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Prince Jasher Thrax

Opinions and judgments make little difference to what is right or wrong in the world. Only deeds matter.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Thraxian Stalwart
Fealty: Thrax
Family: Thrax
Gender: male
Marital Status: single
Age: 30
Birthday: 8/10
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: tall
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Skintone: bronzed

Description: There is not an ounce of spare flesh on Jasher's lean frame. He is controlled motion, slim lines and sturdy muscle: broad shoulders, narrow hips, muscular back and sturdy arms, wide strong hands, it is a sailor's craft that has shaped the raw, lanky bones into a man's corded strength. His lips shape a bow more inclined to frowns than smiles, but when a smile does warm his lips, it reflects in his eyes: a deep, vivid blue, intelligent and bright beneath thick, well-defined eyebrows. Almost always impeccably shaved, he has a strong jaw and bold nose that lend more to the character of his face.

Personality: Jasher is keen, a sharp observer, and highly reserved, a layer of studied control over a deep, hot core of passionate energy. He believes in right and wrong, and justice, but with a particularly Thraxian skew. A fierce warrior, by the book officer and competent sailor, he takes well to the regimented shipboard life and finds himself restless and discontented separated from structure. He believes in the order of things and has little patience for chaos erupting outside that order. He is respectful to women within their role and pities those who abandon their role for something more "mannish". He pities men who lack for glory. He's pretty sure he's right about all of this. His sense of humor is very dry, obscured beneath a mask of blandness that makes many suspect him of humorlessness and makes his occasional joke all the more unexpected. He has many control issues and is unlikely to yield up to a moment's recklessness, but cares very deeply about his passions. He has little romantic interest in the company of anybody, generally, but when he has had an infatuation before, it has always been for men who combine intelligence and strength. The social pressure remains on him to marry a woman and produce heirs, regardless of his personal sexuality. It is an ongoing struggle.

Background: Much of Jasher's life has been defined by what he is not: as a younger son of a lesser line, he is not an heir, he is not in line, he is assumed little. He was overlooked as a boy, often, and it served to increase the keenness of his eyes as well as the desperation of his need for certainty. Lesser princes taking up arms and taking to the seas could be the surprise of no one, but Jasher started very young: he ran away from home while still a boy -- in disguise, romantically enough -- to become a ship's boy on a hauling marauder, and gave himself to the sea. Rather than punish the boy more conventionally for his disobedience, the family determined that if he would chase the salt so much, he would give himself to it, and he was sworn young and learned the naval craft.

Early rebellion rewarded with hard work, and each job well done rewarded with another job, Jasher fought and killed on the high seas as a teenager. While some of his more socially minded family went to Arx, perhaps, to dawdle and socialize and learn statecraft, he was swimming with sharks and spilling pirate blood and hunting down men and escaped thralls to put them to the sword. His times ashore were spent with books, not with people. His yearning is for learning, more than it seems to be for love or family or fighting or drinking, the popular pastimes of young men his age. Every time the prospect of marriage and the concomitant socialization with women and the familial obligation that attaches has come up, Jasher has found a way to put himself out to sea again. The social scene has always frustrated him, and while he approaches the prospect of marriage with grim duty, he finds no joy in it, and no interest in women.

Relationship Summary

  • Alarissa - Our friendship thrives in quiet moments reading, writing and pondering life’s complexities in one another's company.
  • Victus - We have seen little of one another over these many years, but my support of your position as Highlord remains unshakeable.
  • Sorrel - You fight as you sing: with all your heart and soul. I respect that as I respect you.
  • Natasha - Within you, intelligence intersects with initiative and begets Thrax’s principal aegis.
  • Romulius - It was hard to see you as anything other than an ambitious social climber. I was wrong about that. What or who you truly are remains to be seen.
  • Galen - As my favorite cousin, it is curious you should be the one most unlike me in every way. You always keep me on my toes.
  • Denica - My spirited cousin with an impish sense of humor. I am pleased that we've grown closer these few months and look forward to learning still more about you.

  • Sibling:
  • Leonidas - Are you sailing some distant ocean or traversing a foreign land? Wherever your whims carried you, I hope you’re content, brother.
  • Lilith - Fostered in Sanctum as you were, we were never close, but I recall your fierce spirit and the unwavering loyalty paid to Astarrea, to the bitter end.

  • Acquaintance:
  • Mabelle - I believed once that we could never find common ground, but I have since discovered that there’s more in you than meets the eye.
  • Alantir - I met you in the sparring ring, and what little I gleaned of your character in that quick bout made an impression. We seem to be cut from similar cloth.

  • Deceased:
  • Domonico - We fought and sailed together, discussed naval strategy and hunted pirates. You deserved a warrior's fate.
  • Brigid - You were the last scion of House Moore, a knight of the Silver Order. I do not know how it happened, but I'm certain you faced death bravely and honorably.

  • Ally:
  • Lucita - Very few people care for me the way that you do. Fewer still would go to the lengths you've gone to express it.
  • Zoey - You possess some otherworldly ability to calm my tempestuous spirit; the stillness in my sails.
  • Aleksei - Our friendship has withstood tests of time spent apart and ideological differences, and I believe is all the stronger for it.
  • Cesare - You appear to have taken a liking to me, though for what reason I cannot fathom. I've enjoyed our conversations.

  • Enemy:
    Name Summary
    Celine The Prince of Thrax seems nice enough, and very good at sparring. I seen him drop someone like a sack of vegetables. I would like to think to never get on his bad side.
    Cesare Taciturn though he may be, the prince is a deeply thoughtful person with a keen intelligence and stringent ideals. Still, he is not entirely opposed to changing his mind when presented with sufficient evidence, which is perhaps the greatest sign of all that he is a person of excellent character. Despite what he seems to think.
    Grady I find that our Isles princes are exactly as advertised, taciturn and unflappable. I should have been dreadfully disappointed had it been otherwise.
    Haakon Not much to him, until the lad gets into a proper brawl. Good fucking fight.
    Mabelle Reserved as he ever was and hard to perceive what he's thinking and yet I think time away from the city might have cracked his rough exterior. If it did, I pray its for his own benefits rather than our own.
    Medeia What an impressive fighter. I mean, truly. I have seen few with that kind of... Determination? Hunger. Whatever it is, it's a lot.
    Orland I met him with the Order of East Light, he was a squire when we first sailed together. He's got a lot more time behind the sword though and I'm proud to have watched him become a full knight. Who knows, maybe he'll let me squire for him sometimes.
    Romulius My cousin by way of marriage, Prince Jasher is everything that one would expect from a son of the Isles. It's clear enough that he is the sort who understands the weight of responsibility, and I sense that he does not take noblesse oblige as a suggestion, but a duty. If I do not have the privilege of serving with him in the Order of East Light, I will be perfectly content to do so in the defense of our house and home.
    Savio He is exemplary of much of what I have come to expect of my Thrax friends, over the years of knowing so many of them. They are so much like the islands of their home, and so is he -- resolute, formidable, with a fierce and fascinating grace evident to those who take the time to look for it.
    Temira He is reliable and skilled. I think the best people to fight with are ones that you don't think twice about allowing you go focus on whatever is in front of you. I like competent people who can handle themselves such as him are worth having as allies.
    Theophania I can only admire his taste for well-made simplicity and the strength of his noble arm. He has a taste for dueling wit, and I hope I have a chance to match up against him, preferably in one of my favoured fields. His patronage would be a boon, no doubt.
    Zakhar A fine solid statue of a man.
    Zoey Ever the image of a Mourning Isles prince. It is good to have him in the city once more.