanied by Lucita, the baroness-regent of Saik looking quite a bit more dressed for the occasion than the prince is with his face of resolute patience.

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Whatever was murmured in her ear, evidently it was delightful enough, for Scythia is casting a rather fond little look over toward Orrin and shaking her head. There might even be a touch of something close to disbelief there but that is really secondary to everything else. "Really," she murmurs, just so, and lets her fingers graze his forearm before moving further into the event. "Where shall we go?" she asks of her companion. He is, after all, leading.

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Ilmia gives a look around, watching all the splendid dresses and the clothing that is worn. Though she does give a look when someone moves nearby and there's a soft smile to Michael, "No, my Lord. I'm not hiding. Just people watching." she chuckles.

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Michael gets Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Silas chuckles when Reese compliments his scarf and returns the wave. "Thank you, Your Highness. Michael gifted it to me the other day! Hopefully I do it some justice."

Carita's arrival isn't one that screams 'look at me', she simply turns heads merely by the attendants that walk in her wake toting a large ship. She pauses and it's set down, and opened, revealing a limited number of bottles within. In a sea of glittering color, the Countess is proudly wrapped in traditional Thraxian black, her skirts floating behind her in an etheral way.

Calypso strides into the room, dressed in full armor and looking like she is more suited for the battlefield than a ball. Her gaze sweeps over the guests who have assembled before she steps to the side of the room. Watching all the people go about their business.

Silas takes Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Jeffeth gets Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Reese ohhs softly even as she rises to her slippered feet, darting over to gather a bottle of rum. "He does give great gifts." She says, smiling to Michael.

Amari strolls in without making too much of a spectacle of herself, her ensemble a mix of rose gold, steel and seasilk for the most part. She claims a brooch and turns it over in her hands after a cursory glance. There's so much more to see, and familiar faces to look for. Sabella is offered a smile and polite dip of her head before she's off on a meander around the hall.

Reese gets Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Reese's greeting tears Beatrice's attention away from Monique's crown. She touches a perfectly manicured hand to her ruby red lips (or perhaps not quite touches - it wouldn't do to smear the lipstick) and blows a warm kiss Reese's way in return before settling into a nearby table to observe the room.

Merek gets Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Lucita walks into the Great hall, her hand tucked into the crook of Jasher's arm. Small glints of light reflect off the beadwork of her gown as she slides the umber cloak off and folds it. "Oh, my, This is just as large as I had imagined the crowd would be. I'm glad we decided to come by for a little while.

Thesarin looks, like he always does at these events, like a scarred-up shav dressed up for a noble ball, but even so, it's clear some efforts have been made. Hair slicked and held in place, beard trimmed, the slab of muscle wrapped up in silk and the blade at his hip peacebound. He stands beside Mia, with a lift of his chin toward familiar faces--Peri, Monique, Silas, Michael, Orrin, Reese. And of course a low dip of his head toward Sabella. He follows Mia's finger toward the banner of Riven among the throng, and there's actually a hint of a smile on his face as he does. "Kin in Honor. The Princess gathers quite the throng, eh?"

Athaur gets Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Mikani walks around sipping her rum and watching people move across and wave at each other. Mikani nods at Orrin and Scythia when they arrive. Seeing the ship enter makes her smile and she nods to Carita as well.

Domonico follows Calypso in, similarly armoured and keeps pace with his Duchess as his gaze sweeps over the room carefully..

Lucita gets Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Kaia catches a glimpse of Princess Reese's wave to her and Michael, while moving through the crowd and she offers a smile and a wave of her own. She rolls her eyes once more at her cousin and chuckles, nodding to him as if she were hearing it (but not really listening) until he as expected ditched her. She let him do so, and made her way around to converse with those she knew, and didn't knew. "Princess Liara, your dress is absolutely gorgeous! Certainly one to remember!" she chimes, as she grabbed a glass of champagne (or maybe wine?) from one of the nearest servers moving around.

Ilmia gets Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Monique's curtsey for Athaur is a thing of art, and the smile paired with it one of deference to the Rivenshari Count. For Reese, there is nothing but a sharkish grin that says her ego has just swelled so large she might not be able to leave when the night is over. "Sweet Reese, you're looking particularly lovely tonight. But then, you always do in my eyes. Do you like it?" she gestures to the ornate headpiece. "Josephine made it as a birthday present. I've never worn something so incredible! Though it's just as heavy as it looks," she intimates to Reese with a grin, and then a wave to Thesarin's arrival.

Domonico gets Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Thea watches the people around around, spotting Domonico and Calypso. She bows her head lightly.

Merek looks at some of the drinks that are set about, and pours himself some while he takes a moment to look at some of the fashion that people have on also.

Thea takes Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Kaia takes Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Calypso leans to Domonico briefly and murmurs to his ear.

Berenice's smile goes absolutely delighted to find the extra-special /host/ brooch inside her gift box, and she turns to Aethan to immediately procure his assistance for putting it on. "/Do/ try not to stab me," she says brightly. Her attention shifts briefly when Gianna passes close to whisper something, and she laughs with bright and immediate humor at whatever is said. She whispers something in return, her smile just a bit /sly/, before her attention starts slipping about the room to select her first target destination of the evening.

Niklas comes into the Great Hall late, having apparently decided to give his assistant Sam an impromptu tour of the palace. ", of course, the Great Hall. This room is most notable for hosting the wedding of the most glamorous, beautiful and beloved couples in all of Arx. Also I think the king might have gotten married here?" Niklas gives a shrug and directs Sam to take the evening, directing him to get some booze and have a good time. Niklas himshead heads over to his wife, leaning over to kiss Sabella a quick kiss on the cheek. Those speaking with Sabella each get a quick nod and a smile. "My lords and ladies, your highnesses and other highnesses."

Orrin gives a nod of the amused sort that says: yes, really. He pauses once they are out of the way of the entrance, just to take stock of what is about - and then there's a smile, a gesture toward the dance floor. "Shall we?" he asks, and starts to navigate that way. The Count is one for dancing, apparently. However, there is also on their way a small table with a gathering of people they must pause at, and so that is where Orrin and Scythia wind up.

Etienne is not so ornate as his companion Monique, and being somewhat naturally taller he finds himself constantly on guard as to not collide with her elegant head piece. His clothing by comparison is understated black umbra, adorned with simple pieces of jewelry. He nods, waves, and otherwise greets the familiar as they enter the hall and the rounds are made.

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Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, 2 House Velenosa Guards, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Saoirse arrive, following Arman.

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Reese peeks over to Lucita and Jasher when they arrive together, having a smile for them both that seems to reach her blue eyes. "It is very very nice Lady Monique and happy birthday. A great present." The girl softly says. She opens the bottle of rum and takes a testing sip of such. "Oh, this is pretty good." She has a smile for Count Orrin as well and a wave for Merek.

The Pearl of House Seliki needs no escort. She is here on her on reconnaisance. Peri joins the with the happy crowd in celebrating the culmination of the week of festivals. "Princess Sabella, I thank you for all the work you've done. I've discovered so much about the people of the compact this week." She moves on quickly so that the princess can continue greeting everyone. Peri nodes to everyone she recognizes. Sigh, where is her beloved Yaya or brother. She brightens at seeing Kaia and waves a welcome to her.

With a little flutter of her gloved fingers to greet Kaia, Liara offers in cheerful reply, "Thank you, my lady. I adore the decorations on that umbra - it's delightfully done. Quite a crowd, is it not?" Then she gets back to her wine, taking a small sip from it, gaze flitting from person to person as she takes in all the sundry outfits.

There's a radiant smile down to Caith. Even though he paused to ask the Thrax princess where she wanted to go, he was already making his way towards the drinks. Guiding her towards the Ship, he goes to easily scoop one of the bottles before settling at the table to pour a pair of glasses. He briefly unentangles his arm with Caith as he pours the glasses. Neaarly to the top. All the way to the brim he corks the bottle, sets it down and looks down to Caith. His lips burst into a bright smile at her words and he belays picking up his glass for a moment.

Reaching onto his finger, he goes to remove one of his rings. He glances down at Caith's hand and frowns slightly at the size of her fingers. The ring is placed back on and instead Jeffeth reaches up to remove the pendant from around his neck. Slowly he settles it down around her neck with a brilliant smile. "That make you feel a little less naked, maybe?" Jeffeth rumbles gently, picking up Caith's glass, handing it over to her before picking up his own glass.

Mia returns Reese's greeting with a fluttering of her fingers. The first of many, no doubt, as her dark eyes circles the room and she takes stock of so many familiar faces from among the other Houses under Bisland and those she knows from the Oathlands scattered about the room. Where in the world to start? Tightening her grip on Thesarin's arm, she answers, "She often does, yes. And I generally find that Arx can never really resist a spectacle."

Merek offers a wave to Reese as he sees the woman is about and relaxes back at his seat with the drink which he has with.

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Caith gets A Taste of Arx participant brooch from Gryphon Chest.

Silas looks up briefly, to nod back at Mia and Thesarin. He pays attention, honest!

Athaur naturally helps himself to gifted rum, a shrug from his shoulders and something softly muttered in Ravashari before making his way over towards the table. On his way, he gives Princess Liara and Princess Reese a deep bow of greeting with a wide smile on his face before taking a seat.

Saoirse arrives on the arm of a man who looks ... well, not a LOT like her but... Ish? She glances around quickly and beelines toward a quiet nook, giving a quick and cursory 'hello' to anyone who stops her to talk about the ROAD.

Jasher nods back towards Reese before he loosens his arm briefly, an invitation for Lucita to mingle for her own devices if she desired. Then he turns to head for one of the less crowded sections of the room.

Carita is overheard praising Thrax: For allowing me the delights of being a hostess for Thrax.

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Aethan's smile widens just a bit, almost unnoticeable to all but those closest to him as he takes the brooch, turning it to look at the back briefly before he reaches to put it on Berenice. "I hope I can manage it," he remarks, his tone flat enough that if it's a joke, it's difficult to discern. He does manage, however, and when he straightens up there's a nod to Gianna as she passes by. If he's curious about what she's said, he doesn't show it, but he does say something else to Berenice more quietly.

