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Vassal of The Crown

Words: "To the last"
Sigil: Bear roaring below three red droplets.
Nicknames: Rains. Bears.

The youngest of the five great houses traces its heritage to the start of the Reckoning, when the barbarian queen Valeria united the warring northern tribes and defeated the dread White Legion of the demonic host at the Battle of Redrain Field before marching south to join the Compact at Arx. House Redrain tenaciously clings to many of the unique customs of the North despite frequent pressure from the southern houses, and has a reputation for barbarism and wanton behavior that is often extremely exaggerated. While many of Redrain's nobles (and especially its vassals) look more like shavs in their leathers and pelts than the refined and courtly nobles of the south, some deliberately cultivate the image of being crude and unrefined to be consistently underestimated in the dangerous political waters of Arx.


Name Rank Title Description
Darren 1 Ruling Prince Prince of Farhaven
Marian 2 Voice War Chief
Gwenna 2 Voice Minister of Income
Drea 3 Noble Family High Shaman
Hildegard 3 Noble Family
Kieran 3 Noble Family Minister of the People
Donella 3 Noble Family Princess Consort of Farhaven
Echo 3 Noble Family
Artur 3 Noble Family Vamplate Hunter
Agatha 3 Noble Family Bear Scouts Leader
Elgana 3 Noble Family Minister of Fealty
Toste 3 Noble Family
Helena 3 Noble Family Minister of Productivity
Leif 3 Noble Family Crownsworn Templar
Kace 3 Noble Family
Nuala 3 Noble Family
Lorenzo 3 Noble Family Good-Natured Prince
Baelos 3 Noble Family
Rastifer 3 Noble Family
Emeric 3 Noble Family
Morrighan 4 Trusted House Servants Sword of Farhaven
Maeve 4 Trusted House Servants Royal Apothecary
Grim 4 Trusted House Servants Steward
Lukas 4 Trusted House Servants House Soldier
Valery 4 Trusted House Servants Apothecary; Legendary Alchemist
Arthen 4 Trusted House Servants Historian and Acquisitions
Brianna 5 Noble Vassals
Ghinessamin 5 Noble Vassals
Arik 5 Noble Vassals Sword of Whitehold
Lydia 5 Noble Vassals Duchess of Stonedeep
Khanne 5 Noble Vassals Voice of House Halfshav; Shaman
Signe 5 Noble Vassals
Sigurd 5 Noble Vassals
Brogan 5 Noble Vassals Voice of House Nightgold
Iraia 5 Noble Vassals
Castor 5 Noble Vassals
Morin 5 Noble Vassals
Tila 5 Noble Vassals
Cirroch 5 Noble Vassals Marquis of Giant's Reach
Oddmun 5 Noble Vassals
Braith 5 Noble Vassals
Calathane 5 Noble Vassals
Brier 5 Noble Vassals
Ann 5 Noble Vassals Family Married Out
Aodhan 5 Noble Vassals
Ysbail 5 Noble Vassals
Ivar 5 Noble Vassals
Brynja 5 Noble Vassals
Eilonwy 5 Noble Vassals Marquessa of The Storm March
Erika 5 Noble Vassals
Rona 5 Noble Vassals
Aella 5 Noble Vassals Countess of Stormheart
Clara 5 Noble Vassals Voice of House Crovane
Rosalind 5 Noble Vassals
Rosalyn 5 Noble Vassals
Bran 5 Noble Vassals
Cadern 5 Noble Vassals Voice of House Ravenseye
Triton 5 Noble Vassals
Barbrey 5 Noble Vassals Voice of House Blackwood
Amarantha 5 Noble Vassals Voice of House Sanna
Kiano 5 Noble Vassals
Anwen 5 Noble Vassals
Rhea 5 Noble Vassals Marquessa of Aviaron's Peak
Sasha 5 Noble Vassals Marquessa Consort of Giant's Reach
Fianna 5 Noble Vassals Duchess of Stormwall
Percephon 5 Noble Vassals
Seax 5 Noble Vassals Warden of the Last Watch
Danvir 5 Noble Vassals
