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Duke Aethan Kennex

Love is a lottery for which the prize is death. You're lucky to have lost, and if you're wise, you'll lose always.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Brooding Perfectionist
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Kennex
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widowed
Age: 34
Birthday: 4/5
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skintone: Tanned

Titles: Legendary Leader, Duke-Regent of Stormward

Description: With an austere courage and a placid demeanor that almost never forsake him, Aethan has a noble countenance that is enhanced by a generally well-trimmed beard, and short brown hair that is neatly kept. His tanned face is lined by care, more frowns than smiles, and a profound melancholy has dimmed his blue eyes almost to gray.

Personality: Aethan is a man who lives always by a strict code of honor that he'd die before he broke, but he's also a man with demons. A moody, sometimes violent perfectionist who can only see his mistakes, he has a lot to feel guilty about, and a lot to regret. Like a good man of Thrax, he keeps all of these feelings bottled up, and the face he shows to the world is composed, with a noble bearing that inspires respect, if not love. He speaks with a scalpel, never wasting an extraneous word.

On the very rare occasions when the darkness within him break through, Aethan can turn into a cruel and dangerous man... which leaves him with even more to repent, when the spell passes.

Background: From childhood, Aethan never forgot that he was his father's oldest son, and someday, the weight of heading his branch of House Kennex would fall on him. He was given a typical Thraxian education, and was sent out to sea at sixteen to learn to sail. His younger brother Porter followed a couple of years later, and then a year after that, his much younger brother Ian.

The pressure of being the oldest son only got worse at sea, where he was responsible for his brothers, especially Ian, who was ten years younger than him, and more like a son than a brother. But he drove himself hard, taught his brothers to do the same, and by the time they'd graduated from escorting merchant ships to hunting pirates on a ship that Aethan himself captained, the brothers Kennex were a force to be reckoned with. Aethan got so much respect for how well he'd taught his brothers that he was the one tasked with teaching the ungovernable Washburn Grayson to sail.

These few years, riding high on the waves with his brothers by his side, were the happiest of Aethan's life, and they ended too soon when Ian, while trying to sail a prize ship through a storm, fell from the rigging and nearly died. The fall left Ian paralyzed -- and Aethan knew that it was his fault. He should have seen the signs that the storm was coming. He should have checked the prize ship's rigging. Unable to stomach the guilt, unable even to look at his broken little brother, Aethan lost himself in the bottle.

He also lost himself in the comfort of a woman. Invierna Winter, the daughter of a very wealthy Thrax-sworn merchant, came to him in that darkest night, listened to him, soothed him, and -- or so he thought -- loved him. Only weeks after meeting her, they were married. Aethan loved her ardently enough that, at least for a couple of years, he was able to drown out his own self-loathing.

But this happiness was even more short lived and ephemeral than the last. Aethan lost his father, his mother, and his wife all in quick succession -- his father died of a lingering illness that had plagued him for months, and then a few weeks later, his mother and wife died suddenly during the same night.

Aethan is now the head of his branch of House Kennex, just as he always expected to be, but his branch of House Kennex -- his family -- is a ruin of what it was. Now he has come to Arx to try to rebuild what he can... or maybe just to try to escape the ghosts of his past.

Relationship Summary

  • Gwenna - Talented and compassionate.

