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Lady Willow Nightgold

A smith may reforge this world, but a painter forges whole new ones.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: (Aspiring) Druid & Diplomat
Fealty: Redrain
Family: Nightgold
Gender: female
Marital Status: single
Age: 25
Birthday: 11/15
Religion: Shamanism and Pantheon
Vocation: Painter
Height: average height
Hair Color: blue-black
Eye Color: duskstone
Skintone: pale cream

Description: This sylphlike young woman has a delicate small frame, at just five feet tall and with skin as pale as rich cream. Her hair is such a deep black that it shines blue when the light hits it, spilling in silken curls nearly to her backside. Velvety black lashes fringe immense eyes with limbal rings nearly sapphire dark, her irises themselves are a melange of vivid blues ranging from turquoise to cerulean and hosting a number of golden flecks not unlike lapis lazuli, the color as rich and warm as distant flickering torches in the dark. Her frame is willowy, and already tiny creases at the corners of rosy full lips are apparent, a subtle wearing of furrows to frame a mouth prone to smiles. Her defined cheek bones and narrow chin leave a heart shaped face, a small upturned nose at the center of it. Her fingers and limbs are long and lean and she looks like she might well blow over in a strong wind.

Personality: Whimsical. This is perhaps the single most fitting word to describe this young woman, though eccentric and extroverted would also be rather accurate. She tends to drift through her own little world, talking to plants and animals passively. Between this, a pacifist nature, and an obsession with art, she spent most of her life avoiding the spotlight as the smallest and youngest of four children. It takes much to truly earn her trust but once you have it, she would walk through fire with a smile for you if asked. At her core is steel, but it is buried beneath so many layers of dreamy passivity that few if any people have ever seen it.

Background: Born around harvest time, Willow is the youngest child in her immediate family, and the only girl among them. Between three extremely protective older brothers and her tendency to distance herself from others, she has never had a great deal of friends. Or, not human friends at the least. She got tattooed with a bloody crescent moon around her coming of age, the ink well hid beneath her clothes and serving more than anything as a symbol of dedication to the spirits and her ancestors. She was taughr by an older aunt to walk a Shaman's path, though she tends to trade in paintings.

Relationship Summary

  • Brogan - Not sure exactly if he is an uncle of some sort or merely a distant cousin but we settled on my calling him Uncle. He is great to talk to.
  • Belladonna - Duchess Pravus is a distant cousin via my Pravosi grandmother.
  • Azolla - my oldest brother's daughter, my favorite neice.

  • Oathlands:
  • Athaur - My favorite Oathlander. I love his bells.
  • Kincade - If only one of us had been willing to leave their family for the other. Still, nice guy.
  • Talwyn - maybe the only (age appropriate) Prince I have ever found attractive.

  • Lyceum:
  • Alrec - The Dead Wolf of Setarco, now.
  • Raven - gorgeous and dangerous swordswoman, an endless fascination.
  • Harlex - a fine looking friend and Sword of Lenosia.
  • Beatrice - A woman I /adore/, not just for her humor but also her wit and competence.
  • Venturo - Business partner and ally. Brewer and Kismet Carnivals founder.

  • Friend:
  • Ysbail - Outgoing, lovely, and a fellow shaman. I adore her cat.
  • Gwenna - Princess and childhood friend who I took painting lessons with.
  • Eilony - Related to Ysbail, need to get to know her better.
  • Marian - Mentor, hero, adviser. She is a brilliant woman who I just have so, so, so much respect for, and admire more than words can say.
  • Danvir - ally in the pursuit of Druidic Restoration.
  • Mirk - Elder Shaman.
  • Rysen - a poet without compare and giver of my favorite birthday gift ever.
  • Vercyn - swoonworthy Duke.
  • Drea - reminds me of my Aunt a bit. Calm in the Storm.
  • Kieran - flirty and flighty troublemaker Prince.

  • Deceased:
  • Gilroy - to me, at least.

  • Ally:
  • Valdemar - a savvy Duke in the Mourning Isles.
  • Mikani - yes allied in helping free thralls, but she is also a friend.