Riagnon 5 Noble Vassals Sword of Aviaron's Peak
Cosette 5 Noble Vassals
Kritr 5 Noble Vassals Abdicated Baron of Clearlake Hold
Tove 5 Noble Vassals
Yvette 5 Noble Vassals
Magnus 5 Noble Vassals Count of Bonespire
Geralt 5 Noble Vassals Sword of Stormwall
Mirk 5 Noble Vassals
Jayden 5 Noble Vassals
Lonzio 5 Noble Vassals
Lisica 5 Noble Vassals
Odile 5 Noble Vassals
Radhilde 5 Noble Vassals
Casimir 5 Noble Vassals Marquis Consort of Aviaron's Peak
Volcica 5 Noble Vassals
Kutazer 5 Noble Vassals
Llyr 5 Noble Vassals
Ronan 5 Noble Vassals
Aedin 5 Noble Vassals
Umbroise 5 Noble Vassals Voice of House Acheron
Acantha 5 Noble Vassals Baroness of Clearlake Hold
Willow 5 Noble Vassals Voice of House Nightgold
Kenna 5 Noble Vassals
Rysen 5 Noble Vassals Voice of House Crovane
Cassim 5 Noble Vassals
Icelyn 5 Noble Vassals
Helvetius 5 Noble Vassals
Arcadia 5 Noble Vassals Countess Consort of Bonespire
Ashur 5 Noble Vassals
Kaldur 5 Noble Vassals Duke Consort of Stormwall; Voice
Mikani 5 Noble Vassals
Elyid 5 Noble Vassals
Oili 5 Noble Vassals
Marcas 6 Vassals of Esteem Warchief's Personal Guard
Deegan 7 Known Commoners
Aksel 7 Known Commoners Sword of Stonedeep
Wyaar 7 Known Commoners
Aslaug 7 Known Commoners
Agnarr 7 Known Commoners
Weston 7 Known Commoners
Rosalynn 7 Known Commoners
Edelma 7 Known Commoners Sword of Giant's Reach
Egil 7 Known Commoners
Petal 7 Known Commoners
Cherilo 7 Known Commoners
Zuraida 7 Known Commoners
Tarik 7 Known Commoners
Tavish 7 Known Commoners
Valda 7 Known Commoners
Branwen 7 Known Commoners
Carrick 7 Known Commoners
Kaede 7 Known Commoners Voice of House Ravenseye
Thrond 7 Known Commoners
Nabok 7 Known Commoners
Jorunna 7 Known Commoners
Behtuk 7 Known Commoners
Violet 7 Known Commoners Crimson Blade Commandant
Kienna 7 Known Commoners
Briar 7 Known Commoners Shaman
Raknorauth 7 Known Commoners
Jonathan 7 Known Commoners Sword of Bonespire
Kasa 7 Known Commoners
Snow 7 Known Commoners
Tempest 7 Known Commoners
Alayne 7 Known Commoners
Rowenova 7 Known Commoners
Nottie 7 Known Commoners
Moon 7 Known Commoners
Wilhelmina 7 Known Commoners
Taldolf 7 Known Commoners
Timo 7 Known Commoners
Cillian 7 Known Commoners Sword of the Storm March
Breidaia 7 Known Commoners
Kasinopi 7 Known Commoners
Runo 7 Known Commoners
Tomas 7 Known Commoners
Thorvald 7 Known Commoners
Svana 7 Known Commoners
Enid 7 Known Commoners
Sven 7 Known Commoners
Rukhnis 7 Known Commoners
Terell 7 Known Commoners
Rosemary 7 Known Commoners
Rurik 7 Known Commoners
Olin 7 Known Commoners
Astyr 7 Known Commoners
Casiar 7 Known Commoners
Hope 7 Known Commoners
Enri 7 Known Commoners

Ruler: Darren

Minister Category Title
Kieran Population Minister of the People
Marian Warfare War Chief
Elgana Loyalty Minister of Fealty
Maeve Farming Minister of Agriculture
Gwenna Income Minister of Income
Helena Productivity Minister of Productivity

Land Holdings


Description: Sometimes called The Jewel of the North, Farhaven has stood as a bastion for House Redrain against the ravages of the elements and foes alike for centuries. A great castle nestled inside a hidden vale within the Crimson Peaks, Farhaven is the most remote and elusive of the seats of the great houses, but none the less exerts dominion over much of the untamed Northlands.

Trends: Part of the Kismet Carnivals.