Carita is overheard praising Grayson.

Gianna makes her way back toward Sabella and Niklas, reaching out to touch her patron's arm if she can. "Prince Niklas. I have a project you might be interested in." She has a sip of her drink, tilting her chin up. "But not immediately."

It isn't so hard to pull a Prince Luca around once you're used to how they can sort of drift about if left unchecked, meandering from bottle to couch to nap. Or sometimes just straight into nap. Over toward Princess Sabella he goes, a low grin offered to her, "She's not wrong. I can't imagine the amount of work all of this must have taken..". That's what you say, right? "I mean, I literally can't imagine it.", and he laughs just a little with a run of a hand through his dark length of hair, like it can be tamed into something less unruly. Then to Princess Elgana, "..a shame I missed Redrain's, I understand you worked yourself over getting it all arranged. I keep hearing the tales. It must have been something else."

Calypso dips her chin to Jasher welcomingly "Your Highness. It is good to see you again. "

Carita is overheard praising Sabella: For the hostess with the mostest!

When Mikani is greeting her and Orrin, Scythia is flashing a smile in response and dipping her head toward her fellow Redreef. Now, while she was moving toward the dance floor most merrily, there is that green table to be waylaid at, and this does not seem to dampen her mood at all. In fact when they are stopping near, she dips down into that portrait-perfect curtsy that may as well be her trademark. It really is a polished, practiced thing.

Kaia smiles back at Liara, "Oh, thank you!~" then she nods, "It is. So many strange and familiar faces all at once." she admits. Spotting Peri she beams at her friend, and waves in return, before her eyes continue to scan around the room. Later on catching sight of the Malvici's trio (Thea, Domonico and Calypso) and offering a friendly smile and classy wave from afar, before her eyes once more are surveying the crowd.

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Arik arrives at the Great Hall of the place with a look this way, a look that way, and then begins to make his way towards the platinum blonde Countess from Thrax with a lift of his hand to perhaps catch her eye.

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"That's a fact," Thesarin rumbles toward Mia, with another slow nod. A short grunt, and another look around the packed throng. "So where we off to meet, Countess? Seems we've got half the Peerage for choosing from."

Domonico smiles to his sister Thea and gives Kaia a respectful nod before standing almost to attention as he surveys the crowds.

"Ah well," Monique replies to Reese with a coy little smile, "it's not quite my birthday yet. A month away, still, but you know Josephine. The stones whisper to her, tell her what they want. She surprised me with it early," the Greenmarch explains, shrugging her shoulder, which shivers the crimson stones of the impressive headpiece deliciously. "The Archlector will need the time to plan," she says, nudging Etienne with obvious delight at his torment. Her eyes stray amongst the crowd, catching somewhere and then sliding away, pleased.

"A number of new faces for me, too," Liara comments to Kaia, then goes on to add, "I might sit for a little and wait for people to get settled in, then see who I can purloin for a dance or three." And with that, she slips off towards a set of couches.

Lucita stands near the Shadowy Corner, silent and just watching the ebb and flow of the people around the room, a hand lifted to give a little wave to friends she spots. Her voice lowers from time to time speaking with others nearby.

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Elgana's smile brightens just so at Luca's words. "It was a group effort, really. I'm quite proud of all of the hard work that was poured into getting everything together. I couldn't have done it all alone." She takes a step back and then to the side to allow others to speak with Sabella, glancing around at the room. "Shall we mingle?" comes the question to the Fox as Elgana's brows loft gently.

Jasher looks at Calypso and nods back, once. "Your Grace," he says politely, then looks over the armour adorning the duchess-general's frame. "Perhaps I should endeavour to remain in armour more often," he notes. "It has its uses outside the battlefield."

The petite blonde could probably find the booze with her eyes closed -- her whole body is like a divining rod for liquor. But it's nice to have an escort (and someone to blame if .. well, /when/ she gets tipsy). So Caith happily allows Jeffeth to lead the two of them to the wine. Doot-dee-doo!

She goes to reach for the glass he's poured when .. oh! The knight loans her his necklace. This captures her attention for a bit, the young woman peering at the pendant with obvious admiration. "It's so, so lovely," she tells him and then lays her hand over it, looking very solemn. "I will look after this very carefully." To seal this deal, Caith clinks glasses with Jeffeth and then takes a sip: it's official now! She will take Very Good Care of his necklace. Yup.

Peering about, she comments: "We should go say helloooo to Sabella and Niklas..."

Thea smiles at Domonico briefly, also acknowledging Kaia. She is pretty content watching her surroundings, catching some unfamiliar faces. Thea greets those she knows with a light nod to her head.

Peri hears the rumble of hunger pangs from a young man in the crowns livery standing guard near the Green Table. "Goodman, you can't guard on an empty stomach. Here, take this," She pulls a stick of hardcandy from her hair. It has been teased into a thousand and one braids. The brainds are threaded through with greenish pearls on black metalic thread and the whole is bound in threads of silver. "I will send Eina to bring us back some food." She pats the guard on the arm.

Peri takes an icicle shaped stick of hard candy from her hair.

Arman stepped into the great hall with the luminous image of his daughter, Saoirse, on his arm. The woman overshadowed her elder, a compliment of scarlet silks to the umbra he bore and in that moment they stood as the image of Lycene nobility. He proceeded forward, arm crooked to delicately lead his progeny into the crowd. He leaned to her, murmuring something beneath the din of festivities.

"I am, of course, interested in just about anything you are working on, Nightingale." Niklas pauses, frowning slightly, then adds, "On which you are working. Sorry." He offers Gianna a brief bow, then heads over toward Saoirse and her aged companion. On his way over he gives Jeffeth and Caith each an enthusiastic wave. Then, "Princess Saoirse! So good to see you out and about." He looks to Arman and offers the man a bow. "Prince Niklas Grayson. Long time friend of the Princess's."

"Lord Commander," Mia offers to Silas with an inclination of her head. Though given the size of the room, it's quite possible the poor man is forced to lip-read her greeting rather than actually catch the sound of it. Perhaps that would be the place to start, then. With a tilt of her chin, Mia indicates the pair of Whitehawks to Thesarin, perched as they are among some very full couches. "We likely out to seek out the Bislands at some point tonight, too."

Berenice brightens from where she stands with Beatrice and Aethan when she spots Arman and Saoirse making their entrance. She lifts a hand from Aethan's arm to lift it with a wiggle of her fingers in cheery greeting to them.

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"Redrain's celebration was the only one I missed due to little Gareth's colic and it will remain one of my deepest regrets from all the fun I heard everyone had," Sabella tells Elgana, with a laugh for Luca, "It was...ambitious, but well worth it in the end. Everything came together so well! I am truly blessed to know such wonderful people I could trust to handle such large-scale events. And now we all get to relax and drink and dance!"

Sitting up a bit in her seat, Tabitha waves over to Mia and Thesarin. It's a beaming smile she gives them!

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Kaia nods at Liara, "Very well your highness, I shall see you around on the dance floor." and then she's off to greet and meet people. The first ones she moves towards to are Count and Countess Thesarin and Mia Riven. "My lord and lady of the Twainfort, how good to see you both! Countess you are looking lovely!~"

Calypso agrees with Jasher's words "Indeed. I do not see the need for fancy dresses. They just get in the way. " She reaches towards a server and gathers herself a glass of red wine. Eyes tuned to Jasher, she does offer him compliment "You don't however look nice, even out of armour."

Gunner, the Leary Military Adjutant, Emilie, a slender lady's assistant arrive, following Iliana.

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"I get out! I get about!" Saoirse protests with amusement. "I just, you know, had a /road/ to fix." Oh that road! "Prince Niklas, this is my father, the esteemed Prince Arman Velenosa. His reputation precedes him, I'm sure, but in case you didn't know: no, I did not spawn spontaneously from books in the library."

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Arman's dark gaze traced over the now prince of House Grayson as his daughter took initiative in response, giving him a moment to complete that surmising stare before the severe display of his features eased into something more amicable. His head inclined into a slight bow as he was introduced. "A pleasure, Prince Niklas. I've heard rumor you are a rather accomplished playwright."

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Michael steps free from the alcove to rejoin the party, hands wrapping around his belt buckle and surveying the field for the moment. Oh dear...he must've missed twice as many people showing up while he was stepped away. Reese? Thesarin? Peri? His gaze searches then finds them, to head over to that side of the great hall.

Kenna has one a nice swishy dress and is on a MISSION to find a face that she is familiar with. Standing on tip-toes has her gaze fixing on Amari Keaton, always good to hang out with in a mass like this. A hand goes up, "Lady Amari!" is called out as Kenna works towards her to hopefully snag her arm. Others - like Michael - get tiny waves as she stakes her place.

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Ilmia watches Michael as he departs from where they were standing and having a conversation at. There's a moment taken to swipe a bit of errant hair from her forehead and then she sets off to go mingle with people. Giving smiles here and there. Though she does catch a familiar face with the large form of Sir Jeffeth.

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Michael comes towards an entirely full table, halting to shake his head and continue on. To settle in at a table with Berenice and other folks.

Reese looks over to Kenna, having a smile for the Lady Iron Guard. She then notices her dress. "Oh, very nice Lady Kenna." She says in her direction. She seems to be speaking quietly with those at her couch.

Iliana enters at a half-jog, trying to pat her braids into place without being noticeable about it. She gives Ilmia a harried, uncomfortable smile as she passes. "Ilmia, it's good to see you here."

"It was an auspicious time for it.", Prince Luca admits to Princess Sabella, "People could use a little togetherness these days, and who better to get them there? We'll have to get together soon and mourn our missing of Redrain's part in this. Make the most of the night, Sabella!", and that's as good a farewell as any for the southerner, who turns back to Princess Elgana there on his arm and her suggestion of mingling, "We could do that. Or dance. Or drink. One of us will definitely drink.". His easy smile meanders into a grin then, as he teases, "It's you, isn't it? A bad influence on me..". He all but makes a quiet chiding sound to play out the tease.