  • Crownlands:
  • Brigida - I can see how she Rose to the top. (Get it? Fidante, rose?)
  • Bianca - A Legate I must work more closely with in the future.
  • Arcadia - Friend, adopted sister, maybe sometimes a little bit of a rival.
  • Brady - longtime friend and lover.
  • Ajax - Head of Redwood Mercenaries and a really good friend.
  • Reese - Valor's Blush, I love this Princess. General and Bonafide asskicker.
  • Jeffeth - Sir Knight, larger than life and occasionally charming.
  • Name Summary
    Aethan Voice of Nightgold, and by all measures an excellent choice for it.
    Ahmar My Aunt! Who is Younger than me! Probably easier for all involved if I just call her Willow. She has become quite the outstanding voice for the house... Seems I missed a whole lot before I came to the city.
    Ajax A lady with a level of charm and bluntness I can appreciate.
    Alarissa Thoughtful and insightful, well composed. Can hold a conversation without resorting to screaming and yelling. I might come to enjoy banter with her.
    Alecstazi The epitome of femininity, from her petite stature to the blush in her cheeks. A sweet little thing with a skillset more than appropriate. Were there more like her, but then would she stand out so sweetly?
    Alessandro Generous to newcomers to the city -- an admirable quality.
    Alrec Yum is all I can say. I am still convinced that she is a figment of my imagination.
    Amund Lady with moon charms in her hair. Flirtatious, probably carefree. Given the look of her, very much of a Northerner as well.
    Angelo A most gorgeous painter and fellow bibliophile with wit and charm that amazes even me. I hope that she paints me, and like a cat, I wish to play with those chains in her hair. I cannot stop looking at them...
    Arcadia She's so poised and worldly and glamorous! I feel older and more sophisticated just talking to her.
    Arman Beauty, delicacy and artistry wrapped within a singular package.
    Artur A daring Nightgold woman. Unafraid of asking for what she wants to do. I look forward to adventures with her.
    Athaur A charming Northern Lady with an obvious love for animals. I do hope to see her paintings one day
    Beatrice As elegant as the tree bearing her name, but I would not mistake her for soft.
    Belladonna Gentle and kind. Extremely polite. She brings back memories.
    Berenice A competent painter, I suppose.
    Bhandn I have to admit, I'm impressed she remembered my threat to little Lady Peri's posterior. I'll have to think up something /more/ obscure for games of truth.
    Bianca We both seem to share a passion for learning, I know I can count on her to know more about certain topics and I feel like we might end up as good research partners.
    Brady An interesting person, and an approachable lady. I like her style and her conversation.
    Brigida She may look wild like a shaman but it's clear this young woman has a deep reservoir of faith. I like that. Faith lasts.
    Cahal Physically one of the tiniest people i've ever met. Spiritually one of the biggest.
    Caith When Jeffeth escorted me to the Taste of Arx final ball, I noticed this woman looking over at us. I wonder why! I will need to track the wee lady down and introduce myself.
    Cambria An intelligent young woman, willing to ask questions others may be too afraid to. She was also willing to listen to thoughts and ideas others may not see as 'safe'. A hallmark of wisdom, in my opinion.
    Catalana What a tiny dainty thing. She looks so wild and free. A true spirit of the north.
    Cristoph I've seen Lady Nightgold from time to time, but never spoken with her. Perhaps one of these times we'll meet up and exchange a few words.
    Dante Definitely would take a northerner's mount if I need to climb a mountain. Or take on a bear. They certainly breed them tough.
    Dante Such manners and grace and obvious intelligence. Rather beautiful as well. It's unfortunate she's decided to run around celebrating the ways of the savages.
    Delilah Insightful comments at the Salon leave a strong impression of an independent mind, a judicious sense of insight, and thoughtfulness about Lady Willow. All these factors speak to her character, and I'm certainly looking forward to speaking with her in the future.
    Domonico Luckily she is quick to realise her mistakes and rectify them before they become true problems. I may need to apologise later for shouting so loud.
    Donato Delightfully hilarious with a sense of humor that I can appreciate. And those eyes, that hair, that body...I wonder if she notices me staring? Yes, she does. Maybe that's the Haze talking...I need to let her paint my ship.
    Draven I didn't really get a chance to meet her! I think meeting her showed me more about my Nova.
    Drusila Drusila met Willow in the Temple of Petrichor, after the lady responded to Drusila's need of a painter. The quick wielded wit by the Nightgold impressed Drusila, and she's interested in finding out more about the woman with a Pravus connection via her grandmother. Opportunities!
    Duarte This newly arrived Northern lady is very open with her appreciation of art and beauty and is eager to make new friends.
    Elsa Softly spoken in person, one might almost look her over completely, but that would be a mistake.