  • Family:
  • Porter - Middle brother
  • Ian - Youngest brother
  • Wash - Adopted brother
  • Niklas - Our ambassador to Grayson, and the most suited for it.
  • Sabella - Cousin-in-law; a good match for Niklas.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana He is rather quiet but I am curious what might linger in his mind
    Agatha I wonder if that's what I look like when I'm fighting. The baring the teeth, the crazy grin, jumping right back in when I get knocked around...
    Ainsley He's very serious. I didn't think there was anyone who looked more serious than Ian or Shard.
    Aisha He is Ian's cousin adn made an impression on me, it seems. I remembered who he was. His company is pelasant.
    Ajax So this is Aethan Kennex? A strong fighter from the looks of things, I like him.
    Alarissa If ind him to be one of the more delightful Kennex's. A good sailor and certainly a must have at pool parties.
    Alessia Ian's brother. I can certainly see the similarities in mannerisms.
    Alexio Although serious, he makes for good conversation. Shame he has given up on drinking; perhaps we'll share a coffee sometime. A good man, I'm sure.
    Amanda A man with a story that thinks no one will want to hear it. Curious.
    Amaranth He's quite charming, in that surly, soldiery, Thraxian kind of way that shouldn't be charming at all. I bet he could drink the rest of his family under the table.
    Amari One of the brothers Kennex. I don't know him well, but he seems personable enough. Single too, I've heard.
    Amund A man with initiative and a willingness to fight that few others have.
    Anisha The Duke Regent seems to be suffering a surfeit of titles, given his demeanour. But until he proves otherwise, I'm happy to assume he's earned them.
    Anton I'm glad my cousin is here to warn me about things that are tiring and very much worth avoiding. He's still the good man I remember, which is nice. There's probably a lot who aren't, and will just be noisy for the sake of it.
    Arcadia A good fighter, but not as good as his brother. Though, I wonder if he gives lessons in axe throwing
    Ariella Kennex Admiral. Seems very serious. Got him to laugh once, though.
    Armani Stoical, but not a bad sort. I wouldn't complain about a friendship.
    Artorius Aethan the Lionheart! I struck him mightily, but even I could not make him fall. A worthy opponent. He will go far based on his courage alone.
    Artur Gwenna's protege - and Naval commander. I stepped on toes and I think there was a misunderstanding between a pair of plans that got crossed over together and I misstepped - I hope that my apology sets things right again.
    Asriel There is an amazing difference between Lord Aethen Kennex in the eye of the public and Lord Aethan Kennex when he is allowed the semi-privacy of close friends and good acquaintances and if I may say, delicious food. Or perhaps that difference is the alcohol? Lady Evonleigh? Curiouser and curiouser, but I find him to be a remarkable addition to any affair so far. I look forward to seeing him at work on a ship.
    Barric Quiet. Stoic. At least around most people. He opens up some around his closest friends and family but still not a talker for the most part.
    Beatrice Princess Berenice swears that the serious Lord Aethan has no love for fun. He disclaims, but I will still take that almost laugh with me as a badge of honor.
    Berenice I want to bring him to every party in the city.
    Bethany A man of few words.
    Bliss I do think there might be an affliction among Islanders that makes them loathe to speak too much. But there is a quiet intensity to Lord Aethan, something desperate to claw its way out. What is he keeping hidden away in there?
    Brady Handsome, modest, and a well-mannered hunter.
    Braith An excellent boar wrangler and such a white knight! He saved Helena from my blunder. He seems to have a good sense of humor. Enjoyable company.
    Brigida An impressive admiral. A credit to family for which little credit is often given.
    Caith He was very understanding about Stumphrey slobbering all over him. Which makes him a good egg in my book! Anyone who is kind to animals must have a good heart.
    Calandra I'll teach the Kennex Lord to give a proper compliment if it kills me. And if it does, I'll come back to haunt him.
    Calaudrin I guess he saw me shoot some arrows once. That's nice.
    Caspian I wouldn't call him the most expressive man, but he seems like a good guy down inside.