Thesarin starts to make his way toward the couch holding Tabitha and Silas, lifting his free hand in reply to Tabitha's wave (the other still linked with Mia's arm). Whatever party graces he might or (mostly) might not have, the man can move through a crowd. He slows at Kaia's approach, and gives a low grunt at the back of his throat. "Lady Bisland. How now."

Jasher inclines his head. "Thank you," he says. As he speaks, Tomi chippers off for a bit, returning some time later with a bluish bottle, a glass, and a wicked little grin. The young man pours a glass before offering it to the prince with a little bow and "your Highness", and Jasher takes it with the same gravity as usual. A study in contrasts.

Jasher gets Countess' Platinum Blonde Spiced Rum from Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

"I know you will." Jeffeth smiles. "Andry had them all made for me, you know." With a clink-clink promise made with Caith, Jeffeth raises the glass of rum and takes a hearty swallow. His eyes flitter around the room and Niklas gets an enthusiastic wave in return. "There's Princess Saoirse over there with Prince Niklas." Jeffeth points out quietly motioning in that direction with his chin. Looking to Ilmia, Jeffeth's features explode into brightness as he gives a slightly frantic tug on Caith's arm with his own massive one.

"Your Highness! Your Highness!" Jeffeth exlaims, practically hauling the young Thraxian princess in Ilmia's direction. "Your cousin, Lady Ilmia Leary." He glances to Ilmia, then back to Caith, then back to Ilmia. He looks back and forth rather excitedly with a huge gleaming smile, waiting for something to happen between them.

"Lady Bisland," Mia greets Kaia with a small curtsy, though her eyes immediately turn down to her gown. "A very recent addition to collection of gowns in my wardrobe. I couldn't resist the shade, and I'm quite pleased to hear that someone is almost as fond of it as I am. My husband has said absolutely nothing on the matter at all," she laments with a good deal of exaggeration given that the man is standing *right there* and Thesarin can clearly hear every word she's saying. "An utter failure in his duty, if you ask me."

Thea climbs to her feet, deciding to step join her family. She passes Prince Arman with a young lady, curiosity almost slows her down. Eventually she reach's Domonico's side.

"Well, the rumors are absolutely and entirely correct, your highness, if I do say so myself. And, of course, I do say so myself. Which would likely make me sound conceited, so fortunately several other people say so as well." Niklas gives Arman and Saoirse a winning smile, then says, "But I'll interrupt no longer. For now! Good evening to you both, and enjoy this most delightful evening." He starts to step away, then pauses and leans over to say something quietly to Saorise before wandering off.

"Marquessa!" Ilmia greets Iliana with a warm smile. She gives a look to her and there's a smile as she reaches out to give her a little hug, "It's good to see you as well. Would you like to get a drink and find a group to mingle with?" she asks her. Then there's a smile, "Lord Michael designed my dress this evening. And the necklace." she tells her. Then Jeffeth is exclaiming and she gives a wave to him and to Caith, "Your Highness! Sir Jeffeth!" she calls out.

Calypso dips her head welcoming the young Malvici towards her. She checks with Jasher, "Prince Jasher, have you had the pleasure to meet our newest family member to arrive? Lady Thea Malvici." She gives Thea the smallest of waves.

"Oh, please," Iliana says, looking hot, uncomfortable and possibly slightly concerned about this gigantic social thing. "I am going to sit down. You can join me if you like, though, if you want to mingle I"ll be here when you're done." Her smile blooms though as she sees Jeffeth and Caith. "Caith! It's been so long! How have you been? Sir Jeffeth, it's a pleasure as always."

Dance? Oh, that gets Elgana's eyes to truly light up as she tugs on Luca's arm. "Mingle, drink, and dance?" she poses to the southern duelist of a prince as she starts to drift away from where Sabella and no doubt others have gathered to look at the room at large. Familiar faces get a smile and wave from the Redrain but Luca steals her attention again at his comment of being a bad influence. "Oh, you are the /worst/ influence, highness, the absolute worst. Shall we find a drink and then see if we can't break in these slippers of mine with a little whirl on the dance floor?"

Domonico smiles as Thea joins him, Lucita, Calypso and Jasher and gestures to her, "My younger sister."

Saoirse says, out loud, though it's not clear WHY, "Why can't we come up with more original names? You'd think that with all the peerage's education, I wouldn't have to wrangle with Niklas, Nikas, Nicolaus, Nicky, Nicklebocker, Nick-noogin..." That last one sounds made up. Right?

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Arman gave a small nod of greeting to the passing Thea, though his attention was quick to return to Niklas as the man confirmed the mentioned 'rumor' and motioned to depart from their company. "Good evening, your highness. Have a pleasant evening." He turned to walk with Saoirse as she spoke of naming conventions, the pair taking residence within the embrace of a shadowy alcove to chat and observe the festivities in action.

Kaia nods at Thesarin and offers a sweet smile, "All is well." before her attention shifts back to the Countess and her lovely gown. The whole set of remarks bringing her gaze back to Thesarin with a chuckle, "Now, Count, I'm sure you /do/ think your wife looks absolutely wonderful! Don't you not?" she queries to the man along with a soft chuckle.

Amari's arm is perfectly snag-able, mostly because she's just been on the wander, lost in a sea of people and swirl of talk. Hearing her name, she loses the soft focus cast of her smile and turns to greet Kenna. "Lady Kenna! I don't know where my head's been. I've just been walking about looking at everyone's wonderful outfits... How are you?"

Lucita reaches down to Jasher's glass with a 'may I' expression and if he permits, samples it. "Hello Lady Thea.

Silas looks up, somewhat apologetically, at Mia and Thesarin. There was only one spot left on their couch. "Good evening, Count and Countess!" He calls out, but Kaia is allowed to keep them preoccupied.

Arman mutters, "This crowd ... a bit more ... ... I expected."

Jasher's gaze regards Thea for a moment. He seems content to pawn off the yet-to-be-touched glass of rum into Lucita's keeping, oblivious (or deliberately ignoring) Tomi's sigh as he goes to get another glass. "I have not," the prince replies, and offers a polite nod. "Good d

Reese gets beamed at as Kenna passes by, "I was just looking for an excuse to wear it." Then Amari's arm is snagged and Kenna hooks hers in it. "Well enough - too much work and not NEARLY enough play lately though." She goes back up onto tip-toes for a moment to survey the crowd. "It's so strange to think that I actually //know// some of these faces. Two years ago I thought it hopeless to even try." From that tip-toe position she can wave at the most important person - Silas from afar.

Wait, wait, wait! Careful with the hauling, Jeffeth! Caith was in the middle of a sip. "Easy! I might get jostled," she tsks. Oh no! Not /jostled/. That would be dreadful, especially this early in the evening. Placing a hand against his chest, the Thrax princess holds him in place as she siiiiiiiips her drink. When does a sip turn into a glug? Probably about now, now that her sip has stretched into a few seconds.

Okay. Initial boozing taken care of, she gives Jeffeth the 'we can proceed' pit-pat. Onwards! As she's guided over to Ilmia, she tosses a wave at Niklas! At Saoirse! Ooo, at Sabella! Hello-hello-hellooooo. But she will not be diverted and, soon enough, she and Jeffeth have closed in on the Leary woman. "Cousin," Caith lilts merrily, leaning in to smooch Ilmia's cheeks. There is some tippy-toe action happening as well, seeing how there is a height differential.

Arman nodded in agreement to Saoirse's response, dark eyes lifting from their tucked away place in the corner to quietly observe the festivities from a somewhat removed vantage point.

Jasher's gaze regards Thea for a moment. He seems content to pawn off the yet-to-be-touched glass of rum into Lucita's keeping, oblivious (or deliberately ignoring) Tomi's sigh as he goes to get another glass. "I have not," the prince replies, and offers a polite nod. "Good day, Lady Thea. I am Prince Jasher Thrax."

Thea smiles a little at Calypso, she bows to Jasher"Its nice to meet you." Straightening, back proud, Thea greets Lucita lightly,"Hello. It's nice to see you again!"

Oh! And Iliana too! "Goodness, I nearly missed you. These events get so crowded," Caith laughs, laying some kisses on the Marquessa as well.

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"There being so many Niks is certainly confusing now and again. Fortunately you don't have to deal with that, being the our Sow-yoorzie Velenosa," says Niklas to poor, bleaguered Saoirse as he departs. He moves on over to the Count and Countess of the Twainfort. "Good evening to you both! Countess Mia, I do hope that you've had the chance to absorb my latest addition to your library. I'm quite keen on the idea that eventually I'll have sent you enough books that you'll have no choice but to open a Niklas Grayson wing. I've already had my portrait painted for the entryway. I look quite dashing in it, though the artist had to add in the horse afterward since it bucked me several times."

Arik gets A Taste of Arx participant brooch from Gryphon Chest.

Kenna is overheard praising Silas: Look! My cousin is awesome!

After Scythia is so good as to point out some distant overtures, Orrin makes apologies and departs the group at the green table to weave toward Carita at the royal couches.

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Saoirse whispers to Arman in the shadows ? oh those Lycene! - and glances up now and again. When her eyes land on Caith, something mumbled sounds like 'blurst smog in the gurld.'

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Lucita takes a sip from her glass lowers it and then takes a second sip before nodding a thanks and handing the glass back to Jasher. "Is this your favorite drink?" She asks in a neutral tone.

"It is so good to see you, Caith. You've grown so much since I last saw you!" Ilmia states with a bright smile as her cheeks are kissed. "I have a favor to ask of you. A small one." she grins to the now Thraxian Princess. "Oh, also, my lovely dress was designed by Lord Michael Bisland. If you ever need a design, he might be in a good mood." she chuckles. "There are so many people here." she tells them quietly. "How are the two of you though?" she looks between Jeffeth and Caith. Then she tries to see where Iliana got off to as well.

"Those are fantastic ideas..", Prince Luca praises, "I wish I'd had them myself!", he teases again, gentle in how he guides along the Redrain princess through the gathered crowd of people, and graceful enough in his navigation too. It must come with the territory. It isn't quite to the dance floor where he takes her at first, however. He leans in comfortably to murmur, passing the drinks and finding one first to be handed over to Elgana before he takes a second for himself.

