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Prince Arman Velenosa

One method of manipulation is to inoculate individuals with the appetite for personal success. I feel however this method is not to be looked upon with disfavor. Seeing your personal objectives are met while equipping another with the guidance and confidence to achieve their own goals is hardly a matter of deception. Merely one of mutual gain.

Social Rank: 3
Concept: Royal Counselor
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Velenosa
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Widower
Age: 61
Birthday: 03/18
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Salt and Pepper
Eye Color: black
Skintone: Tan

Titles: Heavy Hand of Lenosia

Description: Arman Velenosa is tall and stately; he was quite obviously handsome once, years ago, and his youth has settled into gravitas. He cuts a foreboding figure for he is tall and towers over most people. Arman is fastidiously neat, as careful in his appearance as he is in his words. When he smiles, it never quite seems to touch his eyes. When Arman enters a room, he does so softly - but is no less intriguing for it. Eyes seem drawn to him, but as he favors shadows, he is never quite fully seen.

(Arman has taken to wearing a full and neatly shaped beard and moustache of grey with only a few sparse strands of inky black woven in.)

Personality: Arman Velenosa is calm, cool, and collected. He tends to be eight chess moves ahead of nearly everyone he knows and is an oily kind of intelligent. He prefers quiet, studying a situation for a long while before speaking, acting, or otherwise making his involvement known. But Arman most definitely is involved. If there is intrigue, he is not far behind. He may offer smiles and pleasantries, but there is always something lurking under the surface of this man. He has a somewhat feared reputation - after all, one word from him could send other, lesser Lycene houses tumbling. Arman sees the world in grays -- he is neither a good man... nor a bad one. He does what needs to be done, the ends justify the means, and he is not afraid to do what needs to be done.

Background: For as long as he can remember, Prince Armando Velenosa, or Arman as he prefers to be called, has been responsible for keeping a gentle pulse on all of the Lycene houses. That, as one can imagine, is quite a task. Arman was born into a branch of the Velenosa house that prides itself on its intrigue work ? not spies, no, never call them spies! But they are close to the crown and they are close to all the other houses. It's imperative that the other houses of the Lyceum kowtow to Arman and his branch; after all, one word from Arman and the other houses are subject to repercussions from House Velenosa. And no one wants that.

He was brought up to take over the family business, which he dutifully did, and Arman found he very much enjoyed it. Early on in his career, Arman earned a reputation that follows him to this day. The circumstances remain shrouded in mystery; all people know is that one humid summer night, a coordinated assassination sting took place all over the Lyceum. Commoners and nobles alike never made it to morning. One notable nobleman was arrested and brought to Arman himself. After several days, the noble was mysteriously found in a seedy part of town with a vacant stare ? he never spoke again. Not long after these events, Arman announced his engagement and the Lyceum began to tremble at the very mention of his name.

He married for duty and Miranda gave birth to son after son, but only one lived: Theo. Arman took that child under his wing and raised a fine young man who carries on the family tradition. Arman would never say as much, but he is proud of Theo.

Then Miranda became pregnant again. Arman had his son and the boy had lived into his teens; there was no danger or need for another. Miranda died shortly after the birth and left Arman saddled with another baby. The daughter, Saoirse, was shuffled off to nannies and never wanted for anything, but Arman had bigger things to do than raise another child on his own.

He and Theo poured themselves into their work in intel; they have a good system, where Arman commands behind the scenes and Theo runs contacts as sort of "boots on the ground". And now they've uncovered something ? it is time to head to Arx.