    Catalana He has grown into the leader our house needs. I am so proud of him.
    Col Stoic. Quiet. Seems very devout.
    Constantine Cousin and the leadership we need on the waves. Despite our distance I hold a deep love for Aethan. He is tempered and I appreciate his way of speaking. Never more words than needed to express his point.
    Coraline Was wonderfully friendly, maybe I can grab him for a spar and some more booze soon!
    Cullen A /very large/ Kennex, although his manners seemed quite good and his taste is obviously of the highest order, since Monique is rather the...charming sort, I suppose. Although I didn't say that. I should get to know him better, I suspect, as I ought to more of the Isles.
    Dante If the world ever felt it could use more Ian, it was only feeling so because it was ignorant of Aethan. If all of Setarco burns before the march of the foul foe... if all that I know and love is laid waste to ash and ember by the beasts of the abyss... I hope Kennex adopts me.
    Delfina Seems to be a serious man, though he has agile hands an apparently notable knot-tying skills. Now I know who to go to the next time I get a badly-strung beaded bracelet.
    Delilah He fears hugs, but he drinks coffee and clearly shows the Kennex sensibilities for the sea. In all, a good man on the face of it, and someone who endured my mirth well.
    Denica Ian's brother. They never told me they were brothers I could just tell. I'm still trying to figure out who's the nice one.
    Dianna Finally, and at last, I meet the eldest. They are a handsome family, are they not? He should not worry so, for he is clearly loved and cherished by those nearest to him - and what is more important in the world?
    Dion Now there's a man that appreciates very nice pants. He's a good fish, I'm sure; most Kennex are.
    Dominique One of Ford's cousins. There are so many Kennexes these days. Still, he's a pleasant fellow to be around an a good duelist!
    Domonico Naturally authoritive and leads men well. I approve.
    Dycard Calm and collected, in spite of his brother's peril. Recognises that crises are best resolved with minds, rather than hearts. A good leader.
    Elara My old reading and grumbling companion from Stormward. It is good to see him in Arx. I wondered how long he'd hide in his hole.
    Enoch Lord Aethan Kennex. Seems a friendly sort. Caught him having a snowball fight with a few kind others. I'd be happy to have a drink with him sometime.
    Erik This Kennex lord is a fellow seafarer and knows quite a bit about his drinks. Fun company.
    Esme He looks like a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. I'm sure we are to be great friends.
    Eurion Admiral Aethan is a man of renown that I hope will help me attain influence among other captains and sailors.
    Evander I was never that close with Aethan when I was little -- he was much older, always working hard to prove himself, being trained a proper Thraxian should be. He is someone I know I will never live up to the legend of, but that bothers me less than it used to.
    Evaristo Someone that good at knots is to be respected.
    Evonleigh A broody but civil gentleman; I shall take the challenge on to make him smile or laugh each time I meet him.
    Faye Seems like a sensible man, easy to talk to. He's also rather reserved, though, and he's clearly carrying secrets. I hope one day he'll learn hwo to share them.
    Fiora I like my men the way I like my coffee: Weak and about as exciting as an old dish rag.
    Fiora Usually I am well aware when I am offending someone. This time even when I tried to avoid it, it seemed inevitable. A shame. I think I could like those people.
    Galen Willing to listen, and execute a plan. And if he can't, to suggest alternates. It's appreciated.
    Gareth Certainly more personable and slower with his tongue than his brother. It should also be noted that he does not drink. Perhaps this is a lesson he should pass on.
    Garret A reserved man but still open to a crazy party.
    Gianna With great responsibility comes great hats.
    Gilroy Seems like a capable admiral. Like I have any idea what makes an admiral capable. Far more serious than Alrec, though. So that's probably a good sign.
    Gretchen I love his smile. Who wouldn't?
    Gwenna Lord Aethan Kennex agreed to a spar and did not go easy on me, which I sincerely requested. While some might not consider him a warm person, he seems honorable and quite considerate. He answered my every question about improvement, never once seemed disinterested in aiding me, and even agreed to possible spars in the future. I look forward to gaining the skills to make such a bit more of a challenge for him.