    Ember A friend of Mikani's, and therefore a friend of mine. I wish I had not had to turn down her kind offer, but circumstances didn't allow indulgence.
    Enid A beautiful flickering reminder of the exuberance of youth. We seem to share a vein of history as well, clear similarities in our beliefs and perhaps something worth exploring further.
    Erik Azolla's cousin, very well natured and approachable. She can be fun at parties.
    Evaristo This tiny lady is intriguing. Animal lover, clearly, and mysterious enough to draw me in. Though what she said about ravens had my skin crawling a bit, and not necessarily in a bad way.
    Fiora Somewhat lazy, but good natured and caring it seems. As for the cat's owner she seems.. I don't know. Alright, maybe.
    Galatea What a charming, delightful woman. So talented! Also, I think I could maybe fit her inside my pocket.
    Gianna Another fan of feathers and design.
    Giuliano Intriguing, sultry, intelligent, sexy. I want her back around me again, there's much to explore.
    Gwenna Lady Willow Nightgold and I used to share some painting lessons while growing up in the northlands. I couldn't be happier that she's come to Arx as well! Her talents with a brush and color have far eclipsed my own and her works are beyond inspired.
    Harlex A Northlands girl with a big fat cat. She as an artist's eye, which I can admire.
    Helena Talented and generous of heart, Lady Willow seems to embrace life with abandon, and I admire that.
    Helle We remember the lives we used to have together.
    Ian Smokes more haze than Magpie Grayhope.
    Jan Not everyone that competes need to win. Gloria smiles on those that aren't bowed by the prospect of defeat.
    Jasher Spirited, opinionated, but at least her head appears to be in the right place. Sometimes.
    Jeffeth A lovely little lady feeding the birds. We had a good time, and she knew a lot about crows. We should talk some time.
    Josephine A delight when she comes around. A muse of the highest order when I am looking to make something for the north.
    Joslyn A friend to my betrothed, she's pleasant and well dressed. I'll have to find out where she shops!
    Juniper It is breathtaking, the world she conjures through word and art. The joy in finding a fellow seeker can't be overstated.
    Jyri Charming and easy to laughs.
    Kaia Brushing off the slight differences in eye, hair and skin color, the resemblance in our features is eerily uncanny! Could it be we are what some call doppelgangers? Regardless, I've been hearing quite a lot about her; I've only seen her here and there from afar; but, perhaps we should meet!
    Karina A fellow artist of great skill and a kindred spirit. May we meet again soon.
    Kenna She wants a dress made of hairpins like scales. Now THAT is a style I could totally get behind.
    Liara Vibrant, bright, a good dancer, and marvellously dressed too.
    Lorenzo She is a lovely woman and generous in her gift of a book for our library. We will surely have to get together for a quiet talk sometime soon.
    Lycoris A well spoken woman, pleasant, and the most conversation I've had in months. You should ask her to describe the cold. It will make you, too, long for winter.
    Lydia I finally got to spend some time with my niece, Willow. An incarnation of a whirlwind, or so I thought, but that hides a well-reasoned mind and a stable, guiding hand. Nightgold needs more people with the insight and the passion.
    Lysander Inspired by a lover to make her own house? I should say the birds of a feather indeed.
    Mabelle Sweet Lady. Her cat is huge. Must get to know her better soon.
    Magnus Very approachable, she seems to know a thing or two about this genre of stories I've just started to enjoy.
    Maja I met her at the Traders Tavern; she is friends with Princess Reese. She was very nice to me! I like that.
    Malcolm Real artsy type, this Nightgold Lady. First time I saw her work was this painting that she did -- second time I saw her she had a dress of glass-glazed lillies. Creative, quick, maybe a little unconventional.
    Marisol She is rather outspoken and unique. Hard to forget.
    Martino So very well dressed, graceful although cautious to start. But friendly, quick to relax and converse.
    Merek I saw them at the festivities, they seem nice enough, though I haven't actually talked to them a lot.
    Michael I do not know that I would seek out her presence often.
    Mikani The woman doesn't want to drink. Which to each their own. However she does seem to have eyes that could kill a man. That I respect.
    Miranda It takes a brave soul to be the first person to read their writing in front of many people. Never know how it will be with the crowd. But I was impressed with her poem. It was very lovely for something so quickly done.
    Mirk A Shaman from House Nightgold. It's a comfort to see another Spirit Walker in Arx, in such trying times, and I look forward to seeing more of her.
    Monique I think she's got great, charming heart, for all the cheering she was doing for Reese and I. I look forward to meeting her when I'm not being wooed!
    Niklas Quite dedicated to Brass. If one is going to go all the way with their beliefs, absolute manumission isn't a bad hill to die on.
