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Lady Fiora Laurent

Hatred is captured in ice, but burns like a flame. Do not ask me how to quell it.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Enigmatic Lady
Fealty: Valardin
Family: Laurent
Gender: female
Marital Status: Widowed
Age: 26
Birthday: 11/19
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Noble
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Ebony
Eye Color: Frosted Blue
Skintone: Ivory

Description: If it were not for her striking ice blue eyes and long lashes, Fiora would be considered a comparatively plain-looking Velenosian noblewoman. She possesses little natural coloring save for an angry scar which streaks across the right side of her face, narrowly missing her eye. Tall and svelte, what curves she does possess are subtle underneath her clothing. Thick tendrils of black hair accentuate her heart-shaped face and rest upon her shoulders. Her movements are precise and her cool gaze is alert.

Personality: There seems to be a permanent chip on Fiora's shoulder, and her view on the world is generally one of skepticism and cynicism. Always weary of others true motivations, she has a distrust for people that often comes across in social settings. Though she is rarely truly at ease, when she is she can be something resembling pleasant at the very least. Though her walls are high, she is the type who bears a deep loyalty to those who manage to get past them.

Her skepticism does not generally seem to apply to animals or children. Often treating them far better than she would people, and displaying a kind and adoring demeanor that could not be found in her day to day socializing with peers.

Fiora is passionate about her goals. Her father was killed when she was young which has seeded an ambition in her to ensure things like this would not happen again. Justice would be had. Though there are many things that Fiora is uncomfortable with, like people, she is intelligent enough to recognize what is needed and required. Fiora adapts. While court politics or frivoulous socializing may be something she does not have a taste for she knows to succeed you need allies. And allies would prefer you not to be glaring at them constantly all the time. She's working on it.

Background:     Fiora is the eldest child of Lord Romeo Malvici, the younger brother of Duchess Adona Malvici and consequently the first cousin of the sitting Duke.

    Her childhood, for the most part, was consistent with those of most noble children - save for the Malvici fixation on martial pursuits, unique within the houses of the Lyceum. Fiora discovered early she had neither the bulk nor the drive to become a conventional sword and board warrior, and instead began to focus her training on archery and fencing with lighter blades and armor. She was naturally nimble, with the nearly poetic grace of a cat, and her regime was tailored to take advantage of such natural talent.

    When it rains, however, it pours. Her mother passed after a difficult birthing of a set of twins when she was nine, and a war between her family and the Fidantes engulfed Southport shortly afterward. Her father fell in one of the ensuing battles and she was nearly killed after a poorly thought out quest for vengeance. By age twelve, she was a significantly more sullen girl. She took her vow to mother to look after her siblings to heart, but it was difficult to do in lieu of her own emotional turmoil, especially as a teenager. No one doubted her intentions were noble, but she lashed out frequently, in public and in private.

    Adulthood has given her more patience and a longer perspective, but the hurt little girl is still there beneath the surface, seething and threatening to come out when she becomes overwhelmed. She is an enigmatic combination of ice and fire, and nobody is quite sure if theres more of one or the other.

Relationship Summary

  • Hadrian - cousin Duke
  • Calypso - cousin General
  • Eirene - Aunt
  • Cristoph - A competent and adequate duke
  • Mabelle - A cousin-in-law with a lot of industry. A /lot/ of industry.