    Harlex Doesn't talk. Better that way.
    Harper M'lord Serious. He sure doesn't smile much but he seems sincere. Think we could end up friends someday if he's what he seems.
    Helena We have in common that neither of us want to be Voice ever, but I suspect for different reasons.
    Helia Had a match with him at the Sip'n Spar at the Golden Hart. He was eager to get into the ring and he was fantastic to fight with. Gods, he hits hard! Quiet but easy-going aside from that, definitely the sort of person I'd want to spar with again.
    Helle A ship's captain. Maybe many ships' captain.
    Ian I'm glad he's back. I've missed him.
    Ida Lord Aethan Kennex seems the type to keep to himself, but not in an unfriendly way by any means. Lucky for us both, I talk enough for two people as it is. That said, he would be a welcome visitor to the shop anytime.
    Ignacio A man that held his own with my wife in a sparring arena. Not many men can make that claim. He seems like a man I would like to get to know better.
    Iseulet This man makes brooding an artform. And sees straight through me - I can feel it.
    Jacali Dour like a winter's day, but there's a fire in the hearth! Could well like this one, I could.
    Jan Morose as ever, but there's still a little hint of humour buried in there. I saw it.
    Jan I think he did it. He looks a bit healthier. Maybe we should all cut back on the drink. I'm already missing sails above my head, but my family always does seem to cheer me up.
    Jarel Ah, a man of Thrax, I have heard they take to the sea, just as well as on land. Thus seems a bit too formal for my tastes.
    Jasher Quiet. A much appreciated quality in all the bustle.
    Jeffeth Lord Aethan, Lord Ian's brother! He seems a very nice man. Lord Ian is a kind man when you get down to it, I believe, but Lord Aethan you don't have to get down to it, you can tell he's kind and friendly right away.
    Jennyva I met Lord Aethan when I was just a baby. I'm surprised he remembers me.... And a very good listener.
    Jordan Lord Ian's sibling and an Admiral. As with the Kennexes, he seems to follow along a trend of commanding ships and sea combat. He probably has a lot of experience in the field, given the exploits told by Lord Ian during drinking. I wonder what stories he has to tell, himself.
    Joscelin Much too nice for a Kennex, also apparently single. Post script: I hate my cousin.
    Juniper The lungs on that man! Over screams and shouting, you could hear him across a crowded beach without loss of volume /or/ authority! Clearly he's a good one to have, in times of trouble.
    Jyri We fought in the same group and we went out amongst the first - but it was a good day. leaning on each other going to watch the others fight, that felt like comraderie.
    Kaia Ian's brother. Also quite stoic, but slightly more talkative, he even smiles sometimes! :gasps: Shocker. I was told he is excellent at hunting pigs!
    Karadoc He seems very serious. Very Thrax. Are all Kennex this way? Poor fellow. But, talk of silks and wines in the Lycene Ward may help him yet. If not, it seems that Juliana will.
    Kenna Ah, another Kennex. Loves his ships, and prefers to avoid parties. It's rather interesting that he doesn't drink, I wonder what brings about that particular preference.
    Korka The reluctant Duke. He doesn't say much, which means what he does say speaks volumes.
    Lore I heard him LAUGH. How many people can actually say that? Also pretty handy with a rope and seems to have a good head on his shoulders.
    Lorenzo A man with most impressive taste in hats. He is welcome at the Redrain Villa for dinner any time. He will make a very fine Duke Regent.
    Luca Can I even give praise to a Kennex anymore for being the sort of person I might sit and have a drink with? They're all like that. I quite like them all. I haven't had a chance to sit for long enough with Aethan yet, but I've heard enough tales to wonder if he lives up to them. Quite the display he put on in the melee, though.
    Lucita Ian's older brother, Dignified seeming perhaps due to a more somber expression yet amicable enough. We seem to get along pleasantly and feel relaxed in his company. One senses he can be an interesting conversationist when one takes time to listen to him, he'd have to be to warrent Lady Juliana's attention.