Kaia eyes drift over to Silas at his greeting to the Count and Countess of the Twainfort and she smiles at him, offering a classy wave of the fingers as a greeting from afar. Her eyes, now and then, drifting here and there surveying the room for more familiar faces to drift off to once the conversation with the Riven's was done.

Iliana is a little island, anchoring herself at a table and waving at the Learies and Jeffeth in case they'd like to join her there. She, for her part, seems unwilling to move now she's found a seat.

Amari follows Kenna's wave to Silas, and does the same. Her comments though have the Keaton narrow her eyes and consider, prompting eventually a statement, "I'm sure I could name just about everyone here tonight. Even if I don't know them well." Challenge! Though there's a grin aside at the lady who's got her arm, "So what would you prefer? Dance, drink or drift?"

Domonico chuckles at Lucita's question to Jasher before he answers, "Well he seems to think Thraxian Rum is superior to Southport Spiced Red... I do what I can to disabuse him of the notion."

There is a sheepish smile beamed down at Caith. "Ahm. Sorry." The big man practically squeaks. The hand on his chest keeps him from moving forward and very nearly avoiding a jostle. With the danger of jostle out of the way, and the pit pat of approval given the big man moves with Caith over to Ilmia and Iliana. The behemoth goes into a deep bow to Ilmia, fist pressed to his chest. And then another to Iliana. "My Lady, a pleasure and an honor." Looking over to Iliana, Jeffeth glances to Ilmia and Caith. "Shall we join the Marquessa?" Jeffeth makes sure Caith isn't mid-sip before he starts leading the three of them over that-a-way.

"The Countess looks lovely," Thesarin agrees with a slow nod toward Kaia. He doesn't look at Mia at all while she chides him. One might almost think it was intentional, instead looking toward Niklas with a low nod. "Prince Grayson, how now. The event's more'n grand, and if I ain't have chance to find your wife, tell her I said. You know Lady Kaia Bisland?" He asks with a nod toward her, and then looks back toward Silas. "Baron Whitehawk," he calls out, hopefully loud enough to be heard. But crowded as it is, he keeps his distance.

Jasher accepts the glass and a sip, mulling it--or Lucita's question--over for a while. Domonico's remark gets his lips pulling straight briefly, a wry crack in his mask of distance. "I drink," he says. "Often, rum. This specific one"--and he holds up the glass briefly--"I have not tried yet. It is...ambitious, I suppose. Not unlike the person behind it." He glances towards Carita and crew commandeering the royal couches.

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"//Really?//" Cue Kenna being so very-very-very impressed by the naming ability of her her arm-candy Amari now. "Hum..." Her finger taps against her lips as she ponders. "At some point I ought to go and say hello to my cousin but for now... Dance. I'll warn you, I'm terrible at it, but I feel a little feisty at the moment."

Scythia offers a few words, simple social niceties likely, toward the gathering there at the green table before she is being escorted toward the Grayson royal couch. She moves to weave over toward where Carita is settled, dipping into a curtsy - for all of those gathered, likely - but she directs her words to the Countess herself. "Countess Carita Darkwater, you look as lovely as ever. My lady, have you had the pleasure of meeting Count Orrin Seliki, Lord of Pearlspire?"

"It hardly counts once he's been prompted into it," Mia retorts, simply shaking her head at Thesarin before he can hardly even get a word in. "Have you met Lord Commander Whitehawk, of Hawkhold?" Gesturing between first Silas and Kaia, and then Niklas and Kaia as well, "Or His Highness, Prince Niklas Grayson? Prince Niklas is quite fond of sending me heaps and heaps of the most absurd and ridiculous books he can find. It's something of a game, really. If I go cross-eyed trying to make my way through the contents, he wins. It's really great fun. For him at least." Her lips purse just then. Yes, she was trying not to chuckle. The Countess amuses herself, at least.

Athaur empties his mug of ale, setting it down on the table to push himself to his feet. "Well now. This isn't exciting enough for me yet." He walks away from the table he was sitting at, each step causing the bells about his person to jingle. He strolls his way over to the dance floor, a small smile on his face.

"Aren't they?" Elgana says with just a touch of teasing herself as she allows Luca to take over with the leading. "I don't where I get them sometimes. Just seem to drift down out of the sky and into my ears." She steps deftly to the left, to the right, dodging people as they move through the gathered throng and over toward where there are drinks. That gentle murmur from Luca gets Elgana to lean close, whatever is shared gets a faint blush to rise on her cheeks but then she's just whispering right back, her smile warm and teasing. Once that's done, the drink in her hand gets lifted and sipped from. "Not bad," she says, glancing at the glass.

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Cocking an ear, Caith's expression is one of curiosity as she listens to the psst-psst-psssst Ilmia whispers to her. "Oh really?" she replies, her gaze flitting about the room until she spots Michael. "Well, that can certainly be arranged." She gives her cousin a wink as well as a light elbow poke. There might even be some eyebrow waggling happening too!

When Jeffeth suggests that they join Iliana, the Thrax princess gives a nod. "That sounds lovely," she declares before finishing off her drink and handing the glass off to .. someone. Just whoever was passing by, they now have Caith's empty in their hand. Hopefully there is more booze over where Iliana has settled.

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Amari nods solemnly to confirm her stupid good memory for names and which faces they belong to. It's probably a lawyer thing. Not that she attempts to prove it, not yet anyway. Not when there's dancing on offer. "Let's dance." And more quietly, "You'll be fine. I've danced with Count Duarte before, you can't be any worse."

Thea hushedly murmur to domonico,"I'm going to remember all these faces, names however..."

Amari has joined the Dance Floor.

"For the most part, Countess, the things I have sent you have been written my scholars and archlectors. Godly sorts with vast storehouses of knowledge that they are only too happy to put to page. You should try making Archlector Alaran's root stew. Just make sure you have enough rabbits, sheep, goats, cows, chickens and turkeys up front. If you miss an animal you really don't get the proper accent on the turnip you add in the last step." Niklas gives Kaia a bright smile. "I am indeed fortunate enough to know Lady Kaia. After all, she is Lady Zoey Kennex's sister, and Lady Zoey is my contractually mandated protege. Which is why the poor woman can't get away from my many presents."

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Mikani watches Athaur curiously leave the table saying something about excitement. Well that caught her attention. She stands and follows to the dancefloor to watch all the dancers. As she walks her skirt flows with her, a flash of leg seen with each step.

Merek looks around a bit and shakes his head, taking a drink while he listens to people and watches folk, mostly keeping to him self, seems a lot of people.

Calypso sips from her drink. Slowly and deliberately. Mostly just watching the people. Eventually, she turns her attention to Lucita, "Baroness. You look lovely tonight. That color suits you very well. "

Ilmia gives a bright smile to her cousin, "You are fantastic. Thank you, Caith." she tells her. Then she gives a smile to Jeffeth, "Absolutely, lets go have a seat." she tells them. Then she's looking to see what other faces are about. Luca gets a wave, but she doesn't interrupt him.

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Iliana smiles at Caith, pulling out another chair for her cousin. "Come, sit down! Another drink," she corners a passing tray. "Take your pick."

Kaia smiles at Thesarin's response, and then chuckles at Mia's reply to it. She found it all very amusing but charming (in a strange way). Her eyes drift towards Silas and then Niklas and she nods, "Ah, yes, I have met them both; although, one more briefly than the other." she explains. "Aside from that, Prince Niklas, here, has been a most wonderful dancing partner in previous gatherings." she states, "--and Baron Silas, once offered me some delicious pastries while I spoke with Lord Kaldur Seliki somewhere near the place where the clocktower fell." she adds, after recalling the moment. Her eyes then moving back to Niklas, "I am eagerly looking forward to working with, both, Sabella and yourself on your most recent endeavor for the children of the lowers." she finally comments to the Prince.

Lucita says, "I think I remember you saying one of the Saik wines you sampled was too sweet for your tastes, yes?" She nods to Domonico as she speaks to Jasher. "And you did not like the spiced red... Will have to serve you some others to sample to see if can find other drinks you might like equally as well." She glances down at her grment when Calypso speaks. "Oh, thank you. I'm glad I found a cloak that could go with it, the fall evenings are so crisp one needs one this time of year."

Is it rude to be so loud in a gathering like this? Surely not. It's loud anyhow. In the wake of Prince Luca's conversation with Princess Elgana, he tosses up a hand and waves to someone through the crowd, a glimpse caught, "Countess Carita!", he calls out. There's a really very genuinely un-lazy smile for her, "I'm glad to see you're out! You're always napping!". There's that grin again, and he's guiding Elgana elsewhere through the gathering with their drinks all collected. The pair pass Lady Ilmia and the southern-born prince proffers one of his sleepier smiles for her wave, a gracious dip of his head given.

Off in the corner, Saoirse and Arman whisper. ARE THEY PLOTTING DOOM? Maybe. Saoirse pulls a face and gives Arman a Look.

Calypso agrees with Lucita "I hate to see what winter will have to offer us if it already so cool."

Domonico nods in the seriously little cluster of Malvici and Jasher, Lucita providing the smiles. "I agree with the Duchess Baroness. " His eyes flick over to Kaia and he murmers something to the group.

There was something said. Disparaging words let loose on the winds of the party. Caith perks up suddenly and looks about until she spots where Saoirse is at. Instead of going over to set the record straight, she does so from her spot well-across the room. "Stumphrey is /not/ the worst dog in the world!" Caith point to her eyes and then points at Saoirse. She SEES you, Velenosa mischief-maker!

Anyway, what was she up to? Oh yes! Getting settled and into the groove of drinking. Flinging herself down next to Iliana, the petite blonde claps her hands when another glass of something-something appears. "Jeffeth, grab a seat!"

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Zelda, the royal messenger, 13 King's Own Guardsmen arrive, following Alaric.