  • Sibling:
  • Inigo - Twin Brother

  • Friend:
  • Norwood - a House Sword with honor. And serious expression.
  • Name Summary
    Aahana An intriguing future cousin-in-law of mine. I find her to be very intriguing and look forward to getting to know her better.
    Adora Just another silk going out and slumming it. I don't like her.
    Aethan Doesn't give up. A very good quality.
    Aiden There's not much difference in her. She shoots just as well as I ever saw her shoot before. Better perhaps, considering the conditions. Although, it's interesting to see that in the heat of competition, she played it safe.
    Ajax A quiet woman, but a decent seeming one. I will be sure to prod her later.
    Amari Definitely more of a dog person, than a people person. Not that she was impolite or anything, but her affection and interest was mostly for Barf. Not that I blame her, he's the most handsome ugly dog I know. Hopefully we'll have a chance to chat in depth another time, she seems quite interesting.
    Amund Asks a lot of questions. Very nice otherwise. Talkative.
    Andry She's not one much for people is she? I want to see her shoot.
    Arcadia Scary. So very very scary. I wonder if she knows how to smile.
    Arianna She's an interesting one. Not quite a wallflower but knows how to sit back and really observe. She's the kind of woman I'd keep my eyes on in any room.
    Armani We may have met once, or twice, or thrice. One day it'll stick.
    Austen A somewhat taciturn lady. She dislikes the cold. And that is about all I was able to ascertain about her.
    Beatrice Taciturn. Cold. Abrupt. I forget that Lycene come in this form. I bet I'm not alone. That gives her, in trade talk, a competitive advantage.
    Berenice It seems that displays of affection make her a bit uncomfortable! Poor thing.
    Bjorn Haughty noble lady. Careful with her we lesser people.
    Bliss She seemed like she was waiting for something that never came. Perhaps for me to act in a way different than I was - and I could sense some disappointment there. Perhaps I will run into her sometime and she will actually be more than just an observer waiting for an event to start, though.
    Brigida I've been cut by sharper looks than what you have given.
    Caspian She probably doesn't have the oathlander stick up her butt, so I'm not sure what has her so pissed. Is it she is a nobody of a noble maybe? Overshadowed by brighter stars? Or could it be some tradgey that she uses as an excuse to lash out at others like a weak person? Or could it just be her natural disposition to act like a wet cat?
    Cedric A quiet and unassuming guest. Tidy. The perfect kind.
    Cerdensulathara She has a very pleasant demeanor, and a lot of nice jewelry, the best of which is her scar.
    Cirroch She doesn't seem to be the friendliest person. Oh well, can't win them all.
    Clover Dame Fiora is often taciturn, sneaky, and a touch on the mercurially brooding side... But there is no more loyal a friend. No more dear a person. One who offers hard truths, and stands as a rock to lean against.
    Daniella I for one, do not believe the rumors of the Lady Fiora stalking the courtyard at night assaulting random princesses for a moment.
    Domonico My second cousin that I finally have gotten to meet. Not the warmest Malvici but undoubtably skilled with the bow.
    Donato Cool, distant, mysterious, beautiful, and a dry sense of humor. I rather like this Malvici, I ought to talk to her more and find out what she's all about.
    Duarte I've observed her being ill-tempered once or twice, and reputation precedes. But it does appear she's making an effort to be more genial, and that's worth some credit.
    Elsa A very quiet young woman. Not necessarily a bad quality, it all depends on the reason behind the silence. She doesn't seem overeager to share, however, and that's her business. Still, curious.
    Emrys Blessedly direct. An odd thing to consider a virtue, but when it is so rare, it becomes one of the highest qualities might one wish to encounter.
    Evaristo Hot and cold all in one, ambitious and direct and strangely exciting, I don't know what happened here but woah, this will be amazing fun I'm sure.
    Faye A skilled archer and an interesting woman. I enjoyed competing against her, and I hope we'll have the chance to speak together more one day soon.
    Gawain Well...he probably won't be holding his breath waiting for that bottle of wine...
    Gilroy Fun drunk.
    Giulio It is most pleasant to find students with such intriguing preferences.
    Harlex Quiet. Fine shootist. Doesn't much care for /spectatin'/. Nothin' wrong with that.
    Isobella I've never seen someone so charmingly flustered over an accusation of assault, I suspect there is something softer behind the icy glares and spirited scowling.
    Jasher She blows in like a tempest-tossed ship to shore, and her Lycene looks seem at odds with her ability to converse. Who is she?
    Jennyva I met Lady Malvici at the Training Center. We were both a little out of place there, I think? Regardless, she seems quite alright even though we both weren't in our natural elements.
    Joscelin Frosty is the word, distanced, too. But she has fine taste in jewelry, if I may say so myself.
    Kenna I'm high and I can feeeeeeelllll her eyes all over her. I should meet her sometime when I'm like, not high.
    Klaus Doreen likes her, and the Lady Malvici likes Doreen. The Lady does not seem to care for me.
    Korka Short and to the point with a grand sense of humor. The type of person that makes friends wherever she goes. My favorite sort of person to interact with.