    Lycoris Apparently single, ladies. Otherwise, quite well spoken.
    Mabelle A serious Thrax lord. I need to explore more before I decide.
    Madeleine I was very blessed to meet this man in a more casual environment! I'd seen him in passing before and heard well of his accomplishments, but to see him wrastlin' a pig and winning gave me a whole 'nother level of respect for him.
    Magpie Magpie is always a bit reserved when it comes to Kennex. It's a personal problem. However, Aethan has proven a man worth talking with. He's direct, bold, and willing to negotiate. Hopefully the two of them will continue to have business moving forward.
    Maja I met him at the training center -- he was fighting Lord Ian Kennex. He fights well! And seeks to improve himself. I think he is someone to watch; that lack of ego will take him far.
    Malika It took a few meetings in passing for Malika to finally get a grasp of Lord Aethan. Why she finds him polite and welcoming there always seems a distance to him that she finds Curious.
    Martino Underplayed his achievements and, truly, this makes me more impressed with him. Humility is a wonderful character trait.
    Michael Relations by marriage. We've met a few times. Briefly at the party, I believe. The Kennex are an interesting bunch, bound tightly.
    Mikani Never really know what to say about the Lord of Kennex. Our Houses are close and strong allies.
    Monique Most definitely a claimed man. Nice hair, though.
    Niklas The oldest of the Kennex cousins and possibly the most serious. Like any Kennex, a good person to have at your side. It has been some time, but it's good to see him again.
    Niklas My favorite of his group of cousins. Aethan is a man of few words, but great deeds.
    Niklas The sailor. Somehow makes Ian look ebullient.
    Norwood A composed and polite Lord who put on no airs with his arrival.
    Olivia Yet another stoic Kennex. I have a soft spot for their kind.
    Orrin Another of the Kennex brothers proves himself to be a fine and creditable tactician. I sense our collaborations will only deepen.
    Oswyn Rather good with knots. He seems thoughtful, as though there is much that weighs on his mind.
    Petal He seems like a friendly and welcoming man. I like running into him, he always welcomes people and is easy to be around.
    Pharamond He seems to have a good relationship with Ian Kennex. If Ian likes him, he can't be that bad!
    Quenia One of the brothers Kennex. I've met him a time or two, and he's even come to dinner before. I'm glad he's back in Arx, if only because I know Ian cares about his brothers very much from the stories that he tells.
    Raimon A man of few words like his brother. I approve.
    Reese Ian's brother! I think he is a warrior, maybe and he seems like one of the good, calm and smart Kennexex, there are a few of them. Good bloodline.
    Reigna One of the Kennex brothers, and clearly made of the same iron and salt as the others. He brings to mind the words stalwart, dependable and grim.
    Riagnon Terribly serious and contained, almost like a certain Thrax Prince. That he didn't request next time I send his Marquessa a single slice and him the rest of the cake makes me a BIT skeptical that he's got a TRUE sweet tooth.
    River Stoic I think is a pretty apt description. Not necessarily bad description of him though. The quiet ones see everything I hear.
    Rohran I first encountered this man while he stood on a plank laid across a barrel, dueling in what was also a balancing act. His skill was obvious, and his execution was pleasant enough. Some time later, I had the chance to sit with him for a drink and I learned that he is a man who knows the value of family, and also that
    Ronja Seems all right. Hard to tell, a little. It's not like he shows his cards much!
    Rorik Aethan's one of the good ones. The kind of leader that makes you wanna learn how to be responsible but also knows how to have a good time. I like him!
    Rysen A trustworthy Lord of Stormward and an expert mariner.
    Sabella Aethan is definitely somewhat of a flirt, but I find him to be very sincere in some moments and that speaks to a very deep soul. I think we will be very good friends! Especially since we are going to be in-laws!
    Sabella He can smile! I knew it! My cousin-by-marriage is ever serious but I know there's a wicked sense of humor in there somewhere.
    Sable One of the stoic Kennex brothers. Seems like it might be difficult to get him to laugh.