"I generally try to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen if I can, as it generally only results in Mab swatting at me to stop picking at things and interfering with her work," Mia admits, with the sort of little huff that suggests old Mab -- whoever she is -- may will be the only person in all the world that's allowed to fuss at and shoo her at all, whatever the reason for that may be. "But I will certainly tell her that you recommend the recipe. And accept no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences that may result, which will quite possibly involve expecting you to eat it, Your Highness."

"Honestly, if there were a contest for the Worst Dog," Saoirse calls back threateningly. "Stumphrey wouldn't even be allowed to enter because he'd win." This is a very strange insult.

"Prince Luca! I'm... out?" Carita's tone goes from please to confused, with laughter shortly following. "Out of my gilded cage, it's true. -- /I/ am napping all the time?" She shakes her head, chin dipping as she smiles. Then, "You owe me a dance later, Your Highness." This with a finger pointed in Luca's direction, before she turns back to the group she's talking with at the couches.

Athaur steps onto the dance floor, listening to the music for a moment. He lifts a hand, twitching it back and forth as he gets a feel for the beat. Unfortunately, it seems to be not fast enough for him. So he opts to dance in double time. His boots kick across the floor, stomping out at twice the beat, spreading his arms wide as he moves. The bells jingle with each step, offering their own private harmony to his movements. His feek kick out, his body moving faster as he dances on his own. He lets the music flow through him pushing him into wild and fratnic movements as he sweeps across the dance floor.

Arman was not as animated in his appearance as the reflection of his daughter beside him. He responded with his usual placidity edged with an underlying stern demeanor, shaking his head slightly as the two whispered away between one another.

Kenna checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

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Calypso skims Kaia assessingly and giving a curt nod to Domonico "You are likely right. "

Peri is overheard praising Athaur: *whistle* What a dancer!

Iliana turns to smile brightly at Caith, her eyes fond. "Caith, how have you been?" she asks. "It's been so long. You need to come visit us more. Leary House isn't the same without you."

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"Fine to see these charity works on their way," Thesarin says. Mia's comment about Thesarin only complimenting him when prompted gets a long intake of breath, and an equally long, slow exhale. He nods again toward Niklas and gives a faint grin. "Sorry if I ain't much help, but books 'n cookery are two topics where I'm near equal useless."

Alaric makes a breezily casual appearance. Not really sneaking in per se, but just sort of wandering in through the back way instead of Proceeding through the main entrance. Perks of being a resident. Smiling approvingly at all the festivity going on, he snags a drink off a passing tray and looks about for a couch to crash.

When Luca calls out to Carita, Elgana's gaze follows and she smiles and offers the Darkwater Countess a wave of her own but she doesn't yell across the room. Nope. That gets left to Luca. "I think you are the one who is always napping," she offers as an aside to Luca, her tone teasing once more. As they pass Lady Ilmia, Elgana tries to put a face to a name, or maybe a name to a face but regardless she offers her own polite smile to the Lady. Elgana drains a touch more of her glass before it gets passed off to a passing servant with an empty tray. "Shall we put these slippers to the test on the dance floor? I can step all over your toes and get you broken in properly."

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Thea nods to Domonico, glancing at Kaia briefly. Which works. She likes Kaia.

"I grew up on rum," Jasher says towards Lucita, even as his blue gaze looks past the Malvicis he's chumming with to the festivities of the great hall at large. "I'm afraid that it is more of a case with comparing other drinks to what I am used to, though I do find whiskey an acceptable substitute." He pauses to take a sip, then continues speaking, though his voice is lowered enough that only either by lip-reading or being very close would one be able to make out what he's saying.

Leporis, the silent handmaiden arrives, following Joslyn.

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Domonico nods sagely at what is said and murmers to his little group again, looking seriously at Kaia from time to time.

6 House Velenosa Guards, Galiana, a meticulous and mysterious lady-in-waiting arrive, following Isobella.

2 Pravus Honor Guard arrives, following Sebastian.

Joslyn arrives, perhaps a little late. She's dressed in fine steelsilks, followed closely by her handmaid, and she cast a glance around to the gathered crowd as if looking for a place to mingle.

Calypso watches Kaia with a little more intensity than her cousin.

"In this case, Count, the book is Archlector Alaran Grayson's Codex of Tasty Animals, so I think it's a tome that covers a wide breadth of passions and hobbies." Niklas glances around the room eventually picking out his wife. "Ah, it's the king. How nice!"

Reese is curled up on the green couch and seems to be quietly watching the party. She does have a smile of greeting for Joslyn when she arrives.

Late. Willow shows up late, but immaculately put together. She makes a bee line for Reese.

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Thea watches Kaia too. Her green eyes thoughtful. Hearing Domonico, she agrees murmuring,"Dont get me started on stories.."

Michael departs the small table with a smile as Berenice and Aethan both rise to leave as well. "I'll swing back around soon, Princess Berenice." And he is walking...except something catches his eye. He halts in place. Then moves through the Great Hall towards all the displayed sigils, standing in front of Grayreeve's for several long moments. He'll glance left, right, left again before reaching up to take it down and hand it off to a guard. "You should go put this away." Then his hands brush against each other as if to remove dirt.

Calypso nods again and murmurs in response, "She is very chatty."

Kenna is overheard praising Michael: Traitors don't belong on the wall.

Peri is overheard praising Michael.

A fist is shook-shaken-shaked in Saoirse's direction. Caith retorts: "They wouldn't let him enter because clearly he has no business being in a worst dog contest, considering how he is the /best/ dog. They'd be like 'get out of here! You are drunk! Go home!'." The blonde Thrax gives a crisp little nod, agreeing with herself. YUP. Stumphrey is the best! She refuses to consider otherwise.


Shifting back to her companions, she picks up the nearest glass and gets to sipping. "I have been off visiting my father for a while. He got a bit of a cold and you know how men are when they get sick. He was sending me these woeful letters that were all 'remember me fondly when I am goooone'. So I decide to visit, thinking it is dire, and it turns out that it was simply a case of the sniffles." She laughs and rolls her eyes. "Fathers. What can you do?" More sips. Sip-sip-sip! "So how are you doing?" This is directed at both her cousins -- Ilmia and Iliana.

Reese has a gentle smile for Willow. "Oh, Lady Willow, hi, I am glad you came." She says in her direction. She then speaks more softly at the couch.

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Athaur from his wild dancing on the floor he spies Joslyn's entrance. Without missing a move in his dance he bows to her as she enters, a smile on his face. He lifts a single finger to her, beckoning her over towards him

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise have been dismissed.

Late to the party, Isobella arrives with a bevy of guards who immediately head to wherever guards tend to congregate at these things, leaving her quite alone in the crowd. She recruits a glass of wine to keep her company for the time being, people-watching near the dance-floor.

"Mmmm," Mia replies, thoughtful. "It's true. I do think, my lord, that it may be one book you're actually rather interested in -- provided that you're doing the hunting and the eating, as opposed to the reading and the cooking." Her eyes then follow Niklas' gaze towards Sabella and, it seems, the King. "Please do pass your wife my heartiest compliments on the whole series of events. I doubt I'll be able to myself, given how in demand she'll be all evening."

Joslyn gives a soft smile towards Reese, upon noticing her greeting and she lowers herself in a soft bow, though the invitation from Athaur catches her eye, and Joslyn makes her way over to the dance floor, moving to join him, a curious smirk as she watches him.

Jasher doesn't join in the staring. Instead, he mulls the spiced rum, his head slightly inclined as if he's listening for something, lips moving every so often to offer some inaudible response to the casual onlooker.

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Is anyone surprised Sebastian's late to a grand to do? Surely not. The Pravus Lord is dressed in silks, and barely goes two steps before he makes to secure a beverage. He doesn't drink it immediately though, circling the room.

The big man looks over in the direction of Saoirse as Caith is shaking her little fist and yelling out. Jeffeth glances to Caith, then to Saoirse and slowly curls up a gentle smile. It's a very awkward gentle smile. But it curls up all the same. The big man turns over to the companions at his table and lets out a quiet laugh at Caith's words. His eyes do go however, to the group of Malvici all staring down a girl. There is a light frown, and a concerned look is shot to Kaia. Bringing up his glass he takes another deep swig before lowering it to speak quietly at the table with Caith and her cousins.

"It was lovely seeing you my lords, and lady." she states, before gracefully swaying her way across the room with beaiming spirits. Her eyes finding the Malvici's for a moment and noticing their intense gazes -as she takes the glass of champagne to her lips to take a sip. Another wave and a smile is given to them. She intended to head over, when her cousin's reaction to the Grayreeve banner caught her attention. "Everything alright cousin?" she asks to Michael, making her way over to him first before, probably, continuing towards the Malvici's.

Kenna mutters, "... ... rather go drink something ... and practice my ... than ... these days. You in?"

Berenice's hand slips onto Aethan's arm once more as she allows him to draw her off to the dance floor, a particularly pleased sort of smugness to the curve of her lips. She tosses a glance back over her shoulder at Michael and blows him a kiss with her other hand, amusement glinting warm. And it's then that she notices Sebastian with a brightening gaze and a playful little wiggle of her fingers in greeting.

Iliana chuckles. "Oh, I'm fine," she says to Caith. "Well, as fine as I can be. I miss your company though. Come and visit sometime, or I will be lonely. So will Fairen, he has been wanting to see you for a long time."

"Everything is better now, cousin of mine." Michael smiles quick towards his cousin, glancing from whence she came. "Oh. Duchess Calypso. I need to go tell her about the time you fell into all that horse manure. Is she busy?"

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Thea twitches her lips at Domonico's words. Smiling a bit to herself, Thea finds herself lucky so far. At least, compared to her brothers.

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Reese tries to gently take Willow's hand with a gloved one of her own. She was just talking quietly with Peri and Willow. She starts toward the dance floor.

Lucita nods toward Joslyn as she spots her, starting to speak to her but falling silent as she is rather far away to succeed doing that. Instead she turns toward others near her. "Lady Joslyn was my small weapons teacher. We spent many long hours in various practices and drills. I believe she lost a family member though, and Lord Graham his brother recently."