    Olin Many of the things she speaks of are unfamiliar to me. Trade is equal parts art and science, but I do believe even art is seen through the lens of science for her.
    Petal I am curious about her paintings and would love to see one day. I also like her tastes in plants. She seems like an interesting Lady.
    Pharamond Lady Nightgold always seems to have a smile on her face
    Quenia I've had numerous occasions to run into her, and I've even managed to convince her to help with the Igniseri agricultural center. She has grace and charm and an enthusiasm of the arts that may very well match my cousin Videl's.
    Quintin A scholarly Northerner with a particular interest in druids. I know nothing about them, but I'm always willing to learn. And quite healthy, thank you.
    Raimon Seems to have an eye for fashion
    Ras Seems like a powerful silk, who actually changes stuff in the world. Wonder why, though.
    Raven A friend of Princess Reese and freely giving of her haze, and pleasant company. Said she'll cheer me on in the melee so I hope I get to know this lady far better in the coming days.
    Reigna As graceful as her name implies, she has a gilded tongue and way with words to set any near at ease. She is gracious and charming with the air of an artist. One who sees more than what floats on the surface and interprets as she will.
    Rinel She has known the same tragedy I have. The exact same. But she has not faltered. What gives her such strength?
    Rook Hedonistic Lady and who can blame her for enjoying that in life. I sure will not hold it against her. Has a mission, a quest and a thirst for real life. I suspect being around this one might be dangerous but - am I really going to say no?
    Rysen Beautiful and charismatic - she seems to be one with a true gift for the arts.
    Sabella A thoughtful woman who seems very against thralldom, which is always a very agreeable thing to hear from someone! She is well spoken and passionate, definitely someone I would like to get to know better!
    Sanya A charming presence and clearly knowledgeable about topics few know but truly should learn about.
    Selene She's learned to see beyond forms and capture the forces that shape and move a person's spirit. And put it to paint? A remarkable gift to have. Lady Willow is gentle and sensitive, and perceptive to the messages between the words.
    Shard Her heart is apparently in the right place, but arguing with her about Thralldom is maddening. She thinks she was helping to end it all, when she was freeing exactly one person at a time and paying the slavers for the privilege. And she's yet another person completely convinced that it's better to let people suffer than to cause pain to the people who are benefiting from it. That's an easy thing to say, when you're not the slave.
    Sigurd A brilliant woman who has done well for all of Nightgold. Even if she likes the Haze a little too much for me.
    Sophie Charming and entertaining. I'd like to get to know her better.
    Sorrel A bold Northern lady with a strong interest in serving her people and in druids. Possessed of an inquisitive mind, she may well turn into a useful ally.
    Sudara Polite, tattooed, and cheerfully tolerant of at least some of the Truesworn: she seems more truly noble than many I have met.
    Sydney Rare to see someone so well-dressed walk so confidently into the Murder. Her words aren't half so delicate as her frame, and she seems fiercely defensive of her friends - a good quality, if ever there was one.
    Tabitha What a lovely sense of fashion she has! Absolutely delightful. And I hear she's an extraordinarily talented artist, too, which doesn't surprise me at all. I hope I can meet her again sometime for a chat.
    Talwyn What a splendidly talented dancer and alluring beauty - but apparently an artisan of skill as well. Interesting.
    Tescelina A twilight adorned sprite likely to enchant were I to catch her frolicking in the woods.
    Thea A northern artist who seems to genuinely care for people. Also one of the tiniest.
    Valdemar It was wonderful to finally meet the one who has been so supportive of me and my house lately. As gracious in person as she is in her writing, I am grateful that we will be working together more in the future.
    Vanora The Lady Nightgold seems lovely and sweet, I look forward to getting to know her better.
    Vayne A strong first impression. Curious and humble, and asks good questions. I suspect I have much to learn from her, and I hope she'll find some clarity in our future discussions.
    Venturo A lively, vivaciou Lady who soaked in with enthusiasm the going ons of the carnival. I only wish her luck had been a touch more so she'd have left with winnings!
    Vercyn A charming you woman, who may be far to kind but it is appreciated none the less.
    Victus Northeners have thick skin and from what I've read, this one certainly has her penchant for arguments. Not a bad thing necessarily. After all, she does seem to have a sensible grasp.
    Videl Lady Nightgold seems a skilled tailor and artist, but perhaps needs to better learn how to judge other people's boundaries.
    Zara Pleasant and courteous lady of the North: a Nightgold interested in the important tradition of patronage.