    Lilia A quiet woman. Not the studious, mysterious quiet that I encounter so often, but a studied, practiced kind. I wonder if she's hiding something. Aren't we all?
    Lisebet Very shy and quiet. I wonder what she was thinking.
    Luca She's something with a bow, isn't she? I would wager she even gave my sister a run for her silver, and that's no small feat. Then again, it's hardly a surprise. The name Malvici is practically synonomous with martial mastery of one stripe or another.
    Lys Fire contained in ice, I'm sure of it. She's quite and still as the grave, but I'm certain there's a fire burning underneath the skin. And damn, but if I don't want to poke her until she starts to go up in flames.
    Malcolm Lady Fiora. Not sure if she's skittish - or just avoidant of people. Either which way, she's not so bad. Plan to stick to my word about that dog.
    Martino So met Cousin Fiora. Invited her to drink wine with me, as you do. She might have bought my weak excuse. She's not to smile much though. Something happen to her?
    Meriah She likes Triage, I have been saying that he needs more friends.
    Miranda Stoic. Blunt. Definitely Malvici. I look forward to getting to know this 2nd-Cousin of mine. She intrigues me.
    Mirari Fire trapped in ice. An ember burns dow deep down but it's buried under a glacier as hard as diamonds, that it could cut glass and leave you bleeding before you know it.
    Monique I don't like her. I don't trust her. But I also don't not like her and parts of me admire parts of her. Her wit is most impressive and I know I'd enjoy it openly were it not used so perceptively against me.
    Niklas So delightfully pleasant.
    Ophelia A talented archeress I will have to train with someday!
    Peri Such strong and fierce composure.
    Perronne Unusual for a Lycene noblewoman! I like her, I think - she seems quiet, but interesting! She doesn't seem like the type of person to poison people at all!
    Petal Seems to have an air of mystery and self control about her.
    Quenia She seemed to be a bit uncomfortable in the Ambassador the other evening. Possibly not used to being super social. That'll likely change while she adjusts to life in Arx. Still, she seemed nice enough and had many nice things to say about Yelana. Maybe she'll open up in a more private setting. She's been invited to dinner and wine in a quieter atmosphere than the Ambassador.
    Rafael A fine young lady with patience and comportment like an angel of Gild.
    Raimon Some things are not worth holding on to
    Raven A peculiar woman. She invited herself to what I had hoped would be a quiet night alone at the beach but wound up giving us all a little something extra to think about. Strange questions, stranger answers, I'm not sure all of it made sense, but she was certainly an interesting addition to our evening.
    Reese Falcon scout! She seems to be polite and welcoming. I hear rumors she has talent too.
    Reigna I do not know what to make of her. She is not a healer, nor do I think she ever will be. Oh, I will teach her how to mend wounds and treat poisons and other toxins, but I do not believe she has it in her heart to really... give of herself to heal. I hope that I am wrong. Perhaps I will be able to help her reach that deeper part of herself. Lagoma be praised.
    Renata She seems wary and a little taciturn around people, and I'm quite certain she'd tell someone quite bluntly if she didn't like them.
    Roxana My darling niece. Oh she's a bit prickly, that's clear enough. But she's also Malvici, and thus utterly lovable.
    Sabella She seems a little shy, but I'm sure she's just nervous what with being new to the city and soon we will be best friends!
    Sabine All steel must be tempered. The best steel /requires/ it.
    Samuele I think she is more observant than talkative, but she is rather informative at least.
    Selene A flower with thorns, one to be treated with care and a good sense of humor. She has witty insights and a deep love of family. But it's that sardonic cast to her sense of humor I find utterly refreshing.
    Skapti A prime example of what happens when silks go wrong, there, that one.
    Sorrel She's a little odd, but she likes dogs and she's friends with Clover. I'm sure we'll figure things out on how to be friends as we go along.
    Sparte A very cutting sense of humor, but being cut with a barbed wit is far superior to being bludgeoned by a dull one. I deserved it, so good on her. I should probably try not to deserve it next time.
    Stygia This one seems smarter than the others!
    Tescelina She has given me a wonderful gift, I will never forget that story. I hope we become friends.
    Tris She gives fresh whip-cracks in Duarte's direction. Winner in my book.
    Valenzo A mystery, the Lady Fiora. Her gaze cuts deeper than many, and sees more than she lets on.
    Vanora The Malvici Lady is quite striking and possessed of wisdom as well. I rather like her.
    Venturo Fiora Malvici. An ever so brief first encounter, but she certainly knows how to make an impression as permanent as ink on the pages of a book. A whole lot of ink. On a book made of silk! And yet amidst it all, a woman who kept her manners. Someone to keep an eye out for the future.
    Victus Talented with a bow I'm told. Once we fought alongside each other at the Tournament of Roses. We didn't win, but we were on the same team. That counts as camaraderie enough!
    Vincenzo Linen and steel. There is something anxious about her. Untrusting, but not unwilling to test her own boundaries. Wary. It would be interesting to see if I could chip away at that.