Niklas looks from Kaia to the Malvicis and back, then gives a slight shrug. "They're odd sorts in Southport." With an extra nod to Mia and Thesarin, Niklas departs and makes his way over to the Crown Couches, offering a bow to the king followed by a nod for Pharamond. "Your majesty, lords, et cetera. I hope the evening finds all well."

Peri's champion, Eina, has convinced Peri to stop thinking about work. This was cleverly done by placement of a book of fanciful tales and a glass of clear rum adjacent to it. Peri is lost in a book.

"Hunting 'n eating, now, those are things I can manage." Thesarin gives Kaia and Niklas a nod as she starts off, and a low "have a care, Lady Bisland. Highness." Alaric's arrival is met with a clasp of his fist to the chest and a low dip of his head. He catches sight of Michael pulling the Greyreeve banner off the wall, and gives one deep, and remarkably loud, laugh that manages to cut through a good deal of the chatter in the room.

Thesarin shouts from nearby, "HAH"

There's the 'D' word, and Prince Luca tips back what's left of his drink to offer it a swift and merciful death. That does brighten the southerner just a little, who is rid of the emptied glass and pulling Princess Elgana along with something of a purpose now, "Is this an awkward time to mention that I never learned how to dance? I'm fairly good at dodging, though. So maybe the looming threat of broken toes is just what I need..". He laughs again, slipping through the crowd toward the dance floor while casting a wink over his shoulder at the Redrain royal. He kids, of course.

Taking Reese's hand as she rises, Willow follows off to the dance floor, the moons and stars in her hair swaying half hid amid raven-black curls as she takes up position opposite the taller Knight once they find their spot.

Chatting with Sorrel and Galen at her table and watching the dancing, Beatrice turns her head in Thesarin's direction briefly, distracted by the loud noise.

Calypso slants her eyes towards Michael, unfortunately overhearing the loud Bisland "Fell off a horse and into it's droppings? " She then shoots Domonico a look of distaste.

Reese checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 26 higher.

Arman continued chit-chatting with Saoirse in their little corner, a small laugh falling from his lips at some comment mentioned.

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Kaia's beaming expression goes flat serious at Michael, and her tone along with it. For the first time in a very /long/ while the Bisland looke as serious as a Bisland. "Michael Bisland. Don't /you/ dare." she says, very slowly. Giving him _THE LOOK_generally shared by the woman in her family.

Berenice checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 59 higher.

Alaric raises a glass to Niklas from the couch. "Good evening! I do believe your princess-wife is about to claim you for a dance before we can make another spectacle. Have fun!" he declares brightly.

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There's a definite amusement in Sebastian's gaze when he catches Berenice's wiggle of fingers towards him. It's enough to make him pause and watch her out on the dance floor for a moment -- with a second nod for her partner when he sees Aethan. He doesn't stay though -- moving around towards the gray table when he spots a number of familiar figures.

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"I don't believe a single word of that!" Elgana laughs as Luca tugs her toward the dance floor. "And if it is true, we won't try for anything too flashy. I'm a fairly good teacher and a fairly good dancer, perhaps I can teach you a thing or two, highness." That wink gets her smile to brighten once again.

Amari is patient and quick enough to avoid the worst missteps of her partner, not seeming the least bit bothered really. It's all fun. When the music segues to another piece with a slightly more difficult tempo she's good to stop and take a breath. There's some murmuring back and forth, and after the last, the Keaton nods sharpish and wraps her knuckles lightly off the steel armor of her gown's bodice. "Let's." An arm is offered again, and a wave to the dancers remaining that the pair are about to leave behind.

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"A pleasant evening to you both," Mia murmurs as both Kaia and Michael depart. If she was going to say anymore, well. Mia's black brows arch at the exclamation from Thesarin, her eyes trailing over towards.... whatever it was that had brought on the exclamation, catching sight of the guard folding -- or quite possibly not knowing what to do with -- the Grayreeve banner he's been handed. A small smirk touches her lips, however briefly.

Pharamond grins to Niklas and says, simply, "Better get ready," he says with a chuckle as he looks to Sabella heading away from the couches and laughs, leaning back with the most fond of smiles. After that he looks over to the King at something that was said, and he blinks. "I...well..." and what do you say when the King one-ups you? Nothing..just gotta sit back, take your lumps and oh, look, another drink!

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Ilmia looks up when she hears someone sounding like they are reprimanding Michael. She didn't want to miss this!

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Kenna isn't at all going to let Amari change her mind. Taking up Amari's arm she starts to lead the way though the crowd. She's close enough to hear Kaia telling Michael off and she laughs. "YOU GET HIM LADY KAIA!" gets shouted out, with a tiny wink for Michael along the way, before both she and Amari finally split through and take themselves off to whatever mischief they've concocted.

Domonico shrugs at the overheard story and then adds, "Undignified but then again we've all seen worse on the battlefield. And note how she has turned it into an attack on him. Very well done."

"You should meet Duchess Calypso though, Papa," Saoirse suddenly says loudly enough to be overheard. She laces her arm through his and slowly meanders through the crowd until: bam. Calypso! HELLO. You have Velenosas in front of you.

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Niklas clucks his tongue when Sabella stands up and claims him before he can ask Alaric for a round 2. "How dare?" But still, he leads his wife out onto the dance floor, puts an arm around her waist, takes her hand in his and begins to sweep about to the music while he leans in to speak quietly in her ear.

Thea lifts her eyebrows. Noticing Kaia's look, absolutely amazed, she hushedly murmurs to Calypso and Domonico,"-That- look. That look is is kind of intimidating. Picture her giving that to Martino." Meanwhile, Thea is probably laughing inwardly picturing Martino's face.

Niklas checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Arman followed along at his daughter's beckoning, flagging a messenger down from one of the side alcoves to whisper a note for a delivery before that surmising and shark-like gaze fell upon the Duchess Calypso.

"Whaaattt? You were very young. If anything, it was a good thing it was there." Michael gleams a smile still at Kaia. "Otherwise falling from the rafters might have hurt you a great deal. You shouldn't go chasing your elders." It...hangs there, that smile. Kaia is still glaring and Michael takes the time to vamoosh now. Noooo reason to stick around now. He'll go towards...where is he going to go? Ilmia. Yes. Its afe over there.

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Jasher finally gives Kaia and her death glare a look. He lifts an eyebrow. "I trust she will not keep that look," he says blandly. "It seems the kind to get stuck that way if used too often or too long."

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Domonico adds, "Like what happened with you Prince Jasher?" The Malvici almost smiles at that.

Calypso bows her head to Arman, welcoming him to the small group "Your Highness."

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Calypso finally looks at Kaia and that death stare. A small smile plays on her lips. Finally an inch of approval from the Duchess of War.

Jasher looks at Domonico. "Yes," he replies without a trace of irony.

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"Duchess Calypso Malvici," Saoirse introduces, "Prince Arman Velenosa. I'm sure the paths have crossed, but just in case, the Duchess of Southport is one of the Velenosa family's closest friends. She was so kind to me when I first arrived."

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Thesarin is overheard praising Sabella.

Reese is overheard praising Sabella: great hostest!

Thesarin is overheard praising Grayson.

Thesarin is overheard praising Michael.

Sebastian takes A Taste of Arx participant brooch from Gryphon Chest.

Reese is overheard praising Berenice: Amazing dancer and hostest!

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Peri gets up to stretch, holding a glass of run in one hand, a book in the other. She leans against the wall and reads her book.

Arman returned that bow of the head with an incline of his own. "Duchess Calypso. It is a pleasure to meet the ruling hand of Southport in the flesh. I was quite impressed with the training exercises Lord Domonico headed and appreciate House Malvici sharing their expertise with the various naval leadership of the Lyceum."

Niklas dances dances dances dances Sabella right on out the doooooooor

Lucita lowers her lashes to veil her glance toward Domonico. "There are ways to divert that look." She speaks blandly yet with a little grin.

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise, Isabelle, who is just so tired of everyone's nonsense, Roland, the worst bard in Arvum, Sabella leave, following Niklas.

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Reese is overheard praising Willow: Woots, a great dancer!

Berenice's partner may not be known for his dancing prowess, but she seems more than capable of making up for /any/ missteps. She's all lightness, grace, and charm on the dance floor, the chiffon seasilk of her skirts dancing about her legs. And she laughs as she dances, clearly at whatever conversation she's having with her partner, which only adds to the appearance of brightness and ease.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Arman before departing.

Mia is overheard praising Michael: Well, someone finally had to.

Iliana rises from the table as Michael is sitting. "Lord Michael! I hear you designed my cousin's gown. It's lovely stuff. Have a good evening." She hurries out with a distracted smile thrown over her shoulder.

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Kaia's expression remains unchanged at her cousin until he's out of her sight, only to be broken by a brief roll of the eyes and a deep breath before her whole expression shifts back to her regular beaming self. She wouldn't let that mischiveous cousin of her ruin the night. Oh no. She was going to dance. She shakes the whole thing off (not literally) and sets her half-empty glass of champagne off by a tray, before swaying towards the dance floor, surveying the room for a partner maybe?

Thesarin turns toward Mia with a nod, and another low grunt, reaching his hand to set on Mia's arm. "So." No mention of the burst of laughter he'd just given out, but there might be a trace of an uncharictaristic smile on his face. "Aught else you'd speak to?" He spots Peri in the corner with her book, and lifts his chin in her direction.

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Thea bows her head to Arman easily,"Hello again your Highness." She turns to Saoirse also, a nice smile for her as well.

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Peri upnods to the Count.

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Domonico nods his head in appreciation of Arman's words, "My thanks Your Highness. We do what we do in House Malvici, Prepare for War. I was impressed how the other navies worked with me."

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"I do think I saw Lady Keaton and Lady Acheron slip out the door, or I should make my greetings to them. But yes, there's Lady Peri in the corner, and I believe I've seen some of the other Selikis floating around the room somewhere," Mia replies lightly, though her brows go up again. "Unless you'd care to dance?" She's teasing him. She must be.

Sorrel takes the dance floor with Galen in a flurry of red brocade, spinning and dancing circles around her husband the Warlord, who probably spends more time with sea legs than he does with dancing shoes. She looks like she's having a delightful time, however, and she is a very pretty dancer.

