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Marquessa Joslyn Rivenshari

Falling in love is easy, the challenge is not breaking every bone in your body on the way down.

Social Rank: 5
Concept: Diminutive Hellion
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Rivenshari
Gender: female
Marital Status: married
Age: 24
Birthday: 5/22
Religion: Faith of the Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: average height
Hair Color: chocolate brown
Eye Color: jade with emerald flecks
Skintone: olive

Titles: Marquessa-Consort of Riva

Obituary: While making one of her regular trips out into the Gray Forest, she went off on her own deep into the depths of the wood where she apparently disappeared. Searches found nothing, and no sign of conflict, she is simply gone.

Description: Joslyn carries herself as if she had been born into her noble title, self assured and calm and always careful to assure that not a single hair is out of place. She has very pretty features, and seems to always sport a smile, frequently laughing delightfully at any conversation she can find herself in. Her chocolate colored hair is long and often done in very nice and fashionable styles, though they're always kept practical and tied back out of her face. Joslyn's deep jade eyes are expressive in all things that she does, lighting up with flecks of emerald when she smiles and darkening with her anger, it's a wonder she can even hide anything behind her gaze. However, there is a quiet sort of energy about her, something that seems coiled and ready to unwind at a moment's notice, and when one's gaze is drawn to her finely toned arms, it's clear that she is a coiled up powerhouse of energy.

Personality: To the casual observer, Joslyn seems to have two completely different personalities, but to Joslyn, they are one in the same. She's a kind woman by nature, always looking for the best in others and always trying to make people laugh. She enjoys the little pleasures, and feminine things, and in many ways embodies the perfect vision of a lady's maid. She is, however, loyal to a fault, and if anybody threatens those that are close to her, and especially if they threaten her charge, she will defend them furiously. Her quick escalation to violence can come as a surprise to many that don't know her well, but when the threat is over she'll be back to her old self, as if nothing had ever happened. The bonds she forms are not easily shattered, and her loyalty is ever unwavering.

Background: The Manicelli family had served the Fidante house for generations. She was a part of a long tradition of family servants that grew up knowing their palace as a home. Both of her parents raised her alongside the nobility, and even though they were always reminded of their place in the house, she grew up to be very close to Calista. So, from a very young age, she was groomed to be the perfect servant for the young Lady so that when they came of age, she would serve her as a personal lady's maid. She took well to her training, enjoying every aspect of it, everything from the dressing and makeup, to the etiquette. She also took well to her other training, to prepare her for the life that was to come.

Upon coming of age, she was hired to join with Calista and attend to her every need, and to be at her side in all things, including and especially anywhere danger is present. With her combat training, she was perfect for assuring that Lady Calista would be kept safe, and she took to the task readily. It was something she'd prepared her whole life for, and she was ready to serve, and protect.