    Sanya An amiable man of House Kennex, someone I certainly enjoy conversing with.
    Sebastian The Lord Kennex gives little away in his countenance, but Juliana has never had anything but good things to say of him. He sees what is in the piece, the potential, and perhaps the anticipation. No, it is not the sort of thing one should gaze on every night.
    Seth The older brother of Lord Ian Kennex and a man I met briefly during my training at the Gauntlet. From what I've learned, he was the man who taught Ian to hold a sword. If that's the case, Lord Aethan may very well be as expert a swordsman as my father is.
    Seymour A man who spends his words like a poor man spends coin, carefully.
    Sidney He has the impressive ability of managing to look as if he isn't having any fun at all while, I suspect, enjoying himself quite a lot. I'd very much like to see him drunk again.
    Simone Not an extremely expressive person, yet it seems the small bits of emotion that he reveals tells more than some who show a great deal of emotion. He is interesting.
    Sorrel The eldest of Ian's brothers, this one's reliable and good-hearted and charming.
    Stygia Who wouldn't be very aware of his marital status if they've been in the same room with Gretchen for more than 17 seconds?
    Tabitha He seemed to have a lot on his mind when I met him, and for completely understandable reasons. And yet despite this he was very polite and perfectly pleasant enough.
    Talwyn The Kennexes are a blended symphony in their own right, each a remarkable note in that. Aethan has the saltblown and iron bar of an allegretto: quick, precise, his words a movement of ease.
    Talwyn Never did find his black pearl, but I have hope he shall, someday.
    Teireno A friendly man, enjoyed having drinks with him.
    Thea Commanding. Stotic. I -think- I saw his lips almost grin. He reminds me a lot of a brother that doesn't need to be named. I do believe that I can learn from him also.
    Theron Pleasant Lord of House Kennex. This one is like Ian, I think. Dutiful and able in service. It's a House of contrasts, in my opinion. The two brothers have the better half of it.
    Thesarin Seems grim, on the main, but knows how to laugh when he needs to.
    Thorley A curious lord. I wonder if he will find his own winning ticket in the lottery of the heart.
    Turo Kennex Voice. Doesn't drink rum. Hard to relate. We'll see what his word is worth.
    Tynan He's hard to read. Must be because of the business, probably loosens up when dealing with less costly matters.
    Tyrus He stood ready to help at the risk of his own life without hesitation, today as in the past. Kennex can be proud.
    Valdemar A serious sort, who also seems a good sport. I look forward to finding out how good a fighter he is.
    Valenzo The only other noble with ties to Kennex I've met threatened me with the House's strong history of pirate hunting within minutes of meeting...this Lord Aethan has managed to clear away that impression in the same space of time. A good man, I think!
    Vanora I have always found Lord Aethan to be polite, and I think kind.
    Vega I would be hard-pressed to determine which Kennex is the Most Serious. Lord Aethan would certainly be in the running, though something tells me there may be a well-hidden sense of humor somewhere in there.
    Venturo A Lord of Kennex, one who has heard of the Raconteur, and is interested in further conversations. A marvelous, happenstance encounter.
    Victus Looks just like an older Ian, but ironically has the better working legs. I'd say he might have a little more humor in him too.
    Vitalis I don't think he's at home in the woods, but he can take a hit and is ready to put that axe to work which is fine by me.
    Wash Happier to see his family than he lets on. Perhaps it will be a balm to him to watch Ian grow into a man in his own right.
    Willow Shares his brother's dry demeanor. I like him.
    Yasmine A quiet man, but one gets the sense that it's not because he has nothing to say. He's like a man with his fingers in a dam, holding back the flood.
    Zebulon A fine man and a great sailor. Well suited for Lord Admiral! Was a pleasure 'fighting' him at the Sailor's Ball! (And winning!)
    Zoey Quiet and stoic on the outside, there is great emotion under the surface. I see why Ian idolizes him so much.
    Zoey My dear brother-in-law. Please keep my husband out of trouble the next time you take him out. I know you are capable.