"Lady Thea." A small smile again graced Arman's lips, "It is good to see you again. Have you been enjoying the decadence of what Arx's elite has to offer?" And to Domonico a slightly lower bow of his head followed in gracious reply to the man's words. His dark irises shifted aside, yet another barely seen downward tilt of his chin given, though its target was a bit hard to discern through the crowd.

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Calypso dips her chin proudly to Arman, "I am glad you found so. Domonico is a credit to our fleet. I am glad he was able to aide you as he did. "

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Saoirse glances at Thea as well, a brief pause before Saoirse ventures, "And this must be another of the Malvici family I have not had the fortune to meet. The mistake is mine, I am sure; Lady, my name is Princess Saoirse Velenosa. And you are?"

Galen checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Jaenelle might have missed most of the ball, though attending even for a moment still counts! There are a lot of people, so it takes Jae a moment to collect herself after she's entered, and as she begins her movements through the hall, she spots Arman, "I would have probably been here sooner, but some things tend not to be so interested in waiting. So thank you for the reminder to pause. Saoirse" she then greats with a smile, though does not interrupt any conversation.

Jasher finally steps away from the alcove, draining his glass as he does so. He offers it to Tomi before offering the Malvicis and not-Malvicis a polite nod. "I will take my leave," he says. "It is good to speak with you and yours, Your Grace." His eyes rest on Calypso, then Domonico, and Thea, before finally moving to Lucita. "Baroness. Were you planning to depart, or do you intend to remain here?"

Straightening up from the table, with Caith's hand on his arm the large man gives a deep bow to those at the table. Jeffeth moves away from the table with Caith in tow, smiling deeply at any who look their way. Moving with her along the floor, the knight and the princess move to depart.

Thesarin looks at Mia in silence for a moment, and then his big shoulders slowly rise and fall. "...if I'd dance, Countess, I ain't booking talk of trod toes. You know what you asked for." Jeffeth and Caith get an upward nod from the Prodigal Count as the pair start off.

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Thea answers Arnan, her tone light,"I have, thank you." Directing to the younger lady, Thea introduces herself in her usual proud but calmer demeanor,"Its nice to meet you. I'm Lady Thea Malvici. "

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Lucita chuckles softly as she looks up at Jasher. "I came with you as my escort, only right to leave with you, too. Though you will owe me a dance sometime, yes?" She turns toward the others and with a smile sets her hand on her escorts arm as she bids them a happy evening.

Luna, the sweet, studious assistant arrives, following Carita.

Arman realized his failure a bit too late as Saoirse went on to introduce herself properly to Thea. Attention turned anew to Calypso, "How are you finding the city since your return to it?" And then there was Jaenelle! He offered his free arm to the Archduchess Regent along with a bow of his head, Saoirse still in escort on his right side. "Of course, Your Grace. I'm happy you were able to tear yourself from duty as we are all blessed in the luminance of your presence." Such a sweet talker.

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Peri has reached a stopping point in the current chapter. She looks around. There are no divers alarums. good.:w

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Calypso returns her full attention to Arman "It is well. My time in South Port was brief this time. How about yourself? Have you been away from Arx for long? "

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Saoirse glances at Jaenelle upon her arrival and offers the woman a quick wink. "I had to bite my tongue earlier; we were talking about wine and you know how difficult the supply routes have been lately. I almost slipped and asked for a vintage that is no longer in supply." Now that Thea is introduced and Saoirse knows her name, she repeats, "Lady Thea. Nice to meet you."

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Lucita gets a blue-eyed stare of resigned patience before he begins to move through the crowds, his usually long stride tempered by the baroness on his arm. Tomi pitters behind, another questionably obtained bottle clutched chestwards for dear life.

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The slender figure of the Corvini count makes his way into the Great Hall of the palace. The smile on his lips is sardonic, his gaze flitting about the room. A brief inclination of his head is made towards those present. His eyes flit from person to person, before he ghosts to the wall for a moment.

"This from the man who spent months taunting me about how I was waddling," Mia retorts, shaking her head until her thick black braid sways. "Your concepts of justice and fairness are unfaily skewed in your favor, my lord. I will have to protest if you stomp on my poor toes, if only to move the scales a bit further towards balance."

Jaenelle gives Saoirse an impressive look, the grin not able to be hidden, "your willpower should be something we all strive, and should I find myself lacking such I will think back to this moment and say 'what would Saoirse do?' Now, that could either cause trouble or be the most composed thing I have ever done. I shall let you know when that time times." She turns towards Arman's offered arm, giving a grateful smile to the man as she is without an escort, "thank you, Prince Arman. I believe first before I claim that arm as my own I will find a drink."

Kaia having enjoyed herself casually swaying across the dance floor finds her way over to where the Malvici's with their intense stares were at. "Good evening, Duchess Calypso, lady Thea, lord Domonico. I trust you are all well and enjoying the festivities." she says, once she has approached them.

Calypso nods to Kaia, her face impartial "It has been a grand event."

Thea bows her head to Kaia,"Hello Lady Kaia. How are you?"

"Might've used the word a time or two," Thesarin concedes as he starts through the crowds. "Taunting, now. That's a harsh sort of word. I'll do my best not to trod your feet, but how well that is..." But even so, the Prodigal Count is making his way to the dance floor.

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Michael stands up from where he was seated to offer his hand down towards Ilmia. "I would definitely enjoy a dance with you." He'll guide her up and start them on a walk towards the dancefloor.

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Domonico nods to Jaenelle as she joins the cluster of Velenosa and Malvici, his eyes noting Thea and Saoirse and Arman talking to Calypso. He is distracted by Lady Kaia and he nods to her. "I have been... however I need to return to Malvici Hall now so I leave you in the care of Thea." He nods to the rest of the crowd, "Your Highnesses, Arch Regent, Duchess. By your leave." And with that he steps back, turns with military precision and marches out.

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Arman was quick to use that arm to instead flag down one of the passing serving staff with a platter of drinks --- psh, find a drink. They're royalty. Drinks find them! He would take one of the collection, unraveling his arm briefly from Saoirse's to take another drink and offer one to each of the Velenosian ladies in company. "Safe travels, my lord." He spoke toward Dominico, not missing the motion for departure.

Ilmia rises as she takes Michael's hand and there's a smile to him, "If I step on your feet I apologize in advance." she tells him as she heads onto the dance floor with him.

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Triumph! Mia smirks, plain and visible, as Thesarin escorts her towards the dance floor. It seems she's won. Or quite possibly lost, depending on whether or not she ends up with any smashed feet.

Michael was clearly distracted by the likes of Thesarin trying to dance.

Calypso also then excuses herself "I should attend to my work also. " She firstly dips her head to Arman, "I would like to speak with you at some point Your Highness. Please send me word of a suitable time. " With that, the Duchess turns on her heel and strides out the hall. A small garrison marching behind her.

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Kaia nods to the Duchess politely, before giving Domonico and Thea a smile, "I am well, altough slightly tired. I believe I should probably start making my way home as well." she comments, "I simply wished to come give my greetings." she notes amicably.

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"Lord Domonico" Jaenelle greets even as he departs. Calypso is also given a smile and dip of her head as she is called away to business. Taking the offered glass, she trusts the Palace's staff enough not to pass it off to see if someone drops dead before she drinks, and takes a sip of the liquid. "Thank you" she tells Arman afterwards, clearly saving her from doing any walking at all.

Soft steps bring the light of foot Fiora into the Great Hall. It is a miracle that the young Malvici woman has actually put on a dress. Adorned with jewelry, most noticeably a white pendant, the woman's frosty gaze sweeps over her recently departing family members before flicking to the remaining Thea. Fiora makes her way towards Thea, dipping her head into a light incline. Her eyes go over Arman, another inclination of her head. "Highness." Fiora looks towards Jaenelle for a few moments, watching her wordlessly for a few moments. "Your Grace."

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Thea bow her head to Fiora, a light smile to her lips,"Cousin."

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"Lady Fiora Malvici." Arman greeted in turn with a small dip of his head, "Rather than repeat my misstep of moments ago, may I introduce my daughter, Princess Saoirse Velenosa." He gestured the to the lady in red beside him.

Zelda, the royal messenger speaks to some of the stewards, who in turn confer with a certain guard and then put the House Grayreeve banner back up in place.

Thea bows her head excusingly,"I have matters to attend to, if you'll excuse me." Casting a slight smile Thea turns toward the door.

Galen checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

"Lady Fiora," Jaenelle says with a smile, "have you just arrived? I admit I have but the party and Palace are equally illuminating and it seems as if it matters little when you arrive as it welcomes you without hesitation." Spotting Giulio, she says softly to those near, "if you will excuse me. I have promised that Count Giulio is to have a singlular moment of fun, per his wife. We are both afraid he is all work." As she heads towards Giulio she pauses Zelda to give the royal assistant a smile, "tomorrow, drinks. It'll be great." Because Zelda is the best drinking buddy.

Liara checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 32 higher.

Reaching up, Fiora goes to place a hand on Thea's shoulder. A gentle squeeze is given, she starts to lean in to murmur something quietly but pauses when Thea starts for the door, she gives a little nod and releases Thea before looking back to Arman. "Your Highness." Fiora states quietly nodding to Saoirse. "A pleasure, I'm sure."

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Berenice saunters to the edge of the dance floor with the look of a huntress selecting her prey. It's Sebastian, who she so recently caught on his entrance, that her gaze lands upon, and her berry-red lips curve in a pleased, feline smile. She lifts a hand and simply crooks a finger at him.

"We've met," Saoirse says with a faint, sly smile. "Lady Belladonna said something rather unkind at an assembly of peers and, unlike previous unnecessary remarks of hers, I had a defender. Much obliged to you for your kind words, Lady Fiora. Glad to have a name to the face."

"Your Grace is far too kind," Giulio replies, his head tilting towards Jaenelle. "I have a great deal of fun. Why, just the other day, I actually spent a half-an-hour in the gardens," he replies, at her approach. Marius hands his lord a goblet, to which he offers a smile and nod of thanks. A small sip is taken, before he looks back to Jaenelle. "'tis a most interesting affair."