Name Summary
Agostino A distinguished Prince who clearly knows his business.
Alarissa One forgets he exists from time to time, and then there he is. Reminding me that while I may call other Lycene's friends, there are those who would not be considered such and has guards taste my food and drink. Either from concern, or from fear of what Thrax would do if their princess were murdered. I can't tell if it's politics or actual care.
Alecstazi A Lycene of the Old Guard. Has a clear trust of His Grace and his woman. Chose not to have a taster. Good to note for future reference. Lycene diplomacy is often layered. If the tongue fails, poison rarely does. A good lesson.
Alessandro An uncle who is less known to me, though I imagine he would be worth learning more about.
Armani A man of few words. So probably a man of many secrets.
Brigida Seeing him again made me feel like a young woman again. He's visually improved with age as well.
Cahal Its difficult to sum Arman up in a sentence or two. Whilst he's been ill, and has apparantly not been in Arx for less than a year, he obviously holds a lot of respect amongst the patrons of the Black Fox.
Caspian An imposing yet tragic prince.
Celeste Prince Arman's request to attend a private family affair was one I was happy to grant. He was courteous in his request, and it never hurts to show off a little in front of the Archduchy. I'm pleased our first encounter was a joyous occasion.
Domonico Good solid grip for a man his age. Very well informed indeed and doesn't miss much at all it seems. So far... I approve.
Evaristo Wily old fox, that.
Fiora I am interested to see where it goes, at the very least.
Gretchen Full of such good advice. None of which I will ever take.
Harlex As foxes go, this one is a good reminder that they -- above all else -- keen predators. Always pays to heed what the old hunters have to say.
Ian Pretty sure the thing about the old Marquis being flayed alive and crucified isn't dinner conversation.
Jeffeth An old prince. When I was young I thought that all princes are always young. Isn't that funny. Well he's not. But he seems very intelligent and well spoken, one of those no-nonsense fellows but he doesn't seem rude for it, either. Seems a good man.
Josephine Time does not dull the shine, merely adds a lovely patina. When did we get go old?
Lucita A wise and witty older man whose company I came to relish during the time spent in his presence. He has charm, commonsense, and a warmth about him bundled up in a dignified package.
Mailys My Patron is an incredible man, even knowing him as little as I do. I look forward to growing closer to him, and learning more about him.
Martino A gentleman of a Prince and clearly quite the wise presence. One does hope to spend more time with him
Miranda Probably more than he seems. I've met his daughter Saoirse who told me her mother and I share the same name. He was quite necessary to the Malvici peacetalks with Fournier and I'm glad for a chance to get to know him better. I wonder if his wife and I share more than a name.
Mirk A statesman from the Lyceum. Quite pragmatic in discussion, and willing to cooperate rather than compete - qualities I always admire. And not a hint of disdain for Northern mannerisms.
Orrin A refined host with refined tastes. Curious that he decided to treat us old sorts, but also endearing that he knows the value of long experience.
Petal The prince is so kind and polite and gracious. I very much appreciate him coming the garden. I didn't expect many of his station to attend and I am pleased that he did. I wanted some of the Velenosa to see the lilies. He was very charming at the gathering and there is something about that is strong and empathic. He is a great prince.
Reese A thoughtful prince who is interested in learning and hearing about others. I find him to have a subtle sort of charm that is delicately woven into situations and that is largely the charisma of noticing others and the intelligence to carry himself well.
Rook A fine gentleman, diplomat and so much more. Some people are simple, some people are complex. Some are cheap wine, others are the finest Velenosian Reds you can ever hope to taste. The Prince is the later in both examples and an utter delight to be around because of it.
Sabine So often royal blood seems to fade and thin with the years. They grow diluted, brittle from their cares and luxuries. Not so, he. A fixture in the Velenosan firmament, this Prince... and still so gallant, behind the facade he cultivates.
Sanya I'm grateful to the prince's offer of aid to our diplomatic ventures, I look forward to working with him.
Saoirse Papa. Here, in Arx now, and something has shifted.
Selene The elder statesman of Velenosa gives very little away and listens far more than he speaks. As to be expected. He could teach us all a great deal.
Sophie Saoirse's father. He's old. He makes me miss my parents, and my uncles. Is it terrible that even as much as I adore Saoirse seeing her father makes me jealous? My family lost an entire generation in the Tragedy.
Tyrus Not all elders are wise, but I found that His Highness' questions and answers during dinner proved the notion true.
Videl Prince Arman is a serious man who seems to care a lot for his house, I hope I will be able to get to know him better. And we can both commiserate over the pains of winter.
Vitalis A man whose gaze and shadow are exceeded only by his reach. One I hope to learn from.
Volcica The Heavy Hand of Lenosia carries with him som heavy thoughts. Hopefully, we'll be able to lighten the load some day.
Willow Silver Fox. In all senses of the word.