Relationship Summary

Name Summary
Aahana A wonderful conversational companion who I am very fond of quickly. We both have Lycene within our viens and I am all the more glad that I met her.
Agatha A reminder not to take people and weapons that aren't giant and intimidating for granted. I look forward to sparring with her in the future!
Aiden I first really got to know her, or at least see more of her, when she became a routine sight in the Whitehawk Manor. I am envious of her that she gets to marry for love. Although I think my own envy has kept me from knowing her as well as I should. She did come by to encourage me when all seemed bleak and all hope lost. It is on me to get to know her better and hopefully soon I will.
Alaric To go into battle with sharpened hairpins demonstrates no lack of confidence, and that self-belief seems to have served her equally well so far in her rise to nobility.
Alarissa She's from the Lycene isles, and somewhat enamoured of Dame Wyrmfang it would seem. No lack of affection or appetite there.
Alexis She's a pretty lady with a lovely aesthetic to her clothing, and I admit, her take on traditional Oathlands fashion left me a little stunned. And then she talked to me and oh gods, why are my cheeks burning so?
Amarantha The rumors did not do her beauty justice. A shame that I didn't get to see her fight.
Arianna A dark beauty with the sweet scent of suffering all over her. It's unfortunate what happened but she has no idea the reserves of strength that have suddenly been given to her. Joslyn doesn't know it yet, but that pain gave her the power to accomplish anything. It will be a delicious pleasure to get to know her better.
Artorius Fun gal. I've met her on a few occasions, and fought probably double that. While I've managed to win all of our spars, she comes closer and closer, and I have no doubt she'll handily defeat me one of these days. I would like to know her better though, as I've fought her so much to be able to call her friend.
Astraea This Lady is quite the hellion. She is fast, deadly and quite charming. I enjoyed her warmth and the vivaciousness in which she engaged me so openly. Though she is friends with the Inquisitor, I think she's a virtuous woman.
Austen An eager learner, who seems to take losing in good spirits. She has an odd choice of fighting gear, but perhaps that is the point!
Cadenza Only met her briefly but perhaps will too. She and her cohort seemed interesting.
Calaudrin I always get nervous when people bring small weapons into one of those brawls, but that woman can hold her own. Better than me. Fine companion to have along scouting, would recommend.
Caspian I do not know her very well, but I owe her for agreeing to duel me in The Rite of Gloria. I hope it is a good fight!
Christine Such a cheerful, flirty girl!
Cleo She is very helpful and friendly, but she does not understand who /I/ am very well yet. I am almost afraid to educate her for fear she will no longer like me.
Cullen Someone I first met when I came to the city, and impressed me with her quick wit and charm, and even quicker attacks in the sands. However, I've not seen her in some time, but running into her again in the Salon was a delight - I wonder how much she's changed? As much as I have? I ought to talk to her at length sometime.
Cybele Messere Joslyn Manicelli Handmaid to the Duchess of Roses Captain of the Guard of Fidante, Champion and Mirrormask. She seems nice. Sad, in her heart. But she puts on a brave face. Maybe that is because she is a mirrormask?
Darrow A Disciple of the Thirteenth who reflects on the dark in her past: the rare person I can sympathize with.
Delilah She's a sweet girl who clearly has the best of intentions, let's hope that nobody takes advantage of such a person.
Delilah The sparkle on her has never dimmed. If anything, she blossoms in the garden of the salon, honed keen and sharp by the presence of so many luminaries. How it satisfies me to see that Joslyn thrives, and moreover, shows even deeper potential with each passing day.
Echo I've never been peppered by so many compliments in quick succession! She's from the South, so she's definitely a good drinking buddy. And she offered to do my hair, too. How lucky!
Eirlys I look forward to facing her in the sparring ring.
Eleyna My Champion in a duel against my husband. Hopefully, she proves skilled at it enough so that I can hire her again. I imagine this won't be the last time I need a Champion.
Elgana I've seen amazing fighters spar on the sands, but never before have I seen such a /her/. Beauty, grace, skill--I didn't get to speak with her much at all, but the impression has been left and I long to know more about her.
Faruq A lovely young woman, playful, knows my family very well it seems. She has intrigued my curiosity about a few things I will have to ask my cousin about. In time I am certain to know just how playful she is, and how serious. It should be an interesting reveal one way or the other.
Gaston One of Calista's hand maids, it seems. A touch of quiet determination, and a hunger to better herself in a multitude of ways it seems. Ambition can be a two edged sword, but it seems she's managed to avoid cutting herself. Good for her.
Ignacio Seemingly a nice enough person. I do have interest in speaking with her in the future.
Isolde A lovely Mirrormask from the south. I regret not spending more time with her before she left our House.
Jeffeth A very lovely lady who is wicked with her hairpins and very light on her feet. She seems a good sort, I would be interested into getting to know better.