There's -- something -- happening at the Gray table. It's subtle, and hardly of notice in a large, crowded room like this. Sebastian is standing, a hand outstretched, and then clasped behind his back. His attention is on the occupant -- wholly missing Berenice's gesture.

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Arman's feathered brow lifted a touch at the explanation of Fiora and Saoirse's prior meeting, "Would the social champion of my sweet daughter oblige me with a dance this evening?" With his hands again free of drinks, the aged Lenosian offered the splay of his fingers to Fiora.

"The garden?" Jaenelle repeats back to Giulio, pressing her hand against her heart as if a beat was skipped by the news. "I do enjoy stolen garden moments so I dont believe I can fault you for spending /so much/ time in one." She gives him a good natured, teasing grin then, "what about dancing? Do you dance, Count Giulio? I would love to, but I came alone and find that there has not been a single offer as of yet. Not one" she sighs heavily, there is no doubt she is attempting to guilt him.

"... your Grace's word is, of course, my command," Giulio replies, with a hint of a smile. "I suspect, I shall look like a duck at the waddle, but, well." There's a flash of a smile. "Jesters are important from time to time as well." And, with that, he would offer Jaenelle his arm -- courtly enough in that, even if his next endeavor is like to end in tears. Or at least stepped upon feet. "I wonder if I can have a social event somehow involving books. Or wordplay. Something of that ilk."

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Berenice frowns. /Frowns/. That will not do. She lifts her chin and then strides off the dance floor, plucking a glass of champagne from a passing server on her way to -- yes, some comfortable couches should do rather nicely, it would seem.

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Ian comes into the great hall with a careful step, most of his attention on his feet. He steps away from the door and looks up, blinking at the crowd of people.

Reese slips off the dance floor after having once last smile. She then goes to find a seat.

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The Malvici looks up slowly to Saoirse, recognition dawning. "Right. That was you." Fiora murmurs quietly with an arch of her brow. She slowly looks to Arman. "I don't think I've ever been called a social /anything/ much less a champion." She looks down at the hand of Arman for a few moments, almost warily. Fiora takes a breath, reaching up to take his hand, obliging. She gives a nod to Saoirse. "A pleasure to meet you, proper."

"Perhaps simply being in the same room, doing what you enjoy even if it does not involve speaking to another single person, is social by definition, and therefore should be a perfectly creative way to have such event" Jaenelle encourages Giulio as she takes his arm and moves towards the other dancers. As they take their positions, she leans in to stage whisper, "im a trained dancer, don't worry!" Everything will be fine!

"There is a first time for everything." Arman mused lightly. "If you will all excuse us for a few moments." He lifted his hand, fingertips presenting a hook with which to lead Fiora to the dance floor. Let's see if this old man's got some moves.

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Spotting his brother past all of the people flooding the dance floor, Ian skirts as best he can around the crowd and heads in that direction.

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Orrin draws Scythia away from the Grayson Royal Couches and toward the dance floor for a good spin about. Good, but brief; soon enough they are making their farewells and offering well-wishes, and seeing each other out into the night.

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"... Mmm, quite. For the moment," the Corvini count replies, his smile pleasant then. "A certain stillness," he opines, professionally. "I've little doubt that such will endeavor to complicate, as time progresses, but of the hour." He seems amused enough at that. "I might actually escape the confines of the city for a day or three. And it's endless array of meetings."

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Jaenelle shakes her head towards Giulio even as they dance, "an hour. It is nice to know time frames when things are expected to switch from one to another. Dancing is a good enough distraction, though I believe that meetings could very well be held on the dance floor. You have not tried hard enough!" She clucks her tongue disappointedly, "try it next time you are in one, with whomever it is. I hope its someone that will be quite confused."

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Upon concluding her dance with Pharamond, Liara withdraws towards the edge of the dance floor, and from there casts her gaze about the hall in general, smiling. A servant happens by, and the princess is furnished with a glass of wine, which she takes a little sip from.

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Michael steps off from the dance floor as Ilmia takes off /somewhere/. To go run through the gardens or something. Ah! Michael halts a server this time and gets a glass selected for him instead of snatching his own drink.

Silas checked perception at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

Ilmia does not run anywhere. Her long legged stride takes her outside to get some air. No running involved!

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As the dance ends, Jaenelle says something that causes her to soften to Giulio before she parts. In the process she finds her almost forgotten wine glass before she heads towards one of the couches for a moment, voice lowering when she reaches it.

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Ian seems to have just completely sidestepped this whole 'drink fancy drinks from fancy glasses' thing and gone straight to the flask he keeps in an inner pocket of his coat.

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With a faint smile, Giulio tilts his head, before moving to depart.

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Reese is sitting at table with two redheads and a brunette having some of serious seeming conversation. She is wearing lots of pink of course and a shiny brooch.

There is a slow walk of a single figure unguarded into the Great Hall. He wears a waistcoat with no neckline. The fabric ends at near chin-level. Late, not fashionably so either -- Prince Ahriman makes his presence known. Dark eyes are set adrift and take in his surroundings. His nose wrinkles upwards and a look of distate crosses the man's lips as he searches for suitable company.

Reese lifts her gaze, giving Ahriman a smile that touches her blue eyes. She is still involved in a rather serious conversation, but the girl does chime in with, telling the woman nearby. "That is my father."

Monique looks over to Ahriman as Reese points the man out, inclining her crimson head in deep respect and greeting.

Beatrice follows Reese and Monique's glance to Ahriman a beat later, head tilting fractionally his way.

Willow smiles toward Ahriman, offering a soft dip of her head.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Willow before departing.

Arman stepped back, extending his arm to keep Fiora's in his clasp while opposite hand rested atop her knuckles in conjoinment with a bow to signal the end of their dance. "Thank you for your company, my lady. Unfortunately, these old eyes need to rest for the evening, but it has been a pleasure."

Ian takes a long drink, then caps his flask and slips it back into an inner pocket of his coat, and resumes his slouch.

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What might pass for a curtsey is granted to Arman. She bends her knees slightly outward with an inclination of her head. "Thank you, Your Highness. For the lovely dance. Have a pleasant evening." When she eventually regains her hand she moves away, heading for the exit herself.

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Absent his cane the pitch drift of the gaze finds the sight of Reese. One cannot miss the pink ensemble. And there is a smile that crosses the mouth of the man and daresay even a kindness in his glance towards Reese. Less gaunt and putting on some weight Prince Ahriman walks with a limp but his cane has been discarded in favor of slow and precise movements. It seems the care of the Mercies has been taking for the admiral. The figure makes his way towards the Crown Couches but not after a critical look towards Reese's companions. When his dark eyes settle on Monique the man dips his head just so, "Colorful" He comments. By the way the cold tone mutters colorful it is as if he spilled a bunch of paint and stepped in it to ruin his evening. "Daughter." And that time with warmth. And that is their greeting as he makes his way to the pay his needed respects to the King.

Ahriman has joined the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Arman moved from the dance floor, though rather than depart immediately he crossed the room toward the crown couches. There he leaned to perhaps surprise Berenice with a chaste kiss to her cheek. Jaenelle also received a gentle squeeze to his shoulder as he murmured to the pair, "You ladies have a lovely remainder of your evening," and to the rest gathered at the couches, "Your Majesty --- gentlemen, have a pleasant evening." And as quickly as he had appeared he was retreating to depart as well.

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Reese glances to Ahriman once again, have another gentle smile for her father. She returns to speaking quietly at her table.

Thesarin has left the Dance Floor.

Beatrice has left the Gray Table.

Galen is so caught up spending time with Sorrel he pays attention to little else

"Thank you Arman, be safe returning to the estate" Jaenelle tells the man before returning her attention back to the discussion of party etiquette at the couches. Somethings are better spoken of better late than never.

Berenice is indeed surprised by the sudden appearance of Arman near her and the kiss pressed to her cheek, so distracted in conversation as she is. But she's laughing warm and delighted to see who it is, and she turns her head to brush a kiss to his cheek in turn before he departs. "Take care, uncle."

Sorrel has left the Dance Floor.

Galen follows Sorrel out of the event

Galen has left the Dance Floor.

Carita rises from the Grayson Royal Couches, dips her head respectfully to the pair seated with her, offers quiet words, and then begins to make her way out. She pauses only to curtsy low for the King, a smaller curtsy for those royals sitting with him, her smile for them warm - and then she departs in a flutter of black silk.

Carita has left the Grayson Royal Couches.

Alaric has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Alaric has joined the Dance Floor.

Jaenelle has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Jaenelle has joined the Dance Floor.

Luna, the sweet, studious assistant leaves, following Carita.

Berenice has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Berenice has joined the Dance Floor.

Michael has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Michael has joined the Dance Floor.

Monique is overheard praising Reese: None Greater

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Ian before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Michael before departing.

Ian had started to look over at the dance floor, but something Aethan says seems to strike him as odd. He looks over at his brother, an eyebrow quirked, his head canted slightly to the side, like a confused puppy.

Etienne has left the Gray Table.

Monique has left the Gray Table.

Monique leaves, following Etienne.

Michael checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 1 lower.

Berenice checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 21 higher.

Reese rises to her slippered feet and quietly slips out.

Reese has left the Gray Table.

Rosalie, a lady in waiting leaves, following Reese.

Silas has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Alaric checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 61 higher.

Jaenelle checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 51 higher.

Ahriman has left the Comfortable Crown Couches.

Joslyn has left the Dance Floor.

Lille, the dauntless companion leaves, following Elgana.

Giuseppe Gallo of Lenosia, 2 Armed Confessors, Elgana leave, following Luca.

Athaur has left the Dance Floor.

Aethan takes Intricate model of a Thrax ship.

Ian falls into a silence, sitting there with his brother, that seems almost disconsolate. He broods for a while, before, at some point during the evening, slipping out. Or maybe he just pulls a Luca and passes out under the furniture.

Ian has left the Grayson Royal Couches.

Aethan has left the Grayson Royal Couches.

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