Katarina Katarina didn't get to interact with Joslyn much personally in the small get-together held in the gardens. But from what she could glean of watching her interactions with Princess Reese, she's a woman of many interesting talents and seems an absolute sweetheart. Maybe she's the person to go to to get Alis learn how to be a damned girl!
Kenna Waaiiittt. Haze is good for the soul?? I must know more.
Leola The deadliest handmaiden in Arx. I shiver every time she moves to arrange my hair, worrying at her skill with those deadly pins. Steel below silk; often quite literally - and a dear friend
Luca If glimpses of conversation are anything to go off of, this one has a lot going on under the surface. I feel her pain. She's a fine Champion, though, and a sharp dresser, and a magnificent carpent--.. blacksmi--.. tailor? I'm almost sure she does something like that. I hear she's good at it!
Luis Luis saw her fighting and that is where he was impressed with her abilities and talents, he will endeavour to get to know her more because of this.
Lys She seems very nice, and offered to help me with my transition from common to noble. It is nice to know others are willing to help me!
Magpie Magpie's heard about Joslyn a few times, mostly from his wife. It was nice to finally put a face to the name. Pleasant conversation was had and maybe they'll bump into one another again some time.
Melody A fellow shoulder-biter; Joslyn is deliberately scandaleous and a delightfully sweet treasure that hails from the Lyceum. Something like a mixture of the sweetest of sugars and the deadliest of Lycene poisons.
Mira At first she was a bit scary, as Eleyna's defender. But she's now my protector, even though she knows it might be a little more dangerous than she expected.
Mirari Beautiful, flirty. Deadly. Beat me in a sparring match!
Monique Cheerful, but quiet. I like the cheer. This world is in need of more people who can be happy.
Niklas Went toe to toe with Sir Jeffeth and did a better job of it than the Grandmaster. Pridehallis in good hands.
Petal Petal thinks that Joslyn is so beautiful and loves the idea of making more dresses for her. She hopes to know her better and looks forward to her returning to her shop. She might skip her up in the list of orders, because she is fun to dress.
Reese Reese early expression of Joslyn sort of a slow burn rather than a sudden impact. At first Joslyn was a pretty woman connected to the Fidante and didn't really register too much. Then she ran into at the training and realized that she is quite the fighter and that increased her interest. The first time someone suggested they spar, she wasn't sure that Joslyn would be competition with her hair pins and her delicate beauty. Now she feels differently and sees her a serious warrior or note. she has enjoyed fighting at her side during the siege and she has enjoyed their mission to rescue to animals. She hopes to get closer to her.
Roxana Fellow fiery southern lady, I feel drawn towards her, interested in knowing more.
Saedrus I met Joslyn quite some time ago now, even then I found her to be a vivacious young woman. She is always a delight, and so passionate. Even more so when she is giddy for the flush of new love.
Samael A very pleasant woman afraid to offend me. I'm happy to accommodate her more refined palate. I look forward to discussing her thoughts on wine and spirits.
Sasha Lady of Stonewood who seems quite passionate. I hope it is infectious with those around her, passion is always a wonderful quality to have,
Selene A delightful young lady. I can see how her upbringing has rubbed off on her, and she seems a wonderful fit as far as a long term client goes. I imagine she'll be quite lovely having around the house.
Sergei Only comparason I have for fighting this one is like giving a cat a bath in cold water. Holy Abyss. I'll be finding needle-cuts on my arms for days to come.
Sheena Very terrifying.
Silas A skilled and fierce knifefighter and Delilah's partner! A pleasant surprise, but Silas approves. He looks forward to getting to know her better.
Sparte Joslyn is, well, she fought on my side helping the Graysons, and then she complimented my fighting. She seems really nice. Um. That's it. Am I supposed to say something else? Oh, uh, er, her... roses in her hair don't make her seem as short as she is?
Stefano Formerly a servant of House Fidante now a lady of House Stonewood. I never knew Lady Joslyn well but she seems very nice even if she is not good at Conquer.
Tallius Joslyn seems friendly and outgoing, and delighted to have the opportunity to get to know Petal. I have to wonder if she has ulterior motives in such, with the quick invitations to share a bottle of some kind and get to know Petal better. I'll be keeping my eye on her I think.
Thesarin Big passions in a small package. Devil with a hairpin.
Valery She's nice and Val enjoys talking with her, but sometimes she's a bit too flirty for Valery!
Vanora We met in a tavern when she was speaking to two Kennex relatives. She seems warm and generous and willing to help, perhaps she will be able to help us. She also has beautiful taste in jewelry, which I appreciate.
Violet A lovely noble woman who is skilled with the blade, teaching, and I am sure much else. I hope I will be able to learn more from her. I am in awe. Sometimes you meet someone who is worth great admiration. I think she may be one of them.
Zalika Quite the energetic spirit much like myself and rather brave. I hope her dreams seek their full growth.